energy healing meditation for anxiety/stress

podcast May 05, 2020

In this episode, I guide you through a quick energy healing meditation for anxiety and stress. This meditation is designed to bring you back to your natural state of peace, calm and healing.

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ An easy 15-minute meditation and visualization that will help you let go of any anxiety and stress and return to your natural high vibe state


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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome back to The magnetically you podcast I'm really excited for today, this is not going to be a long introduction, because we're going to dive right into a meditation and visualization that I think that we all probably need right now. So there's meditation and visualization is designed to bring you back to this state of peace and calm and healing and just this energy of faith and trust in what's going on in the world right now, because I know there is a lot of anxiety and fear and worry and stress and overwhelm. And this meditation is going to help you let go of all of that and bring you back to your natural state of peace and calm. So enough talking, let's just go ahead and do it. So I want you to go ahead and get into a comfortable, comfortable position and just start by taking some deep breaths. Big inhale through your nose and exhale, letting it all out of your mouth. Big inhale through your nose and exhale, letting it all go. Just continuing to breathe, bringing your focus your awareness, your attention to your breath. On the next out breath, I want you to gently close your eyes and as you do, you're going to feel your shoulders drop. You feel the muscles in your face soften and you feel your body grounded into the earth. continue breathing just Letting your breath come back to its natural and normal rhythm. There's nowhere else you need to be nothing else you need to do. You're exactly where you're supposed to be right now. And very soon you'll feel more relaxed and at peace than you have ever felt before. So in order to relax even deeper, I want you to imagine yourself at the most magical beautiful beach. The sun is setting and this guy has a beautiful pink and orange color. The sun is shining on the water and creating a beautiful bright sparkly reflection. You feel your feet grounded into the sand and it's sending healing energy throughout your body. You hear the relaxing sounds of the waves hitting the shore and then sound begins to take you deeper and deeper into the state of relaxation. And as you relax, you begin noticing the sun getting even brighter, and it starts moving right above your head getting brighter and brighter, and even warmer. It's the most calming, relaxing, comforting sunshine and warmth you could ever imagine. And this warm, relaxing sunshine starts to flow down into the top of your head. And as it does, you're overcome with a wave of calm and relaxation and peace. It's like liquid sunshine filling up your body. Imagine this liquid sunshine over your head, it starts running down on your head and pouring into your body and it starts filling you up with this calm healing energy. And as it does you notice it's really Your toes you notice each and every toe just beginning to relax. The liquid sunshine is melting away anywhere in any stress and any tension you're holding on to in your body as it moves up through the tops of your feet and into your ankles and you just feel every tendon and ligament in your ankle just begin to relax. The liquid sunshine starts moving up your legs and you feel like coming over your calves and your shins and you just feel your legs begin to relax even further. You're feeling all the tension, melting and melting away and as it continues failing, I Your body you feel it started to fill up your knees and all the aches and pains begin to melt away and you feel your knees completely relax. Now it begins moving up the tops of your legs and you feel all of the muscles, all the tendons in your eyes just begin to relax deeper and deeper. Moving up towards your hips now you feel all the bones and everything in your hips just begin to relax. Now it starts moving up your lower back and you start feeling so much tension. So much negative energy is just releasing from your backing field, all the muscles in your lower back, just begin to relax and you feel this healing, calming energy spreading out to the sides of your back and around to your stomach and you just begin to feel all of the muscles and organs in your stomach just begin to relax. your digestive system completely relaxes so that it can do its job. Your body is working for you right now everything is working as it's meant to. And you are giving it even more healing energy and more rest and relaxation so that it can carry out its job and take care of you and keep you well and healthy. Now the liquid sunshine starts moving up towards your chest and you feel all of the muscles you feel your heart you feel everything in your chest begins. To relax, you might feel your heartbeat slowing down. Just feeling yourself get deeper and deeper into this relaxation. And you're noticing the liquid sunshine in your upper back and you just feel so much tension melting away, especially as it comes up towards your shoulders. You just feel your shoulders begin to drop, your shoulders are melting, all the tension is melting away and you start going deeper and deeper into this relaxation. Your body is feeling so calm, you're feeling so relaxed, more relaxed than you have ever felt. And as it moves up through your neck, you feel all the muscles and tendons and fibers in your neck. Begin to relax You feel it starts moving up towards the back of your head, it feels like someone is giving the back of your head a massage. It just feels so relaxing and so calming and you feel that energy reading radiating through your brain now letting go of any thoughts or beliefs present in your brain right now that aren't serving you. And you feel this energy coming up around your jaw and you feel your Jawbone just relax, relaxing so much that maybe your teeth begin to part and you feel like coming up towards your cheeks and warming your cheeks with this calming peaceful energy and you just feel all the muscles and all of the wrinkles in your face. Just begin to relax. You feel like coming up over your eyelids It feels like you just fell into the deepest, most relaxing, most restorative healing asleep that you have ever felt. You feel like coming up over your eyebrows and you just feel all the little worry lines, all the little muscles in your forehead beginning to relax. All the tension in your face is melting, melting, melting away now as the liquid sunshine gets to the very tip of your head, you become even more relaxed. You feel this healing, calming energy radiating throughout your entire body in it feels so good. I want you to settle into this settle into this state of deep peace and deep relaxation. This is your natural state. This is always available to you and you can come back to this feeling any time you want. Allow yourself to go deeper into the state of peace. feel excited about it, feel grateful for it. Let go and lean into their relaxation and allow you to turn your attention back to your breath. just focusing on your inhale and on your exhale. And just noticing if any thoughts come up, that's okay. Just imagine your thoughts like the waves at this beautiful beach you're at the thoughts rise, and then just as the waves crashing You easily let these thoughts go and return to focusing on your breath. With every inhale you are filled with healing peaceful energy. And with every exhale your body is releasing any and all negative energy limiting beliefs, fears and illusions present in your energy and physical being. Imagine on your inhale, the waves come up against your ankles and the healing energy shoots up through your body from the beautiful bright, sparkly water. And as you exhale the waves wash away anything that no longer serves you and fills the void with unconditional love, faith and compassion can continuing to breathe just like thoughts come and go as they come up. And knowing that your emotions create chemical reactions in your body, which means that right now, in this very moment you are altering every cell in your body to become healthier, stronger and more resilient. And you just continue breathing. Continue letting go of any worries and fears and just settling deeper into this state of peace and relaxation. continue breathing, continue letting the waves wash away any fear and you realize that you're now glowing You are filled with sunshine, love, courage, and faith. And you begin for radiating that energy all around you, you can feel it within you and you can feel it expanding all around you surrounding you with this healing, light energy and compassion and love. And while you are in the state of peace connected with the core of our I want you to ask your intuition what you need today. Ask yourself now what is it that I need today? What is my truth today? What do I need to think today? What do I need to believe today and just let yourself notice what comes up not judging it, not trying to fix it or change it or control what's coming up, just notice what's coming up for you. Let it come up and trust that whatever is coming up is exactly what you think is exactly the guidance you were meant to receive from your intuition today. This is your higher self speaking to you right now. And trust that if nothing is coming up, you're still risking Receiving the messages you needed to receive your subconscious mind is receiving all of the healing thoughts and beliefs and actions that you need to take on today in order to feel your best in order to hold on to this state of relaxation, and calm and peace. And I want you to make that choice now make the choice that you are going to hold on to this feeling. And once you've made that choice, go ahead and come back into the room, maybe wiggle your fingers and your toes. Maybe open your eyes and just come back to the room and taking a second to pause here and just noticing how you're feeling checking in with how you're feeling. Alright, so that's the end of this meditation. I hope you're feeling amazing. I hope you hold on to this feeling for the rest of the day the rest of the week. The rest of the We're just holding on to this feeling and taking these intentions with you carrying these new intentions with you into the rest of your day and letting your intuition guide you. So, I hope this helps you and I will talk to you on the next episode.

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