mindset magic: how to raise your vibe in less than 2 min

podcast Jun 12, 2020

 A couple of minutes. That's how long it takes to completely raise your vibe and shift your energy. 

All it takes is the right mindset. If you want to feel good and attract good - the right mindset is all about gratitude. You will manifest what you want when you allow the feeling of gratefulness to bring it to you. 


In this episode, we'll discuss:

✧ the importance of gratitude mindset to raise your vibe
✧ two things you can do to practice gratitude and shift your energy in 2 minutes 


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Full Episode Transcript:

I want to share something with you that's been really, really powerful for me in my life and something that you can do to completely shift your energy in a matter of like, just a couple minutes, may even start feeling better in just a couple seconds. And there's kind of two different ways that I like to do this. So it's really all about gratitude and stepping into feeling good about what you already have. And then transmitting that energy of gratitude to the things that you don't already have in order to bring those things in and feel feel the feelings that you think those things will bring. You feel the gratitude now because that's what invites those things that you want in. So there's kind of two ways I like to do this. The first one is to just list off 33 gratitude. So 33 is a really just powerful number. Just know that I'm not going to go into it. I'm super into numerology and Angel numbers and all that stuff. But 33 is a really powerful number. So you just start going on, on a list so you can count on your fingers, you can write down a paper and you're like, I'm grateful for my plant that I see right there. I'm grateful for this tank top I bought last week, I'm grateful for my room. I'm grateful for my phone that I'm recording this on. I'm grateful for my computer. I'm grateful for the sunshine outside liking you just go go, go, go go. Like you can look around and see things around you. You can just think of things like whatever it is, and you come up, you keep going until you get to 33. And you'll notice that as you keep going you already start feeling better. And then the other way that you can do this I also like to do is called a gratitude rampage. And I think it's from the book by Abraham Hicks called the law of attraction or it's the one money in the law of attraction. Maybe it's in both of them, but regardless, it's from Abraham Hicks and it's called the gratitude rampage and basically what you do is just kind of what I say. But instead of counting to 33, you just kind of like, go for and you start going on a rampage of like very little things like, I'm grateful for my plant on my desk and I'm grateful for my candle and I'm grateful for the sunshine outside and, and then you start moving into bigger things. I'm grateful for my beautiful apartment. I'm grateful for my boyfriend, I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for my health, and you just start going into bigger things that have a even greater sense of gratitude in your life. And then when you start feeling your energy shift, you start really feeling so grateful for all the things you've been listening. That's when you start going into things that you have not yet manifested. So you start saying like, I'm so grateful for my five new clients. I'm so grateful for my new car. I'm so grateful for finding my soulmate, like whatever it is that you're wanting to bring into your life. You just start moving that feeling of Gratitude that you created from things that you already have. And you bring that energy with you to the things that you don't quite already have yet. And those things already exist, they're already on their way to you. And gratitude can just really accelerate and speed up that process. And the added side effect of all of this is just that it feels good. It feels good. To be grateful and feeling good is literally the key to everything that you want in your life. And honestly, what all of us really want deep down is to feel good. So if you feel good, then does anything else really matter. Like, probably not. So anyways, that's my little tip for the week. I hope you guys are having a super amazing week and I hope you're liking these quick little tips that I've been sharing each week. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know let me know in the comments what you've been thinking of these. Send me a message magnetically you on Instagram I I'd love to hear from you and yet just let me know do do this practice. Don't just listen to me like when you're done listening to this video, go do this practice and let me know how it makes you feel. Let me know what shifts you see in your day to day after trying this

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