4 Secrets to Feeling Good Every Day

podcast Nov 09, 2020


When we feel good, everything else flows. Opportunities appear. Money comes. You meet an amazing friend. A recruiter reaches out about a new job. New clients ask if they can work with you.⁠

When we feel empowered, we take empowered actions. When we take empowered actions, we get empowering results.⁠ So many of us think when we get the results we want, THEN we'll feel good. But that's backwards.⁠

You can feel amazing right now and in this episode, I'm sharing how.

These 4 secrets that have completely changed my life and have allowed me to go from constantly feeling anxious/blah/overwhelmed to feeling alive/inspired/free most days! You deserve to feel good too...make it a priority in your life and watch the magic that unfolds!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to sign up for my free 3 day energy makeover so you can feel ah-mah-zing...you don't want to miss this!
✧  The fastest way to change your life and feel better
✧  Why your life is a direct reflection of what you hold in your subconscious mind
✧  The REAL reason it feels so hard to change your life
✧  How to reprogram the negative emotions and limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that are holding you back
✧  How to use your built in emotional guidance system to know what's in alignment for you
✧  How to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life so that you have the power to create change
✧  How to focus your thoughts and energy on what you want because what you focus on expands

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically used podcast. My name is Madison certagen. I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life that means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me, killing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hello, and welcome back to the magnetical you a podcast. I'm your host Madison, I am so grateful to have you here. And yeah, I just like can't believe it's already November 2020. What a fucking here right. And speaking of that, I think it's about time we refresh our energy from this year. So I want to invite you guys to join my free at three day energy makeover that I'm doing November 18 through the 20th go ahead and save the dates in your calendar. Right now. If you're ready to completely reset your energy you feel amazing and begin to magnetically attract the people opportunities and ideas you need to take your life to the next level without having to hustle or push then this is for you. Make sure to sign up go to magnetically you comm slash energy makeover. Basically, you can think of this as like, let's just go ahead and push the refresh button on 2020. Let's clear out all the negative emotions, limiting beliefs. whatever it is that's keeping you stuck, we're going to be clearing all that shit out of your energy and setting you up to not only feel your best, but set you up for 2020 to be your best year yet to help you step into the most magnetic confident person, you know. And yeah, also 2020 ain't over yet. There's still more than a month of magic and opportunities that can happen and come to you. And going through this energy makeover is literally you raising your hand to the universe being like Hello, here I am, I am ready for magic and miracles and opportunities. And along the way through this energy recovery, you're going to be just resetting your energy, clearing out everything that's holding you back and really stepping into this magnetic competent version of you, and clearing out everything that's standing in your way of feeling your best every single day. So if you want to sign up, which hopefully you all want to do this energy makeover with me it's gonna feel so so good. And yeah, you'll be I think you'll be really pleasantly surprised is the right word. That's not the word I'm looking for. But you'll be very excited with not only how good you feel throughout it and after, but the opportunities and possibilities that it opens you up for because when we clear out the stuck stagnant energy and beliefs and emotions in our body, we create space for magic and good to rush into our lives. And I want that for you. That's why I'm doing this energy makeover. So yes, go ahead and save your spot, go to magnetically you.com slash energy makeover, and I will see you November 18 19th and 20th. It's going to be like a little three day energy makeover. It's going to be amazing and so much fun. With that being said, we're going to dive into today's episode, which is all about feeling better. I don't want you guys to have to wait until energy makeover to serve feeling good. And obviously you never have to wait. It's something that you can step into right now. So this up today's episode is all about four secrets to feeling better right now. So the first secret is that the fastest way to feel better and change your life is to reprogram your thoughts and energy that are stored in your subconscious mind like everything in our lives is a direct reflection of what we're holding in our subconscious mind, of our identity of our beliefs. of our emotions, all of that going on in our subconscious mind, our reality, our life is a direct reflection of what's going on in there. And science shows that 95% or more of our life is controlled by our subconscious minds. And, you know, when my clients come to me, most of them are really frustrated and confused about why their actions are not creating the results they want in their life. And I help them understand that it's not your actions that are causing the lack of results in your life. It's the thinking and feeling behind the actions, which comes from our beliefs and identities stored in our subconscious mind. So most of us try to make changes in our life using our conscious minds, our willpower, but willpower is finite. Your intuition and everything underneath your subconscious mind that's infinite willpower runs out. So most of us try to make changes in our life, using this finite source of willpower in our conscious minds. But the problem is that our subconscious minds are not congruent, our beliefs in our identity are not congruent with what with what we're willpower willpower in our way too. And when that happens when we don't have that congruency behind what we consciously want what's going on in our subconscious, that's when we stay stuck in old patterns. And that's when we remain stuck. So basically, our brains are like a living record of the past, we do the same things, we see the same people, we think the same thoughts, and therefore we're creating the same reality over and over and over again. So if you feel stuck, like that's what's going on, it's like our brains get in this pattern get in the cycle. And just, it's like, our brains are like, this is what's happened in the past, she's been thinking these thoughts and doing these things everyday. Let's just keep this going. Right. And at that point, we start becoming victims to our environment in our circumstance, and we're letting it control how we think and act and feel. And it becomes this like automatic process where we have are like, thoughts are creating chemicals in our brain. And then a protein is created and sends a message to our body, the body reacts with a certain feeling. And then the brain reacts to the feeling in the body with another thought. And then the whole cycle starts again, right? So our thoughts and form our feelings, our feelings, inform our thoughts. And we just kind of keep repeating and stay stuck in that cycle. And that's why creating change in our life feels so hard. That's why we feel so stuck. That's why we're not feeling better. But it doesn't have to be that hard. Because when we are able to create new thoughts, new beliefs, really go into your subconscious, and really reprogram and rewrite those old stories, it literally produces new chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters. And when you repeat these new, these new thoughts, these new feelings, you're literally strengthening new circuits in your brain. And those become your new, quote, hardwired circuits, they become your new autopilot. And this is how we create like real lasting change in our lives from the inside out. And this is exactly what I really dive deep into with my clients. Because when you do this, you start to believe that you're the version of yourself who has everything you want, you begin to think like the version of you who has everything you want, you begin to feel like the version of you who has everything you want. And when that happens, the path to feeling good, the path to living, the life that you ultimately wants to be living becomes inevitable because it's who you are and your identity and your thoughts and your feelings and in your subconscious mind. And it's finally congruent with what you would like on the outside. And why that is, is because when you can make your inner inner thoughts in our vibration more real than what's currently going on in your external reality, the our bodies don't know the difference, and you begin to experience what you want in the future. Right now in the present. And you literally signal genes to be preparing for this imagined future event. If you guys want dive more into like all the science definitely review or the placebo by Joe dispenza. It's absolutely incredible and just really kind of explains all the science behind all of this. But literally, like we can create new genes we can turn certain genes off and on just by what we are experiencing in our internal world without anything having to have changed on our outside world. And when this happens, when you begin to experience internally, what you believe this, these certain external circumstances are going to bring you when you can experience that internally now. That's when your external reality begins to reflect your internal reality. You start feeling better your desires are coming to you with ease and flow, they just come to you and you. And in the process, you feel so much happier and healthier and more abundant than you ever have before. Because you're going inside creating change on the inside like we are. It's never our circumstances that cause us to feel negatively. It's our thoughts and feelings about the circumstance. And we can always go in and reprogram those thoughts and feelings about our circumstance so that we create what we want first internally, and then our external world changes as an inevitable byproduct of that internal change. And when you when you look for things in your life that feel good when you seek to feel good, like you just create more things to feel good about. Because you're looking for them, whatever we look for, we find and our brain is wired to look for what we currently believe we have this part of our brains called our reticular activating system. And basically, its job is to look for and find evidence for all of the current beliefs that you already hold in your subconscious mind. And so that's why our beliefs feel so true. And so when you begin looking for something different than your current limitations, and your current beliefs, your brain starts to get trained to look for those different things and to find more things that feel good. And as the more you look for things that feel good, the more you find things to feel good about. And the more you feel bad, right, it just becomes this like upward spiral rather than a downward spiral, right? Like we can use the way our brain works kind of on this autopilot to our advantage, like it's where it's happening. For us, it's working for us. And you know, a lot of people are letting it work against them. But it's like we have the power to, to work with it and to create that congruency through things like hypnosis, tapping meditation, thinking, Okay, who is a future version of me? Who's already living the life that I want? How does she think how does she feel? How does she act and starting to step into that version of you now again, because your brain starts to believe that you're already living that reality. And then your brain becomes this, like pre programmed roadmap to the future rather than this, like record and replay of the past. And, you know, we all have this built in emotional guidance system within us. And essentially, that's just your emotions, like our emotions are so incredibly powerful. They guide us to what's in harmony, and what's not, I'm already getting ahead of myself. So I'm gonna save this for the next step. But just know that, like, your emotional guidance system, your intuition is always talking to you, the answers are always within, you're always being guided. And the more we tap into that, and listen to that, the more we feel better, right? Like, we get to feel better, and our minds are so incredibly powerful. And, you know, it's like, what we focus on what we give our attention to expands and something really amazing. I did something really amazing, I should say, when I had COVID. Like, I don't know, I guess it was like a month and a half ago now. So by like day six or seven, I completely lost all sense of my taste and smell. And I was like, Damn, this really sucks. Like, I've never had that happen before. I'm like, oh, like this is like, honestly, terrible. Like it's not finding any satisfaction. I kept tasting everything literally couldn't taste anything, but weirdly enough, like juice, orange juice, fun fact.

Um, but anyways, I, you know, friends and family and whatever people knew I had COVID and they were like, Oh, well, you know, the taste is definitely not going to come back for at least three weeks, because that's how it is for everyone else. And I'm like, Fuck that shit. Like, I'm not, I'm not subjecting myself to that belief in that rule, like, according to who do I have to have my taste and smell gone for three weeks? Like hell no. So I decided I was going to play do a little experiment with myself. And I was like, What if I just visualized several times throughout the day that I could taste and smell everything. So as I was eating, I would just imagine tasting and smelling and I would just think about memories where I could taste and smell and really imagine myself feeling the feelings of tasting and smelling and just really immersing myself in that every time I ate and even when I wasn't eating, I was closing my eyes and telling myself like my tastes and smells are rapidly coming back. Like I can taste and smell everything. I feel new taste buds like sprouting in my mouth. Like I was like, I'm doing what some people might call is batshit crazy, but I was like, I don't care. Like, if it doesn't work, no problem, like, whatever. And like, not even I was gonna say crazy enough, not crazy enough, because this is like this is the power of our energy and of our mindset. Literally the next day my tastes and smells started coming back and within like, probably like two days it was back 100% I haven't heard of one single person who got it back that fast. And it was because I chose to not buy into that story and believe in the power of creating internal feelings and a vision so strong to where my body didn't know the difference between what was going on inside and outside. And then what was going on inside became my outside experience. Like that's how our brains work and not how powerful we are. We are literally all like walking magical and miraculous, like energetic beings. And it's just so cool. And I think that's just such an amusing example. So that is secret number one is ultimately just to really understand that the fastest way to feel better and to change your life is to give your thoughts and energy, give your attention to what feels good to focus on choosing the thoughts that feel good to focus on. doing the things thinking the things feeling the things that make you feel energetically good, right? Like when we change on that internal level, that subconscious level, that's when our lives really, really change. So moving on to secret number two, and honestly, I couldn't help but infuse this already with number one. Because it's like if I always say like, if I could only tell my clients or anyone one thing it would be to make feeling good, your number one priority. Because not only like who doesn't want to feel good, but also feeling good makes you magnetic. The more you feel good, the more you follow, it feels good. That's literally you following your soul's calling, that's you following what's in alignment, that's you following what's in harmony for your life. And as I was saying, before bringing it back to the emotional guidance system, we have this built in system of emotions, constantly telling us what's in harmony, and what isn't. So let that be your guiding compass. For your life. Whenever you're feeling a negative emotion, it's just your body, your soul, your intuition telling you that you're giving your thoughts and your energy and your attention to something that's not in alignment that's not in harmony, and you have the opportunity to pivot so say thank you to whatever the negative emotion is. And notice, what was I thinking and focusing my attention on that led me to feeling that way? And what else could I focus on instead? And asking yourself like Gabby Bernstein says, like, what's the next best feeling thought I can reach for and just reach, you don't have to go from like 100% negative to 100% perfect. But what if you just reach for the next best thought and then that that leads to the next better thought and that takes your vibe up a little bit. And then another thought takes your vibe up a little bit and you start climbing this ladder, it's becomes this like upward spiral of higher vibe, emotions. And that's how you can begin like lifting yourself up lifting your energy up. And something that I really love to do that really kind of puts this emotional guidance system into practice is whenever you're really not feeling good, just reach for that next best feeling thought and then let yourself go on a rampage of thoughts climbing up that ladder. So maybe you're feeling like complete and total anger and depression and anxiety and fear. And then maybe you take yourself up to anger and then maybe you go to neutral and then you just start lifting yourself up and it's not the point isn't to consciously be like what's How do I get to the next emotion? It's just like no, what's the best next feeling dog can reach for and reach for that thought if your lungs are even with people who gives a shit? Say the thought out loud and then keep climbing. For the next keep reaching for the next best feeling thought and let yourself go on a rampage. It sounds crazy. So um, let me see if I can give an example. I'm just going to go for it and see what comes up but maybe it's like ah, like I'm not really feeling that motivated to record a podcast today. And what's the next best feeling data can reach for well the next question I thought I can reach for as well. Well maybe then maybe the motivation will come or maybe it's okay if I don't record today and you know it would I always end up having a good time when I do record and when I do record and I do get in the flow feels so good and I have so much fun and then I and then I know I'm impacting people and the clarity always comes and I know exactly what to say and I have so much fun doing I know I'm impacting people. And then people messaged me on instagram telling me how this episode changed their life. And then whatever it is like, can you tell how like, my energy just started lifting and feeling better just from kind of like going on that little rampage. So it's kind of just an example. But like, whatever it is you're feeling and thinking, see if you can just reach for the next best feeling, thought and let that begin lifting your emotions up, let that begin guiding you. And whenever you're like I said, whenever you're feeling that negative emotion, it's just the means that you're telling yourself something that's not really in alignment with your truth, you're thinking about what you don't want rather than what you do want. And when you can let your emotions be your guidance system and let feeling good be your number one priority, let it be your compass. Not only do you feel so good, but it literally makes you a magnet for everything that you want. Because it's your feeling good is your soul's way of saying yes, this is an alignment, this is in harmony. And when you're in alignment, harmony, it's like the floodgates are open for good to rush into you. Because you're open and energetically ready to receive those good things, you're, you're looking for them, you're looking for the things that feel good, you're open to seeing them and you're not completely just ignoring them because you want to like stay stuck in your victim story or whatever it is. And I always talk about this with one of my really good friends that we always say like the magic car always comes after the after the shift. The Magic always comes after the shift. And what I mean by shift is like, you know, like those moments where you're like not feeling so good. And then you either like you think a thought or you go on a walk or you do something that you know feels really good for you and then you shift it's like something in within you has completely shifted and you start feeling better. You started thinking higher vibration thoughts. That's what I mean by shift. And it's so amazing how it's like every time I've ever had those shifts in energy, it's like magic happens. It's like an unexpected payment comes in my business. My fiance does something really nice for me like all of these like magical things happen on the outside and come to me because of the internal shifts that I've made. And it's literally incredible so but I have a really good story about how the magic is in the shift. So the other day before I was going to California to get certified and NLP hypnotherapy time techniques success and life coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique. Tapping, which are all amazing tools is such an amazing experience. But anyways, get back to the button. So I was about to go on this trip. I was going to be there for eight days. And I had ordered matcha a few days before so that it and I paid like 25 extra dollars for it to arrive on time for my trip. And it was the day before my trip and my matcha had not caught that I was like where's my watch up? I checked the mail and check the mailboxes. Like not there. And I was like, like shit like being a total victim. Like, when is like, Oh my God, is it coming today?

Like I paid all this extra $25 for this like how am I gonna survive for atheist about my job like I could go to Whole Foods and get my job but I don't like any other brand image except this one brand. And oh my gosh, like, like basically being a total drunk with complete total john green wrapped up in my own bullshit. So I kind of just like, wrapped up in the drama and also happened to need a cucumber from the store. I was making Mediterranean that night I was going to make to zekey with it. And so I walked down the street to go to this grocery store near us and I'm standing in line honestly feeling like shit, my thoughts keep turning about the watch. And I'm like, how am I gonna do this? Oh my gosh, what do I do? Like, literally spinning in circles about not having my daily macho, like a drama queen. And then I thought it took us aback and I asked myself like, how can I accept this? How can I be okay, with this circumstance? How can I make the best of this circumstance? And I closed my eyes and I was just like, how, how can I let this go? Can I let this go? Am I willing to let this go out? And I was like yes, I'm willing to let this go now. And just like really went like internal asking myself those questions asking if I could let it go and pondering the possibility that Yeah, I could let this go. I could let it be okay, I could make the best of this circumstance. I could drink coffee for eight days. Like I'm not gonna die like it's fine. I could get a brand that maybe isn't as good It's fine rbv I find a better brand that I'm forced to try and like, it's literally fine. So I literally close my eyes, I'm waiting in line with my cucumber. And I felt the shift to shift in my energy. The one that I was, you know, the one I was like describing before how you just like something has shifted and you feel lighter, you feel expanded, you feel more free. It's all the overwhelm and thoughts and clogged up sugar in your brain feels like it's been released open my eyes and look to the wall in the grocery store. And there's a giant picture of a butterfly and butterflies are my sign butterflies are my like, yes, you're on the right path. Everything is working, everything's gonna be okay. And it was just like, yes, like, it's gonna be okay. And so like, not only had I already made the shift within the butterfly was like, confirmed my shift. And so I'm like, now I'm like, skipping along home with my cucumber, like feeling so much better. I get home, I start cooking dinner, having a nice time playing music, drinking wine, all the good things, and decided to check my email. I don't know why I was checking or whatever. And I literally had an email that said, like, we found your package. It's in locker XYZ, my apartment, they have lockers. And I was just like, yes, like this is it the magic always happens after the shift. It always comes after the shift. Every time you make a true pivot in your thoughts and in your energy. You literally open the door for the magic to come. It's so unbelievable. And it actually is so unbelievable, because it happens all the time to where I'm like, Okay, this is like, every time it happens, it's amazing. And it's like, I truly attribute the it all like working out that way. And it's the package coming to me. Right before I had to leave, because I created that internal shift, I chose to let it go. I chose to let it be okay, I chose to choose new thoughts, but I chose to step into new feelings about it. And then poof, it's like the baggage game. It's crazy. But it's not crazy, because it happens every fucking time. It's so magical life is a miracle. I love it. I love that story so much. And I'm there's so many other stories like that I could tell you like there was one time where I probably like, I don't know, like six or eight months ago where I was like stressing about, you know, like, Where are the clients? And are they Why are they coming and nobody wants to work with me and nothing's working in full global all the whole thing and victim drama queen story. And I was like, thinking I needed to do more, I need to do more. And then then I can get the clients and it's like, clearly doing more from this energy and from these low vibe thoughts is not going to help me. So I was like, Okay, I'm going to do a meditation. I actually did the day to meditation for my five day meditation challenge. It's free if you haven't done it yet go to magnetically calm slash free meditation. But anyways, do two is all about letting go. And I did that meditation. It's like a 10 minute meditation. And again, like, just a couple minutes later was like back on my computer, getting back into work, checking my email, and literally had an unexpected payment of 1500 dollars come into my business like no idea I was coming completely unglued, completely unexpected. And again, it's like the only other The only way to explain that is because of the shift. The magic is in the shift every time. And it's so incredible. And this is why I'm so passionate about teaching, mindset and energy because it has changed my life. So much has brought so much magic into my life. And I want the same for you. So let's secret number two. Again, to recap, make feeling good, your number one priority. Let your emotions guide you and know that magic is coming because you're choosing to make those internal shifts. And one other fun little example that I just thought of I was yesterday, no, two days ago, I was journaling on what can I do today to feel more alive. And this is like from the first day of a program I have called energy rehab, it's 12 days of energy healing rituals that are some of the most powerful rituals that I've used to like, create these shifts like really fast really effectively. So anyway, so it's doing day one of my energy rehab and journaling on the journal prompts for that day, and one of them was like, What can I do today to feel more alive? And I immediately thought go on a walk at the lake. And I started thinking like, that was my initial reaction was to go on a walk be like so I'm like 30 that's my intuition talking to me. And then I started getting in my head like, Oh, I don't want to drive there and like, I don't really want to go by myself and like, Yeah, I just by time the afternoon comes around, I'm not really going to like feel like it and then Um, I was just like, I set the intention, like, you know why, like, I am choosing to do something for myself to feel more alive. And I'm going to do that today. And, um, if I meant to go to the lake, I will. And so I decided to do yoga that morning because I honestly kind of just didn't feel like driving to the lake by myself. I don't know, I love doing things by myself, but I just wasn't feeling it. So I did yoga, I gave myself permission to do kind of what I felt like doing in the moment and give myself the space and doing yoga to create that shift. And I did and literally, right after I did yoga, my friend texted me and said, Hey, I'm off work today. Do you want to go on a walk at the lake, and I was like, absolute fucking loudly like this is so meant to be. And it was kind of like the nudge, like I almost like needed and asked for and set the intention for to do that for myself and to have someone to go on a walk with and we went and we had this like, amazing time. And it's just like, I could literally go on for so long. And I'm sure you have examples of this in your life. Like, maybe, maybe sit down and think about those times where like, something completely magical happened right after you had an energetic shift right after you had a perfect pr spective shift and started choosing and thinking new thoughts. Just notice how that's happened for you in your life and let feeling good guide you because when you let that guide you it's honestly, everything works out better than you could have imagined. So secret number three, to feeling good is to choose to be a cause and not out effect. So this really means taking a 100% responsibility for your life. This doesn't mean that you're to blame. This means that you're a cause this means that you are you it's in your power, this empowers you to change your life. If you're if you're out effect and blaming everything outside of you and your circumstances, and you have no power to change your life and you stay stuck and you remain the victim. But when you take 100% responsibility that gives you the power to change things. And believing that you have the power that you are responsible for everything in your life literally gives you that power to create anything you want in your life. And it's like just shifting from nothing I do makes a difference. Everything is happening to me to everything I do makes a difference. Everything is happening for me I can create anything that I want. So choose to be our cause, take responsibility, own it, and not because you're to blame or not to blame, that doesn't matter. It's no, you're choosing to take responsibility, because that puts you in an empowered position, to change what you can to change on the inside. Rather than trying to change and control everything on the outside, which just gives you the illusion of control and then makes you crazy because you don't actually feel like you have any control over anything outside of you. And so when you really focus on taking responsibility for how you're reacting to your circumstances, how you're feeling how you're thinking, then you become a cause in the power to change your life to feel better if you think if you can't feel better, you can't be happy until you lose 10 pounds in your living at effect. But if you bill if you choose to be a cause, and you say no, it's not the weight that that determines my happiness, I the term I have is I'm responsible for my happiness, then you open yourself up to the possibility that Wait, what if I could feel happy now when you you can it's like those thoughts and feelings we think we're going to have when we get there are available to us now. And that's what being a cause is all about is really stepping into how can I think the thoughts and feel the feelings that I want to have? Now regardless of my external circumstances, your external circumstances, don't decide that for you. secret number four. So that's secret number three is choose to be at cause not on effect. And then secret number four is to focus on what you do want so when you find yourself overwhelmed or stuck or feeling really like negative or stressed or anxious, or whatever it is, and you're focusing on what if this happens, what if that happens and all this like bad stuff that could go wrong? just literally cut yourself off and be like, what is it that I do want in this situation? And literally just answering that question. our subconscious minds are designed to answer questions we ask and that's why asking yourself powerful questions is so powerful So when you ask yourself, what is it that I do want in this situation, your brain starts looking for what you do want. And when you look for what you do want, you find what you do want you experience, what you do, what you feel what you do want. And just thinking about what you do want rather than what you don't want literally can create those feelings inside of you. And it's like about telling a new story rather than obsessing so much over what you don't want. Well let that inform you about what you do want. Like, if you're thinking like, oh, like I don't want to be in this corporate job, I really want to be in my business full time like blah, blah, blah. What if instead you focus your energy and attention on? I'm so excited to be all in on my business soon? Completely different? And how do you think you think and feel and show up from each of these places, it's like when you're focusing on what you do want, you think in a way to feel in a way and show up in a way that allows you to experience more of what you do want and less of what you don't want, then we're always, we always get what we give our attention, and our focus to so give yourself permission, like to withdraw your attention from problems and then focus on what is it that you do want just asking yourself like, can I let this go? Am I willing to let this go? What's a new story? I can tell myself? What is it that I do want? In this situation? It's so incredible, just that one question. When you find yourself feeling love asking, what is it that I do want and letting your subconscious mind go to work answering that question and looking for evidence of what you do want, it is absolutely incredible, how fast I can change how you're feeling? And when you ask these questions, what do I want? And even Why do I want it like just pondering those questions, asking yourself those questions literally creates thoughts and feelings that are in harmony with what you want. And when you're thinking and feeling in harmony with what you want. You can't help but attract what you want to you because you're now in harmony with it. And so I just want to like remind you to look for the things that make you feel good look for what you want. Look for the thoughts. Look for the feelings of what you want. Focus on feeling good, make it your priority, be a cause because being at effect just perpetuates your current reality. That's what you're giving, you're giving all your focus and attention to what you don't want. That's what you create that so shift your attention of where you're focusing your attention and thoughts and energy isn't feeling good, then what if you were able to shift into new thoughts and new feelings and new energy and when you do that, when you are like tuning your thoughts and energy to the feel good aspects of what you do want, then it comes to you rather than you having to hustle and push, push and force and struggle to get it like what if it just could come to you and what if it got to be that easy. And it is like the universe is always responding what to what we give our attention to and then what you focus on expands So focus on what's going to allow you to feel good choose to think the thoughts that are gonna allow you to feel good choose to feel the feelings that feel good. Because when you look for what you want to see and experience and feel, then that's what you see and experience and feel. And it sounds so simple because it really is like we've got to stop relying on our external circumstances to change the way we feel like when we you know, like I was saying before, like we think we get there and then we'll be happy and then we'll be all this No, we got and it's like, sorry, sister, but you take yourself with you to those new circumstances. So why not? Rather than obsessing over changing what's on the outside and then when you get there, it doesn't feel good anyways because you've brought yourself with you to those new circumstances. Instead, focus on aligning your thoughts and your energy and your feelings with what it is that you do want and how can you step into it now how can you think the thoughts and feel the feelings of already having what it is that you want? How can you be happy with what you have now? That is literally what makes you a magnet that's what opens the door for the law of attraction for the universe source God whatever you believe in to bring that to you. Anyways, that's all I have for you. I feel like I could go on a beautiful rant about this forever because it just gets me so fired up and this is everything that's completely and dramatically changed. My life is really tough. into the power of my thoughts and my energy and my intuition. And when you create such powerful shifts on the inside the outside can't help but change because it's just who you are. It's who you are on the inside. It's what your brain begins looking for its you begin to align with the, the inspired actions and ideas and thoughts to create that reality and to step into that reality. So yeah, I would love to hear how you're feeling after listening to this episode, which secret resonated with you most I'll quickly recap them so the first one is that the fastest way to feel better and to change your life is to reprogram your thoughts and energy stored in your subconscious mind. And to follow your intuition. The second one is make feeling good, your number one priority. Third one is to be a cause and effect. And the fourth one is to focus on what you do want to give your attention to what feels good, give your attention to whatever it is that you do and asking yourself what is it that I do want in this situation? So anyways, I clearly could go on and on forever. But if this resonated with you, I would love if you screenshot this episode tag me on Instagram at magnetically you. Let me know which of these secrets resonated with the most how you're feeling now I would love to hear from you. Any who, if you want to dive deeper into really reprogramming on a deep subconscious level, your thoughts and your energy then make sure to sign up for energy my three day energy makeover starting November 18. Just go to magneticallyyou.com/energymakeover, we're really going to be taking this next step further and kind of really just clearing out all of the energy, the thoughts, the beliefs that are standing in your way of feeling your best and that are standing in your way of bringing in What You Want into your Life. It's gonna be amazing. It's gonna be so fun. It's going to feel so fucking good. So go sign up, magnetically you.com/energymakeover and I will see you there I'm so grateful for you listening today if this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magneticallyyou.com to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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