Mindset magic: why it's a GOOD thing you haven't manifested what you want yet

podcast Jun 26, 2020

 Isn't it SO frustrating when you do everything right to manifest what you want but for some reason you're still not seeing the results? News flash: it's actually a GOOD thing that you haven't manifested what you want yet and in this episode, I share with you why that is and how this lag is actually working FOR you!


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There's been so many times where I really, really, really wanted to manifest something, I really wanted to create something I really wanted to attract something in my life, I really wanted something to happen. And then it doesn't happen. And I'm like, What the hell? Like, I did everything I aligned my energy, like I put in the work, I did the inner work, like, why has this not manifested? Yeah, like, What's wrong with me? Like, what's wrong with the process of manifestation? Like, why hasn't this worked yet? and here is why. So the lag between you know, when you really decide and believe with and align with the energy of whatever it is that you want to attract, there can be a lag between that time and the time which the thing actually comes into your life and into your physical reality. And that lag is actually a good thing. It's happening for you and here's why. So if Imagine if I Everything we wanted or didn't want Imagine if everything manifestation is just like a really a reflection of what's going on in your vibration in your own thoughts so if everything manifested in an instant then every negative thought you have would manifest in an instant. Like we obviously don't want that right. And so that's why they're the lag is a good thing. It's allowing you It gives you the opportunity in the space to recalibrate your energy, it allows you the space to check in with yourself and be like okay, what's what's often my vibration? What do I need to feel my best? What is the lesson here? What am I choosing not to learn in this moment What? How can I see this situation differently and it forces you to open up to the learnings and the opportunities that come in the lag so the lag between when you want something when it actually happens is a good thing. If everything manifested in an instant if that live didn't exist, life would be freaking crazy. Like, you'd be like, oh, like I don't want it to rain and then it would start raining outside immediately and then you'd be like, oh, like I don't want my nail to chip and then you're going to nail the chip literally the second later so it's it's a good thing that we aren't instant manifest errs all the time. The lag is a good thing. And, you know, when you really think about it, it's like,


the reason


we haven't manifested what we want, isn't because you don't deserve it or that it's not coming to you. But the universe always is giving us what we want or something better. So in that lag, can you instead of obsessing over getting that thing exactly how you think you should have it? Can you trust that, okay, this or something better is already on its way to me. And what is that like is there to guide you to that something better? What if it's in that lag where you find The mindset shifts and the realizations and the lessons and the experiences in order to get you to where you want to go. So hopefully this is making sense. I know it's kind of out there. But hopefully it can make you feel better about like, whatever it is in your life that you feel like you're not there yet. You are, you're there, you've done everything you need to do. You're, there's nothing wrong with you. It's already on its way to you. The lag that you're in is happening for you. So maybe think about like, maybe journaling this how, how might this situation be happening for me? How is this like happening for me? What better things might be on their way to me because of this lag? What's the lesson in this? Like, what am I learning in this? Like, how is this making me better? And really step into that because how much more of an empowered inner powered energy is that than being like, oh, like, it's never gonna work? I'm never gonna get what I want. Like, why isn't it working? I'm trying so hard like the victim mentality. It's not helpful. Try Me I was in yesterday, so I'm very familiar. And this is really how I pulled myself out of it and like, no, this is happening. For me. I can, you know, choose to go down the victimhood spiral, or I can get freakin excited because I know this is leading me to something better

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