8 steps to break free from thinking about food all the time

podcast Jun 29, 2020

If you’re tired of worrying about food all the time, sick of wondering if you’re making the “right” choices and need someone to make it SIMPLE so you can finally eat in a balanced way WITHOUT all the anxiety and guilt, this is a MUST listen!!

I’m REVEAL my proven 8 step process to break free from thinking about food all the time so you can get back your mental space and energy to focus on your relationships, goals and things that truly matter to you.⁠ These are the exact steps that have allowed me (and all of the amazing women who have been through my online course, The Subtle Art of Food Freedom), to rewire my brain for food freedom and become a confident, intuitive eater.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✧ Why intuitive eating isn’t enough on it’s own and how to fill in the gaps
✧ How to create a clear vision for your relationship to food and your body
✧ How to think the thoughts, adopt the beliefs and take the actions that the version of you who’s already made peace with food and her body would take 
✧ How to practice intuitive eating the EFFECTIVE way
✧ The SECRETS to loving your body NOW
✧ Why it’s critical that you operate from a self-care, not self-control mindset
✧ How to feel happier and more confident right now
✧ How to improve your health without guilt, shame, punishment or rules

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Full Episode Transcript:


All right this is the third episode I've recorded today I'm on a roll and I'm so fired up and I don't think I'm going to be stopping any time soon I am in this like great energy It's Friday I am about to be in my ob ulation phase of my cycle which I have another episode that I also recorded today going about out about tracking your cycles and I the this phase of the cycle like right before you ovulate and during ovulation is when your your energies at a time it's your brain power is at its highest. You want to be like the most visible the most like social butterfly, you're the most energetic so here I am. I feel like I'm talking really, really fast.

So let's let's slow it down. Let's show Madison Okay.

Um, where do we want to get started? Okay, so I am talking in this episode about Might eight steps to break free from thinking about food all the time. So I used to think about and stressed about food 24 freaking seven, it was exhausting. It was terrible.

I hated it and I don't want you to have to suffer through that any longer. I was constantly, constantly, stressed, constantly worried about should I eat this should I eat that or if I was going to a party later that night or some sort of event and there was going to be food there I'd be like, what do I need to do today? Do I need to workout today joining us today and like and then I'd be like stressing all day about this, you know, party to come and completely freaking out about it, letting it ruin my whole day and then when I would get there I wouldn't even enjoy it because the whole time I would be like, obsessed with like, control over how much and what I was eating. And I also was just so malnourished and I was like stressed and hungry and my body was like, screaming for nourishment, and I kept ignoring it. And I was always in this constant, constant constant battle with my brain about what I should and shouldn't be eating. So always worried about making the right choice. And then feeling guilty and anxious when I feel like I didn't make the right choice, which was all the time because I had this very, very, very unreasonable standards of what I believed healthy eating had to look like which was very, very, very, very, very, not healthy. And I had absolutely no energy, chronic back pain, by digestion and hormones were way out of whack. Like I went to the doctor and got my lab results and my estrogen was literally zero like that's not

okay. And, um,

estrogen is what gives you


And so, of course, I had no energy and I felt awful. And I've severe, severe, severe anxiety about food and really about everything else in my life. And I tried all the things to feel better seeing a naturopath, detoxes, cleanses elimination, diets, eating plans, like literally everything and nothing worked. And on the outside, it looked like I was so good and so healthy and people would tell me like, Oh, I wish I had as much discipline as you and in my head. I'm like, No,

I wish I didn't like this is so

stressful. But then part of me was like, I liked the validation. I wanted to keep getting that validation and keep doing it. But on the inside, I felt like I was going crazy. And I knew something was not right. And I was like, I

should have enough to feel

this terrible every single day. And so that's when I I became obsessed and went on a mission to figure out exactly how to just eat like a normal human he what I want, listen to my body, enjoy it with all the anxiety and guilt and move on with my damn life instead of worrying about food 24 seven. And so I did tons of research, I did tons of experimenting with myself to figure out what worked and what didn't. I read the book, intuitive eating, I started listening to intuitive eating podcasts, I really just started diving into this whole world.


what I realized was that what I was eating was not the problem. It was my thoughts and beliefs about what I was eating. And once I learned how my brain worked and hardwired, the right mindset, the right thoughts, the right beliefs, everything changed. And so these are really the eight steps I'm going to be sharing with you today and the exact steps that I took to do that now like food is so far from a problem for me in my life. It's actually a blessing and a pleasure for me in my life and it's very, very easy for me to choose what to eat now I feel completely confident at peace around food, it's it's no longer something that controls me. And I can actually enjoy my life and have like just a mental space and the freedom to travel and go out with friends and work on my business. And I believe that healing my relationship with food for me was a very, very like spiritual journey and a very deep personal inner work journey that unlocked like everything in my life and

especially like allowed me to

start a business and show up in this world like living my purpose and of course, like, it wasn't just like roses and daisies, it wasn't perfect. There was plenty of mistakes, plenty of setbacks, I, you know, first started with reading the book, intuitive eating and that is Didn't you know it definitely helped, but it wasn't better. And I was wondering like, what's what's missing? What's wrong? And so I'm going to tell you some of those things that I found were

missing in this episode. But

long story short, I did it. Okay, so it wasn't perfect. It wasn't easy, but I did it. And so can you and this, I mean, it was the most transformational experience. I've been through healing my relationship with food, it changed everything for me. And because of that, I was like, I need every single woman in the world to know how to do this. Like why did nobody Teach me this in school? Why didn't nobody tell me that all I had to do is listen to my intuition and trust myself and forget the rest. Like why are we so told in trains that you have to die and have to lose weight? You won't know why, because it's a money making scheme. The more you hate yourself, the more you think you need to fix yourself, the more you think you need to diet and lose weight and change. You spend a hell of a lot more money on the things that people are selling you that promise you to get you those things. And first of all, it never works. And even if it does, it doesn't solve your problem because what you're looking for is not a different, a different body. It's not your external circumstances that are going to change how you feel. It's your internal circumstances and thoughts and beliefs and feelings, your internal reality is everything. And if that hasn't changed, and nothing on the outside changing is gonna make you feel better. So anyways, I became a health coach because I needed everyone in the world to know how to do this.

And I coached on this for a really long time and I don't really take on one on one food freedom clients any more I do occasionally if it's a really, really good fit. So if that's something you're interested in, you can reach out to me but where I really like to direct people is my free training on it's magnetically dot com slash work stop workshop it really goes deeper into these steps I'm just getting since there's eight steps, I'm going to briefly go over them all today and then you can go into that free workshop it really breaks down the first three steps in more detail and then tells you how you can learn more about the rest of the five steps but don't worry, this episode is still gonna have a lot of value and a lot of help and support for you in this so I can imagine if you're still listening to this if you chose this episode I can imagine you want to figure out your purpose outside of food in your body to and you want to stop thinking about food all the time and just like live your life without the constant worry and the out of the constant guilt. And if you're ready for a change, you're done with all that then listen up. You are so in the right place and I got you and trust me if I can do it, so can you like it No idea where to get started, I really didn't believe this was going to be possible for me. But I made the commitment to keep taking one step forward. And I truly believe that I went through this so that I could help you overcome this much faster and easier than I did. And so that's what this episode is really all about. So let's just go ahead and do it. So step one is to create a clear vision for what you want your relationship with food and your body to look like actually, there's a we'll do eight steps. I was gonna say there's nine, but we'll just call them eight with a bonus.

Okay, step one is to create a clear vision. So your brain basically is designed to bring the images and thoughts that you create in your mind into your reality. That's how powerful our brains are. So whatever it is that you're thinking and believing and seeing in your mind is what you're going to create in your external reality. So that's why it's so important to create a vision for what you want your relationship with food and your body to look like how do you want to feel? What do you want your habits to look like? How much do you want to sleep? What does it look like when you go out to eat? And at a restaurant? Like do you want to be the kind of person who orders a glass of wine and it's just chillin and like snacks on the appetizers freely without worrying about it? Like, what does that vision look like for you?

And I want you to spend some time maybe thinking thinking about that today. Maybe pause this episode and write down what your vision is. What is that? What does that look like for you? What does that feel like for you maybe close your eyes and close your eyes and just tap into what that feels like. Also speaking of vision, I just remembered if you go watch the free training at magnetically your comm slash work Sharp sign up for the free training, you'll be able to pick a time and day that works best for you. And if you stay until the end, you're going to get my free guided future visualization, which is literally designed to start rewiring your brain to attract and create that vision reality that it is that you want for your relationship with you. So that's step one. Step number two is to master your mindset. This is such an important one. And I think, you know, this is what I'm talking about today is really filling in all of the pieces that are intuitive that were missing for me and intuitive eating intuitive eating is a fantastic tool, but it's very, very, very focused on behaviors, and what creates behaviors, your thoughts and your beliefs. So really, we need to go to the thought and belief level before anything changes. If you try to change your behaviors, there's going to be so much resistance You're going to self sabotage and go back to old patterns. If you first change your thoughts, and your beliefs and how you feel on the inside, then those behaviors are going to become an inevitable byproduct of who you are and there's going to be so much less resistance it's going to be much easier and feel much better and you're not going to self sabotage you're going to keep going So step number two is to master your mindset I want you to get honest with yourself.

What are the thoughts that are going through your head all day about food? I can't eat this. I can't eat any calories too many calories over it according to seriously according to this foods good this foods bad. I can only X number of calories I have to lose 10 pounds or else this will happen like what are the thoughts and beliefs that are going through your head all day about food write this down. Just get them out on paper and see what they are start becoming aware of them because that's That's the biggest thing is step number one with mastering your mind is to become aware of what you're thinking and what you're believing and start questioning it. Ask yourself, when you think, Oh, I can't eat that, because that's bad. Ask yourself Wait, is that true? How do I know that's true? When I think the thought that foods bad I can't eat it? How does that make me feel? And is there? Is there any stress free reason to hold on to this thought? And what would I tell a friend or my daughter or my son, someone I love? Who was having these thoughts and beliefs? What would I tell them? And is there something else that I could believe or think that might be more empowering? So start asking yourself those questions start, start becoming aware of your thoughts. start questioning them and then ask yourself better questions and see if you can choose more empowering thoughts and beliefs. Step number three is to align with the future you So who am Is that version of you? That's already made peace with food in her body? What does she do when she goes on to the restaurant? What is she thinking about day to day? What are her habits? What are her beliefs? What are her thoughts? How does she feel about herself? How does she feel about food? How does she feel about life? How does she show up in this world? But is she spent her time doing what information is she consuming? Is she scrolling all day on clean eating Instagram accounts? Or is she getting off of social media and reading the book intuitive eating or listening to this podcast episode? like where are you focusing your energy and intention, and I would invite you to focus your energy and intention on that future version of you. How can you embody and show up as the version of us already made peace with food in her body? If you already were that person, how would you act? How would you think what would you do? If you knew whatever version of you would do? What would that be? And see if you can start living that and embodying that Step number four is really developing the habits and intuitive eating. So this is really where we start getting into the behavioral piece of things. So you'll notice the first three things had nothing to do with why you're eating and why you're not eating. That is the whole freakin point. All the worry about what you're eating and not eating is the very thing keeping you stuck and obsessed with what you're eating and not eating.

See how that makes sense.

Steps one through three. It's all the inner work, it's focusing on your brain, your energy, and who you are being how you're thinking how you are. how you are feeling, okay, so that is the foundation you've got to have that foundation before you start moving into trying to change behaviors and everything because otherwise you're going to self sabotage or you're going to turn intuitive eating into the hunger fullness diet. Okay? So step number four is really what you would think of as intuitive eating and so this is really all about like, honoring, honoring your body, really tapping into the signals of your body, checking in with your hunger, checking in with your fullness, checking in with your satisfaction, listening to your body tapping into those cues, when really making, eating an enjoyable experience by being present, being there, focusing on what feels good, what doesn't feel good, give yourself permission, one of the principles of intuitive eating well, I don't know if it's a principle, but it's one of the things then we can talk about is giving yourself unconditional permission to eat what you want. And what I would add to that is give yourself unconditional permission and give yourself the intention to feel good, because what a lot of people do is they get terrified with intuitive eating and they're like, oh, if I just give myself unconditional permission. I'm gonna like go off the deep end and just see like cookies and donuts and burgers all day. Not true. First of all you might, you might because your body's been so deprived and that's exactly maybe why your body might need for a hot minute let it happen. It's fine. You will survive. If you want to go back to controlling and thinking about food. 24 seven, you can but just experiment, see what happens. Okay. Um, okay, I forgot where I was going with that.

Ah, checking in with your hunger and fullness. Yeah, I don't know. It'll come back to me. Okay. So yeah, this is what this step is really all about, just like listening to those signals of your body tapping in checking it Oh, what I was going to add to the unconditional permission. intention. Add the intention of feeling good. Okay. You're allowed. Most people think intuitive eating means you just like I said, Go eat the doughnuts and cookies and brownies. But that's because they're not give also giving themselves permission to focus on feeling good. You're allowed to want that. To feel good and your body feel physically good, feel physically satisfied, feel physically at a comfortable, comfortable fullness level, you're allowed to want those things, okay? So give yourself permission to eat, why you want and take into account how it makes you feel you're allowed to do both you get to do both, it's possible to do both. Stop telling yourself, it's one or the other, that you can be healthier. You can eat what you want. Now you can feel good, and you can be your healthiest and you can eat what you want. Your body knows what it needs, trust it and listen to it. Cut through all of the bullshit about what you've been told about what you should and shouldn't be eating every single one of our bodies are completely different. And if you're listening to what may have worked for someone else, then you're completely sabotaging and ignoring your own needs. And so when you let go of worrying about what you've been told about what you shouldn't, shouldn't do and really just check in with your body and what you need, it will tell you, okay, so make the make that create that space and listen. Step number five is is to love your body, honor your body care for your body show up for your body. Okay? How can you if you loved your body? If you thought you were the hottest thing in the world? How would you show up for yourself? How would you dress? How would you feed yourself? How would you care for yourself? How would you look at yourself? What would you say about yourself? And how can you start showing up for yourself in that way now? because trust me, if you change your body, it is not going to change what's going on inside of you. You're still going to be you you're still going to have these negative feelings and thoughts about yourself changing the outside does not fix and change what's going on on the inside. And, you know, so many people think like oh, once I once I lose way like then I'll be happy and then I'll be confident then people well then people will love me and you know then this will happen and that's bullshit.

If that were true then every you know thin person in the world would be happy and healthy and living their best life and they're not so that's not true. It's an illusion that the diet industry wants you to buy into so you keep buying their fucking bullshit it's gets me real fired up so love and honor your body. Step number six is adopt the self care over self control mindset. So instead of obsessing over what should I do, what am I supposed to do? I gotta like control myself. Can you step into the energy of how can I honor myself? What do I need today? What is my body really wants today? What is my mind wants today? What does my soul want today? Do you see how that is completely different when you show up for yourself in that way. And guess what sells Care mindset leads to much healthier thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and outcomes than the self control mindset does.

When you're operating from the self control mindset, you will focus on and prioritize control over what you need and what your body needs at all costs, which obviously you can tell is not it's not going to be healthy for you, it's not going to feel good. Step number seven is to create and choose happiness and confidence now so like I was saying, so many of us think oh, once I get there, once I do this, like then I'll be happy and No, you know what creates happiness and confidence Your thoughts?

So can you see how you're not happy and not confident now because of the way you're thinking? And what would happen if you changed your thoughts if you changed your beliefs. what may happen so those those thoughts and feelings that you think you can't have until you've changed your body or eat perfectly or whatever it is, those thoughts and feelings are available to you now choose them. That is your choice you can create them and you can choose them. Step number eight is to improve your health you can focus on your health you can focus on feeling good without depriving yourself without shame without rules without punishment. And how you do that is you focus on feeling good, use, make feeling good, your number one priority. Trust me you will be your healthiest and feel your best and feel your most confident when you make feeling good. Your number one priority if that's all you take from this episode, literally make feeling good your job just try it for a month. See how it goes. Trust me, it will change everything.

So focus on feeling good. Focus on ways to improve your health. Feel your best that don't involve deprivation and shame and rules and punishment. So instead of being like, I have to drink green celery juice every morning, which like, I don't know about you, but for me that feels like kind of like stressful. Like, I can't eat this. I can't do that. Oh my god, it's like also stressful the rules like how do we keep up with all of it? How do we know what's good and bad, and everyone has a different opinion. It's like, Oh my god, it's overwhelming. So instead, focus on what feels good for you above all else.

And you can do you can do things to improve your health and your well being itto eat a variety. Try. Try new things, feel into your body's signals, focus on adding things to your meals that will increase your satisfaction and give you energy like you're allowed to focus on the things that make you feel good and it doesn't have to come from this energy and place of deprivation and shame, and rules and punishment. And then the last little bonus tip is to Once you've done this with food, you can apply these same principles to every single area of your life to find freedom and confidence in all areas of your life and not where the freaking magic happens. Because you guys, this is about so much more than food. Honestly, like, once you've healed your relationship with food, it opens you up so much, you have so much more mental space, so much more energy to focus on the things you really care about. For me, it allowed me to start my business and step into my purpose, I'm happier and confident, more confident than ever, and it only keeps getting better. That's the best part is that it only keeps getting better. So you have so much to look forward to. This is possible for you. If you want to get started. The best first place to get started is my free workshop that I've been telling you about. It's at magnetical you.com slash workshop. I'm going to dive much much deeper into the first three steps and then I'll tell you during that workshop how you can dive deeper into all of this stuff since it is a process and you know, there is work to be done. But that doesn't mean it has to take like five years or they have to live with these problems for the rest of your life, it can happen a lot faster and a lot easier than you think. With the right mindset and the right tools and the right support, I want to help you get started. So if you're struggling with thinking about food all the time, and you can't seem to get rid of all the worry and you want to spend less time and energy worrying about foods you have more time and energy for your goals and relationships and things you're like are about, go sign up for this workshop right now and show up. Don't just sign up, show up show up for the time that you sign up for and watch the whole thing. And when you stay to the end, I will reward you. And you'll get my free guided visualization to start immediately rewiring your brain for food freedom and help you really create that crystal clear vision of exactly what you want for your relationship with food and your body so your brain starts going to work. For you, okay. So, go to magnetically you.com slash workshop sign up and let me know how that workshop goes for you. Also, if you want to reach out to me on Instagram, if you have any questions about this, I am an open book about my journey. I'm happy to answer any of your questions you can message me at magnetically you. And I'd be happy to help you through this and talk more about it if you have any questions. And as always, I'd love to hear what you thought of this episode, how it impacted you how it helped you. So let me know that too. And I'm so needy right now. Just kidding. If you would please go Leave me a review on iTunes, it would mean the world to me if this helped you or impacted you in any way that would mean the world to me so that I can reach other women and help other women with this and really just empower them in all areas of their life. So Thank you so much for listening. You've got this. I'm here for you and don't give up.

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