owning your story and showing up fully expressed in your business - with Emily Brant

podcast Oct 20, 2020

I'm so excited to bring you my friend, Emily Anne Brant this week!! She's a manifestation biz coach and is seriously such a wonderful person. Hearing her share her story so vulnerably literally rocked my world and transformed the way I show up in my business and I am so excited for you to experience it too! And she totally gets it...we are SO on the same wavelength about our business approaches (energy > strategy ALWAYS!!).


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  How Emily turned being born into clubbed feet and severe scoliosis into her biggest gifts
✧  What it was like for Emily when she had a near death experience at age 14
✧  How to share your story and be more vulnerable
✧  Why energy is always more important than strategy as a coach
✧  How to show up fully expressed in your business
✧  How to remove guilt around receiving money for your work
✧  Why Emily no longer does sales calls and what she does instead
✧  How to magnetize sales and clients to you


About Today's Guest:

Emily Brant is an amazing manifestation expert for entrepreneurs. She has harnessed the power of manifestation to create her dream business where she gets to answer her soul's calling and help women live fulfilling, joy-filled, abundant lives and she specializes in teaching soulful business women how to create epic abundance just by being themselves and sharing their story


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetic podcast. My name is Madison zedeck and I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place if you want to manifest a life into jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me killing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing that came true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of good freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for most of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hello, welcome back to the magnetically you show. I have Emily brands here who is an amazing manifestation expert for entrepreneurs. Is that right? for entrepreneurs? Yes, yeah. Okay. And yeah, she is amazing. I actually found her through. Katherine Xin kinos. podcast manifestation, babe. A few months ago, Emily won this like VIP day with Katherine and I listened to the episode with her and I was like, She's amazing. I have to follow her. And now we've been following each other for a while on Instagram just vibing with each other's stuff. We're like, Okay, it's time to have a conversation. So here we are. So basically, Emily has a harness the power of manifestation to create her dream business where she gets to answer her soul's calling and help women live fulfilling, Joy filled abundant lives. And she specializes in teaching, soulful business women how to create epic abundance just by being themselves and sharing their story. So welcome, Emily. I'm super, super pumped to have you here. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here and have this conversation with you. Yeah, so tell us like a little bit more about like your background and your story. And like what led you on this journey of manifestation and business and got being being where you are today with all of your guide to success and abundance? Yeah, for sure. Thank you. So I grew up on a First Nations reserve here in Ontario, Canada. And I'm going like way back to birth. This is where my journey really started. So I would try to make a long story short, but it really does have everything to do with what I'm doing now. Because I was born into all these physical adversities and challenges, which really have shaped who I am and how I am and why I do what I do. So I was born with something called clubbed feet, which is where your feet are turned in or out in mine word turn so far out, they were like turned and then pinned up against my legs tucked in basically. And so I had to go through several surgeries right away, the doctors were like, not sure if I would ever walk on my own. So it's several surgeries as a baby a few more throughout my childhood, high school and college like lots and lots of surgeries on my on my so that I could walk. And lots of just like, my whole childhood was either in a cast or a brace or a wheelchair, because just lots going on with the feet. And that was also a part of Bill syndrome, which I was born into, which is a super rare genetic condition. It's like apparently more rare than dwarfism. It's really, really rare. And you're basically born with a different set of genes where it affects the connective tissue and everything is really bent and contracted. So I have arms, legs, fingers and toes that don't straight and all the way they just kind of remain bent. And everything is also really long and really lean. And it leads to an under development of muscle and bone mass. So basically, I'm like really long, thin and bent everywhere. And this led to like, obviously, an interesting different childhood experience and like, you know, some nice people, some not so nice people with like comments and bullying and being called like at the alien or toothpick or skeleton or whatever. And then if that were not enough, I also developed really aggressive scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine, and that can come with the bill syndrome as well. And that led to such a severe curve in my spine that when I was 14, the doctors were like Okay, we have to operate, ASAP, or else her spine is going to crush her lungs, because it's just getting so bad. So I had the surgery when I was 14, and that surgery almost took my life. And I know you want to get into this a little bit as well than your death experience. But all this to say all those differences, I mean, they obviously impacted who I am, they obviously built character, they built strings, they built compassion, but I did and always have this mindset that I have about it now or I just view them as like my biggest gifts and the things that can help me inspire other people. I grew up with like a lot of kind of shame around it, I wouldn't say really like, I never wanted people to pity me, or like Poor me, poor me, that kind of thing. But I always would like, just question like, God, why? Why do I have to go through this? Why all these surgeries? Why can't I just have a normal body? Why do I have to go through high school with all these weird body things. And I guess flash forward to my early 20s, I got really into personal development work back into it, I should say, because I discovered it in high school, got back into it in my 20s. I discovered like manifestation, the power of our mindset, the power of our thoughts, the power of self love and self worth. And I just became so passionate about it that that helped me like growing my businesses growing in my career, obviously, my own self worth my own self confidence. And I began to finally answer this little whisper that was always inside of me that when I would pray and ask, like why God would have to go through all this. And I would cry at night, I would always hear this voice that was like, because you're going to use this one day to help inspire other people. And so I'm getting goosebumps. That's so special. Thank you. Yeah, so I'm like, finally listening to that intuition to that call. But it took until Yeah, like my mid 20s to actually step up and be like, Okay, I'm owning my story. I'm owning my truth, and it's gonna help other people. It's not about me. And so mindset obviously ties into that a lot. And I just, I'm also really passionate about manifestation and manifesting money and empowering women, the way that I've kind of empowered myself. So in a nutshell, that's my journey. Okay, wow, that is such an incredible story. And I think it's so amazing that you're willing to like open up and share those. Yeah, just like really tough situations that you went through. Because I think that, I mean, a lot of people can relate to it. Obviously, not everyone has had such extreme struggles as those but I think it's so helpful for you to share that because I think there are people out there who maybe have those things or other things that they felt like they were just different. And knowing that like we This doesn't actually have to define me or like, hold me back in my life. I think that's so, so amazing. So I'm really curious to hear about your near death experience. what that was like for you and, and how things kind of like shifted for you after that? Mm hmm. Sure. Yeah. So as I mentioned, when I was 14, I had this back surgery, it was a 10 hour surgery. And I went into it like just naive, vain, little 14 year old just thinking about how it's gonna make me look better, because I'm not going to have this big lump in my back anymore. So I was like, yeah, bring it on. I'm so excited. Because I've been there many foot surgeries, I got this, but it was a whole nother level very, very high risk surgery, very painful surgery, they basically cut my whole upper body open, like from my stomach around to my mid back, and then up the hole, almost like the bottom half of my spine was like, slit open. So they could go in and then put in titanium rods and then seal me back up. And I didn't know this at the time, but I guess the survival rate is like 5050 for those types of surgeries. It's super high risk. But I didn't know that. And I didn't I didn't even know that my lungs were gonna be crushed by my spine. Like I guess the doctors just didn't think I needed to hear that. So I just went in thinking yeah, I'm gonna get my back fix is going to be straight. But when I woke up for the surgery, it was like the worst pain. I don't even know how to describe it. But it felt like I had been shot everywhere on my whole upper body. And I remember just like wanting to like why did they wake me out of this just put me on the drugs again, put me under again, this is terrible. And just so much pain and lots of morphine and all the hard drugs that they give you. And I was in the hospital for a few weeks. So I one of the nights in the hospital I had a dream or what I thought was a dream where I got to see my grandmother who passed away a few years earlier and previous to that I don't always seen her in my dreams. Like, just whenever I missed her, I got to see her in my dreams. And it was just like fun, awesome experience getting to be with her. And then this time was different, like it felt super, super real. I was like, she was actually right there. And I was just so so excited. It felt like almost like coming home like I was like, just running towards her. And for some reason I was as my seven year old self, which is the AJ was when she passed away. And then when I was like approaching her, she started yelling at me. And she started saying, like, I don't want you here. What are you doing here? You cannot come with me. You have to go back to your mom, go get I don't want you here get. It was like screaming at me. And this was heartbreaking for me. Because I was like, why? Like I always visit her and this is, you know, why doesn't she want me here? I didn't understand. And I just remember waking up soaking my nightgown in tears because this was awful. And then I told my mom what had happened. She was like, okay, it's okay, just go back to sleep. It was just a dream. Like, don't worry, honey. And then she left the room and she went to my dad. She's like, I think Emily almost died. And my mom sent her back. And now, like, all these years later, I realize that is probably what happened. Wow. I'm like shuck, and like, this is like, I have no words. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Okay, so that totally makes sense to me. I absolutely. Agree. I think that's what happened. So but obviously, it's not it's not my to judge or decide. But after that, did you have that epiphany like, soon after that, that it was kind of your grandma telling you like, no, don't die, go back to live? Or was this like something that came later? way later? So I don't know if it's because of all the drugs probably like I was so loopy and all the drugs you're on, like, my memory got foggy? Yeah, I actually forgot about the entire experience until I was like 20 years old. It just started college or been in college for a couple years. And my sister brought it up to me. She was like, Mom just told me something crazy, that I never knew happened. And she like, told me the story. And I was like, ah, I remember. And then I was like, Oh my god, I got like, full chills. And I was like, holy crap. I could have died when I was 14. Like, it just all came back to me. And I was like, Uh huh. That is totally what happened. And yeah, so you would have thought like, right after I had the experience, I would have come back and been like, oh, life is so precious, I need to like, you know, start, start making a change and start being more positive about my differences and everything and just appreciate life. But it didn't happen until way later, because I actually, like, forgot about it. And then even then, as a 20 year old, I was like, Whoa, could have died. That's pretty crazy. And I was starting this journey of personal development, but still still didn't really like I still had lots of shame around my story. And around my differences. I wasn't like, immediately excited to go out and share this story with people. So it took like, actually quite a few years of just like processing it. And then like, understanding the full depth of what actually could have happened and what actually happened. Yeah, so what allowed you to make that decision? I know you grew up got really into personal, but like, what are some of the things that allowed you to really start stepping into owning your story, owning your worth putting yourself out there and stepping into this like version of Emily, who has her own business? And is all into manifesting and all this good stuff? Yeah, I think it was a combination of things. It definitely like a lot of mentors who inspire me, Katherine's and kina, who were talking about being one of them, like before discovering her, I didn't even realize you could do this as a business. Like, that was like mind blowing to me was like, Whoa, so she's such a good example of what's possible. And speakers like Tiffany Peterson and Bernie Brown, who just so vulnerably share their stories. And like, for a period of time, I was just obsessed with YouTubing like motivational speakers. And that's one of my big goals, too, is to stand on stages and share the story, which I have done on smaller scales. But I think just gathering inspiration, thanks. Yeah, from all these people. And slowly over time, just by watching other people and gaining that inspiration, eventually led up to actually there was this one clear point where I was at a women's retreat, and it was actually just in 2019, January, and so not not that long ago, and I was at this women's retreat, and we had a chance To do like this sharing circle, and we were to go around and share some pain that we've been through and a game that's come out of it. And I was like, Oh, do I really want to open that can of worms and like, tell my whole story? Or should I just pick a smaller example? And then I was like, No, you know what, in this voice like, that voice again, from when I was little, it came through so strong, and it was like, No, enough is enough, Emily, this is the year you're going to own your story, you're going to share it, you're going to inspire other people and help other people. And so that was like my clear moment. And I did it. And I told these women like I was born into these pains. And then I had this near death experience. And then the gain is, you know, still alive. And I'm able to inspire other people. And I love myself and I have a great life. And I've traveled the world with my amazing fiance and all this stuff. And they were so inspired and so receptive to that even though the first time I share my story, I was shaky. I was nervous. I was beat red in the face. I was awkward. It was like, Oh, so cringe. But, you know, you got to start somewhere. Right. And that was that was like really the start of it. Yeah. What do you think it was about it? That was like that first time telling your story that made it and even leading up to that that made it so hard for you to share? And like what what do you think it was like brought up that like? Yeah, just like that cringe uncomfortable feeling? And you're like, I can't I can't even say the words because I totally like resonate. Ooh, I love that question. So it's funny, because when my mom hears me saying this, like my parents never ever, ever told me that I should hide or be ashamed. Like, my mom always was telling me you know, just be proud of yourself. Embrace it, love it. So she gets kind of sad when she hears me like I saying that I was ashamed and that I spent my whole life hiding. But I really was taught, like, I really did learn to hide, because of doing something, let's say being on the sports team, or putting myself out there in some way or even just going to school with other kids. And then being bullied or being told, even like, from guys that I dated in high school and stuff being told actually told the Hi my body like you look better. And pants and dresses just wear pants. Like because my legs are so skinny from bills or like going I used to take dance lessons and you go into dance class with just tights on and just a leotard. And going into those and having other girls from the class before me whispering about me and saying like, Oh, she's too skinny, I just want to shove donuts down her throat. Like, she's too skinny. She doesn't eat. And my friends telling me like they've overheard that stuff. And just like, there's so many examples of stuff like that. So when you do wear shorts, or you do show your body or you do you know, like, I guess I mentioned my hands are different. If I talk with my hands too much, I noticed people staring at them or people asking me about them or people whispering about them. So then you just learn Okay, it's just easier to hide. So I literally learned to like, hide, like wear, wear pants wear baggy clothes, wear long sleeves, even in summer when it's hot. I would wear these things to physically hide. And so and I mean, people are always kind and everything if I did like with my closest friends. They're the only ones who knew really, about my surgeries and everything. But yeah, I guess just experiences like that just kind of taught me to, to hide. And I also don't like being pitied. I don't I can't stand when people are like, Oh, you poor thing. So that was another thing I always tried to avoid. Yeah. Wow. Like so it almost sounds like You almost had to become this calculated hiding. Like, I can't do this. And I can do this and that way. And that went that way. It's almost like feeling like you were in a cage. And the real you wasn't able to come out because it was like unsafe for your brain thought it was unsafe. Probably Yeah, yeah, totally. Wow. Okay, your story is so so powerful. So thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing all this. I'm so inspired just by hearing it. I know everyone listening is going to be deeply, deeply inspired well. So I don't want to make you talk about the past this whole podcast. So let's talk about like what's going on with you and your business now. And like some of the things that let's get into some of the things that you're really an expert on and your zone of genius and I know we kind of started talking about this before today's episode how we're like super aligned on how like, energy is everything and like strategy and business in so many ways, just like doesn't matter. So I would love for you to just riff on that and tell us your thoughts about Yes. Okay, so firstly, yeah, I love sharing my story and like it's always a popular Topic when I go on podcasts and stuff, but I was I'm always like, I don't want to be like the body love person, like, I don't want to be the body competent person because I feel like there are better people out there for that. But what I actually am most passionate about is Yeah, is helping entrepreneurs manifest their their dream business and like attract clients to them, remove money guilt, and just like, tap into their power and and have abundance and created just by being themselves. And like you said, just with energy, because a lot of us get so caught up in Oh, I just need the perfect funnel or the perfect be like email copy, or the perfect post that's gonna sell or, oh, my mentor did this five day challenge. And it worked well for her. So I got to do a five day challenge, actually, like, thank you, and then they're done all of that. Check. But you and I were like just talking before this and saying like, actually, that doesn't matter at all, if your energy is off, and I like to say it's like, it's like dieting, how they say it's 90% diet, 10% exercise, or whatever, at 20. It's the same thing with business. It's like 90%, your energy, your mindset, your thoughts, and 10%, what actual strategy you use, or what actual method it really doesn't matter. It's all about energy. Yeah, I totally, totally agree with that. And so when you say like, it's all about energy, what does that actually mean? Yeah, so it means are you going into it with? What kind of mindset? Like, what thoughts? Are you thinking? What words are you speaking, because this is obviously how you manifest the reality or aka the outcome is like, are you going into it with like, this has to work, this has to be a good launch, I have to make this money this month. This has to be a, whatever 20 k launch, or I don't know if this will work, I hope this will work. Things like that, that's gonna affect your energy. And it's going to affect the results negatively. Energy also refers to just get just your general vibration. And everything in this universe has a vibration. This is like basic law of attraction. I'm sure you talked about it on this show. But everything has a vibration, including me, including you, including our laptops or microphones are speaking into, and it can all be broken down into everything could be broken down into subatomic particles, which are really when you look at them just like little vibrations, that's it, everything's just a vibration, even the air has a vibration. That's why you can go into a room after someone's just had an argument and you can like feel the tension in the air. Like it actually hangs out in the air. And then law of attraction, of course, that's law of vibration law of attraction states that like, like vibrations will attract like vibrations. So you can see why, if you're wanting to attract, let's say a 20 k launch, or whatever that's on a higher vibration is that's something very positive. So higher vibrations tend to be positive situations, outcomes, things, and lower vibrations are negative. So if you want to attract a higher vibration outcome, your energy has to match it. So you've got to do things that gratitude, just work on your face and just certainty and, and expecting and knowing that it's already done. And when you do that, when you show up like that, and also your alignment. So those are kind of energy mindset, alignment, alignment with what you're doing. If you're absolutely in love with your offer. That's gonna make all the difference. The how you which if you choose a webinar, or a five day challenge doesn't matter. How many emails you send out, doesn't matter what kind of posts you do doesn't matter if you're genuinely so in love with your offer. Your energy's good, your thoughts are good, the sales are gonna come. That's what I mean by check your energy. Check it, please. So what I know you mentioned like a big piece of that is like having that faith and that expectation of like, yeah, this is done. So like, how can we get more into that energy and belief of like, expecting and knowing and having that certainty of like, yes, this is to me. Are you ready to stop settling and start creating a life that's actually aligned with your soul? Are you ready to feel completely aligned with your purpose and confident in who you are? Are you ready to step into your power, feel your best and become a magnet for more success and abundance, just by being yourself and having fun? Right now I'm calling in the women who are ready to step into the next level version of themselves to join me in my one on one coaching program. This program was built on over 500 hours of coaching my clients, my own inner work and the magical results I've had working one on one with other women is a life freaking changing three month program that combines the power of one on one coaching with the pragmatic tools it takes to uplevel your mindset, energy and life and tap into your own personal magic power and intuition. By the end of this coaching program, you will feel like a new person, you will be a new person, and you will know that anything is possible for you. And you'll have this self trust competence and tools to create anything you want for yourself and for your life. And applications are open right now. And the spots are limited. So if you're ready to say yes to yourself, yes to doing your best and yes to your next level, go to magnetical youtube.com slash coaching to apply right now. Okay, so there's a couple books that really helped me. There's one I'm reading right now. Happy Pocket full of money. So go read that one. So read it. And it's so funny you say that because my best friend is reading it right now. So this is like this is a sign from the universe, everyone. Yes, everyone go read it. I'm only just over halfway through. And this has been gamechanger for me in like terms of because he talks about how there's always multiple realities existing at once, and there's like, limitless existences that can happen and even conditions that we think, Oh, I can't have this big launch. Because of this. And this and this condition. He's like conditions are just one possible existence. And they don't actually have to be there unless you believe they're there. And like, all the possible outcomes are available to you. Now. It's just like, which one are you going to choose to buy into? Which one are you going to decide like, it's already here now. So something I've started saying to myself is 20 k months, my next goal, I've kind of mastered like the five to 10 k range. And I just feel like going rate for 20 k because I could go right for like a six figure month if I wanted to, the only thing that would be stopping me is my belief that I can't. So another thing that those of you listening can do is build like a believability ladder. So it's like technically 50 Ks here. Now, it's right here somewhere. I just have to be certain It's here. But for me, it's easier to be certain that 20 Ks here because I've done you know, the 10 k thing. So for you, if you're like, let's say you're working for your first five k month, but you've only ever hit three K, it's like just no five K's right here. If you want it, you just have to be certain it's there. And then you can go to seven K and then 10 K and then whatever. So that that helps to I think building that ladder. Believe it Yeah, yeah. I love that. And I like love that book. I know. You mentioned never Yeah. Are there any others that you want to mention? There's Yeah, so um, it is done is another one by Richard dots. That how I read like, every single one of his books. Oh, good. So good. Oh, that's such a good one. I actually got a bracelet made like a mantra band. And it says it is done on it. So it just reminds me, like, wait, we are so silly humans, we make so much drama we get in our head when things aren't quite going as planned. And we think it means it can't happen. Or we think we make it mean something about us. Like I say we put the offer out there and it doesn't sell out on the first day. Or maybe it doesn't sell at all I've had completely. I've had zero dollar launches. And this is a whole other topic that I could riff on too is like the fear of failure. The fear of public failure. Yeah, gosh, I've failed publicly so many times. But it's like, it's like, Are you are you just willing to surrender? Like don't surrender your outcome. Hold your outcome. Hold your goal, hold your vision, but surrender to the flow of life and trust that it's all always works out for you anyway, even when you don't get what you thought you wanted. To that really helps me. Yeah, I was just so nice. Go ahead. I was just gonna say I was supposed to be telling you books. Sorry. And then it just went on. No, no, it's all good. No, that's a good. That's a good tangent. I like love remembering to like hold division and surrender to the flow at the same time. Because I think we get like, so wrapped up in this money was supposed to come from this launch. Yeah. If it then I failed, then it's never coming done. What the am I going to do? And where is it going to come? And how is it going to come? We go on like, and I totally still find myself getting like wrapped up in that stuff sometimes. And like you said, it's just remembering that there are all those possibilities that we want are are already existing out there. It all exists. And it's like they're in an infinite number of other ways. You can like reach that goal you were reaching for even if it didn't happen in the exact way that you thought it was going to happen to instead of obsessing over. This didn't happen in this way. These exact steps I thought it was going to. And I'm keeping my like universe I am open and ready to the infinite other possibilities you have for me, because there are literally millions of other ways that that bowl or result could come to you. And what if it's coming to you in an even better way? And even easier was Yes, totally. Or like just protecting you from something that like, let's say, you really wanted this certain client just because you wanted a client and then ends up, she backs out or whatever it's like, what if that would have been like a nightmare client for you? Or? What if you wouldn't have been happy signing them at that price? Like, what if you're meant to raise your prices and feel better about it? Or like, whatever? Yeah, exactly happened for you. Totally. I totally agree. So let's, let's dive into the money conversation a little bit, because I know you're really really passionate, passionate about an abundance mindset and just letting go of the guilt around receiving money. So yeah, like where, I guess, let me ask you, like, Where Where do you want to, like start with this conversation about like, yeah, just like letting go of that guilt and opening ourselves up to become, to receive because a lot of times, I feel like, it's like, I was saying this. And this like analogy in my head where I like, came up with this the other day, where I'm like, a soccer goalie. And there's like, all of these soccer balls coming into the net, it's like, all the money is coming, it's literally coming at me. And I'm like, blocking all of it. Like, oh, I'm like the best goalie ever, walking all of it. And it's like, if I just like fucking like, put my hands down us. Hide, all the balls will go in the goal, and it will be fine. And I love that. That's how I feel like it is to like, receive money. So I would love to hear like your, your thoughts on that's an amazing analogy. I love that. It's so true. It's like, money, what you want already wants you money already wants you we just we block it with like, guilt with fear. Some people actually many of us are actually fearing success and fearing money. Because that may change how people think of us that might change so our egos worry about it, not our higher selves. our egos worry that our family might look at us differently. Or people will judge us think we're greedy. think we're selfish, think whatever. I think we've changed think it'll change us. And I think going back to your question about guilt is women especially, I don't really see this very much in men. But women especially have so much guilt around charging money, and receiving money. And so what I always say to my clients to help them kind of remove that is one client said to me that she just feels she like is so in the zone when she's on a sales call. And now I'm having her not do sales calls anymore. We can talk about that too, if you want. But I'm like no, no sales call, she'll get to the point where she's going to say her price. And then she goes, I get like Tongue Tied and so anxious and like, I just feel so bad and guilty. And I think that's super common. And I've been there too. So what what's really helped me and what I tell my clients is to take the the price of your package, your service, your course, whatever it is, and then look at the value that it offers. So in her case, she's a nutrition coach. So I'm like, would you rather have let's say it's 1500 1500 dollars in your bank? Or would you rather have a better relationship with food, never have to diet again, total love for your body total freedom in your whole entire life for the rest of your life? Because now you have the skills, the mindset, the tools to have this completely, like freedom life? Or would you rather have $15 1500 dollars in your bank? And she was like, when you put it that way? like of course I'd rather have, you know, the package. And then like, Yeah, and that's how your customer is feeling too. But not if you're coming from that vibe like they can they can feel that vibe, if you're coming from that like 1500. But like, you don't have to buy I believe in it. But I hope you do. Yeah, yeah. And also just like, in terms of guilt selling is not forcing, it's an offer. Like if someone's obviously Welcome to say no. And another thing that another client has said to me is that she feels like she owes somebody she's in debt to them forever when they buy from her. And it's like, but you're not because you're there, they're voluntarily putting up that money because they want your product or your service. They're not just doing it to support you. If they just wanted to help you. They would like share your sales page or share your image on Instagram or something give you a shout out. They're not gonna just give you money, just as a favor to you. They are it's an energy exchange and money is just energy. So they're putting up that energy because they want your energy for the duration Have that service or that course or that program? And that's it. You don't have to owe them for life. You don't have to feel guilty. It's just, it's silly, but a lot of us get caught up in that. Yeah, totally. I've definitely been there. And I love that question of like, how would you rather have 1500 in your bank account? Or like, have all of these things? And it's like, when we remember what we're supporting our clients with and how we're changing their lives. Yeah, it's worth every penny and more. It's like money sitting in the bank, or like change your entire life is to remember that, like, we're giving people the solution that they've been hoping and looking and praying for, and like how, how, how it does not offer them a solution. And people know, like, how to Yeah, and people like to invest in themselves, even if even if it feels scary. It's like, they're not saying yes to you. They're saying yes to themselves. Yes. Yeah. It's like expansive for them. Like maybe they're crapping their pants. Literally, I've actually done that. Oh, my God loves this guy. Literally. TMI, but I have literally, like invested in a super high level mastermind and the day that I did that. Stomach troubles. But it's like that fear is there. But it's so expansive, too. And it's exciting for them. Oh, absolutely. And it's like, there's something about investing in yourself for you finally, like get out of your own way. And you you're like making your like, take it, you're like putting a bet you're putting money on yourself. I'm putting X number of dollars on me. And it's almost like lights a fire under your house to like, Yeah, get to get out of your way to get into motion. And one of my clients actually said, This week, we had our first call, she signs up for coaching last week, and we had our first call this week. And she's like, honestly, I've already noticed such a huge difference in myself in this last week. And we hadn't even had a call. Yeah. And it's like that is the power of investing in yourself and making a declaration to yourself and to the universe of like I'm doing the damn thing happens all the time. Because you're Yeah, you're not just getting the support from that coach to you're getting the whole universe is going to come in and do the heavy lifting. It's like you just have to jump first. Yeah, I love this so good. Um, okay, I would love to hear why you told your client to let go of the sale. So yes, such perspective, I'm gonna, I feel like I'm gonna like love this, maybe I go change my whole business. Okay, I this. This is kind of like, not controversial, but like, a lot of coaches teach. And I was taught to book as many discovery calls as you can do not like, if you put your price up front, no one's going to get on the phone with you. So just like, you know, do a call, offer a free call, help people find their pain points. And then like, show them how you can help. And then show pitch your program, pitch the price and sign them up over the phone, take their credit card over the phone, or, or like maybe let them think about it, and then and then follow up with them. And so I did this for a while. And it just felt very kind of icky to me, because I was taught to market it as a free call. But then it was really for me to make a sale. So for my energy, I found me being in that weird vibe. And really nervous to sticker shock someone with my price at the end of the call. Versus I found a coach who taught me to just be upfront with the price, have it right on your sales page, and then have an application form that someone fills out, should they wish to work with you. And one of the questions is, so all the questions are like making sure they're a good fit. And I show all my clients these like exact questions that I use, it just like helps you figure out if they're your perfect client, and if you're their perfect coach. And then one of the questions is literally this program is for people who are ready willing to invest themselves the price is blah, blah, blah. Are you ready to invest? And then the answers can be like, yes, but I need a payment plan or Yes, I'm already or like no, not ready. And if they say no, not ready. Why would you get on the phone with them and waste their time and your time? And so you I only get on the phone with people who are like, yes, and you're my soulmate coach because of this, this and this, and yes, I'm ready. I'm so excited. And then the phone call is just a half hour of me like basically getting to know them a little better. They usually already know me from my podcasts or my videos or whatever. And then sending them the contract and the payment link and there's no it's no nerve wracking. It's never scary. It's just that So then the question becomes, but how do you get people who just come to your site and just are ready to go? And the answer is just by showing up. And being yourself 100% talking about your offers, as if you, you know, they're the best thing in the world because they are they should be to you and talking about them inviting people to go fill out an application. So posts, podcasts, Instagram stories, emails, and like for higher end tickets, like for one on one clients, you don't need a million you don't need 10 clients, you don't need 20. Hopefully, if you do, your rates are too low. Like you need 10 clients a month, right? You only need, let's say three, four women to say yes. So that removes a lot of the pressure to Okay, I love this. And I actually recently added an application to my yes to get on a call. And yeah, I think there is something really powerful about one, it's for the person, you're big transparent, you're like, yeah, this is what I've got. This is the prize, like hiding anything from you. And then for you and standing in your own power as the coach, it's like, yeah, if you're a no, then I don't need to get on the phone with you. And so essentially, if you're really only getting on the phone with people who are more likely than not already a yes. Yep. And the phone is just in the relationship. Yeah, and take the next step. Mm hmm. It's so much better. It's like, it's so much better. Because I feel like right, yeah, just sounds so lame. Yeah, so much, so much better. And like, Oh, I forgot what I was gonna say now. But yeah, it's so much better. Well, I think maybe you're gonna say you've been on the Discovery calls where it's like, yeah, like, you just feel nervous, achy, you know, you have to book Oh, I know what it's gonna say. When I was hanging out with Katherine's and kina, in LA, as you know, she, I was telling her, I would just, I was just doing those discovery calls. And I was telling her about this, like, nightmare call that I had, or I got pitched to at the end of the call. And the girl would not stop talking and would not let me off the phone. And just kept asking me, can I just ask you one more thing can put, what would you do about this? Can I just, like, kept trying to get free coaching for even longer than the one hour I already offered. But I marketed it as like, free, free clarity, call free, you know, help figure out where your manifestation blocks are and whatever. So Catherine was like, Okay, are you open for some feedback? And I was like, Yes, obviously. And she's like, if you are marketing something as a free call, or a free, whatever, you're just gonna attract people who are looking for free stuff. You're not. She's like, so I wouldn't even market it like that. I would just market it. Like, the calls are only for people who are serious and ready to invest. And I was like, Well, duh. Yeah. Like, that makes sense. Yeah, totally. And it's it. It's like, it's like, it's better for everyone. Because it you know, when you like, yeah. Yeah, it's just like free stuff doesn't actually help people. Because like, we were saying, there is such a transformation. And yeah, and and in terms of going back to the guilt thing, too, is a lot of clients asked me like, well, not everyone can afford my, you know, my one on one, coaching and whatever. So, if I really wanted to help people, like, why, why am I going to charge so much? Or why wouldn't I have some free stuff? And it's like you do, you do have some free stuff, but your one on one energy? No, that's got to be reserved for paying, like higher ticket clients, because that's your most valuable energy. That's a lot. And you do like, I'm sure, like, you have a podcast, I have a podcast, or as a business owner, you probably have some free igtv videos, Instagram tips, whatever, like you are helping people you do have free content. And you probably also have lower ticket offers for those who aren't ready to invest in your higher end stuff. So there's no need to feel bad about that. Okay, I'm like, I'm loving this so much. I feel so relieved. I'm like, I'm like, Well, I think I'm ready like go back and re listen to this whole thing. Okay, so let's dive deeper into Okay, I know you said like Okay, so we've like got this whole situation set up say this resonates with someone like I'm all about like doing what feels good for you. Like you clearly knew like doing these marketing these as like free calls like isn't vibing with me and you like we're led to what feels good. So offer what feels good. For everyone, and so like, yeah, thinking about that next step of like, Okay, well, how do you then get those people who are like, ready? Who are the Yes? Who do apply? And I know you mentioned like, yes, showing up and being yourself and like talking about your offers and inviting people to apply. Is there anything else you would like to add in terms of what what it looks like to do that and to magnetize those clients to come to you? Yes, I Yes. I'm so excited to talk on this. So, going deeper into, like I was saying, showing up and being yourself. This has been a game changer for me, because I have been so open on my podcast is where I started sharing my story. And again, first few episodes very shaky, very awkward, very scary, very vulnerable, but I just have started being fully 100%. me. And then, just by doing that, through my podcasts, or my posts, everything sounds like me, everything is genuinely me. And sometimes Goofy, sometimes really deep and spiritual. I just am fully myself. And then those clients come to my application. And it'll one of the questions is like, how do you know Emily's the coach for you? And if they're like, Oh, I don't know, I'm just shopping around for coaches. I'm probably not even gonna get on the phone with them. But like, you seriously, because it's not like, I'm you don't want people who are looking for just any coach. It's like, No, they're not like two way alignment between the coach and the client. Yes, because I got to be me. And if I'm, if I'm working with a client, where I feel like I have to be perfectly professional, or I have to be this certain way, my energy is not going to be good. It's not going to be a good relationship. So when they come to the forum, because I'm so myself on, wherever I'm showing up, they're always like, Oh, I just feel like I know you already. Like you're someone I would be friends with. I love your story. I love your podcast. And then when I call them, to have the, basically to sign them on, they're like, Oh my god, I can't believe I'm talking to you. I was just listening to your podcast and like, so they're like, fans of the podcast, or they're, they're just people who connect so much with me because I'm just myself. And it's also okay, if I repel people who don't connect with me, because they just vibe more with someone else. That's, that's good too. Because you want to only connect people who are going to allow you to be you, it's going to be so freeing for yourself emotionally. And it really works. And when you see a lot of I see a lot of coaches who are just like they're watching what other coaches are doing, they're watching what the Instagram trends are, and they're just kind of redoing it, but changing it slightly. I think that's you can tell you can tell they're not being 100% honest, authentic, hundred percent expressed and so it's like, why would I if I'm gonna coach with someone, why would I let my guard down be vulnerable like be coached by someone who I don't really know who they are like they haven't let their guard down. So that for me always that's always the coaches I invest with is like they let us into their lives right we feel like we know them and then we're safe for them to know us and work with us. So it's just Game Changer it's so key and that's that's what I coach women on with my one on one business coaching is just helping them show up fully express which I know takes a lot of mindset work a lot of confidence it's vulnerable it can be scary, right? But it's it's how you magnetize your business yes and it's like when you're so you and your business is really just an extension of you then all you have to do to have a business and make money is be your freaking self Yes, it's the most like freeing thing I completely pivoted my business back in February into just like totally rebranded everything to align with my energy changed my offers change what I'm like coaching people on started this podcast and like, yeah, it's, it's awesome. And I definitely think I have some room to grow on the vulnerability piece but something that's been coming up a lot just like I've been seeing like Instagram post or I like felt compelled to read Bernie Browns book daring greatly. And it's just like, some of I think there's like this voice that keeps telling me and now I'm kind of like putting it all together. It's like this voice that keeps telling me like Madison like your next level is to take your vulnerability to the next level and that that will unlock so many doors for you. So that's, that's coming through. I feel like that was like right from Spirit because I just got chills. Yeah, I think that's probably so true. It's but it's like, I don't I don't don't want anyone listening to be like, Oh, I suck because it's still so scary for me to even do an Instagram story or to even show my face or whatever. Like this, I didn't just show up and share my story overnight, right? Like I just told you guys, it took me 27 years for the before I shared it for the first time. And the first couple times were shaky and awkward. And it's just like baby steps, baby steps are elements that everyone has different elements of their life and elements of their story. There's also like, obviously, elements of my life that I don't share, because they're not all mine to share, like, family stuff, or stuff with my fiance, like, I'm not claiming to be totally open book on everything. But yeah, the more you can infuse who you are, and your personality is, is always going to be a win for you. And so freeing, like you said, Yeah, 100% Well, okay, this has been so amazing before we tell everyone where they can find more about you while you um, is there anything else that we like didn't talk about today, or anything that's coming through that you feel like you want to share? I guess I will say, if there is a desire that won't leave you alone, if you keep getting the urge to like start a podcast, or start a business or start a mastermind, trust that and see it through, see it all the way through, because it's there for a reason, you don't just get those nudges and ideas just for funsies. Or just to tease you or just to be like dangling a carrot in front of you. They're there because they're actually possible for you, and they're meant to manifest through you. So just just trust your desires and trust them even when things start to go a little wobbly and don't go as planned or doesn't happen right away. Hold your vision. Hold your desires. That's what I want to say. Oh, so good. I love it. Well, thank you so much. This was amazing. And I can't wait to come on your podcast and more. It's gonna be great. So where can we find more? about you? Sure. Yeah. And yeah, I'm so excited for you to come on my podcast and hear your story a little more. But you guys can connect with me. Probably Instagram is the best place I am at essentially m with two M's. So essentially, mmm, you can also go to essentially m.com and find all my programs and stuff there. But yeah, I hope to connect with everyone especially on Instagram. That's my favorite place to hang out. Yes, tag us if you guys resonated with this episode, send us a DM on Instagram. We would love to hear from you. And yeah, thank you. Thank you so much, Emily, this was amazing. I pleasure. Thanks. I'm so grateful for you listening today if this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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