how to open to the energy of receiving & let abundance flow to you (+ our engagement story)

podcast Sep 29, 2020

We're getting really juicy and personal in this week's episode. In case you haven't seen the news on Instagram, Trevor proposed on our Arizona/Utah trip!!!

In this episode, I'm sharing all about the trip and spilling the details on our engagement. And best of all, I'm breaking down how to get into the energy of receiving so you can stop pushing and forcing what you want to happen and let it flow to you easily and naturally. Getting into the energy of receiving was something I've been working on all year but it wasn't until this trip that I was able to FULLY understand it and step into it and I want to share with you exactly how I did that!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  Run down of what we did on our Arizona/Utah trip
✧  My favorite crystal stores in Sedona
✧  Ah-ha moments from our chakra healing session
✧  The story of how Trevor proposed to me in the Grand Canyon (equally awkward & magical)
✧  The even CRAZIER story of what went down that night
✧  10 ways to open to the energy of receiving
✧  How to have more abundance flow to you by keeping an abundance tracker
✧  Why you need to create a void in order to receive
✧  Why outer directed actions for the sake of "attracting" something don't work and what to do instead


🔮 Resources:



My Recommended Places to Visit:


✧  Chakra healing session
✧  Psychic
✧  Mystical Bazaar
✧  Sky Rock Inn
✧  Crystal Magic
✧  Flower of Life
✧  Local Juicery
✧  Picazzos
✧  Hideaway House
✧  Creekside Coffee
✧  Creekside Bistro
✧  Swimming Hole - Grasshopper Point
✧  Devil's Bridge Hike
✧  Cathedral Rock Hike


✧  Local Juicery

Grand Canyon

✧  Plateau Point 13 Mile Hike
✧  Thunderbird Inn

Lake Powell

✧  Rainbow Room
✧  Hyatt House in Page, AZ


✧  Hyatt House Moab
✧  Angela Hays Photography
✧  98 Center
✧  Sultan
✧  Dead Horse State Park
✧  Devil's Garden Hike
✧  Delicate Arch
✧  Canyon Lands - go to great view point and also hike gooseberry hike
✧  Sunset Grill (don't eat there, just for drinks/views)
✧  Sorrel River Ranch


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello at beauty and welcome back to another episode of The magnetically you Podcast. I am your host, Madison and every Tuesday I am bringing you must feel good episodes and content and guests to help you create a holy shit is this even real kind of life? Can I get an amen to that. Um, so I wanted to just start by letting you know that if you leave a review on iTunes, which that would mean the world to me, if you would take two minutes to go Leave me a thoughtful review about how this podcast has impacted you. I will send you my monthly intention setting journal prompts and my full moon releasing ritual. So the rest of the full moons for the year is October 1, October 31, November 30, December 29. So it's amazing how it like kind of corresponds to the beginning of the month. So basically, these are like really, really, really powerful journal prompts to really just set you up for an amazing month. And to get you in that energy of manifestation get you clear on what it is that you want to magnetize to you. And then also with a full moon ritual, it's all about releasing, letting go of what's no longer serving you letting go of the past, letting go of the old habits and patterns and thoughts and beliefs that are standing in your way of the life that you truly want. So it's like this amazing, like beautiful pairing of the journal prompts with a full moon releasing ritual. So if you leave your review, I will send you that just screenshot it but right before you hit submit, screenshot it, you can dm it to me on Instagram, magnetically you or you can email me your screenshot at Hello at magnetically calm. And I will have my team send you that I thank you so much again, it would mean the world to me, if you would just take a couple minutes to do that this podcast. One of my big goals is to have it reach 15,000 downloads and 100 reviews by the end of the year. And right now I'm at about 7000 downloads and 30 to five star views. So I definitely need your help to do this. And by taking a couple minutes to do this, like you're going to help me create a ripple effect and like reach more people and help more women like change their lives too. So that would mean the world to me if you would be so kind as to do that for me. And yeah, in return, I want to send you those amazing journal prompts and full moon releasing ritual. So okay, let's get into it this episode, because I've had a lot of you asked me about getting engaged and how it went down and all the details. So for those of you who like all the juicy details about all the things like this episode is for you. And also I'm going to be telling you just like all about the epiphanies that I had while we were on our trip in Arizona and Utah for like 10 days, I'm going to give you a bunch of recommendations and in the show notes, we'll link to everything in case you want to go to Utah and Arizona and you have really like the biggest thing that I stepped into on our trip and you know, before and after engagement was being in this energy of receiving and like letting abundance flow to me and abundance in all forms money, love, friendships, experiences, all of those kinds of things. And that was really like the big theme of the trip for me was like being in this energy of receiving and truly like allowing myself to just like receive the love from Trevor receive the abundance that was coming in my business without even doing anything because I was on vacation and just really getting into that energy of receiving where just by like taking a step back and surrendering you literally become a magnet to abundance and it finally can flow in because so much of the time we are taking all these outer directed actions and doing doing doing doing doing to where we almost create this like wall between ourselves in the abundance and it's like floating like, right around us and like we're by keep putting energy out. We're kind of pushing it away. So we have to sometimes take a step back, like put our hands up surrender and like be like, Okay, finally like let's let the abundance that's always been there rush in and that's really what kind of happened for me on the trip. So yeah, I'm going to be talking all about how to get into an open up to that energy of receiving and love the abundance below, like a beautiful river. Okay, so first I'm going to tell you more about our and also there's someone outside like doing some yard work. It seems that there's always yard work outside of my apartment, so hopefully you can't hear it if you can. I love you. Thank you for listening anyways. Okay, so a little bit more about our trip. We started in school. Still, so we flew into Phoenix, we went to Scottsdale, if you've never been there basically, it's like, the desert like resort vibes. And it's wonderful. It's beautiful. There's palm trees, like rocky like red rock, kind of like mountains. I like love the sunny desert. It is like so my wife so we spent a couple days they're all linked the my I'm gonna have my assistant link everything I mentioned any restaurants and even ones that I don't mention on this episode, like everything we did in the show notes on my website. So if you're listening and you know, you want to do a trip like this or you want any of these recommendations, or the places we ate or hikes or anything like or wherever we stayed, just go to the show notes on my website. We're gonna have all the details and stuff there. But anyway, so we started in Scottsdale, and yeah, stayed in this Airbnb, which again, we'll link it all up and yeah, just had like a really good time. We had our friends with us, um, who, it's funny, my friend, Emma, who I worked with as an intern, the summer before my senior year of school, she was my mentor at work. And she was friends with Trevor and she was actually the person who introduced Trevor and I, which was just really cool that we're like, still such close friends. And now her and her boyfriend are like really, really close with Trevor and I and yeah, we went on this trip together. It was so fun. So yeah, we started in Scottsdale. We hiked Camelback Mountain one day, which is like a really intense like, kind of like straight up straight down, hike, but it's like really yeah, just like fun and like really intense workout we like went to dinner one night at this place called sushi. Roku and we ran into Heather and Tarik I don't know his name from selling sunset. I don't know who they are. But my friends knew who they are. And I just started watching that show. It's actually quite entertaining. But anyways, yes, we like ran into famous people which was cool and sushi Roku was really good to me, like stayed in this Airbnb that had a pool. So we just like literally chilled in this on our own like pool at our own Airbnb after like hiking during the day. And it was, yeah, it was amazing. And then there was a smoothie place we went to one day called kaleidoscope. So I'm just gonna, like yeah, quickly mentioned the places and then if you want to, like go find them, you can go to the show notes because yeah, that's like, you know, extra details that you may or may not need. Um, but anyway, so that was Scottsdale was really fun. And then we all drove up to Sedona and we stayed at this place called the sky rock in which was like perfect the rooms were like just like, you know, simple hotel rooms, but it was really beautiful views like perfect, like central easy place to stay and we kind of did like all the things there we went to the crystal stores and my two favorites were mystical bizarre and crystal magic. And then there's also this store called the flower of life where I bought this new Oracle deck of cards made by this artist there. And I like read one of I pulled a card and I read it and of course I pulled a card that a butterfly on it, which if you guys listen, you know butterflies are my sign and basically it um the main theme of the card I pulled was that is a cherish the waiting as much as you cherish the action. And like that really like just struck me and I was like whoa, like that is everything I need to buy this deck of cards and are beautiful. And so I got them and I'm actually holding them right now I just decided I'm going to pull one for you guys. So I'm just going to think about like, why you guys need to hear and pull these on our card prostitutes to me. Okay, so I'm gonna read it to you. And this I just randomly decided to do this. So I'm excited for you because like, yeah, every one of these like, cards in this book is just so good. Okay, so I pulled a card called Deep treasure. So it says in the center of the card is the image of a deep sea diver returning to the surface of the water, the light pours down from above illuminating his journey back from the depths of his own unconscious feelings. A shaman looks on guarding his progress so that he might discover the treasures of his hidden depths. Behind the shaman is the earth. His classroom for growing and above is a red rose a symbol of his passion for life. This card is all about exploring your own depths. It's a it's a time to dive deep, your soul's calling you and you need to go there are many helpers on the way to guide and protect you. If you choose to say yes to the journey at this time you will have all the support you need. As the diver has enough air in his tank, which there's a diver on the card. You will have the physical support you need. This is a pilgrimage to your own center and must be Honored so if you disregard the call to go inward Now you may miss the treasures that you will find at this time. Who's so good okay and then there's some kind of like guiding questions and like little pieces of advice that I'll read you. So what is calling you right now? Are you getting signs that it's time to go within listen to that call and the way it will be made easy the souls nature is to always go deeper your soul wants to take you on a journey of discovery into the deep and mysterious places within you say yes and the fear will dissipate. Oh, I am loving this I don't know about you guys is giving me chills. I hope that you are loving this as much as I do and and sick. Yeah, just giving you some epiphanies about what's going on in your life right now. So there's a choice we always have a choice in whether we choose to follow our soul's voice or not. What are you afraid you will have to give up if you follow your soul? Whew, so good. And just something to think about is like, what if you didn't have to give it up? What if the struggle and sacrifice wasn't required? What if it did get to be fun and did get to be easy? Okay, there's a couple more things I want to read from this card. Time to take the plunge. Even though we are creatures of earthen air sometimes the water causes us to dive in water which represents our emotions is where our fears and passions live. We need to go into those realms to be holy, holy human. diving deep within us a spiritual journey into our own mystery. It is necessary for us to take these steps to grow. This is our mission here. Wow, I really love this card. So yeah, basically, it sounds like the message and hopefully this message you need to hear but it definitely really spoke to me is just like, now is the time to go deep within and I think it's very very fitting for her 2020 especially because this has been such a year of going within and having that spiritual transformation and like saying yes to I think it's really all about saying yes to your soul's callings. And if you've been struggling to say yes to your soul's callings, like that's exactly what I help my clients with is really stepping into their souls callings getting rid of all these like you have fears and resistances that are standing in their way and allowing them to say yes to who they really are. And yes to creating a life that like actually like they're still on fire. So if that speaks to you, I'd love to work with you. And yeah, you can send me an Instagram on dm if you want to talk more about that. I just felt called to say that because as I said, as it said Your soul is calling you and you need to go there are many helpers on the way to guide and protect you and God it's just called me to say that so if you feel like I'm not person for you, then let me know we can talk more about that. So anyways, I got that beautiful card deck that I'm like so in love with like every time I like read one I'm like shocked by like how powerful the words are. And that was at the store. Flower of Life. We got smoothie again at this place called local juicery. And I ended up running into this girl named Lauren on Instagram, she's Lauren of love she is was a business coach and now and has kind of transformed transitioning more into like the mindset manifestation. She's kind of like on her own spiritual awakening in Sedona, and she's someone who I've been following for a while I've listened to her podcast. She's friends with Katherine's and kina, the manifestation babe who I love to have been following along with her a long time as well. And I've kind of been following her journey in Sedona. She's been there for a few months, and I ended up running into her at the smoothie place, which is so cool. And she was like, the sweetest human and yeah, just such such a light and really like, was such an example. And it's so cool how like everything on the trip came back to this inner beat this theme of being in the energy of receiving like what she was such a beautiful example of being in the energy of receiving just like she was so calm and light and grounded in surrender, like it was really cool, like getting to meet her and run into someone who I've been kind of like following along with online for several months. And yeah, it's really special. And it was so funny how we that same day, several hours later, we ended up running into her out this crystal store where you had to kind of wait because COVID they were like only letting a certain number of people in. And we ended up talking to her and her friend in line for like 30 minutes, which Yeah, just had really great conversations and just really cool to like, have meet new people from who you've like, followed on the online space like run into them in real life. And I know I was meant to run into her and it was such a cool little synchronicity and I'm kind of excited to see Yeah, like where, how that like synchronistic moment unfolds. And there were so many synchronistic moments on this trip because I really was allowing myself to get into the energy of receiving which I'm going to talk about more after I like share all about our our our trip and our engagement. If you don't hear those stories, that's fine. Just Fast forward to the bar about getting in the energy of receiving but it all kind of ties together. So I would encourage you to listen if if that speaks to you if you feel like you've kind of been in this like pushing force in action and doo doo doo doo doo energy and you are ready to just like kind of like surrender and like get into this energy of like receiving and like allowing abundance to flow to you rather than like forcing and pushing and grabbing, trying to make it come to you and then it doesn't. So anyways, we went to this place for lunch one day called Picasso's, they had this amazing life changing salad called the Mother Earth salad. It was like apples, sweet potatoes, candied walnuts or pecans. Avocado, keen raw spinach, or some sort of lettuce is honey mustard, dressing, avocado dressing, like life changing salad, I've actually been Oh, and they had apples in it. I've been making it. Since we got home. I'm obsessed. Also this place called hideaway house, which Trevor and I had been to before, because we've been to Sedona before. But last time we went it rained the entire time, which is so funny, because it never ends in Sedona. So this time, it was sunny the whole time and beautiful venue. So we went to hideaway house, they have like amazing wine, pizza, pasta and views like it is so delicious. Like probably my one of my favorite Italian places I've ever eaten and just Sedona is so magical. And the views are so magical. And there were butterflies everywhere and like butterflies are my side and I was telling my friend Emma about it how like butterflies are my sign like I keep seeing them everywhere. And like as I was saying on this woman walks by and she's wearing a jumpsuit covered in butterflies and mo was like holy shit like you are magnetic right now. And yeah, just kind of like really felt like I was in this like magnetic energy of receiving like the whole trip and just literally butterflies everywhere and so many synchronicities which I'm going to tell you more about them. So many cool little moments of abundance, but we when we got coffee at this creek place called cakes at coffee we ate at dinner one night at this place called Creekside Bistro and while we were there, it's like just a good classic American food and when we were there, the waitress spilled the dishes as she was cleaning them up and like mushroom juice brown mushroom juice went all over Trevor and I which was like Yeah, kind of funny and like just like a powerful another powerful Wow, I just realized this another powerful like, opportunity to like just surrender and let go. And instead of getting upset, just be like, okay, like get into this energy of allowing. And we went to this swimming hole called grasshopper point, like jumped off these cliffs into the water, which was so fun. We did Devil's bridge hike, which was great photo op, but besides that the hike wasn't anything thrilling. And then Cathedral rock hike. That one was awesome. It was like a short, like, kind of intense hike, but like not that hard and like really, really beautiful. And yeah, we also did this while we were in Sedona we did the chakra healing session with this woman named Ana hada. Who was recommended to me by Jen Casey because Jen Casey went with Katherine sin kena who's manifestation babe and Lauren, who I was talking about earlier, they had all gone to the chakra Hill and I'd seen them on Instagram, talking about her. So I was like, okay, like, I want to go. So we did this chakra healing session, which was really cool learns like all about the chakras and like, yeah, like got clarity on like, which ones of ours really out of balance. And it was especially powerful for the boys like Trevor and Emma's boyfriend, just because, like, you know, Emma and I are kind of like, off the, off the grid with the woo stuff. And we like love, love it all. And I've kind of been like, on that journey for a while, and then you know, not as, like, intuitive as us and it was really cool for them. And she just like, had such a beautiful energy in a way of like holding space where you felt so seen and so heard. And yeah, like, she just gave everyone the opportunity to kind of like, share what they were going through and made you feel so safe and doing so it was really really cool. And some of like the big takeaways from that session were to one for my friends and I to like wait for permission before giving advice. And for me to like allow Trevor to make his own choices because so often I want to control him and make him be just like me and make him think like me. And you know, it's obviously like when someone is very different from you. You want to be like why are you doing that? Like I don't understand you and I'm so quick to Yeah, basically give unsolicited advice because I do so much learning in the personal development world that like if you like Like uses, like Anahata gave this example of like, she dated this guy before who like, was basically like the spiritual police. And every time she would say like one disempowering thing he'd be like, oh, like you just said something disempowering. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, like, I think I do that to Trevor sometimes. So very good lesson to like, yeah, just wait for permission before giving advice and like, let let people be their own people, let them have their own journey and just they can let go of trying to control it, which again, comes back to this overall theme of like, surrender and being in this energy of receiving and she talks about this acronym acronym, basically think before you speak. And she said before you say something, especially in like, relationships to ask yourself, Is it and this is the acronym for think th I nk? Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring is unnecessary? And is it kind? And that was like, that was really powerful for all of us. We were like, Oh, yeah, shit, like, we could all do a lot better at that. So that was like, that was really fun and really powerful. And, yeah, we had a lot of good conversations even about getting in the energy of receiving because I was telling her like, sometimes I have a hard time just like allowing good things to come to me letting it be good. letting myself receive letting myself be on the receiving end of, of love of happiness of success. And just to let that be okay, and not feel like almost like guilty. Yeah, kind of first evening. So again, like the theme continues. So then, we parted with our friends, they went home, Trevor, and I continued on our trip. And we had, we had planned that they went home and we kind of like continued on this bigger road trips. So we kind of like drove through Flagstaff, which we didn't stay there, but we just kind of like drove through and like walked around a little bit on our way to the Grand Canyon. And then we went to the Grand Canyon, which was like so freaking good, like jaw dropping and epic and amazing. It's funny, because I kind of heard mixed reviews about it, but like, I loved it, and I would absolutely, like recommend it. But I would say go for one day, two nights, like one full day, that's plenty like you kind of need to see it and maybe do a hike and then like you're good. Um, but we stayed. Trevor had like plans the whole trip. So I kind of like knew we were gonna get engaged because he's never planned a trip for us before. I'm always the planner, which again, like, Oh my gosh, coming back to the energy of receiving just allowing someone else to take control and to receive this trip that he had, like, plans in organized for us. So he plans for us to stay in the park, which was so awesome because we woke up and we had like plans to do this 13 mile hike and our hike was literally a two minute walk from the door of our hotel, which was awesome. And so we did Pato point hike. It was 13 miles we started at like seven in the morning, probably, and started hiking down it was like cloudy or foggy from the fires, which was really just crazy. That it was all the way at the Grand Canyon. So it's kind of hard to see. And on the hike down. I was like, you know, like, oh, man, like, you know, I'm kind of sad. It's foggy, like hopefully it clears up and then I was like, No, I'm it universe. I trust that you're going to clear this out for us. I know that before we get to the top of this hike, it's going to be beautiful. The get back to the top of that site, because you start at the top you go down and you come back up. But I'm like universe like, Please clear this guy. Like thank you so much for clearing the sky. I know that it's going to be clear and then take up jogging trail for like, it's going to clear up it's definitely going to clear up. And he now I didn't know this at the time, but he had the ring in his pocket the whole time. And was like Oh shit, like, I don't want to do it if it's like foggy and she's like, not like super into it. So he was kind of like, oh, what are we? What am I gonna do? So anyways, we hiked like, the six and a half miles down to the bottom. We got there. It's absolutely beautiful, like breathtaking views, it starts clearing up, we can basically see the whole Canyon and we're also like, basically on a cliff overlooking the Colorado River, which was like, yeah, just like just the jaw dropping views again. And we had it was just as to down there. And then this other couple who we had kind of like pacing with us the whole hike, like they would pass us we bust them they're like basically with us the whole way down. And Trevor asked them to take a picture of us and while he told me they were gonna take a picture and he asked them secretly to take a video. So we're like posing basically on this cliff in the middle of the Grand Canyon with like these amazing like, views behind us. And they're like posing and I like no I like no, it's gonna happen so I'm like shaking and like scared. I'm gonna fall off this cliff. Oh my god. This is this is like yeah, just a lot of emotions big moment. And then I think Trevor was kind of feeling the same way and like, he just like, turned to me and like asked really quick got down on his knee like so fast and like happens so fast I basically like, I like froze, I completely froze I like hardly remember I like blocked I like froze I was like, starstruck by where we were, and then starstruck by what just happened. And like, it happened so fast, because I think Trevor was like, I gotta get this ring out of my pocket, because he didn't want to bring the box in his backpack, because in his hiking backpack, I would always go in there and grab my water and snacks and stuff. So he like had in his pocket the whole time. So I think he wanted to just to be like, out and safely on my finger. Um, and yeah, so and we were also like, on the edge of a cliff. And it was really like Wendy, and it was like, yeah, it's just like, beautifully awkward. And at first, like, first, Trevor tends to put it on my right hand. So I'm like, no wrong hands. And he tries to put the ring on my left hand and like it won't go on my finger because it was like so swollen from it. It's like a lot hotter down in the canyon. So I was like, my fingers, like sometimes swell. When I go on walks and runs and hikes. It's kind of weird, but I think it's a normal thing. But anyways, um, I was like, I was like, trying to get it on. It was awkward, because these people were like, watching, like, videoing us. I'm like, Oh, I got it. So I just put on my pinky. And I was like, Louisa, like, and this awkward moment, like, please, but it was not not I didn't want to end Simone. Because it was like, so beautiful. But we're also awkward, like, Yeah, but it was great. It was perfect. It was funny, and happy. Um, so then I finally got it on the right finger. We like took a bunch of pictures. We were like, so excited. And we like started hiking back up. And Trevor was like, Wait, did you even say yes. And I was like, honestly, I don't know. Like, so I don't even think I said, Yes, I think we just like, like, we both kind of like zoned out. We're like, what is even happening? Um, but then like hiking up, we had so much adrenaline that we like, moved so fast, like seven miles up and out of the Grand Canyon, like, unbelievably fast. And oh, the best part? Well, maybe not the best part. And magical for her as the universe would have freakin have it on this day. Um, so the whole week before we went to the Grand Canyon, it had been like 110 degrees at the top of the canyon and the bottom was like 130 like 130 degrees. Not kidding. And we were like, okay, we're gonna probably have to start hiking at 4am unless we want to like dive a heatstroke. So we had like plans like to just like, we were going to be hot, we were going to suck it up. We're gonna wake up at four. Like we got this. And we're both morning people anyways, so we knew we were going to be fine. And the day before we checked the weather the day before we were going to the Grand Canyon and like the temperature A cold front was coming in and the temperatures supposed to drop 30 degrees. So the high was going to be like 70 something degrees. When we hiked It was probably in like the 50s and 60s and sunny. So like, literally the perfect weather for hiking could not ask for anything better. And like yeah, literally dropped 30 degrees, which is so crazy. And author is something else I was gonna say. I forgot. Maybe it'll come back to me. Ah, anyways, so we all just keep going. Maybe it'll come back to me. It will. I'm manifesting that as well. So we start, we hike. Oh, I remember. This is not that important, actually. So the morning that morning, we woke up at like six and we had like, thank God for Trevor for being adamant about this. Like we went to Walmart the day before and had bought this like water boiler. So we can make coffee in our room because he had heard that basically, they can't get coffee in the Grand Canyon, like nothing was really open because of COVID. And like there's just not much in there. Um, so we had like packs like peanut butter sandwiches and snacks. And Trevor's like, we're gonna want coffee. And I'm like, okay, like, let's do it. And usually I drink much in the morning, but I was like, Okay, if I'm going to 30 miles like I might want to take the caffeine up a notch. So Trevor made us his coffee and it was like so strong. It was literally like crack coffee. So we're basically like, yeah, the the, all the caffeine from our crack coffee and the adrenaline from getting engaged like made us we basically ran up the mountain for seven miles. I don't know how. And then obviously we got so sore and so tired afterwards anyways to get back off, it was just really like it felt so easy to have games we were like so excited. We were like on an adrenaline high. We just got engaged in the middle of the freakin Grand Canyon, which like is so cool and so special introverted, such a great job like planning and keeping us cool, at least up until we got engaged. And then so we hiked out and went to this little like convenience store. This is details you don't need, but like we bought all this stuff. And like these coffee mugs, which I drink out of this morning and just made me so happy. Like, can I just say, remember the moment we bought t shirts and stuff? And yeah, so then we drove, we were leaving that area. And Trevor had booked his other place for us to stay that night. And he I like to know anything about it. Because he was keeping it all a surprise. And so we start driving to this new place. And we get there and we're saying, I don't know if I want to share the name of it because I I'm going to tell a story that does not paint them in the greatest light. So anyways, we stayed on this like beautiful, like land with it was basically a glamping. So there were these things called yurts. They're built out of made out of like, canvas. And so it's like, yeah, you have like basically a room with a bathroom and a shower. We had like a big king bed. It was so nice. So beautiful, like 20 minutes from the gate of the gank Grand Canyon. We were on this big like desert pasture, we could see these mountains off in the background. And it's like this whole community of like yurts basically like glamping 10 things. And so we got there, and I'm like, this is right up my alley, like so cool that Trevor did this. They had like a whole like, outdoor area with string lights and games, and they had like wine and drinks and they had their own like restaurant on site. Like it was just this really cool, like, trendy glamping experience. And so we're like loving it. We like call we tried to call our people we basically could only call our parents because service was so bad that we just were like, okay, we're gonna call all our other people later, which is honestly nice to not have service and yeah, we really got to focus on like us But anyway, so we had like dinner at the place we had wine outside. I'm like, this is so great. We were just like having a good time. And like also like just so starstruck from the whole day we were like so tired from hiking 13 miles but so like high from getting engaged. So we get did all of that. And then we go back to our little glamping tent to go to bed and it was supposed to be 30 degrees that night, because the cold friend come in. And they had these like fire things in the room. It was called a wood burning stove. Basically, it's like a big black. Like industrial not big not that big, but like an industrial like looking like black like, I don't know, like almost like oven but made out of like cast iron material. If that makes sense. It was like a fire pit place basically. And there um, so we started a fire so we could be warm at night because they told us that's how you stay warm. There's no like heat or air in the rooms like you just turn on a fire and then you go to bed. We're like, in my head. I'm like, I don't know about sleeping with a fire on but Okay, I'll try it because it's going to be cold. So we light a fire. And everything seems to be fine. It's warming up. I'm like this is good. And I like we like lay down to go to sleep. And Trevor's basically already asleep and I'm like awake reading my book because I'm like, I don't know about this fire. Like I'm gonna stay awake and read my book because there's no way I'm gonna fall asleep that fast knowing there's a fire burning right next to me on and everything goes pitch black and I'm like shit the fires out like what are we gonna do? So I called like the you know, people who worked there and I was like, our fire went out like can we have someone come help us? And they're like, Yeah, of course. So they this guy comes his name is Mouse which I feel like just like adds to the story. Mouse builds this raging fire it's getting really warm or like oh yeah, this is perfect. Thank you mouse like we're gonna be warm all night no problem. And then so there's this like silver like tube slash cylinder thing I like kind of exits out of the the fire thing and out of the canvas. So it's kind of like a chimney for smoke. And the whole thing turned bright orange the whole silver like to chimney thing and I was like, oh mouse like it's bright orange. Like Is that normal? Use like oh yeah, it's like a really good a fire and I was like, okay like cool. Great. Um, and then literally like a minute later the yogurt the canvas the police were saying and catches on fire. And I'm like, Oh shit. Oh, shut up. mouse's like radioing all the people. He's like, get someone here now. There was a fire. And they're like, radioing back like there's a fire extinguisher in the room. Use that. He's like I know I'm going through but I get them here now and we were like oh shit like he's he's like calling in all the people and he's supposed to be the fire expert and we are doing fire extinguisher and he's still freaking out I'm like oh my god this is not good. I'm like terrified that it's about to just like spread and blow up the whole lot blow up but like catch the whole place on fire. Like I was in my head. I'm like, ooh, Canvas probably burns really fast. I don't know. But I was like, oh shit and he was getting so smoky we're really coughing and it wasn't a big fire it was small but like I was like oh my god do we have to start grabbing our stuff and running out of here I like go outside and mouse fire as soon as the fire the fire goes out. And we are like covered in like smoke like get hard to breathe like coughing like it was a whole fiasco and the all the people who work there came and they're like, so I'm like, do you guys want to switch to a different tenant? and Trevor goes, Oh, I think we'll be okay. I'm like okay, I'm not okay like I'm not staying in here with all this smoke especially on the night we just got engaged and there's no fucking way I'm turning back on another fire because I'm not about to burn down in my sleep and there's also no chance I'm going to sleep in the 30 degree weather like that doesn't that feels like a big no for me. Again like a special night we got engaged and we didn't have extra blankets. We had no coats we were not prepared for this cold front. Um, so I like told them I'm like give us a minute like can so we can like talk about what we need to do and so I talked to Trevor and I'm like let's just go book a hotel like I can't do this. I like I'm not comfortable sleeping with a fire on considering we just fucking lit on fire and I'm also not cool sleeping in 30 degrees like let's just go get a hotel so we found the hotel a janky little hotel in the middle of nowhere booked it packed all our shift and left at like 11 o'clock at night and went to this like hotel so yeah, it was just it was really funny and like the whole time I'm just like you know thinking like wow, what a great story to tell like we're never gonna forget like the night we got engaged or literally we got on fire and also just like yeah, just like I was feeling so grateful that it didn't happen while we were like sleeping or anything and just like just so grateful for the whole day in general that like it didn't even matter where we were like sleeping really as long as we didn't die from fire. So that happened and then the next day we went to a page where Lake Powell is and we stayed at the Hyatt house there which was like great location really nice and it was a great really kind of like rainy and like really cold end page and we were like really sore from our hike and tired from gogogo so we kind of just like used as our day to like chill like we took a nap we did laundry we were like hardcore chillin and that night we went to this place called the Rainbow Room It was like this We were just like stumbling around like looking for anywhere to like grab a drink or grab dinner we weren't like trying that hard to like find the best place and turns out it was the best place and it was beautiful. It was like we got the lot we manifested the last table like by the windows on the water had this my favorite meal of the trip which is like the salmon and like keen wobble It was so good. I had these amazing dirty martinis we were having like such a good time the views of the lake and the mountains It was so nice. And yeah, so at least we had like one really good dinner there we were kind of just like in this like yeah, we were like coming down from the high of the whole trip the high of the engagement coming down from the fire fiasco It was also rainy and cold we were tired we were sore so we were kind of in this like weird like funky energy while we were there and we weren't like in love with Paige and Lake Powell it would have we would have been like like I would like highly recommend if it's like sunny and you can rent a bow and like do all the things like totally but like since it was like raining cold we were like oh maybe we will leave here we were supposed to stay two nights we ended up only staying one night there and it was great because we like had a perfect experience going to finding stumbling upon that amazing dinner spot and we ended up leaving for Moab a day early so that the day our Airbnb didn't have like that extra day available so we stayed in the Hyatt and Moab as well which was really nice at a hot tub is great. And then we then we sit in an Airbnb which also link in the show notes in case you're like traveling to these places but yeah, we had a really good time. And Moab we like loved it. It's such a magical place in New Jersey. is so amazing we had like this amazing like balmy salad from this place called 98 center we had really good Mediterranean food at this place called salt and we did this really cool hike and Arches National Park which was like so amazing called the devil's garden hike. And yeah, the Delicate Arch is like the main kind of like a, I don't know, the most popular like arch and we went to Canyon lands and height there. I'm gonna link all this in the show notes in case you want to do it. But we went to this place called great viewpoint gooseberry hike, which were both awesome. The gooseberry hike was like really, really, really steep like straight down into the canyon and straight up we only went down a little bit because we were still tired and sore. But I would definitely recommend it or at least even going into Canyon lens and going to the grave viewpoint just like looking out because it was really really unique and really cool like canyons plus like the lisel snow capped mountains in the background and same with arches arches was like these amazing cool like funky red arches and mountains and then often the distance you have like the snow capped mountains, it was so cool and like mind blowing and beautiful. And we also like drove to basically this area called Castle Hill that which is on like the Colorado River, which is the same river that went through the game Grand Canyon, which is just so cool that it goes all the way to Moab, which is in Utah. And yeah, we had like drinks when I have this like really beautiful like a resort called the serral River ranch and just like sat with the like mountains and the river in the background, which is like yeah, just so nice. Okay, but what was I gonna say, oh, also Trevor, that surprised me and booked a professional photographer for our like, second to last day there. So we did this like amazing sunrise photoshoot at deadhorse State Park, which was like, absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. And the photographer was amazing. Her name is Angela. She was a badass, she literally told us everything to do. And get out. We like to have to do anything. She told us how to pose and all the things so all share those pictures, eventually. But it was really, really fun. And like cool that Trevor did that. So yeah, that was a trip. That was our engagements. Thanks for listening to all those details. If you're still here with me, I love you, you're my mirror might be kind of people, if you're still here, listening to all these details. I'm okay, so I want to get into now how to get into this energy of receiving because I want to share with you all the like so many, not all of them because there's too many but a lot of the cool little like magical manifestations and abundant moments on the trip like obviously, including the engagement but like how an all those little themes through that story, you heard about getting into the energy of receiving kind of like, all tied together to where like at the end of the trip, it was so clear to me that the theme of like the theme of the trip and my growth of the trip was like to get into this energy of receiving and to learn how to do that. I think through being on the trip through getting engaged through all these little magical moments that happens. Like I really was able to do that. And then it allowed more positive components and more abundance to flow into me. So the first thing that I actually did was my coach, she suggested and it's so funny because like, this is something I've done before, but it was just like really cool. She reached out the day I was like, Hey, I have this feeling like that this is something you should do while you're on your trip. Like I want you to keep an abundance tracker. Now I was like okay, cool. So basically, I kept these this list of notes on my phone where anything that abundant that happened, I would like make a note of it. Basically, the whole point of this is like what you focus on expands. So the more we focus on all the abundance of magic around us, the more we notice more and the more that we become a magnet for more abundance to flow to us, which is the energy of receiving. So I started doing that and immediately when I set that intention to do that a random sale in my business came a completely unexpected sale just came like little while I was doing nothing. I was drinking matcha by the pool in Scottsdale. So that was really cool. I manifested a free smoothie one day. Um, Trevor left his like toiletry bag on the plane we thought Oh, for sure. We're never going to get it back and they had it and it was so funny because he I just kept I just kept setting the intention. Anytime we talked about it like they're gonna have it. They're definitely gonna have it. I know they're going to have it. He's going to call them and they're going to have it like they did. It was so cool. I got like all these discounts we up in Scottsdale, that sushi place they talked about where we ran into those famous people which I think also is just a cool like, little like reminder that we were in the energy of like a bubble. And yeah, magnetism and magic. But we displace sushi Roku that we went for dinner was like fully booked. And my friends were like, why don't you call and just see if they can like fit us in. I was like, okay, that's a good idea. So I called. And the girl goes, Hey, this is Madison. And I was like, Oh, hang on a second. My name is Madison. Like, I don't know about you. But I believe in signs. I believe that your name is Madison, for reason. I was meant to call you for a reason. We're meant to connect for a reason. And that reason is that I really believe that you should get us a spot on your reservations for your restaurant tonight. And she was like, you know, we're fully booked. But I believe in signs so we can squeeze you in. So she like squeezes at this place where apparently famous people go, which we didn't know. So, so cool that we like manifested, getting into that restaurant. Um, what else? Oh, we went to this swimming hole in Sedona called I think I said it was grasshopper point. And we got there and you have to pay cash only we'd walk like a mile and a half from where we parked to get in there. And the guy was like, I was like, do you take Venmo? And he's like this old guy. And he was like, Do I look like a millennial? I was like, no. So we didn't have any cash. We're like, oh, man, we have to walk all the way back to the car. And I just asked him I'm like, sir, is there anything you could do for us? And he was like, I got you all works and magic for you. And so he gave me a trash bag. And he was like, if you guys pick up trash in the park and bring it back up to me, I will let you in for free. So I'm like, okay, cool, great. I would love to help the planet and like what a little fun manifestation. And then at another Park, we went to these people ahead of us, like we got up there to pay to get into this park. And they're like, Oh, you don't have to pay the people in front of you paid for you, which is just so cool. We saw shooting stars. I again ran into that girl Lauren, who I had been kind of following along with on Instagram for a while, which I thought was like a cool little manifestation. We got 50% off of that dinner that they spilled mushroom juice all over us. And yeah, the temperature dropped 30 degrees. The day we got to Grand Canyon, which made perfect weather, obviously, we got engaged, we got because of the fire that happened in our yard, we ended up getting refunded for that. And like basically manifesting back $200 I had some amazing guys agreed to come on my podcast, and gadgets, all kinds of discounts and free things everywhere we went which was just so cool, because I decided that I was going to to notice and focus on all the abundance around me which gets more and more and more to come in. It's actually something I've been doing since the trip is keeping this abundance tracker. So highly recommend that that's a first really, really practical thing to get into the energy of receiving and it's so easy and it's so fun. And then I'm going to share with you the my other like tips for being in that energy of receiving and these are tips for being an energy of receiving and religious like my epiphanies that kind of like came on this trip, I always have like awesome epiphanies and like spiritual awakening moments on my trips in nature, nature is where I belong. But another another way to get into this energy of receiving is to be happy now, like stop waiting to get there, stop being in this energy of, of stop making stop like Gods like that quote from the book, cherish the waiting as much as you cherish the auction, which to me means cherish. What now cherish before you get there, cherish before you have this sucks this, you know, whatever amount of MONTH dollar months in your business or this relationship or that thing like, cherish the now be happy. Now, everything you want is self group created internally and can be created in any moment. And for me how this showed up, and kind of like the ways that this guy really transformed on the trip of getting into this energy of receiving is that like, on the one hand, especially in my business, just always trying to get to the next level and this and that and that get this and get done. It's just like what if I could be happy now and fully believe I'm already successful now. And know that that doesn't stop me from having more and creating more income growing it doesn't cut off my motivation actually creates more of it and makes me more of an abundance and makes it easier because that is the energy of receiving. The energy of receiving is allowing and surrender and flow where things just come to you you become a magnet for everything you want. Easily, and it feels good. And so that was that's one way this came up. And then another way this came up for me was really choosing to let myself be fully happy in Dallas. Because I kind of feel like since we've moved here, I've kind of been in this energy of waiting to go somewhere else that has more nature, which ultimately, I would love to still do. And I can choose to make Dallas the most magical amazing experience and place that I have ever lived. And it only gets to get better. And when we're meant to move, like the perfect opportunity will come and I, it's safe for me to fully love and fully embrace Dallas and it's safe to, for me to let it be enough now, and my happiness doesn't depend on where I live, it doesn't depend on any external circumstances. And so that's really what another one of the really big ways you can get into this energy of receiving is being happy now choosing to see your life where you're at now as perfect for you and exactly where you're meant to be. And when you believe that you use surrender, and you become, yeah, this vessel for abundance to flow to you and through you. The next tip I have for you is that the power is in the present are at any moment, we can choose what we focus our attention on, and our energy on and my friends, Mr. Like embodied this so beautifully. Like she was just so grounded, and so present, I was like, wow, like I've seen such change in her and I'm like, I just told her, I'm like, it's so beautiful. You're so present, like I'm so inspired by you. And she was like, honestly, like the book, The Power of Now by Eckhart totally, like really, like changed everything for me. And it's so funny because I think I started reading it, like a year ago, and I guess I like wasn't ready for it. So I was like, Oh, I don't want to read this. It's too long. Or maybe I was reading something else, I don't know. But when it's so funny, because I went back on my Kindle and started to read it again. And it spoke to me so much. And I'm still reading it. And it's great. And I'm really excited to see like what comes out from that. Um, but I looked at it, Kendall says, it's only a two hour book, I'm like, wait, this is actually a really short book, I don't know, like, why I had it in my head. It was like this long, daunting book, which is just so funny. But it's, that's the power of Now, like I meant to read this book now, not then not there now. And that's where the power is, the power is in the present. Another big kind of realization I had about what it means to be in the energy of receiving is to pay attention to what you feel in your body, really feel things, but let your body speak to you, rather than just paying attention to the thoughts in your mind. Because a lot of times the thoughts in our mind are just like resistance fears, on things that we're telling ourselves that aren't true. And our bodies really don't lie. And when we're able to tap into that we can really connect with our intuition. And that was actually something that really came up with when I spoke to a psychic in Sedona, which I'm going to have a separate episode on that if you want to listen to that about what I learned from her and kind of like, yeah, how to know if it's right for you to meet with a psychic. But one of the big things she told me was to really focus on your intuition feeling into things over your analytical thoughts in your mind. And that like really spoke to me and again, like that is the energy of receiving. And also in order to receive like, we have to get into this essentially void which is so funny the last since probably February or March I've kind of been on this journey of I keep having this like intuitive nudge of like, I need to go into the void I need to create the void. I don't even know I didn't even know what that was. But I knew I needed to create a void create space in order to receive and to allow more magic to come into my life. So that's been kind of a theme for me the last several months is like this idea of like going into this void to receive creating space clearing out the things that no longer serve me letting things fall off that we're no longer in alignment and going into this void to create essentially a vacuum for abundance to flow to me. And I started reading this router dots book on the trip called band money secrets which I highly recommend. I highly recommend every book by Richard aughts. I love all of them. I haven't read all of them, so I can't highly recommend all of them. But the majority of them I love it is done is amazing. All of them all of them so so good. But basically he was talking about how like in order to really become a magnet for abundance sick you have to go into such a rich inner state that your issues no longer exists and you've just separate yourself from the fake identities that you've created. Like, Hi, I'm Madison, I make X dollars and my business I've accelerace in the bank account. If you have debt then it would be like I have X dollars of debt and like separating yourself from those like fake identities like that's not who you are, who you are, is when you close your eyes and you go inward and you feel like the abundance and the richness within like that's where abundance comfort comes from. And he really talks about his book how in order to to To receive, you have to go into that void to that inner place where those issues are not even real. And they don't even exist, which I thought was just so, so cool and so powerful. And something else that kept coming up is like, yeah, letting go of resistance around negative emotions and allowing negative emotions to be okay. And that you can actually experience like, massive abundance and flow and ease and transformation through. And while in negative emotions. And you know, I think so much of the manifestation teachings out there, like, Oh, my God gotta get in the high vibes and have I'm having positive, positive, positive, and it's like, that's not real, like humans are not always positive. And if we set that expectation for ourselves to be always positive, they're not always going to not be meeting expectation and not meeting expectation is what makes us feel like shit, and is what blocks the abundance from us and takes us out of the energy of receiving the energy receiving is allowing, allowing all of your emotions, all of your feelings, and you don't attract anything, unless you feel it chronically. Like I think in the beginning of my manifestation journey, I, when I started learning about I was scared, I'm like, Oh, my God, if I'm in a negative, I'm gonna attract all this bad shit. And that's not how it works. Like, that's part of why there is a lag for manifestations and creating in your life, because if we created everything instantly, then we would like create everything instantly, we don't actually want that, right. And so you're not by having a negative emotion, like you're just a human, like, allow it and like, it's, you're not attracting that unless you're feeling that only and chronically like, and denial, and resistance to allowing these feelings is the only thing that makes them chronic, okay, so negative emotions are nothing to be afraid of. And by allowing them, you actually can step more into the energy of receiving. Okay, three more things, three more tips to get into the energy of receiving the first thing is that typically, and I've so experienced this so many times in my life is that when you take outer directed actions, for the sake of attracting something, it just compounds your feelings of luck, because you're like, I gotta get, I gotta get, I gotta get it, I got to get clients, I got to get money, I got to get this, this and that. And little little, and I got to get this guy or that girl and whatever. And so it's like, get got to get an energy and like, it doesn't feel good, right? It just brings up feelings of luck. But when you take action, for the joy and the fun of it simply because it feels good, that's when you get into the flow. And that's when your desires come easily. Because you're in the energy of receiving, you're just doing things purely for the joy and the fun of it. So like, how can you just let your self have more fun and more joy in something I like to ask myself is like, how can I have more fun in this moment, and something that my friend Emma reminds me of was his segments in something that Abraham Hicks talks about in their books on the law of attraction about how like, one really awesome way to get into the energy of receiving is to set intentions for each new segment. So like, each new segment of your day, when you wake up, that's a segment, when you go to work out, that's a new segment, when you get on your computer to work, that's a new segment, whatever it is, like each little, like, you know, transition in your day is a new segment. And they suggest like setting an intention for that new segment. And I thought it was I love I just love that idea. And on our trip the whole time, Emma would and I would be like, oh, like what's our intention for this new segment like we kind of just all talked about and set these intentions for the different segments on our trip, which like really, like it comes true when you set that intention for something to be that way and you choose for it to be that way it is that way because you decided it is and that's what you're looking for. That's what you're creating, that's what you're attracting. So, yeah, I really, really enjoyed MRI to me about that. And then the two other things are one is that gratitude and I think all of this really comes down to gratitude being in gratitude is the energy of receiving. And I was telling my friend the other day, we were talking about like keeping in this energy of receiving and like letting things be good letting, letting people give to us letting ourselves have everything we want and more and letting that be okay and not feeling guilty for and I was telling her like receiving is giving you're giving someone the feeling of what it feels like to give we all love the feeling of giving and giving is receiving, you're receiving the feeling of what it feels like to give giving and is receiving receiving is giving. They're the same thing and when you can look at it that way. You can really see how when you allow yourself to receive your share giving that The best gift you could give to someone into the world is giving them the gift of giving by you receiving and also you receiving puts you in this beautiful energy that radiates out to others and allows them to get into that same energy and allows them to see what's possible for them. And the last thing is that it is not our job to obsess over how our desires will come to us. Our only job is to focus on our fulfillment and expressing our truest create most creative selves to the fullest. And that again, that is the energy of receiving like, the energy of receiving is not like how it is how am I gonna do that and below the line got to get this got to get that know that energy receiving is like, how can I feel my best today? How can I have the most fun today? How can I show up as the most authentic expression of myself today? What will allow me to feel my most lit up and creative today and do that that is the energy of receiving so I hope this episode helped you. I would. Yeah, actually, let's just take a minute right now. Like I know there was like a lot of information coming in I just like want to like get you guys now to now that we've processed through all this kind of like in our minds like let's feel intuitive. I want you to close your eyes, as long as you're not driving or doing anything like that. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath and kind of like let all of this information like sink in and exhale just kind of like let go and feel anything falling away that's blocking you from being in this energy of receiving and go go into that like void now like feel into that inner inner part of you now where all of your issues and worries like don't exist tap into all of your inner magic and all of your inner power now and just feel that just close your eyes feel that feel that rising feel of brightening feel a turning up feel that volume, feel the feeling of receiving of gratitude of magic of abundance, feel that turning all the way up in you now. Just feel your body relaxing, feel your energy rising feel yourself elevating feel yourself stepping into the most abundant version of yourself. And when you're ready one more deep breath and exhale, let it go How was that for you Ivan love to hear send me a message on Instagram I magnetically you but that right there what you just felt probably felt if you did that exercise that is the energy of receiving and look how fast we tapped into that it's something you can tap into at any moment if you're willing to get present and go within and tap into that all that magic and all the power that you have within. And speaking of tapping into all that magic and power you have within if that's something that you want to dive deeper into, I would love to help you that that's exactly what I work on with my clients is really getting into this energy of receiving so that you become a magnet for everything that you want in your life just by being yourself and just by having fun. So if that speaks to you, you can learn all about the program I magnetically slash coaching and you can apply there if that's something that speaks to you, I would love to have you if you if you resonate with me and you've been listening to this podcast or follow me on Instagram and feel like I might be the right person for you like yeah, check it out and tap tap into the energy of receiving and if you know me, giving you kind of the gift of coaching feels like something you're ready to receive then let yourself step into that and if not, that's cool too. Um, so yeah, thank you so, so much for listening today. I am so happy to have you here if this episode resonated with you I would love to hear your epiphanies and takeaways so you can message me on Instagram I would love if you screenshot this episode, tag me on magnetically you and share it to your Instagram share it texted to any friends who you feel like would resonate with this message it by doing that you've helped me reach more people and my mission and my purpose is to help as many women as possible, like tap into their own magic and power within so that they can create a life to that lates their soul on a freakin fire. And yeah, I think that's it. Thank you so much for being here and I will see you guys next week.

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