celebrating a million dollars - with Taylor Lee

podcast Apr 28, 2021

This week, we’re celebrating Taylor Lee for hitting a million dollars in her business!! You are going to love her down to earth energy and super simple approach to creating an overflow of money in your life and business.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  The thing that’s changed the most about Taylor since starting her business
✧  How to navigate comparison in the coaching industry
✧  How to publicly celebrate yourself and your accomplishments
✧  What Taylor’s biggest fears are right now (hint: they don’t disappear when you reach a million dollars)
✧  How to create an overflow of money in your life and business
✧  The biggest mindset and energy shifts that allowed Taylor to hit 7 figures in her business


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome back to the Magnetically You Podcast. I am so, so so so, so excited for today's episode, I have Taylor Lee here who is absolutely amazing. She just hit seven figures and her business is correct in my quoting. And he's in March. Hell yeah. So we're celebrating Taylor today. She's amazing. And she's gonna share all her juicy wisdom with us and I have been devouring her podcast for it's fully free with Taylor Lee for the last couple of months. And I was like, I have to get her on the podcast. She is amazing. So a little bit about Taylor. So after scaling her online coaching business to six figures by 20 years old, which is so crazy to me. And then seven figures as a new mom, Taylor Lee is passionate about showing other coaches how they can do the same and step into their fully free lives. She believes in keeping business simple. And that through leverage, leveraging an unwavering mindset and potent content, you too can scale to this level of financial freedom. So welcome, Taylor. I'm so happy to have you.

Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. I'm excited to be here.

Yeah. So tell us a little bit about your journey as much or as little as you want to share and what kind of like led you on this journey of coaching and brought you to being this badass millionaire mom that you are?

Oh my gosh. My business I get the longer the story. Oh, my gosh, I know. I feel like I'm gonna like be in my business. Like, I don't know if it'll be the same, obviously. But I think I'll just always want to have a business so it can be like, okay, now I'm at in the podcast. The story is like eight hours long, so that's hilarious. Okay, yeah. But um, I mean, yeah, like you said, in that short, little bio, I started coaching really young. So when I was like, 20, I started coaching, which all types of stuff came up with that I'm not good enough and too young and who would want to hire me. But the reason I got into coaching and how I got into it that young, I actually was freelancing. At first, I found out about freelancing while I was in school. And so I was like hustling a freelance business in my college classes like, workaholic. In my college years, I just got obsessed, I got obsessed with online marketing, I got obsessed with making money, I got obsessed with helping my clients and learning about this world. And I was very much in like strategic mode back then. Which was awesome. And like as helping all types of different clients. I mean, I had clients who were like, companies that sold wooden cabinets, clients, who are event planners, clients who I worked for other social media managers. And then I started working for some coaches, and getting to be behind the scenes on these, like big exciting launches for them. And at the same time, as I'm discovering what coaching is, I'm also realizing that I had been coaching my clients for free, right, like charging for the work I was doing behind the scenes, but then getting on the phone with them for hours. Truly, totally free. So it just made so much sense why I would get started in this world. That was that the end of 2015. So my first official year was in 2016. Hired my first coach, I made six figures in the first year, even though I did have a very slow start, it felt like it was very scary. And I did that for a few years had a baby. And that gave me a ton of motivation to not just scale a business, but really work on like, who I was being and tap into my full potential and be a really good example. Not that I wasn't already but you know what I mean? And it just lit a fire under me. And I made seven figures 13 months after popping out a baby. Oh my gosh, I love it so much.

So since like the beginning, like the early days, like starting out coaching, like what's changed the most like within you and within your business, like since those early days. Oh, man. I mean, yeah, I mean, what's changed the most are like inner things. And the first couple things that come to mind are like, definitely, I want to say confidence. But what I want to be clear on is like, I'm not confident all the time. In fact, I still compare myself a lot. I still feel like there's tons of other women who are better at this than me. But I don't I don't take things so personal. I feel like which is kind of one concept under this like unwavering mindset that we mentioned. of like, I know who I am, I know what I'm here to do. I'm just going to freaking do it. Even though sometimes I don't feel confident even Though I compare myself, even though sometimes the sales don't come in right away, or things don't look like they're going to pull off my biggest best launch ever, I still go for it and keep my head in the game. Whereas I feel like in the past, there was like, a lot of questioning a lot of searching for answers, which also means a lot of looking for problems, settling, counting myself out early. And kind of letting the comparison and lack of confidence get the best of me. That would probably be one of the biggest things.

Yeah, no, I totally get that. And it's not it's like, competence isn't that you don't have any fears, and you don't have any doubts. And you're like, I've got it all figured out, and everything's gonna work. And we're all gonna be like, perfect. It's more just like, I'm solid. And who I am and what I do. And when I have the doubts, when I have the fears, when I have, like, stuff come up, I'm a human. It's like, it's like, it doesn't like get dragged you down. Like you don't let it drag you down. You're like, Oh, I see you. Hi. But you're not dragging me down today, or tomorrow or the next day? Is that kind of like how it feels for you?

Yeah, exactly. And I think comparison is a big thing in this industry, because oh, my gosh, I'm like, let's just take a deep breath out on that one. Cuz I was talking to a client about it this morning, I'm like, the thing is, is that like, when you open your phone, you have intentionally followed 1000s of like, really incredible big deal women who prioritize their energy and set big goals. And so you're being blown away by them, because they're incredible. But like, you also have to remember number one, that's not most of the world and you are in that group. You know what I mean? People are watching you like that. So that's really cool. And one big thing that was really important for me was, I saw myself as very human, but I wasn't seeing those incredible women is very human. And the truth is, is we are all human.

I know, we should all know that. I know. It's like, well, da Taylor, but like, truly, when I was getting started, I saw all these women who had like kind of gone first who were farther ahead than me, I just like I saw all their perfections you know, and what was so incredible about them, and I definitely saw them like, higher up in this like hierarchy, so to speak. And once I started reframing that, through, like, seeing my own mentors, I was hiring is like real human beings, you know, that could be my friend or my sister, whatever. A lot changed from that. Yeah, I love that. And it's so it's so interesting, because, of course, we can, like see that in other people because we can see them, right, we can like feel their energy, see their energy. But it's like, it's kind of like when you try to see it in yourself. It's like, if you try, this is like hard to explain. But I heard this metaphor the other day of like, you're trying to use your eye to look at your own eye, your own, I will never see your own eye. Like when you look at the mirror, you're looking at a reflection of yourself, you're not your eye will never see its own eye. If that. And so. And that's like, the beautiful thing is like seeing ourselves for who we are isn't a visibility, how you look what's on the outside kind of thing. It's an internal feeling. And when we are looking for it from other people, or from outside, it's like, we forget that it's actually just like a feeling and your eye can't see your eyes, you're looking for something you'll never actually be able to see until you choose to feel it and believe it. Does that make any sense?

Yeah. I mean, you have to you have to believe in yourself. You have to feel your own greatness. And sometimes that's easier when we just see that everybody is everyone's human. Yeah, speaking of comparison, I this has been coming up a lot for a lot of my clients because, you know, we have friends who are doing really similar businesses to us. And, you know, on one hand, it's like, I'm so happy for them. I'm so excited for them, they hit this milestone, and I wish I was hitting it too. So how do you navigate when that comes up? If that comes up for you? I mean, I love this and I love how I find that podcast interviews are so synchronistic and like, sometimes I want to stop saying like oh, I was talking to clay about this today. Oh, he's talking about the same stone so but literally in the mastermind. I mean, we were talking about this and how I'm you know, when I came into this mastermind that I'm in right now, I was making the least amount of money in the mastermind and now I'm one of the people in the mastermind that people are thinking like you know not to put words in people's mouths so like more of an example base but like oh, my god, she's so far ahead of me. How am I ever going to get there? Oh, I want to celebrate this but that's so small compared to what she's doing or whatever and it's like I I didn't really struggle with that when I came into the mastermind because I had I had already been like the one that made the most and mastermind so many times that I intentionally, like sought out a space where I was like, at the bottom, so to speak. Like I wanted that. And so I think what I did really well, which I've learned I had to learn over time is I celebrate, like when I was in there like making 50k a month, which is still freaking incredible. There were women in that group making six, multiple six and seven figure months like, and I'm like, make 50k this month. But I was sell it like when they would And isn't it funny how our brains like, Oh, I only made it. It's like, wait, why? Like, that's fucking incredible. Yeah, so I think I did a good job of that though, while I was in there of like, owning where I was at getting so excited about where I was going. And just kind of the advice I gave like, celebrate yourself, even if you feel like your celebration is small compared to others, declare where you want to go, even though there might be potential embarrassment if you don't hit it, which no one else cares. They're celebrate, they really do. And then I think one of the most important things is learning to celebrate other people and their wins fully. And being just so so. So happy for them is really huge, because you'll just create this dynamic where I think a lot of us feel too little and too much all at the same time. Which is an interesting, yes. So it's like, well, it may be hard to celebrate someone. And if you're thinking like, Oh, yeah, good for you. But like, why am I not there, I wish I had that make it mean something you're not really fully open and celebrating you open and celebrating them makes you more confident in getting there and knowing that there will be people there to openly celebrate and hold you, which we all want. we all crave love and connection, you know, great thing to practice and gratitude. And celebration only creates more gratitude and celebration in your life, even if you're celebrating others. So that's just like a really important thing to practice I find and one thing really quick.

Yeah, I had that when I am on Facebook or even Instagram, but mostly Facebook, because you know, people will put celebration posts like celebrating, I just did this celebrating my first full month engagement baby. When I was waiting to get proposed to you, and I'm sure someone listening to this can relate. Anytime someone would get engaged, I kind of just be like, mad about it. so annoyed. I'm never getting engaged. Like I couldn't be happy for people. So actually, it was that where I made this role where I was like, no matter what, anytime I see a celebration in my Facebook feed, I'm going to congratulate them. And I still do that and I celebrate women were like my first 5k my first 10k things that are like, small compared to where I am I celebrate that, like they're saying that they just had their first million dollar year I'm like, Oh my god, it's so exciting. People will make the same as me, which we compare ourselves to a lot people will make more people getting engaged people having babies, people, all the things celebrate. And that's like actually a rule I have that I think has made a huge difference, and it just makes you happier. I love that so much. So like every time when you're scrolling and you come across something Oh, that's so good. And I actually I'm like, okay, that feels more digestible, because I just went through my how many people I follow and unfollowed everyone who I'm not like, I feel who I don't feel super connected with. So this is gonna be great. Thank you. Yes. Okay, what's been your biggest breakthrough recently, and it can be in like mindset, belief, energy, even personal life business. Recently, um, honestly, recently, the biggest one, which is very recent, and it's viral kind of breakthrough, where it's like, you've had it a million times, and you're so over it. But here it is, again, is kind of the opposite of what we're talking about here, which is letting myself celebrate me publicly letting myself shine and all of my greatness, even though people won't be able to receive it. Some people even though some people might get triggered, even though some people even might just not acknowledge it. People who matter to me or people might downplay it, which is hard and disappointing. And that's like, isn't it? That's what I'm saying how we can feel too little because at the same time, I've had comparison come up. Oh, my God, she has she says she has that much money. She says she made that much. And that was I'm thinking, well, I don't want to talk too much about what I've recently accomplished. What if I make someone uncomfortable? Or what if they think I'm just this greedy person or whatever? Yeah. So good. So for someone who has a hard time celebrating because they feel like where they are and what they've achieved and what even as achievement what they've achieved. so far. isn't enough like, oh, like I can't share on social media that I hit a 5k a month or a 10k a month or, or $1,000 month or made my first sale because Taylor's over here making million dollars or like, you know, it's like, how can we allow ourselves to like, celebrate and honor and be open and honest about where we're at. And knowing that that's good enough. And there's people out there who will be so deeply inspired, that we shared our our truth and celebrated our truth. You know, what I feel really called to say is, what I found is there's nothing more freeing than letting yourself be seen for who you are. And I find it interesting when women don't want to celebrate their, like financial milestones, because it's not bigger, because it's like, well, why? What are you afraid of? Usually, it's this like, weird thing of like, well, I don't, some people might be thinking I'm making more, right? And so I don't want to put that out there. And now they know, I'm making less, but it's like, and then they're gonna think I'm not successful, and I'm a bad coach or whatever. Yeah, so it's like, you know, I think you should just do it. Because there's not much it's more more freeing than just being like, this is literally who I am, where I'm at, like, and then it's like, it's like, it feels like a confession, like, don't post it from a place of like, Okay, I've got to confess, I only did. Like, when I got started in the coaching industry, I paid a coach 5k. And I was like, if I can make 5k a month, I will be so happy. And I even said, like, I don't want to make 20k a month or any of that, like, I don't need that kind of money. I literally told my first coach that when I heard I was like 5k months, I'm good, I'll pay the bills, I'll have extra money like. And so like when I crossed it, I think I was like a little naive to like all these huge numbers, and people are just growing in this industry. So there's even bigger numbers now than when I started. I celebrated that stuff. So shamelessly, I was like 5k 6k, eight KS, if I was just like the best of the best. So, you know, I think that was a little bit of me being naive, but I'm glad I was because there never was that feeling of like, oh god, this person hired me. And they don't really know, like, what if they think I make more than I do? Or what if so and so sees how much I make. And they think I'm actually not as successful as they think. Or it's like, we don't want clients who wouldn't hire us if they knew the truth about us. We don't want to be your friend if they don't know the truth about us. So own it. And then again, don't post it from like a confessional space, post it from like a, I'm proud of me space. And don't forget the version of you. Right? We often think about how there's people behind us who would love to be here. But like, don't forget about the version of you that wanted this so bad. You know, who would have been ecstatic? We say, we'll be so excited. We say we'll be so happy and satisfied, but sometimes when we get there not and that's not being a good receiver, right?

Yeah. And if the only people like celebrating on social media are the people at these, you know, quote, huge milestones, then the people who aren't there yet don't have someone to look to, to feel, you know, like, Oh, she's celebrating a 5k a month, like, I get to jump around and scream and be so excited for mine, you know, and yeah, just opens up so much permission for celebration and celebration has become such a huge part of my life in business in the last few months. And I mean, I would say, you know, I quit my corporate job in February, which was like a huge accomplishment for me. And there's been some, like key shifts that have you know, stood out as like what allowed me to get to that place to be able to do that. And one of them one of the few one of the like four or five things, but they all really have to do with energy is celebration. And it just feels it feels so good. It feels so fun. And I like to sometimes intentionally celebrate, not like yes, the milestones like yes, I hit this number. Yes, I hit this thing, but also like celebrate courageous actions. So something I did recently was I told myself, like, I'm going to do 21 Instagram lives. I started this in like, November, December, I hadn't really been doing many Instagram lives, I felt so uncomfortable on camera, and I was like, I'm gonna do this because I know at the end of 21 I'm gonna feel so comfortable and confident doing these and then the reward for the courageous auction was, I'm going to buy myself a Gucci bag so that it didn't feel like once I do 21 then I'm expecting an outcome of clients or this or money or that it's like, No, I'm creating my own outcome. And I think there's so much power and celebrating, not just the physical Like wins, but also our courageous actions and Korea being courageous internally and like, showing up even when it's hard, which actually, now that brings me I was like, why am I going on this tangent, showing up? When it's hard? Like I knew we're getting somewhere? Can you talk about how you move through it when you have a, like a bad day, or you're just like feeling like anxious or doubtful or disappointed, how you like, move through that and navigate, navigate like running your business, because what I used to do is I would, I would hide anytime I was feeling any feeling that wasn't, quote, high vibe, I would hide because if I show up in this bad vibe, I'm gonna scare people away. And now it's just like, Alright, here I am, like, this is what I'm going through, and like, letting people see more of who I am. And it just feel so much easier when you're not trying so hard. To be perfect. So I'd love to hear how you kind of like, navigate hard days and hard emotions. I love what you just said. And I think that's so powerful for people to like, not feel the need to be perfect. And I think sharing those moments, is another example of what we were just saying, right of like, it's freeing. It's like, sometimes I have anxiety, sometimes I'm low energy, sometimes I don't feel like high vibe, excited about everything, you know, um, I there needs to be more of that. Because it's like, I think it I don't think it's bad that we tend to show the good moments because it's like, we're here to empower and uplift and excited. And we want to and that's exciting. And that feels good. Right? And we don't know. Yeah, I think people build so much shame up when they feel not like that, because we don't see a lot of examples that it's okay, and it won't hold you back. So I love what you said, and how I tend to handle it most recently, which, you know, the phase of life I'm in is like, going through this first year of having a baby, right? I'm gonna have to change that soon. Because now like my, one of my biggest lessons from having a baby was like, it gets to work. Even when things aren't perfect. It gets to work. Even if I don't feel great. It gets to work, even if I'm freaking overwhelmed and going crazy. And I had a lot of that last year, like my business got easier than ever, but my business my life got more chaotic, more overwhelming, more difficult than ever before. You know, in my I had no schedule, I didn't have routines, like I mean, I tried, but like that was something where it was like, Okay, I just knew it was gonna be difficult. But you know what it hasn't felt? It's like, I know, it's difficult because it's so different. And there's no like, every day when your baby I mean probably keeps being like that right? Both every couple months, your baby's like so different. The routine is totally different, their schedule is totally different, their personalities, totally different. And then even day to day is very different. So, and you feel different. Sometimes you're gonna get like, you feel good. Sometimes you don't sleep at all, and you feel freaking crazy. And then you're still running. I mean, I just I literally like all my affirmations last year were like, if I'm tired, I'm meant to be tired today. If my baby's super needy, she's meant to be needy today. If I am super productive, I'm meant to be productive whenever I have time to get done. is the amount of time getting in and out. Oh, is it? Okay? I think it's okay. Now, I heard most of what you said like if I'm tired, I meant to be tired. If I'm feeling this way, then yeah, it's like we so often jump to wanting to like, fix it immediately. And I don't think there's anything I'm in a mindset energy coach, like I'm all for, like doing the things that will allow us to like shift our energy, like choosing new thoughts, meditating hypnosis, like all these tools that we can use. And I think there's so much power and like, this is how I feel like it's okay, I'm a human, I can allow this, I can feel this. And then my most times my energy will shift naturally. And to it's like, when we're trying to like shift our energy from this place of like force and I have to and this emotions bad. So I must get myself to this one. Like, we just go deeper into like resistance, pain, frustration, it's like, emotions on top of emotions. And it's just like, we're never going to completely eliminate negative emotions. They're just part of the spectrum part of life. And I think like, the big difference is like, we can have those emotions and make it mean, oh my god, I'm going to scare people away. Oh my gosh, I have to hide like, Oh my gosh, anything I do from this place, it's gonna just suck like I'm bad. I need to fix this or we can just be like, okay, I feel this way, this doesn't mean anything about the results I get to create.

Exactly, you can create results from any emotion from any feeling from any level of doing or not doing. And I love what you said on Instagram a few weeks ago about how everything I do helps me reach my goals. And I tell that to myself all the time, I'm like, I go to the pool, and I'm like, this is helping me reach my goals. And it's so so great. I love that exactly, we tend to think that it means we can't have what we want. It does not mean you can't have what you want. And then we tend to try to shift to the emotion or the feeling to get a result instead of like, Oh, yes, feel more energized and rested? Yes, different desire than, like, feel energized and rested to get Yes, yes, it's not required to create the results. And then when you release the requirement, then you just get to create the feelings you want to feel. Because you want to feel that way. And of course, you want to feel good. Yes, of course, we of course we want to. And it's like it just takes the pressure off to know it's like, you know, I think there's a lot of pressure. And like the mindset community of like, you have to trust and trusting feels so good. And I definitely think it can be really supportive. But like, do we have to I've created results when I wasn't fully trusting before. So it's not like there's no requirements, like anything we think is a requirement. Really isn't? Yeah, would you say you like, like, kind of like feel like same experience to? Yeah, because I see this with clients a lot where they ask questions like, Well, how do I fully trust? Or how do I get into expectation? How like, something like that, where it's like, I've even had clients like literally asked, like, how do you know for a fact that clients are going to come in and I'm like, never felt like that. That'd be cool. But I've never felt like that I felt more pretty confident. And sometimes I felt not that confident and still gotten a client. But honestly, I think it goes down to like, above all, I do think kind of what you have to do, are we it's more like kind of a race thing that's like you what you get to do is like you get to honor yourself, you get to honor your to honor your desires. And you get to honor the day to day and just like rush through that part. And like you get the results too. So yeah, I think sometimes we try to learn about expectation and trust. I mean, trust is like a has been a huge thing for me to the last year but like it doesn't mean I don't have fear of your every day. I have little thoughts every day I have what ifs every day, but they don't take what you were kind of saying way earlier like they don't take over me they don't stop me. They don't like debilitate me from living my life at all, which they used to feel like they did. It's just like, I feel like I can kind of like I want to say push it down but like tuck it away. Like Okay, yeah, of course that's an option but let it in the passenger seat and be like, Ah, I'm driving. So the soul is driving today. Yes. Yes. Okay.

Well, speaking of fears, what are you afraid of? in your life or in your business right now? Oh, hon moment. Sorry.

Man, you really go there. I think the top fears that come up for me are, um, people. Sometimes it's hard to put into words, but I'm afraid people can't handle me. I'm afraid like, the bigger I'll go the more people I'll lose, right? Because it's triggering for people which I've experienced, um, but isn't ultimately true. And I'm I find fear around. Like, being misunderstood, right? Like I don't even think it's really about how like there's more to it when you make more money and have a bigger audience of like, now there's more people watching now there's more responsibility so there's fear of like my knocking my point across someone misunderstanding me someone not getting it even someone Miss judging me. I'm, I'm afraid of that to love. Like, yeah, if you like you know, say the say the wrong thing. And then it's you know, people really good. Yeah, no, it's it's scary when we have people watching us like it's scary to Yeah, and I think at this level too, it's like, fearing of losing my humaneness because I like being a human. I like being super real with my clients and my audience and I think and this is a story obvious that's why it's a fear but it kind of feels like pulled up higher up you get the less people will even be willing to see you as another human. You know what I mean? So let's stuff that I'm literally working through. Thank you for sharing well, and yeah, I really like feel that humaneness from you. You're just like, yeah, like hear it as we like lay it all on the on the table. It's so like refreshing and freeing to hear that I think it's so helpful for I get imagine everyone listening to like, know that someone who's made a million dollars in their business like still has fears. And that's okay. doesn't like, it's not gonna stop you it doesn't mean something's wrong with you Like, it's just something like we experienced as human. So I love that thank you for sharing and being open. So I want to go back to something you said earlier about how when you hired your first coach, you were like, I would be so making like 5k, like, I don't need like, 20k I don't need those bigger things. And I think that we do, where we dim our desires. And somehow, because if we don't, this is something I have been noticing, like myself shifting out of the last few months is like, we think that if we need something than it's a worthy of being of desiring it, of having of investing in it, but if we just want it, then that's not a good enough reason. But if we need it, and we then we tell ourselves, oh, I don't need that. And just wanting it as if just wanting it isn't a good enough. Reason. So how do you like, how do you? I guess I would probably call that like settling, right? They're like, Oh, I don't need that. So how do you allow yourself to like, want the, those bigger desires, if that makes sense, just because you want them? I think there's like two sides that come to mind. Number one, letting letting yourself want it for no work letting yourself want it because you want it which we can go deeper there.

And then number two, um, letting yourself want it without stories about what it takes, what it would require, because that's what I find it's like, Okay, if someone's like, okay, even if you're like, let's say, wherever you're at now, and you want to go to 20 pain, it's like, well, we try to wrap your head around what why we want it what will do with it. And sometimes it's like, you just want it like, honestly, like I got to a point and even it have some like actual financial stuff going on right now like buying a house and wanting to renovate that house and things like that. But, um, it kind of just started 100k a month started from just wanting to overflow, and even 20 a month, like, eventually, it was like, I just wanted a lot more money in my bank account, I want to feel a lot more security with with money, I want to feel a lot more freedom with money. And that's okay. And even if you don't really put a finger on that, it's like, I just believe that our desires are divine, our desires are meant for us. And so like, there's sometimes you even know why you want something. And then you'll see when you're there, or you'll see on the journey of getting there, how it all aligns with your purpose. Like, right now, like can see how like getting a house, not, I don't want to put limiting beliefs and people's story in people's heads. But it's like, it's a little bit harder than we think. And like, the more money I can show I have the easier I'm going to get this house in the mortgage process is like a pain. But it's like, okay, you need another bank account here. Okay, a bank account here. Not everyone has that. Like, I'm, I'm so grateful in this moment that I created more than just enough, even though I didn't know why I would actually need more than just enough, or things that have come up where like I've been able to give to people and it's like, I didn't know, I would want to give to that person. I didn't know that I needed to but it felt like a need, right? Like I need to help this person. I was able to, but I wasn't I didn't plan on that. On the way there.

You know, like, there's even this desire, right of like, um, well, this year as a whole, like, one thing I want to do is discover really aligned ways for me of giving back. And so I have this like vision in my head of like, giving like maybe an actual big check, but like giving a big chunk of money like 10 $20,000 in like one transfer for like a charity or someone or something. I have no clue what it is. I've had that like thing in my mind for a couple years. I'll find it, you know, goosebumps just like feeling how excited you are to do that. And like, the freedom to do that is everything. The freedom for money to not make the decisions for you is like, I mean, that's thoughts my desire to master and closer to a place where money doesn't get to decide, right? Like if to and what I do and how I support my family and how I live out my best life. It's like there's so much money there. It just doesn't really matter. Right? And there's little day to day, things like that. Like we just went on a trip to go see this house and it was like of course this trip fell during spring break, which Yes, there's a lot of Spring Breakers right now. And it was like, Oh my god, the rental cars were so expensive. There was no hotels like and so we had to pay like for a really nice hotel room. Sweet like, way more for a car my family's in Florida so I've gone to Florida many times I've never seen rental cars this expensive. Just pay for it was like just pay for it, just pay for it, just pay for it my whole thing with this trip. One thing I really value is convenience, especially being a mom, but I've always valued that it's like I'd rather just be easy and fun and enjoyable than like, you know, try it, you know, when you try to save a little money. And then it's just my gosh.

I was thinking about that yesterday I used to. I used to like yesterday, I threw away pomegranate seeds that I paid $7 for because I opened the box and they were moldy. And I'm like, screw it and threw him with me like five years ago, I would haul my ass back to Whole Foods and be like I'm returning these they're moldy and like stress myself out. Make it this whole hour long. Aaron just to get back my $7 and then probably so much. Like, thank God, I can just peacefully like, throw out these rotten pomegranate seeds and like, move on. I love that. Yeah. Oh my gosh, so funny. Okay, I love this conversation. So I want to get a little bit more into overflow, because I think that's kind of like the direction this topic is moving. I know that something You talk a lot about, and you have a program called overflow, right? So can you talk about what overflow means to you and how we can like, begin to step more into that and make that our reality. And I think also like, I think, you know, having like having that dance between like I desire overflow, I'm moving towards that, I want that I'm creating that. And where I'm at is good. And I'm grateful for it. Like I mean, we go into that so deep in that program that I have in like the concept is really overflows, like an overflow of money, right? We could have probably guessed that, more than enough money growing bank account, splurging savings spending on things. And like that requires you to set big goals, right? So women will come into this program, and they're setting goals from like 20 to 100k months more money than they need. And like that's one of the biggest things, there's like two we go into a lot. But like two big things that I noticed this last round, that like would come up and kind of like stop women was like, this debate like, well, is my goal too big? Am I am I setting too high of a goal, right? Like, I'm over complicating, just setting a desire, like it's okay to want a 50k a month, even though you've never had anywhere near that you have no clue if you'll ever even hit it. And you don't even know how to do it. It's still okay to want it. And then this is kind of, you know, it works off of each other. The other thing that came up a lot was like setting a big goal and then going into like near immediate panic around it stress worry, overthinking freaking out. What if people would ask like, well, what if I don't hit 50k for the month? And I'm like, Well, do you have 50k in bills? Like, what's the concern here? And they're like, well, I'm just like, want to make sure I don't know. Like, it literally, there's this like, reprogramming kind of that has to happen where we, a lot of us started our business or also like take it even further back. Like we're just taught that money is to pay for your survival basically. And it's really hard and stressful to do so. So you should be very, very, very, very, very careful with your money, where you'll basically screw up your life. Yeah, even fuck it up. Yeah, like Dude, the number one rule of adulthood Don't Do not Do not Do not. So then we start our business and some of us start our business with overflow. Some of us don't. But I found that that actually doesn't matter. I have had clients in both situations, some who are like, no, like literally if I don't make this much money, like I won't pay my mortgage or my run. And I've had clients who have six figures in the bank or more who are like, I need to make money in my business. It's just like, it's just coming from you get to make money in your business you're worthy of making money in your business like you have to to that person right like we I think what's important to realize is like um, this is why I put it need attracts need neediness attracts need, so you'll just keep making what you need. So, for me when I started my business, I did need to make one to $2,000 a month, right like I actually needed to, there probably were things I could have fallen back on but there was no extra money in the bank. I did that through an ED like I was like hustling. Like. I would do whatever it took for it and it worked. I made that one to 2k a month every month for a year. But then that woman who does have extra money which I know a lot of you will feel like you're in need but like you do have enough you are taken care of you might not be rolling in it or maybe some of you are but that woman who really doesn't need it, but it's still acting in need, she's probably going to attract nothing, because she's just going to attract what she needs. And she already has what she needs. You know, and we hit that struggle, like a lot of us will build our business up to like, I find 20k months, but other people get stuck at five or 10. But 20 is really popular, because you can kind of build your business up to needing 20k a month, or it's like, Okay, I have my bills, I've upgraded my life a little, I've hired an expensive coach, I hired an ad manager and a team, I have to make 20k. But like a, you don't need all that. But be it's like to go farther taking.

It's actually not about making yourself have more expenses, it's not just letting yourself want more. And then taking action from like, how grateful you are that you're not in need how great life is. And I know a lot of people listening are probably having like, I just find it freaks women out when I tell them they're like, what if I don't make the money? And then what if I do need it? And then what if it gets so bad? It's like, that's just your old programming is yes, what works? your bank account is behind. It doesn't know what you're about to do. It has no fucking idea. It don't even know. I guess I'm just challenging everyone listening, like, let yourself want let yourself desire and take action, like a woman who just desires more not a woman who needs to pay the bills, especially if you already are like, okay, you know, okay to admit you're okay, like, I'm good. I am. Yeah. Like, we think it's only safe to move and act from a place of need. And it feels so scary to move and act from a place of desire. But when you allow yourself to lean more into moving and acting from a place of desire, like it just like, you're like, when you're moving from a place of need, you're just tapping into the past and what you've already created. When you're tapping into desire, you're tapping into the unknown, the infinite possibilities that exist, and that feels uncomfortable, because of course, it feels uncomfortable, like, how would you know how that works? Or what it looks like or how that feels? If you haven't actually experienced that yet. And so like the discomfort in leaning towards our desires, like it's, it's okay. It's good. Yeah. So good to be back. Yes. That brought up fear and you and you're listening to that, look at that. Try it on.

I love it. What do you feel like were some of the like biggest like mindset energetic shifts you had to make to? I don't even know if I want to say, like, reached the seven figure mark, because I don't want to like, necessarily, like put that on a pedestal. But it's just like to step into this place of like, overflow in your business and like reaching these, you know, humongous wonderful goals, like what were the biggest like shifts for you, I guess, in the last like, few months, because I don't want to make it all about like, what were the shifts that led to this like one perfect goal. It's like, you know, it's an evolution. Um, I think like, hmm, honestly, though, it's kind of what we're saying. Like the biggest change of like, going into massive overflow. More like probably six or so months ago was like, setting the goal. Even though I didn't really know how, even though I didn't really know if I was good enough. And I was I literally started saying every day, like, I'm capable now I'm ready. Now. It's possible now, instead of always putting it I have a really good tendency to put things in the future. Like I've always known, I would hit seven figures. Of course, part of me didn't really know. But like, I felt like I just knew I had an inkling I had an inkling I could be really successful in this industry. But then, like, I will next year, next year, next year, next year, and it was finally like, Okay, I'm capable now. But it wasn't like, nothing changed. Like, there was no big strategy, I figured out there was no secret I figured out it was like, it was almost just like getting fed up of looking for it. Or like, you know what, like, I know what I'm doing. I'm capable. Now I can stop looking. Because, you know, that's when you first start your business. You don't know what you don't know. So you've got to kind of seek that out. But then there's only so much to learn really. And then it's like deepening embodying integrating. And you got to stop looking for problems to solve.

Yes. Oh my god. I know when we like all this shit that needs to be like figured out and it's like, what if it didn't need to be like figured out, you know, our brains just send us down these crazy rabbit holes. I totally use to do that my business. I had a phase where I was very obsessed with like, strategy and all the things and it's just like I was like, Oh my god, I have to figure out this, like, you know, one sentence and the copy and I have to figure out this color on my website, I have to figure out all this like, shit that actually does not need to be figured out. I see fabricate problems all the time with clients were like, you know, you know, because you're coaching your clients. So it's like, you kind of feel it like, it's, it's annoying, but I'll call them out on it lovingly. Like one day, I just feel it click for them. Like they're doing it. Like the goal is finally clicked. They're finally accepting it. Yes. couple days later. I don't think my messaging is clear. I don't think this model is yes. I feel like something's wrong with this. And it's like, No, no, no, no, no, no, like, I promise you, like, you're so aligned to your messaging did not fumble in the last two days. Your business model, like just like, it's like, Okay, I'm doing it. Oh, wait, I have to look for a problem. Because I'm not there yet. It's like, yes, yes. It's like when things plugged in energetically. We're like, Oh, this feels great. And then our brands like want to, like take us back into like problem solving, complicating, like, making it be hard. And oftentimes, I find that with my clients, their underlying story is that, like, we need to make it complicated and hard, so that they're more deserving of receiving and it becomes this pattern of like, okay, it feels easy, it feels good. But now I don't feel like I can receive. So I have to make it hard and complicated again, and then I can allow myself to receive and then Okay, I've received, but this is too good to be true. So 90s make it hard again, and then I can open myself up to receive rather than just being like, I'm worthy as I am like, the doors are open 24. Seven are receiving.

Yep. Yes. And I love that you said like, the affirmations were like, I'm capable. I'm ready. It's possible. And I, I think playing with possibility is so huge and moving into like new levels and new goals. Because, you know, sometimes we tell ourselves like, Oh, I'm gonna hit seven figures this year. It's like, well, but your brains like no, you're not or like, you know, sometimes we don't believe it. But like, I could I it's possible. Like that could happen. It just it starts to feel like fun. And then you get to like, play with it. And it goes, like we were talking about earlier, less from need and more into like this like playful energy.

Yeah, I mean, you said it perfectly. If we, when you're in a desire based energy, and you're going after what you want, it feels way more playful. And that's why you'll see that like, a lot of women who are making a lot of money and are making seven figures, what I started to find was like, they were all talking about how they don't have goals. And I'm like, because I was taking my goals serious, that feeling of like, okay, I am doing this, you know, and I would be lying if I said I don't set goals. And I what I found, though, I'm working with these women and becoming one of them is like, certainly that you don't set goals. It's just that your goals feel a little bit more loose, but not in terms of like, Okay, I'm not, I'm probably not going to hit it. So I'm not going to go forward. It's like, it would be freaking crazy if I hit it. So why not go for it? You know what I mean? Or like, it's like, celebrate, I celebrate, I honestly celebrate every sale now more than I did when I made five to 8k a month. I celebrate like the first person who pays me for the month, the first person in a program, like now I'm selling you $77 workshop, like I'm celebrating $77 you would think that I make $2,000 a month, how excited I am over it. Whereas back then it was like I was like, Nope, I need to just make enough to pay the bills. Like, it's not safe to celebrate.

Yeah, so it's like having more fun with your money playing with the numbers. It's like I have a goal this month. But it's like, I'm still thinking like, oh, what if I had a little bit more? What if I hit this? What if this happened? What if this happened? But it's like, positive what ifs? Not negative oneness?

Yes, I love that so much. This has been amazing. I love this conversation. So before you tell us where we can find you and work with you and all that good stuff. Is there anything else coming up for you today or anything else in your heart that we didn't talk about that you want to share?

Oh, man, I the thing that's been on my heart to say lately, it's just like, since crossing this milestone is like literally anyone can do it. All of you can do it. So I just want to encourage anyone listening that like any goal that's on your heart, right? Because you may not be thinking about seven figures that or maybe you are and you feel a little crazy because of that. That desire is within you for a reason. And you can do it. So go for it. But have fun going for it too.

Oh, thank you so much. I feel that and I received that. So tell us where we can find you work with you hang out with you. Anything you have going on that you want to share.

Yeah, so if you're enjoying this conversation The two best places to come hang out. Number one, I have a podcast as well. So especially if you're already in your podcast app, my podcast is fully free with Taylor Lee just search that super simple. And then I'm on Instagram like all day every day stories are my thing. So you can come find me on Instagram. It's at underscore the Taylor Lee.

Amazing. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for you. We're here and yeah, if you guys like this episode, please share it with a friend who you think needs to hear this and you can tag us both on Instagram. But thank you so much Taylor for being here. Thank you!

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