activate & amplify the power of your intuition - with Emily Aarons

podcast May 06, 2020

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the infinite capacity of our intuition. Knowing how to activate this innate power will lead you to massive breakthroughs and take your life to the next level. 

My special guest, Emily Aarons, shares her secrets from 20+ years of energy healing work on how to tap into your intuition and get into alignment

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ What is intuition and how do we cultivate it
✧ What are the types of intuitive hits
✧ Looking outside vs utilizing our own energy for answers
✧ How to avoid burnout
✧ The difference between being psychic and being intuitive
✧ How to align your vibration with your desires
✧ THIS is what’s blocking you from tapping into your intuition

Guest Bio:

Emily Aarons is an intuitive healer and psychic business coach. She’s best known as a spiritual guide for getting out of overwhelm and into alignment in your business. Emily supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks so they can step fully into their power as entrepreneurs. She’s the creator of the Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Deck and the host of the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison zedeck. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing that came true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our lives so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our goals. biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hi, Emily, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing today?

I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me.

Yeah, thank you for being here. So I'm super excited to talk with you today because I've been following your work for a while. And I just think what you do is so amazing. And I feel like you just like radiate alignment and intuition, which is exactly what you teach and what we're going to talk all about today. But before we dive in, I'm going to read your BIOS to everyone that knows all about you and then we'll dive in. So Emily Aaron's is an intuitive healer and psychic business business coach. She's best known as a spiritual guide for getting out of overwhelm and into alignment in your business Emily support clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks so they can fully step into their power as entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the angels in your biz Oracle card deck, and the host of the aligned and unstoppable podcast, which by the way, you guys want to go listen to that her podcast, it's amazing. And to get her car tech I have, and I use it every day, and it's so great. But I'm gonna hand it over to you, Emily. So can you tell us a little bit about more about what you do and kind of what led you to be doing that?

Sure. And I appreciate just such a warm welcome. I'm excited to be here. So all of that bio is sort of what it describes is I've been doing energy healing professionally for 20 years. And in that timeframe, of course, I really started off and I shouldn't say of course, but I think it's a stereotype but any case, it's true. I started off really as like a broker dealer. I was Helping people with massage and energy healing. For years, I had my own brick and mortar. And then it just became like, it just became too much. And I wanted to have like a big girl job and have a regular paycheck and not worry about money all the time, and maybe have something in savings. And so I actually started doing massage on the side while working for a corporate company. And I did that for a while to sort of just build up some more safety net and any case fast forward, you know, corporate jobs, and worse teaching yoga and doing healing work. I sort of was just at a place in my life where I'm like, I feel this calling and I won't leave me alone. I know I want to help more people. I feel like it's part of my soul's purpose. I couldn't describe it. And yet I wasn't doing it because I was just helping like one to one and I was just praying because at that point in my life, it was about four years ago, I really was stuck. I had a son who my first kid who, you know, he was almost he was almost a year old. And I just felt like I couldn't keep trading my time for money. And I wasn't helping more people. I didn't know how to help contribute more financially to my family. And I just felt like just overwhelmed and stuck. That's the feeling I had. And when I started to feel that way, I started to pray and I started to lean into my meditation work I started leaning into how can I help our people? How can I serve my highest level? I just kept asking that question. And day by day, the answer started to kind of reveal themselves to me. And as much as the doubt I had in myself myself like, oh, who are you to even do this? You don't know anything? You're not successful? How dare you? Why would you teach meditation? Why would you talk to people about energy? That's weird, like all these doubts, and yet I persevere because There was like, there was just something in me that was like, don't stop. So. So I did, I had these internal doubts. I had external doubts from like friends and family, my husband, and yet I kept wanting to help more people. And little by little, it started to shift and then all of a sudden, I had a huge shift. And I think it was 2017 Yeah, 2017 I tenex to my business within that year, so literally January of 2017. I was, I think, was 2017. It was 2016 I should probably look at my dates. It feels like forever ago, but yet it also feels like it was five minutes ago. January I was making like 1200 dollars that month, and little by little by little and then all of a sudden it was like a tidal wave. And by the end of that year, I was crushing over six figures. And I had tremendous breakthroughs, tremendous shifts, tremendous change. And I started realizing like, it's not Not that hard to do this, but there's a sort of a systematic way to shift your vibration, shift your energy, shift your mindset, so that you can have these phenomenal shifts and breakthroughs because literally anything is possible. And so I started teaching that even more. So that's kind of like what's, I don't know, 20 plus years in a nutshell, but where I am today, and, you know, if you're listening, and you're like, well, she was obviously born with some psychic gifts. I really wasn't, I didn't think I was. I was never that kid who like saw dead people. And I didn't, you know, it was really just not that kind of childhood. In fact, most of the little intuitive nudges I had throughout my life, I was basically told that that was nothing and to dismiss it. So really, it wasn't until I learned about energy and healing. And even as like, recently as like, 10 years ago, is when I started to be like, maybe I have a little bit of intuition. But now I'm like, Oh yeah, out of the closet and realize that More than more than I embrace my intuition, the more I embrace my spirituality, the more I actually help other people with it. And it's actually really easy to help other people turn on their intuitive abilities too. So

yeah, that's where I'm at. That's, that's amazing. I love how you talk about coming out of the closet. I feel like this podcast is my coming out of the closet.

Oh, yeah. And so my podcast has been like that for like all of my guests, they seem to share their story of like coming out and

you should start a second podcast coming out of the blue podcast.

Okay, so there's so much amazingness in your story that I wanted to touch on. The first thing is that okay, so with your, where you had that huge shift in your business and you tenex your income in that one year and you talked about how like, it's not that hard, but you have to shift your vibration, energy and mindset. Did you find that before you there like maybe you were trying to buy If like strategies and all the things and nothing was working, and it was really focusing on your energy and intuition that like allowed things to click into place it would you attribute it to that, oh, 100%

because this is the funniest thing is that I had been trained formally about energy, vibration, intuition. And then I kind of put that into a little box. I had my college education about business and public relations, I took online course about, you know, business strategy, and I tried other people's formulas, and it never seemed to work. And it left me feeling really frustrated, and I felt like a loser and I just felt like why, why did this help that person? You know, bringing all this money and it's literally floppy. I'm literally following like, there's nothing more frustrating than following the instructions. And you guys know if you've ever bought something from like a store to have to build it at home when you follow like step by step and there's like three screws missing and you're just like, what It's like, so frustrating when you have instructions and you're following it and it doesn't work. And so I basically like took the plans, I took all the strategies, and I just tossed them aside. And I didn't like completely dismiss them. But But I put them aside, because I realized that if I wanted to grow my business with my customers, I needed to use my energy. And that is exactly the secret that I teach. And it's not a secret. It's just, you need to have your vibration to be a match with your clients. And your energy and their energy have to really connect. And if you're so busy following somebody else's strategy, you're not in your own field, you're not in your own space. You're not trusting your own instincts that are like this sucks. This isn't right. Or I need to pivot here. You're not listening. You're completely dismissing it just like when I grew up, and I was told to dismiss all my intuitive nudges and it's like, it leaves you feeling like you have zero support and You're alone. And the truth is, is that we are not alone. We have not just like our friends and family for support, but we have this invisible support system with angels and guidance and past loved ones and our ancestors and like any Ascended Masters that you call on with infinite wisdom, and we can use that in our life in our business. And it's like such a cool secret weapon.

Yeah, I feel like I've definitely experienced that where I'm like, Oh, they have this success that I want. I am going to follow their playbook step by step and I am going to master the shit out of their process and strategy. And then you do it you're like, I I did it right like I got it. So right. And then it's like, well, damn, that didn't work so like, what the hell is in its I so agree with you. And that's what I've been finding in my life in my business lately that it's like there's no There's no right strategy and the I feel like the best thing we can do for our success in our happiness is to really let go of what everyone else is doing and telling you you should do and check in with like, okay, but like, what's my intuition telling me to do? And we we blocked that so much of the time based on what other people tell us we should do. Why do you think we do that? Like, give that power to other people? Like, do we do you think we're like trying to avoid the responsibility by Oh, if I can just blame their strategy if the strategy didn't work?

Um, I don't think it's like, I honestly feel like it's really no one's fault. You know, it's not your fault. If you are looking outside of yourself for all the answers. It's literally what you've been taught your whole life. Literally, you know, you have been taught to go, you know, get advice, seek counsel outside of yourself, you know, you I mean, I don't know about you. But growing up when I was, I mean, I was I was on my own since I've been 18 years old. So I've lived on my own since I was 18. And there was a lot of issues coming up. Like I was broke as a joke. I struggled so much, I just like everything was hard. And when I had trouble, I would call a friend, I would call my parents I would call somebody. And it wasn't until I was like, I was sick of hearing myself complaining, and and like asking everybody else like, okay, I had this problem, and I call somebody for this. And I'm like, there's nothing wrong with that. But then there was a point where I'm just like, what am I just like, sit with it. And maybe I'll write down in my journal and like, I'll talk to my journal and like, just the process of taking it internally and writing it out. It helps you to gain insights from inside of yourself, and it's so much more empowering. So we can do that with like our problems, but we can also do that with our business and honestly, it's again, it's like we have been trained to like, listen to other people's advice and follow up, but the problem is that building a business is very different than building a dresser, right? Like if you if you and I both had a dresser components and an instruction manual, we could both build it, you know, probably like it might take you longer or me longer. But literally if you have the parts and the instructions, it will all come together. And that's the whole point, right? That's how IKEA stays in business. That's why like all these companies, they sell furniture that you can do it yourself build it here, buy the box and like use this little allen wrench and like put it together. But that's not how a business works, right? Like, there's so many manuals like life manuals and plans and business strategies, but like we're all different unique snowflakes so it doesn't work. So that's why I teach whether it's in my courses, or in my mastermind or I mentorship, anything that I touch. It's a one size fits you model. So there's a time there's a there's a time and a place. strategy. And I am like, all over like, I love analytics. I love numbers I love like ninja strategies. But number one, does it feel good for you? And that's the one thing I always check in no matter if I'm channeling information for clients like, okay, here's the next steps. Here's a strategy. Here's what, here's what, here's what your guidance are laying out for you. As much as I can channel it direct from source and give it to you, I would say, hey, Madison, how does that feel for you? Where does it feel heavy? Where does it feel stuck? What feels in resistance? And then I take that place, I'm like, Okay, let's look at that. Can we do some clearing around that? Or do we need to shift the strategy? Because it needs to feel light and needs to feel yummy? Because if you feel like excited, and like, eager and like yes, this is a fit and yes, you can feel the energy of your soulmate clients coming back at you and be like, Yes, I need this right now. And everything feels so good. It's like a freight train. Nothing can stop you. And you're not just a freight train, but you're like a magnet. Right trade. So you're like, You're, you're moving forward and you're like pulling in the same time. And all these, like amazing people start to show up and start to find you. Because your energy is so yummy and magnetic and you're like, here, I can help you this way. And I like everybody hops on board without even like effort. I mean, it takes effort. Don't get me wrong, but it's but it's a different kind of effort. It's called aligned action, meaning like you're moving forward and it feels good and yummy and light and free. And joyous. And you know that you're coming from a place of service versus like, I have to I'm doing this move it up a hill, I'm pushing this boulder hard and then help and I hate it. So

yeah, and what's it's like, then what's the point if that's how you're living your life in your businesses is pushing a struggle. It's like, were you I feel like for most of us, we created a business because we want to have freedom. We want to do what we want to do. But then we do everything. We don't want to do it everything that doesn't feel good. It's like, we have to take a step back and be like, hang on, like, what's out of alignment here? what's not working? What doesn't feel good? What needs to shift in my energy and what needs to shift in this strategy that is not like vibing with me?

Yeah. And that's the biggest problem is that people don't stop long enough to even notice that feel it and change it.

Yeah, I've definitely been there. 

I mean, like, I wouldn't know all this if I didn't mess it up a bunch. Like, that's the thing is like, but I'm like, I can be a quick study sometimes. So like, I tried other people's formulas, and I did everything right. And I felt frustrated and angry and like, What is wrong with me? Right? we internalize that there's obviously this formula is guaranteed to work because it worked for them. And all these other people seem to have it working for them. But why isn't it working for me what's wrong with me and we internalize it and we make it mean something and it doesn't mean that Anything. And so, for anybody who's listening, if you blamed yourself for following somebody else's formula, and they're not working for you, it's not your fault. It's somebody else's formula. And so, my advice is if you've bought courses or you're in somebody else's programs or masterminds, and they're teaching you something, and they're coaching, like, take it, feel it, is it light? Does it feel heavy? Does it feel right? Does it feel truthful? Or is there something off about it? And I'm not talking about like, does somebody trigger you? Because that's a whole different can of worms we could talk about but

but really, it's like, How does it feel? Does that feel because I've had people come to me like, Well, I was working with this coach, and they told me to do it this way. It's like, Okay, great. How did that feel? Like why hated that? Okay, great. Then why did you do it? Right?

It's like, yeah,

I honestly I feel like that's something I do in my coaching. And when I work with clients, it's like, here's what's kind of for me, but Don't just take my advice and know that how does it feel for you? Like the end? It doesn't matter what I say it matters how it makes us feel. And like does that work for you? Does it work for your business? Well, how about you just close your eyes? Take a deep breath, connect with your soulmate clients, does it resonate with them? like is that even for them? So I know it's kind of like these are kind of like esoteric things to talk about like feeling and sensing and using your intuition. But the prop you know, if you're too busy, like hustling and moving and grinding it out and pushing the boulder you're never going to hear feel sense any of this. And you're just going to stay in that struggle mode and you're going to burn yourself out. And that's where I come in. That's like where I that's like my sweet spot. That's my zone is like to help you to grow your business without the burnout.

Yes, I love that. Yeah. And it's like this idea of like, instead of trying to get it right, what if we focused on feeling right? Feeling good? Like what would change if we did that? So I love that. So okay, all this talk about intuition let's it talk about what even is intuition? So how would you, like define intuition? What is intuition mean to you?

To me, it's, it's kind of like that little whisper your own voice, like in the back of your mind. It's that little whisper of like things to do at ideas, you know, connections, it's like the soul whisper. And typically, it comes first. And then we kind of think about other things, and we kind of dismiss it second. And so for an example, like intuition happens all the time, whether you think it's happening or you don't, even if it's as simple as like, you're leaving the house and it's like a gorgeous day and you're like, ooh, and you're all of a sudden you're like, maybe I should bring an umbrella and you're like, it's sunny out like no, umbrella. That's stupid. Right? But your intuition is the one that's like you No, maybe just consider it, you know? And so, every day we do the thing I just did, which is no, it's crazy. Like we logically, we, we totally dismiss it in our logical mind and our ego is like, nope, shut up. And because we listened to our logical mind and our ego, it gets stronger. That's the one we typically feed. So if you imagine yoga, there's this Native American. It's like this beautiful thing that I always seem to butcher I should probably have it right on printed somewhere. So a young man and an older man and the young man was basically talking about the ego versus the higher self and the older man says, it's like two dogs, those, you know, the angry dog and there's a happy dog, and they're fighting all the time and the little boy who wins and he says the one that you feed And so this is the same thing. It's like, do we continue to listen to our ego all the time? How do we get out of that habit? Because it's all it is. It's just a habit. So the way that we get out of the habit and have our intuition start to lead us more and to become louder, is that when we get those little stupid, you know, I'll use air quotes, stupid, like nudges, like it's a sunny day, and we're leaving the house, bring your umbrella like whatever, just grab the umbrella like, Is anybody gonna get hurt is no, no, just like put in your car, it's gonna be fine. Just leave the house, grab the umbrella. And then when it rains, and you go, aha, I knew it. Then you get that confirmation, where your intuition gets that little bone right, you get to feed that little intuition. Same goes is when you're kind of like doing mundane tasks and you think of a friend, you're like, Oh, I wonder how they're doing. And in that moment, you pause and you send them a message, or you call them or whatever you you message them that you You're thinking of them or like, just like I just thought of you randomly, you would be surprised at how many times this happens. And that person is literally writing you a message, they're literally thinking of you or they're having a problem, they could really use your support. It's crazy how many times this happens that like, those little nudges are spot on. And even if it's not like something monumental, that person you just like made their day because you reached out to them randomly. 

So what do I think intuition is? The question is what is what's intuition? So

honestly, I feel like we were all born with intuition. Number one, I don't think you have to be special to be born with this like gift. We were all born with it. We've just been sort of taught to not listen to it, not to pay attention and to dismiss it. And those of us who had that intuitive pneus at a young age and did start to listen to it. So I have a A colleague appear that I had her on my podcast, and she had the opposite to happen. So her name is Hannah beer. And she had these intuitive hits. And she said, she remember as a young girl, she was on a school bus. And she's like, isn't it funny how like, you know, threes are always red and fours are always blue. And there's always these shapes. And her friends were like, What? You know, like, What are you talking about? And she's like, yeah, and there's like, all these colors are like, there's colors around people and like plants. And they're always like, what are you talking? She's like, actually, you're the crazy one because they're literally like, you can see them and basically, like, stood up for herself and did the opposite. I was like, I've never I've literally in all the people I've talked to I've never heard somebody say that. Because it's always the opposite is true, which is like, Oh, you're right. I'm an idiot. I don't know what I'm talking about. Stick your head under the sand. But for those people who have used those intuitive hits, they have Like cultivating them. Over the years, you you can see how it can like change your life. So everybody has intuition. We were all born. It's just like a muscle. I think of it as like six pack abs. We were all born with them. But just like some of our bodies have more fluff around. So we have to, you know, work them out a little bit more.

Yeah, that's so interesting about your friend. That's, that's so cool. I love that story. And yeah, do you find that intuition often feels like the logical thing? Like it's sunny outside bring an umbrella like, Is it is it typical that it feels like, like, it almost like doesn't make sense. But something is like screaming at you inside of you or not even screaming just like gently telling you like, hey, like, do that.

Yeah, sometimes it doesn't make any sense. And we've all had those nudges. We've all had those senses, like you walk into a room and you're like with somebody just like fighting in here, like we can all pick up on these silly things. There's also a type of intuition that it's like you just have a knowing Right, like we've all had, that I make a joke of, like, you know, when you started dating, you just knew that, like, the person that you're with is like being a creep or like a terrible person, you just like, you have no evidence. You just, you just know, you know, like, you know, like, you know, there are people who have, you know, intuitive hits, like they'll see a message in their mind's eye, like a visual, I'm happy to go over like the different types of, you know, intuitive hits, but we all have different senses and they come up in different ways. A lot of people do have that just knowing you know, you just you just you don't know why, you know, but you just know, and, and that's naturally strong for a lot of people I see.

Yeah, so Okay, do you think that what would you say is the difference between being psychic and being intuitive? like are they the same thing?

Yeah, I think it's interchangeable. I I resisted the word psychic for a really long time.

It was really hard for me to labeled myself as psychic. I was like, but there's these other people out there and they see dead people and, you know, they predict weather patterns and stuff like I don't know.

I just I, it was hard for me to adopt that. But it also is a way to differentiate like, intuitive like intuitive. It feels like a softer way of saying like, you're getting a gift from another sense. And I feel like psychic is maybe more in your face. I don't know. I I guess it's I feel like it's the same word. It's just like, maybe a different severity. And that's my own interpretation, I guess.

Yeah. No, I would that kind of resonates with me too. It's like, yeah, we're all intuitive. I feel like psychic is just something that's available to all of us. However, not everyone has stepped into that.

Mm hmm.

That's kind of Pisces so maybe like more

developed? I don't know. Yes.

Yeah. Yeah, you strengthen the muscle like It's, it's more it's more turned up.

So okay, yeah, I want to hear about the types of intuitive hits that you mentioned if you're willing to share.

Yeah, sure. So, um, clairvoyance, that's clear seen. So if you're like a visual person like I am, my intuitive hits usually come in with like an image attached. So typically when I'm channeling or doing any kind of psychic kind of work, I will close my eyes and I see all kinds of stuff. And when I started meditating, like seriously meditating daily and using it as like a practice that I was really dedicated to, I had so many strong visuals. I really thought I was doing meditation wrong, because I thought I was supposed to, like be this blank screen. Which, you know, long story short, that led me to creating the membership that I have which I teach people how to use meditation to grow their business, and use these visual cues to see Feel sense things in a different way. But I honestly thought I was like doing it wrong and I was like kind of ashamed. Like, why should I? Why can't I get this blank screen? So clairvoyance is clear seen clear cognizance is like I mentioned the knowing like you just know. clairsentience is like the feeling you get clear audience is the things that you hear. So you might get like, literally everybody gets us and you can't even deny it. The ringing in your ears, right? You get a ringing in your ear sometimes. And that's a good time to just stop whatever you're doing and like, take a deep breath and just kind of check in like, Is there something I need to hear right now? Because it's almost like an angel, like an angelic tap on your shoulder, like, hey, pay attention to something right now. I'm trying to tell you, but you're not listening. And so it's a really good time to pause and just ask, like, Is there something I need to hear right now? also comes in the form of like songs sounds. You know, sometimes when I'm working with clients, I'll hear a song in my head. Or I will hear sometimes angels singing or different voices in a different tone. And I'm not talking about I hear voices in my head, but like, kind of.


It's like I can hear them. But it's it's different and just full disclosure for for people who are saying, Well, I'm not into it because I don't I don't have any of those things. Trust me, you have one of them. And sometimes it's just a feeling you get a sense, like the sentience clairsentience. So when I started doing massage, I would have a client come in and said, Oh, that's really bad neck pain, I've got like, really tweets. And I'd say, okay, so I'll work on your neck. But as soon as I touch them, my knee starts to hurt. And I start to tune into that knee pain. And I asked as a mind they go, No, and they then show me a like a movie of how the person hit it, tweaked it, what tendons are muscles are inflamed and what I need to do that's like, The weird stuff that used to happen to me and I would not tell anybody. So Oh, like I had these things coming in and I just was like totally dismissing them. And when then I, I started to listen to them or I would say, Hey, what's going on with Ernie? Are they oh my gosh, I totally forgot, but I've been having knee pain too. And I had this accent you're like, Okay, great. So that confirms literally everything I just saw. It's, it's crazy how that happens. Or, you know, you might be talking to somebody or in a grocery store at Starbucks or wherever you are. And you just have like, a knowing or a sense about somebody. That's just a weird again, it's like they're things that just develop over time. But we all we all have them so clairvoyance, clairsentience, clear cognizance, clear seeing hearing smelling. Yeah, all of the five senses, but in psychic terms, basically, that's how it all works. Yeah,

that's so helpful that you described it that way. Because I hadn't hadn't really thought of it that way before and I feel like for me I don't know which one this would fall under but I feel like my intuitive ness of that sword comes through in like physical symptoms like all if things are not in alignment I will start feeling shoulder and neck pain or not feeling nauseous if things are clicking into place and it's like a yes I will have like goose bumps I will feel really like light and airy and almost like on like another like planet. And I feel like for me it's like these like physical symptoms.

Yes, for sure. And that's another way that I work with clients is all ask like, where do you feel that in your body you know, if you say like, Okay, well I don't know. I'm just like feeling stuck or I might as I'm talking to them feel a tingling in my physical body and I'll tune into that like, I might feel constriction in my chest that to me says anxiety. It feels stressed, it feels like and I'll ask like, Where's the stress coming from yesterday I had a coaching call A group of ladies in a mastermind and I was talking this one and I was like, Where is this nervousness coming from? I feel all over my body, I feel nervousness. And she started saying like, well, I don't know. I'm just kind of worried. You know, getting myself out there so much. I just don't want it to take me away from my son. It's like, Wait a second. Whoa. Right. Like that is significant. Right? Yeah, it's significant. And then it's like, Where did that thoughts start? Well, I think when I was a kid, I had a mom that worked a lot and she was away from me. So she was taken away from me like I felt like her work took her away from me. I don't want to do that to my son. It's like, okay, great right there. And then that's when we go into healing her inner child. So this is how we have tremendous breakthrough is that we have resistance, like there's layers of an onion, like we have this outer layer of resistance and it looks like I'm afraid to do a facebook live right? Like, I don't want to be on social media, I don't want to sell. I don't want to be salesy. Um, it looks like, I'm not good at writing emails, I'm not really good at niching down. That's how it starts. And then when we start to peel the layers of the onion, we actually get to the root of why that's happening. we heal that clear it. And then all of a sudden, it's like, magically you can move forward and it's really easy. Like I had a client who's, she's a hairdresser, which is, I do have some hairstyles clients. And she was so like, petrified of doing Facebook Lives. And it came down to a number of issues. Number one, she had an ex husband, who was like a stalker. So there was like that, why she was initially like, maybe almost 10 years ago, not on social media, but she has since showed up on social media, but she was really afraid to be on social media like as her face and as her person. And when we kind of looked at that resistance I could feel it in my body. So you're probably the same ways you can your body starts to sense where the tension or the tightness or there's resisting. Mm hmm. And what you do this is like a little like intuition one on one how you, like, improve and understand that intuitive hits is you go into that. So like where in your body? Are you picking up on her resistance? And what does that mean to you? And so like I said, with the chest with that one clients, like my chest feels tight, and that's where I feel anxiety or if my stomach is turning, I feel nervousness. Do I feel like you said pain in my neck pain in my shoulders? That can all mean some. So neck, jaw is all about control. Shoulders are about expectation. So there's different places in our physical body that correspond with different emotional states. And again, that can also be a place where you can help somebody to go Okay, here's where I'm feeling it like does any of this resonate with you? And so for that client with the Facebook Live, it was all lower body stuff where I felt like this block and she was feeling really unsafe. So your first chakra base chakra is all about safety, security, home, family and money. And so you can see how if you don't feel safe, it's actually harder to make money also. So you have to create a way to make it feel safe. So we just literally did some neuro linguistic programming, just literally using words to say, Okay, let's talk about like when you felt safe last, okay, I feel the safest. I feel the most confident when I'm behind the chair when I'm talking to a client. Okay, great. So you feel like you really know your stuff. Okay, great. So it's like repositioning, like how she feels safe and confident and in her power behind the chair and how we can imprint that into a situation where she's on a video. And literally within, I would say hours of that session. She was doing Facebook Lives and she did a consistent series for a full week. And she's like I've I literally I have no fear I have no worries at all and then like showing up every day, so it can happen instantly. And that's how you move forward faster when you got your alignment, your vibration to match where you're where you want to be.

Yeah, I love that. So speaking of getting into that alignment into that vibration, like where where do we start like if we've been doing all those strategies and following what everyone else has been telling us and it's not working and we're like, Okay, I'm ready to give this a shot. I want to get into alignment get out of hustle get out of overwhelm like where where would we start?

The the place that you would start is just making a dedication to meditate daily one minute, every single day and you know this is the biggest resistance for most people to meditate is like oh, I don't like it. It's boring doesn't work for me. I don't have time. Like all of those things. And this addresses all those issues because doesn't matter if You're laying in bed before you get up while you're going to bed. If you're in the shower on the toilet while you're cooking in the car, like, it's like, you can do it literally anywhere for one minute, just deeply breathing in and out. That's all you have to do. I don't care what your mind is doing. I don't care if you're thinking about your to do list. But if you dedicate that time every single day to one minute, then you have some place to start building. It's a foundation to start building off of. And then one day you might be like, having like a super good feeling day and the sun is shining, you're like so in your zone, you're like, I'll do five, I'll do 10 and then maybe you pick up one of my guided meditations are somebody else's guided meditations and you kind of experiment with a little bit longer and you experiment with what else is possible. And that starts to build your intuitive muscles. So you know, the work that I do with people so I'm actually we're doing intuition week for the third time the first week of May, and it's like a free challenge and every single day I give people With different exercises to strengthen their intuition and to receive a message and I have an insanely good track record for getting 100%, like, you know, because every single person receives a message and it's really, really fun. But in order to do that, it's like you have to be able to be in a relaxed state and be receptive to just like, following along like, okay, you're closing your eyes, relax your body, let's go on a little journey. So, for people who have had zero experience, it's just the one minute meditation every day, and then see what happens and building up from there. It's, it happens faster than you would imagine.

But that's a great place to begin.

Yeah, I love that so much. I feel like what something that really helps me when trying to get into meditation because I was definitely in the hustle camp and still sometimes find myself falling into those patterns of just like, overworking as this way of like, avoiding how I'm feeling and for when I would go to meditate. It was terribly uncomfortable because I was so used to being productive and moving and working and doing all this stuff all the time. So when I would sit in stillness, everything that I had been avoiding would like rush into me. And I'd be like, this is awful. Like, I gotta go, like run around my apartment and like, wash the dishes and like, do stuff. And that obviously wasn't helpful. And it's like part of it. It's like, yeah, you almost have to, like, feel it to heal it right. But for me, what helped was telling myself this story of instead of being Ooh, I don't like meditation. I can't do that. It's too hard. I can't sit still like, I'm the type of person who meditates daily. I just started telling myself that every day and it just became part of who I was because I was started to believe that that's who I was. So one thing that really helped me

Yeah, that's that's like a really easy way to shift it is like I'm making it your identity. That's exactly it. That's as simple as that.

Yeah. So what what do you think blocks us from Tapping into our intuition, like, what do you think is in our way of that,

um, I really think that what's in our way is, is us. You know, there are some people who I should say some many people who grew up in really strict religious homes, and frankly, we're taught that it's going to send you to hell, like it's gonna be like, you're gonna go to hell, it's evil. It's not of God and almost like this threat is sort of impairing your ability to just relax and receive. I've heard that from a lot of clients, I missed the boat with the religious thing. I grew up in a family that was Jewish, and then my dad and mom divorced my dad, one Buddhist, and then he went Christian, and so I've had the religious smorgasbord, so there was never that stigma for me. But a lot of people do have that. Like a little bit of fear in them, like Is it okay, am I gonna go to hell like his I don't know, I feel like it's normal. And it's like okay to do but I'm also terrified. I think that's a big block for a lot of people. But I truly believe meditation and religion, or spirituality even and religion go hand in hand, because I feel that met it like that prayer is asking. And meditation is listening. And so there's a place for both I pray and I meditate, I think they go hand in hand. And that like what you said is like you've given yourself that place to pause. You all of a sudden get like, overloaded into, like everything that you've been stuffing away. But when we do it sort of every day, you don't get that like tidal wave of emotion and baggage and all those things that come up at you. Another thing that blocks people is just like, I don't know, it's like making it so much bigger and scarier than it is. Because intuition is like, it's like Literally happening all the time you have this little voice kind of going in the back of your mind. And it's always happening. So you can either like keep dismissing it and kind of live your life sort of half blinded, or you can start to listen to it, start to trust it, start to act on it. And notice the enormous amount of guidance that you have from yourself. And like, I am the type of person that when I grew up, and I was in, like, like I said, I grew up in it. My really young age at 18. I was on my own and 18 and all my 20s it was a really big time for struggle, and I went in and out of depression, and I felt alone a lot. I felt really isolated a lot. I felt like unheard and I felt like a victim a lot like a victim to my own circumstances. And what meditation and intuition have done is put me back in the place of empowerment. So that I know when I feel depressing thoughts, I am not those thoughts. I know the difference of I am the watcher of the thoughts. I am not the thoughts. And because I'm the watcher then I can scale back and go wall, who's the person watching. And then I realized that I am part of this oneness, that this Emily that's living this life right now. It's just a character I'm playing in this lifetime. And I get to choose my reality and I get to choose the character and I get to choose the people and I get to choose how much joy or wealth or whatever I have in my life, and it becomes like, more of a game it becomes more like, Oh, I don't need to take everything so seriously all the time. Like, it's, it's okay. And I feel like because I have that perspective, using meditation using my intuition, I don't slip into those deeper Dark crevices, or abysus that I used to go into for weeks or months on end and have to kind of like fake my happiness to like get through and hang out with people and like, Look functional and fake that I was happy when I was really darkly depressed. And it saves it saves me like I, the more that I meditate, the more I know, I'm not my thoughts. I'm just the thinker of those thoughts. The more I become empowered, the less I'm the victim like it's the best.

Yeah, I agree. It's so safe to me to a few years ago, I had really, really, really bad anxiety to where like I really didn't want to go anywhere because it was so difficult to manage the physical symptoms of anxiety, my thoughts and I felt like I was going to be stuck with anxiety forever, like I truly believe it's like I am an anxious human like, that's just me. This is this is my life like shit. This is how I'm gonna be anxious forever. And as soon as I really started, like stepping into this more like spiritual world and using my intuition and meditating, like, everything changed and like, I wouldn't consider myself an anxious like person anymore. Like, it's not my identity like I would say like over 90% of my anxiety or I should say the anxiety because it's not mine, the anxiety is just, it's gone and like this stuff is so powerful and opens up so much in our lives. So I love that story. So I want to ask you a big question. What, what does your intuition say? Like, what's your intuition saying to you about what's going on in the world right now with Corona and all this craziness?

Um, you know, it's really interesting that you asked that because, you know, and even it's funny to the timing because we've been back and forth about scheduling this. So this week, in particular, on literally only a few days. ago, I was hit with a lot of stress listening to the news. And it kind of snuck up on me like a little silent wave. And all of a sudden I was like really angry and stressed. And I was like, I need to go outside right now. So when I was outside, I was just kind of feeling into, like, What is the situation like, What is going on? And when it started happening, I felt like, Oh, this isn't that big of a deal. Everyone's going to be fine. Like it's going to be good. And I would go through waves of emotion of like, Is it okay? It's not okay. like everyone's wearing masks and gloves and we're not with each other and it's still going and people are dying and like, there's that reality. But what happened a few days ago, was as I was letting go of my own stress and worry and anxiety and fear. I was really drawn towards this giant tree. Nearby was like I go on a walk every day and it's like it's just a tree. I was really drawn to it. So I stood with the tree and I felt like I wanted to touch the tree. And as I was holding the tree and put my head on it hard on the tree, I had this overwhelming calming sensation go over my body and the message that I got from holding the tree and just staying there. And in my body, my mind everything was that this is a season. And just like so I live in New England, north of Boston, and we have seasons here. And you know, right now, currently, it's snowing. It's the middle of April and it's snowing. But we have seas we have seasons, right so it the the leaves and the trees are budding. They're starting to open up and probably within the week, there will be full leaves and then there'll be leaves everywhere. The trees and the woods are going to be really lush. And at the end of the summer, there's fall and the leaves will dry up and fall off. And then there'll be winter and they'll be no leaves. Don't get upset about that, right? Nobody does. Nobody cares. They just excited to see the seasons the change, but nobody is freaking out about it. And that's the message I got from the tree which this is a season. And trees if you think about like really old trees have lived through, you know, countless seasons have wintering and drought and too much rain and all kinds of like fires like they've maybe not survived. But you know what I'm saying?

But the trees have gone through so much of this that they can see the

the sort of timeline of all this, this is just a season and our collective unconsciousness has kind of been the same thing. I don't want to go to work, right. Oh, the commute, work sucks. Like, this is a lot of years of this collective unconsciousness to shift these paradigms that no longer work and to also realize like we are connected into Different ways we have social media, we have technology to keep us connected and to keep things moving. But it's changing the way that we learn the way we teach the way we do work, the way we connect with our families, like it's bringing us back to kind of like a simpler state, because it almost is like things were getting, like a little crazy. And it's literally changing the way that we live. And I can't see how things will ever go back that way. And at least not for a long time. Because people are going to be sensitive about being connected with each other being in large groups. They're going to be sensitive about travel, they're going to be sensitive about people's, you know, germs, I mean, this is changing everybody, permanently. But the message that I got is that this is a season and you know, it's just part of the cycle that we've all chosen at this time to be a part of which is crazy for some people to think but we did choose this life. We did choose the circumstance answers and it's all happening for our greater good, even though it can feel scary, but the more we can accept what is the easier it can become, and not to be in resistance, because then we're in that state of stress and a state of fear.

Wow, that's amazing. So I got one of my physical intuitive symptoms, when he said it's changing our bond permanently. My entire body was covered in goosebumps. And I mean, everything you just said, like super resonated, it was such a beautiful, like, way of understanding it. So thank you for sharing. I'm sure

it doesn't make it easier. Like we're all it's all it's we're all going through it right. It's all hard. And even though it's even that thing that people say like we're all in it together, like we've always been in it together, we

will get it together. We are maybe it's like that's the message. It's not It's not that we're in this together now. It's like, Hey, wake up. We've always all been in this together. I just am showing you, I'm showing you that in a stronger way now. Mm hmm. Oh, so good. Okay, so I have two more quick questions for you. So, the first one is, is there any message that you feel called to share with my audience or me or the world right now that you didn't get to talk about today?

Um, you know, I think this, this whole conversation is really, it's about energy. It's about shifting your vibration. We've talked about mindset. And I think it's just really important to know that all of these things you have control over. That's, those are all things that we have control over. We don't have control over some external things. We can't really control the state of the world right now. We can't really control the weather patterns that we're experiencing. But the things that we can control Our vibration or energy, our mindset, our outlook, those are all things that we can completely address and harness and utilize to live the best life ever. And, and honestly, I feel like that's the message of this entire podcast is like the things that you can control and how if you do allow yourself to kind of go there and experience so that you can have the life that you've always wanted. And it's easy to see where you've become a victim of your life and the victim of your circumstances when you can see yourself complaining about well, easy for that person to say they have tons of money easy for them to say they've got blah, blah, blah, it's like well, you're choosing not to if you can just see that you're choosing the life like changes things like even even if you have to, let's just say you have to go into work when it's not something you want to do well, even just simply changing the word from I have to to I'm choosing to do this. It brings your power back So, I think it's important to look at where we use our language or we use our energy and just becoming fully empowered in our bodies in our lives, and then the radio mat into our business so that we can really grow for ourselves, but then help more people with I mean, the better that you are doing internally, the more that you can help other people. So, you know, it's evident that Madison and I are always looking to self improve, like we're looking to understand ourselves, our psyche, or our mindset, our energy, we're always wanting to improve. And that's not only because we like becoming superhuman, it's also because we're here to help other people and the better we're doing, the more people we can serve. So I I just hope that this episode really resonates with people. And it It causes you to stand up out of any kind of like funk you might be in and start working on yourself so that you can help more people because that's really the whole point. To shine your light so that other people can shine theirs do?

Yes. And it's so much more empowering, rather than to let our circumstances dictate how we feel, which really, it's not the circumstances that make us feel shitty. It's our thoughts about those circumstances into those thoughts. We have control over like you were saying, and it's so much more empowering than to be like, Oh, it's you know, this outside circumstance and outside circumstances, making me feel this way. It's so much more empowering. If you can instead be like, I am the creator and the chooser of my life. What do I want? And what do I want to create? And trust? The guidance comes to you in order to create that I think that's so so powerful.

Yeah, it's a practice, right. It's all a practice. And like I said, it's not I'm not perfect. I'm a human and, like, the other day I freaked out, but it's like getting those intuitive hits, like get outside, go connect with the tree. Okay, great. Thanks. I'm back.

Yes, exactly. Simple. I love it. Okay, so this is Last question. So as you know, my podcast is called magnetically you. So what does being magnetically you mean to you? Uh,

I mean, I really think that it means about alignment alignment is and what what do I mean by alignment? I mean, when you have a vision of like your best life ever, and like what you want to be when you grow up, if you are constantly daily making choices from that person, like what would she do? What would she buy? What would she think what would she spend her time doing? That's called alignment, you're doing things you're living your life in alignment with your higher self, the person that you know has that infinite wisdom, that knowledge and experience when you're living your place, from aligned and aligned state, that's what it feels like. Me magnetically. You when you're in alignment, you are essentially a magnet.

Yes, I love that. Well, thank you so much Emily, this was Amazing Where can we find out more about you and sign up for intuition week?

Thank you. Everything that you need is on Emily Aaron's comm intuition week is Emily Aaron's comm forward slash i W. And Madison, if you wanted to have a team we have this cool thing that we do with like team captains. So if you have people who want to be on a team with you, you just hold them accountable to doing the work each day and then we give prizes for teams every single day and teams are actually all if they do the challenge like every single day they get entered to win a private group reading with me. So that might be something that you might want to do but yeah, Emily Aaron's on Instagram. And my Facebook page is Emily Aaron's holistic and yeah, you can find all my links on my my main website, but thank you so much for having me. It was great. And thank you all the listeners who took the time to hang out and learn Listen, and, you know, expand your mind a little bit. So thanks for being here. I really appreciate the listeners. I appreciate you for having me.

Yeah, thank you. And if this episode resonated with you guys in any way, please share it tag Emily and I send us a message we went absolutely love it to hear from you guys. But thank you so much and I will see you on the next episode.

I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to non medical use comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all that good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.


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