how to get back into ease and flow

podcast Jul 26, 2021

⁠If you’re business feels like swimming upstream right now and you feel like you’ve lost your flow and magnetism, I want you to know that NOTHING has gone wrong.

You’re just in the low point of a wave and there will be a high point of the wave soon.

But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is knowing and letting whatever part of the wave you’re on be the best fucking part of the wave there could be.

Rivers flow no matter what. Rivers don’t push and force themselves to make the water flow. The water just flows.

You don’t have to push and force yourself to move and flow.

You get to ride the wave. You are the wave. you are the river. You are the flow. You are source.

You don’t need to get back in the flow. You are the flow.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to handle the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship

✧ Why nothing has actually gone wrong when you feel a ton of discomfort

✧ How to drop the forcing/pushing and get back into ease and flow

✧ The analogy and message directly from my inner voice that allowed me to make this shift


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin.

Hi, okay, I've got some real shit to share with you. Today, I'm going to share a metaphor that's probably going to change the way you look at flowing and being in alignment forever. So I don't know about you. But as a recovering perfectionist, I have a tendency to want to do things the right way and to want to force and push and get it right and get it perfect. And it's very easy when you have a business to get caught up in this because we think we have to be if we're not actively forcing and pushing and getting out there and doing the things then it's not going to happen, right. And so we know what it feels like to be in flow and alignment and ease. Or maybe we don't, and then when so when you're in the force. And in the push, it feels like you're like running up against a brick wall, you hit the brick wall, and then you fall back down, you hit the brick wall, and you're like, why can't I get through that brick wall. It's because it's a brick wall. You cannot push through a wall. That's what we that's what we do. When we get like obsessed with getting things right and obsessed with doing things perfectly. were literally just like, like, I'm gonna tear this brick wall down and you run into and then you're fucking hurt. And you run into and you're like, oh, that hurt. It's like, ah, and then you create all this resistance and pressure. So this is I've been feeling this a little bit up and down in the waves, like all things. And the last few weeks in my business, just more more of that push force struggle, resistance energy has been coming up for me and I was resisting the resistance that I was resisting at all. And it was just like building up and building up and building up and like just feeling like so the you know, highs in business feel so fun and exciting. And the the lows really fucking hurt, it hurts when it feels like you feel like you're doing the right things. And it doesn't seem to be working the way you want it to. And it can be really difficult. And it's often times like this is like classic, everybody does this, it's in those low point of the waves that our brain goes to, it's not working, something has gone wrong. Therefore, I need to get in and fix it, I need to change something, I need to do something different. Or I need to hide because it's not going to work anyways, or self sabotage. That's the classic, classic pattern I've seen, this was only a client of my clients, I've seen this with myself, I was coaching one of my clients on the on this the other day about how the brain goes to it's not working, something must have gone wrong. Because you we have an emotion in our body. And we think that emotion means something has gone wrong, something is broken, something is not working, something needs to be fixed, you need to get in there and fix things. And we go into like hiding or overcompensating with action. Basically, we go into self sabotage, when we don't have the awareness over the pattern. When you have awareness over the pattern, you get to see it. You are now the observer of the pattern in your life. When I see you, am I going to let this drive who I am being Am I going to let this like drive me into self sabotage? Or am I going to sit with it? That's what's going on is we don't want to sit with the discomfort. So we try to run from it, which oftentimes looks like forcing and pushing because we think if we just force them, we push them we'll get the thing. And then when we have the thing, that feeling will go away. It does not work like that. So here's what I've learned in business as an entrepreneur, there are going to be high parts of the way there are going to be low parts of the wave like it's going to be fucking fantastic sometimes, and it's going to really fucking hurt sometimes. And who it's who you are, when it hurts when it's hard when it feels like nothing's working. That can really shift everything in your business. It's you can either go into self sabotage, or you can become the person who can sit with it and handle it all and still connect with your intuition still show up. Anyways. still keep going anyways. So if this is coming up for you, if you feel like you're like in this cycle of like forcing and pushing, not getting the results you want, so you're forced to push harder, not getting results, you're forced to push harder, then you're like, ah, I feel like this, this will help you let go. So the first thing is that nothing has gone wrong. I want you to close your eyes and like, maybe put your hands on your heart and see if you can just feel the truth of that for yourself. Nothing, nothing has gone wrong. Can you like feel that in your body? Can you feel the truth of that? Our minds want us to think because we have this uncomfortable emotion in the body that something has gone wrong. It's not true. x does not equal why emotion and body does not mean something has gone wrong. emotion and body means emotion and body. And you feel it. And that's where you're at. And that's okay. It doesn't mean all these things we make it mean like nothing is working. Now, everything's gone wrong, no, nothing has gone wrong, you're just in the low point of a wave. And a high point is coming. But that doesn't even matter. It doesn't matter that a high point is coming. Because what matters is knowing and letting the part of the wave you're, you're on knowing that that's the best part of the fucking wave you could ever be on. Because it's the part of the wave you're on. And if you're, if this is a wave, and you're here, and you want to be there, you're not there right now. So wherever you're at on the wave, can you let that be the best part of the wave? Can you let the wave be okay? So the waves will flow no matter what this is something my inner voice told me in a session with my coach the other day, the river will flow no matter what we don't go into the river doesn't go Okay, got him got to like create some rapids today or got to like, slow down today and stop the flow of the river like got to make the water move along down the river. There is no you don't have to force and push the river doesn't have to force and push the river just is the river just flows. There is no forcing and pushing required. The river just is the river flows. So I wrote something. A second ago, I actually was speaking to my inner voice, and I'm here and I recorded it and I wrote it down. I was gonna just kind of like summarize it here for you. But I think I actually want to read it to you directly. Because I think the transmission of this exact words that came from my inner voice are going to be more powerful than my mind trying to re like to summarize what came through. Okay, so here's Herodotus. And if you want to, you can just close your eyes, and let yourself receive this message, like your inner voice like, feel, feel this in your body, like don't try to listen to this with your mind, really let yourself receive it with your body. Okay, so the wave will flow no matter what rivers flow no matter what rivers don't push and force themselves to make the water flow, the water just flows. You don't have to push and force yourself to move and flow. You get to ride the wave, you are the wave, you are in the river, you are the flow you are source, there is no portion pushing and forcing necessary. You get to get on a float and ride on the river. Or you can dive in headfirst and try to swim upstream. The choice is yours. There might be rapids, there might be still parts, there might be parts where it feels like it's not moving at all, or it's moving way too fast. But the river never stops, the flow of source never stops, you never stop, the mind may resist and try to swim upstream. But that doesn't stop the river from flowing. The mind may have a story that it stopped and it's not working. But the river just is the river just flows. Just because there are days where there are rapids doesn't mean the river is broken. Just because there are days where the water is completely still doesn't mean the river is broken. Let the river be the river. Let the source be source Let you be you. You don't need to get back in the flow You are the flow ride the waves trust the waves. So I hope that really landed with you. We think in the mind that we have to be like forcing and pushing and like we literally like swim upstream and it's like that just isn't necessary. We can get on the flow and ride the river we can be the river we can be the flow we don't have to get into the flow we don't have to be like okay river like time to move along the water needs to move like if the water needs to move it will move if the water needs to be still it will be Till you are the river You are the flow. If you need to move, you'll move if you need to be still you'll be still like, can you trust yourself? Can you trust that you are the river? Can you trust that you're always flowing? Can you trust that you're always moving being and doing in the ways that exactly are that you are exactly meant to be? We think we have to, like manipulate the river. In order to get what we want. We don't have to do that. We can be on whatever part of the river we're on, whether it's still whether there's rapids, whether it feels really fun, whether it feels really hard, it doesn't matter you get to receive no matter what you get to be in flow, no matter what it's all in flow, it's all in alignment, you're not in alignment on when there's when the rivers moving really fast and out of line when the river is moving really still like the river doesn't go in and out of alignment, the river just is you are just Are you are alignment you are source you are the flow. So let me know if this analogy landed for you. Because when I received it from my inner voice, I was like, ah, I just felt like a deep breath out. And actually, maybe let's all do that together, take a deep breath in. And exhale, let go. One more time, and Big inhale. Exhale, let go. So I hope that this helps you remember that you don't need to be somewhere where you're not, you don't need to be different than you are, you don't need to do things this way to get that thing like you get to just be you get to just flow, there is no right way, there is no perfect way you can let all of that shade go in the knowing and trust that you are the river you are source, you can't stop that flow. It's impossible to stop that flow. So when the mind is saying, I'm out of flow, I'm out of alignment, I've lost the momentum, I've lost it all it's not true. The river cannot go backwards, you can there's no amount of forcing and pushing you can do to make the river go faster, and there's no amount of forcing and pushing you can do to stop the river, the river just fucking flows, how it flows, how it flows. So I will leave you with that. If this speaks to you, I would invite you to join my new program highly paid and sold out. It's all about selling out your one on one coaching program in a way that feels really good and flowy to you in a way that feels like you're getting on the flow and riding down the river and being with it all becoming the person who can handle it all riding the waves trusting the waves trusting you instead of trying to do it in a way where you have to swim upstream. And then you like been swimming for like six fucking years and you're like, but I still have no clients and money wise and I'm working gotta swim harder and faster, and then you're even more tired and more burned down and, and more frustrated. That is not required. So in this program, I'm going to help you drop all the pressure drop all the pushing, drop all the forcing, and really create from the perfection of the Now moment from the perfection of who you are in this moment. You don't have to be get somewhere you don't have to be someone you're not like the highly paid sold out coach is already within you. You are the flow You are the river You are the source. And I'm going to help you get your mind out of the way. Let go the pushing and forcing let go of the resistance, stop this swimming of the upstream which is what our mind usually wants to do and connect with your inner voice connect with your intuition. which will allow you to just flow to just be to allow the clients in that are already there because they're already there. They're already in your vortex they're already in your energy, you're already a vibrational match to them. And it's just about allowing them in by letting go of the mind and letting yourself go into the flow and be with whatever the waves of the river have in store for you. So if this is speaking to you, send me a DM we're starting early August. And I'm so excited that you are going to walk away from this program a different person, you will leave every training and every energetic activation as a different person. It will be shifting you on a cellular level on an energetic level. And when you shift energetically on a cellular and an energetic level, your reality can't help but shift accordingly. So send me a DM if you want to join and I will see you soon. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe. So you Don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for being here and I will see you in the next episode.

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