experience TRUE healing using the power of your subconscious mind - with Jasmine Galimov

podcast Jul 07, 2020

Science shows that our brains make decisions for us 95% of the time using our subconscious mind, even if we "think" we're consciously making the decision. Everything we believe, we have been programmed to believe. You're basically a walking subconscious from ages 0-7, which is when most of your beliefs get formed.

But the good news is that your brain CAN change. And learning to work with your subconscious mind is critical if you want to heal and create transformation in any area of your life.

In this episode, Jasmine shares her incredible story of how she used the power of her subconscious mind to heal her eating disorder and long list of other health issues.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why talk therapy isn't the most effective healing tool and can sometimes exacerbate your struggles
✧ The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind
✧  The fastest, most effective way to heal your past and childhood traumas
✧  Why "thinking positive" doesn't work and what you need to do instead to shift your mindset and energy
✧  Why you should make feeling good your #1 priority
✧  What it REALLY means when your body is in pain
✧  How to use your subconscious mind to return to your natural state of health and well-being


Guest Bio:

Jasmine is a Holistic Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer that helps women heal their mind, body & spirit. She guides her clients to discover the root cause behind their struggles while equipping them with the tools and energy shifts to create quantum leaps to create the lives they truly deserve & desire.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Magnetically You Podcast. My name is Madison Surdyke and I am a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life that makes you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me, killing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our lives so that we can become the most magnetic pumping versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. And if you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hi, Jasmine, welcome to the show. I'm so pumped to have you here.


I am so grateful to be here.


So I want to share our story of how we're like we ended up here today recording a podcast together because it's so, so crazy to me. So about I guess it was like a year and a half ago. I found Jasmine on Instagram and she was doing this like free giveaway for a rapid transformational therapy session which you told me later that you like rarely ever do that right? Yeah, so it was like the one time she ever hosted a giveaway of one of her progress transformational therapy sessions and I entered the giveaway because I'm all about The therapies and healing modalities I'm like, I've never heard of this, this sounds great, like, sign me up. And I ended up winning the giveaway and had this amazing, amazing, amazing life changing session with jasmine where we basically like went back and like rewired some of my past and it just completely like changed my life and I'm so grateful for Jasmine It was so powerful that I like don't even have any words for it. So she's so amazing. So anyways, that was great. I move on with my life everything is good. And then about a year and a half later I am like called to join this mastermind I had been wanting to find a mastermind with other like women in the spiritual like base who are similar to me and on similar journeys to me and I found this mastermind that felt like the perfect fit and there were so many other crazy signs that like let To join in, and then a couple of weeks into the mastermind, Jasmine, I forget exactly what you said you were like, what did you What did you say? Were you like, Hey, I hit Like, I didn't get I know you or something like that.


Yeah, I was like, wait, I didn't, because I was like, aware. I know this woman I know her. And, and that it like clicked for me. I was like, Oh my gosh, we did a session like, over a year ago, like you were one of my first clients to like I said, I was like, just starting my business. And I was like, Well, how do I do you know, how do you start a business? You got to get your name out there. So I was like, Yeah, let's do a giveaway. And yeah, so I never, ever have done a giveaway. That was my one and only giveaway for us. I should I've ever died. And yeah, and I was like, Oh my gosh, that's Madison. Like we did a session together. So yeah, it was like, Hey, we did a session together.


Yeah, that's so crazy. I was like, shocked and like how we randomly went, you know, had that session and then a year and a half later end up in the exact same, like mastermind is like, so I've like these songs. It's like, so beyond comprehension, but that's how the beautiful universe works for us, which I know we're going to get into today because we're both all about that. So anyways, enough about the story. I want to talk about you and yes, you just want to share, like who you are. And what a little bit about what you do and kind of like what led you to doing what you're what you do today.


Yeah, yeah. Well, I so agree, it was such beautiful everything is so such divine timing, and I just, I'm so grateful that it all worked out the way I mean, everything is so magical, so bad. I'm just like, more surprised every day. Um, but yeah, so I am obviously a hypnotherapist. I am also a nutritionist, and I energy healer. And gosh, it really is just like, I think it's always our own journeys, you know, that really make us so passionate about the work that we do. And you know, and I see that so, so clearly through you and how your life I know that we kind of have similar stories as far as like, being so passionate about like the food and then it was like, wait, it's like a little bit more than just the food. And that's exactly what happened for me is I saw so powerfully how food was medicine, all my life. I had just like growing up, I had so many like weird health struggles and things that I wasn't really able to figure out. And so I decided to pursue holistic nutrition and because I always knew that food was medicine, and so I was like, okay, like, let's dive deeper so that I can use this story to not only heal myself but help heal others and so I dove deep into nutrition and got my masters in That and became a nutritionist and during grad school actually, or holistic nutrition, my health was at its worst like I got all of these weird health. No, I mean it was I'm sure it was like the stress like heightening things but I got all of these weird health conditions. And one of them was eczema, which I had never had eczema in my entire life and it literally took over my hands and so cooking which was like my favorite thing and like how we met was through my food blog, you know, on Instagram, my foodie account and I wasn't able to cook. I wasn't really able to do anything because my hands like it took over my hands and I it was awful. I tried the elimination diet. I cut out gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, eggs, corn, I tried every cream. I tried everything. I really felt like I was just at a loss like I didn't know where to turn and And, you know, it was really hard because Harry was being becoming a health practitioner and like, didn't know what to do with myself. I was using all of the tools that they taught us in school, and none of them were working on. And then one day, I was just listening to a podcast and they talked about hypnotherapy. And I just thought, what, what do I have to lose? So I found a practitioner, I did a session, and within two weeks, two weeks, my ex was completely gone. And that's when I was like, Oh, my gosh, that's when really like my world, completely shifted and opened up because I was like, there's this whole other realm of healing and approaching life that I didn't know about. And I realized that it was all of the answers are actually in our subconscious mind and that through healing our subconscious mind, we actually heal our physical reality. And so I began to dive deep in healing my past programming healing my past beliefs. And I just saw how quickly my life began to shift and transform and and so that's what I just feel so grateful to be able to do now with my clients and so whether it's for their health or for their business, or for you know, just like their anxiety or depression or whatever it is, I have found that the easiest, and not just easiest, but like most effective and quickest way to transform our lives is the rule, the subconscious mind is getting straight to that belief and reprogramming and equipping us with new or empowering beliefs. And so so that's where we are today.


I love it. That's so amazing. And that's so interesting. You brought up having me because I didn't know that part of your story and it's so interesting. I feel like our stories overlap so much and obviously why we were divinely guided to meet in this life two different times randomly, but I had eczema a few years ago on my scalp, which was not fun. It was like all over my head. And I was like always scratching my head and it was like, so uncomfortable. And I like couldn't focus at work because my head was like, so like itchy and obviously, itching it didn't help and interesting about it didn't help. And it was like this terrible like cycle. And that was the time when I was like, really, really wrapped up in my struggles with food and constant worrying about food all the time. I had a really, really stressful job. And I like you thought that changing the foods I was eating was maybe the answer to all the different like health problems I was experiencing. And it wasn't until I really rewired my brain first with my relationship with food but then in regards to like everything else As I started doing knowledge, my eczema completely disappeared. It's never come back. And it's, it's so crazy how like you were saying in school. It's like you're trying all the things they taught you, but none of it was working. And then it's like you found him no therapy, and it disappeared in two weeks. You said, right. So, yeah. So, so crazy. So I know that you also have talked about like, your own struggles with food, too. Like, can you talk more about that? Cuz I know you mentioned that going on those elimination diets was like, actually, like, triggered more, like issues and trust around food. And I actually had a similar experience to that as well. Surprise, surprise. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, and my, you know, I think that my heart just goes out to anyone who is is struggling with food and their diet and their body, and it's so much more common than we think. And I really think That, especially in our day and age, it's, I would say more people struggle with their body and relationship with truth and don't in some way or capacity. And for myself, I, oh my gosh, it really like it again because I was just like trying to fix my health out of like, you know, I was a didn't feel good in my body and so I just stopped eating and I was like, Well, you know, like nothing's feeling good. So I'm just gonna stop and it really, like spiraled into a terrible eating disorder. I wound up in inpatient treatment, and it was, it was awful and the way they go about, I mean, looking back now I'm just like, Oh my gosh, this isn't even like how you treat an eating disorder because it was just like, I mean, the, I think that the main difference is, I learned so much Like looking back now, because we did tons of talk therapy and talk to you is like, sure it's great and all, but I like to kind of like, say that it's almost just like poking the problem with a stick rather than like actually addressing, like, why you developed it in the first place. And so yeah, it really, I got out of treatment. And even though like I was, you know, quote, fix, or restored or whatever, I really struggled a lot, and I just struggled silently. And it kind of just like morphed into different problems and you know, OCD and just trying to find ways to control my life because I felt so out of control. And it wasn't until I did a hypnotherapy session, and this is the crazy part and that I want, like, I really want people to understand and hear is that you know, intellectually It was like, okay, like, yes, my relationship with my dad. My mom and like the common things that we think of. But what ended up happening for me in the hypnotherapy session that really changed my life is I went back to my mom's womb, which is actually very common for people to do, because we get most of our I'm sure you talk about we get our programming between the ages of zero to seven. And what a lot of people don't think of is like the zero like, actually conception. And so I went back to my mom's womb and my poor mom. My dad traveled a lot. And my mom was considered high risk because she was older and all of the doctors were telling her, you're high risk, you're high risk. I don't know if you should be having a baby and all of this and she was just like, scared and lonely because my dad was traveling because you know, they were bringing a baby and so he was like trying to make money. And I decided as a womb My mom's belly, I want to take away all of her pain, really. And I thought, you know, we're constantly trying to make sense of the world and I thought that I could take it away from her and so I took on that pain be.


Yeah. And that was my way of, you know, quote controlling my circumstances because when we're in our mom's womb, we're picking up on all of their thoughts all of their feelings all of their energy we still here because we can't see our senses. Our our sense of hearing is wide open so we can hear everything they're saying. And I took on her pain and I tried to take it away from her and it turned into this just like seeking control and everything throughout my whole life. And so, you know, I could have worked in treatment on like, my relationship with my dad, my relationship with my mom and you know, all of these other factors. So I like to think led to my eating disorder, but it wasn't really until I could go back to that, which I have consciously like no recollection of. But it wasn't to tell hypnotherapy.


You don't remember rolling around in your mom's belly.


Right? I know. That session changed my life. And it was honestly, the day after that session, I quit my nine to five job that I was doing to pursue hypnotherapy full time. And I it really like shifted so much energetically in my body in my life and my relationship with food because I saw that I didn't need to control everything anymore. Like I saw where that pattern came from. And that's huge. I think there's, it's sometimes I like to say that it's like half of the transformation comes in the session and the other half comes like rewiring our mind subconscious mind after, for me, it really was just like that awareness. was so huge, like something just clicked for me. And I was like, oh, like I don't need to continue to control every single thing in my life. Like, I'm supported. I'm okay. I took that on not knowing any better. And my relationship with food has been completely different and healed and so much better ever since.


Wow, that's so, so powerful. I love to hear that. And then it's so I hear that from so many women who have been to eating disorder treatment, it's like they were, you know, quote, physically healed, but they were still thinking about food 24 seven are completely stressed and completely anxious and like, you know, the physical healing aspects is wonderful. Like, that's great. However, like if you're not also healing your mind, then our mind creates, like, either physical health, our physical ailments in our bodies, if we're not healing reminds them those problems are going to continue new problem. will arise and like, is the level of healing you're willing to, like, you know, are you do you want to settle for physically healed but still thinking about food 24 seven because so many women come to me and they have that exact same experience where they don't know what to do because they're like, I got treatment, if something is still wrong with me like what do i do and i think it's like that missing piece of they are not teaching you how to rewire your thoughts in your beliefs, which are really driving all of it


100% 100% and I really, I, I tell all of my clients and you know, followers and everything that it's always are any type of a problem. No problem, cool problem that we have in our body is actually just the body like talking to us and it's just trying to gain our attention and I personally am of the belief Everything starts as an emotion. And then it manifests into physical form. And so we really do, you know, all of these even like deficiencies and imbalances and oh my gosh, especially like pain and anxiety and depression, all of these things, like they start from a deeper root. And until we fix that deeper root, we can like play with the body all we want, but it's not going to change until we get to the underlying emotion, fear or trauma that caused it to manifest into physical.


So true. I used to have back chronic chronic back pain for like two years and I was in severe pain every single day. And I was like, Okay, I need to get a back brace, I need to fix my posture, I need to go to physical therapy. I need to go to chiropractor like all these like physical things that we think we're supposed to do. And it wasn't until I completely like rewired my beliefs about really everything in my life and especially to about the possibility of healing I read a book called, you are the placebo, and also one called the great pain deception, which basically, in a nutshell, exactly what you're saying is how our, our mind and our thoughts and our emotions and our feelings can like heal our bodies and like that's exactly what happened for me, especially once I believed it was possible. It's like, my back pain went away. And it I would say it's gone like 99% of the time and that 1% of the time, maybe does come back like you said, it's just a message from my body. It's like, hey, Madison, there's something you need to look out there's something maybe that you need to heal like, Where are you holding on to something that it's time to let go rather than seeing it as like, Oh my god, I'm gonna have back pain again forever. It's like oh, no, thank you body for like, giving me this. You know, little alert message.


Yeah. Oh my gosh, and especially with back pain. I would even I would ask you, is there an area in your life where you didn't feel supported? Because especially, I mean, we think of our backs so anytime I have someone comes to me with back or neck pain, I'm like, Where? When is a time in your life that you didn't feel supported? And so because our back is our support system, and so it almost always it goes back to some time in our lives when we didn't feel supported. And so that's like looming. Yeah. Yeah.


So interesting. I'll have to like think about


Yeah, yeah.


what that was, yeah, I feel like a lot of it too, was I just was not supporting myself.


Oh, absolutely. We're all like, I guess.


Yeah. So, so good. So okay, I heard you say that, um, talk therapy just like poke the problem. And I want to dive a little bit more into that because I've had similar experiences with for myself where I've done try To see different therapists for anxiety for food issues for things like that in the past, and I felt like I just wasn't like benefiting from it. And I don't want to dismiss the value of talk therapy. I think for some people, it really does impact their life in a positive by not beautiful and amazing. But for me, it just wasn't something that really worked. And I feel like hypnotherapy and really working with my subconscious mind like that provided so much more effective and fast. healing and for so many of my clients, they come to me because they're like, I've been to therapy for months, trying to heal these issues with food and like here, I am still having the same exact issues. And it's not until we really go in and rewire those beliefs, things begin to change. So I would love to hear your thoughts on kind of just more about what you meant by talk therapy kind of pokes the problem.


Yeah, and I mean, I so resonate and relate because I too, like I was in and out of therapy. And I could never find a therapist that I like clicked with, oh my gosh, I went to years and years and years, I can't, I don't even want to think about how much money I spent on therapy. That doesn't really do anything. And so they say there, there's a study done. And I'm not going to remember the exact numbers, but it's like, on average, especially like, with problems like addictions and stuff, which I honestly classify eating disorders as an addiction, because it's an it's an addiction to Yeah, food, whatever the mindset of just in control, absolutely. They say, upwards of five to 10 years, but typically a lifetime of therapy, or to actually truly truly heal this addiction, whereas with hypnotherapy about four to 10 sessions, the form that I do hypnotherapy, it's about one to three sessions for complete healing. So I mean,


I get to talk about how amazing how, you know, work you do is so powerful and so needed.


Oh, well, thank you. But I mean, it's like, I guess it's just pick how long you want to know how long you want to deal with your problem? Because So, so the conscious mind, which makes up one to 5% of our reality, is what we're dialed. I mean, it's like you're listening to right now with this podcast. That's what you and I are talking with. And it's just such a limited perception of reality, whereas the subconscious mind is 95 to 99% of our reality. And so where do we form our subconscious mind? Well, that is the ages of zero to seven. And so our whole entire reality is based off of the programming of our childhood and so how on earth are we supposed to heal an addiction or a problem? In our lives with this one to 5% that's why it's going to take so long. And so I it just isn't as effective because we can think we know what the problem is. I mean, like for me, I thought I knew what caused my eating disorder and what caused my eczema and all these things. But it wasn't until I went back to the subconscious mind and like, into that theta state where I was able to access the actual like infinite potential that's like there have these stored memories and beliefs and traumas.


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Because it's so often it's actually usually not what we think it is. It's usually some like weird little thing that happens. And then that creates like the cascade of like things that happen later on down the line that attracts those into our vibration. And so I mean, gosh, it's like these like Little things that happen or comments that like a parent would say, growing up, that will like lead people to struggle with food their whole lives, or especially like, Oh my gosh, they do so many sessions around money to like, a kid will like hear their parents fighting over money at like two years old. And like, they hear that belief in the like, oh, money equals pain. And so I don't want that in my life. And then they wonder why they can't make any money growing up because of this. And so you can go to therapy and like, talk about this problem forever, and you're probably just going to get really pissed off about it. And you know, that's another thing is that every time I went to therapy, I swear I like was I begin to like, resent my parents, because I was like, they caused this. They made me this way. Whereas in hypnotherapy, it's like, we actually learned to have so much compassion and love for these people, because we see, oh, like they're just doing the best. They knew what to do with at that time. People. I do this thing where we're in hypnotherapy where you're actually able to dialogue for the person and it's so cool. And we are able to see these thoughts and beliefs and programming of the other person. And so then it's like, we begin to have compassion and love and understanding, and that's what heals things. It's not like, like, there's no amount of resentment that's gonna get us towards feeling. It's the forgiveness and understanding of why all of these things happened. And Biggie, being able to forgive people and see that, you know, they were, we're doing the best with what they knew. And that was so huge. And so I think that Yeah, absolutely. Like, I'm not ever going to say like, if do talk therapy, if that's like what feels right for you. But if you're looking for like, quick, true rapid transformation or like you've been going and it hasn't been helping you like there's a deeper issue that you need to look at and that you're just not going to find through dialoguing with the conscious mind.


Yeah, yeah, so true and the subconscious mind It's, it's running this show, you know, and I mean, if we have like, really super, like super conflicting beliefs in our conscious mind, it's like, no matter how hard we try to, like force those new beliefs in through talk therapy, like sometimes we just have to go into the subconscious mind to like, reprogram them. Because it's not our conscious, like thoughts that are like dictating our emotions or thoughts or our beliefs or behaviors. It's those subconscious patterns that are literally running the entire show. So it's so crazy. Hundred percent. Yeah. So okay, how then, do we change this programming in our subconscious mind? Like what are some of the ways that you've used in your life and or you do with your clients to reprogram?


Yeah, yeah, well, that's the fun part. So in this session, I do with my clients, we go back to scenes from their past that have caused the The problem that they're struggling with today so we'll go back and address what those are. And so often there is so much stored emotion that a person has held in their body because of this. And so by going back we're able to address that underlying emotion and release it and it's so powerful and so transformative we don't realize how much emotion our body holds on to for years and years and years. And so we I begin by just allowing them to feel whatever feeling that was released that dialogue with these people, we we can rewrite our past and many people don't think that this is possible, but we can our subconscious, it's all this is all a game. It's all we're making up these stories as they're


stored emotions and memories that we can change and we can attach new emotion to those memories.


Absolutely. Absolutely. Because I mean, how many times in your life Have you heard like, two Completely different stories about the exact event that happened. It's like we can change these stories easily. And so in the theta state, which is hypnosis, it's super easy to change the stories and beliefs and just like really transforming the energy and shifting all of that around these events that have happened to us in our past. And then so that's what I do with all of my clients. And then depending on the client, I always just like intuitively go where I feel led as far as you know, if it's pain, I'll actually have my clients dialogue with the pain which is super powerful. And that is always like, people can't even believe the transformation that that brings when you're able to see the purpose behind the pain because I always just say pain is just your body's trying to pay attention. And you know, there's so many oh my gosh, especially upgrading the child. I love doing that with a lot Have people because none of us have perfect childhoods or perfect upbringings. And so, Mooney can become a loving parent to ourselves, because at the end of the day, our parents are never going to meet all of our needs. And so we actually have to take on that role and become the loving parent to ourselves. That's another really beautiful thing that I do with my clients is to heal these childhood traumas and wounds and you know, things that happen to us in our past because until we go back and fix that we're going to keep rewrite, keep replaying that and attracting in these scenarios and relationships and events and things that resemble these things of our past. So that's really powerful. But yeah, I have, I have a handful of tools and I always just go wherever I feel led for that person's particular situations, but just those are like, those are two of my favorites and that a lot of people can benefit from I think almost everyone can benefit from in some way. I mean, we all have none of us have perfect childhoods or And I'm pretty sure all of us have had pain or health issues at one point in our lives. And so those are two of my favorites. And then from there we go, I make a personalized hypnosis meditation for all of my clients at the end of our session. And that's what we listen to for 21 days afterwards. And that's what helps to really rewire in those new neural pathways and create those new connections in our brain, to signal to our body to rewrite those scripts and shift all of that energy to create the life that we truly desire.


This this show good, I'm like, ready? I'm ready to be hypnotized. I love hypnosis. I've seen so much power of it in my own life too. And obviously, especially from you because I've done it with you before. So it's so good. I love what you're doing. One other thing I wanted to talk about was we kind of touched on a little bit before was how like our inner states are if we're in a state of peace of we're in a state of self love, like how that impacts our health because I know that's something you really talk about is how it is like our emotional states have an impact on our health. 


Mm hmm. Yeah. Oh my gosh, well, anything I want to first begin with just like, it's not. It's not just about I mean, I think that especially, like, in the spirituality, space, it's just like, I'm just gonna manifest it away or like, just be positive all the time. And that doesn't, doesn't always work. I I mean, I'm all for manifesting Don't get me wrong, but we can't just simply manifest away our problems without actually addressing why we got them in the first place and without taking the time to rewire and reprogram that energy. And so like I said, pain, literally equals pay attention, like pain means pay attention. It's just your body, like literally trying to talk about You, and if you don't listen to it, it will continue to snowball into something bigger and bigger and bigger. That's why we see so many cases nowadays of like cancer and heart disease and these things because it's like, our body was nudging us, like, way back then with like a little headache or like a whatever it was, you know, that constant nagging pain. And it's like, we didn't listen, or we just took a Tylenol and then we were like, it'll like, whatever, it'll go away. But it's like, No, that was our body talking to us. And so my first you know, we need to first just get quiet and get still and show compassion, show compassion, because our bodies are so strong. Our bodies are so resilient and our bodies are really just talking with us all the time. We don't even realize how much our bodies are doing to us and for us, all the time, like our bodies are trying to support us like our natural state is health and well being and healing and if we're not in that, it's just an assertion, just assignment. So we need to we need to Look at what those underlying things are that are causing that. And so, I want to you know, like if you are struggling with any type of ailment in your body like just just know that like, it's my heart My heart goes out to you because I totally like it. I remember like what I had really bad eczema I literally like began to hate my hands and hate that part of me. And well, what does anger and our body do? It only attracts in more of that. And so yeah, emotions in our body. And so what you feel in your body is hands down, like it should be your number one priority is your mood and your state of being and how you feel in your body. So if you're not taking the time, every single day to feel good. Like, people think that it's selfish and I and I tell them no, it's like literally the most selfless thing that you could be doing. Because you're able to show up better for others and you become you become a better version of yourself so that others can rise up to meet the vibration that you are at. And so when you're feeling good and high vibe, and happy and aligned and good and your body, you're literally giving others permission to feel that when they're around you, and you're literally radiating out that so that others can feel that too. And so, yes, absolutely, like, not only the feelings that we feel, but the thoughts that we think and I'm such a big proponent of meditation and, and or hypnosis meditations because it really does get us in that state to realize that our thoughts are just thoughts and like we get to choose what thoughts we want to think and we can choose to think thoughts of love and compassion and we can like we have the power to program our bodies towards healing. And towards health and abundance and success, like we can do all of these things, you have so much more power than you could ever, ever imagine. We just aren't. This isn't something that we're taught in school, like how powerful we are and how our thoughts create our reality and create our healing and create the lives that we want. But that is that is like my mission. My goal is to show people that like you are, I don't feel like any of my clients or give them success or any of these things. Like I just showed them how to do it for themselves. I leave them to their own healing and their own amazing destiny that they're looking to create because that's how we actually heal is by empowering, discovering how powerful we are. And so I'm just here to empower you and show you how powerful you truly are.


I love them. I'm so inspired and feeling so good about myself now. Thank you for that powerful pep talk. Oh I know that you mentioned like, you know, something along the lines like feeling good should be your number one priority. And I love that I think I read that one time. And one of Abraham Hicks, Abraham Hicks books or they just say like, affirm to yourself over and over like, feeling good is my number one priority. Feeling good is my number one priority. Nothing is more important. I think that's how they phrased it. Nothing is more important than that. I feel good. And I think that's such a powerful place to focus our energy so for you like what are some of your practices that keep you vibrating in that space?


So good. I love me some Abraham Hicks. I think that's like, yeah, that's, that's definitely something I love doing. If I've ever like meeting a little pep talk. I'll just go on YouTube and look up at Abraham Hicks. But I actually saw her which came, she came to Portland last year.


It was so cool.


Yeah, that was really magical. But um Yeah, so I, I every single day, like my morning routine is sacred to me. And it's kind of funny coming from someone who used to not be a morning person, I actually have grown to really love mornings because of my morning routine. And I tell all of my clients, when I make them their hypnosis to listen to it either first thing in the morning or right before sleep, because that isn't our subconscious mind is the most open. So whatever. Those are the two most potent times of day to get into alignment and to feel good. And so for me every single day like I start my day, phone is on airplane mode. I don't even turn my phone off of airplane mode for like the first two hours. I always start by grounding. I like the very first thing I do while I have like, I have my whole morning routine. I don't know if you want to hear all that. It's pretty, it's pretty lengthy. But I mean I do things like my warm lemon water and then I always go out and even more And it's raining, I always got ground I think the earth I think, Mother Earth for supporting me grounding me rooting me especially during times like this, like it's so good to feel that support and you know think your higher being whatever that is that you want to call it God's source universe. Because if you woke up it means that you have a purpose here. And so always start with that always are just rooting connecting and then I do my gratitude, that's always non negotiable. Always at least three things I'm grateful for. And I always try and spend at least 20 you know, and it depends depending on the day but I like I prefer like a 15 to 20 minute meditation. You know if I'm like rushed or have something on you to do with all settle for five to 10 but my meditation is so important to me. And those are kind of like my, my main like non negotiables and then like before bed, I kind of tried to do the same thing of like, unplug. Don't do this social media because I always find like, Oh my gosh, if I am on social media because I used to do it, like, first thing in the morning and right before asleep, and I was a wreck, like, I just was not happy. And I was, I mean, what people I don't think about and realize this, it's like, those aren't your thoughts that you're thinking, you're picking up on all of the thoughts of everyone else that was on that platform?


Yes, and all their energy too. And you're picking up a lot of


A lot. And it's like, we don't, you don't, you don't want to start your day with that and you don't want to go to bed with it. Especially because when we're sleeping, that's when our mind our subconscious mind is literally like wide open and processing our day. And it will be just like filtering through all of these energies that aren't yours, which is like so unproductive to feeling good. So those are some of the things that I do to feel good. I mean, those are like my non negotiables. And then I mean, like I'm human, I go about my Don't feel good all the time. And like, that's not the point to feel good all the time. But I think the biggest thing is when I start with meditation, and that awareness, I'm so much more easily now to just like recognize, like, if I'm not feeling good, that's not my thought. And like, I don't need to entertain that thought anymore. And that in and of itself, I can't tell you like how life changing and like liberating that is to know that it's like, you can control and give attention to any thought you want. So if it's not something you want to think, just be like, Okay, thank you. That was, I see, like, why you came here, but like, I don't, I don't need that right now. And so, yeah, doing that. And then I mean, there are always things like, turn on abraham hicks video, like change your state, like, listen to a podcast of dance around to some music, like just do something to get yourself out of like that stage to just like, feel good again. And it's it really can be worked. To think that healing and feeling good is like so hard, but it can all be easier than we really think.


Yes, I love that you said that because I, my one of my friends and I talk all the time about how like, massive, massive, massive shifts in your energy and how you feel can happen in an instant. And that belief in and of itself can open up your ability to have that shift in an instant. Mm hmm. I love it. So, so powerful. Thank you for sharing all of that. I think your morning routine is amazing. I love it. Do you live where you can like go outside and like put your feet on the ground when you say you like go ground yourself? Is that what you do?


Yeah, so I live in an apartment. But I'm so grateful because there's like this beautiful. This beautiful little, it's like a parking lot but there's like all these beautiful trees and stuff planted all around it. So yeah, I just go out there and put plant my feet in the earth and do that every single day. You Even in the rain, which is I live in Portland, so there's a chance of rain. It really is so important to me because that's how like I established my connection. And it's so good for our circadian rhythms to like, see the sun sunshine hit our eyes or even through the clouds. It's still you're still getting those movies and just like grounding and connecting and like taking deep breaths is so like, coming back home to my power within me is like, I really like need that for my days. Before I start,


Yeah, I have to be outside to like if I feel like we're like, humans are not built to be inside. Oh. We have to connect with the earth. Yeah, definitely have to move and get outside. So I love that you're able to do that. That's so cool. So is there anything else that you didn't get to share that's on your mind that you want to share or anything else that we didn't cover that you want to talk about?


I would I just think the biggest thing that's coming to me right now is, I feel like there's someone who needs to hear because I think that when we listen to podcasts, one of the goals is to is to shift and to get into that better state. And so I do have like this feeling that there is someone listening who is like in that lower spot and is just like, seeking answers. And I feel like they need to know whoever it is that's listening. Like you need to hear that you are so much more powerful than you believe you do get to create and shift your reality. You don't have to be dictated by your past beliefs forever. And that healing is so much it's so much easier than we are led to believe and all of the power is within you. It's not out there. It's not in the next protocol and Doctor And kill or pharmaceutical it's, it's you know if your intuition leads to there that's great but it's actually always needs to stem from within and so I believe that everyone who's you know listens to these as exactly for reasons absolutely for a reason like you're listening to this right now because you're supposed to hear this, these words and that you, you are waiting for you like you are the healer you are the creator of your reality. And I just want each and every person to leave here feeling empowered and feeling the power that they have within them and that energy allow it to come out of feeling dormant because it is here within you and is ready to show you just how powerful how magical your life can be how beautiful synchronistic aligned and divine everything can be It's all waiting for you and it's all within you.


I love that sounds so perfect, amazing. Thank you so, so much for being here. This is such a great conversation. And I feel like we could talk about like, brains and beliefs for forever. We forever start a podcast called brains and beliefs. But where can we find you and learn more about you and hang out with you?


Yeah. So come on over on Instagram at I am Jasmine Elise. I also have my own podcasts as well. Divine alignment. And oh my gosh, I even just launched a YouTube Jasmine Elise. And then my website is Jasmine Elise.co. So I have all of those though in my Instagram bio. I am Jasmine Elise, or on my site. So yeah, feel free to come by say hello love connecting with with everyone. So I'd love to talk more with you. Well,


yeah, please let us know if this podcast resonated with you guys send us both a message and let us know how it impacted you. And if you were the person who felt moved by what Jasmine said at the end about how she kind of felt like someone needed to hear that message. If that was you, especially let us know. Because I'll just be really awesome. Um, so yeah, well, we'll link everything up in the show notes. And thank you so much for being here. And thank you all for listening. Thank you. I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development Head to magnetically calm to check out all the fun stuff I've learned on there like cooking and courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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