how to collapse time and quantum leap into your next level

podcast May 18, 2021

Collapsing time is all about your ENERGY. it’s an energy of openness, presence and possibly. and this energy opens the door for magic to FLOOD your way!!

I’m breaking down how to tap into this energy and sharing with you exactly how I used this energy to manifest our ideal apartment and a pay in full ideal client this weekend...these stories are seriously CRAZY!

Also, i lead you through a tapping sequence at the end to help you connect with this energy NOW (you can watch the IGTV version here if you prefer).


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Releasing the attachment to time, being open to possibilities and to be willing to be guided to your next steps.
✧  Being patient and waiting on long queues can lead you to an amazing experience.
✧  Emotional Freedom Technique


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison certagen. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hello, and welcome back to the mind, magnetically podcast. I'm your host, Madison. And this episode is going to be friggin good. It's an Instagram Live, I did. And it's all about collapsing time and quantum leaping into your next level. And I had like two humongous, amazing manifestations. This past weekend I came through and just like the most magical, like wonderful, amazing ways I'm sharing those two stories with you on this episode. They're like so magical and so powerful. And there's a lot to gain and learn from them. And then I'm sharing with you my takeaways from those experiences of having a desire and then manifesting like what in what felt like a blink of an i in the most perfect, divine way in the most easiest way without me having to like hustle or work or try hard like these things literally, like, magnetized To me, it's the only way to explain it. And in this episode, ooh, it's 1222. That's my angel number that I see all the time. So this is some real energy. In this episode. Clearly, in this episode, I'm gonna be helping like helping you tap into this energy to help make you more magnetic to the things you desire to help you collapse time to help you to grow and to step into magnetize your next level in a way that's faster and easier and doesn't require you to like force and hustle and push and make yourself feel like shit. So with that being said, I'm going to go ahead and play the episode from Instagram Live. And at the end, I did take everyone through a tapping sequence which is kind of better on video. So if you want to hop over to Instagram TV, when you get to that part and watch it as a video, go for it. Instagram is at magnetically you and it's should be the same title as this podcast, you can find it linked in the show notes. And if you know how to do EFT tapping, you probably can follow along without the video audio will be fine. But regardless, it's so amazing. And the stories and the manifestations and the takeaways from these manifestations for me were like so powerful that I wanted to make sure I did not only share them on Instagram, but I'm also sharing right here on the podcast because this is a good one and I want you to hear it. And then if you want the video to go with the tapping, you can hop over to Instagram. But without further ado, I don't know why I said that. I feel like most podcast people say that when they're doing this part. I feel like it's like so drilled into my brain because I listen to podcasts. Anywho Here we go. I'm airing the episode for you now. Hello, Happy Tuesday. I had some experiences this weekend to amazing like magical manifestations that kind of like happened like that show the US and I realized there was a very, very, very common thread of energy among these two manifestations. And that energy allowed me to collapse time. And what I mean by collapse time is kind of a timer relevant. And like shorten the amount of time it takes to call in something to you almost to the point where if it felt instant it felt like my energy shifted and then boom, the manifestations. It was crazy. And I'm really excited to share this with you because it is an energy collapsing time. Travel getting what you want faster is an energy. And that's what I'm going to be sharing with you today. It's like what this energy is and how to tap into it. So my definition of collapsing time, like I said, is kind of like shortening the amount of time it takes to call something into it. And at the same time, kind of making time irrelevant, because time isn't even real. It's just a construct in our minds that we use to make sense of the world. And from a quantum physics perspective, collapsing time is basically, I'm going to try to describe this in the most succinct way I can, there are from a quantum physics perspective, and quantum physics theories, there are infinite versions of us, at every moment, on every, every time at every experience, at every age level, experience, whatever they're like infinite versions of us happening in the reality at all times. But we're only experiencing the reality we're experiencing. That makes sense. But there's all these other realities and all these other versions of us and collapsing time is when you like, instantly step into another version of yourself. And you then you step onto another timeline, another reality, and you're still you, it's just like, you instantly like step into this different version. So I'm just gonna leave that there because we you guys don't need to know about quantum physics to get what I'm going to put out there today. So I want to tell you about the manifestations and how they happen, the stories, all the details, because I think that's the best way I can teach this energy and this concept and how to really like tap into this. And then I'll break it down for you at the end, how I kind of like lit reflecting back on the experiences like my key like takeaways of like, okay, these are the clear, like shifts in my energy and mindset that allowed time to like, disappear. So the first which ones do I want to tell first? Okay, I'll tell the so Trevor and I were in DC this past weekend looking for apartments or moving out for his job. In the last few months, we've been doing the Nomad thing, and just traveling and we're going to continue doing that right now. We're in Miami, we've been like all over the place. We were in Arizona, it's been amazing and also chaotic, at the same time. So anyways, we're in DC, we're, you know, looking for apartments, and we decided to go to debt to dinner on Saturday night, after we had manifested our apartment you're looking for which that's the second story. So I probably should have pulled on first. But time isn't even real. So we don't need to go in order. Anything. We're going to celebrate manifesting our apartment, we are like, we're going to go get drinks, we're gonna go to this rooftop happy hour. And then we're going to go to a nice dinner, it's going to be a celebration, it's going to be great. We're going to make it fun. And I was like really into it. I got like, dressed up I put on makeup. I'm like, here we go. I hadn't like been like, dressed and had makeup on. And it wasn't like a long time. So I'm like, I want to feel like good. We're celebrating this can be a great time. So we go to happy hour. We're having a great time. We did have to wait in line like 30 or 45 minutes to get up there. But it was worth it. We were like no biggie. This is fine. We get up there. We have a drink and you know, everything's like smooth sailing. And then we're like, okay, what's our next move? Like, let's go to dinner. So we start like researching on Yelp. Because we love we're like huge yelpers anyways, we start researching on Yelp, like where to go to dinner in the area. And I start calling places and like how long is your way like, Can we get in and I was like two hours, two hours, two hours, two hours and I'm like, Oh, shit. And I was starting to get hungry and it was quickly quickly quickly escalating into me being a hangry bit. So I got so angry, so frazzled, it's so overwhelmed. I'm like, I can't even say I'm so hungry. I cannot think straight. I don't like any of this. I hate this. I'm too hungry. I was going total victim mode. Just so frazzled so overwhelmed. And you know, me being hangry you know, was obviously not allowing Trevor night to communicate clearly and effectively. So we were getting annoyed with each other. And I was just like, you know what, let's just forget it. Let's just go home. This is too hard. This is too complicated. I don't want to work that hard for dinner. Like literally being such a drama queen. I don't want to work Dodge Ram too hungry. Like let's just pick up food and go home. Like I just can't I just can't do this. Like I can't think I can't think straight right now. Like I need food. So we're like, okay, he Trevor orders in Uber and he's like, Okay, he's so great. He's like, whatever you want. Oh, thank god one of us is more flexible, although you will see no, I'm I am also flexible. So anyways, he calls an Uber and then I'm like sitting there thinking like, I really I don't want the nights and like this. We're gonna go home. We're gonna get food we're gonna eat it and then we're gonna be like, Well, that was the night that was there Saturday night. I was there celebration like what to do like that was not who I wanted to get night to go, are those not how I wanted the night go? And I felt like I was killing I had already killed the vibe. Like in that, you know, 20 minutes timeframe, we were trying to figure out what the fuck to do. And then I was like and I'm about to kill the night because I can't get my shit together and just make a clear decision or find a different way to have fun or find a way to be okay with it. So I was like, No, no, this is not how I want the night to go. I am not creating this. This is not what I want. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to celebrate tonight. I wanted to have a nice dinner. I wanted to have fun. And so to Trevor and I don't want to ruin that for him either. So I was like, You know what? I literally put my hands up and I said Trevor, gentle boober Fuck it. I will wait two hours. I'm not even hungry. I'm so cool. We had a little snack at the happy hour. I was like, oh, that snack was so feeling oh my gosh, I'm so cool. Like, I feel so free. Like, I can wait two hours. That's no problem at all. I you know, that's great. Let's wait, let's go get a drink while we're waiting. And we start on traverser it's getting back on Yelp to find a place to get a drink. I'm like, What are you doing? And he's like, Oh, I'm gonna find a place to go and like, I'm like, No, like, you don't realize what just happened. Like I am completely surrendered. We don't need to Yelp and find the perfect spot. Like, let's start walking. The first place we see we will go in and I will make it the most fun I've ever had, like, we're done researching, we're done. figuring it out. I surrender, like, we're literally gonna walk in the first place. And it's, I don't care what it is, it's going to be great. So I am in I am like in this completely. Like, just, I'm open, I'm surrendered. I'm open and willing to be guided, I'm open and willing to wherever we go. I'm open and willing to whatever happens. I completely released the two hour thing in my head. I was like, I'm 100% Okay, we're waiting two hours. And I don't think we're gonna have to I just kind of knew. So I we started walking, and we see this place. I'm like, that looks great. Let's go get a drink there. We walk in. And it's so funny. I just remember this. When we were waiting in line for the happy hour. I heard these people having conversation behind us. And I overheard them saying Oh, yeah, like sushi Ria. It's like this Peruvian sushi place. Like apparently, like sushi. And Peru is like a thing. And I was like, that sounds really interesting. Okay, and I'm just, you know, like, dismissed it. Well, that was the place we happened to walk into a sushi area. So it was all meant to be all along. So we walk in, and they get seated at a table right away. It looks like a great place to have drinks. We look at the menu and we're like, this also looks like a great place to eat. Let's order food. So the server comes. We ordered food and drinks and we had a meet an amazing like really, really yummy meal and drinks within 10 minutes. 10 minutes after I had my meltdown and then shifted 10 minutes later, when we thought it was going to be two hours and I was having a whole hissy fit for profit. Then it turned into 10 minutes, because my energy shifted. And then the experience my reality shifted. I collapse time I quantum leap into a new reality. So we had a great time. It was delicious. It was fun. I had totally shifted my mood. And Trevor was just like, he's, you know, very he's more level than me. I'm like the moody one. And he's just like, Oh, I'm chill all the time. So I'm like, Okay, I'm back on the job. So we're both having a great time. It's all good. The next morning, I checked my email and I have an email from this woman who wanted to work with me about a month ago, said yes said she was online we scheduled her call and then she changed her mind because her company was going to offer her this executive coach and they were going to pay for it. So obviously Why take Why pay for me when she could get the free coach so I was like totally fine. Go do your thing. I am so happy. It worked out for you that way like that's amazing. You get free coaching like hell yeah for you. And I let that go. Well I wake up the next morning after I had had this like energy shift to an email from her saying like, I'm ready to go with coaching like executive coach that work out I just feel like what you offer is so different and I know you can really help me and like since our call, I haven't been able to stop thinking about working with you like I'm ready to go. I want to pay in full send me the link like let's go I'm all in and and I looked at the time that email came through and it was the night before so while I was having this like energy shift, I mean, I don't know the exact timing but I it was like right around when I had the energy shift. I was like What the actual fuck? Austin's like, but fucking epic. I know. It really is so epic. So it's like, oh, my God, like it was my energy. And I knew that energy shift is powerful because That night, when we got home from dinner, I wrote an Instagram post about the whole story about how I was hungry. And then we met us at the table and we got dinner and everything was great. And then the thing happened The next morning, and it just like added to this story. And so that was the story number one. And I think you can already get a sense of like what this collapsing time energy is all about. Open, surrender, lean back, a detach from time. Okay, moving on to the next story. So that morning, rewinding Saturday morning, we've been to DC all weekend, we've already been one time looking for apartments, nothing spoke to us. So we were just like, we'll deal with it later. Let's keep doing the Nomad life. We came back and looked at some more apartments. And I was like getting, I was starting to get stressed because I'm like, we've looked at 10 apartments, and none, none of these are speaking to me, I'm not I don't walk into any of these and feel excited. Like, I'm like, maybe we just can't go to DC like, you know, again, getting dramatic. So we've been looking and looking and looking. And the whole time, even though I was getting frustrated, I've maintained and I am frustrated. But I'm open, I'm open to whatever is meant to be happening. I'm open to not finding an apartment this weekend, I'm open to nomadic. for however many more months we need to until we find the right apartment, I'm open to I want a three bedroom and I'm open to it being a two bedroom, I want this and I'm open to that I want this and I'm open to that it was just like I'm allowing myself to want what I want. And I'm staying 100% open to anything could happen and I will be okay. And on board with it no matter what. And I completely released all pressure for us to find in permanently. We don't need to sign a lease this weekend. I want to, but we don't need to I'm open to it happening. I'm open to it not happening, just complete and total openness. So anyways, Saturday morning, Trevor is on his computer. We didn't have any plans for that day. So we're researching more places to go tour our town. We're supposed to tour this town home that morning. That was our one tour of the day. And it can't be canceled because someone already, you know, signed the lease. So we just had total freedom, total openness in our day. So we started like leftovers like looking at places to live. And he finds this place called adult and that I had found the day before and I was like oh yeah, that one looks good. But like it says three bedrooms coming soon. Like it doesn't say when they're going to be available. I tried to call them yesterday, they didn't answer. They don't say when the three bedrooms are going to be available. And we really wanted a space where I could have my own office and let's be real, I really wanted a space where I kept my own office. So I'm gonna get to the point here. Trevor's researching, he's on the computer because I love it all. And I was like, Yeah, but like they said coming soon. So you know, I don't know. He hits refresh. And the coming soon changes to available July 31. And he was like, wait, it just a coming soon. And now it says available July 31. I was like, let's go. We need to go. Like we need to go look at this apartment. It was like 20 minutes before they were going to open and it was like a 15 minute drive. So I'm like, let's shower. Let's get dressed. Let's get there. Let's be there when they open because their their websites at all their tours were full for the day. And I was like, No, we're getting a tour, we're going to get dressed her able to be the first ones there. We're going to get a tour. So Trevor is just meandering and being like his, you know, patient, present self. And I'm like, let's go. We need to go. Something. I mean, knew we needed to like pray. So anyways, we get there. And they were like we don't have you can't order today. Like we're booked up all day. And I'm like, I'm like, please will literally be the easiest most fast or you've ever done, I promise you, like will be so fast. Just give me and give me out a promise. And they were like, okay, we have another tour in 15 minutes. So if you would have came Five minutes later, like you literally would not have been able to see this. And she was like, this is also crazy because that apartment went on the market this morning. And I was like I know, because Trevor was refreshing website. The second they put it on the market on their end, server refresh on his end, and like it just synced up like that. How fucking nuts is that? So we go to war. It's all good. It's coming available July 30. We only got to tour a two bedroom because the three is obviously not open yet. They have they only have two, three bedroom units and the entire building. But like so crazy. So we applied for the apartment. And that's our plan for now. But we're still we're still open to possibilities because actually there was the day before there was one apartment that I really loved. It was like the most beautiful kitchen on the fucking planet and that I like walked in the door and you're like, oh, like it's literally like you feel like you're like going into like the Most Holy Church. I don't go Church. But if I did, I couldn't imagine. This is like sparkly holy feeling when you walk in the door, like so beautiful. So I was like, I want to live there. It was only a two bedroom, but I was like, I'm okay with that, because it's so beautiful that I don't even care if my desk is in my bedroom. for another year of my life, it's all good. I'm open to that. But they didn't have any two bedrooms available. They only had like one bedrooms and studios, which that was like a no for us. So I was like, okay, like I really want to live there. And I'm, I'm totally open to waiting, totally open waiting to live at this beautiful place. And I'm open to, to not living there. I'm open to something else happening so that something else came the next day at the at the other place that has a three bedroom, it's 1600 square feet. It was an amazing price that Rob and I both felt really aligned with it has a pool it has a gym has like every checked every single box that we were looking for. I'm trying to think if there's anything else about this store, I wanted to share. No, that is all. So the moral of the story is that I looked back on that weekend and I was like, How in the world did those huge manifestations just happen? like boom, boom, boom, like so easy, done, like blink of an eye, like just poof appear. Although it's never poof, appear. It's always like coming from with with, it's like your energy, your extra reality is a reflection of your internal realities and my internal reality. So it was like, Okay, what was my internal reality? Who Was I being that allowed me to, like call in these huge manifestations so fast. So then I realized I was like, wait, I literally like collapse time. Like, that's the only words I could use to describe the experience. It's like, time became nothing. And then boom, we had what we wanted. It was so amazing and crazy. So I'm going to tell you guys, the things that stood out to me and my energy and who I was being that I believe allowed me to collapse time. We'll just call it that you can go whatever you want. Okay, versing is to release attachment and clinging to time, become neutral about time. I'm okay with the two hour dinner. Wait, I'm okay with, we get right in. And something else better coming along, or something different coming along that we're going to be okay with. So, and it's not like you, it's not forced to detachment because I used to do that. Like I have to detach in order to manifest what I want. That's not true. And that's not what I'm saying. detachment is not a requirement. It's a tool. And the way you use it as a tool is to allow it to happen, rather than to force yourself to detach and it's not detaching so you can get the outcome. It's detaching, for detaching sake detaching from time, because being present feels good detaching from time because time isn't even real detaching from time, because you want to live your life now. And you don't want to ruin the night because you're hangry. So that's the first thing releasing the attachment to time. The second thing is this open willing like a Hands up, lean back, I'm good with like, I'm totally good. with whatever happens I'm totally good being guided, we were meant to be this like present possibility energy. So I'm going to break down all those different like words, because I literally described like, five adjectives before the word energies. So the first one is smell also do the first to open and willing, open and willing is like, I'm allowed to want what I want. And I know I get to have it. And I'm open and willing to be guided to something for my higher but i'm open and guided to be willing to open and willing to be guided to my next step. I'm just open and willing to whatever needs to happen. However it was to happen whenever it needs to happen. I'm open and willing, the second piece is surrendered. And surrender doesn't necessarily mean like passive and just like oh, well fuck it I surrender. Like that's not always surrenders. Surrender really is just like that open willing energy where you like lean back and you're like, Okay, I'm, I'm allowing my life to unfold in the now. That's I feel like what this surrender energy and these experiences was I'm allowing my life to unfold in and out and I'm allowing it to be okay, either way. I'm not judging any experience or this or that as good or bad. I'm just allowing it all I'm okay with it all. I'm the person who can handle it all. Present. The present part of the energy is coming back to the now what do I want that Buddha want to be? Now? How do I want to show up now? Not Oh, my God, like I'm gonna be waiting for the next two hours. That's you projecting yourself out into the next two hours? Who do you want to be right now? What do you want right now? What would feel good right now what can you do? Think be and feel in the now to create the reality that you want internally first, and then the last part of The energy the open, willing surrendered present possibility energy. This is what I have coined this energy of collapsing time. The last part of the energy is possibility. And that is anything's possible. Anything could happen there and Finnick possibilities, this place, this restaurant that told us two hours that we put our name down for that we thought we were going to wait for. That's not the only possibility. It's possible we find something else. It's possible, something better happens. It's possible it only is they call us in 10 minutes and say, well, magically tables ready, right? That is the energy. And so it's how to tap into this energy. Well, it's just a decision. You get to decide I'm open, willing, present, surrendered, open to all possibilities. Curious, I'm, I'm surrendering to the now I'm letting now be enough. I'm not trying to control that control the future. I'm here now, and I'm enjoying now I'm finding peace and who I want to be in the now. So it's just a decision, the decision you can make, in an instant, a decision to connect to that energy to lean back. Instead of feeling like you're like trying to climb up a, like rock climbing without any of the things to grip onto. That is like the aggressively and forward energy and you're like, oh, there's no thing. So hold on to? Well, there doesn't need to be, you could just stay right where you are. And everything's okay. So, some thoughts to mindset to help you connect with this energy. I am flexible, and I can go with the flow. That's just who I am. I'm so flexible. I can go with the flow. I'm open and willing to be guided to my next step. I'm open to all possibilities. Anything could happen. I am available for something magical happening. What if something really magical happened? I'm capable now. I'm ready. Now it's possible. Now. I got those affirmations from Taylor Lee. By the way, she's amazing. She recently came on the podcast, it's a great episode, if you want to go to listen, go listen. And I can manifest even when I'm in a low vibe or feeling like I'm in chaos, feeling ungrounded or feeling grumpy or feeling a lack of sleep. I kept telling myself that because when we were looking for apartments the first couple days and kept getting like, kind of like frustrated, I was so jet lagged. I had barely slept the last couple of nights. And I just like wasn't feeling my best. And oftentimes, our brains like to think that when we aren't feeling our best, we can't create our best and it's just not true. So I've reminded myself that, okay, I'm feeling a little low vibe, I'm feeling a little chaotic, a little ungrounded I didn't sleep I'm a little grumpy, or a lot. And I can still manifest what I want. Here, enter your feelings and emotions don't have to mean you don't get what you want. Emotions are just emotions, all they mean is that you're a human, they mean nothing else. So that's like the thought and the mindset of connecting with this energy. So some other ways you can connect with this energy of collapsing time of being just like totally open and available for any and all possibilities to happen. Who I have another story to tell you, I'm going to tell you after. After this, I just thought of it's a good one. Some other ways you can connect with this energy is meditation, because meditation is a amazing, powerful way to become like super, super present and like return to your body. And when you're in that present energy, it's so much easier to detach from time to feel more flexible to feel more accepting of like all that is in all that's coming. And that's the energy of being open to receiving open to possibility that's all all of this is doing. It's opening the door to receiving opening the door to possibilities opening your brain in your energy to seeing the possibilities and also like opening the gate in your energy to for them to come to you. It's like before the gate is like locked and like it can't get in and then you're like gates open. And now it can come in it was there all along the gate was you just had it locked. So meditation tapping, which let me know if you guys want to do a tapping at the end of this I'm about to wrap up and we can do a tapping together to kind of like help connect with this energy. If you don't know what's happening is it's called Emotional Freedom Technique you like tap on literally like this, like different parts of your body. And they're specifically energy meridian points of your body. And it's kind of like a like in Chinese medicine. There's like the different energy points of your body. And it's kind of where acupuncture came from. It's basically tapping is like acupuncture without needles. So you're tapping on these different energy points, releasing energy, releasing blocks, rewiring the energy around certain beliefs, and then rewiring in New Energy and new beliefs. It's amazing so we can we can do that at the end of this. And then something you guys can journal on. Today, like something you can act on like right now today after you get off this is journaling on how can I feel possibility today? How can I feel present today? How can I feel open and willing today and see what comes up. And then trust the inspired actions trust the nudges. Listen, listen, right, I was listening when those people in lines at sushi Ria, that allowed me when we saw it, that allowed me to quickly tap into Oh, this is where we're meant to go. Because those people mentioned and that just feels like such a sign. So you're listening, you're receiving the messages, the guidance, from your intuition, from your inner voice from the universe, and then acting on those inspired nudges. The other story I wanted to share is that so we saw shark at the beach the other day, the first time we got to Miami, Trevor had like, just gotten out of the water. And people started like screaming and going crazy. And I look and I've never seen a shark like this and the ocean, it just starts it's so close to the shore. And the water is so clear in Miami. So you just see the shark swimming, it's like three, four feet long. It's not like huge. But everyone's like running, it's swimming right by all these people. And I'm watching it happen. I'm like, Oh my gosh, this shark. This is crazy. But I was kind of excited about it. Because right before the shark came, Trevor was swimming in the water. I was taking a moment to myself and just like breathing, meditating, taking in the ocean scenery, just like just breathing, grinding my energy. And I like said to myself in my head, I'm like, I'm open for something magical to happen tonight. I'm hoping for something magical to happen on speech to happen while we're on the clock. I'm open for something fucking magical to happen. And then two seconds later, the shark comes by and I told Trevor this story. And he was like, how is it shark magical. I'm like, the universe doesn't have judgments about a shark like our human brains do. That was magic. I collapse time and he's manifested a shark. Okay, that one's stretching it a little bit. But I think you guys get the point about how to, to call in what you want faster into your life. It's a decision and it's an energy. It's this open, I'm willing to be guided energy. I'm open to all possibilities. I can handle. Whatever happens, I will be okay. No matter what happens. I'm allowing it all. I can handle it all. I'm capable of it all. And I'm ready now. It's possible. Now. I'm playing with that energy, not like forcing that energy. But just allowing yourself like, how can I play with possibility? How can I play with being more present, right, it's just as like a more like playful energy rather than this like force energy. Like I said, climbing up a rock climbing wall without the little candles to hold on to. So that is all that I wanted to share, I am going to do a topic. So if you want to stick around, it's gonna be fun. So if you've never talked to before, just follow along with me to repeat after me chat, where I talk with my hands. If you want to do one hand you can or you can do for some reason I like doing to better but one. Doing one hand is like just as. Okay, so just follow along with me. Repeat after me. And that is all so I want you to take a deep breath in. And then exhale. Okay, so start tapping on this point. It's called the karate chop point with me. Even though I want this thing, insert whatever thing it is read there, even though I want this thing. And I don't have it yet. I deeply love, accept and forgive myself. And even though I really want it now, and I'm annoyed that it's not here yet. I deeply love, accept and forgive myself. And even though I don't know how it's gonna happen, or when it's gonna happen, I deeply love accept and forgive myself. I am open to all possibilities. I'm done closing myself off to just one way to just one thing. I'm done with that rigidity. I'm clearing all that rigidity on a cellular level. feel the tension leaving my body now I'm letting go of the story that I have to rush that it has to be hard that I have to go out there and get it. I'm ready to let go. I'm ready, I'm willing to be guided. I'm ready and willing to be guided to my next step. I'm open to all possibilities. I am open for something really fucking magical to happen today. If I allow it to, it always works out better than expected. So I decided now that I'm allowing it to work out better than expected. I don't need to control it. I don't need to rush it. I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. I choose how I feel. I lead my energy. Nothing outside of me gets to determine that I lead my energy, my mindset and my reality response every fucking time because I am an unlimited being with unlimited potential to create on limited results. And I'm ready to tap into this unlimited potential. I'm open to all the ways it could happen. I'm opening my energy now to receive. So excited, I'm allowing myself to get excited in advance. I'm ready, I'm ready to manifest this or something better. And I'm open and willing to be guided to my next step. I decide now but it gets to work for me better than I expected. I choose now to connect with this open, willing energy to fully release and let go of anything standing in my way. Anything standing in my way is just an illusion anyways it's not fucking real. I decide but I get to have I decide what I create. And I am ready and willing to be guided. I am open to all possibilities. Any literally anything could happen today. And that gets me so excited because I am open and ready for something bugging magical to happen today. And it is because I decide. And so it is take a deep breath in. And then exhale. Water that's moving. A lot of energy. That is all if this Instagram Live training has been speaking to your soul and You're like, Yes, I know this is the energy I need to tap into more and you feel it on a soul level that like this is the energy that's really going to unlock your next level for you. I would love to invite you to work with me in my private coaching program I'm holding space for two more that asked women who are ready to rise to their next level of quantum leap to their next level, collapse time and do it in a way that is easier and more fun than ever before just by following your desires having fun and being your self because you are magnetic. That is why my brain is called magnetically you you are magnetic you are magnetically you and the way that you become magnetically you is in your energy. And it's not something you have to perfect or force or get right. It's an allowing and allowing of being who you are allowing your energy to flourish allowing your life to flourish, allowing yourself to receive allowing yourself to be open allowing yourself to be guided speak and then taking those guided inspired actions. So if you know one of those two spots is meant for you. Send me an idea. I am ready when you're ready. And that is all have an amazing day. I will see y'all on the next slide. I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram at my medical youth so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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