the unfuckwithable coach | MASTERCLASS

podcast Apr 14, 2021

In this masterclass, I dive into how to step into the most confident, magnetic version of yourself so that NOTHING can stop you from creating the money and clients you desire.

I got amazing feedback from everyone who joined live so I'm super excited for you to listen to this replay.

I shared the 4 biggest mindset and energy shifts that have allowed me to go from struggling to get clients and make money to creating more money and clients in my business than ever before and quitting my corporate job.

There's also an amazing meditation at the end to help anchor in these shifts and this nothing-can-stop-me level confidence in your business.

This unshakeable, unfuckwithable confidence is EVERYTHING.

Once we become the coach who can handle it ALL and keep showing up fully as ourselves no matter what, the clients and money can't help but magnetize to US.

Enjoy listening!!


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Magnetically You podcast. My name is Madison Surdyke. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything that you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hello, and welcome. I'm so excited. Welcome to the unfuckwithable coach masterclass, I have some freaking magic to share with you today. And I'm so excited about it. So excited to have you guys here. While we're waiting to get started. Go ahead. And if you want to grab some matcha, coffee, tea wine, champagne, kombucha, beard coffee did I already say that. Whatever drink you want to celebrate with have a good time with whatever is going to make you feel good. I've got my Mazda. And it's so good. I'm so excited. We're actually in Arizona right now. But we don't live here. We tend to move here. Everyone keeps asking me did you move to Arizona I'm like, I kind of wish but we're just here for a month and we're gonna keep traveling and then eventually we're moving to DC so you have me in like the vast vibes. It's sunny Arizona, I got hair and makeup trial for my wedding this morning.

Hence why I'm looking a little extra but I'm feeling the vibe. So in this master class today that I'm calling the unfuckwithable coach masterclass. I'm going to be sharing the things that really funtom leads my life in my business in the last few months. And to go from last year just really struggling to get clients I don't like the word get. So I say create now struggling to create clients struggling to create money, what feeling like I was doing all the things I'm doing all the things right, like, where the effort of the clients, where is the money? Like I don't understand why it's not working is something wrong with me. Am I doing something wrong? And just you know, I was really just frustrated and wondering why why are the clients not coming? Why is the money not coming? Like I feel like I'm showing up and looking back, I wasn't showing up fully. I was hiding I was self sabotaging. I was letting every little thing that happened.

Every client that said, No, every social media post that didn't go viral mean that I was doing wrong, something was wrong with me. It was never gonna work. Nobody wants to work with me. And from those meanings from those stories we create, then that becomes our reality that we create. And so what I'm sharing in this masterclass is really what I shifted to create an entirely new reality, where Alliance clients are just coming to me a flow like a stream. It's not like up down all over the place. Maybe it's going to happen. It's like this flow of a really Alliance clients coming to me. people asking me like Madison, what have you been doing?

Like your energy is on fire? Like, what have you been doing? Like your confidence is shining through, you're radiating? And that's because I am more confident I did the inner work to become more confident to show up more fully in my business to be more myself more comfortable with myself more comfortable sharing me and my magic and my wisdom and my truth. And I want to help you guys tap into that today because the things I'm going to be sharing with you today seriously changed everything for me and they can change everything for you too. So I'm super excited. Okay, let me get my notes so make sure we're ready. Oh, I forgot something very exciting. Okay, while I'm pulling up my notes, I'm doing a giveaway.

So for those of you here live, I'm doing I will Venmo you $50 one of you. If you share it click the little Share button on the bottom. tag me share this masterclass share anything you want about it, share the good vibes spread the word, let your friends know about it. Let people know how you're feeling about it. Share it and you'll be entered into the giveaway which I will choose the winner later today. So for those of you on live, if you're watching the recording, you won't be able to do this because it will have already happened. I will going to Venmo you 50 So share this right now, just so you can screenshot it, I think you can click off the bottom of the screen, share it. And that's how you'll be entered into the giveaway. Because let's make this fun. Let's, I feel like growing our businesses having a business like it gets to be a good freakin time, it's not always a good time.

And we're going to talk about navigating that today because becoming the person who can navigate the not good vibes and not good times is what will be the honestly kind of like maker break factor in your business. And I don't say that to scare you. But we get to decide if we're going to let these things make us or let these things break us. So before we get into it, I want to just set the energy. Let's all just take a deep breath and together a big inhale. And then exhale, let it go. Big inhale in. And then exhale, let it go. Just grounding into this moment, grounding into the present. Knowing that there's nowhere else you need to be nothing else you need to do, you are exactly where you're meant to be. There just leaning into the leaning into the present moment, becoming more present more grounded more at peace. Breathing in one more time. And then exhale. I want you to ask your intuition.

What is the intention that I want to have for this masterclass today? It might be to be president, it might be to go show up live on your Instagram after this. It might be to learn one new thing it might be to take one inspired action, whatever your intention is, I want you to just set that now. When you have that, I want you to bring your hands to your heart, bring that intention into your heart. You don't need to give the intention any more thought any more. Any more worrying. Just release it know that the intention is now in your heart and it will be with you through this masterclass. Okay, so let's get into it. So what is the unfuckwithable coach? I feel like this is like a super bold word. Some people are like, oh, what does that mean? Some people are like, Oh, yes. What does that word to tell me more? I'm going to like, Oh, yes. Tell me more, even though I'm the one who came up with it.

The unfuckwithable coach, it does not mean that it's not mean girls. Oh, you can't sit with us vibe. That is not what it means at all. It's not like I'm untouchable. I'm better. No, that is not. That's not my vibe. That's not my energy they invoke with a coach is actually kind of the opposite. I'm definitely the opposite the unfuckwithable coach is the version of you, who basically allows nothing to get in the way of your confidence, your belief in yourself and your belief in your ability to create the money and clients you desire. So, for example, what most coaches do when they experience rejection, maybe a client changes their mind or someone who is going to get on a console or discovery call with them. doesn't show up. They got ghosted. This has happened to all of us. Now, not everyone's talking about it. That's okay. So what most coaches do is a experience that rejection, and it hurts, it really hurts. And it's like, oh, my gosh, I put myself out there this service that I thought was so good. And then people don't want it. Nobody wants to work with me. Oh my god, something was wrong with me. Oh my gosh, nobody wants to work with me. Oh my gosh, maybe I'm not as good as the coach of I thought it was, oh my god, maybe about a marketing.

Oh my gosh, I don't know if I can do this. Oh my gosh. And then from that energy from those thoughts from that story, they hide, they stop showing up. Or they're like, Hey, I have an offer. Okay, bye. That's what I used to do. Instead of being like, Hey, I got something that can help you change your life. It's also 111. As I was saying, I'm like, that's the vibe. Okay. So anyways, they hide, or they're like, Hey, I have something to offer you. But I don't know. I don't know if it's good enough. I don't know if I'm good enough. Trust me. I've been in that energy. It's okay. If you're there. If you're here on this masterclass, I know maybe you've been there. But because you're here I know you're done with that. I know you are like yes, medicine ready for my next level. We're moving forward. So anyways, okay. Most coaches experienced some sort of reduction, then they go into hiding, or self sabotage and self sabotage might mean not showing up at all, or doing like sneaky things to to sit, keep your energy closed off to people or, and I'll give some examples.

Don't worry, or overcompensating with overdoing. Okay, so, overcompensating, overdoing, do do I need to do more and more, more, more, more, more, more, because it's never enough. Something's wrong with me. Nobody wants to work with me. So maybe if I just do 6 million things, then maybe one of them will work you Even though I actually don't really believe anything's working, right, so then what happens? When you either hide or self sabotage in that way? Well, you end up with no clients, no money, or lack of clients lack of money, not the amount of clients and money that you want the unfuckwithable coach, maybe it still experiences those things. Like, just you having a successful business doesn't all of a sudden mean that the noes don't happen that painful experiences don't happen, that there's not really fucking uncomfortable shit that you have to move through and grow through. So the unfuckwithable coach, maybe the client changes their mind.

And they instead of saying, oh, nobody wants to work with me, hi, Sophie, they go. This means nothing about me. This literally means nothing about me and nothing about my ability about what I can create, I can handle this. I thought this No problem, there is an abundance of clients and people out there waiting for me to show up for them. So I'm not going to start hiding because this one person wasn't aligned, the universe is actually doing me a favor. The universe is always doing you a favor, when things don't go your way that you think you want them to go, or that you think they should go or in the timeline, you think they should, the universe is always doing you a favor. And it always makes sense later, it's always adding up, it's always working out. Okay, so the inviolable coach then is like, Okay, this doesn't mean anything about me. She keeps showing up, she keeps putting herself out there, she doesn't let it tear down all of her of her confidence in her belief in herself, she might be disappointed. She might be like, Oh, this hurts. And then she feels that she breathes into that she processes the emotion. And then she keeps going, she's leading she is moving the energy.

She's deciding what she's creating this one person who changed their mind doesn't get to decide the success of her business, she decides the success of her business. So from that place of keep showing up, I can do this. This doesn't mean anything about me or what I'm able to create, I can still create the money and clients I desire because I decided that that's what I'm doing. So that's what I'm doing. And then what happens, clients come money comes, okay, and so, if this is a pattern that you've found yourself in in the past, then we are the self sabotage you Heidi or hiding or overcompensating pattern that I totally used to be in last year, if you found yourself and that that's okay, because we are clearing that shit today because the unfuckwithable coach doesn't let a client changing their mind determine her mood, her energy, her ability to create her results. She doesn't even let her emotions do that, right. Like I still experience anxiety sometimes I used to have chronic anxiety and now I have anxiety probably like 1% of the time compared to what it was.

But when it comes up, what I used to do is be like oh my god, I'm anxious I can't show up because if I show up then I'm going to scare people away with my bad vibes and oh my god, something must be wrong with me I have to hide and wait until this anxiety goes away. I have to wait till I'm in a good vibe and then I can show up again. I don't even remember where I was going with this the unfuckwithable coach doesn't say oh, I have anxiety This means I should do nothing I should listen to my anxiety I should listen to my brain was telling me nobody wants to hear you have to say you shouldn't show up because you're going to scare everyone away. Our anxiety will tell us that our brain will tell us that our emotions will tell us that but we get to follow our soul we don't have to let our emotions dictate what's possible for us. We don't let our emotions dictate our energy. We get to feel them process them and then say okay, where am I leading my life? Where am I leading my business? Where am I leading my energy and move create when we move? We lead the universe and everything and everyone around us follows so I think you guys get the vibe of the info level coach before we move on how are you guys feeling? Are you vibing with this are you like fuck Yes, this is the vibe and energy I'm ready to step into my business.

No more of that. That hiding like oh, I don't know if I'm good enough. No, here we are. We are bad as bitches here to make a difference here to make a lot of money here to have a lot of fun doing it here to listen to our intuition here to change lives here to change the world. Can I get an amen? Okay, I'm getting like really high if you guys because I'm so excited. This is so good. Keep keep sending me the energy. I love it. For those of you who are just joining, there is a giveaway if you share this there's a little Share button at the bottom or you can screenshot it share it tag me. I'm going to choose a winner. I don't know if you call it a winner, someone who's going to win this giveaway and I'm going to Venmo you $50 tonight Just for fun just because I'm grateful you're here just because like why why not like let's make this one. Let's make this a good time. So if you want to enter the giveaway, share this. You can do it now. You can do it afterwards, screenshot whatever you need to do share it on your store. tag me and I'll go through the tags later today and randomly select a winner. Okay.

Moving on, there was, so I'll share it with you because this is funny. I was not going to share this but I'm like, Okay, I think it's funny. So I was trying to think of I'm like, What is a metaphor? For the difference between like me last year and me now most coaches and like what I'm calling the unfuckwithable coach. And I was like struggling to think of one that was like, on point in fitting so I'm just going to share the one I thought of with you because I think it's kind of funny. So the most coaches when you're hiding self sabotaging, and letting your emotions the rejection, the fear, the pain, the discomfort, the client not showing up, the client goes to new the client changing their mind, the client not getting results, whatever, when you make it all mean, well, where was I going with this? Oh, when you make it all mean something about you, a lot of coaches do that. I used to do that. That is like a normal couch. The unfuckwithable coach is like, I'm like cracking up. I love that I'm sharing this right now. Because it's like so cheesy. The unfuckwithable coach is like the couch.

That is stain repellent. So you're like pour wine on it, you know, those couches are going to pour wine on it and it can just like brush it off. It's like the wine. Yes, mine sometimes spills on the couch. Shit sometimes happens. But we we brush it off. We feel it, we process it and then we let it go. We move on, we decide that relating and creating our life and energy. And this one rejection or even multiple, or when you put an offer out there and nobody nobody says anything. You're like, oh five crickets. We're also scared of crickets anywho This is basically the best metaphor. And I'm like, No, I'm cracking myself up. But so I was I'm basically I've become a standard rappelling couch. Okay, moving on, because this is this getting awkward.

I'm just kidding. Okay, so I wanted to give some, I'm just looking at my notes. By the way, I wanted to give some examples about the things that we can either allow to stop us and make mean, I'm not going to be successful, I'm not going to be able to create the kinds of money I want, we can make it mean that or we can make it mean, this means nothing about me. I can feel whatever feelings come with this. And then I decide but I'm creating. Okay, so a lot of the things that come up, I've mentioned some of them before, but it's like, you know, when a client says yes, they like dm you or you do a console and they're like I'm in I'm ready, send me the payment link, you send them the payment link. And it's like, Dude, what is that like waiting tone? And then you're like waiting and waiting and waiting? And when are they going to pay?

Are they going to pay? Have they changed their mind? Like, freaking out to the limbo between when a client says yes, and when they've paid, we can let that make us fucking crazy. And we can focus all on that or we can focus on where am I going? Where am I leading? Who is my next client that I'm so excited to meet? Let me go show her I'm ready for her right. Rather than like, toiling around waiting for this person, which I'm going to talk more about this kind of energy. It's called, but I'm calling it Limbo energy versus leading energy. Okay. Clients changing their mind being on your period and feeling crazy, because hashtag hormones, who feels me on that one? posting about? An offer nobody you post about and you're like, Oh my God, that's gonna be amazing. And it's gonna change your life. And then crickets. Nobody? Oh, is it bad? Is this bad offer? Did I say the wrong thing? Does nobody want to work with me? Do they think I'm a bad coach, you know, the whole thing.

Worrying, you're going to scare people away when you have quote, bad vibes, letting your bank account, determine your mood, or you look at your bank account, and then you think, Oh my god, I'm never gonna have the money and clients I want. And you let that lead your energy, you let that lead your life. You. Basically it's like using our past and current reality against ourselves. But the past and current reality is the past and current reality, it has no bearing on our future, unless we decide it does unless we let it. So I actually had some very powerful lessons come up this week for me and stepping into new levels of embodiment of this for myself. So some examples that came up for me this week that really, I did check myself and be like, ooh, Wait, am I the unfuckwithable coach, like, I don't know, you know, like, there, there are going to be things that that come into our experience that we that can help us elevate and that can help us grow.

Or that we can decide to let it like break us and ruin us and never show up again because it just feels like way too painful to get rejected, or someone say something about you so about a week ago. I had a client say, Yes, I'm working with you. I'm so excited. It's gonna be amazing if also aligned. It was great. And then a week later, she emails me changing her mind. her new job, has had an executive coach that they were going to give her for free. So I'm like, Oh, yes, clearly, this is a win for her. She was about to pay me to work with me. And then somehow she manifested every coach. Good for her. Right? But I'm like, Oh, I was like, I am just, I'm disappointed. I was really excited to work with her. I knew I could really help her like, this was gonna be great. And yeah, I'm a little sad. I'm a little disappointed. I'm a human right. Like, we're allowed to feel the feelings that come with it. Me a year ago.

Oh, this what I've like rocked me for like three weeks or a month, I would be spinning and spinning. Oh my God, why did she do that? And you know, she said, um, if it doesn't work out with the executive coach, then her company said she can come back to me in a month and pay me whatever. The old me last year would be hanging on to the like, Oh my God, is she gonna come back? Oh, my God, should I follow up with her? Should I email her? Should I see how they're going and see if the executive coach is bad. I hope he's bad. Oh, my God, and then she'll work with me. And I'll be like, doing all this like freaky, freaky stuff in my brain. When really, now, I'm just like, Yeah, I was I was disappointed for probably for an hour, for a few hours that day.

And then I said, Okay, I really think this, the universe is doing me a favor. This means nothing. This literally means nothing. I have a stream of clients and money coming to me now because I've decided that's what I get to have. So this one person changing their mind. I'm deciding that that doesn't get to break me that doesn't get to fuck with my confidence that doesn't get to tell me that. I don't get to have the clients and money. I want. No, hell no. Okay, so there's one example of this of this kind of shift. This is really it's about shifting your energy shifting your mindset in a way that allows you to become a magnet for your clients and magnet for creating money in your business. Okay. Second example. Well, the second one is kind of like simple someone I the first email I sent about the unfuckwithable coach, they email back please unsubscribe me. I'm like, okay, unsubscribe. Moving literally didn't faze me for a second. Old me. Be like, Oh my god, Did I say something wrong? Surely this uncomfortable? Like, is that name too bold? Should I change this?

Oh my god, should I email ask them why they did this? So I No, no, I am who I am. I'm being mean. So I'm gonna keep showing up as me. And if people don't like it, then they don't like it. And that's okay. It's creating space for more people who do like it. Okay, so that was example number two. Number three. This one just happened this morning. Sort of it's been evolving over the last few days. So when I first posted about this masterclass, my parents texted me and they're really pleased don't use that F word on social media. And I was like, Latvia, but I'm gonna keep being me. And I kept being me. I kept showing up. And of course, like, in the past, I would have been so distraught about this, I would have people please my parents, I would have probably changed the name I would have been like, Oh my god, do people think I'm a bad girl? I'm a bad person for like saying this word. I don't give a fuck. I'm just kidding. But like, really? Like, I speak in this way because it feels it feels good. For me.

It feels powerful for me. I don't know who decided what words are good or bad, honestly. And in reality, this is a whole other masterclass. I don't believe there's a such thing as good versus bad. There just is nothing as meaning except for the meaning we give it. And that's entirely what this whole masterclass is about. Nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it. So what are the things going on in your life in your business right now? What meaning Are you assigning to them? And what have you stopped assigning them? Meaning? What if it wasn't true? What if the opposite was true? So anyways, they text me again this morning, but at the pool, all of a sudden, I my brain is flooded with this, this word, the unfuckwithable coach, literally, it just flew and flew into my brain. This is my this is what I call my intuition, my inner voice talking to me. And I was like, Oh my gosh, this is a master class.

Oh my gosh, here we go. It's gonna be so good. So I'm like, this is a very inspired action for me. And the more I lean into and trust my intuition, my inspired actions and be more myself. It helps with that unfuckwithability because I'm just being me and like that. I don't know. That's all I could do. Okay, so this morning, they texted me again, and they were like, or last night and they're like, please, please don't use that foul language on social media. Yeah, please. And I was like, oh, okay, how many more times? Are they going to text me? How many more times Am I going to have to decide to stand in my power? And my truth? Like, what if they say, if they do it 10 more times, like, Is that going to break me? Or am I going to keep going. And these are my parents who I'm super close with who I love so much. And if you're on here watching this, I love you guys. And they know that and it's all good.

But I am a 28 year old grown ass adult, I am going to show up and express myself in the ways that feel good to me. And the more I've done that, the more I've allowed myself to be more and more and more fully expressed as who I really am, the more success I've created in my business. And the best part is, then the you know, the success is just oh, this is just who I am. This came from who I'm being. And it didn't come from this funnel and that and all these things and trying to be someone else. I'm not, which like, makes it so much harder. All it did I just be me. And it came from being me. And then and then it becomes more believable, more easy, because you're like, oh, all I have to do is be me. Oh, what a relief. Okay, so anyways, they I'm like making this a long winded story. The then they text me again this morning, they reply, and I said I in the best way I could stood in my power and set a boundary with them. And I said, I love you.

But I'm going to keep speaking in the ways that feel good for me. Like I understand, and I appreciate your opinion, some something along those lines. Then this morning, they text me again. It's unprofessional. Trevor's mom, my fiance's mom, he's would you speak like that in front of them. All our friends and family are on here watching you. It's unprofessional. It's embarrassing. It's, you know, you're beautiful, but you really shouldn't use that language. I was like, Oh, I am. Here we go. Here we go. And I'm like, this is the I'm like, this is the morning of my master class called the unfuckwithable coach. So I'm like, I'm ready to I want to be hype about this. I want to feel good about this. I want to go into this feeling like the unfuckwithable coach. And here's this experience that I'm like, Oh my god, oh my god, I hope this doesn't work with my energy, because I want to show up as the vocal coach that I really am, right. And so I decided, I almost went into Limbo energy, which I'm going to tell you guys more about. In a few minutes, I almost went into Limbo energy and said, Oh, I'm not going to respond.

I'm going to wait until after the master class to respond. Because if I respond now, then they might respond. They might fuck with my confidence. They may vote with my energy, they might put me in a bad vibe before my master class. So I almost went into limbo. My brain wanted me it was saying, oh, Madison, just we it'll be easier. just deal with it after the masterclass. So it's, so there's no opportunity for it to fuck with your vibe. And I was like, wait a minute, I forgot for a second that I am an unfuckwithable coach, I can handle this, whatever they say, it doesn't get to stop me. It doesn't get to dictate how I show up. I get to show up and feel the way I want to feel no matter what's happening in my outside world, no matter what people are saying about me. So I set the boundary again. And I told them basically the same thing. I love you. And I understand and appreciate you're afraid of what people will think. And I totally understand that. And I'm going to continue expressing myself in the ways that feel good for me. If it doesn't feel good for you. You can unfollow me, I love you. And they read the message and they didn't reply.

This is a huge part of what the energy and mindset I'm talking about today. It's not like I've all of a sudden become perfect and untouchable and like nothing can get me it's like things will still come up and you get to decide if you're going to like level the fuck up and become the version of you who can handle anything. Or you get to let it make you be small and be someone who you're really not right. This is a choice that you were going that we're presented with, honestly, every single day. In our business literally every day. I'm presented with the opportunity of do I either self sabotage, or do I actually show up and be myself and it's not easy. I'm going to go ahead and say that it's not always easy. It's not always glamorous. It's not always fun. But I keep going anyways. And I keep growing stronger and stronger and stronger into the version of me who Nothing can stop me from creating the money and clients I desire. And the more I've tapped into this, the more money and clients I have created. Okay, and you can tap into this too.

You're probably already tapping, just being here. You're already tapping into this energy. You're all ready and even the decision to come here you're already tapping into this energy you've already decided on I'm done. I'm done with that old me. I'm done hiding. I'm done self sabotaging. I'm done letting my parents tell me who I get to be. I'm done letting how many likes I get tell me how good I am. I'm done letting the client who changed their mind tell me that nobody wants to work with me. I'm done letting crickets mean that I should stop showing up, I'm done. I'm ready to create magic. I get to decide what I'm creating nothing else, none of this other shit gets to decide that it might affect me, it might hurt me, I might have emotions about it. And that's okay. I can feel those processes. And then it keeps going anyways, it keeps showing anyways, I keep leaning into my desires, my intuition who I want to be and who I am guys clearly today like this hair. I mean, I feel like I'm just more in general, like feeling more in my power, feeling more confident. So I think you guys are probably all feeling that but also with the hair and makeup is like, oh, next level. It feels good.

Okay, so thank you. Thank you guys for acknowledging and honoring me for that. I see you. And I hear you guys too. And I feel like from your comments, I can feel your guys's like power and confidence and energy too. And I'm so so excited to to help you keep stepping more into that. Okay, so let's keep getting into it. I want to share with you the four kind of like biggest shifts that allowed me to step into this power step into this confidence step into this reality where I'm creating more clients and money than I ever have before in my business in a way that is so much easier, and more fun than ever before. And it's not all easy. It's not all fun. There's fucking hard moments this morning. Setting a boundary with my parents was fucking hard. I was scared of how they were going to react.

But I knew I knew that was my next level of growth. I knew that on the other side of that was more freedom, more growth, more, more me more power, more competence. And as soon as I send the message, I really felt that. Hi, Paige, welcome. Okay, so we're getting into it. So for the four biggest shifts that I made, that allowed me to really connect with this mindset energy that allowed me to bring in more clients and money than ever before, in my business, I'm so grateful. Okay, number one, and I've kind of touched on all of these a little bit. So we're not going to go you know, super, super deep into all of these. So, number one is processing emotions, versus hiding and self sabotaging. So it's, it's about becoming the version of you, who knows, you can handle any emotion. Oh, I'm so anxious and my chest is tight. And I feel like I can barely breathe. I can handle this, I can get through this.

Oh my god, I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I'm so I'm so nervous to go on Instagram Live. I can get through this, right? Like whatever is coming up whatever emotions you have within your business, we're all going to have a full spectrum of emotions. That's what make like, that's what makes life amazing. So it's being willing to experience any emotion because when you're It doesn't mean it doesn't mean rejection and pain and disappointment. All these things have to be a part of the equation all the time. But when you're willing for them to be when you know you can handle it when you know you're going to be okay when you know you can move through when you're willing to put yourself in front of experiences that might end up in reduction, you're willing to show up and put yourself in front of more opportunities to create money to create clients, you're willing to put yourself out there more you're willing to breed more yourself. And do you see how that correlates more willing, more willing to feel emotions leads to more willing to be yourself to show up fully leads to more clients more money.

Hmm, isn't that funny, the processing emotions creates more money in clients. And I feel like this is you know, the stuff that not a lot of coaches are talking about. They're talking about, like, you need to post six times a day on Instagram and like all this shit, and I used to try all that stuff. And it didn't work. Because I believed it wasn't gonna work. It's a game changer. Yeah, Katie she said processing emotions has been a game changer for me. Same I feel like honestly, in the last year, the last few months, I've really actually learned how to process emotions. And it really changes everything. It changes everything when you realize that disappointment from a client changing their mind doesn't mean all these things doesn't mean you can't show up doesn't mean stop doesn't mean you're a failure doesn't mean it's never gonna work. It doesn't mean anything. It's just an emotion or emotions that don't have any meaning except for the meaning we give them. We get to process them and we get to release them and we get to move our energy move our life and business towards what we want to create. In this way when shit happens that in the past may have brought you down.

Instead you get to use it to rise even higher. every challenge we go through every rejection every disappoint. every comment from someone that's being a hater, all of that makes us when we're willing to feel it and move through it and come out on the other side of it makes us more powerful, more strong, more confident, more courageous, more, everything, we become more resilient. And the more resilient you become, the more willing you are to show up fully show up fully. more clients more money, you guys feeling this? Okay. So I wanted to give you guys an example from my business of how this showed up for me. So when I used to not process emotions, this like last year, I felt I would avoid my emotions at all costs at all costs, that I felt like oh my gosh, nobody wants to work with me. It's not working like what's wrong. And oh, so I decided because I was so like, Oh my gosh, I just can't even like put myself out there anymore.

I decided I'm going to switch from doing a discovery call or a console call and doing an application so that people have to apply and answer all these questions. And they, I don't have to get on the phone with them and put myself in front of them for the potential for them to say no, they have developed this application. And the last question is like, yes or no, are you ready to invest or something like that? If it was yes, then it was like, Okay, good. No reduction? If it was no, they were probably not gonna fill out the application anyway. Right. So I was I decided to do that application from a place of rejection is too painful. I can't handle that I'm not willing to handle that I'm going to make a decision out of avoiding rejection. When we make decisions out of avoiding rejection, when we make decisions out of fear out of doubt out of our emotions. They're not the most aligned intuitive decisions.

I'm not saying an application is the wrong decision. It's not bad. There might be a time in my future where I do that again. But if I if I do, it will be coming from my intuition. My inspired action not from Oh, this is a sneaky way to avoid reduction. I didn't know this at the time. It's all under the surface. And then I look back I'm like, totally self sabotage right there totally was hiding totally was not willing to be seen and put myself out there and open up to the possibility of rejection. Yeah, can't have that too painful. Okay, Katie said energy your energy rehab program helped me to approach that process my emotions from burnout. Oh, so good. I remember when you messaged me about that. Amazing. I love that so much. Thank you for sharing that. Okay. Oh, y'all This is this one is juicy. Okay. Point number two. Shift number two is the shift from Limbo energy into leading energy. Limbo energy is, let me give you an example. In my life, I feel like I love that my business.

And now because I'm just sharing my truth. And being me, I just get to tell the stories and tell my life and tell what I'm going through, tell what I'm going through. And it just, it's so much easier and so much more fun than trying to like put on this perfect face. And I'm the perfect coach and I have it all figured out like, bullshit. Nobody does. Okay, um, so I was a couple months ago, I, this was in February. So I submitted my taxes. And I was supposed to get a refund. I'm like, hey, yeah, get in or be fun, this is great. And then there was also this program that I wanted to do called the inner voice facilitator, training, Jen, who's on here. Now as my coach, she led me through my first session in December. And in that session, my intuition told me that I was going to quit my corporate job in February, and move in February. And both of those things ended up happening. And it all just kind of aligned and it's like, so crazy.

My intuition knew in December, like so insane. Anyways, okay, so I wanted to now I'm like, inner voice, this inner voice session thing has changed my life after like two sessions, so I want to become certified in this, I want to do this with my clients. So I decided I wanted to get certified. It's like 3000 something dollars, and my tax refund was going to be more than that. So I was like, I'll wait for my tax refund to hit my bank account. And then I'll by the Enter voice facilitator training. And I'll also wait for my client to pay me because she said she's going to she said, Yeah, so I'll wait for her to pay me. And then I'll do enter voice facilitator tape, and her voice facilitator training, because it will feel better. Like if there's more money in my bank account, then I get to feel better about spending the money. And now when I think about it, like doesn't really add up so is in that Limbo energy for a while, and I started noticing other things in my life be starting to become in limbo, mirroring and matching my energy. My icemaker was broken. It was but weeks had been weeks the maintenance people hadn't come they never took that long to come. The dishwasher broken, same thing. Maintenance never took that long to come. It'd been we Actually, the dishwasher had been months.

Limbo, Limbo, Limbo, Limbo, Limbo, I'm in limbo, there were all these things in my life are in limbo. My clients are in limbo. We're all doing, we're all doing the limbo. And so I realized, I realized that I was in this Limbo energy waiting for my, the number in my bank account to tell me to give me permission, waiting on my client paying me to give me permission to do what I wanted to do. But I knew in my intuition, and in my soul was the right decision for me. So I decided, oh, fuck that. I'm done with this Limbo energy. I lead my life, I create my life. I want inner voice facilitator training, I decided to get to have it, I can afford it, I want it, I get to have it. I don't have to wait on all these things on the outside of me to like, create and do what I want. So I bought it. And it was great. All the other Limbo things in my life. The client paid the dishwasher, the icemaker got fixed. The tax payment has yet to come through. I spent a lot of time in limbo about that. I'm like, Oh my god, am I getting audited?

Where is it the whole thing, right? Our brains like to keep us in limbo. Somehow we think it's our brain thing. It's going to protect us to like stay in limbo, wait for permission, wait for this to happen. wait for that to happen. Wait for the client to pay wait for there to be more money in your bank account. So you can feel better about buying the thing you want to buy like waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, just creates more waiting, just your life and your experience will mirror that Limbo, waiting energy. So it's about leading, leading your life deciding I decide what I want. I believe I get to have it. And I allow myself to have it. Now this doesn't mean go buy everything you want just because you want it. It's more about the knowing I know that I get to want what I want. And I get to have it. I don't have to wait on this thing happening or that thing happening, or all these things going on outside of me to tell me that I'm good enough to tell me that I'm ready to give me permission to do what in myself. I already know. We wait, we wait did we penned and we wait, we wait.

And it just creates more waiting? Like why? Why were the clients? Well, they're waiting, because you're waiting. They're in limbo because you're in limbo. Get out of limbo. And notice how the things around you get out of limbo, you lead. And notice how the energy your reality, things shift to match your energy. You lead and the universe follows. You lead and the clients follow? You lead with intention, desire, being yourself fun. And then what you desire. It follows magnetizes to you. This is how it works. Okay, so I thought of actually better metaphor, if you heard that if you were here earlier and heard the other metaphor about the coach, this one's better. So I came up with a metaphor for this. Waiting on. It's like, you're sitting at a garden, you're like in your backyard looking at the garden, you're like, ooh, where are the flowers? Where are the flowers? I don't see them. I want flowers. Why are they not there?

Oh my god, no flowers. You didn't even plan to fucking seed. You're like, Where are the flowers? And you didn't even plant a seed. This is Limbo energy. You're waiting. You're waiting, you're waiting you're looking at and I go, why isn't it happening? Because you're not leading. You're not deciding what you get to have. You're not believing you get to have it. You're not showing up and leading with this is what I want. And this is what I get to have. When you do that. That gets to become your reality. This is what I really helped my private clients dive deep, deep, deep into into believing you get to where you want because we are programmed to demo our desires like, Oh, I don't need that, or Yeah, probably not like I don't really need that course. Like I have enough courses like yeah, I probably don't need that. Like, do I really need to spend that money like blah, blah, we dim our desires. Now I forgot what I was saying. Hold on, and we'll come back to me. I don't remember anyways, I was talking about the garden. You're looking at the garden. You're like why isn't it growing? It's because you're not leading right?

So okay, this is what I help my clients dive deep into is allowing yourself to want what you want actually allowing yourself to have the truest desires that you actually want not just Oh, why you settle for that because it's like close enough or good enough. allowing yourself to win when you want and believing believing that you get to have it believing you can create it believing you deserve it. That is where so much of the work is and that's really what I dive deep into with my clients in my private coaching program to help them create that belief. Because from that belief, from that identity from I can handle anything. I am successful, I can do what I I'm the creator, I create my life from that place, you're able to take more inspired action inspired actions come to you, you take them more confidently, more excitedly, you actually take them instead of hiding and self sabotaging. And then you create different results, you create new results. Okay? So we're done with that.

We don't wait for sex to happen. We lead, we lead. First, we are the creators of our energy, we create our life, we create our energy, we decide what we get to have, and we get to create it. Nothing, no one else, nothing else gets to tell us that we don't get to have it that we can't do it. And oftentimes, it's really our own brain, our own brain playing tricks on us telling us we can't have it because he wants us to stay in our comfort zone, because it is so uncomfortable, to do things we've never done before. But to create a life in a reality that you've never created before, you have to get into that did that unknown and the unknown, there can be a lot of discomfort. But the unknown is where the magic happens. The unknown is where you become the person you need to be to create the results and life that you want to create. The unknown is where infinite possibilities exist. It's the best part, the unknown is the best part. They're not there yet, is the best part. We think, oh, once I get there, everything will be like so good. And so perfect. And then I'll feel successful once I have all the clients and and then it will be so easy to go live on Instagram when I have 100 people on there. No, we get there.

Or we don't. And our brain is still the same. We take our brain with us. So we have to shift on an internal level. First, when we shift on the inside things on the outside shift and then not so they're not there yet. Most of our life is spent in the not there yet. We're humans, we have desires. We want things we want to get to the next level. I don't know about you, but especially, you know, for people like me, it's like we want to grow and evolve and make freakin magic happen. I want to change the world. I want to change people's lives. And, man, I keep losing my train of thought. Hold on you guys. Okay, where was I going with this? Oh, they're not there yet. Okay. So it's like they're not there yet. Is, is most of our life. Most of our life is not there yet. Because we always have more goals, we always have the next level, we always have new things we want to experience and do and create.

So if we're always waiting to get there, and we're always here, then we're always waiting to get there. And we're never there, right? The gap never closes. Because you always believe there is somewhere you're not when here is perfect. There's so much magic in the here. And now the president is where your power is the President is where you create your future. The present is where you get to decide who you're going to be, what you're going to create what you get to have. And and you get to allow yourself to feel grateful and have fun along the journey. Because if we're just waiting to get there, then that sucks, because then there's going to be another there. And another there. So we get to have fun on the journey. That was a whole other side tangent. I wasn't planning on going on but following my inspired, inspired actions, okay. So the third shift is playing with desire and possibility. So instead of letting your past and current reality dictate what you get to have in your future, you play with possibility like, ooh, what if this happened?

What if that happened? Ooh, it's so excited. Oh my gosh, when I make a million dollars, it's gonna be so fun. It's gonna be so good. When I sell out, my mastermind, it's gonna be so good. It's so fun. Oh my gosh, when I get to take my family on vacations that they've never been on and treat them all. Oh my gosh, that's gonna be so good. So exciting. When all the people tell me how much I change their life. Oh my god, it's gonna be so good. When I write my book, and I'm at my book signing and people are lining up to tell me I changed their life and they can't wait to get the book. Oh my god, it's gonna be so good. Let yourself play. Let yourself play with your, your future. let yourself get excited about possibility like, Ooh, this could happen that could happen.

So many options, so many possibilities. Rather than narrowing ourselves into thinking like, Oh, this is all I good to have. Let it be fun play with the possibilities like this is what I about a month ago, I decided you know what would be really cool is if I signed a private client over DMS and I never got on the phone with them because I do my console calls for people interested in working with me. They can like ask me questions, see if it's the right fit. And that's been great. That's been working. I've been having a lot of clients and money come my way. And I was like, oh, but it also sounds really fun if I just signed to win over a DMS and I don't get on the phone with them and they just show up fucking ready ready to work with me. Ready to Invest with me. So I'm like, Okay, I'm going to play with that possibility. I want that. And I get to have that. That's gonna be fun. I was just playing with the energy playing with possibility two days later. Not kidding. You signed a client over DMS, she literally messaged me and said, I really want to work with you. How can we do this?

We had like two, maybe three back and forth just questions, logistics, getting it all sorted out, sent her the link, she's and she's my client. Oh, she's so amazing that you get to decide what you create. And the way you do that is by leading with your desires, and playing with possibility. It's like before you go, have you ever reservation for your favorite dinner? And all day you're like, Oh my god, I can't wait to get my favorite salmon. It's gonna be so good. And my favorite Martini. It's gonna be so good all day. You're like, Oh, I'm so excited. It's also like, before you have sex, you're like, feeling juicy. Feeling the vibes like, Oh, this is gonna be like, good. It's gonna feel so good. You start feeling all the tinglies you start feeling good. You're like, Oh, I can't wait. It's gonna feel so good. Right? And the difference between like that not there yet, that somehow feels good. Feels exciting. So what's different about our goals in our life? Why does the not there yet feel disappointing and frustrating. It's because we're not allowing ourselves to want what we want and believe we get to have it when we allow ourselves to know that we get to want this and we get to have this. Hi, Catherine.

Hi, welcome. When we allow ourselves to know that, that's what we get to have. That's what we get to create. Because we are creators. We are unlimited beings with unlimited power to create unlimited results. That is who we are as humans on this planet Earth. We're here to create magic. We're here to manifest we're here to create. So we might as well play with the energy of creation. Okay, my computer, it looks like it's done me, I'm going to turn down the brightness, we're going to be fine. We don't have too much longer. Okay, one more thing to share with you. And then we're going to go into a meditation. For those of you just joining this is awesome. I'm going to say, for those of you who have been on the whole time, I've said it a few times. There's a giveaway if you share this there's a little Share button at the bottom of your screen. Have you share and tag me or screenshot it and tag me you're going to be entered into a giveaway. I'm doing someone $50 tonight, just for fun just because we're just gonna have a good time. Okay, so if you want to enter, make sure to share do that.

Okay. The fourth shift is celebration and gratitude. I celebration was not something that I did very often, or at all, I would hide on my birthdays, my college friends, no, I would take my birthday off of Facebook. not tell anyone who was my birthday because I couldn't handle the like attention I couldn't receive. I couldn't allow myself to feel good and receive the love from people. celebration opens the door to receiving the energy of receiving magnetizes clients money experiences, the things you desire to you. When you celebrate, it tells your brain it's like positive trauma. Negative trauma is like negative experience. Very heightened negative emotions, boom, truck negative drama and the body. Positive trauma can be created through celebration, really positive experience with really heightened emotion, gratitude, celebration, excitement, accomplishment. When we celebrate, we anchor in that positive trauma into our body. When we anchor that in, we tell our brains, this is good.

Do this again, remember how to do this, this is who I am now, this is what I get to have. This is how life gets to be this good life gets to be exciting, I get to thrive, I get to have what I want. It's safe to allow myself to want what I want. It's safe to allow myself to have it. I celebrate it for that reason. So that's where celebration comes in. And then gratitude is honestly like the BFF to celebration, gratitude. allowing yourself to receive and celebrate where you are now, like I was saying they're not there yet is the fun part is the juicy part is the part where you it's, you know, it's who you become on the journey, not what you get when you get there is the highest in business if you're the only highs you're seeking are like the hit from when a client signs up or when you get a payment that won't keep you going you have to find something else to keep you going which is gratitude impact fulfillment a higher, higher, deeper purpose in what you're doing.

My higher deeper purpose is that I want to show women that they get to want what they want and they get to have it and that they are so damn powerful and they can create anything they want. So, celebration and gratitude. Those are the energies of magnetizing of receiving of opening up, you entered, it's like you energetically hang a sign that says, Hello, I'm open for business, I'm ready for you. I can change your life. Here I am. When you're in celebration, when you're in gratitude, you open the door to receive. People want a taste of that energy. They're like, Oh, gosh, she's really excited about her life, she must be able to help me get excited about my life. Oh, she's really grateful. I want to feel grateful. They want your clients want in on your energy. That's what next level clients pay for. is not needing someone to fix them. It's being in the energy of someone who's a few steps ahead. Being in the energy, the mindset, the beliefs, the results of someone's a few steps ahead. you calibrate? You get to calibrate to that energy. Okay? It's like, they're not there yet. Why?

Why we why it's safe, why it's good, why it's why we need to allow ourselves to celebrate and have gratitude now. Every small moment, even now, everything you have now allow yourself to celebrate it, allow yourself to receive it. Okay? Oh, that's what I was gonna say. So it's like going to a river. This is a metaphor I learned from Abraham Hicks their book, finding the law of attraction, so good. It's like, you go down, you go to the river, and you're gonna float down the river and you bring your float. And you're like, Oh, yeah, we're gonna float down the river, it's sunny, I've got my water, my drink my sunglasses, my sunscreen, like, can't wait to flow in the sun. It's gonna be so fun. Then you get there. And you are at the you know, river and you're about to float down the river. And then you decide I'm actually I'm not going to float down the river. I'm just going to get in the car and drive to the end of the river because it's faster. In the car. I'll get there faster if I get if I just get in the car, and I just skip the river.

Why would we skip the river, the rivers, the fun part, the rivers, the good part, your life is happening now. So look for all the ways you can celebrate and appreciate what you have now who you are now who you're becoming, while you're creating play with the possibilities. Celebrate what you have and play with and get excited for the opportunities. So I'm going to do a meditation in just a second. But how are you guys feeling? Let me know. How are we feeling? Let's also take a deep breath while we're gonna be breathing in the meditation, but Okay, cool. All right. So I want you to actually, yeah, okay. We're gonna go, I was thinking of doing something else. Hi, Alexa, okay, we're going to do a meditation, it's going to be a quick meditation. If you're driving, I hope you're not on Instagram, live driving.

But if you're driving, come back to this later, it's going to be so good. This meditation is designed to help you really elevate your energy your mindset into this energy of the unfuckable coach so that nothing can stop you from creating the money and clients you desire in your business any longer. We're done with that, we're ready for our next level we're moving on, we're ready to step into our most powerful, confident magnetic selves. So that's what this meditation is gonna help you do. Okay, we're going to start the meditation. So I'm going to just go ahead, allow yourself to get comfortable. Sit down, lay down. Whatever feels good for you. I want you to just start by taking some deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth. Just taking a moment to have gratitude for yourself. Celebrate yourself for showing up here today.

For having a business in the first place. for all that you've already created. let yourself feel. feel proud. feel grateful. Feel how amazing you already are. Let that anchor into your body. just continuing to breathe. Big inhale through the nose. Exhale at the mouth. Just letting yourself sink into this moment. Knowing that there's nowhere else you need to be nothing else you need to do. It's safe to surrender into this moment. It's safe to let go of any any thoughts, anything going on in your body, anything going on in your brain anything going on later today. Anything that happened earlier today, it's safe to let it go with your next exhale.

And I want you to just bring your attention to the top of your head and I want you to imagine this golden light shining on the top of your head. His golden light comes down now over your head and With it, it brings the most calming, relaxing, healing energy into your body into your mind and into your soul. So feel this golden energy coming down now, over your forehead, feeling the lines in your forehead, just flatten out and relax. Coming down over your ears, your nose, your mouth, feeling all the muscles in your face, just relaxing now just breathing, this golden light now comes over your jaw, you maybe feel your Jawbone just begin to drop, maybe your teeth part. synergy comes through your neck, around your shoulders, just feeling your shoulders drop, relax more now. Feeling yourself so supported by the earth beneath you feeling yourself become more and more present in this moment.

Feeling this energy come down now. Over your chest, all the muscles in your chest just relaxing. Now, coming down, your upper back. All the muscles in your back just relaxing. Coming down over your lower back. releasing any tension, anything that needs to go around now to the stomach. And the hips, your arms. Her hands each and every fingertip just buzzing buzzing with this energy of healing of gratitude of peace. and allowing this energy to come now into your legs. your thighs, the backs of your legs, your knees, your calves, your shins. Feeling all the muscles in your legs. Just relax deeper now. Coming down now over your ankles and your feet. And each and every one of your toes. And just feeling this energy fill you up. Let yourself go deeper into this piece deeper into this gratitude deeper into this moment. And just wrap yourself in this awareness of the magnificence of your body and who you are. Deep breath in. Exhale. Let it go. One more time, Big inhale. Exhale, let it go. I want you to bring your eyes towards right between your eyebrows keeping your eyes closed. Just imagine you're looking up in between your eyebrows and your third eye.

This is your center for intuition. And why you to ask your intuition now trust the first thing that comes up. Allow the mind to take a backseat allow your intuition and inner voice to come through. Exhaling and ask your inner voice What am I ready to release today? What fear what doubt? What way of self sabotaging? What's the truth of what's holding me back? What am I ready to release today. Just allow your intuition to present you with whatever it is that needs to go today. Just trusting whatever comes up. if nothing's coming up, there's no need to force it know that your subconscious mind has already picked up on whatever it needs to receive from this today. Trust that whatever came up was meant for you. And it's okay for you.

Now I want you to connect with the three, the two or one two or three things most ready to be released today. And I want you to see yourself with a notebook and pieces of paper and a pen. writing those things down on a piece of paper. Maybe it's a fear, maybe it's a doubt maybe it's a habit you've been doing that you're ready to release. Let your intuition tell you what it is and I want you to write it down on one two or three things on a piece of paper and just see yourself and three little three little ripped up piece of paper writing writing these things down now.

And now I want you to imagine yourself sitting in front of a bonfire, you have your three pieces of paper in your hand, you're sitting at this bonfire. It's big, it's a roaring fire, you feel the warmth on your skin, you see the bright orange, yellow lights, it's kind of mesmerizing, you it's kind of magnetizing you and pulling you in. Just feeling the warmth on your skin, seeing the bright lights hearing the crackling. And as you do, I want you to grab those little pieces of paper. And I want you to throw them into the fire, throw them into the fire Now let them burn, see them burn, hear the crackling, see the orange flames get bigger, brighter. Feel the hot air from the fire moving towards you. Just watch these three pieces of paper burn. Knowing that this is your decision to release these things today. You've already released them just see notice how much lighter you feel. How much more feel free you feel. Just feel those old fears, doubts, limiting beliefs habits, leaving your body now just feel how good it feels to have let those things go. There yourself feeling more alive, more free. Just allowing yourself to feel what's shifted. Just feel how much lighter you feel. just continuing to breathe. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. I want you to leave the fire turn away from the fire. You're done with it, you've released those things you're ready to move on.

So you decide to lead yourself and your energy. And the opposite direction towards growth grassy area field and you keep walking you see beautiful flowers, the sun is shining on you. And you come upon this river. It's a narrow River. And on the other side, you see yourself living the reality you want to be living on the other side, the thing you most desire right now it's on the other side of the river. And the rapids are moving fast. You don't know if you're going to be able to make it across to the other side. You're looking around thinking, how am I going to do this? I can do this. I know I can do this. I've got this. And as you do you see a stone in the water. You don't see the stone after that. But something tells you something tells you to take this first step you take that first step confidently and trusting. And then another stone appears in the water just where you need to take your next step and another stone appears and another and you keep walking across the river, each stone appearing exactly where it needs to. And you keep walking you keep stepping on the stones until you've made it to the other side. And as soon as you step on the other side, you feel a an electric shock of confidence, magnetism of energy, filling your body gratitude, celebration, excitement, feel the joy, knowing it is done. You did it You made it here.

Take in the sense of accomplishment. Allow yourself to feel so excited about getting to the other side. And I want you to now see what that looks like go into your body now. See from your own eyes, your own body. Who are you with? What are you doing? What are you wearing? How do you feel? And what are you saying to yourself? What are you saying to yourself? Let yourself feel all there is to feel in this moment. Feel the feelings of knowing you're exactly where you're meant to be. Feel the feelings of doing with your life exactly what you want to be doing. Feel the feelings of knowing anything is possible for you Feelings of knowing that this reality is already yours. Don't hold back, let it feel so good. Let it keep getting better feel this energy rising in your body feel that electric feeling building up getting stronger, even radiating to those around you seeing the smiles on their faces.

I want you to now look into a mirror, maybe walk into the bathroom, wherever you're at, or maybe you have a mirror in your pocket and just pull it out. And I want you to look at yourself. Allow yourself to see feel and receive this version of you. Smiling so big. seeing yourself so happy, so confident. So alive. Knowing that you're living your purpose, making a difference, making money helping your clients change their lives. So allowing yourself to connect with this version of you. And as you're looking her in the eyes, I want you to allow yourself to receive a message from her. She has a message to give you so I want you to allow yourself to lean back. Receive that message from her now. Receive that guidance from her now.

And whatever is coming up trust it if it's not anything, trust that you received the message anyways. And when you receive this message I want you to bring your hands to your heart. Let yourself really receive this moment this version of you. Your copy your own confidence, your own power, feel it receive it yourself feel proud, grateful. Excited. I want you to take one more deep breath in and exhale let it go. And when you are ready you can come back open your eyes. Let me know in the comments how that was for you guys. Amazing. Hope you're feeling so good. How are you guys doing? Just checking in how are we feeling after the masterclass? I want you to check back in now, with your intention. Charlene says she feels refreshing and revitalizing. So good, amazing. So amazing.

I want you to now take one more deep breath in and exhale, just reconnecting with the intention you set at the beginning of this masterclass. So yourself feel excited, feel good, feel energized by it. So that is all I have for the master class today. Stick around though, if you want to I'm going to be sharing how you can work with me. If you loved this master class, you will love love love working with me one on one. This working with me one on one. It's a six month container. It's like this master class on steroids. I help my clients decide what they want, allow themselves to want it believe they get to have it and then become the person and your thoughts feelings, actions. soul who gets to create that reality just by being you just by having fun. Just by listening to and following your desires. what feels good for you what feels exciting for you. It gets to work for you because you decide it does and this is exactly what I help my clients do. So if you loved this masterclass I would absolutely love to have you messaged me about working together you can send me a DM after this masterclass.

I want to let you know, just being totally transparent because as you guys can tell from this master class, I'm straight up I'm upfront I'm transparent. I'm just who I am I'm going to tell you guys like it is because I want to be transparent with you guys with my clients with my business. That's just how I like to do things. So right now, I only have four more spots left and I've already had 13 people inquiring about it. So these spots are going to be filling up fast for more spots for my one on one coaching program. When these spots fill, it's going to go on a waitlist. And then when spots open back up, I'm raising the price to $10,000. Right now it's only 6000 it's six months. It's $6,000 if you pay in full or you can do payment plans, I have plenty of options for you. If you want a payment plan, let me know I'm happy to work that out for you, I'll send you the links for that you can play monthly, you can break it into two payments, we can figure that out. I'm flexible with the payment. So it's only $6,000. Right now. It's going up to 10,000. And there's four spots left, and they're going fast.

So if this is something that your soul is saying, hell yes to if you know, this is what you need to step into your next level, I would love to be your guide, I would love to be your mentor, I would love to guide you along the way. Because these shifts that I shared with you today changed everything in my life and in my business and I want to help you do the same. I want to help you become that version of you the most confident magnetic version of you so that nothing, literally nothing can stop you from creating the clients and money you desire. So if that's something you want, I would love to have you send me a DM after this. There are four spots left, so they're going to go quick. So send me a DM as soon as you know you're ready. Or if you want to you can book a concert with me, there's a link in my Instagram bio. If you want to get on a call with me ask me more questions, feel it out a little more. See if it's right for you. You can book a console. If you're like, Hello, yes, Madison,

I know this is for me. I'm so aligned, then DM me, this if this is something you desire. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to embody the unfuckwithable coach, you can choose right now to take yourself out of limbo. Should I do this? Should I not I want this. But do I need it? Should I have it? Is this really gonna work like that it ended up you can allow yourself to stay in that Limbo with your brain. Or you can decide I want this. So I get to have this and I'm going to take this next step forward. To create this for myself. I'm going to trust my soul on this I'm going to trust my intuition on this. So if it is something your soul and intuition are saying yes to send me a DM, let's talk about it. I would love Love, love to have you. Thank you so much for being here. While I'm here, I will stick around if there are any questions about the masterclass anything we talked about today? Anything about your business? Anything about working with me? Let me know. I'm going to hang out for another minute or so to see if there any questions. Oh, I'm so glad you guys like the meditation.

Yay, Catherine. I'm so happy. You're feeling more energized. Carla said. So good. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. So happy to have you guys here. Okay, any questions? Anything, I'm gonna hang out and drink my matcha. And I also want you guys to thinking about that last piece. I talked about the celebration, the gratitude. Choose something to celebrate yourself for today. And if you say Oh, Madison, I don't have anything to celebrate. I haven't done anything. Yes, you have. Go find something and celebrate it. Trevor and I are celebrating tonight. We're going to dinner we're celebrating. He got published in this article for work this like PR article. And I'm celebrating this masterclass because I knew it was going to be amazing. It was such an inspired idea of such an inspired action. And I'm celebrating myself for showing up and sharing with you guys the things that have changed my life. So that's how we're celebrating. So make sure to celebrate you celebrate you celebrate how far you've come celebrate how amazing you are.

And I will leave you with that have an amazing, magical rest of your day week. And I will see you in the DMS if you want to work with me and if not, I'll see you here on Instagram. bye I'm so grateful for you listening today if this resonated with you it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram at my medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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