how to create a magnetic brand - with Olivia Sylvestro

podcast Jun 13, 2020

This week I interviewed my friend Olivia Sylvestro, a brand design guru, all about how to create a magnetic brand and have your soulmate clients begging to work with you!

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why you need to stop listening to what everyone else is doing
✧ How yoga teacher training changed everything for Olivia
✧  How to infuse the "woo" into your biz
✧  The ONE thing you must do if you want to go big
✧  The 3 MOST important steps to focus on when it comes to magnetic branding and attracting your ideal clients
✧  How to create more consistency in your branding so that you can create consistency in your income
✧  How to make your brand stand out and infuse your personality into your brand
✧  Olivia's daily spiritual and personal development rituals that keep her energy magnetic


Guest Bio:

Olivia is a brand design guru who helps coaches & wellness businesses create soul-filling brands that align with their mission, connect with their audience and attract infinite abundance - all while sipping mushroom coffee and wearing their favorite pair of lulu's.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison zedeck. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom spirit, you're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feeling your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me, healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing that came true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our goals. biggest dreams. If you're like me and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hi, Olivia,


welcome to the show. How are you doing? Hi, I'm


good. How are you? I am amazing. It's Friday. So I'm happy about that. I am really excited to chat with you today. For those of you who don't know Olivia, she is a brand design guru who helps coaches and wellness businesses create self healing brands that align with their mission to connect with their audience and attract infinite abundance, all while sipping mushroom coffee and wearing their favorite pair of loose and she was actually a huge inspiration for the branding of magnetically you you might not know this. But Olivia Kane was one of the experts who taught a masterclass in the mastermind that I am in. And it was amazing and made me look at branding and an entirely new way. And so yeah, before I blog on more about like how we


know each other, let's just dive


into it. So do you want to tell us more about what you do and how you kind of got to be where you are today?


Yeah, for sure. First of all, I'm so glad that that was helpful. I sometimes can blab on so much about branding that it's like super dense. So I'm glad that you got takeaways from that master class because sometimes it can be like, Oh my god, what do I even what can I do now? So I'm glad that you got a lot of takeaways from that. But my story kind of starts back like three years ago when I was in corporate and I feel like a lot of people can relate to this, whether they're an entrepreneur or wanting wanting to be an entrepreneur. I was in corporate working As a graphic designer at a real estate firm, and it was everything that everyone you know, anyone could have wanted. I graduated undergrad in New York, moved out to California and I was like doing the thing I had like a job, I had friends I had my own apartment, I was getting paid. And it was really exciting. But after like a year, I was like, Okay, this is is this my life? Like, am I gonna work nine to five every single day for the rest of my life. And that's kind of what started my search or my quest for more I was like, This isn't this can be it, you know, like, I have friends and and I do think that it's different out west to just the, the lifestyle is more, you know, live and then work rather than work to live. So that was definitely a huge factor for sure just the community and the people that I surrounded with myself with but after the after about a year, then I started searching for jobs and I was probably actively searching for a new job for like a year. And my mindset behind that was like, I want to start my own business, but I need more experience. And we can dive deeper into that later. But it I was kind of holding myself back. And I was actively searching for new jobs because I thought, like, maybe real estate wasn't my thing,


which it's not.


So I thought maybe that was it. And then, but after, you know, I was looking for jobs, and nothing was really sparking my interest. I did a ton of interviews, and then nothing really like nothing was like, Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to do this. And so I was at my yoga studio and someone was like, you should sign up for yoga teacher training, and I just did it. I didn't even think about it. I didn't even ask how much it was. I was like, I knew


nothing. And


I think that this is it. And it literally changed my life. It was looking back. It was the pivoting Moment of what the life and business that I have now. And during that, that teacher training I was it was three months of straight yoga and meditation and journaling and Shadow Work and all of that stuff that a lot of people don't do. And then I had never done before. And through that I realized, you know, what my passion was and that I didn't need experience in order to, you know, start a business it was passion that I wanted. So I started current design studio and you know, like two and a half years ago, and I started with, you know, doing graphic design for anything and anyone and I was getting paid hourly and over the last three years, it's developed into brand and website design for coaches and wellness businesses. And my true love for branding is one everything is cohesive and consistent. Like my actual biggest pet peeve is when fonts don't matching colors. And when you get into contact with a brand and you're like, this doesn't make sense, and I realized how much I loved making, you know, a business and experience, especially in service based businesses, and I just continue to grow and learn and it's just been so much fun.


I love or it's amazing and I think the yoga teacher training was like the pivotal moment for you and what it was able to be that pivotal moment but like, it's not like you're teaching yoga yet it was still able to be that um, and be so transformation. I was like, it was it sounds It was like your gateway to like, work and spirituality.


Yeah, it definitely was. And I actually did end up teaching but not full time or anything. And that taught me even more just about, you know, client experience and, you know, just everything but yeah, it's, it's, I mean, spirituality is a huge part of business and I think it's not talked about Enough or you think you have to be super woowoo in order to have spirituality or mindfulness in your business? And that's just not true.


Yeah, so this is really why I wanted to have you on to go into this conversation more because I think that for me, I've had the same experience were being an entrepreneur and having a business like really is a spiritual experience and hasn't been the thing that's like, pushed me to grow more than anything else in my life and has pushed me towards a deeper like spiritual practice more than anything else in my life. So was it always that way for you when you started your business? Or is that something that evolved over time that you kind of like infused more spirituality into it?


It definitely evolved over time for sure my spiritual practice has grown significantly over the last probably two years and even more heavily in the last year. But I've always been You know, the woowoo hippie friends like, I went to school in New York and I actually grew up in Florida and I went to college in New York. And a lot of people, you know, all my friends are super East coasters, and if anyone's listening or if you know what that is, they're pretty rigid, you know, uptight, and I was the one friend who was like, the universe and please don't come in my dorm room, I'm meditating. Um, and I always kind of dabbled in new things, but never really stuck to anything. And to be honest, I was always kind of insecure about my not so much spirituality, but just like my woundedness or, or, you know, eccentric ness if that's even a word. So it definitely evolved over time. And especially in the last year where I've grown significantly, I've realized how important it is to trust your guides and trust the universe. Trust that what is happening is you know what you want is going to come to you and I actually went to a conference last year I went to a Korean cultivate conference and the biggest takeaway I got was Susie Betty's she started poopourri. And she was a speaker there and she was talking about how when she was inventing Cooper, he she was like, her husband would go to the bathroom would be like, I have to go to the bathroom and she would go in there and like put essential oils and like dried flowers and herbs in there. And she was like, people thought I was freaking nuts. And now by like, the people who own dove or something like that, and she said she was like, if you want to go big, go in. And that those, you know, four or five words, whatever, like stuck to me so much Because it's so true, like, there's so much external fluff and there's so much external distraction. But if you no go within and you ask yourself what is it that I desire? What are my goals? Why am I even doing this? That's where you're going to get the answers and that's where your most creative ideas are going to come from anyway.


Hundred percent agree with that. And I've actually heard the poopourri founder speak before not live, but I've heard her on podcast episodes and her story is so incredible so that's really cool that you got to see her live and I agree like all the answers that we need, like are truly within us and like I've definitely had phases in my life where I was like on this external search looking for the all the answers outside of me, and it's like, why is nothing in my life working and it's like, that's like the missing link is like, tapping into what it is that you want, like, why you're doing things you're doing. Are you doing it because everyone else in the world told you you should do and that's what they're doing or is it like truly like in your heart like, what you want to do?


Yeah, for sure. social conditioning is a huge thing. And that's been a huge, like, my biggest block is social conditioning and what other people are doing and that's been like, Oh my gosh, I you know, you get that frantic like, Well, everyone else is doing it or they're doing it or, um, you know, she just, you know, started this in her business, maybe I need to go do that. And that's honestly the biggest mistake anyone could make. And I've definitely made those mistakes where I'd like get all worked up and frantic where Okay, everyone else is doing this. Like I need to do it even though it's not what's right for me or my business or my life. And that yeah, that's definitely a huge factor. And you know, being successful is seeking within and asking yourself what it is that I want rather than the, you know what everyone else is doing.


Yeah, the Such a good point, I definitely have made those same mistakes. myself and I, my life coach sends a text every day. And the other day she sent a text that said unlearning is the highest form of learning just like wow, everything you've been told. I'm like, oh, wow, that's like, yeah.


Yeah, I love that. Because like, I grew up where and I'm sure some people can relate to this. But my parents are super traditional. They got jobs out of, you know, they, they graduated high school, then they went to college, and then they got jobs, and now they've been with those jobs for forever. And I did not want that. And it was a huge struggle with my parents to be like, no, I can actually do this like, it's happening. Like I didn't tell them for like five months that I had quit my job because I was so scared to tell them. But that was a huge thing was societal conditioning, where it's like, I grew up That knowing or thinking that in order to be successful or happy or have a successful life, you have to have a good, solid stable job working for someone else. And I completely shattered that. But


yeah, it's it's tough when we've been told our whole life like you're supposed to do things this way. And like, yeah, it's like this. Going back to what you said, in the end your story is how like, you wanted to start a business, but you felt like you needed more experience because everyone's telling us like, Oh, you have to have experience and you've read a business plan. You have to do all this crazy. Yeah. Which like is so not true. So do you want to talk a little bit about how you kind of like, overcame that belief that you had to have more experience in order to start your business?


Um, yeah, the biggest thing that I did was I just stop listening to everyone else. And I was like, I know that I can do this, and I I do no human design or if anyone that's listening knows Human Design. I'm a manifester. So I'm a Dewar. Like I just need to do it. And I will learn along the way. And that's kind of where So after I was like, why do I think I need experience? Like who who's telling me that I even need experience? And what I realized it was everyone else and I was like, screw it. I'm not I'm not waiting. I'm not going to do it. And I just learned along the way where, and the biggest, like kicking my butt was like, You have one life, Olivia. Like you only have one life to live? Are you going to live it and fear that it's not going to work? Or are you just going to try it and then if that fails, then whatever, go back and get a job, and then figure it out. And that was like, my biggest motivator was like, I am not going to live my life stuck in three cubicle walls and spend 60 hours a week doing a job that I don't like and that's kind of the biggest thing right now. Like, I can either try and fail, try and win. And then if I fail, then I'll just go back to what I was doing before.


Yes, exactly. It's like there's, you literally just end up right back where you were so like, you may as well try and do the thing that, you know, is what it's like you're really called to do and I am experienced with feeling like, when I was starting my business, I wanted to do health coaching, and I was convinced that I had to become a registered dietician. I went and spoke with the advisors. I was like, ready to, like, spend all that money and go into all this debt? I'm like, Yes. Okay, I'm gonna get certified and then I can start my business then. Yeah, and I can make money. And my boyfriend said something one day to me that at the time, like really disturbed me I was like, Why would you say that? But like at the time he said, like, hey, like, I don't want to like offend you. But like, do you actually have to go to a


registered dietician school


to started a business and do what you want to do. And I was like, Yes, of course you have to. And then like I thought more about and I was like, shit like, no. So right I don't have to go into $60,000 worth of debt. I don't have to go to school for two years and put my dream on hold for two more years. Like, I can literally start creating it and doing it now. Yeah. So, so good. I that's amazing. I love that so um, let's talk more about the branding stuff. So like, what is your like? I don't like the word definition because it sounds so boring. But like what are in your eyes? Like, what does branding entail? Like what all does it include? Because I know we we had talked about this in the master class. A lot of people think it's just the fonts and the logo and as you know, into Yeah, so much more than that.


Yeah, for sure. Well, your brand is your outward experience. So you have your business and the brand is what people see from you. So, yes, it's your logo and your colors and your fonts, but it's also your messaging, your photos, the services that you have your client experience is, every single touch that someone has with your business is your brand. So making sure that like there's so many touch points nowadays, especially online and in person with networking events and all that stuff is making sure that every time someone comes into contact with you, and your business that they know who you are, who you serve, and the problem that you solve. I love that


I feel like that's like, so important to nail down those three questions because without I mean with just a logo and colors like it's not a business until you have those things sorted out. So when it comes to break Doing like say, someone is new in business like they're like a one man team or maybe they have an assistant like there's small team like, and you know, they're thinking about like all the things like I have to have a website and, you know, graphics on my Instagram and different like templates for freebies and PDFs and like an app to have a logo and have to have colors and like all these things, like, what to you is like, the 5% of activities or like things in terms of branding that like make the biggest difference where we should be like focusing our energy and attention.


Yeah, so number one is identifying your ideal client. If you don't know who your ideal client is, then you don't have a business because your client your entire business is based off of solving someone's problem. If you don't know who that someone is, then you're not going to get any clients because your brand isn't going to speak to you Anybody. So the first thing would be to identify who your ideal client is. And there's tons of resources and free resources out there to identify that I have a freebie on my website, if anyone wants to go download that. But it's identifying who your ideal client is. And then going from there. So what you'll do is you'll figure out exactly who this client is, so is your literal dream client. So say you are a health coach and you want you know, you work with busy moms. This is like literally my example to so many things. So people have their podcast that I've been on, they're like, this chick is always talking about busy moms, but it's just the best. Say your health coach and you help busy moms, you know, feel less stressed. So that's super relatable. That's a lot of moms that are feeling like that. And busy moms are going to be moms who have, you know, at least one kid that's in the, you know, in the age that they're like having to go to soccer practice and school and all this stuff while when we weren't in quarantine, and have to go to all these places and they're also trying to balance their work and their husband and and their friends and all this stuff. So that's super specific. So once you identify exactly who your ideal client is, you can start growing from there and that is going to be identifying your services. So the biggest mistake I see on you know, websites and on Instagram and Facebook and whatever is people having too many services or a not defined services. So my biggest tip for coaches of any kind is to develop one high ticket offer when you're first first starting out and just have one package that you're pushing all the time and it's totally That ideal client and just figuring out the outlines and the results that you're going to provide for that person. And the results are important because when you get on calls, and when people are watching your Instagram stories and reading your blog posts and listening to your podcast, they want to know what results you're going to provide for them. So like when people listen to my podcast, or watch my Instagram stories, or read my feed, or go to my blog post, they know that I'm helping them with something to uplevel their brand, at any kind, any level. So that's important to know that like when someone comes into contact with your brand, the results that they're going to achieve speaking to you, so identifying your ideal client number one and then number two is identifying your services. And then the third thing to focus on is you know, building an online platforms so I would say a website and if you're first starting out like a one or two page website, sight is enough. You want to have your services on there and then a way for people to contact you, and have it be a seamless experience. And the reason for this is because your website serves as a hub for everything that you have to offer. So if you are asking people to go off of Instagram off of Facebook, off a Pinterest, YouTube, podcast, whatever, and they are landing on a webpage that doesn't make any sense, it's really hard to get in touch with you. They're confused about what you're offering, it's not going to convert. And then same thing with like DMS like oh, send me a DM and well get in touch and then that's where you get into Oh, do you want to get on a call this time? No, I can't do that. I'll what services do you do you offer How much were like if you just have one landing page that says like your services, what you offer and then a way to get in touch and book a discovery call. That's going to convert so much higher, like at least probably 50% Hire. So those are my like top three things to do identify your ideal client, identify your services, and then create some sort of landing page. And then from there, you can go on to fonts and colors and all of that stuff.


I love that you just said that because I feel like it's so backwards from what everyone else is saying, right? It's like, okay, you have to pick your colors and pick your font, and then you like, create the website and do the things. And it's like, actually, it's the opposite, that we really need to be tapping into these three things first, because then it's like the branding of what we normally think of as branding, the fonts and the colors. All of that is just icing on the cake and unfolds naturally. Once you have those core three elements, right nailed down,


and your brand is like what people are seeing is your logo and your fonts. But what's coming through those visuals is your ideal client, your messaging your services. Your um your intentions, your goals, your mission that is all that needs to be the foundation before you even go into brand like for your brand visuals.


Yeah 100% So, what are some of like the key elements of like a webpage? Like I know you mentioned the discovery call having the contact option like what are the other like keeping it like so simple, like what are the most important things like we need to have on our website?


Yeah, and services is huge. Having it laid out exactly what services you provide, like your package, you know, what's included in the package, the topics that you can discuss, especially if you're like a health coach or a life coach and you want to have certain like, if you know, because a lot of coaches their programs are developed specifically to you know, per client if it's not a group coaching project or program sorry and so you want to make sure that you have like the different topics that can be discussed because something that I say often is like especially with coaches people don't know that we exist so like we as coaches or I'm not a couple I help brand designers but you guys as coaches are providing a service that's kind of new like we're in the health and wellness space day in and day out. So we know like okay, I need a life coach. I need a Reiki healer, I need a business coach. I need all of the things but some like your ideal clients that need you know, gut health and you know life coaching and productivity and stress. They probably don't even know you exist. So they want to see when they go to your page like oh, you can help me with money mindset. You can help me with, you know, time management. You can help me with this. It's like they're like Uh, oh my god, I didn't even know you existed, like, I need all of the things. So your services page should have, I mean, really, it should have, you know what the program is. So is that a six month program, eight month program one month, whatever it should say, you know, have a mission statement. So who is for and the result that you're providing for them. And then it should have the program kind of laid out. So saying like, this is, you know, this is what's included, this is why you need it and then sign up, or apply now or whatever that is, and then your contact page should have a calendar on it. So someone should be able to pick the date the time, fill out the form, and it should go straight to your inbox. And the reason I say this is because this I went through this for like a year and I was like, why, like I'm missing like I'm getting inquiries, but I'm not getting on the freaking phone with anyone. And I realized that people want To make appointments on their own time, and you miss leads when people are emailing you saying, Hi, I'm interested in your services and then a day later you get back to them. Okay? Like, what's a good time for you know that time doesn't work for me? Oh, no, sorry, I can't Oh, sorry, it was the weekend. And then the lead is gone. And I know that sounds dramatic, but it's that happens all the time. Like, think about how many people inquire on Instagram and you miss that lead where it's like if you just have one place for people to contact you. And they can schedule an appointment, they can put in their information and it goes straight into your inbox. So you know, okay, I have a discovery call at 130 with blah, blah, blah, here's your information. And it's good for you because you can see it, it's good for them so they can add it to their calendar and it's just a win win all around. And it really up levels that client experience right from the start. So having the services and the contact are the two absolute most important pages on your Your website. And then if you have to, you know, if you want to have another one I'm about an about page is also really helpful. And especially as a coach, people want to know that like you went through some sort of transformation on your own to get there they want to know like, maybe your credentials or whatever. That's also helpful as well to have an about page.


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QA is great, because you can have like people can actually pay you through that. And then you can have multiple different like appointment types. But if people are looking for like a free if they're just starting out calendly is a great option as well. And it's free if you just have one appointment type, which most people do.


Cool. Thank you for sharing all that. It's so helpful. And I forgot to mention, but we're going to put your freebie for identifying the ideal client in the show notes. So we'll Okay, we'll find that link and we'll put it in there. In terms of I know, in the beginning, you said like, it's so important to create this like cohesive and consistent experience, like what does that look like and what does that mean?


Yeah, for sure. So basically, it just means like, every time every touchpoint that comes, that someone comes in contact with your brand is And experience so you know, like Lulu lemon perfect example like you get their emails and they're like beautifully curated and they're informative and helpful and motivational. And you like follow them on Instagram and it's the same thing and then you go into the store and everyone's friendly and you can see the display and it's beautiful and just like and then you you're you buy your clothes and it's packaged beautifully and then you go home and then you're probably going to go back and buy another hundred and $30 pair of leggings because the entire experience was easy, and luxurious and you know, just nice. And the same goes with your you know, with your business from you know, your Instagram to your discovery call to your onboarding to being a client to the off boarding it should be an a seamless experience that everyone loves and appreciates, and it feels welcoming and inviting. Like, my clients turn into some of my greatest friends and I ensure that everyone feels, you know, welcomed and supported and you know, taken care of throughout the journey because, first of all, it's a big investment. And second of all, this is usually a huge step for people to really elevate their branding. So a lot of my clients come to me after being in business for a year or two and they're just like, Okay, I have been making money I've been getting clients and everything is so misaligned with my brand so like they have a podcast and Instagram and a Facebook and a workshop and everything is just like not not converting as high as it could be because it's not aligned to like what they truly are. So like, you know, when you go to a website, and it's confusing, and it's a messy and you're like, what the hell is even going on. So then you leave, and it's terrible, terrible and you don't want people to feel that way with your brand. You want them to feel special. afforded and welcomed and invited, and it should be like that through the entire experience. So I'll just give like a brief example of my client experience. So I typically booked out 3060. Right now I'm booking out like 60 days in advance. So that means that when someone makes the initial deposit, like I don't, I don't personally start working with them until two months later. So I write a handwritten card. Every time I send a send the contract for the initial deposit, I write like a thank you and I'm so excited. And then after two weeks, they get a you know, they get started on their homework, and it's this whole video library where they get washed through what's happening, things that I'll need from them, and then if they have any questions, and they also get put into a private Facebook group, and in that private Facebook group, even if their project hasn't started yet, they can ask questions and, you know, look at Yeah, ask any questions that they have. And then every Friday, I go live in that Facebook group just sharing, you know, anything that could uplevel their business or anything that they can get help in. And then throughout so before they start working with me, they're already getting touches with, you know, with us. And then, you know, they have access to them, we start their project, and they have access to the client Facebook group, and you know, we're in communication with them. A few of my other designers are always talking to them. We have a Slack channel, answering any questions for them. Because we're doing so much more than just logo design. were identifying the ideal client, we're writing website content, we're doing email, marketing funnels, and all of that stuff. So there's a lot of moving parts and you don't want to make someone feel, you know, kind of chaotic which I can very easily. And then after we do the website, I do a launch I send a custom like celebration box. That is branded, and it's just exciting for them. So from the minute that they get into, they get in touch with my brand, they are having this luxurious, elevated experience, which goes in line with where their business is gonna go after we're done working together. And this is so important. And this is something that not a lot of people focus on or that not a lot of people talk about is the client experience. And this is what's going to keep people coming back and keep people referring to you. So happy clients equals more sales. So if you're not spending any time on your client experience and what it's like for the client and getting feedback and being open to


suggestions, then it's something that you should probably start focusing on because that's a huge thing that I definitely think is the reason why I have grown exponentially in the last year or two.


I love that and makes me so inspired to have level my experience and really just like love on my clients and get on the experience that you would want to have like nobody negative experience and like I've seen I love how you say that, like so much of your work is identifying the ideal client and writing the copy for the website and the email funnels and all those things that truly make a massive difference in your business because I've seen, you know, web designers, and I guess there's, you know, a time in place for someone who's just doing the visuals, but I've seen, you know, people pay like $10,000 to just rebrand their website, but it's not actually rebranding. It's just changing the colors and the fonts and the look and feel and then they were then they realize Like a year later, like, I wasted that all that money and it wasn't even the thing I needed to be focusing all my energy action on. So I love that you make it such a cohesive experience. Like that's Yeah, that's exactly what that is. That's awesome.


Yeah. And it's and it's, you know, for me, I'm so grateful for my clients because without them, I would not have a business so I make sure to give them all the love and appreciation that they deserve because I literally would not be here without them. And I think just energetically that just makes me a better business owner and also just helps me attract more clients.


Yeah, I think that's amazing. And like speaking of energy, like I think you would probably agree with me on this. It's like, so much of what attracts people to work with us is our energy and the energy That our brand like, radiates. So how do we create that energy or use that energy to make our brand stand out to make it to where people like feel? And I think it's all the things you just said about the experience, right? Like, how do we make it to our brand? People feel like obsessed with it. They can't wait to talk to us. They can't wait to work with us. And our energy is just radiating like good vibes. Yeah.


Well, the biggest thing is your messaging. So being super clear on the wave and the language that you're going to speak to your ideal client, and this comes through and like your Instagram stories and your feed and on your blog posts and your podcasts and it goes through in the language that you're speaking in the way that things are phrased. So the best thing you could do is, you know, identify your ideal client and then figure out what words and keywords that they They're using so for me I work with coaches and wellness businesses. So a lot of my my verbiage is Yogi esque, I like to call it or woowoo so it's like spiritual and rooted and grounded and essence and I'm using a lot of words that like I, I am in the wellness space so it's easy for me to relay that and speak that way but I just make sure to like extra use those words and think like, Okay, if you know I was a spiritual healer and I needed a brand designer and I was looking for a brand designer, um, you know, what would I connect with the most? And I actually just did a podcast interview with someone on my from my podcast, but she was talking we were talking about non sleazy sales. And she was saying like, the best thing that you can do is just be yourself because that is what's going to attract your ideal client to you is B yourself and sharing, you know, your transformation and your experience with them. Um, in order to like build that connection because that's the thing like you want to make you want to build a connection so that your ideal clients know like and trust you and through, you know, messaging that's going to be a huge one. Another one is like, do something different like with your brand photos, like have really fun photos of you that bring out your personality. And, um, yeah, I would just say like, adding as much of you to your brand is going to be really helpful and that's not so much saying like all your captions and the verbiage on your website should be, you know about you, but you can bring out your personality when you're talking about your ideal client


100% I think that's so much of what so many people miss in creating a business and a brand Is that personality aspect because that's one of the biggest things that attracts our ideal clients. It's like they they see who you are and how you are and how you speak and how you carry yourself and how you talk about your brand and your business and your services. And they, if you do that, well, it's like they want they're like, oh, wow, she's like, I want some of what she's got. Her story resonated with me so much hurt energy speaks to me like when she when I read her website, I feel good. I feel inspired. I feel excited, like whatever it is that you want them to feel like how can like, I feel like it's we have to bring that personality in to bring that emotion up and really create a connection.


Yeah, definitely.


Yeah, so Okay, I have a couple more questions for you. So I'm kind of aside from the branding stuff is Just a fun question I've been asking what are your like daily spiritual or like personal development rituals and practices? Or does it change every day?


Yeah, for sure. Um, lately, everything like I've been so crazy and busy, I'm so trying to remember to do my spiritual. my morning routine has been difficult, but I literally have been forcing myself to do it, even if it takes me you know, five minutes. But typically when I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I take like an hour or two in the morning and I will like read my goals and set intentions for the day. I'll read my intentions for the month. So at the beginning of every month, or like so for example, yesterday was the new moon, or two days ago is the new moon so I set new intentions. So now I just like read those five intentions. Every morning, I meditate every single morning. So I'm going like I was I started doing a meditation challenge. And now it's just like part of my morning routine. So I will meditate for like five or 10 minutes. And then I journal so I always write in my journal. And that's pretty much what I do. Sometimes I will like pull a card, I have the Kuan Yin deck. So sometimes I'll pull a guard card if I'm needing extra guidance. And then sometimes if I have like, a lot of time where I'm just really wanting to work on a project, I'll just do something creative, for fun. So that's not for a client or for anything, I'll just like draw in my sketchbook or I'll paint or all, like draw something on my iPad or whatever. Just to get creative. I actually do that a lot when I'm about like, if I know it's going to be a heavy day. have designed for clients that I'd like to get into like a creative flow. I will like do something creative in the morning. And then I also usually like I'll do something so I'll do like my morning routine and then I'll do something for like an hour or two. And then I will go for a walk. So I have a dog and we live on 50 acres of land of like trails are behind us. So we'll go on a walk Usually, it's been kind of rainy but when it's not raining


I love that sounds very similar to my morning and I find on the days where I don't make the time to do those things like it does feel like you said like running around with it chicken in your head cut off. Yeah. I love it. I love hearing what other people do in the morning. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like it's so fascinating to like, hear the ways that Yeah, other people like spend their time time in the morning because for me, I feel like morning time is


like, sacred.


And like when it's when I don't make the time for even just like a few minutes of something that's to fill up my energy and to get me like grounded and get me into alignment get me inspired. If I go like right into work, the work that I do is usually takes way longer. It's not a high quality work and it's like, I'm just like, not infusing that like magnetic energy that he want to infuse into businesses and brands.


Yeah, for sure. And that's like, one of the biggest things I learned was like, This isn't a marathon or this isn't a sprint, like it's a journey and it's a life journey. Like, I would find myself like working working working me like I need to get this done. I need to get this done. And it's like, wait, this is literally what you want it like why are you Why are you stressed out about like, just do what you need to do and then finish your work. De and then go hang out with your boyfriend. Like, it doesn't need to be like this whole, like, it doesn't need to all be done at once. And once I realized that I was like, okay, you're right, this is like I can enjoy what I'm doing right now.


Yeah, I totally agree though. Like, I feel like, I've had that exact same experience where and I think so many people listening to it's like, we're always like rushing and racing to like, do the next thing but like,


literally like we like we chose this business.


This is what we want to do. We're doing what we want to do. And if we're always rushing to the next thing, then we're going to spend our entire life rushing and we're never gonna quote there because there doesn't exist like now is all we have. And if we're always like living forgetting there, then we like lose out on being able to enjoy the journey and like, actually enjoy what we set out to do and create.


Yeah, 100% I totally agree.


Awesome. Well, thank you so much. for being here, is there anything else you want to share before we let everyone know where they can find you? Um,


I don't think so. I'm always you know, my kind of thing is building an authentic brand, and intentional in business and living a life with purpose every day. And that's just infused with everything that I do. So if you do follow along with me, after this, you'll get a little peek into my daily life and, you know, get a lot of branding, inspiration and ways to uplevel your business. I really did start, you know, I started my business because I love design, but also because I want to help people live their life to its fullest and entrepreneurship has allowed me to do that. So, you know, wherever you are in your business, whether it's, you know, in the dreaming phase, or you know, you've been in business for three years or five years or whatever. No matter what I want to support you and help you live like an optimal life and I'm able to do that through design and creative strategies, so I'm excited to meet anyone if you do follow along with me after this.


Yes, definitely Yeah, please message Olivia on Instagram messaged both of us let us know what you thought of this episode. And yeah, let her know what you're working on and any feedback you have for us and yeah, speaking of Instagram and reaching out to you where can we find you?


Yeah, um, you can follow my personal account, Olivia dot Sylvester, yo. And then my business account is current dot design studio. Our website is current design and you can contact us through the website. We also sell website templates to so if you're like just starting out and don't want to invest in brand design. You can buy a website template. Um, but yeah, I'm super excited to hear from anyone and feel free to reach out.


I love that and the website templates sounds like a lifesaver. I wish I would have had that when I was starting out. Well, thank you so much for being here. This was amazing. And I'll talk to you soon.


Yeah, awesome. Thank you so much.


I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and then leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram I medically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetical your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching and courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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