9 signs your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening

podcast Sep 01, 2020

 If you've been in a "funk" recently, you might actually be going through a spiritual awakening. ⁠

Listen to this episode to find out! I'm sharing 9 signs to tell if your "funk" is actually a spiritual awakening.

Once I realized this was what I was experiencing, things shifted quickly. I was finally able to let go of the limiting beliefs and old patterns I had been clinging to. I knew they were just coming to the surface because I was fully ready to release them.

And by doing so, it's created so much energetic space for more magic and abundance. Since realizing this, I've manifested $100 worth of essential oils, a free eye cream from Sephora, 5 new aligned friendships, being invited as a guest on 3 other amazing podcasts and $29 off a pair of shoes I've been wanting. This is the kind of magic you attract when you do the inner work to step into your higher self every single day. I'm so pumped for you to listen to this episode because I want this kind of magic and more to start flooding your way too - and it will!

⁠I'm also sharing my juicy tips and tricks to get over your "funk" and get back to feeling your best (actually, better than you're best because you're stepping into the next level version of yourself!).


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧  9 signs that your "funk" is actually a spiritual awakening

✧  why the uncomfortable "void" between letting go of the old version of yourself and stepping into the new is actually where the magic happens

✧  how to normalize abundance and miracles so you attract more of them

✧  why you need to give yourself permission to feel your feelings

✧ how to get over your funk and back to feeling your best (actually better than your best!)


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically used podcast. My name is Madison snake and I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me, killing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed and I realized the same thing that came true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me and you're obsessed with personal development then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.
Hey, it's Madison back at it I am ready to dive into this episode I again I say that every time literally because I'm always so excited about the podcast episodes I'm recording because I'm just sharing from my heart sharing what I'm going through is sharing how I am growing and up leveling in my life so that you can do the same. And so today I want to talk about nine signs that your funk is actually a spiritual awakening because I've been hearing this from a lot of my clients, a lot of past clients, a lot of people on Instagram that they just like feel like they're in this like funk and I was actually feeling it myself, you know, probably like it seems to have started lifting like a couple weeks ago but really since like kind of like February March, I've been like kind of just like feeling this funk this like, up and down like roller coaster of like, okay, like everything is great, everything is good and then like bouts of like, what the fuck am I doing? Like who am I? What do I even want? Where am I like what is life and like just total like, confusion and fear and doubt and oscillating back and forth between the energy of like, holy shit, like everything that I've always dreamed of starting to become true and also like, what everything is not working, I'm doing it all wrong and like just like oscillating back and forth in. So so so much growth has come up for me in the last few months, which makes sense because I've been leaning more into the discomfort of growth than I ever have before and I've been doing a lot A lot, a lot of personal development work, inner work, spiritual work, just really working on letting go of old beliefs and old habits that are no longer serving me and really stepping into the next level version of myself. And it's like, it's like this energy of like how somehow sometimes old parts of you and old parts of your life have to fall away to make space for the new. And for me, it's so funny because it feels like a lot of those like old, old paradigms and old things in my life have been falling away like dropping like flies. So I've been, and I think it was February, late February, early March, I decided to leave behind a part of my business that I've outgrown. I've parted ways with a client who I was working with pretty much from the beginning of when I started coaching, which is like so amazing because she's like, ready to spread her wings and fly on her own. And I've been doing so much money, mindset, work and work on my self worth and my beliefs about what I'm capable of and I've shattered so many Have those limiting beliefs and I've been like throwing away all of these like strategies and things that other people told me to do and that I thought I was supposed to do and I'm like fully stepping into and trusting my own intuition and just like so many things like dropping off and falling off to create space for the new but my ego has been like freaking out. It's like okay, hold up Madison Not so fast like you can just become like a new and improved version of you and like all of all of your bs like that. It's just too uncomfortable. Like go back to where you were before and it's like, yeah, our brands are gonna freak out and want to take us back into our comfort zone but because I've been doing this inner work for probably it my like, inner work journey really started. I don't know, probably like five years ago, I guess you could say, but really, it's it's always a lifetime. I feel like I just was more like conscious and intentional with it starting like five years ago, but because I've been through So many levels of doing the inner work and stepping into new identities and new up leveled versions of myself. I recognized very quickly what was going on like I wasn't just in a funk for funk sake, like I was in a funk because I was up leveling and growing so exponentially, that my ego is like, Oh, hell no. But as soon as I started realizing this of like, wait, I'm not losing my shit. I'm not
crazy. This is just an expansion. This is just an up level. This is just my brain trying to take me back to my comfort zone. As soon as I was able to realize that I was able to quickly like shift out of my funk and fully start stepping into this new next level version of myself, who is more confident, who feels more free, who is more magnetic, who is more trusting and just like surrender to the natural unfolding of her life. And so if you've been feeling like you're in a funk and you are like, what The heck is going on. And you haven't been able to really pinpoint why. It's probably because you're growing and you're up leveling too. And you may even be going through a spiritual awakening and like, it's a good thing. And as soon as you stop like shaming yourself for being in a funk or trying so hard to resist, it's so hard to fix. Being in a funk, that's when you're able to release it and look at how it's happening for you What lessons it's, it's bringing forth for you to work through, right? If we just avoid it, and try to resist it, we're not going to receive the lessons and the power that it's like bringing to us. So I want to share first I'm going to share nine signs that your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening, like mine, and I'm going to also share a bunch of the ways that I've been so a lot of the things I've been doing some of the journaling I've been doing to help me shift myself out of these funky vibes and get back into feeling My best best and allow this like new more confident version of me me and this new yeah upgraded reality to become my new normal to stay my new normal and to continue even growing and up leveling from there okay so the nine times if your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening is the first one is if you're having physical symptoms so it might feel like what I would call like an expansion hangover so I have been in like it's so funny because like I think all of all of these like signs as soon as I realized that it was a spiritual awakening, it's like a lot of these like symptoms I didn't feel so good started going away. So I haven't had the headaches in a couple weeks but for a few months I was having all these headaches and I've like never had headaches in my life and I'm like, What the heck is going on? And a lot of times what happens is like these ailments and things will come up in our body because it's it's not only its energy physically being released from our body and it's also like to our bodies also wanting to cling on to the old reality and the old version so just know that sometimes like physical symptoms like stomach aches, headaches, weird aches and pains like I used to get back pain when I was like up leveling because my body was like it was like it was so funny it was just like my body was like wanting me to get just stay where I was and go and go back and so it was always like, yeah, just like hilarious and so it's it's can be physical symptoms, like headaches or whatever can be a symptom of expansion and up leveling and growing. sign number two, is if you have this sense that there's like an old part of you that's dying. It's like, old things in your life are falling off. Old friendships are falling off old, old and maybe like opportunities are falling off and kind of feels like this, like loss and grieving. And it almost feels like an identity of crisis of like Who am I am what Am I doing and where am I like what is happening? And one of my friends who I was talking to the other day, she was saying, like Madison, like it's not an identity crisis. It's an identity discovery, it's an identity transformation. So instead of telling yourself that, like, you're having an identity crisis, like what if you tell yourself you're having an identity transformation? Like, isn't that more empowering? And it feels like there's this void, right? It's like this old view is, is dying, these old parts of your life are falling off, and it's like this really, really, really uncomfortable void of like, Who am I and what am I doing and what is my life because so much of the oldest fallen away and you're like in not in between, in that void in that space of the of making room for the new to come in. And so if you're feeling like that really, really, really uncomfortable void, just know that like, that's a good thing because you've created the space for the new magic to come in. And the third sign is if your ego and your old fears are like flaring up and so on. This just means that like these old fears and these old habits are probably coming up because you're ready to heal them you're ready to release them right they're they're needing to be fully fully revealed and brought to the surface so they can be let go of once and for all. So instead of thinking like oh, I'm reverting back to old fears or old patterns, it's like no, this is the final release. This is the grand fucking finale of letting go of and canceling these fears. sign number four is that you are distracting yourself you're avoiding what you know you want to be doing you're looking for distractions. Like for me I wanted I was like having this a craving to like, buy things and like go shopping and have like, retail therapy or, like clean my house like a bunch because I like the void was so uncomfortable that I wanted to like erase the void and I was finding myself like wanting to have fun like alcohol or a cocktail or a glass of wine more than usual so just notices if those distractions are coming up and instead of like reaching for the distraction like can you be with that void? Can you let yourself be with a discomfort? Can you let it be a good thing that you're in this discomfort of growth? Hey girl, we'll get back to the show in just a sec. But I wanted to tell you about a special opportunity real quick. If you are sick and freaking tired of settling for mediocre and are ready to start creating a life that you truly love.
I got you. Whether it's starting a business attracting your soulmate, bringing more meaning and excitement into your current relationships, landing your dream job, or traveling the world. It can happen a lot faster and easier than you think. Especially with the right mindset and tools. I want you to get real with yourself right now. How long have you been settling and hoping things will get better on your own? Where in your life do you know in your heart that you're not doing this? Things you truly want to be doing. And instead you're doing what you should do. What are those things that you're going to wonder in 10 years? What would have happened if I did that? If you're ready to step into the most competent, magnetic successful version of you, so you can manifest a life that's actually aligned with your soul. Here's what I want you to do. Go to magnetically u.com slash coaching right now and book an application called to work with me. My one on one coaching is perfect for you. If you are ready to invest in yourself, play bigger than you ever have before. And put in the work because let's be real You and I both know nothing will change. If you don't just say of your higher self is nudging you right now. trust it. Pause this episode and do the damn thing. The universe will reward you and support you when you do trust me. Did you do it? Okay, kid back to this week's episode. The fifth sign is that you might be having really, really really intense wild dreams so last night I had the weirdest dream I've always have very weird like crazy dreams I have maybe I need to go to a dream specialist and see what's going on inside my brain. But this one is so interesting so I was like I like it's kind of hard to describe because it's it doesn't make any sense basically, I was like at this like almost like old deserted amusement park but there were like still people there but it was like this old eerie energy. And I was on this like fried where basically you like sit down like on this bench. And then there's like this bar that comes over you and like straps you in. And then basically, the bench kind of like goes around like a ferris wheel but instead of like sitting upright, it goes fast and you like go upside down and the bar is not very strong. So I was like watching this ride from the like sidelines and watching People on the ride like almost falling out or they're like fall out and be like hanging by their arm because the BB is like not good enough to holding them back. And I don't know what made me decide in the dream to still get on the ride. But I did. I closed myself and I'm like, Okay, I'm good to go like, I'm really I'm strong enough to where if this like, ride like flips me over this bar breaks, like I can just hold on to it. But then all of these people, all these people started coming in and cramming into our little like bench and I'm like, What are you guys doing? Like, I am not going to be able to like, hold on. And if there's too many people, like there's not enough space, we're all gonna like fly out of this ride. And so the ride starts going and we started like flying and suspending upside down and this little girl is sitting beside me and we started like having a conversation. She was like, maybe like seven years old and she told me she lived in LA and that she does Kundalini Yoga.
And now as I'm saying this, I'm like ooh, Like, I'm like, I have like chills. I'm like, Oh my gosh, am I supposed to learn or go do Kundalini Yoga? So maybe I'm gonna look into that in Dallas. But basically what I took away from this stream was that like, I've been clinging to control, I've been clinging to this old reality. And when all of these people were like, coming in on this ride, and like not making space for me to be able to click and hold and control, it was like this, like, forcing of me having to let go of control and also have this dream of living in California. So I think that's why the LA thing came up. And it was just so funny. When the seven year old told me she did Kundalini Yoga. I was like, of course you do Kundalini Yoga, like of course his seven year old in LA does Kundalini Yoga, like where else in the world would a seven year old be doing Kundalini Yoga, and I was like, I was like, jealous of her. I like, I want to be doing the Kundalini Yoga. And I was like, yeah, just having this like desire to live in California. And then that's all I remember. So if you're having crazy dreams, like that, like journal on them, look at what that might mean. And like for me, that's dream was really just like symbolic of me like surrendering and like letting go of the grip letting go of control and it's safe to do that it's so funny because like not thinking about it now it's like this little seven year old girl in the dream she was so at peace and so surrendered and it's like when we surrender we are we unlock that peace. So, yeah, if you're having intense wild dreams, that could be a symptom. And also, if you're listening to this, I would one love of you message me on instagram on magnetically you and if you've been having any crazy dreams, send me a message telling me about your dream and what your takeaway was from I would love to hear your weird crazy dreams too. Okay. Number six is that people around you are getting triggered by your growth. They may be calling you out. You might be feeling this energy of like other people trying to bring you down and it's really just like this. You're like vibrating at a higher level. So people who are vibrating at lower levels are going to be triggered by your growth because there's like a disconnect in your energy now so just know that's what's happening. And that doesn't mean you have to cut people out of your life just know it's normal, if other people are getting triggered by your growth sign number seven is that there might be some like falling off of relationships or intense deep growth in your relationship. So yeah, like old relationships might be falling away because they're no longer a match. or there might be like intense intense growth in your relationships because those relationships are like coming to this new level with you. Does that make sense? So number eight is that you might have increased sensitivity. So for me, I've been I feel like I'm always like a highly sensitive person, especially to like environmental stimuli. If there's like, two meetings going on at once my brain gets really overwhelmed but especially the last few months, um, when there is just content noise or or chatter music or noise or thing like multiple things like basically coming in the background like my brain is like overly sensitive and I feel like I just like can't focus or it could be you're having like new sensitivities or reactions to like foods or different things like that just like an increased like heightened sensitivity and like almost like awareness of your environment of things of how things are like processing and feeling in your body. And then the last one, on a little bit more of a lighter note is sign number nine is that, that your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening is that it feels like something big is around the corner. Like you just can't really pinpoint what it is but it feels like something. Something big, something big is coming around the corner. So those are the nine signs. Yeah, messaged me on Instagram, which of those like which of those you're going through if it's all nine or just a few of them
but yeah, okay, so recap. The first one is you're having the physical symptoms number two, it feels like the old part of you is dying old things are falling off. Number three old fears and your ego are flaring up. Number four you're like avoiding and You're distracting number five crazy dreams number six you're gonna other people are getting triggered by your growth. Number seven, there's like falling off or growth in your relationships, eight increase sensitivity or nine It feels like something big is around the corner. So let me know which of those you're experiencing and I'm excited for you because if any of those resonate with you, it means you're up leveling and means you're growing and I am so excited for you and I would actually love to love for you to join me on that journey. And so the best way you can do that is to apply for my one on one coaching program you can go to magnetically you att.com slash coaching if you want to join me on this a massive massive massive up leveling journey and really step into the version of you who gets to have it all who could who it gets to be fun and easy for who it who becomes magnetic. To more success and abundance and she ever thought possible, then it go right now and apply. Okay. Okay, moving on. So I also wanted to share with you guys how I've been able to shift out of these funky vibes and get back to feeling my best, right because like none of us want to sit around like feeling like we're in a funk all the time. So, the first thing is acknowledging and realizing that like, this is a good thing it's happening for me. I am up leveling I'm growing, I am going through a spiritual awakening Okay, doing so. Allow the void, let that space be there let that discomfort be there let that void of uncertainty and unknown be there because the unknown is where the magic happens and something not one of my coaches an affirmation one of my coaches helped me come up with a few months ago was when I was like having Oh, this was another one of my physical symptoms. So they just remembered that actually went away. Um, and then the headaches came in after this, which is fine, but I was waking up Every morning with like an intense racing heart. And it really was just a symptom of up leveling for me. And obviously, if you're having like, crazy bodily symptoms, like please talk to your doctor, like, don't just like blindly make the assumption that it's, um, up leveling but for me and my intuition, I knew that's what was happening. So I worked with a coach who helped me come up with this affirmation every morning when I would wake up and I would feel that I would just tell myself, this is the old me dying, so I can step into who I meant to be, and immediately that I would feel relief immediately, I would start feeling relief in the physical symptoms. I also have really been focused on choosing this new version of me over and over and over. So when I feel like triggered or in a situation where I maybe would have like, reacted negatively or something in the past would have sent me into a spiral like I've been asking myself now. Okay, well, what would the do in this situation and what would the new me do and I make that choice every single day to choose the new me and of course I'm not perfect, but the more we can make that choice, the more we just become that version. And the more living the reality that that version of us is living in just becomes inevitable. So, I also was talking to a friend about this and she was saying how like, essentially, like, your only two options are to trust or to quit. Like there is no other options and like, I don't know about you, but like, I'm not just gonna quit growing
I'm not just going to quit going after my goals. So yeah, I choose to trust That's it, trust or quit and I choose trust. I've also been doing topping which is Emotional Freedom Technique every single day to really release old blocks, release old stories and like really just like tap into this, this new, young new and up leveled version of me and actually It's actually something that I'm going to be doing more and more with my clients because I am currently getting certified and Emotional Freedom Techniques. So I am like, super, super pumped about that. So all the more reason to go apply for my coaching, if that's something you have been thinking about tapping is extremely powerful. It has changed my life. And yeah, it's something that I've been doing every single day and it's amazing. I've also been journaling everyday and asking myself the question, higher self intuition, whoever you want to call it, higher self intuition. Is there anything I need to know or do today and then I just journal on whatever comes up and I trust myself, I stopped doing what I'm supposed to and I do what is aligned with my higher self, that version of me who already is living the reality that I am ready to step into? I have also been given myself permission to feel the feelings, right. It's like, usually it's not the feeling that makes us feel badly it's the feeling about the feeling so it's like it's like the disappointment that you feel funky that actually makes you feel bad, not the funk itself or it's like, you're sad that you're sad or you're anxious that you're anxious you know what I mean? And so what if it's okay? To feel funky? What if it's okay to feel discomfort? What if it's okay to feel anxious? And what if all you need to do in order to release it is to just allow it What if it's safe to feel it? I've also been working with my own coach on really really really tapping into my higher self and embodying my higher self and making decisions for my higher self and it is so powerful when you have someone by your side to really constantly bring you back to okay what would your higher self do how can you embody that version of you and to constantly challenged you to step into that version of you? It's amazing, something that's also really been helping us to like normalize this new level I've been making more money, things have been going better in my life like things have been going good. I've totally pivoted my business in February. It's so much more aligned. It's so much more fun. I started this podcast it's reaching. It's already, just in a couple of months has like 6000 downloads, which is so amazing. And I'm so grateful for it. And so what I've been doing is affirming that this is normal. I deserve this. I created this and I get to have even more. And when good things happen, tell yourself Oh, I knew that was gonna happen. And tell yourself it's safe to let it be good. when good things happen. Say thank you more, please. This is my new normal times. This is my new normal. This is how good it gets to be all the time and it only gets to get better. Okay, fee three more things. Take care of yourself. Do what you know you need to do in order to feel good. If you It's taking me time in the morning, if it's taking a bath, if it's eating foods that make you feel your very best, like whatever it is take care of yourself. And when I was really really feeling in my funk a like a couple weeks or months ago, I don't even remember when it was, I like could not for the life of me figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner. And I was like telling Trevor like, maybe I should just make mac and cheese and ice cream. And he was like, that's a terrible idea. And I'm like, why? And he's like, you know, that's not gonna make you feel good. And I was like, true. And I'm not going to feel good after eating a big bowl of cheesy mac and cheese and ice cream like not that there's anything wrong with that but like in this day where I already was feeling like a victim and feeling low like was that really going to serve me or would it serve me better to eat something that feels a little bit more nourishing and has like a lighter energy to it and how just like, feels like I'm honoring myself. It needs better and yeah the answer was that okay it's not I can choose an ice cream that I need right now. And so I went and I got this really really really good sandwich please so we have here and it was amazing and I felt so good after and honestly just like uplifted me just knowing the eating of delicious food uplifted me but also knowing that I made that choice for myself. I chose myself I chose to honor myself and to honor my body just knowing I did that made me feel good about myself.
And then the last few things are to stop distracting stop using crutches like drinking stop trying to go doo doo doo doo doo and be busy to avoid and distracted Let it be okay be in the void be in the discomfort because that is where the magic and the growth happens. And then the last thing is, which I kind of already touched on a little bit is like do do some journaling on like, Okay, you've been feeling this funk, like you know things are maybe not going quite the way you want them to so declare to clear with You want the next 30 days, 60 days, three months, whatever it is to look like and just journal on what do I declare for the next 30 days? And then think about what is my new story that supports this reality. And who is this new version of me, that creates this reality who gets to have this reality that I'm fully ready to step into. So if you're in a funk you guys, I want you to one trust and know that it's happening for you. It's showing you what you need to let go of and it is clearing space for your next level you are moving into that next level. And like I was saying earlier, if you want to get to that next level, if you want to join me on this ride of up leveling together, I would love for you to apply it to my one on one coaching program where we are going to get you to let go of this old version of you these old patterns, these old beliefs that are holding you back and really step into the most magnetic competent version of yourself so that you can attract more Freedom and abundance in your life than you ever thought possible. So I would love for you to apply go to magnetical youth comm slash coaching you can learn all about it and you can fill out your application there and if it's if it's a good fit I will reach out to you because yeah, this coaching program is really only for women who are like ready to say hell fucking yes to their next level woman who are like ready to do the work. It's like, Oh, I don't know. Like, I'm just kind of just want to like, stay where I'm at. Like, no, this is only for women who are ready to get out of their own way and play bigger than they ever have before. So if that's you go apply right now and I cannot wait to read your application and hopefully reach back out to you with a yes that you've been accepted. So let me know. If this episode resonated with you. Send me a message, screenshot it, share it on Instagram. Let me know what your biggest takeaway was. I love love hearing from you guys on Instagram. And also it would absolutely mean the world to me. If you would take two minutes, I promise just two minutes and go Leave me a review on iTunes. If you like this podcast episode, if it's impacting your life like go, please let me know on their views. It helps me reach more people. And that's one of my biggest life purposes is to really help women create a life that they love. By using the power of their thoughts, energy and intuition. And the more reviews that I get the more you help me help other people. And I know we all want to help other people, right. So thank you so much. I will catch you in the next episode. I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, magnetically you So coming out with this air and if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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