how to find your purpose and live your soul's truth - with Daune Thompson

podcast May 06, 2020

In this episode, we are going to talk about aligning with your truth and what you desire - despite what society tells us we “should” do.The things we want already exist. We just have to search and move towards them.

Joining us is my life coach, Daune Thompson. She does not fall short in experience when it comes to fighting for one’s purpose, and she’ll be telling us how we can get in vibration with ours.

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to start finding your purpose and identifying your options.
✧ How our relationships are related to our reality
✧ What to do when we catch ourselves trying to control other people, like our partners
✧ How to feel empowered while taking responsibility and taking back control
✧ How to maintain balance when there is a struggle between wanting to conform with what everyone wants and what we truly want

Guest Bio:

How many times have you worked your A** Off only to not get what you thought you deserved? Yep, me too!! Been there, done that! Daune is a life & relationship coach determined to change the way we see ourselves and raise your worth by simply validating your incredible gifts.

She likes to tell others what she does for a living is a “Demolition specialist”. She's a soul shaker powerhouse when it comes to empowering her clients, by revealing the boulders blocking them from living their souls' truth and the life they deserve. She has a passion to inspire and she's on a mission to raise the self-worth of the planet.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison sir Dyken. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert, you're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me killing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed, and I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our lives so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our goals. biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hi, Don, welcome to the show. How are you?

Hi, I'm great. How are you? Thank you. Thank you for having me. I'm

like way too excited for today. So, for those of you who don't know, Don is my life coach and she is absolutely incredible. And I could go on and on and on about her, um, but I'm gonna read you a little bit about her and then we're gonna just dive into all of her amazing wisdom she has to share. So I have a question for all of you. So how many times have you worked your ass off, only to not get what you thought you deserved? Yep, her to, and we do. We've been there done that she's determined to change the way we see ourselves and raise your self worth by simply validated Your incredible gifts. She likes to tell others what she does for a living. She's a demolition specialist, a silver shaker powerhouse when it comes to empowering my clients by revealing by revealing the boulders blocking them from living their souls truth and the life they deserve. She has a passion to inspire and is on a mission to raise the self worth of the planet. So tell us a little bit more about your journey and how you got started and what led you to be doing all this amazing work

so you know as you and I have like done work together for a long time I think a lot of people kind of once you've done work with me you get it and then other people are like oh, she's just a life coach and I'm not I don't even like the title of of life coach right like because I just don't see myself like that. Um, I've tried to not do what I do for so long that I kind of just like got pushed in and it's this like, the opening of me have always been I was just kind of like this natural born counselor and I didn't want to do this, I didn't want to do the whole, you know, counseling and support and teaching and training yet that's kind of what I kept falling into. And so for me, it was always been a struggle because I have like this science, physiology, kinesiology degree. And so I look very look at things very scientifically in patterns. But the other half of my brain is very spiritual and very metaphysical and, and the whole quantum field and the Astro fields and all that make very much sense to me. So there's never been a line for me, it's always kind of just been a blended reality. And that's very hard for people. And so at the end of the day, kind of what showed up for me was I had this natural gift of making complex, simple. And so to take a quantum field of something you can't see whether it's God or spirit or spiritual or enlightenment and something you can't see and touch and making it very basic and simple to Apply to almost a scientific plane. And so I didn't know I could do that until I started to you know, like, I was like oh, that's what I do and I just didn't make sense to me because it was seemed natural. So that's kind of what I do. I kind of you kind of said it earlier in the intro I you know, I do a shake up people's souls. Is that what I like to tell people? No, but I mean, your soul knows what to do. You knew what to do you know who you are and your soul. We just aren't afraid to shake that tree and get woken up and go live our purpose and live our truth and feel alive. And we're afraid we might shake up all the other souls around us. That's why I do so much relationship work and all my work is based around relationships.

Yeah, yeah. And it's so amazing. Okay, so a couple of things you said there that I want to touch on. So okay, I heard you saying like, there's a part of you that I didn't want to do this, but I kept coming back to it. Like, what was it that like what how did you Fighting it like why do we fight our purpose?

Well, you Oh, I'm so glad you said that was a good catch, because what happened is, is I tried to do what everybody wanted me to do, right? So I tried to apply what society says this is the way it's done. And again, I never fit in, right? So I was ever kind of this normal being that fit in and so, you know, I'm a natural gifted teacher. Yeah, I didn't want to be a teacher in the sense of go to black and white school and teach what they tell me to teach. I wanted to teach the entire universe and so that didn't fit in. I was I went to getting my coach's certificate and it was like, You're, you're certified with the certified coaching, you know, Federation, but yet, you have to follow the rules. Yeah, there's a part of me going well, but I want to use astrology which doesn't fit like, you know, it does now, but again, I made you myself. So like, I got my certification. And so it wasn't normal then. Right. And so I'm always I've always been that person. You sees this bigger picture to help it fit into what the norm seems like it's supposed to be done. So it's like, trying to be who I was supposed to be I was being told to be did not fit. What helped people actually explode into their truth. And so I didn't I didn't blend astrology back then. And now I do. I didn't blend metaphysical back then. And now I do. I didn't, you know, blend all of the worlds that I fit into into one where before it was very boxed in and chunked. So I was like trying to tipping toe through life, tiptoe tiptoe like, and I think that's what everybody does. Like, I really want to do that. But what if they find out? What if I'm outed, right? And that's what it was for me. Like, what if they find out what I really do and know and then when they found out they're like, Oh, we have more? And then I was like, oh crap. You know, I've been found out so that's kind of how it worked. It just kind of kept taking me down. I owned a hair salon for a while right? I thought no, I'm not going to heal people I'm not going to help people. So then you're standing behind the haircare What do most hair stylists hear they hear everything about their clients you know psychological stuff and families and history and because coaching ran through my veins they were double dipping right they were getting beautiful hair and beautiful minds and souls and so I kind of had this like, Oh, I guess I'm never getting out of this right

yeah, I don't think it's a coincidence that you want You're the universe's like, Oh, you don't want to be a counselor like let's go make you be a hairdresser and you're gonna be one anyway. It just literally

kept doing it and I couldn't have told you that because I was like thinking I was. We all think we're doing it but I thought I was super clever, right? Like, oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna take a detour over here and I'm not gonna do that. And then the universe was like, Yeah, right. Okay, good.

Oh my gosh. So, for for people out there who feel like wow, like what you just said, like really resonated, like, I feel like I have been fighting my purpose, or I don't even know what it is because they've been blocking it so long and living their whole life. Like, according to what other people tell us we should do. Like, that's something I've been really, really working on this year is like, it is. So what, like, it's so hard to tap into what it is, that's your truth and what you really want, when it's so clouded by everything everyone else is telling us to do. So when if someone's finding themselves in that situation where they've been living their life according to what someone else thinks they should be doing, and they're finding their purpose, and they don't even know what their purpose is like, what do you what do you recommend for that person? Like, where where do they start and finding that purpose? I mean,

so I mean, you you've been so awesome, where you have an open mind, right? And some people want to have the open mind, but they're just afraid to kind of go What are my options and I think your best description of that is what are your options? right and so if the way you've been taught isn't working for you, you got to open up to many options right? And so one of the options I always give people is you know, astrology is something I use only because it's fast and I don't even read normal astrology like astrologers do. I read karmic astrology and so I look at what is your karma? Why are you here? What is your purpose and what are you here to override once you learn that? So for me My suggestion always is is to go get minimally if you don't have me do your chart or get into one of my lighten up events, which is two hours of look at your karmic chart and look at your your roadblocks of nurturing from parenting and put them together go oh my gosh, I know what I mean. You're literally so validated and what to do. But if you can't find something to validate you bring in spiritual truths, right, numerology bring in any age, or the inia grams, bring in anything that can validate you and go, so I am really good at that. Yes. You are very Get it that I mean, my chart is so riddled with don't get on stage, go teach people about the higher spiritual truths and stop playing around. Oh, by the way, write some books. I'm not writing books. Yes, you are right. It's like that, like you can avoid it but you know what you're supposed to do. And so it sits there and my answer always to everybody. It's more mind blowing for me that if you said if I said, here's the answer, it's on paper, and you don't even need to know astrology, all you have to do is read the four sentences that say go do this, would you not do it? And most people say, Well, that's all well and good. But so it's scary to go do even though you know, it's your truth and your purpose because we're afraid that someone's going to say you're not good enough or you don't know you're talking about and my answer is Wouldn't you rather feel good? And do what you love doing instead of being miserable and then make everybody else happy? Yeah, 100% right. It's scarier. To do a start an astrology chart. Now. It doesn't have to be an astrologer, it can be So many versions of that, but that would be my suggestion is because it's fast. And it gives you an answer quick like in minutes.

The karmic astrology.

Yeah. And I call it the four hotspots, right? So I call it this four hotspot or boulders of a chart. And if you can find those four boulders on your chart your game on, I mean, it's just so quickly to go, oh my gosh, that part of my life needs to improve. Yes. So let's go and how do we now you start improving four areas instead of the whole you going? Yeah, your total crap. You know, your nobody knows or you're no good, which is so not true. You know? Yeah, he's amazing. So that would be my suggestion only because I know how fast it works. But that doesn't have to be everybody's answer, but that would be a fast way.

So how could someone find out what those hotspots are for them? You either

go to my light enough events.

You hire me, or you go to you I mean there's so many free even on my website. There's a Free page under the Tools page on my website use go to my name or I deserve it now calm. But if you go to Tools and you scroll down, it says free tools, there's a link there, that'll take you to just looking at your chart. Now most people when you look at an astrology chart go, what right you don't look at, right but I try to teach people if you look for these four hotspots, or these four areas on every chart, Saturn Kairos on the moon and your north node, you don't really need to look any further that will help you guide you as to who you need to be and where you need to go. But even reading it's kind of tough because I don't lay it out the same way other people do a lot of astrologers and I'm not saying all of them, so please don't blanket this. When when people hear this and I think it's just a personality thing of why we came here but a lot of astrologers can catch our kind of pessimistic and I'm not saying I think they're reading the truth of what the chart or whatever, I don't look at things pessimistic these four hotspots in every chart are tough. They're your tough spots there where it's hard for you. But my my point is is like those are like blessings in disguise because once you master those areas, you're literally like a powerhouse like you're literally unstoppable because you know what you have to do so you don't question it. You're like I got it even though it's going to scary. I'm in I've got it and I'm in power. So that's my goal is to teach people to be in power instead of let the power out there tell them what to do and be and you're miserable. Seems pretty basic, don't you think?

Yeah, yeah, it really is. So we're gonna link up that that um, the astrology chart link on your website in the show notes so people can go check out those their chart and then if they want to dive deeper, they can definitely reach out to you. Yeah, the recommend people do that. You're

not gonna see the four hotspots on there because it's just a normal chart. So most people aren't going to be able to read that. But if they were to go, Oh, that's my chart. Now if I want to know the four hotspots, that's why I say Go, go get on the live, the lighten up event that I'm doing. It's two and a half hours, one hour is on your chart, one hour is on where you your life has been enhanced by the chart. And the other half hour is let's ask Don everything we want about the chart. I mean, I don't know how to make it any more basic about that, right? So it's, it's so simplified for everybody yet everybody keeps kind of like, I'm afraid and look at you. I mean, you have become amazing just when you're like, Okay, I can do this. And,

yeah, we work through a lot of hotspots.

But we all have them. Okay, so I want to shift gears a little bit into talking about relationships, because I know that's really your specialty. And you always say like, your reality is a reflection of your relationships. And you know, so many of the times in our coaching sessions, I'd be like, okay, Don, like, I have this going on my business like this isn't working, like let's talk about this and you'd be like, and so let's go ahead On in your relationship, and I'm like, but Don, I want to talk about my business. And it took me so long to realize that how our relationships really are such a reflection of our internal state. And if we do the work there that work translates into all other areas of our lives. So can you talk more about what you mean when you say like, your reality is a reflection of your relationships?

You said it so perfectly right there.

Wow, you really have learned

so I, you know, you don't really have to take it anymore. There's not a lot of difficulty in understanding this. The basic simplistic answer is, is you're a ball of energy. And energy is energy and energy is like a magnet and the magnet is going to attract another magnet, it's going to attract the cotton ball. Right? It's going to attract another magnet. So it's so basically In that visual is you you can't attract what you aren't. And so if you're going to attract another magnet, you have to be the magnet you want to attract. Because if not, you're going to attract the magnet you don't want to attract and, and into like, as you were saying, I go into corporate america and they're like, Oh, we needed to be on business. I'm like, No, you know, discussions and topics like no, you're being non productive because you're having some sort of personal relationship that is sucking the life out of you right now. And you can't focus on being an accountant or an engineer or whatever their their topic of professionals or a salesperson and and then I start digging deeper and I find out that yes, they're going through a divorce or Oh, their wife is has health issues going on and they're really worried about her and so you're sitting there trying to do your accounting work at work and be the you know, the accountant or the, you know, the the bookkeeper, but your mind is over here focused on on We got what happens and I go to the doctor and then I get to take them and what happens if they don't get better. And there's this mind over here is pulled on the the weak spot. Now that's just saying something simple. Let's just say you have a miserable relationship with your spouse, and your boyfriend or whoever, right? Your child is giving you difficulties at home, that is going to reflect your emotional state, when the emotional state is weak, you're going to draw emotional states at work, which means you're going to make mistakes. And now those relationships are going to judge you on technical work and not you as a human going. I'm struggling. And so when we do the inner work to work with our relationships, if that person's unhealthy, you didn't make them unhealthy. You did the inner work to go I love you, I support you, but you need to get you healthy physically. I didn't. If I do the work and I look at my spouse, I'm like, I don't have to be mad at you for forgetting to take out the trash and everything else. You'll figure it out. I'm gonna go put it over here. You'll deal with it and you let them figure their lives out. But we start Want to control everything will be here so we can get back control over here. And it's not that it's blanket. So, insecurity in here will always show out there. So when out there is, let's just say in turmoil of some sort, whether it's a reflection in your work or you're arguing with your spouse or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend or, or you're arguing with your son, I get a lot of that with our children, like, my clients will come to me and say, Hey, I'm really having a hard time with my child. Can you work with me? And my answer is always No, unless they work with me personally. Because I children are amazing. They will literally let go of karma. They'll let go of programming, the let go of the past, and they're like, what do I do and they do the tool and they implement and they're happy because they know it works. Then they go home and the parent reprograms into their weak karmic hotspot and unravels everything Child just learned and now the child feels like they're a failure. And so I refused to hurt like, I break, I feel like I'm breaking those children's hearts because they were given a solution, the solution worked and the parent undid it. And parents have a hard time seeing that we have a hard time seeing that the spouse or the relationship is a reflection of who we are not them. If we left them alone to their own demise, and they fell down and they were crying and they made mistakes, or they're, they're screwing up at work and we quit telling them what to do and let them just figure it out. They get up and they figure it out with or without us. We're the bossy boots.


I'm definitely one of those bossy ones. So speaking of bossy and control, what do we do when we are trying to control our partners I've run into this so many times and it's something I've been working on as you know, for a long, long time, and just like Letting go of wanting control to control Trevor and other people in the world and circumstances and but especially in relationships like honing in on that, like, how, how do we deal with that when we want so badly to control our partner like they don't do the dishes and we wanted them to do it or they'll be like, oh, I'll do it in two days and you're like, I want you to do it today. It's like, how do we release that? resentment and anger and balance, the desire to release control, but to also get them on board with supporting? Does that make sense?

I can give you to like a quick phrase.

Those who are the most out of control on the inside are the most controlling on the outside. So when we're trying to control everything out there, a person IE spouse, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever you are, even if it's at work, you watch people you watch a lot of like, you know, bosses trying to control their teams. You have to understand that person, you are the most out of control on the inside. So you're saying, Where do we start? You start here? And you say, what about what they're doing? really impacts me like, what about if they left all the dishes dirty? And they keep leaving them there? And my answer is, you know how to go buy a $2 laundry basket at the dollar store and put all their dishes in that laundry basket and put it in the closet. And when they want some dishes, they can go get the dirty ones and wash them when they're ready. And you can have the room the way you want it. They see we have to go tell them your bad, you set it wrong. You did it wrong. You went to the party and you spoke, I don't know the wrong words to so and so. And instead of just letting them be themselves and crash and burn on their own. We have to control how they do things so that they will feel better. And the answer is you don't care if they feel better. You're trying to feel better. And so when we tried to To control others to feel better, we never feel better. I'm never have you have you? Have you noticed that when you're joining him

100% never worse.

Yeah, I still keep gripping tightly to the control. And it's like, it's like, yeah, it's like, Why? Why are we doing that? If it makes us feel like shit, it makes our partners feel like shit or whoever it is in our life that we're trying to control. Like, it's not helping anyone. So like, what what can we do instead?

So think about it from a perspective if this person were to die tomorrow like it just say they get they got a life sentence and they're like, wow, you're gonna possibly not be here tomorrow. We don't know. You're sick. And I'm sharing that because I went through it with my husband, right? And it kind of woke me up. And I've done this work for so long because I used to be I was one of them. There was the old me was very much control freak. Why? Because I couldn't get my life together and I wouldn't own my own life. I couldn't say this is what I want. So this is one of the big people is, What do I want? When do I want it? And how do I want it and not worry about anybody else if they're going to either supplement that want or not supplement that walk, whether they're giving to me to help me get there or not, I still have to get to what I want, right? And so if, if you were to imagine this person wants to go away tomorrow, would you appreciate them more for just who they are instead of what they're not giving you. Because if they're not giving it to you, you've already made a decision, I'm going to go get what I want, without worrying about if they supplement me because now you know, they can't because they might not be here tomorrow to supplement it. So it changes the game. And now you're back in power to go get it for yourself. And so, you know, the second he I found out, he may not make it. That was the moment in my life when I was like, Alright, then I better appreciate all the good stuff, which is pretty darn funny. And he's really resilient. And he's really amazing and kind and generous. I was like, oh, okay, so that I'll appreciate and if I get to keep them great. I don't. I do. No, I can't control this. And when you have no control, you start to control what you can, which is what I want. And so I started, you know, focusing on me and and Okay, so I'm in hospital with him, but he's quite tired. So I can write in my journal and start writing the next book. And I can, that's what I want. And I want to write the next book and I wanted to see I had control even in the storm. So the same thing goes, let's say you're at home and someone didn't do the dishes, we still have control of no dishes being done, sit down and get what you want and not worry about them in their storm, or they come home and they're not doing well at work. Can you stop that? Not at all. Sometimes we all need to let people fall down and get in pain in order for them to see how to get out of their own storm and you can't teach people that. So the control when we want to gain it back is what would happen if they were gone tomorrow. What would you do?

Yeah, let that shit go.

Do you right? You'd go love and go you Amazing right now and then you go Okay, well what can I do right now with them? Mm hmm yeah. And there's so much right there's so much you can do.

Yeah, exactly. And I mean so much of what you just said was so amazing but I want to touch on like so like you were saying how we focus on they're not doing this they're not doing this I want them to do this and they're not doing it so much we're our brains love to focus on the negative because by doing that we get to remain the victim. Poor me girl, we get to blame them for our internal issues going on in our our brains are literally on a hunt for evidence to fulfill our belief that there something about them is wrong. So we get to avoid what's going on with us internally, and I don't really know where I'm going with this question. But what

you said it perfectly that's the magnet. That's the magnet we want to look at them. point the finger when you point the finger at someone there's three more fingers pointing right back at you going when you I don't like in my own magnet. So by the way, if I'm attracted to your negative, I got to look at my own three times deeper. It's that simple. So what you said is like literally just the magnet, perfect example.

So how do we start looking at taking responsibility in those moments in a way that feels empowering, not in a way that feels like, Oh, this is all my fault, and just like turning the blame and like beating ourselves up and turning that back on us, and instead doing it in an empowering way and taking back your power and taking back control in an empowering way, like Where? Where do we start with owning that responsibility?

Being honest about what we want? So this is like the million dollar question that I ask every client when I first meet them, what do you want? And then I get it, but you can guess what the answer is from everybody wouldn't guess what they typically don't know. I don't know what I'm gonna call bullshit. Excuse me if we're not allowed to swear on this. But now you can watch it like seriously like, I call it on everybody. I'm like, you know what you want. You still want to say it because you might shake up the tree right? And my answer is is that what you just were describing there is very much like how do we get out of that and focus on something else because we have to go focus on what what you really want and what you really want nothing to do with boyfriend or whoever is out there even the dishes or the things that they're not doing and when you're like well how do we not beat ourselves up? Well, you would stop beating yourself up on it good example was I was even doing this through this whole epidemic and crapper going through and again I don't quite fit into the norm of how everybody's viewing this whole thing and nor do I care too. I've never fit in so we fit in now. Right But the point being is that you know, there was a part of me going What am I doing like why am I not live like this part of this is not my truth. And why am I teaching this when I really don't want to teach that even though they were drawing me in like I want to know more. Tell me more. Tell me why don't tell me what the planet say they wanted an answer. They wanted a magic pill. Right and I kept Looking at them going here, this would be my suggestion. This is kind of why but this is where you're going. But my answer was always you got to look at yourself and figure out what you want. And and then I had to go inside and go, I'm a little bit miserable myself. And the answer was is, what do you want to do? Done? Like, what do you really want, and I really want my fourth book, but I'm not putting my energy into that I was out over to trying to accommodate everybody and fix their needs and tell them what they needed. Tell them the planets, and I don't really honestly care about the planets. Like I can tell you right now. They suck. I mean, it's so simple, right? The planets suck. And they forced all of us to ascend and get to a lighter place and let her karma go. And we don't like it. And so if we let that go, that means we have to go live our destiny and our destiny is gone. You're supposed to write the fourth book and it's halfway, it's like a quarter to three quarter, you know, half there and I'm like, but I don't want to but what do you really want? I want the book. So the point being is when I'm focusing on actually what I really want, I really need to just shut up and leave everybody alone and sit down and start handwriting this thing out. But then part of you start to play in the game, right? Then you're like, oh, but if I handwrite it, then I'm going to sit down, I'm going to spend all this time, like re typing it or dictating it, and, and then oh my god, then I gotta go find this and oh my god, I gotta go find an editor, and you see what we started doing to ourselves. So I'm not doing all that I don't have time for this in this during these times. I'm not going to do it. And then we go back and we blame the dishes, which is such bullshit, which is why 

oh my gosh, I love how it all circled back to the dish is

amazing, but really, honestly, so Okay, if we're telling ourselves that story, I don't know what I want, which really is just a story. And it's almost like a self fulfilling prophecy when we're saying that I feel like I've been finding myself in that mindset the last few days, even with like, starting this new podcast and moving my business in this new direction. I'm like, I don't know what I want to teach it anymore. And I'm like, Madison, that's bullshit, you know?

And I'm like, you know, no, you don't and it's like,

Like, what, when we're in that, like, almost like tug of war with like, we're it's it's like we're it goes back to a conversation of like we're listening to what everyone else in the world is telling us what we should do. And that clouds us from being able to see what it is that we truly want because it's so clouded by, but What will they think? Or what will what's going to work or what's not going to work? Or what if I fail and well and blocks us from letting ourselves see what we want?

Your your point to that though is very actually go simpler is how simple can it get is a podcast? Who cares what you say on the podcast? Because 10 later, they're going to be really amazing because you're going to talk about a topic that hits you and gets a brain bulb and you're like, Oh my god, this is it. But you can't do it. If you don't start here, right. You don't start somewhere. I've been I've been harassed about the podcast too. And I keep saying it like my assistant. I'm like that we keep moving it right like Like she's supposed to set up the podcasts and start downloading all the zoom calls and putting them into there and beating them. And and I keep moving it on her. Like, no, don't worry about the podcast, like, just don't worry it don't set that up and she's like, Okay, are you sure? Like do you want me? Yes. And I'm helping her, you know, I'm prioritizing and I'm like, and so then someone invites me on a podcast I'm like, Oh, that's right. I got to do it. And then this morning, I was like, could you please you keep doing all these live calls and I'm missing them because I'm working or whatever and could you please put them on podcast so I can just listen? So what is the universe telling me just one basic thing done just podcast let her go do the podcast leave her alone quit dictate quit controlling what she's doing. And go do what is on the top of the list and I keep moving it down because it's just one thing a pocket because I'm like, yeah, I'm like, Well, what am I going to put in there? She goes, Well, I have all these audios. Should I put them in? No, no, don't worry about it. Because is that what they really want? Who cares as long as the podcast is made? So my point is book podcast. redecorating your Your home for gosh sakes. I mean, it could be so simple like, you let's move the furniture around because I've always wanted to. And now I have time and we're like, No, no, I don't time is too heavy in our, we have these weird victim pieces you're talking about like, Oh, it's gonna hurt, right? And at the end of the day, like who cares even if I get the book written and I still don't edit it and publish it yet it's still done right? It's still a book if you don't get any of them other than uploaded and played and no one listens to them. You still made the podcast, which means the next version that you're like who now I know what I really want to get gory about, it's prepped and ready to go and you're a badass boss in it.

Do you see the difference like but we're so weird. Not you and I were we all our kids.

Were so normal.

So I'm trying to unpack this for people which is we just end up The thing and keep it super basic, like it's just the podcast, who cares how good or bad it is? Or it's amazing what you're doing. It's just we are going to overanalyze it. Who cares? What the book what's in it. And there's some weird super quantum physics spiritual stuff in there right now that I've been writing about. And I'm like, Ooh, this is too much for everybody. Who am I to decide? Do you see what I'm saying? Like, yeah, that's why I'm holding back.

Yeah, and we have these stories about like, what, okay, it's like, oh, say, Okay, I want to start a podcast and we have all these big stories about what that then will mean is like, Oh, well, then I have to update my website. And then I have to do this and what am I gonna, what am I going to teach? And what am what am I gonna put on Instagram? And what am I gonna say? And are people gonna like it? It's like, we create all these crazy stories and it's like, let's take a step back and be like, my heart told me start a podcast, start the damn podcast and forget the rest. The next step will be revealed. I feel like we just have to trust like we are always being guided our intuition universe is always guiding us if we're willing to question Quiet all of that bullshit and listen to it, right? It's true. Yeah. Okay. Um, you also mentioned that you are thinking kind of differently about everyone with all this stuff going on right now with Corona. And I would love to hear your thoughts on like, what does all this mean? Why is this happening? How are you handling and managing the uncertainty in your life and even for your clients?

There's so much certainty in uncertainty. And that's, that's hard for people to understand why because they're so people get so content in playing small. And when you play big, you have to be lighter, right? You have, you have to go lighter. You can't. You can't carry everything with you. If you want to go big, you've got to get lighter and kind of lift up and so I've been kind of approaching this whole thing from our vibrational state. standpoint and not a technical standpoint. Only because the best description I can say is if you tell everybody which is what actually happened, right? We're on a global ascension. Right? And so the whole planet went through this ascension is hard people like what's essential lightening up, right? It's a sending raising up lightening up. That's why I created the lighten up event, right? Like, y'all need help lightning up, we need to figure out what we're lightening up in. Okay, so imagine that the planet has these longitude and latitude lines in there, you know, criss crossing, and those planets raised off the planet and they raised up around the planet and so they raised up and we all have lifted off the heavy dense energy. Well, that heavy dense energy now take it now to the minutia and take it to one person. Now all of your grid lines of longitude latitude on the left To up on you, and all the heavy density of karma, or in this kind of pressure cooker, right between karma and destiny, what do I want? What do I want to design my destiny to be the design dreams of destined path I want to be on? Or do I want to hold on to the karma, which is all this karmic, old stuff that wakes me down and says, ooh, Madison and Dawn, you can't write a book and have a podcast because you know what's gonna happen, or Ah, it's so scary, it is not even real. Right? But that's the karma of what we keep reminding ourselves of what we were told and all this stuff. And so the point being is that when you raise up, you've got to get on the grid, and let all that old karma drop through and stand here and design what you want to become. And so I call it the, we're on the third dimension, which is the third dimension of the planet 3d anything you can touch things. I call the 3d T, right? The 3d dimension of things. And then the fourth dimension, I say go up onto a cloud, right and get a cloud couch. That's where you sit and work out all your karma and go, I don't want that anymore. And I don't want that anymore and you clear it out, you sit on your little comfy cloud couch, you clear it all out. And then you move up to the fifth dimension, which is where everybody's trying to get to this portal open on the planet, and it's up there and it's up on the grid and this grid is an outer space it could be way further than outer space. I'm just giving you a visual and on the fifth dimension is where everything gets manifest and I call that Easy Street right and so we manifest on on where things are a lot easier we don't manifest on the third dimension nothing down here is manifested because it's an ego form, which is what we were just talking about, oh my god what well that's what egos saying but up in in spiritual higher dimension of source and God and divine energy on the grid. It's easy stream because nothing is impossible and it's all infinite. So on Easy Street, you lay out your house your street and you go up on the highway on the grid and you go out in space and you go or divine energy you go, okay? What do I want? I need divine divinely guided you design that destiny on your Easy Street and you know, I want this much money and I want this kind of career and I want this book and this podcast and that is and we just quit worrying about it and we come back down on the planet and Okay, let the energy drop down from Easy Street onto us. But here, all the people who are all hooked up and stressed out and I hadn't made it as being kind of sarcastic. I was a little sassy this morning, Madison

posted a post I know that's shocking, right? But I posted like Do any of you feel like you're in an episode of drunk? Dead, The Walking Dead like The Walking Dead and now we made them drunk to top it off Walking Dead like they're not even walking dead. They're drunk. I don't even know what people are doing right now. Like because they're wallowing in the karma. And they're not they're re they're rejecting getting up onto this higher grid and ascending into a lighter place. They will. They're just not they haven't done enough work yet to lighten up. And so they they don't want to lighten up and they want to hold on and they want to hold on to the past and, and all these challenges and it's scaring people because they don't know how to let go of the karmic loops that are holding them back. And the energy in my answer is there's this open portal, if you just pop up, let go of the karma on your cloud couch, go up onto the grid and go this is what Easy Street would look like manifest it and come back here and let it just drop into your lap. I know that sounds so basic, but it's really what happened. And so now if I look at all these people, they're focused down here on the 3d plane trying to manifest a magic pill. Have you ever seen everybody looking for the magic bean to have the magic beanstalk to fix their world? Not gonna happen. There's no magic pill. There's no magic drug. There's no magic. You Man, there's no magic giant, nothing. It's not happening down here. It's up there on the fifth dimension, which is very spiritual, which like I said, it's very hard for people to see that. karmic. No. Remember pressure cookers. Did you ever? Did your parents have a pressure cooker? You that little thing that's in it? Yeah. Well, we're like in this sideways pressure cooker where karma shaking and destiny is shaken. It's Which one are you going to focus on the most? That's the one that will snap. So we're focused on the karma that was shaking so much. we're dropping back down here into the way to darkness and depression they're really struggling with. And my answer is focus on what you want and design that destiny and go, yeah, that's the best description I can give you without getting all deep in the muck.

And this is our I feel like this is our invitation to do that. It's like the universe is shaking us saying Wake up, wake up. Do you want to your destiny or do you want to obsess the rest of your life over your karma Your past and all the things that quote aren't working. This is your invitation like now is the time. And so I think what you said was so amazing. And like, I know, I've done meditations with you on this healing grid. And for most people, they probably don't know what this healing grid is that we're talking about. So if you have time, could we could you maybe like, take us through like a little like visualization or something like that, just like a couple minutes where you bring us you bring us there, you guide us there and help us maybe manifest one thing that we are working on so we can get like a tangible experience of what this grid means, sir. Okay,

so, so the best way we're going to do this is I'm gonna have people that anyone who's listening to keep your eyes open only because people struggle with meditation thinking like why don't like it. I don't like meditation either. But I do walking meditations and so on. And again, by the way, I will let everybody know on your podcast. So everybody had been trying to give this description to these layers, right of these three layers of it. 3d 4d and five D dimensions. They keep asking like, Can you give me this audio? Like, is there an audio of this? So I am recording it. I just haven't gotten there yet, cuz I haven't any time. But I promise I will by the end of the week, and I will send you the link. So you can share it with whoever effects, okay. But right now, if you just keep your eyes open, I want you to imagine or close your eyes that you can imagine that right now in the 3d planet, you have certain things that you're like I'm trying to override, and we're going to use it as I'm going to focus on a podcast and a book just because that's what we were discussing here. But it can be anything from a new relationship to a healthier marriage to a new home to your improving your finances because your career or your company has been in shambles, whatever it is, you're going to focus on that. And then we're going to move ourselves and float out our body and you're going to float up onto the cloud, in a cloud of your choice. big, fat, beautiful, puffy, gorgeous cloud. But I want you all to imagine your couch Whatever this cloud couch looks like some people, it's different. I actually have a blue couch on my white, my white cloud. So this beautiful white cloud. And then I have this beautiful, puffy blue couch that I love. And I love this couch and I go up there, and this is your safe space, right? So you can go on the Safe Space anytime you want. And you work out your karma there. And the way you work that out is inviting any one person or thing or experience onto the cloud couch with you and say, Hey, friend of mine or spouse of mine that I'm not getting along with and I want a better marriage. Please sit next to me. I'd like to tell you this is the kind of marriage I would like. I love you and I'm grateful that you're teaching me lessons. I love you podcast that you're making me feel insecure. I love you podcasts that you're making me feel nervous about people hearing my word and am I speaking the truth? And the answer is I want to thank you because you put pressure on me to understand I am bigger than this. But this is what I want. I want the podcast so I don't want you to make me feel insecure about it anymore. I'm gonna let you go. Thank you. You been a great karmic teacher, I'm gonna let you go now, whether it's a spouse, whether it's the podcast visual, whether it's money, whatever it is, it's been trying to karmically to get you to wake up you say thank you, you have unless you have a message that you want to tell them could be a person who hurt you. And you're trying to get rid of that karma. You have the chat with them. It's always loving. It's always in gratitude. And it's always saying, Thank you for teaching me what I needed to learn. Now I've learned it, you can go and you exit them off your cloud. You walk off your cloud or off your couch, and you walk out to the beach, which is on the edge of your cloud. And there's a really sandy beach there with these crystalline diamond, little tiny pebbles of sand. They're so soft. It's like bubble wrap, you step into the water and you rinse off all the karma and debris that no longer serves you. And now you're fresh and clean. You look around and you start seeing gridlines like the matrix like little brick lines all over the place and like highways and you move up one of those grid lines. off the beach and out of the water that you've just rinsed off, and you get into the fifth dimension, which is out into outer space and you look down and you can see Planet Earth and it's so peaceful and light up there. And now that you get on one of the intersections of one of these grid lines, I want you to find a highway to exit onto a street that is your Easy Street. And this is your Easy Street of dreams, which comes from your heart, which is divine source energy, which is infinite God energy, divine power, where we can stand here and go, okay, God, I need this stuff to be easier because it is easier if we were actually in true faith of our soul. And so we're going to look at house number one and two for Madison and Donner and go house number one on Easy Street is the most amazing podcast I could imagine. And it's going to be super easy and it's all going to fall into place. Awesome. podcast number one. house number two on this Easy Street is Dawn's book. It's completed. It's done. I even see my signature You're on the inside. So I know it's so complete, right? And so we keep going down Easy Street to all the things each one of us individually wants to improve. Maybe it's a marriage of our dreams, maybe it's the spouse of our dreams. Maybe it's a baby, you know, maybe we're, we're wanting to get pregnant, whatever those things are, we manifest and we lay him on Easy Street, and you say, awesome, thank you. And then we look on the intersection that we're standing on and you see a big bowl of coins and I want you to dump the bullet coins out. And know that those coins represent everything on Easy Street and they're dropping back down to you onto the planet down all these gridlines. And now that you know they're already yours, you're already connected by every grid line. Everything in fifth dimension is connected everything in third dimension, move your way back down the grid line, back down onto the cloud. Rinse off again and your little ocean, your little beach, knowing that all the residue from anything that's blocking you from creating your Easy Street life, your street of dreams is now public. Have you and now you've slowly float yourself back down into your 3d body sitting here with me and you and now we have an amazing podcast and amazing book and we're done and we worry nothing because it's easy Street. That's the dungeon. That's where we're all manifesting and that's where all manifesting takes place. It doesn't happen down here.

I love them insane. Right say they're sick right now or they're fearful of being sick. putting yourself in a healthy immune building positive, powerful body would be sitting on Easy Street. Yes, don't worry about it. Right. So good. It's like, we're like, it's like this visual representation that the reality and the things that we want already exist. It's just a matter of putting ourselves seeing those things and putting ourselves in vibrational alignment with them and believing as if acting as if feeling as if it's already done because it is and as soon as you can release that it's like then you get in touch. With the vibration and the actions and the thoughts that bring you bring that down to the physical reality, so I love that that was so good. Yeah.

Okay, so your lap you don't try so hard.

Yeah, it's less less pushing and just more receiving and

allowing and less zombie land and less anger, less frustration, right? Because you know what's coming to you. You don't have to try and overpower it.

Yeah, it's like how would we live if we already knew our greatest desires were on their way to us see? So good. So good. Okay, I love this is amazing. We could talk for 6000 hours, so I'm gonna have to have you back for Yeah, before, we definitely will. So before you go, any final thoughts or anything that you wanted to share today, anything that's on your heart that you didn't get to share yet?

Um, you know what's on my heart is that I've offered so much product out there that people are struggling and they're they're whining and complaining and I feel bad more because I know they're in pain. I know they're scared. But it's a fear state that I want people to understand is i. So I've stopped offering free because free isn't working because for years like no one's taking it and I get why because we have to invest in ourselves, right. And I did it for the first couple of weeks because I knew I just wanted them to know that there was a padding or a couch to catch them on right. And so now I'm gonna literally just set people up as what everything we talked about starting next week, and then the next couple of weeks, I'm doing all of these lighten up events, and I'm stretching them to now every two to three weeks, but I want people to understand all you got to do is show up for two and a half hours and learn how to lighten up and the whole planet FYI isn't getting out of this. There is no there is no going back to the old there is no you know the matrix, take the blue or the red pill. There's not even a red pill anymore. There's now a rainbow pill. You've got to get multi-dimensional you've got to get lighter and the only way you lighten up is by learning you and so that's why I made these events these events typically are today you know weekend retreats and I cut it all out I cut all the fat out and made it into a two and a half hour fast lighten up of it and so that's all I wanted to share is I want people to know that it's there to fix the biggest fear you have fast if you're in so there's no reason to be afraid right? It is my point

so for the people who are like yes Don I'm in I'm ready to light and up Is there a registration page you have that we can include in the notes they can sign up?


there is a registration page and if not just go to I deserve it now calm and it literally is it opens up on your saying as events. It says events lighten up a bit and you can as it's just go to my link or my page. And worst case, you know you're still struggling you just messaged me And I will put you in myself oh I'll have I'll make it happen no matter what but there's no reason to be afraid anymore because I can give you absolute fast tools that make people feel centered and home we're back yeah and I will send you a video or I will send you a recording in progress

perfect and where where else can people find you on Instagram anywhere else you think Instagram

is also at I deserve it now duck sizer have it now and then my Facebook is my name Don Thompson eight eight is because they won't let me put the infinity sign

Oh my gosh. Nikki

um well definitely go check that out you guys she's amazing and has completely changed my life and hopefully will change yours, too. And last thing I want to say is if this if anything in this episode resonated with you screenshot it, share it on social media tagged on and I and send us a message letting us know what you think letting us know You have any questions were here for you? And yeah, thank you so, so much for doing this. You're, you're the best.

Yeah, thank you sweetie. I'll see you soon. Okay, bye bye.

I'm so grateful for you listening today if this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to non medical use comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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