how to turn a quarter-life crisis into the best thing that's ever happened with Rachel Alyce

podcast Aug 25, 2020


In today’s episode, I’m joined by Rachel Alyce, author of The Quarter Life Funk. After hearing her story on another podcast, I immediately bought her book and asked her to come on the show. This episode is deeply inspiring (so is her book!) and if you’ve ever felt like you’re in a major life funk, this episode is a MUST!! Rachel shares how she turned her quarter life funk into the best thing that EVER happened to her and how you can too!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How narcissistic abusive relationships can serve as mirrors for you to work on your self-worth

✧ Rachel’s manifestation plug analogy that will make manifesting SO MUCH easier

✧ Spiritual views of abortion

✧ How to turn a quarter-life crisis around into the best thing that has ever happened to you

✧ What a Saturn Return is and how to accept challenges as opportunities to uplevel

✧ How to reconnect with your higher self, Angels and Spirit Guides

✧ What it feels like to have a spiritual awakening and how to embrace it

✧ How to keep your faith even when it looks like your desires aren’t going to manifest


Guest Bio:

Rachel is the author, podcast host and creator of the Quarter Life Funk where she helps women to reclaim their power, reconnect with their higher selves and manifest an abundant reality.



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Full Episode Transcript:

Okay, I have Rachel here today from the quarterlife funk and I'm so pumped to have her here. I listened to her on a podcast called manifest with ash. What is her last name is Ashley Gordon.

Yeah, that's manifest of Ashley Golding. Yes.

Yeah. So I found her through that podcast and heard all about her amazing book called the quarterly funk and just finished her book last night, which is amazing. Go by right now. We're, I'm sure we're gonna get into it today, but I just heard her story. And I was like, I've got to get Rachel on here. So here she is. She's the author, podcast and host, author, podcast host and creator of the quarterly funk where she helps women reclaim their power, reconnect to their higher selves and manifest and abundant reality. And I love that I just messed that up as we were just talking about messing things up. Okay, here we go. So Rachel, do you want to tell us a little bit more about your story, some background and how You how the quarterly fun came to life.

Yeah. Thank you so much for having me on. And I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, by the way. And yeah, so when I was around about, I would say 29 years old. I was living back in England in the UK and I had a pretty nice life, I had a decent partner decent job, had a lot going for me. And all of a sudden, one day, he was literally I woke up and I was like, I'm not really vibing with this current reality anymore. Like, I'm not really feeling it. And I kind of felt locked in certain areas of my life, and then locked out like some things I wanted that I wasn't getting either. And I just looking around and I just saw like, you know, not in a bad way. I don't mean this in a like a bad way but people settling and people are like settling for less than they're worth. And I thought I'm not up for that. And so I kind of decided to break it all down. To start again. So I, you know, sort of my partner and I moved back home back with my parents like 29 years old. And I was sitting there in my like bedroom and I've got this in the book as well like, going through the list of my 16 year old dreams you only like 60 year old treat like not in your navely watch MTV and you and you think that life you're going to have a walk in wardrobe. And like a baby blue Bentley from the show? No, I think he's blue control video. I just thought I was gonna have everything right. And I'm not saying you can't, I'm going to come on two way kind of open in a minute. And I just remember looking anything clean. Like, I've not achieved any of these things. And it was actually during that year, I also went through my spiritual awakening. And I just went down the big like spiritual rabbit hole. I was buying loads of books after books. I was living numerology I was and I had some like I'm gonna go woo here but I had connections with my angels. And it was just one of the most magical experiences ever but I was such a hermit you know, you know the Hermit card and Tarot that was me that year. And I yeah, and I came across a manifestation which you know superbly well and yeah I just went deep and trial and error like the process had random money windfalls all expenses paid trip to India, it was just really like crazy experience but I just knew there was more to life out there than what my physical eyes and senses could perceive. So it wasn't until I wanted the bigger things in life, I found it, it got a little bit trickier. It wasn't as easy anymore. It wasn't as easy as a Starbucks or anything like that. It was a lot. It required a lot more. So I went back away, did some more digging. And I realized that had a lot to do with you. In a world, our inner world creates our outer world, it had a lot of what I perceive to be, we manifest from the highest self perspective in that sense. And we have to really get our inner world alive or out of what we want to consciously manifest and manifest it all okay? Because we're energetic beings. And the subconscious mind governs wherever 90 wave and 95% of Here we are, how we show up how we feel how we respond all that. And if you think about it, we're only tapped into our conscious who's who has more like a punch who packs more of a punchy, subconscious. And so I kind of realized it was more to do with the power of the mind and I just went on this journey of like, Okay, I'm going to go after my dreams, and I'm going to go after my dreams, and I'm going to set the what I want and I wanted to move abroad. I wanted this beautiful apartment by the river. I remember like visualizing in my mind, I'm going to meet my soulmate. I'm going to do X, Y, and Zed. And I pretty much did it. pretty much got it. However, a few things came up along the way. And this is where I write about in my book where I say it's not all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine, I can't remember the exact title of my book.

And it's very close to that.

That book I can't remember writing, and I, we have to go through so if we want to up level, let's put it this way, we want to have a life that is amazing, abundant and I don't see abundance and just like the coin, the money, I see abundance in all forms, having a rich and plentiful life. That's why the title of my book is get your shit together and manifest an abundant reality. And it's just a rich and plentiful life in all areas. And so I'm losing my train of thought here. I'm going back again and what I was gonna do said if

we want to uplevel

Yes, that was it. Sorry, guys. If you want to level your life, then we must also level and nothing's ever rosy. We might have to go through some opposition. He sees fit growth, to show the big you which I call it, you know, the higher power that I resonate with, to show them that we're ready. So for me, I'll give you the best example, I kept. And this is only when I started to realize that I was playing out patterns in my life and repeat, and they were now coming up to be healed and when I mean healed, it's when you no longer play that pattern out again, you stop it and you don't choose that pattern again. So what happened was, when I was in my late 20s, and going through the spiritual awakenings stuff was coming up what I experienced in my 20s and beforehand, in my childhood programming was coming up to be played on repeat for me to heal the pattern, one particular pattern that I was continuing to take and I only noticed this when I was like 29 fit well in my 30s was I was attracting toxic men into my life men that would treat me have low self worth, narcissistic men. Okay, I had and I learned They experienced narcissistic abusive relationship in my 20s which I do really shine a light on to later on in my late late 20s because I didn't know it existed it was it through social media etc that I came to awareness it's such a gem narcissistic personality traits actually existed and and I had to realize that look okay, that my internal world is creating my reality what's going on internally that is creating me attracting these kind of men in my life. And I look back and you know, I was for me I was experiencing low sense of self worth. And I was you know, looking for external validation from these men I was low self worth, I was just like a real target for them. So I worked on increasing my self worth. I did that process and when another man have similar qualities, I'm not going to say narcissism because I don't like to paint that label too much came into my life. I realized that pattern and I said, off you go, bye bye. And then The amazing guy who I'm with now came in and it's almost like you've got to do if you want, like the, what you want in your manifestation, you've got to do the inner work, the inner work, and that's sometimes isn't the nicest thing to go through as well. So yeah, it was an incredible experience. And now I'm finally my purpose, I decided to write a book. And it just came in a random, like, download one day like you should write a book. I was like, Okay, I'm gonna write a book. I've got no history of writing other than like, a master's thesis years ago, but I'm not what I would call an author. I'm like, No, JK Rowling or anybody like that. And I just went for it. And I did it. And then I heard start a podcast and I was thinking really stop. I hate the Sun Moon voice. I'm like, No, and but I just, I just followed the I just followed what I was being guided to pursue. And now Yeah, now the books in the world. I published it two months ago and it's like, you going viral before my eyes, people all over the world The reason it's so freaky, and it's getting amazing reviews and I'm just so, so pleased that my intention was with this book that it's going to help women who are, you know, who know have the inner niggle that they're ready for so much more, more more in life. They have, you know, it's like that soul is being tapped. I had a chance to come on my podcast if we could, she channeled a message for those who come into the space and she says, your soul's tapping at you to do something more, and pursue your dreams and get rid of any shame, guilt and perhaps because also my book I talk about my abortion I had in my early 20s as well, because people need to know that they're not alone. Well, women need to know they're not alone. They can free themselves from shame and guilt of the past that they are, you know, through conditioning from childhood programming. You know this really well as well. We have taken on false truths, false beliefs, beliefs about ourselves. that aren't true. And we have taken that on and it's being projected out into our reality and we need to kind of I call it lift that cloak, lift that veil and we need to return back to our higher self or most powerful limitless selves because we cannot be all we really can. Yeah, so that's it, basically.

Okay, I love that I have like 6000 questions for you.

My window much good.

No, no, it's good. It's good. Okay, so I want to ask you like what prompted the move to Thailand? Like you? It sounds like you were just like, yep, I'm done with this like, mediocre life. I'm not settling Peace out. We're going to Thailand. Like what was that? like for you? And how long have you been in Thailand now and like what's your what's your experience been like moving like way, way to a totally foreign?

Yeah, so this this is a chapter in my book, actually. I just wanted to go somewhere, anywhere. I was opening Anything originally it was like Dubai, but I went to Dubai for my 30th I didn't quite buy the you know, and obviously it's a beautiful place but not for not for me. And so I just cast it out there. And the original job I applied for was a promotion. So I thought I'm gonna go for that. Let's just go for it. And it was in Bangkok. And I was like, oh, not too sure about Bangkok because I was one of those people that alignment home comforts and I had perceptions of Bangkok that actually are false and this shows you know, what we don't really know anyway, never been before. And I was thinking I don't know if I can handle it looks a little bit too cool and raw for me and I like to just have like a Sunday lunch or a cup of tea at times and I maybe I won't get out as much in Bangkok has such Pacific like these perceived moments about living there. And so I had a friend actually who had a sabbatical out there and she goes, you've got to go You'll love it. And she's so much more expanded and traveled than me. She's like a nickname her Dora the Explorer, an artist, I take the piss out of her a lot. And she was always going off somewhere. And she's like, you love it, you love it, but thinking I'm not you, you know, and I don't think I'll vibe as much. But I just had the pole to go. I just had a pool to go and I thought, it feels good. Let's go for it. But I had a whole year to sit with it and I had so much shit come up. So I had a psychic reading to say what you're doing. Don't go it's not for you. Maybe you should consider Dubai. I was like, Oh my gosh, what do I do? And then I had a workplace. I call her Brenda. I was gonna say remember, Brenda, the workplace bitch who basically said to me, why are you going to Bangkok it's really smelly and blah, blah, blah. It can be and it's not enough. And I talked about how it magically isn't a minute book. And then I just had loads of stuff come up for me like I went to lunch, and I sat with one of the current employees Weiss and she was going What? right you're gonna have to get shoes you won't be able to get shoes just watch closing your size and blah blah blah and I was just sitting there, you know, creature comfort me with my jaw to the ground thinking What the f am I even thinking of? Why am I even doing this? But I had this inner knowledge to just keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. And it was only until I got on the plane I had a massive panic attack. Oh, it's just also it was almost as if I was a norm for most of it for a year and then I had this panic attack for what am I doing? And I really had to wrestle with fear. Because I feel I was going you know, the typical saying, feel the fear and do it anyway, I was doing that for most of the year. And then I couldn't ignore it no longer so had to really face it. And I remember sitting on the plane and thinking right you got to get over this. You've got to get over it. Why are you so nervous to go to here because you can come back home. Like do the what ifs? You know, or Yeah, I actually remove this from my book because I didn't know if it will be taken so well but I did like will I die challenge like I know it's a bit crude but I was like what I come back home when I die no like just I'll have no job well well I just went through that process and and literally I just realized it was more to do with fear judgment what would people say about me if I came home rather than going to a new country missing my family those weren't you know the main like causes I just had of such a fear of judgment and so yeah and then I landed and I had the time of my life I was like partying in Bangkok down like playing with everybody. I just remember some of the in a karaoke bar like 5am in the morning with the local singing Oasis on the top the tables. I just had such a week the people are amazing my size a spiritual yeah It's super, super spiritual.

Like your soul was just like,

yeah, the energy is amazing. It's a beautiful place. You can get everything if not more. And I just love it here. And by the way, I have an apartment exactly by the way that I ambitious as well remember opening my like apartment that day and go, Oh, it's actually here. I manifested it. It's so crazy. So yeah,

that is so amazing. So how long have you been in Bangkok?

So three years now? Yeah, so three years. I'm a massage rising. So this is interesting because I never used to want to travel what I think you grow into your astrology chart over the years, such as love to travel and stuff, so it's a great central hub to go to like Balis a few hours away India's like six hours to buy for about six hours. You've got like all the Thai islands you've got Vietnam, you've got Myanmar, you've got all these amazing places. To explore, like New Zealand have been able to go to because it's 12 hours away, I went to South Africa. So yeah, it's been, I think I've traveled more in one year than, like, my friends say than most anybody does in their lifetime because it was so accessible. So yeah.

How long do you see yourself staying there? Are you just going with Yeah,

seeing I just go with the flow like one of my biggest lessons I've learned with business and with like, life is trust and surrender so much like trust and trust that you're being guided in the right place, lean back and see what you see well, where the cosmic breadcrumbs take you and just take it from there.

Totally see how when we trust those like inner nudges, like we're always guided, we're always supported. The next step always unfolds every time and it's like it's so funny. Like, I feel like so many of us we get so scared and so wrapped up in these fears, and especially the fear of judgment, and then it's like, we, you know, do the thing that We were nudged to do and it always works out and it's like, oh, there was nothing to be like that afraid of right. So, yeah, it's so interesting. So, I want to talk about your spiritual awakening, like what? It did something, was there an event that happened or like all of a sudden you had this like spark of interest in spirituality? Like what was that experience like for you?

Okay, so interestingly enough, my spiritual awakening happened at the same time as my Saturn return. So for those of you who love astrology, you probably know what I mean here, but if those of you who don't really know much about it, basically when we're born, we have a load of planets arranged in sky, we have a sunset, so our sun or moon arising Ascendant, which obviously can't really leave the planet but you have your Venus, your Mars, mercury, and your they'll all be in a placement of a sign which gives off like an energy. So for example, what can I say he might have a cancer Move, which makes me very like deep with my emotions. I'm a Pisces sign, so like super maybe intuitive and I'm such a water person and I've got mercury in Pisces, as do you was saying, and yeah, and anyway, so and then the further away you have planets like Jupiter and Saturn, okay? They're like more generational planets or more planets that are furthest away they take longer to orbit back. So what opposition Have you started return when Saturn comes full circle from where it was in your birth chart when you're when you're actually when you're born. So Saturn came for like full circle and you can actually feel the energy a little bit before because Saturn is huge. And we're all impacted by planetary energies there you know, like it does happen. And and basically Saturn is the planet or planets have kind of like a signature about them something like an archetype. But satins will like call me responsibilities daddy a call in my book though like it's like the query it in Boston into your home saying honey time to get your shit together. Really? Yeah, really get your shit together plan it. And this is why so many people during this Atomy term, they have an increasing responsibility in their life whether it's so getting married, or some sort of event takes place for their Saturn return because it's just like bridging a gap for my younger younger years to being an adult. Mine was in my first house so it really was all about self and identity but it was during the same time and went through spiritual awakening. And, and yeah, it was it was very like I was obsessed with spirituality, my set manifestation and the power of the mind. Angel spirit guides, I was building my intuitive abilities more and more. It was just a crazy experience. But you can actually go find your Saturn return and when it will happen

because how old are you I'm 27 so I think mine's like coming in hot.

Yeah, yeah, you use it, you'll feel it soon. And you know, like everyone freaks out because I think she is going to be crazy my life's gonna have a massive overhaul like it did me. But that was just how it was. And some people like only feel like a subtle like very subtle impact of their Saturn return. So it's not to freak out it's not to I suppose it where else other stuffs happening your chart as well. But to me, it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it really helped me to step into what I should be doing. If I didn't accept the Saturn return. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now. And they say, well, I've read this they say that if you don't really conquer the the what your Saturn return intended you to do. Then you can come back your midlife crisis and then later and you kind of have those impacts but if you've kind of handled it now, because apparently you can feel the impacts of years after and it's really interesting because although on the quarter life funk and my mind Whole, like businesses niched really like niche to 20 to 30 something year olds, I have a lot of women coming into my space actually older than that. And I always say it's completely anyone can do it, you know, it's a completely open business, I just niche down based on my story. And they say, I went through my saturator and didn't know what was happening. But now because I've read your book, or listen to your podcast, or engaged in any of the content, I now understand and now working on it, so it's like, if you haven't really handled your Saturn return, you still probably experiencing some of the kind of patterns that need to stop or things that you need to toss into a black hole. So say my book. Yeah,

yes. I feel like I feel that so much and I feel like yeah, I'm definitely starting to feel this energy of like, yeah, just like shit that needs to go to a sauna, black hole, black hole, like just like letting go of so much and I feel like it's like this almost like a wake up call. And it'll like, you know, it kind of seems like at first it's like a whisper or like a Nice little tap on the shoulder. And then if as you're not listening as you're not responding to this calling, it will like shake you and wake you up and be like, wake up, like live your purpose live, follow your soul, like follow what you're meant to do. And I think it's so powerful to understand what a Saturn return is so that when you're getting those nudges those little Wake Up Calls, you can look at them and listen to them and heal what needs to be healed luck over needs to be like, Oh, so you can step into this person you're meant to be?

Definitely. And I feel like spiritual awakenings can happen at any time. It doesn't have to be a Saturn return or this notion of shake you up can really happen you know, act like you've done don't always have to place it is 29 years old. I think so many, especially with how things have changed in the world at the moment. We're going to go through waking up quite quickly and it's going to feel like a little mini Saturn return for us all again, probably.

Yes, I yeah, for sure. And I think there's like yeah, it feels like the last few months have been a lot Saturn energy, for sure. But it's a good thing I think because it's, you know, forcing everyone to completely reevaluate the way we think the way we live the way we show up in the world the way we do things and it's gonna change the world and that's really powerful. So okay, I love that thank you for sharing that. I'm like such an astrology geek. I'm like, trying to learn all the things right now. I've like got the basics of like the planets and houses. So the journey continues.

I think with with astrology you can get so far with it and then you like, I'm like, I'm just gonna read it. I'm just gonna read it because I'm gonna get somebody else do it for me, but it is really useful and it recommends a really good book actually, but she uses a different system to what I'm used to. And Hosseini ranch honey Nichols. She does.

Yes, I've heard of her.

Yeah, Nicole, and she does a fantastic book. Really easy to follow. And yeah, but she uses a whole house system instead. And some of the offers but really clear and good a good read as well because in that I found out about my she really explained my Pisces and Mercury during retrograde on Osborne and why I am the way I am and I was like she was reading this book and thinking shit and and the bulk of the book The book's title is radical self acceptance, you know, when I felt like I was accepting myself I was reading the book Yeah,

I feel like yeah, that's what astrology like opens up it's like this ability to like understand and accept ourselves on a deeper level and understand accept other people on a deeper level and allows us to tap more into our like inherent strengths and like intuitive abilities. So yeah, I love it so much. Okay, so let's shift gears I want to touch on when you had the boyfriend the narcissistic relationship. I don't know if I could say that word. And so in the book I remember like reading about When you were in Well, let me ask you first when that before your Saturn return that relationship was I that was in your early 20s. You said yes.

Yes. So that was around my 20s. Okay. Yeah, I won't pinpoint the exact age because maybe I'm not allowed. Yeah, it was in my 20s

No, no, it's all good.


just trying to get a frame of the picture. So okay, so in the book I remember reading that you like went to get the guy or abortion and thing that he said to you was, I think I remember it was why aren't you wearing makeup or something along those lines and that like, really hit me and allowed me to understand like, what it means to have a relationship like that. So I would love for you to share more about like, what that what a narcissistic relationship or a relationship with someone who's narcissistic can look like like what that is. And how you spotted that, and then I'd love for you to share your story about having an abortion if you're open to it.

Of course, yeah. And so I'm not an artistic abuse expert, I'm just going to come from my experience of experiencing what I believed Well, what I know to be an rccb solution, because I'll come on to how I finally had confirmation later on. So it would be something as simple as I'll be in a restaurant, and I'd look over and glance at the window. And he told me, he would say, Why are they after you? I am all well, it's like an English face for like, you know, looking at somebody you know, in that way. And I didn't know what he was on about. I didn't notice a guy for example. And every day, there was some sort of thing where I'd fall down in appeasing him like, and, honestly, you I felt like I was on eggshells all the time. I had to constantly change my behavior. Think about everything that I was say. And you'd say the most normal thing. Now they'll be like, a situation where, and we had a very good mutual friends at university. Probably, yeah, I can say that. And I've seen in my book, and we were both great friends and I kind of softened the communication because I would always get accused of flirting and it wasn't like that at all. And then we were invited for the birthday of this person, but he would never he goes, are we going to this birthday tonight? Because I just want to get ready. You know, I just want to get my head out and like, get to like pick up my outfit do the normal shit that you do. What What's he gonna do with you? Who the heck do you think you are like so special? Do you think it's especially inviting? I'm just saying, like, you know, men like a normal guy would just never do that with they'll just be like, Okay, so this time you want to go and if it was like a battle and it was only till the the guy actually messaged me saying oh, you come in what's happening? Are you coming in and I was like, we are going and just remember walking The tube station is when I was living in London. He was really abusive to me saying who the fuck do you think you are? And I was just asking what time we're getting readies so I could get ready. And he had triangulation which is when he flirted with my flatmate and to try and make me and I would punish myself thinking that's not because it can't accuse me of cheating when obviously, he was cheating on me. And it was just so many different things of normal behavior. And when a normal absolutely normal behavior that's completely reasonable, the relationship was torn apart, and I and I was made to question my reality, who I was all the time. And so yeah, I'm just trying to think about like, it is like they'll say, when you you, you put like put an argument back they'll say don't be so sensitive. What are you talking about you being stupid? It's like gaslighting, these all these different things that they do and at the start a lot of Narcisse Whoo, you will and they'll put on the charm and then it soon goes super weird so that happened and then obviously I got pregnant and I didn't want to keep the child because of being in that situation Pam I was still young London money aspects and I still feel like I shouldn't justify my decision anyway. And if he actually came with me, which was unusual to the clinic and as the first thing he asked when I told him Is it mine and then we went to the clinic and sit him down obviously he told to completely take your makeup off because I was going in for like a fall where they will obviously go in search like probably to sleep and so forth. And he's like, why, why don't you put makeup on?

And, and I was like, What do you mean put makeup on like, I'm preparing myself for surgery. And I like like, I don't like to think of it like this. It was it was a strange experience because after the initial abortion, I felt quite free. And something that I've looked back on and I've read quite a few books over time about like the soul's incarnation of abortion, the reasons for abortion. And I kind of realized it was my first time where I actually stood up for myself and said, No, this isn't gonna happen to me. And it changed and shifted, and I realized who he was. And I am going to hold I'm going to say it was for me, it was an act of self love. For me, it was me owning my decision owning my body owning who I And finally, you know, and I say this in my book as well. It was a twisted like, not twisted, arrange events, but it was a flip in terms it was almost my rebirth. And so that happened, and like I said, a few years later, I then started to have the bad feelings about it all the guilt, the shame and so forth. And I think that's normal and anybody's who has an abortion can feel different things. They can feel elated and happy and done for it and rough and that's fine. You can have you get grief, and that's fine. And however you feel is completely fine. And it's normal to do this and you did the right thing. If any of you listening, I just want you to know that. And then it was over, I kind of left that obviously gained the power back left the relationship over and then it was over the years. And I was this was when I was about to write my book. And I had a I had a psychic reading and I said, Listen, what do I need to put in this book for this book to be powerful because I want it to transform people's lives. I want to tell them about talk about manifestation in a powerful way and she's like the same Shay story Shay stories. And she says, I've got abusive situation coming to mind in the past, and I looked and thought when I think abusive or whatnot during childhood, that didn't happen. And then I realized, oh, it might be that but this guy's had a girlfriend since and I just think I just thought maybe I was too toxic for him or wired him up so much. And over time, I'll I'll see means I've seen stories on like social media about narcissism and kept connecting the dots. And I think that's definitely that way experience without a shadow of a doubt. My friends who mentioned it as well to me, and then it was a day after I had the psychic reading of what to put in the book. And I said to spirit, because I speak to managers and guides a lot. I'm in the world. And I said to them, I said, Give me I'm telling you now give me the most clear sign you've ever given me what I should put in this book. So I went away that day. And somebody asked me to contact somebody who was on my old phone, and old Instagram has shifted to my business world. So I had to go back and have checked it for months. And in there was a message in a special request box. And it had this like cryptic message saying, I know he treated you the same, and a lot of time for what says spam, you know, and then I did some research and it was his current girlfriend. And basically she told me that she had to get out of relationship. It was a narcissistic abusive relationship. And although Race, it felt very sorry for her because I could feel firsthand what she's going through. It was also clarity for me, it kind of lifted my shoulders of what needs to go into the book and what needs to be healed for me. So it was an amazing turn of events and then I met somebody else. And whilst I was in Thailand, so in the book you can get I'm not going to say too much and go read it who displayed similar traits and I'm not going to call them a narcissist displays similar traits. And I picked it up very quickly and, and you know, I said, Nope, not putting up this shit. And that's when it all started to change and shift for me. It was like, my sole assignment was ticked off and kind of almost complete. So really interesting experience. And you know, when you ask for how you ask for signs, they come in, they do come in for you.

Yes, they really do. And yeah, I just wanted to first acknowledge you for making that decision for yourself to have an abortion and Being willing to share it. So open and vulnerably I think it's so powerful. And I know, there's so many people listening to this, who you're deeply impacting so many who are reading your book who are being really helped and all the people who have listened to all the other podcasts, you've been on your podcast, like, I know that it's really, really helping people, you're meant to share that. So I just want to acknowledge you for that. And I want to talk Yeah, I want to talk about connecting with your angels and guides because I know that's something you do often and I do the same I asked for signs and guidance all the time and it's so fun and it's so Whoo. And I love it I the more woo I get the more like my life is better and more fun. So yeah, I would love if you talk about like, how you connect with your angels and spirit guides and what the process is like for you asking and receiving. Assign.

Yeah, so basically, I Just speak to them. I speak out louder in my head and I just don't eat every day and build a connection with them and be open to receiving the messages as well. And I give a framework in my book and I've had quite a few readers contact me say it's worked it's worked I had it immediately the sign and just yeah, ask for the sign and see what comes through. Usually the talking numbers because I think numbers is more the easiest way for them because a basic form of the universe if used, did you start in bit number form. And so it numbers is really easy. So you might see the 1111 or two twos, especially at the start we spiritually need I tend to see like the ones always coming through ladies like you go through spiritual awakening. Expect magic.

Oh, yeah, I just speak to them a lot.

It's got stronger and stronger. They'll come in. I feel them at times. coming in. Especially when I'm like speaking to other people as well. And if I like body sensations and all this sort of things, or I'll just, you know, I just kind of know and I can't like for me I'm not so for example, I know some very strong psychics who can see them speak to them really clearly and more listener. You're like just energy A lot of people think there's going to be this giant like Archangel Michael his sword and big wink but it's still present themselves maybe that way to make it the connection but the artists energy and you know, the high vibrational energy and I'm here to guide and help us and yeah, so don't ever think and a fantastic book I read is by Kyle gray. raise your vibration. Have you read that?

No, I'm gonna have to ask my list.

Yeah, he's an Irish guy who's got strong connections with angels. And he's like, Don't ever hesitate to ask for help because obviously they can work in simultaneous timelines and be you know, help you It's almost like you know, they're there to help you just keep speaking to me see what magic unfolds and you'll build that connection with them you really will. Like I said, I still don't see them. I see I sometimes feel them and that just got stronger over time. And sometimes we'll see that a different color maybe light in my eyes at the side that's getting a bit stronger at the moment in terms of what I did for the past and this is a fantastic thing but if you're in the manifestation what I call the cosmic time period where you wait for your manifestation to come through you can't you doubt it thinking this law of attraction processes blow to bullshit when it isn't enormous not and I just keep asking for signs to get me to keep me going along the way and they come through they do. It's like I talked about in my book where I was gonna invest in an expensive course and I said right I'm gonna go to 711 which is like the newsagents in Bangkok, Thailand. And I want to see three was a three account member who three or four days What I have to get me confirmation I should do this. So remember walking in it was literally a five minute walk and three cars parked outside of the 711 and we both had double eight on the one plate the next player double eight the next day and I was like fucksakes Just give me three as I think I'll just honestly push get so frustrated with me and I have to have a clear sign. I can't move forward. And so I walked back and as I was tuning in white BMW came in with three aids on the play and that was only in three to five minutes but if you follow me on my stories always snapping a little angel numbers or midday and like oh like this and you know people can argue Are you just looking out for me subconsciousness wide and all this now, I'm telling you this, like I remember going to the podcast intuition. And she questioned this. And like I said, like look when I asked what I should brighten up my book, it required all the people asking me for something that day. Me going into my old phone that I've been in for two months and Somebody's massive, you know, et tapes, I couldn't have done that through the power of mind, you know, mind. So some things that place some things helping you out wherever you, whatever you want to refer to as if something is, you know, helping you.

There has to be and I totally agree with that. Do you have a sign that's like your main like yes sign or like your sign? It's like I'm on the right path. Like, it's like your sign. Do you have a particular one or are there just so you ask for different signs?

Yeah, I just I mainly get numbers. Okay,

maybe get numbers I went on. I recently went, I went through a massive up level. And I was going through such a difficult I was just about to publish the book, and I was so worried I was so scared. I saw 999 and then 123 and it was my sign that I'm ending the cycle and just, you know, I'm now up leveling into this new timeline, this new reality and I saw it and I was like, and that's the most powerful one I've seen. They were with me all the time for that experience. He'll just show me those numbers constantly. And I was like, Okay, I've got it. Gotta keep going.

Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. And so speaking of like, Yeah, got it just got to keep going. I want to like rewind to what you said about the was it called? No, I don't think you said cosmic delay. What do you call it? Where it's like the period, you're waiting for your manifestation to come into reality.

It's like the cosmic tide. It's dried off. Okay. And you like, yeah. And then all of a sudden it comes in. And it's this amazing meme on Instagram. I don't know if I can say this, where I've got I think a video on my old Instagram, on my new Instagram, but it's quite far down. And it's just always like somebody sent me in a box and all these

vibrators are popping out.

The title is when all your manifestations come at once and that is like the cosmic period. It's like, Oh my gosh, that's

great. You can use a bag definitely.

Join in like you've done a little work you think you have done everything Why is it and it's just the arrangement. It's just waiting for that universal arrangement. You know, like my partner. I was on Tinder, I was proper Tinder roller constant isn't even a word constant on Tinder. And my column wasn't even the same country as me. You know, it takes universal arrangement, especially for the big things. And it because we type you may come through in that sense, we just gotta trust in divine timing.

Yeah, how do we I know you mentioned for you like a big way you trust and that divine timing is to ask for those signs. Is there anything else that you would recommend, like we can do to trust in that period of like, yeah, where is it? And how, how to just keep keep the faith thing. keep trusting that it's already done, and it's on its way?

Yeah. So reflect back on times when you experienced in this situation and look back and I'm sure you had your manifestation come through. Just listen to content of people who have success. You've gone through this podcast. like yours and so forth just to keep your faith in the situation. And it is really do build the trust more and more over time, the more you you apply, it will work with this, the energies and so forth. And the more you experience it, you just kind of have this again. Okay, I'm just gonna go through this again and keep on and just for me, you studied science, the probably the biggest thing that helped me. Yeah,

yeah. And I know you mentioned in the beginning that you did a lot of like trial and error, like trying to figure out how this manifestation thing worked. So I'd love if you would share some of those realizations you had about like, what what worked for you and what didn't work for you?

Yeah, so I saw splattered over Instagram and like just the online space, your thoughts create your reality. So I literally became posse Polly, which I talked about in the book of this person, like annoying If he was constantly positive, and I was so scared to think of a negative thought in my head in case I would attract or stop manifests

I've totally been there. Yeah, it's so scary. Like I, my friends and I, we both read. I forget some law of attraction book we both read and afterwards we were like, Oh my gosh, we're like so scared because I don't know. I guess it was just like a weird book written in a way that like, maybe didn't feel so empowering, but Okay, I'll let you keep going. And yeah, also, I would love john getting over that fear because I think you're right. It's like everyone out there is like, you know, you have to be you have to be positive. And if you do think one bad thought, you're going to attract negativity, and then you're filled with negativity because you're so scared that you're going to attract something negative. So anyways, back to you

know, yeah, definitely. Us explaining it superbly, and so I think often There's so much more between you having a thought. And there's so much more padding between your thoughts and the actual manifestation coming through. Yes, the thoughts important, it's likely setting the intention and so forth. But there's a load more to the manifestation pie that needs to take place. And we're all human. We're all here to have a 3d human experience. And we'll flirt from all over the place because that's how we're wired up. And so it's definitely not even possible for us to be in that state all the time. And the big you can sniff out you faking positivity in a second. So, I refer to it as a plug. So we're all plugged in, okay, we're plugged in, we're plugged into our universe or whatever you want to call it. And when that energetic frequency, we've raised our frequencies by maybe gratitude, do something with with our day, whatever, and we're moving the needle with that most of the day when that but obviously, we're just going to have a little bit of a mini little tip like tiny funk in a day, maybe someone's jam the photocopier, blah blah blah but most the time we're in that you know, feel goods flow state and we're happy with neutral which is good and moving the needle and then you have a wire attached to you. And this is this way is where all the like the good stuff flows to you like the universe can flow it's magic to you like the right things, right people opportunity bands, just everything will come through this way or he can even picture that. And sometimes we can have a tangled wire. So don't know if you'd like try Zj hell with a vacuum cleaner. I'm so American cleaning stuff Sema and you can't reach tenure. And what you normally do is unplug and detangle your wire. Now this is reverse like we'll have a tangled wire and the tangles while maybe we're in we're in a bit of a downward spiral that day and it's tangled a wire. We're not taking action, taking action out of fear, or we've got limiting beliefs about ourselves on an unconscious subconscious level that are not aligned with our goals. So Those are things that I call a tangler. And we have to literally, if we want a thing to work or the tech product to work, we have to untangle that way and plug in again. And the same goes for like, if you're having a really bad day, just honor those feelings because those feelings and emotions, whether they've come from triggering or something really going to identify something on an unconscious level that needs to be healed needs to be brought to the surface. Awareness is key, even if you just raise awareness of what's going on for you. That's powerful because you can continue to go I know where this is coming from. I know what this is all about. I don't need to be feeling this way. So when you unplug, you are really kind of sitting there thinking I just need to take a few days out I need to get back me between neutral place at least if I'm in a bit of a funk and work my way back and like I said, are things that can tangle your wires when you take action. I fear you don't surrender these whenever you think you've got a tangled wire and you're not just go back to those kind of factors. I think and and So it works. So when we talk about all we have to feel positively all the time, no, there's so much at play, or you've got to focus on each day is your mindset and your energy. And the action that you decide to take and like they don't have to happen, like, actually doesn't have to happen every day. You don't have to be an amazing positive mood every day. You just got to be aware of it and willing to work your way out of it, and you still gonna manufacture still gonna manifest magic into your life? Totally. And yeah,

it's like, it's like that idea of like, whatever you believe is what is going to be required of you. So if you believe you have to be positive all the time, that that may be what's required of you. But if what if, what if we believe that we can still manifest even in a negative emotion, even if we sometimes have negative thoughts? If that's what we believe, then that's what we get to create and how freeing is it to know that we don't have to be positive all the time. And in order to manifest

definitely you can create your robot to live and you can say this is how I'm going to work with this. And this So it comes through and I remember actually listen to somebody saying that once I remember them saying like you said, you set the standards of how it works for you.

Yes, so, so good. I know I feel like a few years ago I have like, just with created so many unnecessary like rules in my life and went through this process of realizing none of them are necessary or true or, like felt good. So yeah, I think that's really powerful. And I love that you said like, there's so much more between, like a thought and then the manifestation in your physical reality and like, so much of the time we feel like that lag is an issue like we're like, Where is it? Like, when is it coming? And, you know, it's actually that lag is serving us because it allows us to become the person we need to be and gives us a space to untangle a wire, right, untangle the wire right in your analogy because it's the lag wasn't there, there wouldn't be space to untangle the wire and we would think a negative thought and it would manifest instantly that that would be terrible.

My book, can we sleep? Yes.

So good. I love it. Let's, let's just edit it and release a new version. It's by No, it's perfect. It's totally perfect as it is. Okay, so let's, let's start wrapping this up because I've had you a long time and I don't want to keep you forever. So okay, the last thing I wanted to ask you is what are your daily rituals or spiritual practices like,

Okay, so my daily rituals are very low key. I see quite a lot of people get obsessed with. I've got to do this huge morning routine and then they get themselves in a low vibrational energy and energy of lack anywhere when they punish themselves for not keeping to it. So I keep myself simple, and I embed like qualities of trying to penetrate my subconscious mind at the same time. I wake up in the morning and we'll have a shower and I'll recycling in the shower, maybe some affirmations and literally that is me for the morning and then I've settled my day and set an intention a day, say a little maybe a prayer because prayers whatever you want it to be don't have to tie it with religious factors and then that's it. It's like literally five minutes. And then in my day, I'm just aware of my thoughts and where my emotions maybe I pull myself out of a few maybe I think that one needs unpacking a little bit more. And then nighttime for me because we're still in that juicy brainwave state or theta waves anyway, so night time, I might future scripts, I do self hypnosis. I might just visualize or might do sweet FA and go bad because again, I don't feel it's necessarily going to be the be all and end all if I forget to do my morning routine is not going to stop me from manifesting but I think it's important to have routine. It definitely important to get into that high by definitely in the morning where you can get straightaway into that high vibrational energy. But some days you just don't want to do it. Some days. You just can't do it. today.

Yeah, and it's like, it's those days where if we force it, I feel like it just like creates so much like, resistance and pressure and like just bad vibes. So it's like when we give ourselves the space to not do it perfectly every day, everything's gonna be fine. Like we can still manifest, we can still be high vibe, we can still feel our bus. So I love that. Okay, so is there anything else you would like to share that you haven't gotten to share yet today?

And probably one thing that I would say is step out of this kind of notion of like, crazy money manifesting. And the biggest lesson that I've learned is surrender is key like surrendering and believing is key. And I used to think I have to take action, action, action and everything but over time, if I surrendered a little bit before, and then this stuff will come through what I needed to take a lot of my atmosphere orientated. Oh, they're doing that. I must do that. So just that one little final tip for me is like surrender is so crucial and I'm finally understanding what that is now after so many years. I'm like, oh my god he had in January. So I was like, she I need to put this in the book. And this is another thing with like, divine timing. I was going to release that book in October with no stories of NASA, cbs news stories of abortion, no story of the take action surrender paradox. And, and it came and I just did it and I'm so glad. So glad.

Yeah, so deep learning is simple. Yeah,

it is. And like you said, when we surrender, we allow for those opportunities to come in and those things were meant to be doing to come in. So I love that this conversation was amazing. Your book is amazing. Everyone go get the book right now. Thank you so much for being here. Let us know where we can find you. I know your book the quarter life phones. Most website Instagram, okay, yeah,

yeah. So I have a website to go to the quarter life calm. I have a podcast the quarter life on which I'd love for you to come on. I have What else do I have? I have Instagram, I'm always on Instagram, mainly and caught at the quarter life I kept it nice and easy. And then also, I have a private Facebook group where I tend to do more my lives in there because it's quite safe, like not a safe community. But again, we get when we get the cards


And that's manifestor Rachel Alice. So yeah, come and hang out with me. I'd love to know if you've read the book also for anybody who reads the book and leaves a review on Amazon because I'm an indie author. So I'm self published. I haven't got the kind of, you know, support behind me as a non published book. I would love your support. If you could leave review. I pull angel cards as a thank you to x I know, you know, not everybody knows in the day I'll go put that review on Amazon today and easy. So I appreciate that so much and I had a thank you for that. Okay. Thank you. Amazing. Yeah, thank you.

And if you guys liked this episode, if you resonated with that, if you resonated with Rachel's story or anything we talked about today, screenshot this episode and tag us on Instagram at the quarterly funk and magnetical you we'd love to hear from you or send us a DM and yeah, we'll see you next week.


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