mindset magic: why "acting as if" doesn't work and what to do instead

podcast Jun 13, 2020

In this episode I'm debunking the common manifestation myth that "acting as if" speeds up the manifestation process. In this episode you'll learn why it doesn't actually work and how it might actually be holding you back. You already have everything you need within you to manifest and create the life of your dreams - no acting necessary!


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So everyone who works with like manifestation and the law of attraction and so many coaches out there, always say, you know, like, act as if act as if you already have what you want act as if you've already achieved what you want, and then it will happen. But I don't agree with that necessarily because act as if act implies that you aren't already there, you're it's not already within you. And I don't believe that acting is necessary and like that language of acting as if literally implies, lack, it implies that you're not already there, that it's not already within you that it's something that you have to, you know, change and become. And really what I believe is that like, we all have everything within us that we need in order to succeed and to create the life we want and to attract the things that we want in our life and so instead Sort of acting as if just be, be if you if you want to, you know if say the future version of you, she's more confident, okay? Instead of instead of acting more confident, how can you be more confident? The confidence isn't something you need to act out, it's already within you. So how can you step into that? How can you embody that instead of acting it? Does that make sense? I feel like this is something that for a long time, like, I was so obsessed with acting as the future version of me, I'm like, I have to act as if like, I have to act as if I've already created all the success I want in my business and I have to act as if like, I already live somewhere with nature because that's where I want to live. And it's like, No, I don't there's no acting required. I are I have everything within me that I need to step into the feelings that I think these things are going to bring me and you know, I do teach like stepping into the future. Your version of you that future version of you, who already has all the things that you want, like, What is she thinking? What is she doing? What is she believing? Like, that's all great, but instead of looking at it as like, oh, there's that separate version of me and there's this version of me and I've got to act like that version. That's not helpful because it makes you believe that that's not who you already are, but it is who you already are. And as soon as you can acknowledge that it's already within you, that's when you can step into it and and that's when it becomes who you are. And when that becomes who you are, the things that you're trying to create become an inevitable byproduct in your life. So hopefully, this little mindset shift helps you so instead of acting as if Can you be can you like lift up that part of you bring that part of you to the surface that already exists? within you can you embody that, can you step into that now, instead of thinking you have to act in order to get there because there is doesn't exist, the future doesn't exist. The past doesn't exist. All that exists is here and now. So what are you going to step into and choose right here and right now?

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