how to SELL like an expert (and have fun doing it!) - with Jen Gitomer

podcast Aug 04, 2020


Jen Gitomer is the QUEEN of selling and has the most contagious high-vibe energy. We met last year at a live business conference and I was immediately drawn into her excitement and confidence around selling. And trust me, you will be too when you hit play!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to get good at selling
✧ What will happen if you don’t consider your values and who you are when deciding which strategies to implement
✧ Jen’s SECRET launch formula
✧ How to train your brain to look for what IS working for you
✧ How to be more productive WITHOUT working 24/7
✧ What to do if you’re scared to put your first offer out there
✧ How to believe in yourself and your product (because your audience knows when you don’t!)
✧ The ONE most important thing you need in order to be successful


Guest Bio:

Jen Gitomer is a global sales and social media expert who founded Sales in a New York Minute. She shares her passion and strategies for success with businesses worldwide. She teaches workshops on networking, customer loyalty, attitude, social media attraction, and of course sales. Featuring The Little Red Book of Selling, the best-selling sales book of all time, she has partnered with Jeffrey Gitomer’s selling philosophy and strategies.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi, Jen, welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I'm so excited to have you smiling so much, because you just have the best, happiest, good energy. So I want to tell the story of how we max I think it's really good. So I met Jen at BBD live, which is basically just like a live business conference and we started chatting, she starts basically telling me how I can like improve my business and giving me all this free, amazing advice. And I'm like, scrambling taking notes on my phone. Like everything she says. So I'm like, This moment is fantastic. She's so nice. And so helpful and just so happy and so positive and like, wanting to go the extra mile for strangers and like she's awesome. So anyways, we had like connected there and I think we like stayed in touch a little bit after BBD and then I read so I BBD Jen tells me that her husband is Jeffrey Gitomer, and I'm like, Okay, cool. Like, I don't know who that is like this nice you have a husband. And then I, you know, I'd go home and I'm reading this book, outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill, which is one of my favorite, favorite favorite books ever. And I'm reading the foreword. And the forward is by this guy named Jeffrey Gitomer. And as I as I always say, am I saying, Yeah, okay. And I was like, that's familiar. And there's a boy that it is Jen's husband, I like center picture. I'm like, um, you just have to tell me that you guys are famous. And you're in this like, really, really amazing. Like, I feel like just like an all time like classic book on like business and success mindset. So that was just like a really cool like serendipitous moment. And yeah, so here we are. Um, okay, so enough about the story unless you want to add any comments. Well, no,

it's just it's funny because I actually forgot he wrote that forward.

And then I saw it and I was like, Oh my god, you need the Napoleon Hill book that he annotated. And I and I mailed it to you. And I just, there's something about being able to connect on a book and and have that same like, Oh yeah, I read that I got all the fields from it. It changed me in some way and the transformation that you get on it, and it's, I don't know, to me I can connect with people better on their love for a specific book, then then a movie or

something saying 100% I think that's what really brought us together.


And like you being the amazing human you are you just were like, oh, like, what's your address? I have two more books that you need to read. I'm like, This girl is an angel. And she sent me another book by Napoleon Hill. I'm really excited to read that one. I haven't read that one. And then she sent me her book sales and in New York minute to have the right name. And it's so good. It's like really quick, fast, little like snippets on selling and I I love it. It's so good. So you guys go go get the book. But okay, let's, let's talk about you, Jen. So can you tell us a little bit more about your story? What led you here today and a little bit more about what you do?

Yeah, absolutely. So the quick story is that I have always loved selling like, since I was five years old, I was figuring out how to sell things what to sell random things like, like bracelets that I made that I was seeing in front of

the jewelry store. No, that would be awkward.

A lot of competition, but realize there's a lot of foot traffic going into the supermarket. Now I'm not sure I called it foot traffic at five. You know, to me, there's lots of people coming in here. I can stand outside and not be bored.

While while I'm always

shopping, like I could sit outside and sell stuff and so I would every week And and it was just such a cool learning experience for me. And then as I grew up, and people would ask, what are you going to do when you get older? And you know, like, everyone has the kind of standard answer of like, I don't know, I'm going to be a doctor or a lawyer or a of that, or I'm gonna go save the world or whatever. And my answer every time was, by the way, no one like grows up thinking, I'm gonna be a spiritual coach, so we might need to change.

Me, I was born right out of the womb. I was just saying, I'm just kidding. Oh, man,

but but I would say, I'm gonna be a business owner. And people look at me like, well, what kind of business? Are you gonna do the business that like your parents are doing and they printed books? And I was like, No, that's kind of boring to me. I'm not excited about and I didn't know much about how important it was to actually do what you love, but interest singly, my gut would always say no to like, like, Who wouldn't want to go into their parents like, they built a very successful business? And my gut was like, No, that doesn't interest me. And so there there is something to be said about really listening to your gut, because he was guiding me the whole way to do exactly what I've ended up doing now, which is for the past, so I became the sales expert, and ran a team across the country, wrote a book created a podcast with my husband called seller die. And it became very successful, we still host it. And I was helping salespeople make more sales. And I realized the business that I wanted to own that was more in alignment with me, was being able to help entrepreneurs. And so over the past, I'd say a year to two years, I've been figuring out how to make online sales and how to treat Transition our speaking business to a digital business. And I've done launch after launch after launch. And they went from being like, the most stressful thing on the planet to the most fun loving Yes, or going into another launch kind of thing. And I figured out the secret formula, so to say. And so now what I'm doing is I teach online coaches, speakers and authors, how to turn followers into core sales in 60 minutes. And so I use this webinar method where I teach them how to launch and how to make those sales online.

That's amazing. I love it. And you have a new podcast.

Yes. It's called the breakthrough business babe podcast. It's my little baby right now.

And it's so good. We're both growing babies. And it's fun. Okay, so your story is so amazing. I have so many things to say. So I know that you said that you always loved selling. But were you always like, good at it? Like, did it come naturally? Or was it something that developed over time?

So it was both like it did come naturally. But then I studied it. And by studying it, I figured out methods that I didn't like that I thought were just in an align with who I am. And methods that I really, really loved. And I think when you're learning anything, when you're reading anything, whether like, it can be a book, it can be the news, any any kind of content, you have to still think logically does this align with my core values? Does this align with who I am? And so in one of the courses I took on selling, they taught you how to do all these things before you made a sales call, like so many things that I was like, I can't teach that to my team, because that's not what I would ever do. You know, and so, you It's okay. If you don't align with everything. But take the little nuggets of gold, take the few things that you can take from a course and then incorporate it. And what I've always done is take something I've learned and put it into action, and all of a sudden you get better at it and better at it. And so, I've been good at it, but because I've practiced it for, you know, 30 years now, I've become an expert at it.

That's amazing. And I love that you said like, you have to check in with like, your values and like, does this align with who I am? Because I've 100% fallen into that trap myself. Like when I first got into business, I'm like, there's all these amazing, successful entrepreneurs around me. They know everything I want, what they have, like, I'm just gonna do everything they tell me to do. So I was like in the camp of like, Oh, they told me to do this. This is this is this is I'm going to do all of that. And obviously that wasn't helpful. Let's burn out overwhelmed, overthinking lack of trust in myself, and I was completely ignoring my intuition because I thought I was supposed to listen to these people. I thought they were right. And it was all about The expensive like listening to what felt right for me. And so I feel like that's such a missing piece that a lot of people don't really talk about is like yes, the strategies and the tools and the learnings from other people are so amazing. I mean learning and buying courses and working with coaches is one of my absolute most favorite things in the world. However, I do think that's a missing ingredient where we're not asking ourselves that simple question of like, hold on before I take this on into my business. Does it feel good for me? am I excited about it? Does it sit right with me? Does something not jive is does this fit into my business model? does this fit into my life? So I feel like so many of us like aren't asking ourselves that question.

100% and because someone can you buy someone's course and they give you this proven method or strategy. I think we get hooked on this is the supposed to and like that's literally what you said the supposed to and how did that become This opposed to well, they tried different things, they came up with a formula that works, that formula can hopefully shortcut your ways. But it doesn't mean that there's only one right way. And so so I even teach that now in my course that like, this is the strategy that worked for me. But if, if you don't like this slide in this in the template that I give you, and you want to make it your own, go try that because maybe you know, what works better for your audience than what worked with my audience, you know?

100% and yeah, it's exactly it's exactly what you said is go try it, like you said, because by taking the action over and over and over, and made you better so we have to take action on those little nudges that we're getting if something doesn't feel right, maybe change and try that if that doesn't feel right if that doesn't work, how you want it to Okay, tweak it, change it and like that's literally what having a business is like, I feel like that constant evolution of like, tweak and change tweaking.

Oh, yeah. It's like, how do you think, okay, when you think about the $10 million entrepreneur, right, that that is at that level, they didn't get there because they stuck to someone else's formula. Yep. You know, they got they got a formula. They used it. And then they, like you said, tweaked and changed, tweaked. And so for so many people, I see so many people taking courses. And I love that because it's all about education and self development and self improvement and all that. Except continue to think logically to continue to use your brain and your intuition, because it's not just in the in the head, it's in your heart.

Yeah, 100%. And I think I think something too, is like, at least for me, like I don't think this is necessarily advice for everyone. Like, again, it's like I can't tell everyone what they're supposed to do. But I think it's like, for me, I have to find coaches, who I know support this belief system of the fact that like their system isn't the end all be all. And that, number one is to check in with my intuition. And so I purposefully seek out coaches and mentors who support me in checking in with my intuition before just blindly taking on like 6000 strategies that worked for someone else.

Yes, that's such a good point. I love that.

And I love it. Okay, so, speaking of secret formulas for launching, I know you said that you have one. So can we talk a little bit more about that?

Yeah, so the first thing everyone asks is, where do I start? Like, yeah, like a million components. Where do I start? And I'm actually working on a freebie right now that's that's going to be the steps to launching and I'll give you the link so you can put in the show notes.


let's just call it breakthrough business, babe. Calm slash, man. No.

Well, we'll add it later on. Give you the link gonna

be out next week. So it'll be out for the podcast. Cool. And and so the secret formula is, knowing part of it is knowing what all the steps are so that you can plan for them and, and and get them accomplished, right? And then there are so many components to it, but I'm calling it the launch flight and land method. Because you have to take launch, right? That's the big step. Yeah, you really have to like, imagine the rocket ship going up in the air launching. And then it's not, that's not where it ends. And I think that's where it ends for a lot of people because they launch and they hear crickets, and they're like, Oh, my God, no one bought my course it must suck. They make some belief about it. They make it mean something about them. That really means nothing about them. Maybe no one even saw it. Maybe no one understood the transformation. Maybe there was a gap someplace else. And so what I hope everyone do is Figure out like when you're in flight, sometimes there's turbulence. And so and sometimes it's a smooth ride, sometimes there's turbulence. And so when you're in flight, now we figure out what are those things that we need to tweak before we rinse and repeat, because it's not just a rinse and repeat method. It's rinse, tweak, repeat. And so I think if you go into a launch, thinking, this is the end all be all, I need to make money this month, this is going to be my thing. And it's like that kind of lack need. mindset, then it's not going to perform, as well as when you go into it with this abundance mindset of I'm going to do this launch. And it might be shaky, it might be smooth, but whatever it's going to be we're going to land and then we're going to go through the process. Again, this is not the only time I'm going to do this launch. I'm going to keep doing this launch until I can figure it out and perfect it and so the the secret for formula is a combination of mindset combined with sales strategies, combined with this rinse tweak and repeat method to make it all come together. I'll give you okay. Okay, go ahead. Yeah. So I was a big networker in New York City. And I started this networking meeting and I grew it from like, well from zero people from just myself to over 50 members who were paying members on a monthly basis and showing up every day, if not every day, every week, and just highly contributing amazing, just an amazing community. And even when I moved to Charlotte, I was flying back to New York every week to run the meeting, because it was that lucrative for me for business because we were all giving each other referrals. Now when I started the meeting, we were at like, let's say a Level A, and I knew where I wanted it to get to. I could see people The end in mind, but the steps between like a to z were so it was so much like, there would be like and, you know, I wasn't getting paid to run the meetings, I was getting business from the meetings. But I wasn't paid to run the meetings that was a volunteer position. And so I could see how much work it was going to take to get to where I wanted to go. And I could have let that overwhelm me because the first day I literally made a 10 page document of all the changes that needed to happen to make this the most perfect, amazing, wonderful community and meeting on the planet. And I almost cried because I was like, how am I gonna like 10 pages of notes like can you imagine like, that's, like, insane. And I took a deep breath and I was like, Okay, let's just commit to making a couple of changes every week. And if we can commit Making a couple of changes every week. Then at the end of a couple of weeks, we're going to be so much further along. And as we make the changes, let's check in with the members and let's check in with how it's going. And it's the same exact thing for your course. When you're building out your course materials, it's the same exact thing for your launch. Like, you're never gonna start from zero and go to perfect overnight. There's no way and so don't even strive for that. don't strive for perfection instead, strive for a little bit better than last time. And if you can make that happen if you can keep making it a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better, until it's best, you win and your customers win.

So true and like a man I've definitely fallen into all of this so many different times a launching, so like speaking of like, okay, so we want to strive for being a little bit better than the Last time, I feel like the mindset I've fallen into in the past is like, a little bit better doesn't feel good enough. Like it's almost like that that like, like, when will it ever be enough kind of thing? And like, Oh, I don't want to like, Do I really have to launch it like 10 times for it to be successful? And like obviously no, like you could launch it once and it could be like massively successful but I think like how do we bridge that gap between like to getting on board with and excited about the little progress and not that at all progress has to be a little bit like how do we how do we get on board with that and get on excited about that rather than feel like it's like defeat and disappointment?

Yeah, that's that's so huge. So it's it's really a mindset game that you have to play with yourself, because big breakthroughs when everyone talks about like, Oh, I want this massive breakthrough, right? It doesn't just come from overnight. Like I didn't become a writer overnight, I had little breakthroughs over time, that all added up. And once you can look back and see those that those little wins add up to be big wins, then I think it's easier on yourself to accept those little wins as bigger wins. And it's all about giving yourself that acceptance giving yourself that grace to say, you know what, why doesn't that feel good enough? Why am Why am I holding myself to to? Like a god standard? Why not hold yourself to a human standard and, and where does that line fall? And how will you know when it's good enough? Like these are the questions you need to ask yourself and, and what's really the consequence like what happens if it takes one extra week to get there or one extra launch to get there? You know, can't we look back and celebrate those little wins, like if you look back at your career, And you look back at all the jobs that you've had in your life. And you think, Okay, well that that job wasn't good enough. But you know what it got you to the next one. And that job wasn't good enough. It wasn't the right fit. It wasn't the right pay. It didn't make me happy, whatever the things are, but But what was right about it? And how did it help you get to that next level, and if you can start to see that evidence in your life, for that happening every single time that everything truly is happening for you, and that every time something happens for you, you're gonna have a better outcome from it. Then you begin to live from this different place like it totally just changes everything.

Literally everything I feel like I'm in Yeah, everything is happening for me, for us for the greater good. Like is one of my like, core beliefs that truly has like changed everything for me. So I love that you said that and I love asking yourself the question like what was right about It what is working and like, see if you can focus your energy and attention there and look for the evidence of that because your current belief system is that it's not working. So obviously your brain is going to look for and find all the evidence that it's not working because our brains don't want us to be wrong. Our brains want to confirm us and our belief systems to be right.

So we don't have to deal with the discomfort of changing our beliefs. Yes, and I think so many of our listeners are, I think we share a similar

quality in our listeners is that they really want to succeed and they really want to do well. And I know for me, a lot of people in my community are hard on themselves when they feel like they haven't done enough. And so at night when you're going to bed, you know, one of the things you need to think about is like, Are you thinking about all the things you haven't done that day? Or are you thinking about the three things that you did get done that day, or maybe it was the one thing you got done that day. But once you begin to really listen to your thoughts and see where your inner brain your inner monologue is, is driving you, you can see the the outcome that it creates. Because if you're always focusing on the lack, like, I'm so mad, I had such a long work day work like 10 hours, I worked my butt off, and I still didn't accomplish these three things. Versus Wow, I work 10 hours today, you know what I accomplished? These, these two things that were amazing. And so now tomorrow, I'm going to add these three things to my list where it is that energy you can you can already feel like the different energies,

you know, 100% and I think that's such a good practice of like, doing that daily or even like once a week just like training your brain to focus on like, what did I do? Well, what is work? What happened for me this week and the things that I feel like didn't happen for me? How might they be happening for me because I heard on one of your podcasts episode you said like, you know, breakthroughs like that moment where everything is quote working, where it all comes together is not where the real magic happens the magic is all of the moments and everything that happened leading up to it, like that's the magic and like, it's, I mean, I think we've all had that experience where we want so freakin badly to achieve something and then we do and it's you know, so exciting for a hot minute and then very quickly after it's like, dead energy it's like no foul but what now if this doesn't give me all the happiness and all the things I thought it would give me like the first time I made like, you know, I when I first launched my first product, I sold it for like $200 and that was my like, starting price of After a few months, I ended up raising the price like $800. So when I made my first $100 sale, I lost my shirt. I was so excited. I was jumping up and down, screaming like, Oh my god, this is it, this is it. And then the next day, like all of that excitement had worn off because I was already like, how am I going to uphold this? How am I going to get to the next thing? How am I going to do it again? That's not enough. I need I need more and like it was just like constant chase of like, never enough. So I think that's such a good point of like, yeah, the magic is in the all of the lead up because if you can't get like be here for the growth, like be in your business, be in the process for the growth, then the success is never going to feel good enough.

Yeah, and that's, that's such a good point. And an interesting thing to consider because when I strive to like be my best at it. everything right and i think that type A players that I've coached and that I work with, who are similar and I know you're you're a tight you're you're I don't know if you're type A but you're definitely like striker and my husband. And I think that so often it's it's not it's yes we do forget those little successes along the way. But we also don't even often celebrate the bigger successes. So

true. We're because we move on so quickly, we move on, like, okay,

now what's the next thing I need to do? Like I wrote a book. And you would think that's like the, like an amazing accomplishment. And of course, it is like on the surface level. But once I turned it in, and I wrote it, I was like, Okay, well, that's amazing. I'll celebrate when it becomes a bestseller. And then it became a bestseller and I'm like, Oh, yes, Amazon bestseller. Amazing.

I'll celebrate

when it's like on the wall street journalist or the New York Times issue, whatever and it's like, wait a minute. Most people in their lifetime don't even write a book. But yeah, me that wasn't good enough cause for celebration. And one day I had this moment of realization, because someone asked me like, did you have a party? Did you sell How did you celebrate? And I'm like, I didn't. They're like, well, what are you waiting for? I'm like, I'm, I'm waiting for that moment when it's caused. And she's, and they will and they pointed that out to me. And I was like, Oh my god, where else have I been doing that in my life and for for you, like where, you know, where have you been doing it. And so it's really something to think about. Because when you want to be best and so amazing at things, it's so hard sometimes to take that pause. But that pause in our brain that celebration allows your brain to know that you just did something really good and recognize it. And then take it even further if you don't stop to celebrate. It's like your you will burnout because you're never reaching enough.

Yeah. And it's like your brain doesn't even know. It was like a significant event. Like I read a book one time you are the placebo by Joe dispenza. It's so good. Yes. But he says that, oh my gosh, I completely just lost my train of thought. What are we saying?

This is? No, I'm celebrating. And

oh, okay, so I was saying something about the brain. Okay, wait, no placebo book. And the brain seeing a little break there is Oh, if you're not celebrating, okay, if you're not taking those pauses and like celebrating those pauses, your brain doesn't perceive it as a significant event. And like the way our brains perceive something as a significant event is when there's like, a super strong emotion attached to it. And so that's why our brains repeat and relive our negative experiences because we have those strong negative emotions and we that's what encodes a memory into our brain and basically Our brains, essentially like a lot of their function is to just reenact the memories that we have stored in there. So in order to create new memories that then hopefully I'm making sense that then lead us into like, Oh good, I know I'm hurting my brain. It's like hurting my brain to like, think through it and like put it into like English because like his book is like scientific. But basically, yeah, it's like, you have to give your brain at a significant emotional event in order to remember that event order to recreate that emotional feeling that all the steps leading up to it, this state of being you were in leading up to that because otherwise, we're literally just like a, our brains are like an old, you know, record tape like repeating over and over. So we have to bring in that and I just made this connection. So thank you for this. Like you have to have that pause is where that magic is because it creates the significance of the event in our brain so that it can be encoded and repeated, and even more You'd better

isn't that so cool that their science, their science behind this? It's not like just some coach saying like, No, you gotta celebrate your wins. How are you celebrating? It's like, there is scientific evidence to say how much you will go further in life, you will achieve more. If you actually take a step back, take a second, look at those wins and be like, wow. And so in the beginning, you're like, well, you asked, like, Well, how do you get okay with when you don't feel like one step further is good enough. It's like you allow yourself that time to see one step further, one step further, one step further. And then you look back, and you see where it's evolved from. And when you can see that picture of like, wow, here's where we started. And maybe you have data, maybe you have numbers like to look at and you're like, I had one freaking person who bought for me my first launch, and then on your next launch, you're like, Wow, okay, I did it again it was a little bit easier. And and what's the end? And I don't know maybe the answer you got two people or three people, four people. And you can start to see how it's evolving that and recognize that for yourself and be proud of that that's when it gets easier to accept that just a little progress is sometimes better than trying to make all the progress in the world and not being able to at all

100% I think like so much of what building a business is, it's like so much in the beginning at least this has been my experience and how it feels for me is like, it's like laying like a bunch of dominoes. In every Domino you're like, still nothing still nothing and then eventually you have all these dominoes this like wonderful Foundation, you have the lessons, you have the tools, you have the experiences, you have the learnings, all of that laid out for you and then eventually it's just like flick and you know, all the dominoes will fall into place. Now obviously that's like a glorified version. reality, but I feel like a lot of times we get so caught up in like, it's not good enough. I'm not successful enough and like, what if? What if you, you are literally so close to having that final Domino, like put down like what if the breakthrough is around the corner,

that analogy. I love that. That's so good. It's like, I'm building this gradient puzzle with Gabrielle, my 11 year old stepdaughter, and it's like all the colors and it's 1000 pieces. And she's like, but Jen, like, are we ever gonna do this? I'm like, Look, let's just start with the border. So now we have the whole border filled out, right? And then one by one you don't just like build it. And it all happens at once, like one piece at a time fills in that puzzle. And then all of a sudden you have this beautiful picture. And it's the same thing with with business.

100% and like, yeah, I think it's like we have to remember to the people picture we are building and how beautiful it is and how beautiful the process of building it so I love it this is this is getting so good. So okay, I want to shift gears a little bit from launching will probably come back because you get insights on it and talk about productivity excite Listen, your podcast episode on productivity, you guys should all go listen to it. It's so good. And I related to it so much because I feel like as we've been talking about this episode, like I'm a type de achiever, I have super, super high expectations of myself and I used to base all of my worth and my productivity and I felt like I had to be like busy and doing 24 seven or else I wasn't going to be successful, that was like my belief system that I had. And I realized that actually, the less I do, and the more I really focus on like, the tasks that feel aligned, the tasks are really gonna drive my business forward. Like I get so much more accomplished in less time and less effort. So I want to ask you like how Do we figure out what those important tasks are to work on and stop ourselves from going down the rabbit hole of doing all this like busy work that actually doesn't help us.

So I probably have a unique view on this because I come from selling. And in my view of the world, everything starts with the sale. Like you don't have a business if you're not making money, right? Like there's just like, how do you feed your self and your family and whatever, and pay your rent or your mortgage or whatever it is, if, if they're, if you're not making money, and so if we decide that, that is what you first need to figure out as an entrepreneur, then you need to focus on the things that will get you there. So what is your product or service? How are you helping people that needs to be determined that's a you like an entrepreneur, entrepreneur kind of thing. And then everything else is, I mean, there's there's 20% of activities in my opinion, and you Your Business 20% of activities that are going to be the revenue generating activities. And if you're selling in person, then maybe it's networking. If you're selling online then it's putting yourself out there. Like what are the things that only you Only you can do that you're needed for to drive your business forward? So if you're, for example, writing emails and you hate writing emails, that's not your thing. You don't like it. They still need your voice. And so can you hire someone to draft the emails so that you have a base and then like for me, I'm identify them right? Like how do I take them and make them me? And now not everyone has the luxury of of hiring in their business at high levels and right away especially if you're not making any money, that's why everything begins with the sale. But you have there has to be a A way that you can get help even if it's outsourced help virtual assistant help that that you know you can get for for less money, then it would be, how do I say this? Your time is worth, you have an hourly rate. And that hourly rate is whatever you want to make it. So if you want to be a million dollar business owner, figure out the math and figure out if there's X amount of hours in a year, how much money do you need to be making? And let's say that number making up a number. Let's say the number is $500 an hour. If the numbers $500 an hour, the thing you need to ask yourself is, am I doing tasks that are $10 an hour tasks? Or am I doing $500 an hour tasks? And the truth is, in the beginning stages, you're going to have to do some of both. But right there are also many tasks way more than most people even ever imagine that they can get helpful. With and I posted something the other day of, you know, when I first started my business I realized I hate accounting. It's like, I don't know why I haven't out for accounting but like, I don't even want to know my own log into QuickBooks. I mean, that sounds dumb. Like obviously I do the numbers but like, I want to input things. I don't want to, I don't want to fuss with it because it's, I just don't like it. And so one of the first positions I hired for was an outsourced bookkeeper and accountant and, and my mom who was advising me a lot on business at the time was like, Are you crazy? It QuickBooks is so easy, you just go in I've done it. You just go and you do this. You do that I'm like, I could be making five sales in that time. I could be serving my customers.

Earth what I spent two hours doing QuickBooks and it's like,

I don't know I've just carried that mentality through like a pre pre quarantine. When when I had a dog walker, I, one day I never have them on the weekends because the dog like on the weekends I can, I can. I'm not as busy as during the week when I'm working. And so one weekend I had so much to do, and I and I, like felt guilty for texting my dog walker, who by the way lives like around the block. And, and I was like, Hey, would you mind like doing an extra like a walk this weekend? Now she benefits because she makes money from it, right? And for me, it's like $15 30 because I have two dogs, whatever. So I paid her $30 and in that time that she was out walking the dogs, I was able I was negotiating a high ticket sale, and I was able to bring in a five figure sale because I had that time to sit and focus. And so but only I could have done that for my business. Now, if I was stubborn and I was like no i'm not i'm not spending the money or I'm not outsourcing or whatever. And I think a lot of people get There's like, it's not worth it, they don't see the connection. I never would have made that sale because I would have come back I would have been exhausted I would it was hot out, I would have had to shower, you know, like all the things and then I probably would have sent it on Monday and then I could have missed the sale. And so, you have to ask yourself, what are the 20% of things in your business that you should be spending 80% of your time on? And if you look at revenue generating activities, they stem from like what are you what is your product and service? How are you what are you delivering? How is it being delivered? And how are you selling it and how are you marketing it and if you can figure those things out and and outsource some of them and then really focus on the rest. In my opinion, you win now, if you want to go down a rabbit hole. Delegate Yes, is hard, trusting that someone else is going to care as much as you do. is going to do it perfectly. Which by the way, I've learned something no one's perfect. No. But you know that they're not going to make mistakes because you would catch them you know if that's your mentality you will never be able to delegate and I had a very hard time delegating the first couple of years of my business because I always I held on to it because I was scared to let someone in on my baby What if they mess it up? What if they don't do it as good? What if they make a mistake, you know, all the what ifs? And then once I started delegating, it became like addictive. I'm like, oh, okay, give that thing away. What else can I give away? What else can I take off?

Yeah, total one ad because you realize like how much mental space and energy frees you up for not only the activities that are in your zone of genius, which Typically are also the activities that are the revenue drivers. Because a lot of us are entrepreneurs, our zone of genius is the is the creation, the marketing, the selling, like, that's for so much of us. That's their zone of genius. So like, that's how can we support ourselves in spending more time in that zone genius. And like you said, it doesn't mean like in the beginning, not like, you're you, you know, you just only do tasks that a billionaire would do. It's like, this doesn't mean like that. Exactly. But it's like, how can you move, like you said, like, the progress each, each step you take, just keep moving forward a little bit every day, maybe delegate, one small thing to start and then two, and then three, and then you realize, Oh, I'm making more revenue now. Okay, I have more money to hire more help.

Mm hmm. And also, if you like the people that you're working with and delegating to and you think that they're overall doing a good job when they do mess up, not if because there will be a way Because everyone messes up, I don't know about you, but I've messed up

on that. And so, when they do

remember that they're most likely if, you know you found the right people, they're trying to do their best and the way you communicate to them how they can do better, will make all the difference in your long term relationship because I have, we have amazing, amazing virtual assistants that we work with. I love them. And I think part of the part of the reason why it works so well is because a, I don't expect them to be perfect. And be I am kind like I am I even if I am upset about the mistake, my natural instinct is to figure out first, how do we fix it? And second, how do we prevent it from happening? Again, and it's not about blame. It's not about any of that. It's just about making it a little bit better each time.

100% that's literally everything and life and life in a nutshell by Jen. Um, okay, that's all okay, so good. So I have a few more questions for you if that's cool, yeah. Okay. Um, so I know I'm having a good time. So juicy. So Okay, back to launching. So I thought Another question I want to ask you. So for the for the people who are listening who are new to business or haven't even maybe started their business yet they're thinking about and they want to sell something they want to put an offer out there, but they're scared shitless that nobody's going to buy it. They don't feel confident selling. They don't know what the hell they're doing. They're like, Oh, maybe I shouldn't do this. Like what would be your advice for them to like, develop that belief in themselves. To take that action of like, just put it out there, just do it.

If you Oh, this is such a loaded question, okay, if you want to sell something, you first have to believe in it. Everything starts with a couple of different beliefs, belief in yourself that you can help belief in the other belief in your product or service, whatever it is that you're offering, and belief that you can leave the customer better off. If you can believe those three things, then you can start to sell them. But if you don't have that self belief in your like, in your ability to help and your program's ability to help and that your customer is going to be better off, you're going to have a really hard time communicating why they should buy something because people can smell it when you don't believe it. People can smell it, I eat when I was

when I was young, I can smell it through the

Please buy my

thing. No Yes. No when I when I am

knives, and I was not the biggest cook, but I brought them home I had my mom try them she was she cooked a lot. And I saw the difference. And I developed this insane belief system. Such a strong unbreakable belief system and how great these knives were that decades later, I will still tell you they're the best knives on the planet.

I agree with they're so good.

They're so good. Like they make eating steak just a little bit more fun because it's easier.

Easier like everything in the kitchen is just whatever Okay,

and I'm sold like literally had I not already tried them before I would be solid and that's you're proving your case in point. I'm ready Go get them,

right. Because I truly believe that in my heart, I've seen other people benefit from it. And even if you have a new product, and you haven't had had people benefit from it, maybe you benefited from it, because a lot of times teach the thing that they learned, right? Like, I learned how to launch courses by launching our own courses. And so I'm teaching it from my experience and now having helped other clients but but you start most of the time with yourself because you see a need and you learn something. And so that in itself should be your daily reminder. And then you ask the second part to the question, I think. So high selling

Yeah. And how do we I guess the follow up questions that would be is okay, like now we know we have to have that belief in ourselves, how do we develop that belief in that product? And I think Wait, I think what you just said what like that in and of itself can I think It can create such a huge shift for people because that was a huge shift for me. I had an amazing coach who I was so nervous to put my offer out there. And I she was like, you're, you sound like you don't believe in it? And I'm like, Well, yeah, because no one's no one's gone through the program before how what I believe and how I will help what I know what's going to help them. And she was like, Well, why did you create this program? I'm like, well, this is exactly what I did in my life to completely change my life and my relationship with food. And she was like, Okay, there you go. It works. You know, it works. And like, that created such a huge shift for me. So I think that's such a good point. But is there anything else you would add to like, how do we create that

belief system? I think a lot of times people have this instinct of let me give it away for free, and get these people to have the same results that I had and then and then I can believe in it even more. And let me tell you why that doesn't work. When there is no energetic exchange of money. People are less committed. So Now you're saying, hey, let me give you this amazing thing that I believe in that I know can help you. But let me not charge you because I'm not like 1,000% sure I can help you. I'm only like, you know, almost sure. And it created people are not as committed. And so they got this thing for free. Are they going to show up? Are they going to do the work? Are they going to participate in the same way that they would? Where if they gave you money for it? No. So I only say that because I see so many people who have a really good heart, say, Well, let me just like prove it. Let me give it away for free. And I can tell you that that that will not give you the results that you're hoping to get these people and so while you may think you're doing them a service to to give them your program, you're actually doing them a disservice because you're putting this amazing information in front of them that they will likely never use. Totally. You know, you can make them founding members There's things you can do that, that I don't like calling people beta, I call them founding members. But you can

you're a beta member. me How can I be an alpha? Like what

you can, there's things you can do where you give them extra value, but I would, I would just steer clear of the free thing if that's where your head was going. And so there is an exercise that I do, where I actually have my clients outline their beliefs, like sit down and journal with yourself, why do you believe in yourself? Think about all the evidence not just in creating this one program that you're about to sell or that you're selling but what is the whole history bind evidence throughout your life that shows why you should believe in yourself maybe you've always been the finisher, you know, the person who took the piano lessons and did the recitals and, and did the whole sports thing. Like Maybe you've always been that person. And now this gives you an opportunity to look at your life and figure out where does that belief come from? Why should you believe in yourself and look for that evidence, find it. And then, and then find the evidence around how your program has helped, maybe you or other people there, there has to be some sort of evidence in order for you to believe it to be true. And in terms of having the customer be better off, well, that will come when you start to have customers and you start to see their results and you start to see their growth, then you'll be able to add that layer to it.

100% It's, I mean, it's such a cool experience to develop that belief in yourself, put it out there, have that energetic exchange with someone and then have them benefits so so deeply from it like that is so so powerful.

Yeah, it really is. And it's like, if you want someone to believe in yourself, you first have to believe in yourself,

or else 100% Yeah, I that's another thing people, people who smell a smell or they know, if you're not believing and if you're not believing in yourself and like they're already having a hard enough time believing in themselves, so they shouldn't also have to then, you know, be the one to worry about creating the belief in you. It's like, no, that's your responsibility. So I think Yeah, I think that's such a good point is like, that's step one. of if you're having that, like fear, and then I think to just like, just do it. You know what I mean? It's like, at a certain point, it's like, that action creates clarity and gives you the information you need to tweak things and make them better if like, that's what's needed. 100% agree. Yeah. Love it. Okay. I'm trying to see if there's anything else I want to ask. You Is there anything else that you wanted to share that you feel like we didn't cover anything that's on your heart on

your mind. I always just encourage people to do what you love. And to really check in with yourself if what you're doing for the majority of the day, in your business, and in your life is what you love. And if it's not

follow your path, follow your heart because

anything you do will be successful as long as it's something you love doing. But it can never be successful if you don't actually love it.

So, so true. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wisdom and energy. I love it. So where can we find out more about you and we're definitely going to link up that freebie in the show notes. We'll put the link there for every lesson. So

yeah, I'll get you the freebie and then just Follow me on Instagram at Jen Gitomer and the breakthrough business babe podcast.

Love it. Yeah, you guys go listen, it's so good. And thank you so much for being here. This was so fun and so magical.

This was amazing. Thank you for having me.

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