how I manifested my “holy shit is this real?” life (my journey)

podcast Oct 13, 2020

Several of you have been asking me to record an episode on my full life journey so here we are!! I'm taking it back to the beginning and sharing everything I went through in order to create a "holy shit is this even real?" life!⁠


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  What it was like being in a wheelchair for 4 months in junior high
✧  How having my Grandpa with Alzheimer's live with us for 7 years changed my life
✧  My experience with Anorexia in high school and how I finally overcame my 8 year battle with food
✧  The story of how I manifested meeting my soulmate
✧  How I became a coach and started my business
✧  The different phases my business has transitioned through
✧  What I did about having a corporate job I HATED
✧  How I built a successful business while working full-time
✧  The spiritual awakening that led me on the path of personal development
✧  How I stepped into my soul's purpose and calling and created my "holy shit is this even real?" life


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically used podcast. My name is Madison snake and I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed and I realized the same thing that came true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of good freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So we that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hi, my love's Welcome back to another episode of The magnetically you podcast. I'm your host Madison, and every Tuesday I'm bringing you feel good episodes to help you create a holy shit is this even real kind of life? Like who is with me on that one? Well, before we get into today's episode, which is how I manifested, my holy shit is this real life and like my journey and my whole story in evolution, I wanted to thank you, for those of you who have been listening since this podcast started in May of this year. 2022. Thank you, for those of you who have been listening, it means everything to me, like this is so fun for me. And I just like love hearing from you guys about how the podcast is like impacting you, and even changing your life. It's so cool to be able to do that. And if you're new here, welcome. I'm so so grateful to have you here. Yeah, I've just been really reflecting on like, how much fun it has been doing this podcast. And like just since May, we had six and a half thousand downloads it just in a few months, and 30 to five star views, which is so amazing. And my goal is to get to 15,000 downloads and 105 star reviews by the end of the year. But in order to do that, I need your help. So if you leave a review, I will send you my monthly intention setting journal prompts and my full moon releasing ritual. So the I don't know exactly when I'm going to release this episode. But for the rest of 2020. The rest of the full moons are October 1 October 31, November 30, and December 29. So they kind of align perfectly to do that like new month intention setting, but also the full moon releasing ritual where you're kind of just like letting go of everything from the past month. And even really, just anything in the past that's no longer serving you letting go of those limiting beliefs, letting go of any energy are thoughts, or habits that are no longer serving you and really stepping into this next level version of you and then setting those intentions to step into the next old version of you. So it's such a powerful ritual and really, really powerful journal prompts. When I started doing these a couple months ago, I've experienced so much more abundance and magic in my life I had my like highest income month in business and so much more magic. So if you leave me a review, it would mean the world to me and like if you're the kind of person who likes to help other people then that's exactly what you'll be doing by leaving a review because when you do that it allows me to reach more people and to help them change their lives as well. So just It will literally take two minutes and it would mean the world to me and of course I'm going to send you this little gift so what you need to do is right before you hit Submit on your review, screen shot it and then hit Submit send me the screenshot on Instagram, I magnetically you or you can email me Hello magnetically calm and then I will send you the monthly intention setting journal prompts and a full moon releasing ritual which is going to be so fun and so magical. I did it live actually last month and Instagram somehow deleted the video that's besides the point but I'm going to send you it's an either like an email or a PDF and those who did it with me last month said they like felt amazing, just from this quick little monthly exercise. So I'm going to give you guys off for free. If you leave me a review it would mean the world to me. And yeah, I think and also just yet thank you so much for being here like I am so Though so deeply grateful to be able to show up for you and and connect with you guys so as always, like send me a message on Instagram. I love hearing from you. I would love to know how the podcast has impacted you. And yeah, what your, how your life is changing and all that good stuff. But anyways, okay, so moving into today's episode so a lot of people have been asking me to record an episode on my journey like from the start the whole thing, all the details. So here we are thoughts what I'm doing today. And you know, it's kind of hard to pack an entire 27 year life into a podcast episode, right. And so I did my best to pick out the pieces that I think will be most interesting and inspiring to you. And obviously, if there's any like questions you have or you feel like there was any gaps in the episode, send me a message like I am an open book happy to tell you more. But I hope this episode really just inspires you to see how quickly your life can transform and how it really is so possible for you to to create a life like better than you ever thought possible and to be in a career or a business that you love more than anything and to be just like living a life that actually aligns with your soul. And like just feeling your best feeling so confident, like showing up as a fully expressed version of you. So that's my story. Yeah, it does for you. Okay, so let's start from the beginning. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and my dad was in the military. So growing up, we moved basically every two years we would move, which was really interesting. And like, you know, as a kid, it was really hard to like, leave my friends I got every two years, I had to leave my friends make new friends leave my friends make new friends. And it was like really tough. Um, but looking back now I'm like, wow, like, What a powerful experience you have had, because I feel like it made me Yeah, just so much more adaptable and flexible. And I think that's really what made me love travel and change of scenery, which in some ways, like, I've noticed myself now in my life for like, every few years, I start craving a move, which is so funny, because that's what I'm used to. So anyways, yeah, born in Richmond, Virginia, I don't really remember because I was only there until I was like two years old. We lived in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, multiple places in Georgia, actually, Florida. I don't know if I'm missing anywhere. And then I've also went back to Georgia in a different place, Atlanta after school. And then now I'm in Dallas, Texas. So if you're wondering where I've lived, there you go. Anyways, okay, so yeah, my dad was in the military. So we moved a lot we've driven across the country like twice when we moved from Georgia to California, we drove and did all the like national parks and like really cool stuff. And then we moved from California to Pennsylvania. Same thing we like, drove and did the whole thing made it like a big like three week trip. So fun fact, I've traveled across the entire US two different times, which is really cool. So yeah, I don't know if I need to share much more about being a baby because I remember them. Yeah. So anyways, as a kid, I do remember and like my parents tell me that like, I was like fairly serious and focused. Like I would be the kid at the beach where like all the kids were playing together. And I would be like by myself 100 yards away, like digging a hole in the sand building a sandcastle by myself so focused and like, so in my own world and in my own zone, which is kind of funny, because I definitely have like my alone time. And I'm, I've always been really independent. So yeah, that's kind of how I was as a as a kid. And like, when I started school, like I definitely remember like moving and just being the new kid and like, yeah, you get a lot of positive and negative attention as the new kid. Everyone's like, ooh, like, Who's that? And you're like, I don't know, and like, just moving different places. And like, you know, obviously, like, it's still the us the whole time. So the culture wasn't that different, but like, the way kids dressed and things like that would change. And I would like they would like look at me like I was crazy excited to be like wearing things that people didn't wear in that state or whatever. And it was just really interesting experience and I'm just trying to paint a picture for you guys. like kind of like how I was as a kid. I'm not going to like share too much because I don't think it's like that exciting. So we'll get into the cheesier things in a little bit. But anyways, as like a in like fifth grade. Like this is just like explain a little bit about like, yeah, who, who I am and like a little bit about my personal in fifth grade like over recess instead of going to recess I would hang out with my teacher. We were friends and I would I also would clean her desk and organize her desk over recess because I thought that was more fun than playing with People my age like I always got along with older people. For some reason I always wanted to hang out with my mom and her friends instead of my peers. It was really interesting. And that was kind of something that even like, carried all the way through high school where I just like, didn't always resonate with my peers and felt like you had this like old soul, and this child's body, if that makes sense. So, we kind of moved to Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, all before fifth grade, and I had was moving schools like every two years, and then after Pennsylvania, we went to Florida. And that was around, like, screwed. So I was like, going into junior high. And we had never been to Florida and I'm living in Pennsylvania. It's like Florida is like paradise. It's Disney World. It's like, whoo. So like, we thought it was so cool to be moving to Florida. And I still think Florida is an amazing place. But anyway, so yeah, we moved to Florida, I met a group of like girlfriends when we first moved there, and they were all on the cheerleading team and they were like, you should do cheerleading. And I was like, Okay, you guys are my only new friends. And you'd say I should do cheerleading like, all right, why the hell not like I was, I like to change like I did swimming and soccer and you know, all these like baseball, softball, like all these different sports growing up, and I kind of like to like, bounce around and try them all. So junior high, I'm like, Okay, let's try cheerleading. And I did that in seventh grade. And then in eighth grade, I actually became the captain of the cheer team. And I've only been cheerleading for here, which you probably can imagine. A lot of the parents and other girls like raised hell because they're like, Who is this bitch? Who's been up in here for like a year, but I decided like, as soon as I got on the team, I had decided that next year I was going to be Captain because I'm just very ambitious overachiever like that. And I had like, set my mind on it. I've always been that way. Right? Like if I set my mind to something and decide I'm doing it like, nothing is stopping me. Nothing. Always a strong Yeah, just trait of mine. Like my whole life. So I had I was like, sure it was gonna happen. I worked so hard. I like showed up. Like, practice. I like really tried to like embody this like, yeah, essence of being a leader and a teammate and like a motivator. And yeah, just always like, yeah, showing up basically. And so I became the captain, which is kind of hilarious. Because for people who like know me really well, they're like, they cannot believe I did cheerleading. So fun fact, I did for two years. And then in my second year, so in eighth grade, I was at tumbling practice, which is basically like backflip practice. And I was doing this, you could say like trick called a fall where basically you do a backflip. And when you do the backflip, you do a full 360 degree twist. So for those of you who've done cheerleading, you know what a full is if you don't, you can Google it, or just imagine someone doing a backflip and doing a full 362 return. So how is that practice and I had been working on doing a full for months with my coach and I finally did it that night by myself for the first time and I like freaked out because this was like a huge, huge accomplishment for me something I've been working on so long and my mom came to pick me up and I went out to the parking lot. I told her like, I got my phone like I caught it. I did it like you have to come inside. You have to come inside and watch me do it. She was like No, like dinner's ready. Like get in the car. We need to go home and I was like, No, please, please come watch. So she's like, Okay, fine. She comes in. I go to do the full I do it. And when I land, I'm like, Oh, just like thinking about I'm like, Oh, this is like hurts. My legs landed like slightly apart and my left knee said napped in. And I tore my ACL at the time. I didn't know it, but I like blocked out. I don't remember like what happened. But the next thing I know, I'm like laying on the ground like screaming bloody murder. It was so unbelievably painful. And yeah, just it's so interesting how my mom really wanted to go home and I really like pushed her to stay and come in and watch and yeah, she's so interesting. It's so funny how things work out now looking back, I'm like, so glad to happen. I got out of cheerleading and went in a totally different direction in high school, which I'm sure led me in totally different directions in all areas of my life since hanging around different people and yeah, she's so funny how things always ultimately lead you to exactly where you're meant to be even about the time. It feels terrible. So I was like laying there really hurt. They got me up took me home. I my coach was ago you know your knees probably springs like you know, it'll probably heal in a few weeks. I'm like Okay, like, that's not the end of the world, but at the same time, I'm like, something is not right. But okay, so I go home, I go to sleep. The next day I wake up, and I feel like I'm paralyzed. And I literally cannot move. And I like started like crying and screaming for my mom. And she didn't hear me and like, I think for some reason, it was only me and my mom home. This might have been when my dad was in Iraq, which was I can't believe that was a part of the story. I didn't even write down some. I'm glad this is coming up. He was in Iraq when I had the surgery, but I don't know if he was in Iraq when I tore it. But anyways, it was just me and my mom home, I was screaming for her. She didn't hear me because she was still asleep. So I like crawled out of my bed literally dragged myself across the floor, like a horror movie. And like went in her room. And I was like, we need to go to the hospital like stat. So we go to the hospital is literally had to wait like six hours in the emergency room. Because I don't know if you know anything about Navy, doctors and hospitals and maybe, you know not to throw shade on them. They're actually really wonderful, but they're not always the most efficient. So it took six hours waiting in the emergency room and like excruciating pain. And the doctor said the same thing like, Oh, your ACL just sprained. I'm like, okay, so they said, like, oh, you'll be you'll be better in like three weeks. I'm like, okay, so three weeks go by, I actually do feel a lot better. Because that's kind of how you know an ACL works. You can live without an ACL and like, kind of go about your life pretty normally. And basically, the ACL is like, it's called the anterior crucial cruciate ligament, something along those lines. It's a big limb ligament that essentially like, protects, like, lateral like side to side, like jerky movements. It's an important like, basically, that's all you need to know. So, okay, where was I? So yeah, we go to the emergency room. They told me sprains. Three weeks later, I go to this birthday party with this like, big bouncy thing. And I think my knees fine. I'm like doing backflips again. Like, I thought I was fine. And I heard it again on the bouncy thing. Who knows if it was already torn, and then I just re injured it. Or if that was like, the final thing that actually tore it, who knows? It doesn't matter. But anyway, so I got her on that bouncy thing. And I was like, okay, clearly my knee wasn't better. So yeah, we got to like get an MRI. So I got an MRI and found out my ACL was torn. We scheduled a surgery for several months later, this was in 2007. So I got I got the knee surgery. And it was really interesting that Anastasia was quite magical feeling if I'm being honest. So it's really interesting, but I remember like, they put their like mask on me too. And that's despise me. I think that's the word. And I remember like, feeling like I was like, the most tired I've ever been in my life and laying in the most comfortable that ever like, oh, finally I get to go to sleep, kind of feeling. And then I heard them talking. Like, okay, like they were kind of like moving equipment. They sounded like things are about to get started and I could still hear them and I was like, Oh shit. And I tried to scream like I'm still awake. And all that came out was like a little bubble. I could hear myself babbling it I thought I was talking the only jumble was coming out. It was crazy. But then I don't remember anything else. Apparently I did fall asleep because then I woke up and had surgery. And I like went home and I watched the OSI all day every day. for like a week. I've if you love those See, please message me on Instagram. I magnetically you I need to bond with you over I'm obsessed. I was like obsessed with Seth Cohen like yeah, free TV show. loved it so much. I've probably watched them all like six times. So anyways, that's what I was doing. I just watched those See, and I think like Laguna Beach in the hills, or maybe out of the time, or one of those and I was like watching those just chillin. And a couple days later, like the pain just kept getting worse and worse and worse. I knew it was going to be painful, but like this didn't feel right. And when I would like stand up to go to the bathroom and fall like 6000 knives really stabbing me in my leg. And I'm like, something can't be right. listening to my intuition. I was always actually very good at that. And so funny how I really like teach that now and like my intuition told me like something's not right. And even though they had told me not to unwrap any of the bandages, my intuition was like, you need to unwrap the bandages. So I'm like, okay, let intuition Here we go. So I started unraveling the bandages, the gauze and bandages and wraps really an inch thick blood had soaked all the way through them. And I was like, Huh, that can't be good. So I told my mom we like scheduled an appointment we went they unraveled everything. And it turns out that they had used some dental dissolvable stitches, and they had dissolved too soon. So I had this like, giant open wounds, like one inch wide and two inches long a big ass wound on my, the front of my knee. And they were like, Oh shit. Now like, yo, like what the fuck happened. And they basically were like, well, we can't set it up because you'll risk too much infection. So we need to leave it open and let it heal on its own. And I was like, okay, so they had gave me all this, you know, cause and wraps to wrap it up on my own and clean it every day. So I wore this like Ace bandage and God is sick wrapped around my leg every day. For nine and a half months, literally nine months. I had this like open cut on my leg I like couldn't swim. I like really couldn't do a lot of things. And because I had the cut, I couldn't really start physical therapy because that would push it wider open. So like the whole thing was just a nightmare. And after nine months, it's still wasn't closed up. So they ended up going in and doing a surgery to finally like close in, you know that one finds. But yeah, my leg is actually a little bit crooked now from that surgery, which is really interesting. I don't know why, but it seems to be okay. I'm functioning and able to do most of the things I like doing so I can't complain. But what was I gonna say? Oh, I was in a so I was in a wheelchair actually, because I couldn't really do physical therapy. So I wasn't recovering like I was supposed to so I couldn't really walk. So then I was in a wheelchair for like four months while I was like in junior high school. So like seventh eighth grade, no eighth grade. And I was still in it around Christmas time and my mom and I bought like cheap wreaths at the dollar store and put them on the wheels. I was like rolling around school in a wheelchair with Christmas wreaths on my wheels. And like, honestly, it was a really interesting time and like, yeah, my teachers really like baby me. And like most a lot of my classes were upstairs and I couldn't go because my school only had stairwells. So I had to go to the guidance counselor's office for all of my classes that were upstairs. And basically I just chilled and hung out with them with this job really interesting. So as junior high and yeah, my like I was saying my dad was in Iraq, he had been on submarines and different like, you know, wars and things like that, like growing up for like six months at a time. He was like, yeah, at least once every two years. He would go on like, yeah, several months, like, submarine or go to differently. You know, I guess you could call them wars and things like that. So he was in Iraq when I got my surgery, which was, yeah, like I looking back, like, it's really crazy to think about because I was like young enough to I didn't really understand the like, what was going on there and how serious it really was that he was over there. And he was there, I think for like seven months. And you know, the whole time he was there. He would always tell us like, Oh, yeah, like, I was really safe and all this stuff. And then we kind of found out when he came back. He had some like really, really, really scary experiences while he was there. So yeah, that was just interesting, interesting time in life. But he came back he saved he actually didn't ever go back after that. And now he's like, retired in a civilian job, which is great that he gets to stay home now. And at the time as well. My grant, so there's like a lot of stuff going on. My dad was in Iraq, I tore my ACL my grandpa was died. My dad's dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. And if you don't know what that is, basically, you develop these plaques in your brain that create cognitive decline and eventually physical decline. And you lose your memory and eventually it got the disease like kills you. So my grandpa who had Alzheimer's lived with us for seven years. So while my dad was in Iraq, he was living with us, I think from like, yet eighth grade all the way through high school, like my grandpa lived with us. And we took care of him. And yeah, it was just so interesting. Like, being like high school and junior high and like having a grandpa I had to take care about like, wake up and he he was so funny. Oh my god, he was like my best friend. And he was so adventurous. He had the best stories. And yeah, it was really sad when he started forgetting all of his amazing adventures stories. But anyway, so I would like wake up and I would be getting ready for school and he would make cereal, and then eat it. And then he would go to make it again and again and again and again. And like I would be like trying to get ready for school and have to like run after him like every two minutes be like grams. You already eat cereal, like no, don't go in there. And then as soon as he was so like sneaky, kind of so no one I would like walk around the corner. He would like run back to the pantry. I'm like, Listen, come on. You're done. No more cereal. So that was like Just so interesting and like, yeah, like really allowed me to, like, develop so much compassion for people. And yeah, just like, what an incredible opportunity to to like step up and I really stepped out because I was like, This is my grandpa like he's in our family, he lives with us, like, my parents cannot do all of this, I've got to step up and like, be there. And yeah, it was such an interesting experience. But he was really just so funny. Like, he would go on bike rides, he loved riding his bike, and he would, you know, say, I'm going to take my little Kathleen for a ride instead of calling his bike and a dog would walk by, and he would be like, Oh, look at that little chicken. And he just did the funniest stuff, he would go to McDonald's, he would ride his bike there eventually, yeah, we had to take the bike away, which was, you know, really sad, because that was like his last thing that he was able to do that he loved and could kind of do on his own. But he would go to McDonald's and literally walk behind the counter and start taking french fries. And they would have to call us and be like, Mr. Ron is here again, you need to come and get me like, Oh, shit. So yeah, he did a lot of funny stuff. And he would like, try to cook frozen french fries in the toaster. He would drink and eat things that were not drinkable and edible, sometimes like scary things. But I'm going to try to keep this light and funny because he was so light and funny and wonderful. He had no sense of time. So he would think at 2pm it was bedtime and he would make waffles for dinner every night. Literally, I go awful syrup all over them. And he would try to start making them like 2pm and would like get in his bed at like two o'clock. So we'd have to guard the toaster starting at like two o'clock for the rest of the day. Or else he would go to sleep at two and then wake up at like nine It was like, it was a whole thing. But anyway, so that was Gramps that was in school. He lived with us. And then while I was in high school, and you know, he was still living with us. I was like I definitely did not love it. I feel like a lot of people say these days are like, Oh my god, I loved high school like what the heck are you talking about? I didn't hang out with that many friends I really kept to myself. Like I was very much a loner not in like a sad way. But like, well, I guess maybe but like more so in the way of just like I really liked to be alone and like do my own things. And I really didn't resonate with the things that people at school would talk about or spend their time doing. Like I just never had any interest in a lot of the same things that my peers did. So I really kept to myself a lot. I was obsessed with getting good grades, I would be like reading and just hanging. I loved hanging out with my family all the time. And so that's really a lot of what I did in high school and john high school like, I didn't do cheerleading, I did like track and swimming and like cross country, I basically tried all the things because I like multi passion. I always like I always want to bounce around from different things. And I was actually the class president my senior year, which was really yeah, just interesting, but definitely kind of like speaks to the overachiever like perfectionist to me like I wanted all the A's I wanted to be the cost president I wanted to get all the things quote, right, so that I could get into college and get the good degree and get the good job and get the good life. You know, according to what society tells us, I was doing everything right, according to what we're told we're supposed to do. And yeah, I also developed an eating disorders in high school, I had anorexia and that was just like, yeah, like such a struggle and definitely was part of why I withdrew from other people and my peers and yeah, it was just like looking for a way to find control in a world that felt like I had no control over and I was like, What even is this world was like, what are what is my purpose? What am I doing? And I think I was just like, very early on having like, yeah, a lot of those like personal like awakenings, you could say and yeah, so I was struggling with that in high school. And it just kind of like went on for a couple years and definitely it was getting like worse and worse. And it got to I've like shared I'm not going to share too much on this actually because I have other episodes on like how I healed my relationship with food so you can go back and listen to those I think I've won eight steps to heal your relationship with food I kind of tell more about that there but yeah, basically struggled with that all high school and got to it got just got to the point where I was like, really hurting my family. And my mom was like, Listen, like, you're either going to help yourself or we're going to force you to get help. So take your pick. And I'm like, Oh shit, I definitely don't want to go to a hospital or treatment or whatever. So yeah, all we'll figure this out. And I was always very determined again, like once I set my mind to something, I was going to figure it the fuck out. So I set my mind to be like, okay, I am figuring this out. I'm not gonna do this to myself anymore. And I kind of got to the point, you know, towards the end of high school where I was like, you know, physically recovered. I was like, you know, eating Enough, I was fine. But I and I didn't know it at the time, but I wasn't like fully recovered mentally, it was more so just like the physical piece I kind of like willpower my way into, and I'll come back to that, but like, basically, yeah, it's like there's like a finite amount of willpower that I used to push and force my way out of the physical problems. But, you know, when willpower runs out, it's like, there has to be something more and I'll tell you more about kind of like the journey of like, the more that I had to discover beyond willpower in order to really heal my mind and all the constant thinking that was still going on afterwards. So yeah, I after high school, I went to the University of Florida I joined a sorority my sister the same one my older sister was in and I again like thought that was what I was supposed to do. And I actually really loved it I made so many good friends who I'm still friends with and had so many opportunities and it was like a really great way to like be involved at school and get connected and network and just like a lot of like resources for doing better in school like so really positive things but also is very like, much like party party vibes and like such a social scene just cliques and gossipy and you know, focus on like more superficial things. So I kind of like in college, like lost touch of my love for like, nature and experiences. And yeah, things like that kind of just got lost in like the social like partying world, which I don't feel bad about. Like, it was really fun. And that was like the time burden, I think I was just meant to have that journey. So that now like I've placed so much value and not partying like that, because I feel so good when I don't. But I also think it was an escape from, you know, all the stuff from my eating disorder that I hadn't healed yet that I really didn't understand. So I was basically just like, drinking all of that away, and like, basically burying the issue in college. So I was like, you know, like what I say, called pseudo recovered. And yeah, so I also again, was like super studious, obsessed with like, doing good in school, and my grades and all of that stuff. And I started out I don't even remember what I started. I think I started out pre med, I thought I was going to be a doctor. And I studied like chemistry and physics and all that good stuff. And then I like kind of started realizing like, I don't think I want to be like a doctor, like I don't really want to go to school for like 12 years that this isn't for me. And then I don't want to work 30 hours a day, ya know? So I ended up changing my major a bunch and like, I changed my major, I think like six or seven times before the middle of sophomore year, like, I'm not kidding. And I had a guidance counselor who told me like, who, who's like, oh, what are you good. I'm like, Oh, I'm good at like numbers and math. And they were like, okay, you should be an actuary. I'm like, What's an actuary and I, basically that you like, are kind of like an accountant. But instead of looking at numbers in the past, you're making predictions about the future and like calculating risk based on past data, you're using that to like extrapolate future trends and predictions. And they make a lot of money. A lot according to who, according to my guidance counselor. So I was like, Okay, I want to make a lot of money. I'm good at math. Sign me up. Let's do it. So you didn't have an actuarial science major. So I majored in accounting and I was majoring in actuarial science. And yeah, I never felt that passionate about it. But I, I never asked myself in college, like, oh, like, what do I want to do? What lights me up? What do I enjoy learning about? I was like, oh, what's gonna get me the good job? Like, what am I said, What should I do? Like, oh, I'm good at math. So I should do something finance. Looking back. I definitely want to like be that person for my future kids to let them know that like, yeah, it's okay to gravitate towards what feels good. And what you're genuinely interested in and not what you think is going to add up to this future that society paints for us our supposed to have. But anyways, obviously, again, like our journeys are always perfect, and always exactly what we're meant to be doing. And so that's the journey I was meant to have. And it's just, when you think, look back, it's like had I not done that I probably wouldn't have met Trevor, which you'll kind of like hear about in a little bit. So yeah, I studied accounting and actuarial science. I was going out literally, there was a time where I would go out six nights a week. like a crazy person. Like every night, I was still doing really, really well in school as a very high functioning partier. But I would like go out basically go out every night. spend all Like hungover as hell studying, and then do it again. And then do it again and then do it again at night. It was like this gets constantly mental, like almost a fog and body like I just felt like shit because obviously I was hungover all the time. But I didn't know anything different because that was hot it was all the time. And not to say I always felt like I was having a great fucking time. According to me at that time, like I was like, loving it up and loving it. And now all the things and yeah, so Okay, what else about college? Do I want to share? Are you ready to stop settling and start creating a life that's actually aligned with your soul? Are you ready to feel completely aligned with your purpose and confident in who you are? Are you ready to step into your power, feel your best and become a magnet for more success and abundance, just by being yourself and having fun. Right now I'm calling in the women who are ready to step into the next level version of themselves. To join me in my one on one coaching program. This program was built on over 500 hours of coaching my clients, my own inner work and the magical results I've had working one on one with other women. This is a life freaking changing three month program that combines the power of one on one coaching with the pragmatic tools it takes to uplevel your mindset, energy and life and tap into your own personal magic power and intuition. By the end of this coaching program, you will feel like a new person, you will be a new person and you will know that anything is possible for you. And you'll have this self trust, confidence and tools to create anything you want for yourself and for your life. And applications are open right now. And the spots are limited. So if you're ready to say yes to yourself, yes, to feel your best. And yes to your next level, go to magnetical slash coaching to apply right now. I did this organization called the young leaders conference, which I absolutely freaking loved. It was my favorite thing I ever did in college. And honestly, to this day, one of my favorite things I've ever done. And I think like thinking about my bigger mission and bigger future, like I do see like bigger conferences or events or retreats being part of it. Because while C was basically this event where we had these high school students come and we would basically mentor and coach them. And it's so funny at the time, like, I was obsessed with the mentoring and the coaching. I loved it, it was so fulfilling to me, I was really good at it. And it's so funny how like, I never thought the time out of that up to be basically that's what I do. Now just kind of in a different, like a little bit of a different realm. So yeah, really cool to have had that experience. And like yeah, just like learn that. That is fulfillment for me is like impacting someone and changing their life. I had students who I would keep in touch with for years, and they would message me years later and be like, Oh my gosh, you changed my life like this one girl. And I have goosebumps just like telling the story. It's so crazy. So one girl, one of my students who came to LC while she was in high school, she ended up coming to us when she graduated high school a couple years later got into school was ended up in my sorority. So we like reconnected through that. And we were like, you have friends in, in school. And I graduated and went on to do food blogging, which I'll get into, and I reached out to crock pot to ask if they wanted to collaborate with me and sponsor some of my recipes. And I'm like shocked by this, or I'm glad I'm remembering it. But the person who emailed me back was the girl. And I was like that I know that name. And I was like, Wait, is this you? Like, Is this real? And she was like, Yes, it's me. And it was so crazy, like years later. So like, there was like those three different times were in our life. Her High School, her college, my post college, and all those times like the universe brought us together like, wow, it's just it's just so cool when you like really look back on your like journey and like, look at all the ways everything added up to lead you exactly to where you were. were announced that was really cool. So yeah, that was basically College and the summer after my junior year. So right before my senior year of college, I got an actuarial intern in Atlanta, and I didn't know a single soul in Atlanta. I moved there for the summer I had this apartment was literally manifested like the Queen's apartment. I'm still obsessed with it. But yeah, my company like paid for this apartment. It was fully furnished. It was absolutely beautiful. had two bedrooms, literally just for myself. It was magical is a beautiful location in vinings in Atlanta, and I thought I like fucking made it. I was like this is it until I started the internship and I was like, This is not it. What is this? So yeah, really interesting. But yeah, so I interned there I had a I like, had such a fun, summer and like yeah, just really experienced, like living alone and like, yeah grew up a lot through that experience. And it's so funny like, before I went there, I had this like strong feeling of like, I'm gonna meet my person in Atlanta. And I had never like really dated anyone super seriously in like, high school or junior high I like wanting to stay away from boys. I'm like, go away, like I need want to be by myself. And like, obviously going through an eating disorder. I wanted to be like, totally withdrawn and distant from other people. And then in college, I hung out with a lot of guys who had great times with but did not treat me the best. And I really wasn't like owning my worth or power showing up with confidence. And yeah, just like owning who I was in relation to like being with people. And then somehow this summer before or that summer I my internship before I went, like I just had this like, strong gut feeling of like, I'm going to meet my husband like, I'm going to meet my person in Atlanta. And it's so funny because I hadn't even told my mom that but my mom told me, she said, you're gonna meet your husband this summer. And like, I've goosebumps thinking about it, because we just got engaged, which is so funny to Trevor who I met that summer. And yeah, she's crazy. My mom is like, also basically a psychic. She wouldn't call herself that but she like oh my gosh, has always predicted like everything to a tee. It's crazy. So anyways, I had this feeling that I was going to be my person. And I was like a total like, yes, girl that summer. I said yes to everything. I would literally walk up to people at my apartment and be like, Hey, I just moved here. I have no friends. Basically, will you be my friend and like, that's how I made my friends because they didn't know anyone. Like I had to put myself out there. Which was like, so uncomfortable. But such a great learning experience. And my mentor work ended up becoming one of my really good friends and we're actually still best friends. Like, I don't even know how many years later that was 2015 So yes, seven No, five. Five years later, we're still like really good friends. We actually just went on a trip together. And yeah, her and her boyfriend are really close with me and Trevor and it's Yeah, really, really cool. But anyways, I you know, had this great summer so fun. Like my internship was like a joke. I basically was like, would fall asleep basically felt like I was falling asleep every day because I was so freaking bored. And like, again, like I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to continue on being an actuary, Kevin that's how that someone down but I had hoped that there were better jobs but that's not what I found. Anyway, so so bored but work but I was having like a just a really fun summer I just turned 21 so I was like going to all like, the bars and all the things and just living it up as a 21 year old, alone in Atlanta, like not giving a shit what anyone thought because I was like, Oh, I may never see these people again. Nobody knows me. I can be anybody I want to be. So I was and yeah, so basically, at the towards the end of the summer I had like two weeks or I went to happy hour with my mentor at work. And she invited some of her friends I invited some my friends we go to happy hour and one of the friends she invited was Trevor who is now my fiance as of like a week ago which I'm recording a separate podcast episode on that. I don't know if it's coming up before or after this one. But yeah, you can just like look out for that one. I'm gonna like share everything about our like trip and engagement in case that sounds fun to listen to to you. But anyways, okay, so where was I? Yeah, so we go to happy hour I met Trevor and I like thought he was so cute. I was like, Oh my gosh, like who is this guy? Again? I was a Yes girl that summer. So I was like chatty Cathy making friends with everyone. I was like trying to talk about like, oh, like where are you from? What do you do bla bla bla bla just being like, you know, super like friendly, which I'm very introverted. So for me, this was like, such like a guy had to really step into like, being more extroverted and outgoing that summer. And he was just kind of, like, standoffish and short with me. I'm like, Who does this guy think he is? And like, now knowing him, I'm like, okay, he just like, you know, I need some time afterwards to like, basically come back down to reality and process. But I was like, Who does? he think he is? And then afterwards, he texted my friend My mentor at work and was like your friends. Madison is hot. And she told me and I was like, ooh, like, okay, like, I'll take the golf tournament. And then yeah, we ended up kind of like just hanging out as that kind of like ended ended there. And then a couple weeks, like a week or so later, we ended up going out with a group and you know, my friends invited Trevor and I invited some of my friends and we kind of like hit it off then and just kept like, you know, hanging out here and there with the group and hitting it off and like, eventually we just like it like clicked and we had like, felt like we like knew each other forever. And we had like, one Sunday that we like spent the whole day together. Like we went to brunch, we went to the pool, we went to dinner, we hung out from like, brunch all the way to midnight. And I was like, This is my person. But I was like I'm leaving in a week. I'm going back to college. And I don't know if I'm, like ever going to see this person again. So, yeah, we were like, attached at the hip. The last week, we were like, basically hanging out every day like it was. So yeah, it's so great and so fun. And my mom and my sister were supposed to help me come move out of my apartment. And they my mom called In, she was like, yeah, we're not coming. I'm like, What do you mean, you're not coming? Like, you want me to move on my ship by myself? Like, no, I need you. And she was like, Nope, I know that you're missing out with that, boy. I'm not coming. I have this feeling that I cannot come you have to hang out with him. You have to spend this weekend with him. And I'm like, What are you saying? Like, I just met him. But in my gut, I knew like also I knew like he was special. So my mom's calm. I hung out with Trevor the whole weekend. I ended up staying longer than I thought. And we ended up going to like a concert. He helped me like move all my stuff. And he I was like with him the day I left and just cried basically, like for a lot of the way back to school driving from Atlanta to Gainesville. Because I was like, Oh my gosh, like I just met the most amazing human. And now I never I don't know if I'm ever gonna see him again. This is crazy. So I go back to school we like kept in touch texting here and there. And one of my friends was going to Atlanta A month later for tomorrow world, which is like ridiculous, like EDM Music Festival. And I choose like, why don't you ask that guy if he's going and maybe you can come and go, like, visit him. And I was like, fuck it. Okay, so I like, messaged him, and I was like, hey, my friends coming to Atlanta, like, are you going to tomorrow? He was like, yeah, you should come and I was like, Okay, cool. So I signed up to go I had never been to any crazy wild Music Festival like this before. And it was crazy and wild cow. But we had a really, really, really just a great time I go back to school and we kind of did that for like, several months where we would see each other like once a month, keep in touch like that kind of thing. And then February came around to my senior year of school we had like officially decided like, okay, like we're exclusive. We're dating. And yeah, he like asked me to be his girlfriend that that February of my like senior year. So I still had a few more months at school. And at the time I had accepted a job in Tampa because I was the only job I had gotten so far. So I accepted it because I wasn't about to just have no job. Because I was trained. You got to get the good job. You got to have a job. So I was still applying to jobs in Atlanta, and finally ended up getting one in Atlanta. And yeah, had to reduce three, I guess renamed my job in Tampa, which was an interesting situation, but I did what I had to do and got the job in Atlanta moved to Atlanta. And yeah, so I moved to Atlanta, I had an actuary job. Trevor and I were dating but I was living. Yeah, I had my I had my own apartment. I was living by myself. And it actually was like a terribly lit apartment I can't believe I ever moved into it was like dark inside. And it was just like, not good. My job. I was working like 12 hours a day I hated it. And I was like, as an actuary, you have to take all these crazy exams. And like you have to study like eight months for them just to maybe pass like they're not difficult and I had passed like two or three by the time I went to graduated college and I was like, yeah, taking those and studying for those and I would like wake up at like 4am take Adderall study. for several hours go to work at like nine work all day. Come home, drink a glass of wine, go to bed. Do it again. Obviously my body started like shutting down. I was like, had eczema all over my head. I was like so yeah, just like itchy. I had chronic like back pain. Like I was in severe pain every day all day. I was sleeping like two hours a night like I would lay I'd be so tired but when I would like lay down to go to sleep I would be like staring at the ceiling like, What in the world? is this? Like why will body Please let me go to sleep and it was awful. And just so much misery basically at the time. And it's so funny. I recently the other day found a journal. I wrote a month after I started my job. And it's so funny how like, yeah, that's soon I even I mean I knew at the end That this career path wasn't for me, but I Nord, I ignored those nudges and I ignored those signs because I didn't know I just did what I was supposed to what I thought I was supposed to do. And I didn't know what my other options were. So yeah, a month in working on my job. I wrote this like journal, which I found the other day, so I'm going to redo some of it because I think it's just crazy. So I wrote like, I'm yeah, June 23 2015. And I think I started work like right after the Fourth of July maybe so I said, like, I'm terribly bored and feel so useless at work. I'm getting tired of it. All I do is work. I've been kind of sad lately and can't pinpoint why. Probably just adjusting to living here and working. I'm like skipping over the boring stuff. Yeah, okay. And then I said, like, I've been wanting to start an Instagram recipe page and have started planning it. I bought a camera and came up with a name, Always Sunny in my belly, which was like a domain I bought and then did absolutely nothing with. But now I just need to start taking some good pictures. I think doing something like this that is creative will make me happy. Eventually, I might not want to be an actor anymore. So it's good to explore for my other skills. I would love to open up an Airbnb one day in San Diego. I would really love that. I think being bored at work has made me really think about being an act an actuary, do I really want to sit in this cube forever. It really freaks me out. I hope I have the drive drive eventually to start a business or do something more creative. Maybe something that involves cooking, opening a coffee shop designing places for Airbnb? Who knows, I just know I'll need to change it up eventually and do something I'm passionate about. How friggin crazy is that that like two three weeks into my job. I was already like, yeah, I need to have my own business. And having my own business was something I had thought about my whole life. I was always fascinated by it. I always wanted to do what I wanted to do what I wanted to do a very independent, very like fiercely Aquarius, like I'm an Aquarius, sun, like hardcore, like independent, I do what I want when I want and I'm creating my own rules for my own life. That's kind of like how I always was. But I didn't know I didn't really think that starting a business was possible for me, it was always something I was going to do someday out in the future. So anyways, yeah, that was what was going on with work and my food issues started coming back up at the time where I was like, now that I wasn't like drinking like I was in college and doing all the avoiding and distracting my food issues began like resurfacing and I was I got obsessed with like nutrition and health and I was reading all these crazy books telling you don't eat this don't eat that don't eat that you can do this, this is gonna give you cancer and little little and this will heal your cancer and all these you know, just wild things and now every one of them said something different. So I was so confused, so overwhelmed following all these crazy food rules. Basically, I got to the point where I felt like no food in the world was safe for me to eat because I had you know read so much crazy shit about this about this is about and this can do this and this can do that. And I was like oh my god nothing you save. I can eat and then I was like, yeah, just so restrictive. And so many photos was thinking about food literally 24 seven and combined with you know, my basically like total unfulfillment at work and working all the time. Like I was just like a freaking shit show. And that's when I stumbled across the book, intuitive eating. And I was like, Oh, wait, nobody told me like I can listen to my body and eat what I want still be like, yeah, just like happy and healthy and not have to think about food all the time. Like, all I have to do is listen to my body and my intuition like done, I'm sold. Let's do this, I'm going to figure it out. Again, set my mind to it. I was like, I'm going on a mission. And I'm figuring this out. And so I yeah, I did basically long story short over. I don't know, like a year or so I you know, read all these books. I really started like trust, trusting myself letting go of all the rules questioning everything like Wait, is that true? That XYZ is bad for me? Like what if it isn't, is well, this person is healthy indeed that so clearly. It's a lie and just sort of like questioning everything and really started to let go of what everyone else told me I was supposed to do. And really started listening to my own intuition about food and my own body and started stepping into this belief that like, only I know what's best for me. And yeah, I totally healed my relationship with food and not just like the physical aspect. But finally I'd figured out how to heal my mind. Like I was no longer obsessing and worrying about food all the time. Like essentially I like manifested my way to free freedom and rewired completely rewired my brain. And at the time as I was going through this intuitive eating journey. I had start kind of like started a little business where I was doing like recipes and food photography. And I was Yeah, I was doing that and What else do I want to share? Yeah, so I was doing recipe, develop food photography, healing my relationship with food kind of at the same time. And I was like, yeah, it was really fine. But I was also bringing my like perfectionism with food to the photography. So it kind of just became another thing that I was using to like beat myself up. But I was terrible at photography at first, but I got to the point where I got really, really, really good at my pictures like featured in magazines, I was getting paid like $800 for each recipe, like I got my first deal when I only had like 800 followers because I was just like, so ready to like put myself out there. And I like worked with brands like purely Elizabeth nutso, like the peanut butter brands, Lulus like the fashion website. Like I did a recipe for them. Rishi tea and macho, which I still drink I'm watching today, it's the freakin best. And I was like, featured and yeah, thrive magazine, and like other magazines and websites. And it was just really cool and really fun. But after going through the journey of healing my relationship with food, I realized, like, holy shit has completely changed everything. For me, I've like I need other women to know about this. Like, I cannot believe no one ever told us this growing up, like I've got to share this, I've got to help other women with this. So that's when I got into coaching, I got certified at the integrative Institute for nutrition to become an integrative nutrition health coach. And if you're interested in that place, you can send me a message on Instagram and magnetically I can tell you kind of like the pros, pros and cons, like my experience with it. But overall, it's definitely kind of like pushing me in the right direction. But what I tell my clients now who are starting businesses is that like, you don't have to go through a certification in order to become a coach, it's unnecessary, it's basically all you're doing is getting someone else's stamp of approval. And if you're doing it to feel more qualified and more confident, then you're just delaying the inevitable, which is that you have to feel it non confident, feel non qualified and do it anyways. And so if that's like your sole reason for getting certified, I wouldn't do it because you're still gonna feel unqualified, you're still not gonna feel competent, confident afterwards. However, if you're doing it purely for the sake of wanting to learn and grow great all for it. But it's definitely not necessary to start making money and start getting clients. Like I've worked with some of my students who wanted to become a coach who worked with me without getting certified and started like making money and getting clients within weeks. It can't happen that fast. Which is so awesome. So okay. What else? So yeah, I started coaching, then I started getting into the food freedom coaching, and helping other women heal their relationships with food, and doing one on one coaching. And I absolutely, like loved it. It was so fulfilling. And I was like, yeah, changing people's lives, sometimes even through just like one session. It was crazy. And yeah, just seeing proof that what I used in my own life could like help someone completely transform their life and their relationship with food within a matter of like, yeah, eight weeks or less was like so cool. And so mind blowing. To me, and kind of at the same time was when I realized that like I had to get out of that job that I was working 12 hours a day or else I was gonna like lose my mind. And so I went on this like search to find another job. It took me like nine months i did i networked with like 70 people. My job and ended up finding a new job in doing marketing project management, which was so much more lines, it was a lot more flexible. It was entirely work from home. And I'd already kind of like, built the standard of working from home for myself, because it wasn't really a thing on my team. But I just did it anyway. And that was kind of like, this is me, take me or leave me and like it's somehow worked out. I wouldn't recommend that to everyone. But for me, it's like that's Yeah, I just I kind of have always like made my own rules. So I was like, my standard is that I work from home soon. So got this marketing project management job, which was now like 100%, like, remote. And yeah, it was way more aligned and flexible and just got such a better role, which I'm actually still in now. And it's Yeah, I work full time with my corporate job still and like I'm building and have built a successful business on the side that just continues growing. And definitely like the ultimate goal is to leave my corporate job which I'm planning on doing this year or early 2021 but I'm just letting it fold and really trusting like the timing of when it feels like right and I've I'm staying in it now because it's giving me the opportunity to figure out how to maintain and continue growing my business on just a couple hours a day, which I think is so cool because when I leave my corporate job, I'm going to have a business that runs basically itself, and makes a lot of money on like two hours a day, which I think is just such a cool like, opportunity. And, you know, I will maybe I'll record a separate podcast episode on this on like, yeah, like basically how to have a business while working full time because I've been able to build a successful coaching business working full time and really do have plenty of balance in my life. And like, you can absolutely do that, too. So yeah, if you'd like to hear an episode on that, send me a message out magnetically. Maybe I'll record one on that. So yeah, I kind of transitioned into this new role. And everything in my life started changing as a result of me like healing my relationship with food, my relationships got better. I started like making all this money in my business. I was like, doing what was fulfilling to me, I was changing other people's lives, everything got better, I was happier, my back pain went away, my eczema went away. I was sleeping eight hours a night, like, everything in my life changed. Because it's like when you really transform one area of your life, it's like an inevitable byproduct that all areas of your life transformed. And I had honestly just become an entirely new person. So yeah, and also kind of like Around this time, I had hired my first coach who deeply helped me completely change my life. And I had an episode recently come out about that about like, how coaching has completely changed my life. So definitely go listen to that one. It's so it's so good. See, I kind of started having my own coaches doing coaching. And I ended up like launching this online course the subtle art of food freedom, which was like an eight week program, it's still available on my website, if you are someone who struggles with thinking and worrying about food all the time, and you just want to be able to eat in advance without all the anxiety and guilt like go get that course literally right now go to magnetic media calm under work with me, it'll be there. It will change your life. It's an eight week program. And every one of the I think over like 30 women I've had go through it have completely healed their relationship with food and completely transformed their entire life through that program. It is life changing. So go get that. But anyway, see, I had created that course. That's really what I was like, focused on at the time. And meanwhile, this whole time, I was building my business, I was like, on my own deep, like personal development, like spiritual awakening journey. So I was like working with my own coaches, I was doing coaching, I was working on my mindset, just questioning everything, rewiring all of my beliefs, getting into meditation, and all these energy healing rituals, hypnosis, reading all the books and all the podcasts on personal development, entrepreneurship and spirituality and manifestation physics, like I was like, learning all the things and really was like doing the deep inner work to get the fuck out of my own way. And really line up my mindset, energy and actions with the life that I actually wanted, like, and finally started letting go of this life that I thought I was supposed to have, or should have been, like, really started stepping into, like, What do I want? What does my soul want? And like, fuck what's impossible, like, everything is possible. So what do I want and I get to have that I get to create whatever I want. So yeah, I had my business I was making like thousands of dollars a month doing what I love my relationship, like Excel to a totally new level, I healed my relationship with food. I was manifesting traveling the world, I manifested my soul, my best friend being featured in like amazing, amazing publications like Reader's Digest, and so much more. And this is like all because I had really finally like, through my like, basically, healing relationship with food was my first spiritual awakening. That's what got me into personal development, spirituality, and then through that, it really opened up this window to healing and transforming in all areas of my life and creating this life that I love. And it's all because I made the decision to stop settling and to start creating a life that I loved that was actually aligned with my soul. And now this we're in 2020, so early this year 2020 I like realized that I was kind of like outgrowing the business that I had built. And I was meant to teach on a such a bigger scale because I had transformed myself on such a bigger scale than food, like everything in my life had transformed. And with my clients, I was seeing the same thing for them. Like I was helping them transform everything and their lives to you know, getting landing their dream jobs, healing their relationships, healing their relationship with food, earning more money, manifesting more money, starting businesses, attracting clients getting out of debt, like I was like, okay, like, look what, look what I'm doing, basically. And so, we went to Hawaii earlier this year before all the COVID stuff happened, and I decided that I was going to completely rebrand and pivot my business. I started this podcast, I changed My name from 70 times to magnetically you, and I changed my direction and all of that from helping women heal their relationship with food to now helping women like free program their thoughts and energy and really tap into their intuition in order to manifest a life that makes them be like, wait, holy shit, is this even real? That's my life, greater purpose. And like, that's what I'm helping all of my clients do now. And it's so, so fun. And I'm just sharing all the tools that I've learned on my wild and transformative journey with my clients, the tools have changed my life and have changed all my past clients life. And yeah, sharing those with my new clients and like basically condensing my whole life's learnings into this, these like coaching packages that like can change your life so much faster and so much easier. And yeah, I'm just really honored to be able to, to do that now. And speaking of that, like if you're looking for a coach, and if my story and my transformation like speaks to you, and you're ready to like transform and really up level in all areas of your life, and you're ready to create a lifestyle, like actually lights you up, then I would absolutely love to work with you. So you can go apply, check out my one on one coaching program. If this speaks to you, magnetically slash coaching, check it out, feel it all out, you can apply and then if it's a good fit, I'll reach out to you and we'll go from there. But yeah, so this, my coaching program is for you if you're ready to stop settling, and yes, sir, creating that life that you really love, just by being yourself. And by having fun, like, the struggle is not required, like, Can we just all say that together really quick? The struggle is not required, like, wow, how freeing Is that right? And, you know, my coaching program is, it's for those of you who are just like tired of the like, work Netflix, sleep, repeat lifestyle, and like know that your man for so much more, but maybe you don't know exactly what that looks like, or how to get there. And you know, maybe you're frustrated from feeling like you've been trying to change your life, but somehow just keep feeling stuck or maybe feel too scared to go off to your big dreams because they don't feel possible for you. And if you're anything like me, there's probably a lot of anxiety and self doubt and fear of failure and overthinking that are really holding you back from living the life that you ultimately want. And I just want like you to think about like, What? What if you could wake up every morning feeling like you're just like living the life you've only ever dreamed of? And what if you felt so aligned with your purpose and competent? Who you are that like you had people asking you all the time like, girl? What's your secret? Because you're like radiating magnetic vibes? And how what if you could just like feel like fulfilled in your life and start achieving the goals you once or impossible for you in a way that feels easy and fun and aligned with your soul? Like, that is exactly what I'm going to help you do. In my coaching program. It's basically the way to the best way to fast track your way to your dream life, just in a way that like is truly aligned with like your soul and who you are. And yeah, so basically what we're going to get in the coaching program is three months, you're going to get six calls with me over the three months every other week where we're really going to focus on the giving, getting you the clarity, competence and direction, you need to really go after your biggest goals and dreams and create a lifestyle that like actually lights you up. You're going to get amazing like journal prompts, powerful energy healing rituals, you're going to get unlimited voxer access with me, which is like voice and text messaging between sessions. And I did this because I've had so many clients in the past who were like, I wish I could just like put you in my pocket and take you around like well, now you can there's voxer So yeah, you'll have my support, like every day and like I am like so there for my VIP one on one clients like they are my people and I got to show up freaking fully because I want to see you succeed as much as you do. Like, I want to be that person for you that's there with you the whole time lifting you up and pushing you to step into that next level version of you. And then also you're going to get bonus, custom hypnosis for me really designed to like take this vision you want for your dream life and really imprint that into your subconscious mind. So if this speaks to you, go apply magnetically you slash coaching I would absolutely love to have you coaching has changed everything in my life being a coach and being coached. And yeah, I just want the same for you. And so thinking Yes, that's my journey. Like let me know if it resonates with you. I would love to hear from you on Instagram. I magnetically You and just kind of like here any takeaways you had from this episode if anything resonated with you and would love if you would screenshot and share this episode or texted to any of your friends who you feel like need to hear this and yeah of course just as little reminder like if you guys would leave me a review it would mean the world to me again I'm going to send you my new month my monthly intention setting a journal prompts and my full moon releasing ritual if you leave me a review screenshot it, send it to me I magnetically you on Instagram or email me at hello at magnetically you calm and I will send it to you but thank you so much for being here and I will see you guys next week. I'm so grateful for you listening today if this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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