Are you judging yourself for still having a job while building your business? listen to this!

podcast Jul 12, 2021

If you're building a business while still working another job and feel embarrassed, frustrated or ashamed about it, this episode is for you!!

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ my journey with building my business while working a corporate job
what to do if you feel like you're in a hurry to quit but don't actually want to do it yet.
✧ how to know if you're ready to quit your job and go all-in on your business
✧ how to shift your perspective on your job so you can enjoy it while you're building your business
why having a job doesn't diminish the validity of your business
how to let go of the shame around still having a job while building your business


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Full Episode Transcript:

welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. I welcome it to another episode of The magnetically you podcast, I just want to first start by saying, if this is your first time here, I'm so happy to have you listening. And there's a reason our paths crossed today with this episode in particular, so I'm excited for you to listen. If you've listened to before, I'm so happy to have you back. Like it means the world to me that you are here right now, listening. I mean so much to me. And on that topic, it would also mean so much to me. If you enjoy this episode, if you enjoy my podcast, if you would go leave a review on iTunes, I would be so beyond grateful. Anyhow, today's episode is about judging yourself for still having a corporate job while you're building a business, the shame, the frustration, the Oh my god, like when am I going to be able to quit and get out of here vibes. Because I used to be in those vibes. So I get it. And this is a conversation that's come up for a lot of my clients. So I wanted to share more about it here. So I'll give you a little bit of background on my journey. I out of college, I became an actuary, if you don't know what that is, just consider yourself lucky. I'm just getting basically it's a math like it's like a mathematician literally. And
I did that
for several years. Hated, hated, hated, hated it. And it was a really like toxic competitive work environment, we would like everyone to be working like 12 hours a day, people would literally like fall asleep at the office at 4am. And then people would be like bragging about it the next day, it was like not not a great situation. And I definitely like knew the whole time that it wasn't in alignment for me, but I just kept going because I didn't know what else to do. I thought oh, you're just supposed to have a job and you just got to do it.
around the time I was phasing out of that job I started my food blogging business and ended up while I was doing that switching in within the same company into a marketing project management role, which was much better and much more aligned and in many ways I enjoyed it I worked with a lot of women which I really enjoyed because there were just like bad bitches and I'm
like yes
and I was actually like enjoying enjoying the marketing enjoying the project management it was it was good did I love it was a super fulfilled No, but it wasn't. It wasn't like a really like unhealthy place for me to be like being an actuary in that environment of like working all those like hours and stuff. I was just like not in a good place. So I like that's one distinction I want to make is like it's one thing to
like, yeah,
it's one thing to have like a toxic environment. If there's like sexual harassment or things like that going on at work. That's like a different conversation. What I'm talking about today is if you have a job and you like it, or it's okay, you don't hate it, and it's a job that you have to support you while building your business. So that's that's where the conversations going today. So anyways, I was in this marketing job, and now I can look back on it and be like, I liked it like it was fine. In the moment though, I wanted out I every day I was like when can I quit? When can I quit? I got to get out of here. Got to get out here gotta get out here. Every time every like minute of every day working my job I was thinking I wish I was working on my business like oh if I could just like get out of this job then I could do my business and then I would be more successful and every then I would be more happy and then everything would be better. Like it really really just was like waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting like in limbo freaking energy like waiting to live my life. Waiting to allow myself to feel successful until I quit my job waiting to actually like fully show up and be myself in my business waiting to like, enjoy the process like waiting, just waiting, waiting, waiting energy. And it was not fun, and I was miserable. And the last miserables may be an exaggeration. But I mean, it was a constant struggle. grappling with like, I'm here at this job, but I want to be somewhere else. I want to be free. But I'm here. And I don't want to be here.
How do I get out? How do I get out? How do I get out? How
do I get out? How
do I get out? It's a constant freaking story in my brain, which was the con, which led to constant just feeling like never, never there never knew where I want to be. And it was just like, I became like, so sick of myself. I'm like, okay, here's the thing, I realized, if I'm not willing to quit this job yet, which I was not at that point, then I have to be willing to choose it, I am choosing it. If I'm not quitting, if I'm not choosing to quit, then I'm choosing to stay. And then I'm hating. And then I'm hating and resenting myself for that choice, when I'm the one who made the choice, like, talk about a lack of having my own back, a lack of self love, a lack of self trust. If I'm not willing to choose to quit, then I've got to be willing to, to choose the job, accept the job, make the best of the job. So I really committed to that I didn't feel it didn't feel in alignment to quit yet. It didn't feel in alignment, I knew that was not in alignment yet. So while I knew it was not in alignment, yet, even though I want it itself, I can bad. I decided I am going to choose to accept it to the best of my ability, I'm going to choose to love it to the best of my ability, I'm going to choose to see it as an opportunity to the best of my ability, I'm going to choose to see all the things that are good about it to the best of my ability, I'm going to choose to learn what I can from it, while I'm here to the best of my ability and really, really, really, really gave my focus and attention to reminding myself every day like I'm choosing this, how can I accept and how can I enjoy it? And how can I be present, like when I'm doing my job, I'm present with my job. Because if the whole time I'm doing my job, I'm thinking about my business, and all the time I'm doing my business and thinking, oh my god, I should be doing my job, they're gonna be wondering if we're, if I'm not answering emails, and oh, my God, it was this constant tug of war. It's like you can be in the job when you're in the job. And you can be in your business when you're in your business. And it doesn't mean you don't get to have a successful business and it doesn't mean you're going to get fired from your job. Although I secretly wanted that. I was like off, they would just fire me like, then I wouldn't have to take responsibility for the decision. I could just be like, Oh, well, I got fired. Guess I gotta do it. Right. I wasn't willing to make that choice. But I was hoping they would make it for me. clear signs that I was not ready. So anyways, I went on this journey, the last few months of like, just how can I accept it? How can I love it? How can I choose it, I'm choosing it. So I'm choosing it, I may as well accept it, I may as well not make myself miserable, I may as well learn what I can from it, there must be something still here for me. And I'm going to be open to finding out what that is I'm going to be open to all possibilities, I'm going to be open to it all making sense later. and allowing it now. And so I really gotten myself to the point where I had just found acceptance and peace with it. And simultaneously, I was you know, obviously working on my own personal growth and expansion, which I'm basically always doing and was just developing more belief in myself more confidence in myself more belief, more competence, and just kept, kept building and building and building. And I got to the point this February where I had fully accepted my job. And I was ready to quit. I didn't have the numbers in my business yet that I thought I would have when I would quit. I didn't have like a ton of like security in the money I was making, but I had security and who I was and my belief in myself. And because I built up that level of security and belief internally within myself. I felt energetically ready to quit even though the outside world financially was like Hmm, maybe maybe you should not write. But I did it anyways because I knew my inner voice told me it started. I was like Okay, here we go. It just I was ready. So then that's then I chose that I. But it's like, up until that point, it's like, if you're not willing to choose that, which there's nothing wrong with, then you've got to be willing to choose where you're at. And if you're not willing to choose where you're at, then you're going to just fucking hate your life. And what's the point of that? What is the point of that?
that is a little bit about my journey. And, you know,
now the end of June, and I've quit my job in February, and my business has grown exponentially. But again, I don't think it was because of like, quitting. I don't think it was because oh, I quit my job. And then I was able to be successful. It's like, I quit my job, because I knew I was already successful. Because I actually finally believe that I actually finally allowed myself to feel that receive that build that belief and confidence in myself that I was, like, so confident, and sure I could do it that I was just like, here we go all in. So it was like the energetically all in rather than the like, outward decision of the quitting. So anyhow, what else did I want to say about that there was something else? Oh, okay. So, here's the thing, we have this idea in our heads, when we have the job, that once we get out, everything's going to be way better, and we're going to feel so much better, and we're going to feel so much more free, and we're going to feel so much more light, and everything's gonna be better. And we're gonna feel so much more like successful and like, we're a real business owner. And like, all these things, here's the thing. It's not that different, I really don't feel that different. It wasn't like, all of a sudden, like, my life is magical, right after I quit. It's been magical, and it's all good. But it's all been magical. That's the thing. And I'm so grateful for the freedom and I love it. And I love, like the space to just be all in on my business. And, like, I'm still me, I still have fears, I still have doubts, I still have things where I like, get in my own way and drive myself crazy. The job didn't make me do that. Right? Like you take yourself with you. So I'm just gonna leave you with that. And my client, who I was speaking to recently, she was kind of feeling the same thing. Like, if I was committed to my business, then I would quit my job. If I quit my job, then everything would be working. If I had more time and I quit my job, then they would be able to show up better and more. And if I quit my job, that means I'm a real successful business owner, right? Like we have all of these stories about what it means to have a job, what it means to quit and who we are and who we're not. And so much shame surrounding having a job. And it's like, the shame isn't necessary. Like we get to, we get to drop the shame, we get to do what we want to do, because we want to do it. And you can see your job as the thing in your way. Or you can see your job as a tool as the way Natalia Benson always says what's in the way is the way, if you feel like your job is in the way it is the way it's the path of it's the path of growth, it's the path of expansion. And that doesn't mean we always have to go up against the thing that we feel like is in the way. But again, if you're not willing to choose to quit, and it's not an alignment to quit yet, then you get to use your job as a tool. You get to change it or choose it, you get to quit, you get to change jobs, or you get to choose it. It's a those are your only three options. So what's it going to be? And then you have to have your back, have your back about what you choose. Have your back with your decision, sell yourself on your decision.
Why am I doing this? Why if I am going to stay in this job, why? Why am I choosing this? Give yourself give your brain reasons to understand why you're choosing it. Change it, choose it or quit. That's it's so your dog gets to be a tool and it's like we have this idea that like where money comes from is very important. Like if it came from the job. It's like the money came from my corporate job like it doesn't count. But if it came from the business, it's like the buddy came from my business. That's way better. That's way more successful. Like why? Why? Why does it fucking matter? where the money comes from? Can you just receive it? Can you allow it can you let the channel where your money is flowing? Do now be amazing. And whether it's the job or your business, they're just different channels. And it's okay if it's flowing through the job channel more than the business channel right now, that's not a problem. That's nothing to feel ashamed about. That's nothing to feel bad about. Actually, the channel can can shift very easily, you can have both channels, you can have both channels right now, and then the channel can shift. And it's okay. As it is, like when you accept accepting your job, accepting that this is my channel for money right now are the main channel. Accepting, it doesn't make it permanent. accepting it doesn't mean you're going to be stuck without reality forever. accepting it just simply means you get to enjoy now. And you get to enjoy later. And you get to enjoy the now knowing of what's coming later. Of course, you get to have the money, consider your business. Because that's what you desire. That's what you're creating. That's what you're leading yourself to. And you get to accept and enjoy the process. So having a job does not diminish the validity of your business. There's a lot of, you know, glamorizing of like quit the nine to five quit that, oh my god, I quit my nine to five. And I did it. I was so excited about it. I was like, you guys, I quit my nine to five. And everyone's like, yes. Oh, my gosh, you quit your nine to five? Yes, how
did you do it.
And that's a lot of what I share with my clients and in my programs.
but what I wanted to the main message I wanted to leave you with is having a job does not diminish the validity of your business and of who you are. There's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with choosing to stay in the job. There's nothing wrong with choosing to quit, even when there's no evidence that it's gonna work out. There's nothing wrong with changing it. You get to decide. So what's in alignment for you to choose right now and then get behind it? Allow yourself to have your back with that decision. Allow yourself to accept that decision, be all in on that decision. And not feel so much better than sitting around everyday being like, when can I quit? When can I quit? When can I like, Oh my gosh, I already feel bad. Just saying it. I heard a podcast from Sam, Laura brown one time when she was talking about leaving her job. And she said, talked about this yoga instructor. And at the end of yoga, you lay in this pose called I think it's called Shavasana. Hopefully I'm saying it correctly, and you lay there in stillness. It's like the end of the class. You've just lay there breathe, listen to the music, if there is music, stillness, and the instructor said to her in class, to everyone, if you feel like you need to leave, if you're in a rush to leave, then stay. If you feel like you could stay, then you're ready to leave. And that's that is the exact experience I had with my corporate job. And I heard that I actually heard that saying before I left my corporate job, and it stuck with me because I was like, like, I'm in a rush to leave like Fox still face the fact that like, yep, that's me. Like, there's still some more like growing that right? That's here for me. And I didn't want to accept that. I didn't want to believe I didn't want that to be the path. But why? Why is it any better or more noble to not have a job, like, in the scheme of things, it's like, who fucking cares? Just be who you want to be. and live your life and love now and everything's gonna be okay. It's. So what shifted those last few months leading up to me, like feeling so ready and in alignment to quitting my job was I became the person who was no longer in a rush to leave. I was fine. Staying I had accepted it. And then, as soon as I like really got to that place, it's like, boom, okay, now I'm ready to leave. It's funny. It's funny how it happens that way. So trust your journey. Trust your path, dropped the fucking shame around having a job. Drop the shame around where your channel of money is coming from right now. You get to quit your job. Yes. You get to have that if that's something you want, you get to have that. And if it doesn't feel in alignment to do that in the now then what's the vision for the now I was just talking about one to one of my friends about this and it's like You know, you can have a vision of what you want later. But if you're constantly in the now obsessed with that leader vision and like, I'm not there yet, I'm not there yet. I'm not there yet. How can I make myself be there? Now? It's like, ah, can we just meet ourselves? where we're at? If we're not at that leader point, yeah, if we're not at the I'm ready to quit point in the now then we get to be excited in the now knowing that that that the leader now is coming. And in the now Now we get to say, Okay, what is the most aligned thing I can do about this right now? What's the most What do I want to think about this? Now? How do I want to feel about this? Now? How can I accept this now? How can I enjoy this now? How can I love this now, how is where I'm at now? Perfect. So I'm going to leave you with that. Again, and if you want support on this journey of building a business, I would love to support you. I do have spaces open in my private coaching program right now. So if that's speaking to you, you can send me a DM on Instagram. I also have my new program highly paid and sold out. Starting probably late July. I haven't figured out the exact timing yet. But it's all about the mindset energetics of selling out your one on one coaching program, which you can do with or without a job. That part is irrelevant.
if either of those opportunities are speaking to you, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram. And I would love to have you That is all have an amazing day. Thank you so so much for listening, and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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