4 Patterns Your Ego Might Be Disguising As Spiritual Alignment

alignment intuition Oct 02, 2023

When we are on a spiritual journey, it is important to be aware of the patterns our ego might be disguising as spiritual alignment. Our ego can be a tricky thing, and it can be difficult to recognize when we're caught in identification with it.

Are you sure your ego isn't disguising itself as spiritual alignment? Here are 4 patterns to watch out for!

 1. Efforting alignment (trying really hard to get into alignment)

Obsessing and trying to be in perfect alignment 24/7 keeps you more stuck. Notice when your mind wants to make alignment something to work really hard at versus something to allow.

It’s not something or somewhere you have “get”; that implies the future and the only time you can ever experience alignment is now. So if you’re efforting to get “there”, you will never experience it “here”. It’s less about efforting and more about “how can I allow in this present moment?”.

2. Getting mentally high off external circumstances going “your way”

I used to think alignment was getting mentally high when things went my way or I manifested what I wanted. This left me constantly chasing more and always ended with a crash. But alignment is not “I’m very happy when I get what I want and very unhappy when I don’t”.

Alignment is a more steady, grounded, clear, “I’m good either way” kind of energy that doesn’t spike and crash based on external circumstances.

3. Repeating habits that were aligning in the past that aren’t actually aligning now

Be open to alignment shifting and changing. It’s not about repeating the same things that previously brought alignment. It’s about what’s aligning NOW. It may be the same or it might totally surprise you. 

You’ll know you’re doing something out of habit that’s not actually in alignment when it feels like you’re squeezing the juice out of an orange that doesn’t really have any juice left ;) 

4. Over-optimizing to make life match your preferences

Alignment isn’t about optimizing everything to perfectly match your preferences. It’s about fine tuning when it’s aligned to optimize and when it’s aligned to just let things be. It’s about tuning into what feels like going with the flow vs what feels like going against it.

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