activate your higher self and feel worthy NOW - with Kelly Marcyniuk

podcast Sep 14, 2020

I’ve got the OG freedom babe here today, Kelly Marcyniuk, to teach you all about how to activate and step into your higher self.

Chatting with Kelly was like having a convo over a glass of wine with a friend I’ve known for years and I think you’ll feel the same when you listen! You’re going to love how relatable she is and trust me, by the end of the episode, you’ll be feeling the fun, feel good vibes she radiates! Just being in her energy is enough to activate your higher self AND on top of that, she shares some super juicy tips for you to fully activate the next level version of you!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to make hard decisions that go against what everyone else is telling you you “should” do
✧ What to do if you’re putting in all the effort but not getting anywhere
✧ The biggest things standing in your way of having the life of freedom you desire (& how to overcome them)
✧ How to find validation within (instead of needing external validation)
✧ Why feeling worthy is a choice that you can step into at any moment (& how to step into it NOW)
✧ Activating and connecting with your higher self
✧ Kelly’s monthly glow up process for reinventing yourself every 30 days
✧ Practical tools & steps to get out of a funk


About Today's Guest:

Kelly Marcyniuk is your go-to babe for freedom lifestyle inspo, which is why she founded her business, The Freedom Babe. The Freedom Babe is a platform, brand and tribe that teaches millennial women how to design and manifest your first class freedom life. Whether you're building a freedom based business or striving for a life filled with wine + dining and first class travel, Kelly's got you covered. Kelly believes you shouldn't have to compromise your freedom to have a career or lifestyle you love - you can have it all.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hey Kelly, welcome into the magnetical you show I'm so freakin pumped to have you here. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to chat with you. Yes, divine timing finally allowed us to be here. I know we had some scheduling mishaps and I was just telling you, I feel like I should like, share this now that I just told you. I'm like, that's a good story. So I when I was changing my business from 70 times to magnetically you before magnetically you I thought of the name, the freedom, babe. And so I went on Instagram to see if anyone else had the name. And lo and behold, that's Kelly's business name. And I was like, oh, man, someone already has the name. And then I started consuming her content. I'm like, wow, like, She's awesome. So it's good. We ended up having mutual friends. I started bingeing her podcast, which is amazing. All of her work is amazing. And so yeah, that's ultimately what led me to having you here today. So thank you. Thank you so many like little devices. With our relationships so far, I feel like that's just always how it works out especially in this space. I feel like yeah, just meeting such amazing people. Okay, but anyway, so more about Kelly, she is your go to bat for freedom, lifestyle and spell, which is why she founded her business. The freedom babe. So the freedom wave is a platform brand, and tribe that teaches millennial women how to design and manifest their first class freedom life. Whether you're building a freedom based business or striving for life filled with wine and dining, and first class travel, Kelly's got you covered. So she believes you shouldn't have to compromise your freedom in order to have a career or lifestyle that you love, and you can have it all that is amazing. And I love it. So yeah, I want to hand it over to you now just to kind of like tell us more about how you became to be the freedom babe and create your own freedom life? Yes. Okay. I'll try to like, knock on can like share my story in like 10 minutes if I need it like this, I love the law. I love the long side times people come on and they'll tell their story forever. I'm like, that was a great story. Because I think like, a lot of times we hear people's stories to their freedom life or their success, or whatever it is. And it's, it sounds like it happened overnight. Yeah, like when we when you if you want to unfold the story, that's cool, too. But I'm sure we'll get into all of it. take you back a little bit. And then, uh, we'll just see what comes out here. But oh, so basically, I'm going to take you guys back to high school because this is this will like kind of plays a role in the story. So I just remember being in high school and knowing that I wanted to be successful, I knew I wanted to like make money and live a nice life. But I remember in like grade 1112 when you're like starting to apply to college and university and just feeling like I had to choose a career out of a hat. I was like, this is just weird, like, nothing really excites me. And I knew that I could obviously, like, be a doctor or lawyer. And I would have like the financial success and like the career success that way, but that didn't really speak to me. And I was like, like, it just felt weird. I didn't question it too much. I was just kind of like, this is how it is whatever. But I just remember thinking, This is so weird that I have to just pick a random job and nothing really feels aligned. So I ended up applying to are you in the US or Canada? Us? Yes, Texan. This might not make sense to your audience. I ended up applying to a bunch of universities in Ontario, and I ended up going to the University of Western Ontario which is still called now called Western University I think, which is in London, Ontario. For Health Sciences, and loved my I loved my time in university like a lot of my friends are like, Oh, I wish I could relive high school I'm like, No, I wish I could relive university like, those days when I was like, I was just really good at kind of milking it and still getting good grades, somehow, like a roommate who was in the same program as me, and she would like study her ass off. And I would like to study for a fraction of the time and like, get the same grades and I'd be like, going out still and all these things, but it was just I just love the social aspect of university I met some really great people they're like, are the girls I lived with? Were so much fun. We went out like all the time and like, how did I do that? Like I would actually die now. Um, but anyways, like, coming to the end of universities. I took Health Sciences, which isn't. It was more of like the social aspect of Health Sciences like we did take a few science courses but it wasn't held sciences that people take when before they go to med school. It wasn't that intense. Um, but at the end of my four years, I was like, What the fuck do I do with this degree? Like, I didn't know what kind of careers I could potentially like apply for afterwards. So I just like felt really confused again. And I was like, Okay, well, maybe I'll apply to go to nursing school and I will become a nurse, they have good starting salary, and they are like, it's like a reputable job and there's like good benefits and all of that stuff. And it's like the answer isn't always more school I wish I could like go and tell myself that now is like maybe do some like deep diving personal development work and I didn't really know about personal development then but that's what I honestly think personal development should be taught in school because you learning about yourself and bettering yourself is going to bring you the answers that you need. not putting you're heading a textbook. That's just my personal. I agree No, like it should just school should just be personal development and like the rest is like yeah, almost like that. It's just like a required course at least. So I, yeah, I ended up applying to nursing schools in my fourth year didn't get in anywhere like, I was like, okay, maybe I should have stayed in at least a couple extra nights a week instead of going out. But then I was like, whatever, I'll take the year all retake some courses that could use a little bump up with my grades and volunteer at a hospital because like, I didn't have like that beefy application that they're like really looking for. So I did that. And they worked out an office where I had been working in the summers in university, and then I was introduced to this was like the February I don't remember the year it's probably 2030 Teen and I was introduced to a network marketing company the same week that I had to finalize submitting my applications again for nursing school. Okay, so like I just got chills like, it was very the timing of that was very interesting. And I just basically saw how I could have those things that I wanted back in high school, but didn't know how to achieve it from this opportunity. So I was like, I can be in charge of my own schedule. I don't have to report to a boss I can make whatever amount of money I want to make like this. I was like, This is literally what I've been looking for. And I just didn't know that it was an option basically to be like, have my own business and obviously with with network marketing, it's kind of like that business in a box model. So I ended up being like, Okay, how fucking Yes, I am doing this. Like I'm signing up right now. And in that moment, I knew nursing school was not going to be a thing, but I was like, Okay, well, hopefully I don't get in. And that way I can just like blame it on that. But sure enough, I get into every school all this time. And I was oh my god. And then I just ended up like trusting my gut. My parents were so mad. They were like, What the hell are you doing? Um, because they also didn't go to school. So they just like really wanted that for my sister. And I wish we did go to school, obviously. Um, but I think they just really wanted us to have what they didn't have. And they saw education as being so important for getting a career which it is with certain careers, but I just had to trust my gut knows like, Nope, not going this is like happening for a reason or now I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing well, a lot. So I ended up doing network marketing for a couple years. I'm really really loved it but I would say around the third year is when I just kind of lost a lot of motivation and I was like, I have to send another Facebook message to like Someone I knew from grade two, asking that if they want to learn more about this opportunity. I might actually like, I don't know, to nursing school, I might go back to nursing. The thing is, and don't get me wrong. I think network marketing is such a great opportunity. And I think that it really does help people find their purpose and find what they're passionate about. And it did for me, too. It was a good starting point. But after those three years just wasn't aligned anymore. I'm like, I don't want to make excuses. But the compensation plan I didn't love like it was like pretty difficult to make money and I wasn't making enough money where I could be doing that totally on its own. And I was just sick and tired of feeling broken. I'm like, I was like putting all this effort in and not getting anywhere. And I remember thinking one year I remember doing my taxes, and I realized that that last year, I had made less money than I did the year before network marketing and I was like, Okay, that was a a wake up call for me I was like, I don't want to be in the same spot again one year from now I want to be growing I want to be do I want to be working for myself full time I want to be having that six figure income I want like all these things I want to be helping other people. I'm like connected with other people not feel like I'm annoying other people when I'm reaching out to like, share the share this opportunity and whatnot. So that's actually what I ended up hiring a coach that was in 2016. And I, I didn't want to hire a coach. I wasn't looking for a coach. But I kind of just stumbled across one. And we chatted and stuff. And then I tried to be like, yeah, thanks, but no things kind of thing. And she kind of just like helped me see things from a different perspective, which I'm so so so grateful for because I wouldn't have taken that step if she didn't take that stand for me. And then I ended up launching like my coaching business and my plan was to do network marketing. At the same time but once I got involved with coaching I just loved it so much more and I couldn't pretend to love network marketing as much as I was loving this. Um, so I kind of just actually put network marketing on the back burner gave this my all and then within the first year of launching my business I was able to quit my serving job so I didn't mention that but I was serving tables on the side as well just to like have that extra income. I was able to quit that and I made six figures in sales my first year so that was just such a breath of fresh air because it was what I was working towards for so long and once I actually just gave coaching my all um, everything changed for me. And I actually wasn't the freedom babe from the beginning my business was just my name. So it was Kelly and then I could have swooped in earlier. into it is when I rebranded and I was actually it's funny because I think Look how you came up with the name was kind of similar how I came up with the name I was brainstorming titles for like a free webinar. And I had written that down. I was like, Oh my God, this needs to be my brand name. And, and it was funny because when I started my coaching business too, I like had this little tagline of like, design your freedom or something, but something just felt like it was missing. And I was like, I think I'm going to have a brand name, but it's not coming to me right now. So we'll just sit with this for the meantime. But then yeah, that name came to me and I rebranded and here we are about almost four years later, actually, it's kind of crazy. Okay, wow, that story is so good. And like I just think that it's so incredible. Like I think most people like in that situation with the whole nursing school thing like you know, in that gap year you're like waiting to reapply basically for the next year. It's like oh, like I feel like you know, most of us could justify Oh, in that first like month or two if the if we changed our mind that makes sense. But that whole like it was almost like 12 Months later, when the applications were due, when you were able to, like make that decision to say like, nope, like, even I got into all these places. So like, what was it that allowed you to turn down those nursing school opportunities? Like how did you develop like the courage to do something that I think most people would think is scary as shit. That's the thing. It was like my brain. Actually, not my brain was on board, but part of me was still like, Am I really doing something crazy right now, but in my heart and my gut, it was just such a strong Yes. And it was so aligned and it was so powerful that I knew I couldn't ignore it. And also, I kind of was like making I'm like, I honestly Am I know it sounds cheesy, but I am a believer in everything happening for a reason. So I was able to kind of look at Not getting in the year before as something that was meant to happen. In that moment. I was kind of like, okay, I didn't get in last year. I'm getting in now. And this opportunities coming up at the exact same time. Like there's just such there's too many coincidences and I don't really believe in that I believe in synchronicities. And that's what I was feeling. I was like, this is all happening for me. And I just knew and trust that trusted that so strongly that I knew. And this is kind of something that I always asked myself when I'm deciding between a decision and if I'm trying to see if it is my intuition telling me to do something. I was thinking what what I how would I feel if I didn't do this? And that's what I knew I would regret it. I'd be like, I would always wonder if I did nursing school and this I feel that I wouldn't be giving nursing school. My all because I'm not true. I'm just so much naturally more excited about the network marketing opportunities than I was nursing. Um, and that's kind of just like where I just had to really trust how I was feeling so strongly about those things. And when I realized that I it just, although it was scary, it was like, if I don't do this, I'm making way more of a mistake than by turning down nursing. Because I also knew I can always apply to nursing again, right? Like I got in this year I can, like, why wouldn't I get in next year kind of thing. Um, but that wasn't even a huge part of the decision. It was just really so strongly, like everything in my body was like, Yes. Like it was such an expansive Yes. That I was like, I can't afford this. That's amazing. I had a similar experience. I used to be an actuary. Actually, I don't know if you know what that is. But basically, it's like the next the The highest level like mathematician like you could ever like, think of it's ridiculous and terrible and I hated it. But I didn't know what else to do because like, yeah, you go to college and no one like you said, No one is asking you like, oh, like what lights you up? It's just like, what's gonna get you to the good job, the good paying job, a good career. And I took exams for a few years and you have to like study like eight months for these exams, they're so insanely difficult in order to like, keep progressing in your career and like get these like certifications or whatever. So three exams and I had passed three of the five I took the fourth one and I had already been feeling the whole time that like this, this is not right, but I don't know what else I'm supposed to do. So I just kept like, forcing myself to do X. I'm like, this is gonna make me a lot of money. Like this is a good career. I just, I'm supposed to keep going. And I failed the fourth one after setting for a month and I'm like, you've got to be kidding me. Like I am not about to spend the next 10 years years of my life doing this. And so I decided to like quit taking the exams despite every one in my like sphere of influence saying like, you're so closed, you only have two more like you've been, you know, taking these exams for three years. Why give up now? And I'm like, because giving up this is going to open up so much better, and so much more. So it was like, yeah, it's like that. Just like, knowing in your heart of like, there is no other option. Yeah. And that's and it's like doing it for you, too. At the end of the day. Do you want to be making decisions that make others happy and you're miserable, or make decisions for yourself? And even if it makes other people miserable at the beginning, they'll get over it. Exactly. Yeah. And if they don't, they're probably not your people. Yeah, okay. So you decided not to take these nursing school opportunities you got into network marketing and you're doing serving and I know you mentioned like your Putting in all this effort and like not really seeing the results that you wanted. So like for someone who is like dabbling in their own business in their own ventures, or even or even in their career guys who's putting in all of the effort, but they're not seeing the results they want, like, what would you say to someone in that situation? That's a good question. I wish that I I wish that I had known this back then, because I'm actually kind of curious, but that's where it's like, everything happens for a reason. But I'm like, if I know now, what I knew. When I first started network marketing, I feel like it would have been totally different. Um, but this is where I think it comes back to energy and visualizing your higher self. So it's like, Who is that higher version of you? Who is making it work, who has the success, who has the income who has the impact who is living that freedom lifestyle, because we all have a version of us that this expanded version that exists without the limits and the doubts and the fears and all, like the bullshit that kind of holds us back. Right? Like, that's who you're supposed to be. That's the true you. And it's our own, like self imposed limiting beliefs and fears that stop us from showing up as her. So it's like, getting clear on who that is and what qualities she possesses and what her energy is like, and then embodying that now is going to be so huge, because it's not always about doing more to get to that next level. A lot of the times it's about showing up and and matching your energy with the version of you that you want to become with whatever that goal is, or whatever that thing is that you're working towards. So you can get clear on that. And the main thing with that, too, is getting clear on how that version of you feels at the end of the day. Like, what how does she feel it's not just a visualization exercise. It's like no, what does she feel internally? Does she feel radiant? Does she feel competent? Does she feel on top of them? We're all that she feels like she can do anything in this world. And bringing that into your present moment because it's like you can tap into those energies at any given moment. You can tap into feeling abundant, you can tap into feeling rich, you can tap into joy, you can tap into confidence, you can tap into feeling sexy, right? Like, you don't have to wait till the external things, but that's what so much of us have backwards is we're like, Okay, well, once I, once my business is like making six figures, then I'll just feel more confident. It's like, No, you need to feel that confidence now in order to get to six figures. So that is one thing I wish I knew. I feel like I was maybe dabbling in that a little bit in network marketing, but not. I didn't realize like how powerful that work is. But if you can feel into the energy of the person you want to become and bring that into your present moment, and practice that daily. Like that is going To 100% speed accurate results and get you to where you want to be. Totally and I feel like you're like such an expert in like higher self activation. So not just from like me listening to your podcasts and everything, like I just love the way you speak about and it's like one of those things where it's like, it never gets old like kind of like avocado toast and matcha and oat milk for me like it just never gets old tapping back into your higher self. It's like there's a reason like so many people in the personal development space are talking about it because it works and it's like, it's like this like almost a guiding compass that you can constantly come back to and come back to and and re redevelop and take it to the next level. So I would love for you to kind of like talk more about like what you think it is that holds most of us back from stepping into our higher self, that version of us who has the freedom life who has the business view on who has the So we want Mm hmm. I think there's a few things. Um, one I think it's that you're waiting people are waiting to be to validate themselves externally in order to feel a certain way. And this is something that I definitely was doing myself and I realized I had a breakthrough with this like a few months ago and I was like, wow, I am only letting myself feel abundant. feel the joy feel excited when I'm hitting these milestones in my business and I was like, that is so toxic. Like that is not a good situation to be in. Because I'm constantly validating myself externally. Right. So I think that again, people get caught up in the when I have the money when I have the success then I'll feel this way. Mmm, that's 100% stopping you from stepping into that higher self. Um, I think that a lot of us have the fears around it as well. Sometimes we actually fear what will happen if we achieve those specific goals or if we have those things. And then we're kind of like self sabotaging and keeping ourselves small, and maybe making excuses and other ways that stop us from showing up. Um, what was the question again? It's like what's stopping you? Right? Yeah, I think like what are the biggest things preventing us from like, tapping into that? Yeah. To has it on tapping into that like reality that we Yeah, so desperately want and so many cases? Yeah. So the external validation. The fears for sure, like having those fears and doubts come up that just keep you in the present versus the future. And honestly, like, this stuff still happens to me too. Like I'm been in a weird funk the last few weeks to where I feel like my connection with my higher self isn't as strong as it was lately. But then when you feel like that, you can also reframe this like I also Note that when I feel a little off energetically, it's usually because I'm learning something and I'm going through growth. And on the other side of that is so much abundance and so much to celebrate. So instead of letting myself feel down about it or confused, I'm also keeping that in mind. But also remembering that at any given moment, I can choose to step into my higher self. So I think a lot of people don't realize they have that choice. And they're waiting for something to happen to feel good. It's like no, again, you can choose to chop top to top into joy, abundance, happiness, whatever it is, like a, like wealth. What else success like any of those things you can choose to tap into to at any moment. So it's like, when you can reclaim your power with that. I think that's the thing. A lot of us are giving away our power. We're like, well, this is happening and I feel like shed and blah, blah, blah. So I can't tap into that. It's like no, I can I'm going to reclaim my power. I'm going to I know my heart feels this way, this way in this way. So I'm going to choose to step into that right now I'm going to choose today to feel successful, to feel wealthy to feel grateful. And I know that as I do that my energy shifts and elevates and I get to receive at a higher level because of it. So I think Yeah, the fears by validating yourself externally, I'm just a lot of us are like giving our power away and not realizing that we are the creators, we control our reality, we create our reality. So when you take your power back with that, it becomes so much easier and foster to turn that around. Yes, okay. You said so many good things. So I'm like, I have so many questions. Okay, so about reclaiming the power. I think that's such a good point. Because it's like when we're not in our power, essentially, we are blaming something outside of us for why we can't have what we want, and it gets us off the hook is I why we do it, then then if it's something outside of us, that's the, you know, reason we can't have what we want, then like, Oh, well, too bad, I guess I don't have to do the uncomfortable things and like, show up fully and be in my power, you get to avoid those like scary, uncomfortable things. I think it's just so powerful to remember that like, we are the creator, like, and not that it's not from this place of like, oh, let's like, control everything. It's from this place of like, no, like, when I take responsibility for being the creator of my life, then I get to be the creator of my life, right? And if you're not taking responsibility, and you're not like standing in your power, then you're blocking yourself off from being the creator making sense. Yeah, no 100% and it's like if that if you're blaming external things, that's going to keep you stuck and that's going to keep you small, and part of you might be doing That because of because you're afraid of what will happen if you step into your power. And maybe you're afraid of becoming successful and getting abandoned by people or people not liking you anymore like there. There's a lot of fears people have around success and what will happen when they step into their power so that's something good to look at as well because you might be subconsciously self sabotaging without even realizing it. If you have some of those fears. Whoo, yeah. Because of what you've made success me and like success means I like lose friends or like whatever it is, then yeah, the underlying, like, self sabotage is gonna come up because the fear of like, what you're making and what you're making those things mean. That's so powerful. Okay, so I know you mentioned that you kind of had this experience where you were only letting yourself feel abundant when you were hitting those like big milestones and big goals of yours. So how did you begin to like find them abundant feeling outside of those milestones? And really, I think the question is like, how do we find that validation internally? Because I feel like we go on this chase to find it externally. And then it's never enough. And it's like, it's it's scary when you realize that of like, Oh my gosh, like, wait, it's like that extra validation will never be enough. So how do we create that internally? Yeah, so that's where it goes back to the higher self work again, too. I remember this. And I remember like, being kind of like, in the middle of a launch or early on and I feel like it wasn't getting thing like things weren't happening as fast as they wanted to, and it was feeling shitty about it. And then it kind of went back to Well, for one it was like, Okay, do I want to stay on this validation roller coaster? Or do I want to be like, at the point in my life in my business where I'm going to be making a million dollars and it still doesn't feel like enough or I still don't feel like fulfilled Like, not fulfilled necessarily, but I'm still like, letting myself only feel good when things are happening. Like, that's shitty. And that's, that's where I was like, that's gonna be toxic. Like, let's nip this in the bud now. So realizing that it's not serving you, and what can potential what it can potentially turn into if you keep letting it. And then I went back to like my higher self work and I was like, Okay, how does my higher self feel? She feels worthy all the time. She feels abundant all the time. She has, and this this is where it goes to like a higher level of trust, too. Because if you trusted that you were always supportive. There was always more than enough and you always got to have what you wanted. You wouldn't worry you wouldn't like be only validating yourself when you have the things because essentially, if you're not if you're about if you're not validating yourself, when you don't have the things it's because there's a lot of fear there you're scared that there's not enough for something will happen or whatever and I was like No, my higher self knows that. She is always suffering. There's always more than enough. She's always so abundant. She's always super successful. And the fact that she feels worthy all the time is why those things happen to her as well. So I was like the fact that I'm only letting myself feel worthy at certain points is why I'm also right now getting results that feel up and down, essentially. Um, so I went I went to the higher self work and that just made me realize that like, I'm so worthy in this moment of feeling good just because I'm like a human being essentially not because my business is doing well. Um, it's, it's so crazy that we tend to, like relate those things together, like oh, I'm, I'm successful, so I'm worthy right now. It's like, No, you just are worthy period. And the more that I feel worthy, and feel good enough now, the more that things are actually going to happen for me, ironically enough, but it's like doing it out of a place. Doing it from a genuine place and just deciding to feel worthy because that feels good. And it feels like shit to make yourself to like punish yourself, basically, if you're not achieving certain goals, um, and when it came from that genuine place versus, Oh, I should feel worthy right now because that's what's gonna get me where I want to be, you know what I mean? Like that's kind of backwards and a little manipulative. But when it came from that genuine place, and I just decided that I'm worthy, and I get to feel happy on any given day, regardless of what's happening in my business or in my relationships or whatever, that's when things shifted. And I started like, and this is the thing to once I started doing this higher self work like every day, that's when I felt so like my energy has never felt more consistently in a high place or in a good place from doing that. And it's like you can't only do the higher self work when you want to go to the next level when you want the next thing, right, it's like you have to be committed to that and be connecting with her every single day to get those consistent results. If you're putting in half assed, if you're doing the work half assed, you're going to get the best results, right? So it's like, the more consistent you are with connecting with that higher self who's showing up as her tapping into those feelings you want to feel for one, the more consistent your energy's going to be. And as your energy is at this consistently higher level, you're going to attract things that are a match for that higher level. Does that makes sense? Yeah, I really does. And this is resonating with me so much, and I just I love that you said like, I decided to feel worthy because it feels good. And like that's fucking it. That's it. And that's how simple it can be as simple as that choice that like, could be made like right now in this very instant you can like Close your eyes. Feel into that higher self version of you and say yeah, I fucking desire right now today. Yeah, as I'm listening to this that like I am worthy because it feels good and that's the fucking end of it like it can be that simple. I think we, a lot of times like to overcomplicate and like well how do I feel worthy? I guess I have to go like journal for 20 hours and like meditate every single day and night and all the things which like, I love all those tools. I think they're amazing, but like, what if feeling worthy could happen right now in an instant? Ah, and that's the thing is and I get my clients do this sometimes too, with it's like, why are you worthy? And I'm like, Don't overthink this. You don't need to like, come up with this amazing answer. There's no right or wrong answer. It's simply You are worthy because you just are like you're a human being you're worthy. Because you have these desires. You're worthy of them. You wouldn't have them these desires if you couldn't have them, but it's like I want them to tap into that. Feeling. So that's why I get them to still write it out. But it's more about really getting into that energy of it, then, like, strategically thinking of all these reasons why you're worthy. Yeah, because that's just like, we're looking for ways to like logically added up in our mind. Yeah. And like, yeah, it's just not, it's not something we can just like add up of like, Oh, well, this thing. I did that. And then I did this. And I did that. So like x plus y plus z equals worthy. It's like, No, it's just like we are. And that's the end of it. So I love that. And if anything, you can go on like a rampage about how amazing you are. But it doesn't have to be about what you're like everything that you're doing, like you don't need to do more to be more worthy, if that makes sense. Yes, I totally went on that journey a few months ago, like just like, rewiring that like basically, I think so many of us like our self worth is so correlated to our productivity or achievements. And like it's Yeah, it's like we feel like we're on this hamster wheel and it's never ending and I love that you brought up the rampage that's something I've been doing recently I've had heard of gratitude rampages before we kind of just like snowball all the things that you're grateful for and that's great but like recently I've been doing ones where it's just like, I'm calling them like abundance rampages and basically just are like you just start like going off on a tangent of like, you know, it's like if you're wanting to like focus on like business and getting clients it's like the clients are coming like they can't fucking wait to work with me it's going to be so life changing for them when they work with me and oh my gosh, I'm so excited. It feels so good to help people and like Wow, it's so amazing like everyone wants to work with me and you just like go on this like riff until you feel better and it's like crazy how like, if you just like ramble off like nice things about yourself you feel so much better and it can be that easy. And it's such a fun thing to do to like I it's like fun to play with those new beliefs. I let got clear on like a few things that I want to manifest into my reality. So I'm like, Okay, I'm going to start playing around with those beliefs and you don't have to put the pressure on. If you're putting the pressure on that's actually affirming lack more than anything because you feel that there's like a lack of trust if you're putting pressure on basically. But if you just think of, Okay, what do I want to experience? And one of the things that I'm doing is, um, my dream clients show up in my DMS every day asking to work with me and asking to pay me to join my programs. And it's like, like, that already happens now, but like, every day, not yet, so it's like that's just such a fun like, that feels fun to me that feels exciting and exam, versus Oh, my God, I needed to happen right now. So then it's like, the more fun you're having with these beliefs too. And the more the more good you feel, I don't know if that's the proper way to say it or the better you know, her getting, the better you feel, the easier it's going to be to attract Those things. So that's part of it too, when when you're manifesting, you're doing the higher self work. Don't do it from a place of pressure, or this seems to happen right now. Do it from a place of fun. And I'm excited to feel so good and make it your job to feel amazing. Make it your job to feel good every day, because that's what's going to elevate your energy and then whatever beliefs you're playing around with, you become a match for them as you feel really, really amazing. Yes, and then it gets to be fun and easy. And like, Who doesn't want that? It's like, Well, great. First of all, we get to feel good, who doesn't want to feel good. And then it's like, the inevitable byproduct of feeling good is that like, everything else just like flows, none of the control or freaking out or anything that we can just like, allow and receive, because we're good enough now. We don't need it. We don't need it. Now. We don't need it tomorrow, like we know now is good enough. And we're open to receiving you know, it's such a powerful energy and I always Feeling good is my job I got so oh like it honestly is and it's like if you guys are new to this energy stuff just start practicing feeling good because the better you feel the more abundance and positive things to attract it's the it's the law of attraction. Exactly that like sums it up perfectly just like yeah let feeling good guide you and like everything else will fall into place. So I know you mentioned that do you do the higher self work every day now which is awesome. So what does that look like? What does it mean to do the higher self work every day? So I use I like have a morning ritual that I do, um, where I do a meditation in the morning and I connect with my higher self so I like visualize her usually I think of traits that I noticed about her. It's usually like radiant, confident, confident. Calm is usually a big one too, because Cuz again, she's so trusting she's not frantic freaking out, like, what is this manifestation gonna happen? Like, where is it like, she's just so calm. Um, and then So yeah, I connect with her I noticed the traits But then I also let her give me guidance. So I just like any messages that come up for me in my meditation I write them down in my journal after. And then I will also usually do some journaling as my higher self. So that could be that could look like the messages that she had how I'm going to show up as her today, anything that I need to release, it's getting in the way of showing up as her um, but also what's really fun to do too. And I, I do this, I tried to do this every month and I actually just launched a new like mini course on this as well. So that like I can teach you guys how to do it. But basically like every month I kind of just decide like who do I want to be this month? Who am I stepping into and I call it like you Or reinvention or your your monthly glow up. Um, and then I, once I get clear on her, I kind of write out what her life looks like, if that makes sense. So that I can get excited about what I'm creating and who I'm tapping into, because that gives me a guideline or a starting point of that to that version is these are the things she has and then throughout the month, they can be like, Okay, what do I need to release on a line with her? And how do I need to embody her energetically? What are those? What are those feelings that I want to feel now? And then a lot of times to if it's a goal that I have, I can think of, Okay, well, if I just achieved this, how would I be feeling right now and that will help me tap into my higher self if I'm not in that place energetically. Um, and then yeah, just like writing it out as her allows me to feel it. Like I if I'm writing out the things Desire, as though they've already happened. And I'm running out this version of me as though I'm already hurt. It helps me feel those feelings a lot more. Does that make sense? Yeah, and really it's Yeah, it's all about feeling those feelings now because that's what like Britain brings and and calls in those things that you want so okay, I have a couple more questions and then we can wrap this up, but I know that um, you mentioned that like the last few weeks you just like haven't been like super connected with your higher self and I've been feeling that too actually. So maybe there's something weird in the air logically happening because even last week how I like I was like, Oh my god, I'm having so many words calendar mishaps like I totally missed showed up for an interview. That's not till next week, like everyone was like, Yes, me too. Like I had so many people being like, What the fuck is going on? Yeah, I know my my boyfriend asked me the other day cuz I was like, really just Like feeling in a funk, too. And he was like, well, like, is it Mercury Retrograde? Because I like, and I googled it, it's not. So I'm like, Alright, whatever, there's something else. So having said the best of us and like, I love that you're, like, open to sharing about that. And I think it's so powerful. How you, for you like, what allowed me to really shift and I think you said the same thing earlier was that like remembering that like, a lot of times this is just a symptom of up leveling, I'm growing. I'm up leveling, I'm becoming that new version of me. And this is just like my brain and my body trying to take me to that old safe, comfortable version. And that's a good thing because I'm not allowing that to happen. I'm continuing to move forward into this new version of me and sometimes that can be really uncomfortable. So when you're feeling like those, like funky vibes is like not connected with your higher self like what, what do you like to do in those days or moments to like, get yourself through it? Uh huh. There's a few things I'm I'm a Gemini so like we and I've like saw me once about this and it's like what to do when your signs and for Gemini it says like good talks with like a friend or something. Okay? That makes sense my boyfriend's a Gemini and he's like social butterfly. Yeah. Like honestly that will help me and LIKE Rachel's like my bestie. So her and I will we talk like every day. So either of us is feeling a little off, we'll talk to each other and, like, it's almost like you talk yourself through it by talking to someone else. But also obviously you've got awesome feedback and support from the person you're talking to. So talking to someone else who's high vibe, um, but obviously going into it being solution oriented to like, I never want to be that person that's like, venting and people are trying to help but like, I'm still bringing down their ideas. You know what I mean? Like if I go into that I I'm taking ownership at the same time and I'm not, I would never want to bring someone else's energy down. So it's kind of like this is what I'm feeling. This is what I'm thinking, let me know what you think kind of thing or whatever, but talking it out definitely helps. Um, I've been loving walks by the lake lately, I'm just like such a I love being by the water and being now that I've moved to the city and I'm so close to the water. I'm like, I can never not be near a body of water again. Because it's just, I don't know it like it. I feel connected way more connected to my higher self when I'm near the water for some reason. Um, so like walking on or walking along the lake really helps. Um, I really loving walking meditations as well. Um, there's a few that I listened to by Mimi Bouchard that are great on her app. Um, that really helps as well. Um, self care of some sorts. Honestly. Just just doing what you can to feel even a little bit better. So like the talks helped me the walks, the walking meditations, I could do, I don't always do this, I'd rather go out. It's usually like I need to get out and get fresh air to clear my mind. So, if I'm like meditating throughout the middle of the day, usually do a walking meditation, journaling some things out pulling an Oracle card, even to like, just get the guidance that you need. Um, Reiki is great, too. I've actually was thinking I'm like, we need to go get Reiki done. And just like clear, some Yes. Sometimes there's energy you pick up on, it's not yours and it gets Yeah, it's gotta go. Um, so Reiki is great, but even like fast like watching a TV show or movie, it's like, tune into your intuition and let that tell you what you need. I think that's the best thing to do. Yeah, I love that. That's so powerful. And I think like I would add for me like I take taking the pressure off of like, I have to like Feel I'm supposed to feel in alignment. I'm supposed to be in alignment all the time. I'm supposed to feel better all the time. And it's like, it's fine. Like I can sometimes I'm just like, I gotta let myself have it. And then it's like doing those intentional things like you said that you know, are going to support you. And feeling better. Yeah. Like this, like, how can I support myself from feeling better? Like that's you can ask yourself and see what, what what is neat, and like, sometimes maybe it's ordering takeout? Or like, yourself, like a fancy coffee or a glass of wine? Like, I don't know, it can be so many different things. But I think just asking yourself that question is, is the biggest thing and doing what feels good to you in that moment? Yeah, for sure. So I think that was everything I wanted to ask you. This has been amazing, but I wanted to Well, let me leave you with one last question. Was there anything you felt like you wanted to share today that I didn't ask you about or anything else? That's like coming through. I think the main thing and it's funny cuz I don't know if I've talked about this higher self worth on the podcast before because I think I've just been like doing it so much myself lately. But I think it's like don't underestimate the power of that I know it can like sound a little woowoo sometimes and it can be like okay, how much is that actually going to change things but it's, it makes the biggest difference when you're intentionally creating a new you and you like to be constantly copying into that version if you constantly asking yourself is aligned with my higher self, I'm even like setting little reminders in your phone to like to embody her or to if you have like a little affirmation, like having that go off throughout the day, and then having like a having people, your people who support you with that is so important to like, it's one thing to do it alone. And it's another thing to have like your biz bestie or a group of women that You can talk to this stuff about if you don't have those kind of people in your life, find them whatever means that like however you have to do it find them because I think when I first started this work and and my business, my ratio of people who like weren't doing this kind of work to the people who were was very much more people who weren't on the same page, if that makes sense, and everyone's on their same journey, it's fine if people aren't doing this work if it's not resonating with them, like you'll know if you're called to do this work. But then as I continued to grow and evolve and prioritize that, and prioritize the support and whatnot, I expanded that now I feel like I have so I'm like, more often than not having conversations around this kind of stuff, which I love. Because it's so much fun. I was like, talking about that with my boyfriend the other day of like, I you at some time. You can do like observe people and like the, or even like observe yourself in conversation with like, friends, old friends of yours and like, you notice the conversation is all about, like, we had this happen this weekend where like, the conversation was all about like, like, let's get wasted and like, let's go find girls and let's go like, talk shit about other people and like, that's okay. Like I think like, you know, we've all probably done it before. But it's like when I'm in surrounded by people who like we're having a conversation like you and I had to do like we're talking about our higher self, we're talking about how we're growing. We're talking about our dreams, our goals, our big aspirations, who we want to be, as a creator creates such a powerful container for a deeper friendship and an expanded life. Yeah. 100% and what's really cool too is I find that sometimes the people you would least expect to impact by you just honoring your own journey and doing it because you feel because it feels good to you. END UP noticing it and you are Like say things to people who aren't necessarily on the same path sometimes and it hits them in a certain way or impacts them in a certain way. And one of my friends last night said that to me, like, I can't really remember what we have had a couple glasses of wine, so I can't remember exactly what she said. But she basically just implied that with her, like, she has like a corporate job and got like a promotion and kind of like, implied It was either that or with money, I don't know. But just implied that like, I helped her step into her higher self kind of, and I was like, Oh, my God, like I never would have expected to have that impact on you like it was just really, really cool. But that's kind of what happens is you just get in your own lane and do it for you. Other people are going to notice that you're growing and shifting and they want to be a part of that. Yes, it creates such a ripple effect of change for other people and also makes you a magnet to that energy as well. So this was amazing. Thank you so much. Where can we find you on social media and where were you hanging out? I am hanging out on Instagram. My best thoughts I'm at the freedom babe. Sorry. Wait, do you have tik tok? Because I don't and I feel like I just can't do that but some people are like all about to not have to like especially as reals. I am way more like I just I don't want to be on multiple platforms all the same. So keep it easy. Am I to talk or like they're not of me. There's like me burning Christmas cookies at Christmas time. And movie tutorial. It's not cute. Of Us plays and then also you guys can come check out my podcast if you want more of these kind of chats, which is the freedom a podcast you can find that iTunes Spotify, Google Play wherever you're listening to podcasts. Amazing. Thank you. Yes. Go check it out you guys and if this episode resonated with you, tag us on Instagram at screenshot this episode and let us know how it impacted you or send us a DM and God let us know who that higher self version of you is that you are choosing right now today to start tapping into so thank you so much, Kelly. This was awesome. Thank you.

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