9 steps to FINALLY start the business you’ve been dreaming about

podcast Jun 23, 2020

Are you a new or aspiring coach who feels overwhelmed and unsure about where to get started or what to do next? This episode is for YOU!

I get it because I have totally been there - I know how frustrating it is to be in a job that sucks your soul and to see others doing what you WISH you were doing and wonder why you aren’t as far along as they are.

I know how it feels to have no freaking clue where to get started or what to do next. I know how it feels to have nothing going your way despite working so hard and giving it your best effort.

But I promise you, it doesn’t have to be that way. And in this episode, I’m breaking down the 9 steps you need to follow to FINALLY start your biz!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to let go of the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way of getting started
✧ How to think the thoughts, adopt the beliefs and take the actions that the version of you who already has a successful biz takes
✧  Why self-love is NECESSARY if you want your biz to be successful
✧  How to use your thoughts to create the biz & life you want
✧  Why you need to practice what you preach
✧  The 3 main platforms/tools you need to get started
✧  How to get crystal clear on your niche - who you want to serve and how you want to serve them
✧ Why FEELING GOOD is your job above anything else
✧  How to show the F up even when you’re afraid of failing

I have 2 spots left in my 1:1 6 week coaching experience for new and aspiring coaches who are looking for clarity, confidence and direction in their business so they can finally attract their soulmate clients and make money doing what they love. If this sounds like you, go to https://www.magneticallyyou.com/contact to schedule a free discovery call with me. 


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, I am so


excited for this episode. I feel like I see that every time but that's why I started this podcast because I have a lot of exciting stuff to talk about. Okay, so this episode I'm going to be talking about nine steps to finally starting your online business if you have been dreaming about starting an online business, but you don't know where to get started, you don't know what to do next. You don't want to make money you're not sure what like niche to pick or what you even want to do and maybe you don't feel qualified enough. If any of those resonate with you, this episode is for you. So listen up.




So first thing is first. So with with my approach and really with everything I teach you Give them with when I only was teaching women to heal their relationship with food, we start with the inner work. We start with beliefs, we start with reprogramming the mind, we start with self love and self worth, because that is the foundation of anything in your life that you want to create. And without that foundation, it's going to be really, really hard to build a business. So these first few steps are focused on the inner work, you have to have that foundation in order to create what it is that you want. Because without that foundation without doing that inner work, you will inevitably self sabotage and hold yourself back from things because you either you don't deserve it, you don't feel qualified enough for it you keep telling yourself this story of I don't know where to get started and all those things end up keeping you stuck and keeping you from being able to create something that's really powerful and that feels really fulfilling for you. So the first step is to


let go of


the limit. beliefs that are holding you back. So this is really step one is to read about reprogramming your mind reprogramming the thoughts, and the beliefs that are standing in your way. So, if you ask yourself if you really, really want to start a business or you've started one but you just can't quite get clients or money like don't know what the heck is the problem? Sit down, grab a journal, pause this if you need to, and ask yourself what is preventing me from starting my business? Or what is preventing me from making money and attracting clients in my business? If I knew if I if I knew what was preventing me What might that be and just see what see what comes up, see what's in, see what's coming up in your way and that's where you need to start. Those are the things that you need to work through because you're, you have this idea to start a business for a reason. It's because it's possible for you it's because you're meant to do it. And the everything you need to know already lives inside of You basically we just need to like clear out the crap that you've cleared out the crap and unlearn the crap that that has been holding you back and keeping you stuck and keeping you small. So a couple of the really common beliefs I see in women who want to get started, but they're, they're like talking themselves out of and I know this because I'm very familiar with them. I experienced all of these, myself and my journey on but the first one is I'm not qualified enough and let me tell you like you don't need a special qualification or a certification in order to get started and in order to help people.


If you have a


good intention in your heart to help people, you've been through something that you know you can help someone else overcome. Maybe you're only one step ahead of someone else on a journey that you're on and you want to help them you can you wouldn't have the the Idea otherwise, okay, so let go of this idea that you need to wait until you have certifications or qualifications. It's actually a form of self sabotage and a form of procrastination. Because when you tell yourself Oh, I have to wait till I'm qualified, oh, I have to wait till I get this certification. You get like a get out of jail free card of doing the the scary things, the uncomfortable things of putting yourself out there if you're like, Oh, I have to wait till I'm qualified then you don't have to show up and be get vulnerable and put yourself out there. So it's self sabotage your if you want to help people and you have a powerful message to share, you are qualified and you are ready. Okay. Another one is I don't know where to get started. Well, no shit. You've never done this before. How would you know? Right? Like Give yourself a break. Of course you don't know where to get started. You've never done this. Have you ever done something in your life before? You've never done before and you didn't know where to get started. And then you did it and everything turned out fine. Trust yourself, take one step. The reason why we think it's so hard to get started is because we think we have to know how to get from zero to 100. You don't need to know how to get from zero to 100. Just get to one. And one might lead you to two or two points, whatever, in a different direction. Like, just take the first step, taking the steps is what creates clarity. And, you know, if you're worried about


like, what if I take the wrong step? Good.


It will give you more information about what next step to take. But if you take no action, you're not going to get any new information. And you're just going to sit around thinking and thinking and thinking and wishing and no amount


of thought,


creates clarity or creates confidence. You have to just go do that first step, dive in. Give yourself permission to screw it up because you probably will and that's okay. That's part of the process. Okay, another one that I see come up often is I don't know, like what niche to do, I don't know what to sell. Okay, you do know what you want. The problem is that you're trying to fit yourself into what you should do. Stop focusing on what you should do stop focusing on what you think is going to make you the most money. What do you want to do in your heart? Maybe this is another one to journal on. If you pause this and journal, what is it that I really want to share? Who is it that I really want to help and just see what comes up and you don't have to have your niche perfectly figured out and it also it doesn't have to be permanent. Like if you start with one niche, and you're like, I'm going to be a health coach and I'm going to help women heal their hormones and then two months later, you're like, Oh, I don't actually like that. I'm going to try something else great. You can change but doing it is what gives you that information about what you need to change what you need to tweak and what's what's working, what's not. And, you know, one example For me, like I've had so many different like niches and evolutions of my business, I started out doing food photography, I developed recipes for brands, I did professional food photography, like I was in my kitchen all the time and with my camera like standing on top of my table, taking all these pictures of food. And then over time I started getting into health coaching I helped and then I dove deeper into more specific health coaching and helping women completely heal their relationship with food and rewire their brain for food freedom. And through that I realized I'm actually meant to teach something on such a bigger scale than food. For me healing my relationship with food was such a spiritual transformational journey that opened up so much in my life that I feel like it's all those things that it opened up that I need to now be talking About and so that's already and just a few years, three completely different iterations of my business and so give yourself permission to evolve and to change you're allowed to nothing is permanent. Um, yeah, those are just some of the common like, beliefs and thoughts that may be holding you back. So yeah, if there's any other ones that are coming up, like, write, write them down, ask yourself, what's what's preventing me and and


is there an example where this isn't true?


What would I tell my best friends? If she was believing these things? If I was already living my dream business, and I had clients, what would I tell my clients? How would I tell them to show up, okay? Step number two is to align with the future version of you. So I want you to think about like, Okay, what is it that I really want? Well, maybe you want to create a bit Where you're earning $100,000 a year it's your full time job you're traveling. Maybe you have a team like whatever it is that you want for business, you're impacting 500 women a year like whatever it is that you want. The future version of you who already has that? What does she act like? How does she show up? What are her beliefs? What are her thoughts? What are her habits? Who does she hang out with? What content does she consume? What is she spent her time doing? How does she take care of herself? How does she honor her mind body and soul? And how can you step into an embodied that version of you now? Okay. There is some crazy artwork outside I I'm praying that you can't hear it but if you can just go with it, but I think my microphone is good enough to where you can't really hear it that much. But I feel like there's yard work outside of my apartment like literally 24 seven but that's for another Time. Okay. So step two alignment, the future you. Step three is to really work on your self worth and loving yourself because how you show up for yourself is how you're going to show up for your business. So, if you are very self critical, then you're going to show up with a lot of criticism for your business and it's going to be really hard to get going. If you're criticizing everything you're doing and your inner reality. What's going on on the inside for you is what creates your outer reality is what creates the results in your business. So if you have all kinds of self self doubt and self questioning and fear and all of these things that are constantly going through your mind, then you know guess what kind of results that's going to create but if you love yourself, if you know that you are worthy have everything you desire and you're confident in yourself like you, you competence really is the belief in yourself that you can figure it out. If you have that belief in yourself that like, I fucking got this, like, I can do this, I deserve this. Once you have those beliefs to yourself, it becomes a lot easier and that's really the foundation because your inner reality creates your outer reality. So practice honoring yourself practice showing up as the competent version of you, if you you know are like Oh, like I can't go on my Instagram story because like, no one's gonna listen, I only have 500 followers. Well, how would you show up if you had 10,000 followers? And can you can you show up like that now? Why can't you it's just thoughts creating that story and telling you that you can't. Okay. And number four is to practice what you plan on preaching. So live it every day. If you are trying to teach something that You don't feel competent in or that you don't practice and preach yourself. It's gone. The message is going to come off broken. People are going to feel that weird vibe from you. They're gonna be like something about what she said just isn't jiving like, I don't know about that. And so practice what you


preach if you teach meditation,


meditate, if you teach


women how to heal their relationship with food, how are you honoring and showing up for your own relationship


with food?


Okay, I'm back.


Sorry, Trefor was outside on a work call and I was getting destroyed. I acted


like can you go to your room?


He thinks I like lock him up in his room


whenever I podcast but I'm like, I gotta have some peace and quiet so I can focus. So anyways, it's interesting working in a small apartment to humans, but we're doing it and it's fun. And I'm so grateful to have him here. Okay, moving on. So practice what you preach, live it. Where in your life are you not embodying what it is that you want to share with others? And how can you first show up for and do that for yourself? Okay. Step number five is to create an email list. start collecting people's email addresses because the thing about an email list is it's you own that right? Like so tomorrow, Instagram could shut down they could change their algorithm and all these things. You don't really have control over that but your email list you can reach those people anytime you want to Okay, so start email list. I don't care how many people you start out with on it, it's okay. If it's small. It doesn't matter how big your email list is, it's not a matter of the size of emails, it's a matter of the quality of your message. Okay? And putting value out there, the more value you put out, the more will grow. And don't worry, it's you don't need to grow it to thousands and thousands of people overnight. It's fine. Okay, so started an email list, create a website, I use kajabi. For my website, my email list, my online courses are all hosted through kajabi What else does it do my landing pages where people can like opt into various like freebies and programs, my checkout and payment system it's all on kajabi. So I highly recommend kajabi if that's an investment that you are willing to make, and it's so worth it. It's gonna make your life so much easier. Go ahead and do that now because you don't want to have to do what I did and change everything over from WordPress to kajabi which is not the end of the world you can hire a virtual assistant to do that and it's completely fine. Like I really didn't do any of it, it just took a long time. So start with kajabi if you can, if you can, it's fine. Start with WordPress, Squarespace, whatever. You can get your hands on whatever, you can get up. The easiest and whatever feels the most easy and fun to you do that, okay. So create an email list. Create a website and get on social media. You don't need to be on every single social media platform. I would start with one which one do you have the most fun on if it's Instagram Great. Good Instagram. Okay. And there's actually an episode on branding with Olivia Sylvester. Oh, I forget exactly.


Hold on one second. All look at what number it is.


Okay, Episode 18. How to create a magnetic branch. Olivia is a brand expert she's amazing listen to that episode if you want to know about branding and branding is actually so much more than you think it's not just the the logos and the fonts and all that shit which please do not waste all of your time on that stuff I did that in the beginning of my business and it's is the biggest waste of time focus on the activities that are going to drive your business forward is creating a logo going to bring you clients and going to bring you revenue, know what, so where can you focus your energy while creating high value content Okay, showing up for your email is showing up for your people on social media putting offers out there messaging, creating a program Okay? So that's Step five is to those are really the basics you've really keep it keep it simple, okay, an email list, a website and social media. In that episode with Olivia she actually tells you like the key core things to have on your website which is so, so helpful. Don't Don't go crazy. do get the basics up and you can always tweak and improve as you go dude, dude Do not wait to make offers and start making money and to start your business until you have a perfect website you don't even technically need a website to start your business you can you can start with that without it Okay, so don't let any thought keep you from


moving things forward.


And when these steps really kind of like all fuse together like this doesn't mean like you know a later step is going to be put offers out there This doesn't mean that your website has to be perfectly done before you put an offer out there Okay, so just you know, take the steps format with a grain of salt because I can communicate them to you in English all the exact same time.




so fired up about this. All right. Where are we at? Okay, Step six, create weekly content that is valuable to people, and a weekly email. Okay? So send your email list, don't just have an email list and then post them, send them an email with valuable content every single week, or every two weeks, once a month, whatever it is, start where you're at, do what you can do what feels easy and feels good for you. And then I would say, weekly, again, bi weekly, monthly, whatever it is, whatever it is that you can manage and feel good about. Okay, so content, consistent content, whether that's a podcast igtv.




a blog, wherever it is show up and create value and create content regularly and consistently for your people. Okay, step seven is to get clear Again, you do not have to be perfectly clear. Just choose why Who do you want to help? And how do you want to help them. So, if you're feeling really, really indecisive about who you want to help, what you want to do what you want to be selling what you want to be teaching, listen to my episode, I'm gonna have to look this one up, too. Okay, and this is there's an episode on indecision. Number nine, episode nine, six steps to eliminate indecision. If you're stuck in this back and forth and don't know what to do you have too many ideas. You don't know which ones to pick. Listen to that episode, we'll help you get clear, make a decision move forward, you can always change it later. So I want you to think about who do you want to help and how do you want to help them that's number number seven, and you can spend some time journaling on this and asking yourself questions to get clear on who, who that person is. And please don't, don't do who you think it should be or who is going to make you the most money or the niche that someone else told you to do forget that shit and do what feels good for you, and a lot of times your ideal client is going to be a past version of yourself. So tap in to where you used to be a few years ago and, and how you can help them get to where you are now maybe, maybe that's what you're


helping people


with. Okay, so a couple things that you can


journal on to get clear on


who this person is and what exactly they need. So what are what are their pain points? What are they struggling with them? What's hard for them? What do they call their best friends? complaining about and venting about venting is the better word. What's, how do they describe the problem and what do you know that they're real problem is like the root problem is and you know, what? Are they obsessing over? What are they excited about? Where do they spend their time hanging out? Like, what? What is it that they really want? If you took a video camera to their life and filmed them for a day like what what would you see? What would they be struggling with? What would they be saying? And if you ask them to imagine their dream life,


what what would that look like? What would they say


about that? What is it that they really want? And you know, you're the first answer when you say what is it they really want? Well, maybe they want money. Okay, well, how can you get more specific Okay, so and the way to do this ask yourself, okay, so if what they want is to stop for me my old business was I helped women I sell a course on this but


to help women stop thinking about food


All of the time. So what they want is to stop thinking about food, and what does that give them? Okay, so really think about that question and go deeper. Okay, so if they want to stop thinking about food, what does that give them? Well it gives them more time and more energy with their family and for the things they really care about. And what is more time and energy with their family and friends. Give them while it gives them more fulfillment more connection in their life. Okay, so keep keep digging deeper and keep honing in on what is it that they want and how can you help them. Step number eight, is to put offers out there, do not wait until you have the perfect thing ready to sell or the perfect website, the perfect branding, the perfect social media, the perfect messaging, whatever it is, to put it out there. The faster you put your offers out there, the faster you will create offers that that sell and really, really impact and help people. Okay? So put it out there, whatever it is you want to help people with, put it out there, put it out there before you're ready, put it out there before you've even created it. You can create it as you go. I do that all the time. It's great.


Okay. So


yeah, I think what a lot of what I did,


and what a lot of people do and their businesses they get so caught up in the doing in the day to day activities of their business, like fixing things on the website and tweaking the colors and tweaking the branding and editing all these pictures for social media. And that keeps them it's like that busywork keeps them from doing the work that's actually going to create them a business and find them clients and make them money. So remember that you're here to create a business you're not here to play on your computer like I used to Do I would live I don't even know what I did. I worked all the freaking time. I don't I couldn't even tell you what I was doing. I was like fixing things on my website, changing my email signature, changing my Instagram bio 1000 times like things that just don't move the needle forward. So don't do what I did. Put the offers out there, don't stop letting those those silly busywork tasks keep you from showing up and doing the real uncomfortable work. Okay. It's It's scary to put your first offer out there. It's scary. So what do we do? Oh, our brains love to be sneaky and self sabotage like,


Oh, well, I can't


put out there except to work on my website for three more months. Yeah, let's just work on the website for three more months and then we'll be ready. And then three more months comes around. You're like, Oh, you know what, actually, I have to, I have to really get my filter right for my Instagram pictures. Let me spend two weeks on that and then you never do it. Okay, so stop self sabotaging and just frickin Do it put the offers out there you are ready to help people. And it's okay if your first offer doesn't land the first time I sold an online course zero people bought at zero. I spent three months creating it. And zero people bought it. Now, I went on, that was my first food freedom course, I went on to update the course really focus on my messaging and who it was for and really start showing up authentically with what I what felt good for me to share rather than what I was supposed to share. And I kept taking, taking the feedback, learning tweaking, launching it again, taking the feedback, learning, tweaking, launching and again, and that ended up being a program that I had dozens and dozens of women go through and have their lives completely changed and had I given up after that first time that zero people enrolled I wouldn't have deeply deeply, deeply touched changed those women's lives. So that brings me to step


number nine,


keep going no matter what show the EFF up. There are people out there who need you to show up. And it is, isn't it more important to get out there and show up for the people who are waiting for you who are praying for you and who needs you rather than to worry about the people who might think you're weird or the people who are going to ghost you because that's going to happen to people, we're going to talk shit about you, whatever it is, show up and keep going. One of the biggest lessons in being an entrepreneur and what I heard someone say the other day, which resonated so much with me is just fail faster. Failure is inevitable. It is it is the same path of success, so fail faster, the faster you fail. The more you learn. The more you learn the exact lessons and tools and strategies that you need in order to move forward and experiences success. You want. So those are my nine steps, I have a couple more tips that I want to share with you. And these are just, these didn't really fit into an sequential step format. So I'm just gonna throw them out there and take them, take them for what they are. Okay? So really, like I was saying, like,




you've got to do the inner work, you've got to heal those things that are holding you back. You've got to figure out what's going on with your confidence in your self worth and, and love yourself.


You've got to


be in an energy that feels good. If you feel like stressed and overwhelmed all the time, like people are gonna feel that okay. So you have to focus on you first. Focus on feeling good, make feeling good. Your job. Tell yourself over and over. There is nothing more important than that. I feel good. There's nothing more important than that. I feel good. Close your eyes. Sit, repeat after me. Take a deep breath. Then exhale out the mouth. One more time, biggest breath end of the day. And exhale, let it go. Now repeat after me. Nothing is more important than that. I feel good.


Feeling good is my job.


Okay, work from that place every day. trust your intuition. Keep it simple. when things start feeling complicated, that's when you know take a step back, look at what needs to be deleted look at where you're focusing on things that aren't actually helping your business move forward. Keep it simple Cut the bullshit. Okay, you guys can tell I feel like I'm in a really, really fire inner energy to them and loving it. Okay. And then the other thing I would say is see everything is an experiment. You're Just testing, you're experimenting, you're trialing or changing variables, you're seeing what works, you're seeing what doesn't. And then you're taking that data and information and then forming it, using it to inform you moving forward. What you're not doing is




all of your, you know, this, this larger, this thing I saw like must be the thing, and then it's not and then you make it mean something about you stop assigning that meaning if you were meant to have reached the level of, of, quote, success that you want, you would have reached it You weren't meant to and you're exactly where you're meant to be. You're always where you're meant to be. And you are learning the exact lessons and tools and strategies to get you where you want to be. So where you are now. It's the perfect path for you. So keep trusting that and keep going. And the last thing I would say is to bring in some sort of energetic or spiritual practice or ritual into your every single day, I cannot tell you how important this is to feel good, like feeling good, is


everything because


feeling good and feeling worthy are really the two key energetic foundations to creating everything you want in your life because if you don't feel good, then what's the point anyways? And if you don't believe you're worthy, then how do you expect to create something that you don't even believe you're good enough or you don't even believe you deserve it or you don't feel confident in yourself to create it? Well, of course you're not going


to create it if you don't believe you're


not going to create it. Whatever. You believe you can't wait. Oh, man, I'm gonna mess up this quote. Okay. Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. To where do you gonna focus your energy and your attention? Okay, let me see if there's anything else I wanted to share with you all. I think those everything really coming through. So I want you to just keep things simple, don't overcomplicate things and just get started. There is no reason you have to wait


several years to get started like I did,


I wanted so badly to start a blog and to start a business for oh my gosh, like years I thought on it I even bought a camera to start doing food photography that I didn't even use for like two years, I bought a website that I didn't use for an entire year like don't do what I did start and perfectly start messy, you will figure it out as you go. And if you want help implementing these nine steps, because this is really the exact journey I've had to go on. I can help you get through it and move through a lot faster and a lot easier than I did and help you avoid a lot of those mistakes that I made that really kind of like slowed the process and just made it so much Much harder than it needed to be like the beginning of my business. It was not fun it was I made it so hard. I was working all the time. It was like such a struggle. And now, I work a couple hours a day, I focus on the things that make me feel good. And I let go of the rest. And I just trust myself to keep moving forward, and then keep showing up no matter what. So if you want help implementing these nine steps, if you are a new or aspiring coach who wants to start a business, but maybe you don't know where to get started, or what to do next, like I get it. I know how frustrating that is to feel like you have this mission and this greater purpose and that you're not living it and maybe you're in a job that you hate, or maybe you see other people doing what you wish you were and you wonder like why am I not doing that? Or why am I not as far along as they are and I know how it feels to have no freaking clue where to get started or what to do next. As you know, I've sat on plenty of ideas and tools for many years before doing anything and I don't want you


to do that.




I want to let you know like it this is possible for you to it doesn't have to be that hard. You just have to trust yourself you already know the answers your dream business is already alive inside of you and waiting to come out, you would not be listening to this episode. I by this point all the way this far and if you were not meant to have an impactful business, you would not be listening still, that is inside of you that desire is inside of you for a reason you are here for a reason. So stop listening to whatever else is telling you that you need to do or you should do and stop trying to copy what everyone else is doing. You've got to let go of the idea that there is a right


or a good way


to create your business. It's your business, and it's your life and you can literally create anything that you want and When you let go of trying to get it right, and tap into your intuition and the part of you that already knows exactly what you need to do, that's when the freedom and success you've been praying for will come, it is possible for you and you have everything that you need in order to agree the life and the business that you dream of. And I would love to help you access that and tap into that and cut through all the


bullshit that's holding you back. So


right now, I have two spots left in my one on one six week coaching experience for new and aspiring coaches who are looking for clarity, competence and direction in their business so they can finally attract their soulmate clients and make money doing what they love. We're going to go through all nine steps and so much more. In these six weeks really accelerate this process for you. Get you feeling so confident, so fired up and so in inspired action, that the results that you want, can't help but flood their way to you. So if This sounds like you just go ahead and go to magnetical youth comm slash contact book a free discovery call with me and we will talk more and see if it's a good fit for you. And so I don't know if the spots will still be open by the time this goes live. But at the time of this recording, there are two more spots. So let me know if this speaks to you. You can also reach out to me on Instagram at magnetically you. And just let me know if you have any questions what you thought about this episode, what steps you're really focusing your energy on and I'd love to hear like what's the business that you want to create? What do you want to do? I love


to hear I love, love, love. I love


talking to new and aspiring entrepreneurs because I've been there and I think it's such a beautiful, exciting time and I'm so excited that you are really choosing to step into your power and your purpose in this life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening and I Just wanted to send you strength and courage and confidence as you begin on this journey and get started building your dream life and your dream business.

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