how coaching has completely transformed my life and business

podcast Sep 21, 2020

One of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done has been working with coaches. Coaches have helped me transform my mindset, confidence, business and every single other area of my life. They’ve guided me through my biggest struggles and helped me constantly uplevel into a better version of myself.

Since I started working with coaches I have became the CEO of my own business, started making thousands of dollars a month doing what I love, took my relationship with my boyfriend to a new level, healed my relationship with food and manifested traveling the world, my SOULMATE bestie, being featured in Reader’s Digest and so much more.

Coaching is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and will continue to make. Every time I decided to hire a coach, the universe met me halfway and led me to better results than I could have ever imagined.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ the details of what my coaches and I worked on together
✧ how coaching completely changed my life and how it can change your life too
✧ the biggest lessons my coaches taught me
✧ why i have invested over $30,000 in coaching and how i got over the fear of investing in myself
✧ why having a coach is so valuable


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Full Episode Transcript:

I welcome back to the magnetic podcast. So I'm going to be sharing all about my journey with working with coaches. I think I hired my first one on one coach. Maybe like, three years ago, I don't know the timing is getting away from me. Um, but anyways, that working with coaches has been the most transformative experience ever for my entire life and for my business, and I want to share with you guys like, first I'm going to share like the different coaches a little bit about each of the coaches I've had and what I worked on with them. And yeah, really kind of like what we focus on together and then I'm going to share the biggest I think there's yet 20 so there's a lot, but they're kind of like short and sweet, the 20 biggest lessons that I've learned From the $30,000 that I've invested in coaching, and I am also going to tell you like why having a coach is so unbelievably valuable and is such a catalyst and accelerator for Transforming Your Life. So, okay, let's get into it. So I'm really excited to talk about these experiences. This feels really fun. So my first coach who I hired this was really like my first like, I had been into personal development for a while I had like, read some books and you know, been starting to do some internal like work on myself and I had started my business already and I like saw other business donors and other people who talked about their coaches and their their life coaches and their business coaches and how to say that sounds really cool. Like, that sounds fun. And they were sharing how their coaches changed their life. And I was like, I want to coach and so as the universe and divine timing would have it, the perfect coach came to me at the perfect time. One of my, at the time, I was doing professional recipe development and food photography. And one of the brands that I was working with the social media manager from that brand. She had a coach who she told me was amazing, and I was like, Okay, awesome. And I had a call with her. I'm gonna, I guess, well, I guess I'll share who these coaches are. Yeah, why not? I'm not I don't think there's any reason not to share. I'm sure they would be glad for me to be raving about them. So my first coach was Don Thompson, she's on Instagram. I deserve it now. And then I'll tell you who the other coaches were in case you want to go. Follow them and see See what they're up to, and learn the thing learn learn more good stuff from them. Okay, so anyways, my I forgot where I was my first coach. Oh, I was at the time. Okay, yeah, so I was doing recipe development, photography and one of the girls from the brands that I worked with, she was a social media manager, she had a coach and she recommended me this lady so I hopped on a call with her and just like, immediately was like, overcome with this feeling of like, holy shit, like this woman is going to help me like, totally changed my life. And like, it's so funny because and this is actually a lesson that I forgot to include. So this is a bonus one that I'm going to add. And now on the call, I asked her, I was like, I had a totally different money mindset at the time and I asked her, does she offer any discounts on her coaching package? And she said, Absolutely not. And I'm going to go ahead and tell you that right now. Like I don't offer discount I don't like diminish the value of my work like my coaching program is going to change your life and I do not offer discounts and like, as a coach, I would encourage you to not offer any discounts on your one on one coaching. Because it robs someone of the opportunity to figure out what they're capable of it robbed someone of that opportunity to make that investment in themselves to take a leap to do something to spend an amount of money on a coach that they maybe never did before and to do something uncomfortable. I'm on a podcast All right, can you um, okay, that's fine. Um, what are you getting? You can come in I'll just cut this out. It's fine. It's like annoying you already did. I know. You can't help it over. That's nice. Nice. Okay. Oh, I'm being flexible. Trying my best An hour and a half combo with Coleman down in the dome So yeah, I think he needs to go with Okay, let's to cover that after you met us. Um, I don't know I'm gonna either a salad or sandwich I want I think I want to sell it but if you get the salad I'll just get the same as we can share it. Okay, I the salads aren't enough I need like I'll just we'll get our own salads it's fine. Okay do um, for me I I don't want crew tons and just like light cheddar cheese not like a lot of cheddar cheese or what do you want no dressing. You know what I want to get the same one as you just light on the cheddar cheese. No crotons no dressing and have them chop the spinach. What have them chop the spinach. Oh, good finish. Oh, okay, well, I really don't have to do that. All thing is fine. Okay. Um, okay. Okay, I'm back. I don't know where I got cut off because my boyfriend came and asked me what I wanted for lunch who's picking us up lunch wishes? So nice. So anyways, I forgot where I was up but basically I think I was saying, like, I yeah, I know about Yeah, investing in a coach and how she told me she wasn't gonna offer any discount and I'm so grateful that she gave me that opportunity to make that choice in myself and to make that investment myself and like, didn't rob me of the opportunity of the growth that would come from making an investment in myself bigger than I had ever done before. Yeah, which is something that I kind of just like remembered and realized now. So anyways, was she, she was so, so wonderful and so amazing. She knows so much about astrology our first session, she did an astrology chart reading for me, and it just was so clear, like, in so many ways of like, Why I am the way I am and like the areas in my life and in my personality where I need to grow and it was just Yes. So, so transformative to learn about that. And she really, really helped me like just like, let go of the victim mentality. We I mean, I worked with her for probably over a year. So like I could go on and on and on about the way she changed my life. But I'm just going to try to cover like the high level like things we focused on, we really focused on like getting clear on my purpose. And what we came to is that like, my purpose is to inspire within, to inspire healing to inspire freedom within. So basically what that means is to inspire others to have this inner transformation that I've created for myself and his inner transformation gets reflected in your outer reality and your outer reality begins to transform as you transform your inner reality. So my purpose is to inspire within and obviously that can change and grow and evolve. But at the same time, I also feel like probably everything I want to do is going to fit into that realm of wanting to inspire within and when I started working with her, I had like severe anxiety. I was anxious 24 seven and through working with her at eye I'm now at this place where my anxiety is like 2% 5%. Two to 5% of what it used to be. It's absolutely incredible. And if you want to learn more about how I killed my anxiety, I have an episode on that. Let me see if I can pull it up really quick and tell you what number it is. Okay, Episode 10 certainly long enough, Episode 10 is how I overcame my chronic anxiety if you want more on that. She also really really, really helped me massively uplevel my relationship with my boyfriend because when I came to her I was in this victim of like, he doesn't do the dishes and he doesn't he does and he doesn't do that and like she showed me like, stop trying to control him. It's not about him and like this is about you and showing up as the The traits that you want him to embody, you've got to embody those in yourself, you've got to be that person for yourself first, and then that will show up in your relationship. So she really showed me that like, so much of the inner work is done through your relationships even if you're not even if you don't have a significant other even friendships close family relationships, like so much growth happens in relationships and I think for a while I was like, I was avoiding that because I yeah, it's easier to avoid right. through working with her I completely eliminated my back pain. I went from being a workaholic to working a couple hours a day making way more money in my business. And I had changed so so much from this like, anxious and scared and afraid and like, unhappy like miserable person to this like happy confidence free like radiant version. And myself and people started noticing and being like, what are you doing? Like, you're so different in a good way you're like radiating like, good chill vibes, like what did you do? And I did the inner work. I did the inner work to change my beliefs to change my mindset to reprogram my energy and to connect with my truth and to connect with the universe spirit like source whatever you want to call it, and to give more meaning and purpose to my life and one of the biggest lessons that I've worked on with her that literally took me honestly, I feel like I didn't really really really good this lesson from her until after we were done working together. Like I feel like I had to like go through a lot of like lessons on my own to really learn this one. But I while working with her, I was always telling her well, this person told me to try this strategy, my business and this person told me this I'm going to do this and that she's like, fine, awesome, like, stop fucking listening to what everyone else is telling you like, What do you want? What's your truth? What is real for you? I would be like, Yeah, but like this guy running a $10 million business to me to do this. So he's right, I'm gonna do that and like, I kind of just like, dismissed her. And like now looking back, I'm like, wow, john, like you're so right. Like, I wasn't listening, I was completely disregarding my own intuition and my own truth, and just taking what other quote experts said as like, the Bible. And she really, really, really pushed me and encouraged me to like, Listen to my intuition, and it's comforting not Yeah, I finally like learned the lesson after listening to what others were telling me what I was supposed to do and everyone else's like strategies for their business or achieving their goals. When I stopped listening to all that and started listening to my intuition, it's just like, everything in my life, like started aligning, so so much more, but I also like, I don't regret going through that journey. I was, I, you know, ended up talking with her a few months later about this. And I was like, kind of like beating myself up for spending all that time like ignoring my own intuition and she was like, stop beating yourself up like that's what you were meant to do. Everything in your past happened perfectly. That's what you were meant to go through. You were meant to do that you were meant to learn those lessons. And you were meant to get to this place where you are here right now, where the only place to go is to your intuition. Like, that's the opportunity. That's the magic you were meant to go through. That sounds like a really, really good plus. And that was kind of that's kind of like nutshell of my first coach. And then my second coach was in James Wedmore. Um, he had this like, small group coaching program that I joined that I don't think he has any more I think it was kind of like a pilot or experimental thing, but I had this amazing coach, one of his coaches was my coach in this program, and I don't think she does coaching anymore, so I'm actually not gonna share her information. I don't know if she would want me to do that. Um, but anyways, this coach helped me launch my first online course. In 90 days, so in 90 days, I had decided on the course I wanted to create, which ended up becoming the subtle art of food freedom. This was when I was my business was really focused on helping women reprogram their mindset, and energy around food. And now I really expanded that into helping women do that in all areas of their life, because it's so much of the same principles. Um, but yeah, so I've launched the first online course and that course ended up going on to over the span of like six or seven months, helping over like 30 women completely heal their relationships with food, and it's still continuing to help more and more women and it's so amazing and something I really learned with coaches to like, take actions and learn take action and learn take action and learn, experiment and learn experiments and learn experiments and learn because I feel like I was like waiting and waiting and waiting for things to be perfect or whatever before. Would like do anything? And she was like, No, you just do it and then you learn the lesson. And then you take the lesson with you to the next time and then your experiments again, it's all just a big experiment. Um, she also really, really, really pushed my boundaries of what I thought was possible for my self. And just like, yeah, just had me dream so so bigger than I ever had dreams before, which allowed me to achieve goals bigger than I ever have before. So I ended up hiring my first team member, which I like totally didn't feel ready for I was like trying to do everything myself and I really needed a team to start helping me focus on the tasks that really I shouldn't be doing as a CEO of my business because they were holding me back and so I ended up going through this process of I went through probably a few virtual assistants you could have you know what that is, if you don't see it's fine. But I went through a few virtual assistants who just really were not the right fit. And then finally, after like a month or two of like searching and, you know, trying out new ones, I found this virtual assistant who I was immediately just struck by her energy and I was like, Wow, she's amazing. I'm hiring her immediately I hired her. She is still with my business today, like having like a year and a half later and through working with me like her and like chills just talking about this. Like, it just all happened, how it was meant to like she was the person I was meant to hire. And like, she tells me now which I didn't know them, but she's like, I literally didn't know how to do anything. That is when I met you. And she just was willing, so willing to learn and learn so much and is like, such a huge part of my business. And now she actually has her she's been able to grow her own team and her own business and so now I have her Her and her entire team supporting me and my business. So it's like the universe's, like guided me to like I don't I don't just get one assistance like I have her and her entire team and she's amazing. And they're amazing. So anyways, I could I could go on about her forever. She's like, such a beautiful being in my life. So that was one of the things I thought really transformed my life and my business was getting Yeah, my coach giving me the push of like, okay, Madison, like it's time to hire someone, like the reason your business isn't where you want it to be is because you're waiting to get help. But it's like, getting the help allows you to focus on the things that are going to allow your business to grow, right. And so it was also really learning to focus on the 5% the things in the test in my life and in my business that were actually gonna bring me closer to my goals and not just doing busy work for busy work sake. Right. So I did a lot of deleting of bullshit that didn't need to be done. I was just creating work for myself, I did a lot of delegating to my new team and really was able to step into focusing on my zone of genius in my business, which is coaching and creating and I love it and I've really, really good at it, but I'm not as good at it when I'm focusing on like, the colors and shit on my website. Like it just, that's not my zone of genius, if that's yours, like, that's great. So anyways, focusing on the more important to us are going to move the needle forward. That was one of the big big lessons for my second coach. And then my third coach who I'm working with now, who is freedom rage on Instagram, that's free rage with two ages. Um, she really through working with her and I'm still working with her. She really helped me pivot into this new direction of my business that is so aligned with my soul and I started a podcast I started saying like fuck it to the rules and what everyone else is doing more than ever and truly stepping Until like, what feels good for me what feels like for me and like just letting it be fun and easy. Like that's one of like, the things that she lives by is just like letting it be fun and easy and like, through working with her, like I've kind of just like fed off of that energy. And I've been able to step into that energy in so many ways of just like letting things be fun, letting things be easy, letting things work out for me. And we've also been working a lot on activating my higher self and up leveling and stepping into this new higher level version of myself. And she modeled this so beautifully for me and was constantly growing constantly up leveling her own life. And really, it was such an inspiration for me to be doing the same. And I've been up exponentially up leveling in my life just being in her energy of exponentially up leveling. It's like when we're around a coach who's doing the work in their life. It's like, yeah, they're doing it. With us, they're like bringing us with them on the journey. And, um, yeah, she's also really, really, really helped me own my worth. And I've been able to raise my investment to work with me one on one because I know I'm such such such an amazing coach and I completely completely completely transform all of my clients lives and by charging less than I knew my coaching was valued at it was energetically out of alignment it was pushing clients away was attracting the wrong people. And now I'm calling in women who are willing to do the work and are ready to uplevel and already to transform in other areas of their life like me, because I'm owning my worth, I'm owning my value, and that's exactly what I'm helping my clients too, as well. So the biggest lessons, I have learned from working with my coaches and I mean this, there's so many, but I'm just going to share like some of the biggest ones that have come up and and I'm going to share some of the lessons that I learned through the process of making these investments in myself in these investments in my coaches. So it really, really helped me make the decision from my higher self, one of my coaching programs I joined was $15,000 for the entire year. And if you're listening to this, and that number makes you want to vomit. Look at that. What's coming up for you what comes up for you, when you think about spending that amount of money on yourself, what makes you think that you're not worthy of that what makes you think you're not capable of creating and attracting that money? Right. And so for me when I had that opportunity to join that program, I asked myself like if I had the belief in myself that I was going to make $15,000 in the next year this year. would be a no brainer. And of course, if I'm like of course I'm going to make them 20 in the next year like and if I don't have that belief then like what am I even doing in my business and so that was like a no brainer for me I had to learn how to operate and make decisions from my higher self from the future version of me who already is living the reality that I want to live. And another question I like to ask myself when thinking about making an investment is what I'd rather have X amount of dollars in my bank account or would I rather feel 1000 times more competent, happy and fulfilled which then inevitably attracts more money and abundance and opportunities and creativity and inspiration into your life? Well, obviously I would rather have the life transformation and along with life transformation inevitably attract more money you it's like it's inevitable that like through that energetic up leveling your energetically attracting and becoming a vibration for higher level have income of attracting abundance of manifesting money and you make the money back. But regardless of whether you make the money back or not, you're left with something that you cannot put a price tag on, which is stepping into the very best version of yourself feeling your best and feeling happy and fulfilled in your life. Like there is no price that you can put on that. And another lesson, the second lesson that I learned, and investing in myself is that like, the transformation is in the transaction, like it's a bet on yourself. Like when I put down that $15,000 on myself, you guys, I had never made an investment in myself like that ever. Like I had maybe invested like $200 in a course or like Actually, I had invested in a smaller coaching program that was a couple thousand dollars before that. But yeah, I was like, This is the opportunity to go to the next level and it's like, so rude that it's like you It's like you're putting that money on the line, you're betting on yourself and lights a fire under your ass, to get into motion to stop playing small to play bigger than you ever have before. Because you put a bet on yourself. You're making that energetic declaration to yourself into the universe of like, I'm doing this I'm ready. And it's that declaration that allows the universe to come into support you and one of my clients who I've had one of my new clients who have had two calls with at the beginning of our second call, she told me she's like, Oh my gosh, Madison, I'm feeling 1000 1000 thousand times better, just since our first call. And I was like, What made what made that possible for you and and it was really just this essence of making this commitment yourself making this decision having this accountability of someone by your side who believes in you, even when you don't believe in yourself and she even said like the before our first coaching call, she noticed like such a huge difference in herself. that huge difference comes from that choice to invest in yourself. Because in investing in yourself, one, it's an investment in yourself, but it's also a choice that you're done with all the bullshit that's holding you back, you're getting out of your own way, and you're ready to go to the next level. So those are kind of the two lessons on like investing all this money in these coaches. And it's Yeah, coming, coming back to me more and more and just has created so much magic and transformation in my life and I would I would not change a thing also it's two to 12 with 22. That's one of my like Angel numbers as I'm saying this. So this is my truth coming out. Okay. And now I'm going to get into the lessons from some of the biggest lessons from my coaches. So this was something that my first coach gave to me that really actually helps me heal my back pain in addition to the book The great pain deception, which is so incredible. But anyways, I went from having chronic back pain like severe pain everyday all day to having no back pain at all. And it's every time the back pain flared up, I would literally tell myself, as my coach told me to, I no longer believe in back pain, I am no longer affected by that. It is a result of a belief system and I have the power to cancel it. I don't have to accept this. I have the power to sledgehammer and burn this belief. I mean, this is ridiculous. It's now canceled. I am an infinite being and I love myself unconditionally. And the more I trained and trained and trained my brain that it was safe, let it go. It's safe, let it go. It's safe, let it go. This is no longer needed. This is canceled, like it literally canceled. It's so crazy how that works. Okay, the next lesson is that Yeah, a healthy relationship with yourself reflects back to your relationship with everything in your life. So it's really about like whenever there's something in your life that you want to change or people in your life who you want to control and change, it's like, it comes back to you. Were you not showing up for yourself? Were you not embodying the characteristics that you want someone else to display? And how can you show up for yourself and honor yourself because when you do that, then your external reality or your other relationships become a reflection of their reflection, or of the relationship that you have with yourself. On my one of my coaches told me, I would always be scared of like putting myself out there, I'd be scared to create an igtv or an Instagram story because I was like always looking for a return. Well, if I do this, and like someone should message me and tell me they want to work with me or like whatever it is, and instead of looking for a return on something scary, like putting yourself out there, look at it as an opportunity to cancel your fears. So instead of being like, oh, like, like stressing yourself out about what you expect should happen. What if you just look at it as an expression And to cancel your fears and like how much more empowering is that? Um, okay, another one of the lessons is that I had like, I had a lot of them but I'm just gonna cover the the best ones because there's, there's so many. Um, okay, so another lesson was to really live and practice what I preach to live and practice my values, which I was doing for the most part. But there were some ways I was living out of alignment with my truth and who I really wanted to be and what my values were. And so what I did at the time was I reviewed, I went through the sub art of food freedom, the course that I was teaching at the time, and I looked at everything I was teaching and I journaled on where am I not living my teaching, and then that's where I focused on growing. That's where I focused on up leveling and that's who I focused on being is A version of me who is totally in alignment with my truth, totally living and practicing what I was preaching. My first coach also taught me how to ask for a sign, which was so transformational for me. And I actually recently recorded an episode on that too, so you can go listen to that episode. Um, another one of the really, really big lessons is that like, whenever you're going after a goal, there are only two possible outcomes. You either get the result or better, or you get the exact lesson you need. Like that's it. So doesn't that take the pressure off? like Wow, so freaking right? Okay, the next lesson is that everything is an experiment. So this is something that I really embodied in my own life and instead of like telling yourself that like, this, like block of my mindset of like, Okay, I have to like, do this neck do this thing forever. It's like, what am I Just experiment this for a week. What if I just try it on? And then if it doesn't feel good, I can throw it away? What if I just try on this new belief? What if I just try on this new habit? And I can always go back to what I was doing before and a week, it takes the pressure off rather than being like, Okay, I have to adopt this new habit for the rest of my life. It's like, yeah, then we self sabotage because that feels too overwhelming to block on my it's too extreme. So I actually, because seeing everything as an experiment was so helpful for me. This is something that I really started incorporating with my clients. And one example is one of my clients. When I was doing the food freedom coaching, she weighed herself every day and it always stressed her out always made her feel terrible. It wasn't adding any value in her life. So I was like, let's play a little game. Like, we know it doesn't feel good for you to say I'm never gonna weigh myself again. Because like that just felt too big and too overwhelming for her to even wrap her mind around. So I was like, let's experiment like, why don't you just experiment? One week just try it. Just try not weighing yourself and just see how goes you can, you can always start back up next week if you feel like it. And so she went a week, and she was feeling really, really good. And I was like, Okay, do you want to do another week? Do you do another experiment? She was like, Okay, I'll do it. And she ended up like doing the experiment for like five weeks in a row. And by by then it was just who she was, she was just the kind of person who didn't weigh herself anymore, all because she was willing to experiment. And so the reason why we call it an experiment is because like, we're going to make mistakes. When we're going after our goals, we're gonna feel like it's not working sometimes. And that's completely normal. But the difference is that we're going to view it as an experiment. So when you view it as an experiment, makes mistakes and imperfections are okay. They're actually fucking awesome. Because what of making mistakes is actually a really good thing because it means you're learning the exact lessons that you need in order to move forward. So like, what if you make a mistake? What does that mean? You're then finding the exact lessons and tools and experience you need to move forward and create change in your life. So when you think about it this way, too. Making mistakes is the only way forward. mistakes and success and failure or failure and mistakes and success are literally the same path. And when you when you choose to realize that they, they, it's okay to make mistakes, mistakes are good, they lead you to the lessons that you need it takes the pressure off and when you take the pressure off, you allow yourself to do the scary things to go after those big goals and to go after those big dreams. So can you get excited when you make a mistake? Because you know, it means you're growing and like can you ask yourself like, what is this trying to teach me rather than? Why is this happening to me like it's just an experiment life is a game life is an experiment going on to your goals. It's all just a big experiment. The more mistakes you make, the more failures you have, the closer you are to achieving those goals. So what if you just see yourself as a scientist and experiment Like what if you're just an observer you're observing like, what feels good and what doesn't you just you don't beat yourself up about it. You just notice, you learn and you let freaking go. Okay, the next so that was a lesson on experimenting. The next lesson is that whenever you are feeling a negative emotion, you're telling yourself a lie. So in those moments, you can literally say yourself, thank you fear or Thank you body if you're having a racing heart or whatever it is. Thank you for showing me this bullshit belief. I'm telling myself like, what's the actual truth? What's actually true here? What would my higher self say about this and you can really start catching when you're telling yourself a disempowering story and flip that quickly into an empowering story because you know, that super negative emotions or those really negative feelings in your body are your cue that you're telling yourself a bullshit lie. Okay, last lesson Is that it gets to be fun and easy. And this is actually a lesson that all of my coaches really helped me embody like just live your life just have fun, stop obsessing about what's not working and what you haven't achieved yet live now have fun now and the more you live and have fun now the more you will attract what you want because it's that energy and vibration of fun that makes you a magnet to more fun into more success into more abundance and like the more you embody this, the more you will attract that and like such a really fun example of this is as I've really been stepping into this belief that it gets to be fun and easy. Over the last few months I've been noticing things being easier and more fun, I'm having more fun I'm working way less on my business. I'm waking making way more money and like making money without even trying like I was laying on the beach in Tampa, um, a couple months ago and I made a sale in my business while I was laying on the beach while I was doing nothing because I allowed myself to adopt this belief that it gets to be fun, and it gets to be easy. So those are some of the biggest lessons that I learned from my coaches and yeah now Now I'm going to get into well first I'd say like message me on instagram having notified you, which of his lessons like resonated with you if you've had a coach in your life, I would love to hear the lessons you've learned from them or maybe lessons. If you've worked with me like lessons you've learned for me or just listening to my podcast? Um, okay, the last thing I wanted to talk about is why having a coach is so valuable and why having a coach changes every thing in your life. So basically, it's like talking to your best friend but your friend has zero judgment your friend always wants the best for you and your friends like literally has this like magical freaking power of guiding you to the answers and solutions and ideas that You need a coach like hold space for you to feel and process your feelings rather than avoiding and bottling it all up and letting all of that turn into self sabotage and letting that turn into something that keeps you playing small and keeps you dimming your light and when you're struggling, like it's so incredibly valuable to be able to go through it with someone who's been there before, and someone who's a few steps ahead of where you want to be. Like how much easier is it when you're when you have someone by your side when you have someone who's done what you want to do before like how much easier is that? Also, as you guys know for me talking about this a few minutes ago like investing in yourself is the most powerful investment you can ever make. Your brain and your energy are the most powerful assets that you have and when when you work with a coach on up leveling your mindset up leveling your energy and needs thing becomes possible for you. And how valuable is it when you know that anything is possible for you, and when you believe that anything is possible for you, and when you start achieving those impossible goals, right? It's also just nice to have someone to talk to without judgment, someone who's not biased and who doesn't, you know, poke at your weaknesses, who holds you to the highest version of the higher standard of yourself and someone who can help you really see the blind spots help you see the ways you're standing in your own way that you didn't even like realize you were doing and a coach like really helps hold you accountable and helps helps prevent you from self sabotaging, like it's so easy without someone reminding you to operate and make decisions from this next level version of you. It's so easy to go back into To old patterns into self sabotage, because you're, there's part of you that doesn't believe you deserve it or doesn't believe it's possible and like, how powerful is it to have someone pulling you up and out of that up and on the up and out of that to the next level to the next level to the next level over and over and over again. I'm a coach believes in you, even when you don't, and that brings you back into this energy of possibility. Like it's so easy when you're doing it all on your own trying to figure it out all on your own, to feel stuck and to not believe in yourself and to not believe it's possible like when you have someone by your side who believes in you, even when you don't is constantly pulling you back up and getting you to consider and open your mind to the possibilities. Anything becomes possible for you like that's what becomes inevitable it's in achieving the impossible is the inevitable result of believing in yourself. Possible a coach will treat you like your higher self and treat you like anything as possible and like they have no doubts in what you're capable of. So they push you to think beyond what you thought you were capable of, to take inspired actions that you're scared shitless to take to do things you've never done before, so that you can create a life better than you ever thought you could before. And it's like they're this constant reminder, to live from the person you want to become not from the person you've been. And when you're making decisions from the person you want to be in from the life you create, it's inevitable that you become that person and that you create that life. That's why having a coach is so, so life changing, and it's not just you having to figure it all out on your own. It's like you have someone else to brainstorm with and to bounce say, t 's off of and to keep you going even in Those moments where you feel like giving up like what How valuable is it to not give up and to not self sabotage like so many of us we go into spirals or funks, or like self sabotaging for six months, but like How valuable is it if you have a coach who helps prevent you from ever going into them in the first place? Like what can you create what becomes possible for you in those six months because you didn't give up because you had someone who believed in you more than you believe in yourself. And so a coach also will call constantly, like, call you out and the best way for the ways that you've grown in what you've accomplished, because, you know, I do this with so many of my clients, it's safe, they feel like they're, they should be farther along or maybe they've fallen off track and I'm like, Um, hello, you've done this, this and this, you've accomplished this, this and this, you've grown in this way, this way, this way. And like, it just is so amazing to have someone reflect back to you like holy shit. I am a new person. I have grown so much I've achieved so much and it's sometimes we can't See that for ourselves. So it's so helpful to have someone who can remind us of what we've already achieved and to remind us of our potential and of our inevitable of success and coaches keep us moving forward. They keep us in massive inspired action, rather than waiting for more confidence are waiting for our circumstances to change. It's like no, like, we are the creators of our reality. And a coach is going to constantly raise you up into that next level version of you who doesn't wait to go after her dreams who starts creating a life that she loves? Now, like, Can you imagine what would change in your life, when you have this person in your life, who you get to talk to every week or every other week, who has no judgment, who believes in you, even when you don't, who constantly brings you back into this energy, of possibility? It's like, I don't know about you, but like when I feel Like disbelief and self doubt, it's like I don't want to do anything. But like when I have a coach who can lift me back up, pull me out of that dark hole and bring me back into possibilities. Like I start believing again that anything is possible and then I start taking actions from that version of me where anything is possible, then I start creating results that seem once seemed impossible. So needless to say, go get a coach. I'm serious. There are so many amazing coaches out there having coaches has changed my life like more, more than I can even put in words at all. So find, find a coach that resonates with you and go send them a message, start the conversation, go to their website, look at what they have to offer, find a person for you, like it's time to uplevel your life and you can do that so much faster and so much easier with a coach who can help you transform your mindset and your energy into the version of you that you want to be in create the life that you want to create. So, also, of course, if you feel like I might be that person for you, like send me a message right now go to my website, magnetically slash coaching like, and you can apply for my coaching program there but whether it's me or whether it's someone else, like find the person that resonates with you, and stop waiting, stop settling, it's time to create a life greater than you ever thought possible. It's time to start believing in yourself and it's time to start operating from the future a future version of you who already has achieved everything that you want in this lifetime. So don't wait like do this while you're feeling inspired. Because I promise you when you get coached by someone who's really good at coaching, you will blow your fucking mind by what you're capable of. And it's funny so many of my clients like say stuff like, Man, I wish I could just like put you in my pocket and take you I'm everywhere. Because like that's how transformational and powerful it is to have to have a coach and by having a coach you, you also start to learn how to coach yourself. I'm constantly coaching myself I'm constantly getting the coaching I need I'm constantly up leveling in my own life and I want to take you on this journey with me. So if you feel like I'm the coach for you, go apply right now or send me a message on Instagram, magnetically you and yeah, I would absolutely love to work with you. I have a few spots open in my one on one coaching program. And really this is for it's for the women who are ready to stop settling and start creating a life they love her ready to get out of all the overwhelm and self doubt and really get into alignment so that they can feel their best and become a frigging magnet to more freedom and success and abundance than they ever thought possible. Just by having fun and just by being themselves like that. What if it got to be easy and fun? What if you could achieve goals you want sour impossible for you? What if you could wake up every day like living the life you only once dreamed of what if you felt so aligned with your purpose and confident and who you are, that you can even relate to that old version of you that was so afraid and so insecure? Like this is what I want to help you do. So if this resonates with you, I would love for you to apply. And thank you so much for listening to this episode. If it resonated with you, I would love for you to screenshot it and share it with others so that they can go out and get themselves a life changing coach as well. And lastly, if you like this podcast, and it has impacted you in any way it would mean the world to me if you would go Leave me a review on iTunes. It'll take you like two minutes and it allows me to reach and help more people. So if you're the kind of person who likes to help other people change their lives. Help me Help them by leaving a review so I can reach more people and help more people transform their lives. Thank you so much for listening. I will talk to you next week.

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