6 Ways To Cultivate Spiritual Alignment

There’s truly nothing better than knowing your source of peace and alignment is within you. When your happiness is no longer dependent on your career success, manifesting a partner, how much money you have, the perfect body, etc, that’s when you’re really free.

Alignment is not just about feeling good or manifesting "good" circumstances. Striving to feel good all the time just creates more suffering. Alignment is about learning to allow it all. This is when you are truly free and how life becomes joyful.

It’s not something you have to achieve but rather something to uncover/remember.

And then, where before there was a sense of resistance and struggle, there is now a sense of wholeness and clarity. And from this place of inner alignment, comes an intuitive knowing of the right action in any given moment. 

These 6 practices have deeply transformed my life and have allowed me to experience alignment in a much more unconditional, free, lasting way.

1. Awareness

The moment you become aware of a thought, emotion or reaction, it starts to lose its grip on you. Rather than “trying” to be more aware than you are…be aware of what you are aware of. 

2. Choose Alignment

Practice choosing what feels good for you or sparks joy in each now moment. 

3. Emotional Releasing

As triggered emotions arise in the now, instead of reacting, repressing or churning them up with more storyline, practice shifting your attention into the feeling in the body and feeling it until it dissolves.

4. Follow Your Intuition

Practice letting your intuition guide you in each now moment. What feels like the natural thing to do now? What feels like a green light/open door?

5. Allow & Surrender

As best you can, welcome what is. Say yes to it. Let it be. And when you can’t, see if you can surrender to that too. Surrender gets easier the more we release emotions that have been “stuck” in the body (#3). 

6. Practice Presence

The moment you realize you’ve gone down an unhelpful rabbit hole of worrying about the past or future, practice brining your attention back to now.

If you're ready to experience more flow, joy and alignment in your everyday life, But First, Alignment is here to support and guide you in integrating and applying these 6 principles into your everyday. Explore more here.

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