embodying your divine feminine using pleasure, play and surrender - with Lauren Megan

podcast Mar 30, 2021

Often times we look for someone or something outside of us to "save" or "fix" us. But babe, everything you need is WITHIN you. YOU are your own guru. I have coach and healer, Lauren Megan, on today's episode to help you activate this magic within you by tapping into pleasure, play and surrender so you can RECEIVE more of your desires!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to lean into pleasure, play and surrender to receive more
✧  How to unravel the parts of yourself that you don't want to look at
✧  What it means to express your divine feminine
✧  The difference between ego vs soul desires
✧  How to use small daily practices to open yourself up to receiving
✧  Ways to get out of your head and into your body (PLUS Lauren takes us through a quick chakra balancing visualization at the end to help you do this)


Guest Bio:

Lauren is an embodiment and leadership coach, healer, a conscious mother, a partner, a speaker and podcast host of the Lauren and Meghana show, using the modalities of Reiki cymatics, and the Akashic records on the quantum field, Lauren heals and coaches women to embody conscious pleasure, purpose and impact.

Her mission is to help women heal unravel and decondition from the beliefs in generational traumas, keeping them from speaking their truth, owning their purpose and receiving the endless amounts of orgasmic bliss they deserve. 


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison certagen. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything that you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed and I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you podcast.  


I have Lauren Megan here today who I'm super excited to talk with I went on her podcast last week we had an amazing conversation and our energy it really clicked so I know you guys are gonna love her too. So she's an embodiment and leadership coach, healer, a conscious mother, a partner, a speaker and podcast host of the Lauren and Meghana show, using the modalities of Reiki cymatics, and the Akashic records on the quantum field, Lauren heals and coaches women to embody conscious pleasure, purpose and impact. Her mission is to help women heal unravel and decondition from the beliefs in generational traumas, keeping them from speaking their truth, owning their purpose and receiving the endless amounts of orgasmic bliss they deserve. Fuck yes, I'm like, okay, we could just end the podcast there. Like, that's just the most beautiful bio ever. So welcome. I'm super excited to have you here. So, do you want to start by just telling us a little bit more about you your journey and what kind of led you to this workflow that you're doing today? 


Yeah, thank you so much Madison. So my journey is very much not linear. There's a lot of pieces that I can pull from. But I think it's really impactful to start where I really stopped into spirituality coaching and really owning my gifts as an energetic healer. And that really came from so in 2018, which is crazy to think about, I was running an online Health and Wellness Business. And around the same time, I basically got hired to be a flight attendant for a major US carrier, and I ended up taking the job. And about four weeks into training, I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now two. And I ended up leaving training about a week later. And I found myself in a pretty like low low where, you know, I didn't have a job. I was, you know, pretty early in my pregnancy, I was feeling very sick. And just, you know, the first trimester tends to be very intense for a lot of women. And I felt that both physically and energetically and emotionally. And my partner and I were living in Denver at the time and all of my family was in Tampa. So I kind of made a very big decision to move back to Tampa to have the support of my family, and also decided that I didn't want to do health and fitness coaching anymore. And I really wanted to step into a space of being able to heal women on a different level. So I think I was like six months pregnant when I launched my first like free manifestation. I feel like everyone kind of starts off in manifestation, but my free manifestation group and I ended up getting like over 150 women into this container. And honestly, it's it's been a lot of trying things and testing things. And the day that I went into labor with my daughter, I actually signed to clients. So for me, it was definitely like this sense of Okay, you're on the right path. But that doesn't mean that it was easy. I definitely after you know, I gave birth and I had a unmedicated birth in a birthing center, which that alone is like a pretty big deal, especially for so many of us who were kind of programmed with Western medicine, and you know, we're supposed to give birth in hospitals and it really, what I realized is that there's a lot of disempowerment that comes with women stepping into motherhood and women really owning the fact that our bodies are meant to you know, birth babies and then to be able to provide for babies through breast milk and all of these things. So stepping into motherhood and creating this business kind of side by side with one another. I really I started to, you know, recognize my own power. And I mean, there's a lot of pieces that happened that first year where I was very much so looking for outsiders and looking for outside validation. And 


I don't know, I was looking for coaches, I was looking basically for someone to come in and save me. And that left me feeling like very disconnected for myself very disconnected from my body. So when early 2020, I ended up getting Reiki tuned, I basically like burnt my business to the ground and started over. And I ended up getting Reiki attuned, and really started to play with energy and started to coach women in the online space more based on like energy and emotions and alchemy, and really helping them realize that they are their own guru. And although it's really powerful to have a coach and a mentor, and someone there to hold this space, they really don't need anyone, I'm sure we'll talk deeper about that. But 2020 was when I really felt like I got my grounding in the coaching space on top of getting my Reiki attunements, which I ended up getting master tuned as well, which basically means you can attune on their people. I also went deep into understanding trauma and how trauma gets stored in the body. So I got a somatic facilitator certification. And then I also got my akashic records certification. So I think my work, what I'm able to do for women or facilitate for women is really taking a grounded approach to healing and spirituality and understanding how you know, the body stores a lot of information, the body stores, a lot of trauma that can be, you know, very, very massive, like this capital T traumas that we think about like a parent dying, or a car accident, or sexual abuse or things like that. And also, it can be like a lot of little things, which is what I had experience. So yeah, to sum it all up, that's kind of where I am right now. So the work that I do is very deep, it's very impactful. And it really gets to the core root of a lot of patterns that I believe have been keeping women stuck for generations. So really activating, you know, the womb space and our throat and opening up our hearts and, you know, activating our solar plexus. So we're really able to take action and be seen and do the things that you know, we're desiring to do the things that linger in our head and remove a lot of these limitations and these blocks around low self worth. So I'm a mom, I live in Tampa, and I host now live retreats. And I facilitate a certification program that I'm sure we'll talk about a little bit as well. And I also do like private coaching. So there's a lot of manifesting generators. So there's a lot of offerings that we've had at one time, which I love. And I'm a podcast host and let's see, oh, I'm a Gemini sun, cancer rising Scorpio moon, which basically means I'm highly emotional, highly empathic, highly intuitive, I used to see it as a burden. And now it's really my gift that I get to give to others. And you know, I'm a manifesting generator, emotional authorities. So literally, I just, I feel 


Oh, my gosh, I'm so with you. And I remember we found this out on your podcast that I'm also a cancer rising Scorpio moon. So we're kindred, kindred spirits. And it's no surprise to me that our stories have so many parallels because I also started out in health coaching and had that kind of like pivot to more towards like energy healing and that kind of thing. And I had also a similar experience with burning my basically burning what I had built to the ground like about a year ago, because it was built on what I thought I had to do in order to have a successful business like all these like crazy, like, funnels and this and that. And I was like doing all the things I thought I had to do. And all these webinars and not that those things are bad, they just weren't aligned for me. I was just doing them because I thought that was the only way to be successful. So I kind of had a similar experience with you to kind of like, just like burning it all to the ground and be like, what am I What am I creating? Who do I want to be? What is the business that I want to grow? What's the impact that I want to have? So I love that you kind of had a similar journey and I think it's really really powerful that you were birthing a human and a business at the same time. Like does anything come up for you like around that connection about those like, two things kind of like coinciding together in such a like a beautiful synchronicity, like do you feel like that synchronicity was like there for you? 


Yeah, for sure. I mean, my labor experience, I think was probably the most profound moments of my life and I feel really grateful that I trusted myself to you know, not be medicated because I was very aware of the whole process, which I think if you go the western route and have you know, IV, whatever it is, like an epidural or pitocin, or whatever else they can give you during that process can really take away the experience and not saying that, you know, one is better than the other because I think all birthing journeys and stories are beautiful. But I really, I was definitely in my body. And you know, as I had a pretty long laboring experience where I was in labor for 32 hours, so well into two days, and I had 12 hours of basically being at nine centimeters. So they thought she was, yeah, so they thought that she was coming. And basically, I stalled out for 12 hours. So I had very intense back to back contractions, she ended up she was like the perfect house, she's supposed to come out, and she ended up going sunny side up, which is basically like her face, instead of like the back of her head coming out first, her face would have come out first. So she was pressing on the back of my spine, they call that back labor. And that was very intense, very painful. And during the process, I was in the water. And I was really getting to a point where, like, I couldn't do it anymore, where I was just exhausted, I, you know, my whole body just felt like, totally beat down. And my midwife came up to me and she was just like, okay, you need to surrender because you're fighting your baby coming out, like you're really just, you're fighting everything to help her kind of move through this transition. And by some grace, I, you know, was able to surrender back into the water. And I very vividly saw Jesus, mother, Mary, and God, just like out of the corner of my eye. And my partner at the time was like, I don't know, you were mumbling something you're praying, I don't know, it was happening. And I was raised Catholic. So I feel like I have a very deep like Christ Consciousness connection. But at that time, I didn't resonate with like, the terminology of God, I'm more so like, resonate with the universe. So I had I do a lot of healing with that. But I just remember, like, totally surrendering. And I basically said to my daughter, Elliot, I was just like, I'm ready, like, I'm ready to meet you. So I surrendered into the water. And I basically talked to Elliot and I was just like, Alright, babe, I'm ready to meet you, I'm ready for you to come out. And, you know, I pushed for two hours session and come out, like right away, but it was really like me surrendering to my own body, me surrendering to the process, me surrendering to my own power. And I've infused that in with every aspect of my business up into this point. So motherhood within itself is all about surrender, you know, we're not here to control our children, we're here to really provide guidance, and just be there for support. So I've taken a lot of like, the lessons I've learned in motherhood, and have infused them into my business. And I think that's how I allow space for so much flow and so much ease and really just leaning into the play and the pleasure and yes, I have systems and you know, a team and support to help me with that. And I've had a grown up into that space. But that surrender energy is what gets you from where you are right now to, you know, where you desire to be, Oh, I 


love that so much. And I actually have a lot of anxiety about having a child like, I definitely want children, but the whole process, like I feel like I'm just going to be like, so terrified, and some kind of like heavy, like, coaching and like therapy the whole time or something. So it's beautiful to hear, like you're just like beautiful, like experience and how you have such a fond view of it and how it was like this thing that it sounds like that really like opened you up and your business and so many other areas of your life. So you've inspired me to like see it as something to look forward to. So how do we lean more into, into that energy of surrender and play and and pleasure in our in our lives and in our businesses? 


Yeah, so you know, I don't really think it's a how I think it's more of an essence that you choose to step into, in the process of unraveling that is where a lot of like the deep inner healing work. So I think it's really easy to say you want to you know, tap more into this divine or sacred feminine essence and, you know, just dance or just like, you know, play whatever that is. But what I found is that when we're able to unravel parts of ourselves that, you know, we don't necessarily want to see or that we've hidden, especially, you know, between the ages of zero to seven where maybe our emotions weren't met or needs weren't fully met, and we can learn how to meet our own needs energetically and go in and you know, reparent ourselves or what I like to call it ring mother selves, we can really allow space for the divine feminine or the sacred feminine to feel safe enough to be expressed so that she can surrender, because it's gonna be really, really hard if she doesn't feel safe for so a lot of the work that I do with my clients, it's much of their wanting to tap deeper into pleasure. And play is, is a lot of the root work a lot of you know, grounding in noticing what it feels like to be supported, noticing what it feels like to feel safe, because I'm going to be honest, there's a lot of women that simply just don't feel safe, we don't feel safe in our own bodies, we don't feel safe. In our environments, we a lot of women have, you know, high functioning, anxiety, all of these different things, and it really comes down to there's something within you that's unhealed because, you know, again, either that need wasn't met, your emotions were met, whatever that is. So when we can go in and look at those from a space of love, from a space of compassion, from a space of understanding, and then be able to meet our own needs, then the feminine can really flow. And then she can really, you know, open herself up to receive and then the heart opens and expand, I talk a lot about, you know, the quantum and the way that I see it in the way that I teach it, as you know, we enter the quantum field through our heart space, our hearts, our largest electromagnetic field, and when we can tap into that, and soften it and open it. And then it's really easy for us to call and things and receive things and really play with the energies of the quantum because the quantum is infinite possibilities. And we get to see that, okay, if something's, if I'm craving something, if I'm desiring something, if there's something that I want, or I can visualize myself, you know, being in this energy or just doing whatever it is, then on some level, it's possible for me, right, on some level, there's, there's something that's kind of, there's a force that's pulling me into that path. And the feminine won't go until that sacred masculine is grounded enough to allow her space to kind of move into it. And I can, like, visualize it energetically. I don't know if you can, like see it, too. But like, really visualize it, there's this force that's like pulling you and the feminine will hide away until she feels safe to really go in and move that space. 


Oh, that's so interesting. I love the way you put that in, I think like the, it's like, I like that idea of like the pull energy, it's like something is magnetically pulling you to your desires to your soul's calling to your purpose, rather than this sense of like having to like push and force and like hustle to go get it. It's like just like, a gentle like, pulling like, hey, come this way. Like, this is like where your soul wants you to go. And we get to follow those desires. And I think like, a huge part of the feminine essence is letting our desires guide us letting what lights us up what gives us pleasure and fulfillment, like letting that be our guiding compass and letting that gently like pull us and guide us to where we're meant to go. So I don't know if that's what you were meaning by, but that's what I received from it. 


No, that's exactly it. And desires are funny desires. I think for a lot of people can be tricky. Again, it really comes down to the conditioning. You know, being raised Catholic, I was very much under the assumption and conditioning that you know, my diet desires were wrong. So there was a lot of shame associated to desires, especially being a mom, like, when you follow your desires, there's a lot of shame that comes up. There's a lot of conditioning around mothers should just sacrifice and have a kid and you just you lose yourself and what your desires are at the expense of your child. Yeah, like there's a lot of either or, and one thing that I've really learned how to cultivate first within myself is a getting very clear on my desires and understanding. You know the difference between like those egoic desires and my soul's desires, and not simply because I know the next question everyone always asks is, how do you know the difference? Yeah. The way I see it is your ego is going to live in the mind, right? And your ego tends to attach itself to stories in order to keep you safe, which is very much needed. Especially you know, it's kind of like that reptilian brain where it's fight or flight. It's just there to keep us alive. That's where the ego lives. The soul lives in the body. So when we're able as women to really tap into our body and understand our felt senses, we can really see okay, this is what my soul's calling We need to step into this is part of my Dharma, my purpose, my soul's calling, this is not only going to support me, but my family, my partner, my, my business, my overall mission and the world. And the ego is like, okay, let's just figure out how to keep it safe how to, like, make it work. So that's a way that you can kind of tap into that. And then the second thing, after you have the clarity is again, like, really just visiting and being an observer and saying, Okay, what are the stories attached to this, right? If I'm, for me, being a online business owner, like no one in my family went that route, I'm a daughter of a Cuban immigrant. So hustle is very real, the fight to survive is very much ingrained in my DNA. And as women, we start to seven generations with a trauma in our room space, so that fight or flight is a very, was very real in my system. So I really had to do a lot of work and a lot of healing around. Okay, we don't have to fight to survive anymore, we get to just receive, like, our power is within. Um, so really analyzing those stories and just giving it love and compassion, and then being able to rewrite those stories, so that it's your new truth. And your soul. And even your ego can kind of come along with you. And that's something that I was just on that client session yesterday. And we did, you know, somatic Reiki healing. And we brought her ego along with us, because I think a lot of times like in the spiritual community, we're just like, Fuck the ego. Well, the ego serves a very important role. And the ego has been with us since before birth. So a lot of times when we try to bypass the ego, it tends to keep us stuck. And what I found is that when we can invite invite your ego to come along with us, it's a little bit more of a smoother process. So I like to invite the ego on the journey with me and just remind it like, Hey, we're safe. We got this you get to come along to and all parts are welcomes your inner child's welcome your ego, self. Welcome. Your shadows are welcome, as you expand into your next level of being in the coming. 


Oh, good. And yeah, I think oftentimes, we think if there's any ego coming up that it means that we can't do it, or we can't have what we want. But it's like, no, it gets to come along for the journey, you get to create it anyways. And I was just writing an Instagram post the other day about this of like, how, like, we don't just like all of a sudden eliminate fear and doubt, and then we're okay, but we're perfectly ready to go out and like create whatever it is that we want. It's like, the fear and doubt are part of the process. Like they're essential ingredients. And like instead of like running from them, like what if you're like, oh, cool, like, fear and doubt, like I sue, I'm still going towards my desires, you can come with me, but whether you come or not like I'm going, you're invited, you're welcome. Like it's fine, but you're keeping your energy and attention towards what it is that you want. And it's like, okay, these, these things need to come with me then. Okay, like, I'm still doing it anyways. 


Yeah. And it's really bringing like your whole self with you, instead of bringing, like, these parts that just look flashy and showy and beautiful surface, like we get to bring our whole parts with us. 


It's enough. Like, I feel like you know, a lot of times we think if we have a negative emotion or a limiting beliefs, and that means that we're going to fuck up all our manifestations and repel everything. And it's like, what if who you are in this moment is more than enough to create everything you desire, you know what I mean? Like, what if we didn't have to have it all perfectly figured out? What if the purpose of working through these things like wasn't to avoid something terrible happening, but instead to grow and see who you can become and see what we are capable of, and grow into the person that you know, you already are underneath all of the conditioning, if that makes sense? 


Yeah, no, I think that that's really beautiful. I agree. 


Yeah, so I want to continue on this topic of receiving say, think it's really, really powerful. And something that I really wasn't even aware of that I feel like I wasn't allowing my risk myself to receive until like a year ago. And I think it's like really, really powerful to be able to like open to that energy and to know that it's safe to let things feel good. It's safe to be happy. It's safe to receive abundance. It's safe to receive pleasure, it's safe to let yourself have happiness, right like I think oftentimes we we don't even allow ourselves to experience something that's worth celebrating because we're worried we're already on to the next thing are worried the other shoes gonna drop. So how can we stay open to receiving and allow it like let it be good. Cuz I think like some, there's some weird kick that I think we as humans get out of not letting it be good. Does that make sense? 


Yeah, I think it's the reason why it's so hard especially for women to receive is patriarchy or conditioning, like there's no one there way to put it, we have been conditioned for centuries as women to not know how to receive. And I believe that the reason is, because when a woman knows her worth, and can receive that the capacity that she's made for, we become very powerful beings. And that is very scary, I think for the patriarchy that lives very much in you know, this, hustle, hustle, go, in order to receive love, you know, you have to achieve X, Y, and Z you have to do so I think it's first like understanding that, that again, these stories are not yours, right? Like, we are designed to receive as women we literally have, what is it like 4000 nerve endings on our clearest all the male genitalia does not have that, like we are designed to receive, we are designed to feel pleasure to feel good, the feminine essence is all about, you know, sensations and our wants and our cravings and what turns us on, right? So it goes first, the first step is the deconditioning, around what we've been told about receiving, and then the second step is, you know, implementing it into our daily lives in really small ways. So I think a lot of times, especially if, you know, you were raised Christian, or Catholic, or any of these very patriarchy or male dominated religious or spiritual practices, we really have to like decondition that and that was something that I stepped into, I started to learn a lot about Mary Magdalene story, and her role in Jesus's life and really a let me heal my relationship with Christ that helped me heal my relationship with you know, Christ, His story and his purpose on Earth, as you know, an Ascended Master that that got to come in and heal. And, you know, Jesus was such a beautiful like late leader, like we want to talk about like radical light leaders, Jesus was a very radical individual. And you know, he had a beautiful relationship with Mary Magdalene. But the way the story goes in the way that we're taught is, Mary Magdalene was a whore, she was a prostitute. And that couldn't be farther from the truth, she had a very sacred connection to Jesus, she was the first person that Jesus appeared to after three days. And she was given a lot of wisdom and tools. So there's a lot of power that has been placed in women that we've just been so disconnected to. And we can implement that into our day to day just by simple measures. So being a mom, it's a lot of like flowing between, you know, doing and giving and nurturing and being in math and that, you know, masculine role, and learning how to like kind of flow back into that feminine So to me, I take, you know, very sacred holy showers, where it's all about how can I come back into my body? How can I connect into the felt sense? How can I receive pleasure, even if it's just a 10 minute shower? You know, it's me that breast massage just connecting with my Yoni, right, it doesn't have to lead to orgasm, but it's just connecting to her letting her know, like, Hey, I'm here, I feel you, I see you, you are my life for us, like our, our sacred sexual energy is stored in our Sacral Chakra. So we, we should connect to it right? And we should feel empowered by it. And we should allow her wisdom to flow up through us into our crown. That's how, you know we open up the portals for consciousness to come in and for divine downloads to come in and for the next, you know, step to come in, right. So really being able to receive in that way, and then allowing, you know, the felt sense to kind of lead us so a lot of the work that I do is also understanding where's the resistance to receiving whereas it being stored in the body and what I've noticed is with women, a lot of it gets stored in our heart space and in our throat chakra. I can almost guarantee you every woman up until this point has had some sort of blockage in her throat and in her heart space. And you know, if you look at it, historically, we have seen you know, those witch trials women have been any mystic or woman who was in her power. It was a healer. I mean for a really long time your life was on the line right to be in your power meant that you could lose your life so there's a lot of like deep embedded which wounds and deep embedded fears around speaking our truth speaking our desire speaking our wants activating not, and then through the heart just being open to receive it, there's a lot of sacred rage that is stored in women, there's a lot of anger that stored in women, again, because of these conditionings that are, have happened. Um, so being able to express them, I work with my clients on, you know, being able to express their sacred rage in a safe space so that we can open up those portals to receive. So yeah, it's really sexy to you know, have the intimate showers or the bath times or to have a pleasure practice. And also, there's another part of the sacred feminine, that's a little bit dark and a little bit Moody, and I'm sure as Scorpio moon and cancer rising, you can feel about a you know, there's depth to us in darkness to us, and that all needs to be expressed to So again, I think it comes back down to just being able to express our wholeness. And through that we can really open up the portals to receive more, you know, the juicy stuff is like, Oh, just create a pleasure practice. Well, babe, it's gonna be really hard to create a pleasure practice is in in your womb space. There's a lot of like stuck trauma. So we have to be willing to release that to move that out. Whether that be tears, purging, you know, whatever, however, the body needs to remove that energy, and then allow the pleasure to come in. Does that make sense? I feel like I went on camera. 


Oh, no, I loved it. I'm just like receiving. And I'm like, Yes, just allowing myself to receive your beautiful message. Hey, so I hope you're enjoying the episode. Before we get back to it. I want to quickly tell you about one decision that literally changed my life for freaking ever. So I wanted to start a business for years before I actually did anything about it. But then I met Kate, a full time blogger who was making his six figures. And by the end of our coffee date, my decision was made, I was starting my business no matter how terrified I was, because I knew I was meant for more. And looking back, I've realized that not making a decision to move towards your dreams is a decision. It's a decision to remain where you are. I seriously can hardly recognize that version of me or my life five years ago and it just feels so good to be living the life I actually want to be living. And it was all because I was willing to make that one decision to move closer towards what really led me up. And I want this for you too. And I know you're ready for it. So there's a link in the show notes for you to book a free consult with me. And this call might just be your coffee date with Kate that changes everything so I can't wait to talk to you. The link is in the show notes I will speak with you soon. And what's so crazy that when you brought up Magdalen I got goosebumps because when I was in Hawaii in 2020 in February so before kind of like all the like shutdowns and stuff came through to at least Texas where I live I was brand new I felt this nudge my fiance and I had just been on this like eight hour wait was a eight hour Eight Mile a mile hike. And we were like tired I mean like got off this like bus that dropped us off. We're getting back to our Airbnb. And like down the road I like saw these like tents and I Love Little markets and like wherever there's tents and markets and artists and creative people and food like I need to go there. So I just felt this gravitational pull to go to this little market. And I go there and there is this psych who has all of these like sprays that are made out of I think she called it like flour water. And she had these. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. And there was probably like 50 of them. And she kind of like does her intuitive thing and picks out the one that you need and she had a spray called Mary Magdalene and she was like, this is the one for you. And I bought it and I'm not kidding literally every time I like sprayed it on me like I just felt that like energy of like surrender and receiving which is so powerful and then she pulled I don't know if it's a tarot card or a ko card, you know, same kind of thing. And it was kind of like that same essence of like lean back surrender go into the feminine and she was like this like is a message for you. There's like a very strong message correlated to Mary Magdalene here for you. And that trip was when I decided to burn down my old business and like rebirth this new more aligned like integris business To kind of like, hear that connection kind of like and see that it played out in my life is really, really cool and really interesting. 


Yeah, Mary Magdalene is definitely some people also see, so like a lot, a lot of people will see Mary masculine energy very similar to ISIS the energy, which again, is that very sacred feminine, which she'll come to you. And when she comes to you, it is like that there's kind of like a little bit of like, destruction that has to happen and just like burning shit to the ground, what doesn't serve, and then, and along the way, it's very healing, you know, it's kind of like, your soul is just like, Okay, this, this is a remembrance, you know, so I feel that she comes. And I was just in Sedona, like two weeks ago, and there's big mother, there's grandmother, Anna energy, which is Jesus's grandmother. And there is very much like that ISIS, Mary Magdalene energy that was coming through. And it's really interesting, because when you're at the vortexes in Sedona, you just feel like very held, like you feel just very safe, and very supported in your healing journey. So I think that that's really important, too, that, you know, as the Divine Feminine kind of reawakens in each and every one of us and in the collective, I can kind of call us to like, burn it to the ground and relook at, you know, relationships and patterns and all of these things. And that can feel very achy at the time. But when we lean in and surrender to it, there's also this energy of deep divine support, and a lot of healing and nurturing that can also come. So what a beautiful experience. It's really powerful. 


Yeah, it's really, really cool, how it how it all connects. And as you were saying that, like something else came up was that after that experience, and I'm curious if you had a similar experience, kind of like after that, like, burning it all down kind of thing, and not that you have different things down to get into alignment doesn't have to be that way. But I felt like for a few months, I was in this like energy that I call like the void, it just felt like blankness is not the right word. Because it wasn't like negative, it was just this very, like, blank slate kind of energy. And it's weird to be in that blank slate kind of energy. But I think it was like such a powerful energy of creating like space. And when you create space, it's like you create a vacuum for like good and magic to rush and but before it rushes and it can feel very uncomfortable. like kind of like you were saying it can kind of feel like that icky feeling. So I'm curious if you had a similar experience, like in that discomfort of like, okay, like, here I am. No, I'm open like, this feels weird. 


Yeah, you know, what's actually funny is I had a call with my coach and mentor who's also like, my energy healer, all the things. And I, we were talking about this void of energy. And it was something that I definitely subscribe to for a really long time because it's taught and certain manifestation processes. And I basically like I didn't even realize I said it, but I was just like, in order for my manifest manifestations to come through, I have to go through a void period. And she was like, my Do you? And I'm like, I don't know, aren't I supposed to? She's? And she was like, well, is that a story you're clinging to? I love that we have all these rules and conditions. 


Yeah. And once I released that, and we actually did healing work around it, and I was able to release it. So this is funny enough, this is coming back up, because I definitely subscribe to that for a very long time. I was like, oh, there's gonna be this void of energy. I felt I've definitely felt void energy. And also, I don't think it has to happen. I think it kind of depends on what you're going through, and what you're moving through. And I think that with the right support, and the right guidance, and just, you know, whatever your process looks like, just really leaning into that the void doesn't have to be as achy or like, kind of like what you were saying like you don't we don't have to like it can be very quick as well. I guess this one? Yeah. This long process, if that makes sense. So just a reflection like back to you kind of like what I had to have reflected back to me and once I kind of shifted that, a lot of things like kind of like came into fruition quicker than what I expected. So yeah, my my thoughts on that, 


though. Interesting. I love that. I know when I was like in it, I was like telling my friend I'm like, I feel like I'm in this like void thing. And I had never even like heard that word before. So it's just kind of like a I don't know, I guess you could say like organic experience, but I agree with you like anything that our brain tells us like you have to do X in order To receive why, like you have to go in the void in order to manifest whatever it is, like whenever your brain tells you you have to do X in order to get why question that? Because I feel like that's like such a big clue into like, Is it like a story that we're just telling ourselves and we place all these like, rules and conditions even in with like manifestation and spirituality it's like, you know, sometimes we can go so crazy with our like rituals and stuff that it's like, well, I have to meditate before I can get a client or I have to do this before I can get that. And it's like, there are no rules. I feel like it's just like, what if just who you are the essence of who you are gets to attract and call in everything it is that you want? And there are no conditions, there are no rules, there are no shoulds there are no things that you have to meet before you can have it What if you can have it now? Yeah, 


yeah. And I mean, there's nothing even like, just you hit it like, right? At time, like, the way I see it is, you know, it creates outer authority, and also who's the authority over any of this. And also, when we give our energy to that we're essentially giving our own power away to on their belief systems to other people, to whatever it is, right, especially like in business, like, we get to create our own way, like we are our own truth, we're our own authority, where our own power. And I think what's being called to a lot of us right now is like this idea of self sovereignty, and owning that, and just being able to say, Okay, this is my way, I can still honor other people's experiences, and, you know, recognize them and see on their souls, and where they're at. And also, I know my own truth, and I know my own power. And at the end of the day, that's the most magical, magnetic thing that I can create for myself. And it's going to shift the collective, you know, what I'm saying, like when we step into our own power, and just to honor that, we can allow permission for other people to do the same and to become their own authority. And that would probably heal a lot of stuff happening in the world. 


Probably sounds about right, I love that. So there's so many things, as you know, I was telling you before this that I wanted to talk to you about so what's like, Is anything like coming up for you that you want to like, dive into a little bit more like something on your heart today, or something that just like lights you the fuck up that you want to like, talk about and share? 


Um, you know, I think like, the most profound thing that I've learned to really step into, especially as a woman is really learning how to come back into my body. And that's probably my favorite thing to teach people. And I had a client session yesterday, and it was like just a 90 minute intensive and it was actually really cool, because she worked with me before. I shifted everything in my business. And it was a lot of like, the mindset work that we did together. And we have this really cool 90 minute intensive and you know, she's feeling a lot of anxiety, and just all these thoughts and her she was spiraling, you know, which tends to happen. And I got to witness what shifted one she was able to connect into her body. And I think that there's so much healing that can happen from that space. And there's so much that shifts, I mean, I, I do really believe in this is my truth and my perspective, that mindset work really only gets us so far. And when we can tap into the body, and understand the body and understand the body's languaging. And what it's telling us, we can really begin to radically shift our own worlds. So that's kind of the biggest thing and one thing that I work with a lot with my clients is you know, everything that I do essentially like every program I launch is all about the chakras because the chakras help us understand the bodies, our body in general. So working with the lower three chakras is foundational, especially if you're wanting to you know, activate your own psychic gifts or your own healing powers. I think we all have the power to heal like, you know, I'm not special Madison's not special like we're Yes, we're special. And also the most beautiful thing is that everyone gets to do this work, if we trust it, you know, and if we're open to it, so I always find that working with the lower three chakras and our chakra systems are basically a mirrors for one another. So when we can ground into safety into our roots, our crown will naturally open up when we can connect to our sacred and healer, womb space and really, you know, heal those generations. towards their trauma that gets stored their own, or even our own sexual trauma or own sexual shame that stored there as well. We activate our third eye where intuition just naturally comes online. And we learn how to trust ourselves more. I mean, learn how to, you know, trust those divine downloads. And then the solar plexus is just our power and our willingness to show up and be seen. And again, that activates our throat. And then everything just bridges into our heart space where we get to give and receive from that space, and what we give them receive is unconditional love. So just being able to tap into that. And I mean, it's just kind of downloading in because maybe this speaks to someone or maybe it doesn't. But you know, if you're stuck in the mindset work right now, and you feel like you've read all the books, and you know, you've taken all the courses and you've done like all the money, mindset, all the leadership, I just want to invite you in to work with your body and work with those lower three chakras and really, just begin to have awareness. And notice what else happens from that space because our minds will tell us lies all fucking day. And the subconscious mind is yes, very, very powerful. But our soul lives in our body. And when we can connect to our soul, the possibilities are just endless, you know? 


Yeah, I love this so much Is there like a quick little practice you could take us through today, like it can be like the simplest like little thing to help us like come back into our body and maybe activate like one of the chakras that you're feeling called to activating today, could we do something like that 


you identify like us, you kind of as my guinea pig. Cool. So just close your eyes. And just take a deep breath in through the nose. 


Release out through the mouth. 


We're gonna do that two more times deep breath in through the nose. 


Releasing out through the mouth. 


Biggest breath and the biggest breath, you'll take just filling yourself up, hold at the top for a moment. Release it out with an audible sigh. And now I just want you to first notice your heart space. Notice how that energy feels there. And you can even talk to me still with your eyes close. If you feel any lightness or resistance tingling sensation. 


I keep seeing like silver sparks. It feels like excited but also like so high energy towards almost like a little bit like overwhelming. 


Okay, cool. 


So bring one hand to your heart space. And then I'm actually going to have you bring another hand to your womb space. And just to kind of ground that energy down to maybe visualizing that silver spark flowing down through your solar plexus. noticing how that feels. And then flowing it down into your sacred role. Your womb space. 


How does it feel in your womb? 


Definitely more like grounded now. I'm like so visual when I do stuff like this. I'm seeing now this silver has turned into a silver puddle. That's okay. 


So maybe visualizing that silver just going down from the base of your spine. And are you standing right now? Okay, so flowing all the way down your legs down to your feet in almost like silver tree trunks going all the way down into the core of the Earth. 


Reading that energy down and around the iron crystal core of the Earth. 


Does your body feel more like calm and grounded?  




So just connect to that for just a moment you can breathe in and allowing that silver energy to move into any parts of your body that might feel resistance or stuck Via dm on Instagram. 


Amazing. Thank you so much for being here. This was amazing. And I'm gonna ride this energy wave that you just gave me for the rest of the day. So thank you. And for those of you listening, please screenshot this episode tag us both on Instagram. Let us know what came up came up for you and thank you for listening. I will see you all next week. And thank you Lauren. Thank you I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode. 

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