the frequency of fame - with my mentor Jen Navaro

podcast May 25, 2021


I’m so excited to have my personal coach and mentor on the podcast today, Jen Navaro. She’s helped me QUANTUM LEAP in my life and business in such a short time and I’m so excited to have you join the party!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How Jen shifted from being a makeup artist to becoming a coach and her advice for following what lights you up
✧  The superpowers Jen gained from working with her first coach
✧  How pizza made Jen a magical manifestor ;)
✧  How to tap into the “leaned back” feminine energy
✧  Why worrying is optional and how to release it
✧  How Jen freed herself from the “it’s not working” mindset
✧  How to process rejection in your business and keep going anyways
✧  Leader your energy versus being pushed and pulled by your circumstances
✧  How to tap into the frequency of fame - aka your FAME FREQUENCY 


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison certagen. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed and I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast so let's freakin do this. Hello, everyone and welcome back to the magnetically your podcast. I have my coach and mentor today, Jen Navarro. She is so amazing and has helped me change my life so deeply in just a few months. And what she has to share is truly amazing. And she's an amazing, human and just so unique and special. So she is an alignment coach for creative entrepreneurs and coaches are ready for expansion in their lives and businesses. Her work revolves around helping her clients shift into a growth mindset, activate their intuition and take aligned action. Through their work together her clients experience the deepest fulfillment their lives in their businesses than they ever had before. True. I have. She is the creator of the frame, fame, frequency group activation and co host of a spiritual Basha podcast with Lauren C. ESCO. She lives in an amazing fun lives in amazing fun and sunny life with her fiance Mike and her pets Riley and Rocco. So welcome, Jen. I am so so happy and grateful to have you here today. And honestly, just have you in my life in general. Thank you so much. It's a super fun and I also love that we're in the same city right now. I know. We're gonna hang out this week, it's gonna be so fun. Yeah, it's one of my favorite spots where we're gonna go to we'll take pictures so that everybody can see the fun. Yes. Well, we'll pretend we're all hanging out just like we are now. Yes. Oh, you want me to talk about myself? Yes, I do. I was gonna say Go ahead. Tell us your story, how you got into coaching and now what led you to where you are and what you're doing today. Okay, so I have had many, many jobs in my life. And I've also had several different careers. And I'm not 55 years old. I just am somebody who has so many different passions. And what it's all revolved around is creativity and fun and doing whatever the fuck I want to do. Amen to that. So my parents used to say to me, like so many people's parents, like you're just so stubborn you, you you can't take no for an answer. And you know, when you're little you kind of take that to heart and you're like, Is there something wrong with me? And then I remember the point where my dad was trying to tell me this, that he's never said no to me. And we got into like this explosive fight, which didn't happen a lot like me, and my parents get along really well. But I just like sticks out in my mind. And I remember feeling the room shake as if there was like some sort of earthquake going on. And this is when I was in high school. And so I don't even remember what it was about is probably about something about boys, like who I was dating, whatever. But since like a really young age, I've literally been super obsessed with just doing whatever I wanted to do. I mean, this is relevant because I know that we all grew up in different ways with different parents and different conditioning. And it was like, despite my conditioning, despite all the programming that happened, I was like obsessed with makeup. Right? And it was like I grew up in Michigan, so I'm like a Midwest girl at heart and I didn't move to Florida until I was 15. Then I moved away from Florida when I was like 22 or something like that. So I was like in Florida for a really elite short time spend. And I went to New York, right? So when I was little in Michigan, I like had this Kevin Kwan book. And I was like, I'm gonna be a makeup artist. But what did that mean to like a little, you know, 12 year old girl growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, and Michigan, I knew nobody in the entertainment industry. I knew nobody who even did makeup at all, not even at like the counter at Bloomingdale's. You know what I mean? Which, by the way, we didn't shop out because it was too expensive. My mom would always have a shop at JC Penney. So, like, it was this huge dream. And when I was little, I didn't realize I was doing this, but I would literally sit with my book. And I would picture myself doing the makeup from this book on the models like shalom Harlow, and on Drew Barrymore, and on these like, gorgeous models and gorgeous celebrities and just helping women to feel like their own beauty that I always had the ability to see. Right. So I had like this whole thing about just beauty and how it makes you feel and I'm with my obsession with makeup. I gave everyone that I could get my hands on a makeover. I gave my grandmother a makeover for her 80th birthday. This is when my dad found my tattoo on my back. By the way, I was like sitting cross legged on the floor. And he like saw the tattoo on my lower back. You guys if you're like, you know, early 2000s tramp stamps style, that's the one he found. I gotten in trouble, but not that they have trouble because I just did my grandmother's makeup for her birthday party. So that was cool. I did my friends. Everybody's like seeing your pictures, all of it. And in my head. I was always like, I can you know, I'm the best makeup artist in the world. I literally had this thought I'm like, I'm the fucking best makeup artists in the world. I'm as good as this Kevin Kwan guy. You know what I mean? Like Bobby Brown. Like what? Who are you like step aside. And I ended up shelving that dream because like I said, I grew up in the Midwest. And then in Florida. I didn't know anybody in any of these industries. So I went to college. This was like the dream My parents had for me, like go to school no matter what. I honestly had no idea what I was going to school for. I first went for art. And then I hated their whole major. So I switched my major, like four times I ended up I didn't mind six. You did amazing. Yeah, right. Like this is one of those things where you're like, I just want to do in a weird, we're too weird for structured boxes and stuff like that. I mean, seriously, I decided to like, graduate with sociology and women's studies, right in the School of Liberal Arts. And then I thought it was going to be Professor some tragic shit happened in my senior year. And I was like, You know what, I was like, on the way to getting my master's degree. I had like this five year track to get a doctorate. I'm actually really smart, you guys. But I, because of what had happened caused trauma that I didn't realize how long that trauma sat in my body. But I decided I just needed to get away from everything. I was like, I need to get away from Florida. I need to get away from everybody that I know, I need to like do something that feeds my soul. Right? So I decided to move to New York and become a buyer because I thought to myself, this is part of the fashion industry. You know, like, how cool would it be to be a buyer New York, I had that job you guys for four months. And I hated it. But I stayed for nine. And staying for nine got me to the point where I was like, Okay, if I have to stay any longer, I'm gonna literally jump out this 13th story window and see how far I could get into the road. It was just like, numbers. There were no people. Like I always love people conversation connecting, you don't mean helping people feel a certain way. All of this stuff. I didn't have the language for before, but I was like, I just felt so isolated in my cubicle, you know? So this is like the beginning of my real entrepreneurial spirit. I was like, I gotta get the fuck out of here. So I remember it was like around the time YouTube was like starting to kick off. And there was this makeup artist called candy Johnson who was telling, you know, her audience like you can go to makeup school for production, because I had never wanted to work at a counter. I always wanted to work in production like that book right? But I had no idea how to do it. So when she said it, I like went on this crazy spree looking for a makeup school that would allow me to jump into the production world as quick as possible. I happen to find when it was in New York was called makeup designer. I don't even know if they have it. I'm sure they still have it was like the only accredited school I was like, I must go to the top school for makeup artistry. So I went, I was the oldest kid in that I wasn't even a kid. But I was the oldest woman in my class. And I didn't give a shit because I was like, This is what I'm meant to do. Like, I felt it in my bones, you know. And so I took everything seriously, but in a playful way. So I don't even know if you know what I mean by that. I was just like, it was like, in my DNA from what I had been visualizing from when I was little, right. So still, in my head, I was still the best makeup artists out there. Like, you could not shake my confidence around makeup, I was convinced that I could do anyone's makeup, and I can make them look the best that they could ever look. So I graduated from Makeup school, I started building my portfolio right away, I worked like part time at the Mac counter. And like, I swear to you, I might have been working like 20 hour days, and I couldn't feel it. Like the energy that I had from doing something that like drove my soul was unlike any other energy I've ever felt it was like plugging myself into recharge at night for like five hours. Then unplugging and going again, you know what I mean? And you're totally charged. Oh, my God fully charged up. And the way that I felt about it. And I remember my dad asked me like, how are you going to make money? Which was like the scariest question, cuz that's like to ask that question to you. Yeah. Right. Oh, my God, that what I said to him was, I have no idea. But I know I'm going to So fast forward. And I was just telling my parents this story this weekend. So it's funny that we're talking about it again. I remember he asked me, did you ever feel like you've made it and make up? This is what he asked me over dinner last weekend. And I go, you know what, there were two times when I really really felt like I make it made it. One time, I was standing on a new york city street corner. And I look up. And I see a billboard with my work on it. Cool, it was like it was like, I think I cried. Also, I'm pretty sure the caption read power, in the words of women, or something like that. And I was like, Oh, my God, I made it like literally had that thought and made it right. And then the second time I had this feeling was stepping foot on to the Grammys red carpet with my talent who was nominated for a Grammy. And I had the highest fucking heels on fuck out of my feet. And I was like, Yes. Like I made it. And you know what happened was like, all of that love that I had for makeup or what I thought was makeup and never really transferred into like, the glamour and the glitz of it all and like the fashion side of it. But it really came down to me connecting with the woman who was sitting in my chair, being able to talk to her. Before she had to get in front of the camera, get in front of a crowd perform. It was the moment where I could really like hear her or help her sometimes they'd be crying in my chair before they had to take pictures. And it was probably would have been easy for me to be like, that's why you crying I'm trying to put makeup on your face. But it was always this thing in me that it was like, No, I know that I have something that I can say to her that can change everything in this moment. I know that I have something to say to her so that she can see who she truly is. And she can deliver to all of her fans who are literally waiting for her right now. And so in this career, I was able to like work with so many celebrities and models, who are famous and the ones who were like what I call pre fame, right? The ones who you didn't know until literally like last year, the last three years, the last five years. I knew them right on the brink when they were sitting on the edge where they were like on that fence. And they were about to become famous and I could feel it. And I remember I've said it to several people. I wish I could have had a recording of it now. But I'd say remember the little people because you're going to be fucking famous. I can feel it. It happened so many times so many freaking times. My favorite one was Amanda Gorman. When I said it to her, I really really felt it and I was like no one fucking knows this woman yet, but everybody's going to and so when I watched that inaugural speech this year for the election. I was like Oh my god, I was like crying, I did an ugly cry on my Instagram. Like, oh my god, like I do is like, on another level. So this is why, right that long story to tell you the why as to how, like why I became a coach, because the part that I really, really loved about my makeup career was truly helping women to see and feel their power. And I think that's what I do with all of my clients. Yes, you really do. And that's like such a beautiful and amazing story. And I love what you said about how you like help them see the beauty they couldn't see. And even like with your clients now it's like see the power they can't see embody the power that they can't quite see yet or haven't quite tapped into. Yeah, and it's funny because just slightly said something the other day about how like, it's like an, if you like trying to see your own power, your own beauty is like, trying to see your own eyeball, like your eye will never see its own eye. When you look in the mirror, you're seeing like a reflection of your eyeball, your eyeball will never see its eyeball, but your eyeball can see other people. So it's like you get to when you get to be that like, beautiful like mirror for people that helps them like see themselves without needing to see it perfectly with the eye in the way that they're trying to like see it if that makes sense. Yeah, totally. You know, it's funny about this because, like, haven't heard just say this, but this totally sounds like a just thing to say. I could hear her say the word eyeball in my head, which is kind of funny. But I have I said something similar was like the eyeballs or technology that were given as human beings, right? It's a technology that the Spirit has given the whole entire body as a technology. So if we think about what the AIS are doing, right, we think that what we're seeing what we're receiving this way is the truth. But really what's going on is something is being projected out from our brains through our eyes, and then we're getting we're receiving a reflection of light back to ourselves, right? Yes. Yeah, we could go really deep into that, like the quantum physics of it all and how like, yeah, it's like our reality like, truly is just a projection of like, what's going on internally, like, you know, at like old school movie theaters, or like, there's a projector on screen. It's literally like whatever's in our like, a brain and energy. And even like, yeah, like beliefs and stuff becomes the screen. And it's like, our life really just gets to be like, this honestly, like movie that we're like playing out except where the scripters of the movie. Yeah. 100%. So how did you know you wanted to shift from makeup to coaching? What was like, how did that happen? I got to a point where carrying around my makeup kit was heavy and arduous. So I started looking for ways just leave my kit like this is just the very beginning of me just having this moment, right where I was like, Okay, this like, labor part of the industry that nobody talks about, like schlepping, right, we were talking about schlepping in New York, you'd like schlep your shit, like here and there. And in a cab, like up the subway stairs, like, in the snow in the scolding heats, like, that part was like the beginning of it all. And then when I figured out like, I really just, it's I was tired to tell you the truth. Like I was living in Miami in New York. I was part time. And when I say part time, I mean, like, I was flying to New York, maybe three times a month, every month from Miami. I had an apartment there. I had a house here. I was like working with I loved my clients at this point, too. I've had this question before. They're like, why would you leave your career at like, the peak of the career? And I was like, it does. I never did it for money. I just never did any of my careers for money. I did it because I fucking in joyed the hell out of it. And when it came to the point where I stopped enjoying the hell out of it, where it became tiresome. And when it became too laborious for me to like, keep up with I was like, what's the part of makeup that I really, really freaking love? Like, what is it that I love about it? And when I figured out what I loved about it was really like empowering people to like, do what they want. And I noticed something that I was like, always concentrated on starting businesses because I'm, I have that entrepreneurial spirit. I don't like being told what to do. I don't like answering to somebody like beck and call Like, I love answering my clients, that's something different. It feels like service to me, it feels like growth to me, it feels like expansion to me, right? But with makeup, and like having to be in a different state, right? If I had to fly to California, or if I had to fly to Arkansas or somewhere else, and it, it just got so I didn't have that battery feeling anymore. So when I was like, Okay, I really asked myself that question like, what part of this do I love? And can I concentrate it? Can I get even more of this feeling? Some some How else like some other way. And oh, I forget this part, I hired a life coach. Because I also have like cycles of depression. And I just have never been somebody who worked well on medications. So I was like, there's got to be another way that I can manage what's going on my stress levels, my sadness, my, I didn't know what it was, you don't mean. And so when I hired the life coach, my world like shifted in seven months. And I say seven because like, literally, it was like from the moment that I started working with her to the moment where I was like, I want to be I want to do this. It took it took seven months of like healing going in learning how to reframe like, my neural pathways, learning how to like work with my energy, my emotions, and all of it. And at the end of it, I was like, this is like a freaking superpower that every human every human needs to have in their life. They need to unlock it for themselves. And however many I can help unlock it for themselves. Like, this is what I want to do. I love that so much. And that yeah, it's just such a good story. And, you know, like for someone who's in a similar position where they've like, outgrown a career or a passion or a project and they want to take a leap into something new and unknown and different, like what what advice would you give them because I can imagine like, you know, like the question your dad asked like, and how are you going to make money like that? Probably, like, could have been asked again when you were gonna leave from the makeup to the coaching, right? And so like what allowed you to continue making these leaps in your life and like following that like, internal like passion and compass, even without the certainty of like, I don't know what's gonna come next. I don't know if this is going to replace my like makeup career I don't know what's going to happen to like how do you take the leap and and have that like trust in knowing that you will be supported and and you get to be abundant. Even if you take the the scary leap. You have to know yourself. You have to know yourself. Oh, this is funny. What am I but I'm like, you have to know yourself like yourself and trust yourself. I mean, that's like, I know you guys hear that in like marketing stuff. Yeah. Like your audience has to know like, and trust you. But even more importantly, the reason why I knew I was gonna, the reason why I knew I was gonna make money as an artist was because I knew like the drive and the tenacity I have like I asked once my, my best friends, like four of them. I did it with one of my first like business coaches I ever hired. She was like, ask your friends what your top three traits are. And all of them said like, tenacious as one of them. So I was joking around and being like, maybe I should name my coaching business tenacious j might be too young, to know, Tenacious D But anyways, it was like, I just am a person who doesn't stop until I have what I want. So if that's anything like if that's clients, if that's money if that's a man, if that's an animal, if it's an experience, I just, I am relentless, and I don't know how to quit until I get it. And it's just a trait that I've cultivated probably since I was that kid who was like, fucking stubborn. You know? I'm the same way my parents used to call me like Bulldog because I wouldn't stop at nothing to get what I wanted. Like, when I was applying to colleges I applied for like, I was like dead set on having a scholarship, which like wasn't, it wasn't even necessary because I had art there was this thing in Florida. I don't know if you know about Bright Futures where if you pass get a certain grade on the CTS then you get like, basically a full scholarship so I had already gotten that but I was convinced that I wanted all of these other scholarships to pay for my college even though it wasn't gonna be me paying. It was going to be probably my parents, but I really wanted all the scholarships I applied to like, Oh my gosh, I have no idea how many probably like 100 I wrote so many essays, I applied to so many scholarships. And I don't know if I've ever shared this on the podcast, but I actually manifested a $50,000 scholarship. I never told you that either. And it was like that, like, that was like the, what my parents would call like, being a like Bulldog, just like, I'm gonna, like, do whatever it takes. And I feel like I have shifted from like, me before. And back then, was definitely a lot more of like, Bulldog, like hustle. Like, I gotta do 100. You know, to get what I want. I got to like Push, push force and hustle to get what I want. And now like not stopping to get what I want doesn't mean push force and hustle. It just gets to happen in like, a more like leaned back way, like you're talking about. So I would love if we could, like, lean into that and talk about like that lean back energy and how you can be the person who is all in on what they desire and never gives up and never stops. And at the same time, be the person who's like leaned back and can flow and let things be easy and not have to like push and force and like hustle. Yeah, it's like, I'll give this example. So we would play this game in college. And it would be let's manifest a slice of pizza after the club. I went to University of Florida, a huge party. So yeah, so did I forgot that we talked about that. Oh, yeah, that's right. I remember cuz you have a game. No, you have a Jacksonville? No. Yeah, right. Yeah. So I mean, my friends, and it might have been around the time or a little bit of pizza by the slice. P any pizza five star, they wouldn't show up. Okay, Star pizza usually was a dude by himself carrying this big box of pizza. And here's the thing, right? It doesn't happen all the time. And we didn't play the game every single night. But like the games and the nights where we would be like, Man, I'm hungry. We would all be like, okay, let's manifest the pizza. So we would just like dance and think about the yummy pizza that we were going to have after. Right? That's all we would do. We would literally like leaning back energy is that whole like, I release I surrender. It's just gonna happen. I know with certainty. I'm not worried. I'm not trying. I'm not the one who's gonna, you know, hail a cab and try to like, go that mile and a half to grab a pizza while I'm super drunk. You know what I mean? Well, my friends, like wait for me at the club. It was just like, Oh, no, our pizza is gonna show up. The pizza will come to me. The pizza will come to me. That's what I was. Right? So with the emotion of like, I know, you're saying like, even when you're uncertain, like in moments of uncertainty, which feels like an emotion or sorry, which feels like sensation in the body, it has a specific sensation. Uncertainty does, and it's okay to be able to be feeling uncertainty even when you're manifesting. But if you can even catch glimpses of certainty, and have the sensation of certainty in your body certainty being like, yeah, that pizza is gonna be there when we exit this club. And that dude's gonna be so happy to give us at least two slices of his pizza that he's probably trying to bring to his Bros. and it it happened every time, right? The free slice of pizza would come to us every time. Right? And it would be like it happened again, in my makeup career where I'd be like, there's no one booked on my calendar this month. But I'm not worried about it, because I always work. So I had this like belief. And the belief was that I always work. And it wasn't attached to anything like, because I'm such a good artist, and somebody definitely wants to it wasn't like this long string of thoughts that I had to like, affirm to myself were true, it was just, I just don't want to work. I just know I'm taking care of I trust myself, I trust the universe. And because of this, I don't have to worry. So I'm not trying to say to everybody here like, Don't worry, because that's really hard to tell somebody. Don't worry, you know, but if you can learn to feel what it feels like in your body, when you're worrying that sensation that you get, you can know that worry is not productive. Number one, it's okay to feel it. But it isn't productive, meaning you don't have to worry and I feel like a lot of us think that we have to worry, in order to take the right action to get what we want. Right? You can do it without worrying. That's like a relief or it should be. And, for me, leaning back is just like opening up. It's like the absence of worry. It's like literally that sensation of reclining a bit in your chair, taking a deep breath and exhaling just like knowing that you've already done the work. And your job now is to receive right you've already planted all the seeds in the Round. So you can't there's nothing you can do. You can't poke at the seeds with any like ferocity to get them to start growing. You can only water them and give them sunshine and lean back until they start growing on their own. Yeah, no, I love that analogy. It's like, you know, planting a seed. And then the next day, it's like, Where is the plant? It's like, well, it's coming. Like, you know, the plant is coming. We don't like go to the garden the next day and be like, Where the fuck is my basil plant? It's just like, no, I planted a basil seed. The basil will get here when it gets here because I planted the seed. I already know that so I don't have to be attached to it. I get to like lean back and get so excited. Like, oh, there's a sprout it's coming up. It's working. Right and I that brings me to my beautifully to my next thing I wanted to talk to you about is the it's working mindset. Because that's actually what initially connected me with you. I heard you on a podcast talk about how like a huge shift you made that allowed you to quantum leap in your business was the shift from it's not working to it's working and right before I hired you, I was very deep in the it's not working. And I just felt like everything was a lost cause and like nothing was up to me. And I was like, almost like overly I don't think surrendered is the right word. But like, just like, Well fuck it, if it's not only up to the universe, like gotta wait on divine timing, like nothing's in my control kind of thing. So I would love if you could talk about how you made that shift from the like, feeling like it's not working to stepping into it's working and like what that opened up for you. Yeah, it's working with like, really the magical phrase, you know what it happens when we think a thought giving our brain a command? And so if I'm thinking the thought, it's not working what our brains will do, because this is what brains are supposed to be what this organ in your body is supposed to do. It's it's supposed to find you answers and evidence, right? It's supposed to find things that match that vibration, it's supposed to like, like fill in the gap to give you proof that what you're thinking is true. Because as human beings, we want to think that we are safe. And in order to feel safe. We want to feel secure, we want to feel sure. So for me to think the thought it's not working my brain then says to me, okay, let me show her everywhere where it's not working so that she can be bright. Right? That's what our brains do automatically. That's what our brains do naturally, an untrained brain. And so making the shift from it's not working to wait a minute, what if it is working? And so the question and you you hear the way that I asked it, right? It's like, what if it is working? It doesn't like put pressure against the it's not working. And you don't want to like fight me now on it like, well, it's not because I'm telling you this A, B, and C. And this is why it's not asking the question, What if it is, how's your brain start to go out on the search mission to find out all the possible pieces of evidence to show you that it actually is working? So what happened when I made that shift? I remember this is so crazy to like, I went from it's just not working and my coach at the time being like, well, what if it is working? What if it actually is, I had to take a moment? And I was like, Oh my God, if it is, then there's actually three emails sitting in my email right now that I haven't answered with people who want to do consultations with me, it was so weird. It was like I had remembered seeing these emails. And I made the emails mean something else. I was like, oh, they're just like trying to spam me. I don't know what I thought these emails were. But I remember having open these three exact emails, and making up a weirdest story in my brain about what those emails were about, and why I didn't need to answer them. A couple of them were referrals that our friend sent my way. And I was like discounting it because I was thinking to myself, referrals don't count, I have to get all of my own clients, right. So as soon as I started thinking, What if it is working? All of the evidence started coming my way. Like, I reopened the emails. And it was like, Well, if it is working, then what this woman is asking me in this email is how much do I charge? And do I have room for another one on one client? And I remember, like, it was almost immediate, it was the month that I first made my first 10k that happened, where I went from. It's not working too. It's working. And so now one of my favorite questions to ask is like, well, what if it is what if it's perfect, but if everything's perfect? What if everything is happening for you? If it's all happening for you, then what does it mean? What's the difference? Yes, yeah, we get to assign I mean, it's like nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it so we can give it the meaning it's not working or we can give it the meaning. It is working and like going back to the plant analogy. It's like, there's always like little tiny, like sprouts of the plant like coming up when we can see those and be like, it's not a full plant yet. It's not working. Or we can be like, Oh my god, I love sprout. It's working. The plant is coming, right. And so I think it's like, yeah, just shifting into like choosing to make everything mean it is working instead of making I mean, it's not working, like I, you know, it's like, say you like book a console, and then they decide not to join, you can say, Oh, it's not working. Nobody wants to work with me. Or you can say, Oh my god, it's working. Somebody booked a console. That means they wanted to work with me. And now and now I get to call in another console and call in the Yes. It's all working. It's all working. It's all leading me to the next level. So I love that so much. Yeah, and you know what it's like, also know, right? know when you're in farmer mode and know when you're in harvesting mode is different. Right? know when you're in farmer mode know when you're in the, because you're still a farmer. So in Florida, mangoes start coming up end of May, right. Those are the really, really early mangoes. Full mango seasons, like June, July, and then it starts tapering off in August. So right now, I can see like mangoes hanging outside my tree because there's a mango tree in our backyard. And so the person who planted that tree is long gone, they're nowhere in sight. You know what I mean? This tree is quite old. It's been yielding mangoes for a long time. And imagine, you know that farmer, right, having planted whatever seed whenever they did however, many years ago, like they were a farmer, when they planted the seed, they're still a farmer, when they're not touching the seed. They're still a farmer, when they're grabbing the seed off the tree. I mean, the seed off the tree, the mango off the tree to eat it. Right? You're not not a coach, because no one is no one wants to work with you. First of all, that's a lie. You're telling yourself and your brain. You know what I mean? And like exactly what you said medicine. Like, if you start to believe that no one wants to work with you, because of every no you get, then the only one who's perpetuating that reality is you because people keep coming to ask you. Are we the right fit? If your brain is looking for no one wants to work with me, and it's gonna show you how we're not the right fit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, my gosh, so good. I love this. Okay, I know that was low as when when would you say you had that shift? Was that like a year ago? That was? Yeah, it was a little over a year ago. Okay, cool. Okay, what's been your biggest breakthrough? Or shift? recently? I biggest breakthrough or shift? Oh, okay. So this is something that I really love. And I don't think I've shared it anywhere yet. But I have the certainty that people want to work with me. So if people say no to me in the moment now, meaning like, they asked me for the link, and they never like, press the link and like go and pay. Or they inquire about a course and then they never follow through. Now, what happens in my mind is that I get to feel like, Oh, that's okay. But I'm going to keep on going. Whether they come with me or not. I'm going to keep on going. Because people do want to work with me. So what's happened since is that I've sped up and I know you've talked about collapsing time. This is my like time collapse that I've been using recently. And in the first three and a half months. Know, in the first four months of this year, I already hit almost $60,000 in my business, which is like, I mean, the collapse of time was really just this inner work, right that I've done. It's really just being able to go through the lulls in my business. And when I say lol, right, it's different than what I would talk about last year when I would talk about a law the law would be me, having like, my emotions around what I thought people thought about me, but because I've decided who I am just like when I was in makeup, I decided who I was. I can move without any of it feeling heavy. And sometimes I do feel the heaviness and when the heaviness comes through, I don't dwell on the heaviness I let myself feel the feeling. So this is what it looks like right? I'll let myself cry. I'll let myself vent to my coach. I'll let myself vent vent to my podcast co host. I'll allow myself to feel the feeling without trying to get rid of the feeling really quickly. Quickly. And what happens is the feeling actually ends up processing so much quicker this way. So, I think the breakthrough really is. I just know with certainty that people want to work with me. So the noes don't have as much of a weight on me that they did last year. And I just gonna keep on going. So if you want to come with me come if you don't, it's okay. I'm going to keep on going. Yeah, I love that so much. And I feel like you've really helped me embody that as well. And like, it's like, yeah, used to feel like if you know, someone on a console said, No, it's like OFAC. Like, there goes my chance, like, I'm probably not gonna get another client. And it's like, it literally means nothing, nothing at all. It means just keep going into there. If the person is not them, it's someone else. And like, I this is another thing I just said the other day, I think I interpreted it in a different way. She meant it. But this was my definition of what she said like she wanted to be independently wealthy. And what I received from that is like, independently wealthy means like, nothing out side of me determines my wealth, because I'm independently wealthy on the inside. So if this one person says no, that is, I'm completely and that has no effect on me and my wealth and my life and my energy and my stuff. Because that, that one person doesn't control or decide that I decided I lead and that's something else I really, like learned from you is like, embodying that like, no, I lead and my reality response kind of energy. So can you talk about that, while you think about that? Yeah, for the longest time, right? I didn't even have a grip on what the heck this meant. Because until we realize that all the circumstances around us are not the thing that controls us. We're the thing that controls us, until we realize that we are pushed and pulled by our circumstances, by our emotions by other people. Yes. So when I learned that I am the leader of my energy. And when that really clicked, to me what that really truly meant, then my days got better. Just like the way that I live, you know, like, if I lead my energy, and I start in the morning, that I'm the one who's leading the energy of this day, it's not, let's see if this is a good day or not. It's I'm ready for a good day. Right? And it's kind of like it even in the way that I dress. Right? I'm dressing in case something spectacular happens to me today. Today, I'm in Alabama, Jack's, like crop top. But like running errands, this is what I want. But I always if I were to run into somebody on the street looking like this, and if it was somebody who I would deem important. And you guys, I don't mean like a celebrity. I mean, like if I ran into Madison on the street, right? I want her to be like, yeah, that's exactly who I see on the other side of the camera. And I want it to feel like I want it to feel important. And I want it to feel good and uplifting. And I wanted to feel a certain way. So my intentionality with how I create my days with how I create my business and my relationship with my fiance. All of it is intentional now because I understand that I'm the one who leads. And when I lead and I decide I become decisive about what it is that I want what it is that I'm creating with that intentionality, the universe. So my circumstances then respond to me instead of vice versa. Yeah, and I think there's like an important distinction. It's not leading to change your circumstance. It's like leading for the sake of leading, leading for the sake of creating what you're looking for internally first, and then the circumstances, shifting is just like an inevitable byproduct of who you're being. Yes. Yeah. It's all responding to you. Yes. Okay. What's been your biggest challenge recently? I think it's been challenging for me, and I think this is going to continue being challenging for me, but to continue to expand at the rate that I'm expanding and to be able to continuously open up my container and hold more people and more people and more people in it right because this month I'm in the launch of my group, my group program in frequency. And then I'm also launching a mastermind with my podcast co host. So this is like opening up my capacity to hold so many more people, right, I held, I held a mini mastermind call this month as well with some of the women who were in fame, and just being able to like cold clean space for five other people. And like, really let them give me everything, and tell me everything that's going on with them, and coaching their minds and coaching their emotions and coaching, they're energetic, into a different space. Like that takes a certain amount of energy that I didn't know I had, it was so fulfilling. And it took like, another sort of up level for me, because I was like, oh, it'd be really easy for the past version of me to like, start going down the drain thinking like, I don't have the answer for this, I don't know. And like, you know, then taking, like, guilt and shame. And I don't know, feeling all the things and letting myself like fall. But holding my power, standing strong, being there for people and holding really clean space for people's expansion. That's been like, the most awesome challenge. I think, in this, that's what I'm like, going through right now in this moment. Yeah, and I think we've talked about this, because, you know, that was something that like, came up for me too, is like I already have like, it's almost like a little bit of like fear in advance of like, knowing that's coming. Um, and that I would say like, that's probably one of like, my biggest fears in my business right now is like, Can I hold my next level? Can I handle it all? Do I have the energy? Do I have the space? Do I have the capacity? It's not even really with time? It's like an energetic? Do I have the energetic capacity to hold it all too? And to be able to hold the space for everyone, but also like, hold my boundaries, hold my power and all of that? And I think the answer is yes, I do. And I think it's natural to like, have that fear as we evolve. So I would say that's probably my I don't know about my biggest fear right now, my business, but I'm curious what what are you afraid of? Right now? I've been asking my guests on the podcast this recently. And I feel like it's a fun question. I guess I'm afraid. I just listened to my coach's podcast. And she was talking about how she had a client once, like, after their container, like getting to the very end, the client, what is it called? She like she basically requested back every single payment she ever made to my coach, every payment, and this was one of her private clients. So that's a lot of money. That I was like, I've already done it in my business, not where I've refunded every single payment, but I've refunded big amounts of money to people. And not for any reason, but they just decided to go in a different direction. And I, at the time I handled it well. Obviously, I'm still here. And now it's like so much faster for me to process, something like that. But that big of an amount and that like coming from somebody who she thought they had ended on like a really high note in a positive way. I think that like, is something that is like sneaky, and it's sitting in the back of my mind. Like, what if my past clients like decide to like go in? You know, what do you think? I don't even know what they call it when they battle the transaction or they respond to a dispute? Yeah, dispute. Yeah, I know. It's no, that's an interesting one. Because, you know, I've, I've definitely had the same fear. And it's like, yeah, it's like the credit card companies probably going to like side with the purchaser and like, yeah, it's like, how do you know, how do you handle that? Do you just say, like, I don't want this kind of money anyways, like, take it back? Or it's like, no, like, I gave you the service, I gave you the value like, you could have let me know sooner if you didn't, like, see it or feel it? You know, so I don't know. How would you handle? How would you handle it? I feel like I would probably I don't, I don't know, part of me wants to be like, you know what, no, no refund, like, I delivered the service. And then part of me wants to be like, there's plenty of money. So whatever, if you really want all this money, it's fine. So what do you think? I would think that I would have to go with the exact circumstance I'd have to like really feel into it. You know, I was just thinking to I think it's like you it's like you can't know until you're like in it and like president with like Yeah, what's coming? Yeah. And you know, the whole relationship and yeah, so Okay. So interesting. I mean coaching, it's, I mean, I feel like this is a great conversation to have though, because like, a lot of people don't talk about this shit that happens and like how, like, honestly, like, fucking hard and painful it can be sometimes to like have your own business and you got to be like strong as fuck to handle it all. And I feel like that's something you've like really helped me do is like become the kind of person who like can handle it all and like, now if something like that were to happen, I truly do feel like like, Yeah, I would have a human emotions about it. But like, I could figure it out, I could handle it. Like, it's not going to determine the rest of my business. So like, what is your advice for like becoming that version of us who can handle it all who can handle the ups and downs and not make those scenarios like that, that do happen sometimes in business, like make it mean something about us and like, stand in our power and continue to move rather than let it like take us down? for ever, or for at least a while. I would say learn how to stop compounding your emotions. So I'll explain this. Because before I knew how to handle rejection, I would feel guilty and shameful that I had been quote unquote, rejected, right? I'd be like, not only does this person not want to work with me or wants to like cause this, you know what I mean, I was thinking that people were doing things to me. So not only was I feeling the rejection, but on top of it, I was like, well, I shouldn't be stronger than this. Like, I shouldn't feel this way. You know. So when I say stop compounding your emotion, just let yourself fucking feel the rejection. Feel it like it hurts. Learn how to feel that sensation in your body. Learn how to take the story and the sensation that happens in your body and separate it when you can do that. And you can know that the story is just a story you're telling yourself and the sensation is simply a sensation that's not permanent in your body. When you can do this, like your emotional resilience skyrockets. That's what happened to me, right? Because like, You know what's funny about it, it's like the that refund. So the refund that I made was like $5,000 is big, especially in your first $100,000 year. So in my first 100k, having to refund it felt like such a big deal. And I probably spent a good like two weeks beating myself up around it. And the more and more I allowed myself to actually just feel rejected and learn how to feel the sensations of rejection and not make it mean that I'm unworthy of working with people or I'm a bad coach or whatever the hell my brain story was trying to convince me of, the faster I get past rejection, meaning like, I just get to feel it as a pure emotion and then I move the fuck on because like, it's when we compound our emotion that emotion starts to get stuck as energy in the body, right. Like, this is when you feel those emotional beanbags. I don't know if you've talked about like, the work that you do with just lively, but little. Okay, so like when your pain body gets triggered gets activated, and, and it stays with you. And it's almost like it causes this trauma. So every time you know, you come around to this may be happening again and you feel the trigger and then you don't allow yourself to move forward. Because you're so afraid of what it's going to mean. If it happens again to you. Like that's what actually keeps us stuck. So when you learn how to like break away from this patterning this emotional patterning, then you just move so much faster. It's like this is how we collapse time. You know, yeah, yeah, it's like, you know, like walking around with a bunch of like thorns stuck in your body. And these are like old stories, Old Energy old emotions that have never been releasing of all these swords stuck in your body. So when like someone brushes past you and they brush up against the door, and it's like, oh, fuck that hurt. But when you process the emotion, aka, take the thorn out. Someone brushes up against you. And you're like, oh, cool, like, I'm gonna keep going like the thorns don't have to, like, drag you down or like get in your way anymore. Totally. I love that analogy. It's perfect. I might have got it from justice as well. Sharing all our things. Today, so yeah. Okay. I want to get into To the fame frequency, because I know that is what you're all about. It's your group coaching program, or your group program that you're launching right now and that I was a part of the last round, which was like, absolutely. Just incredible. And the first time we you know, had a session where you helped me like, connect with like, my fame frequency, like, I think I forget what happened after that, but there was like, I think that was like when like, she just started to, like, blow up and like, explode in my business. So I'm excited for you to share about it with my people listening. So can you tell us what the same frequency is? And like, why it's something as entrepreneurs like we want to and get to tap into? Yeah, okay. So I remember what it was you saw yourself with, like, I think it was a Gucci bag, right? Mm hmm. I think that's what you got it you like yeah, to your reality? Yeah. Yeah, that was that was cool. much sooner than expected, because I planned on gifting it to myself after I did 21 Instagram lives. And I had done like, 18. And then Trevor had told me like, I will never buy you that bag. You can buy it for yourself, but I would never spend money on that. And then he like did so it was a cool, cool manifestation. Okay, anyways, go ahead. Okay, so what your fame frequency is, is it's, it's an energetic. And so what I mean by an energetic is, it's a vibration in your body, it's a group of sensations that you can feel. It's it's confidence, right? It's what I believe that I was injecting my people with when I would do their makeup before walking red carpet before they got on stage before they got onto set and did like a photo shoot. It's what we do in the actual group, as the activations is we do these vibrational activations, you've probably never done this before. This is literally something that I downloaded through my channels through my inner voice. And it's something that you feel similar to a guided meditation, that's probably as close as I can bring you to describing what it actually is. But there's also some teaching that I do around emotion around the way that you show up in your life and on social media. And through the implementation of these tools that I'm giving you. It just makes it so much easier. And the thing that I just didn't even realize until I was like talking to a lot of people who had gone through the first session of fame, is that the community that got built for that first session was like incredible, like all the women in there and the I was all women in the first round. The second round, we've got to Dude, you guys, there's a dude, there's another dude out there who wants to do you got a brother So come on, and like, the way that you feel so often in business is lonely, especially when you start to want to play big, when you start to want to be bold and step out as yourself and stand out right, it can get really lonely. So what I love about the way that the community that got built around fame is that it's like having like 20 of your like best friends who are into what you're into, right into like building their businesses into doing their art into like, really showing up in a big way in their life and and social media and even in their relationships. Like cheering you on watching you grow like celebrating with you, you know how sometimes, like if you try to celebrate like a business win with maybe your maybe even your best friend or your mom, they're like, that's, that's too much like you're being selfish or the writing that's bragging. Yeah, it's like a safe space to like be the total bigness that you really, really truly are at your core. And I see the ripple effect of it just from that first session and like, not like I'm stopping myself from crying, I'm like, I keep on crying. Like it just like the feeling that I get from it is is like Ah, it's Ah, and love. I love that. Okay, how can coaches create that feeling in their business? Like, how did you create this program and this community and these things in your business that literally want you make you want to like cry when you talk about them? Like how can we all tap more into that? And you've gotta look at what is so easy for you that you're missing it. Like, what are you so good at and what is so easy for you to do, and teach what I mean is like when you look at your own life And maybe it's something that you've transformed in, maybe it's something that you've had helped others transforming. Maybe it's after you were trained to be a coach, maybe it's before you trained to be a coach. But it's just, it's almost so easy and almost so obvious that you're like, most likely, you're making it difficult for yourself, because humans love to overcomplicate things, right, to make it simple is actually harder. So look at your life, look at what you're good at, look at what you enjoy. Because whatever you're good at whatever you enjoy, and whatever is easy for you. People want that from you. They want to learn it from you, because no one is trying to make their lives harder. No one is trying to have a really boring time. And, of course, no one is trying. You don't mean no one's like, I want to learn something that she read out of a book. And now she's trying to teach it to me. They want what you've already embodied. They want what's easy for you, they want what comes naturally and like, they just want it because you've been able to become the example of it. And you're like showing it and they're like, I want a piece of that. How do I get a piece of that? Yeah, yes. And then the best part about that is like, your business just gets to be a byproduct of who you are. You don't have to be anything else or try to have to do anything else. It's just like, know who I am gets to create everything I desire. And it's enough. Yes, I love that so much. Okay, is there any thing else I didn't realize we've been talking for quite a while. Is there anything else that's on your heart to share that we like didn't get into? Find your people. Your people are out there, your clients, the people who want to collaborate with you, your mentors, your mentors are out there, the way you get to know who they are, isn't by looking at their list of credentials. It's by the feeling you get when you encounter them in their work. Let your heart lead you to the ones that you will truly connect with who will truly transform your lives. Let that piece of you, like lead you the truth of who you are, let it lead you because we're so used to our brains telling us you should do this because of this and rationalizing everything for us. And when you allow your heart and your intuition to lead and you go with that feeling of this woman activates me. You're not going to go wrong. I promise. So good. I love that so much. And yeah, that's how I hired you. I heard you on that podcast for 30 seconds. And like I it was an unexplainable, like feeling of like trust and certainty that you were the coach for me and you know, telling anyone else that there would be like, Did you like look at her website? Or did you like learn anything about her? Have you seen her Instagram? And I was like, No, I know nothing. I just hired her because at something in me said yes, but guess you know, and like, we get to know that like, there are those people out there for all of us coaches who are like I got the feeling I'm a Fuck yes, I'm in and we get to know those people are out there. We get to believe they're out there when we believe they're out there. And those are the people that we're talking to. Then they they see us they get to come to us the pizza gets delivered. I love it so much. So can you share where everyone can find you and hang out with you and join fame frequency if they want to? Yeah, I play mostly on Instagram so complex. I have two accounts, I'll tell you about my secret account. You're not easily offended. My grown up account is at j dot novarro. With one hour so at j dot nav arrow and then my player account is at coaches B so c o a CH e s the letter B dot like that's just if you like memes and fucking laughing your ass off at what you think. But yeah, come find me on Instagram if you're interested in the same frequency group activation just DM me and I'm happy to send you more info. Thank you so much. This is amazing. Have you guys enjoyed this episode dm us on Instagram at screenshot it tag us We would love to hear your biggest takeaways. Thank you so much Jen, this is awesome. Thanks for having me. I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram magnetically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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