8 manifestation myths to avoid at all costs

podcast Jun 09, 2020

There’s a lot of BS out there about manifestation and “what it takes” in order to manifest your desires. I’ll clue you in on a secret - it’s a lot easier than you think and in this episode, I’m calling BS on the biggest manifestation myths out there that are actually keeping you stuck.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ why “acting as if” like everyone tells you doesn’t work and what to do instead
✧ why crystal clarity isn’t necessary to manifest your dream life
✧  how to work with the polarities in life to let go of the resistance in your way
✧  what “divine timing” really means
✧  how to be happy NOW, before your desires are manifested into your physical reality
✧  why it’s okay if manifesting feels scary or uncomfortable
✧   the 2 most important SECRETS to manifesting everything you want 


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hey, love so welcome back to the


magnetical use Show. I'm so excited to be here today. I've just been in really good energy this week and have really been upgrading my morning rituals, which feels really good. So, today this morning, I


woke up and I drink my matcha


latte and did my journaling prompts, which these journaling prompts I started them a few weeks ago, I've been doing them every single day and like it's literally crazy how quickly they shift my energy and like since I started doing them, I haven't had like, a day where I just felt off like I've just been feeling like so good every day. So that's a really, really cool. So I've been doing a module on journaling and those are like really my two Like non negotiable things in the mornings, but I've been playing around with like adding in some new rituals and just like fun things in the morning because I used to go right into like working, I would like wake up, run for my matcha because I needed caffeine and then like immediately sit down on my computer and started working. And like that just like didn't serve me I would start my day out overwhelmed and then carry that feeling with me for the rest of the day. So it's been like really, really powerful for me to set like really strong boundaries in the morning of like now when I wake up, like I do things that make me feel good for myself. And it's actually made my days so much more productive. I have so much less anxiety so much less overwhelm so it's all good things. But anyway, so today This episode is not even about morning routine. I'm getting carried away but I wanted to share these things with you because it's been really really powerful for me to start my day in such a good


energy. So anyways,


after I drink Mangia and did my journal prompts I did this little breathing exercise it's like a seven minute special breathing exercise that's all say about it cuz I don't even know how to like describe it in words without showing you on video. So I'll just leave that that and then I turned on music and I just did it. I was listening to and learning from Natalia Benson yesterday and she was just like, let's get up have a dance party like put on some music just have some fun. I'm like, Yeah, like why? Why not and it was really fun and just helps me get into energy and feel the flow and I was listening to Maggie Rogers who is my favorite person ever and just felt so good. I just like let myself have fun and be free dancing in my room alone in the morning


and then went on


a walk, run and listen to music and listen to podcasts and it was just really really good. Oh, I did I got my morning rituals were really top notch this morning. So I on the podcast, I was listening to Natalia Benson's podcast and she was saying how




to really get into this energy of attraction and abundance and just high vibration energy to list out 33 things you're grateful for and 33 is because it's a special like powerful energetic number. And so you like counting you can like count on your fingers or count in your head and you just go through 33 things you're grateful for and she suggested making your health and your vitality the very number one thing because, you know, that's just such an important like, thing to be grateful for that you're here and you're human and you have a body and you have even have a physical body and have a life to have things to be grateful for. So then you just go through 33 things you're grateful for really quickly. And, um, yeah just puts you in this like really good just energy of receiving and gratitude and kind of like just a peace of where you're at rather than, like always trying to run and get to where you're going. So that was really powerful for me this morning. So I highly recommend you actually try that today. And so before we get into this episode, I want to have you pause it right now and counting your fingers count in your head, write down on a piece of paper, whatever you need to do 33 things you're grateful for right now. So go ahead and pause and then come back when you're done. And maybe for driving. We didn't do it until later.


But go ahead and pause the episode now and do that.


Okay, did you guys Okay,


cool. So anyways, I've had this great week. And by the way, if you didn't do it, literally pause and go do it, trust me. It's going to make a big difference in your day and literally takes two minutes, so there's no excuses. Okay, anyways, the other thing I wanted to tell you and update you on is that I've been feeling this pull to learn astrology, the last few weeks, and I'm really actually kinda like the last few months, but it wasn't until like this last week where I was like, okay, like, I'm ready to like, dive in and like, learn everything I can about it. So


I was


I kind of had set the intention of like, okay, I want to learn astrology like where, like, what's the best book? Where do I find these resources? Like, who do I learn from like, Who's the best expert, and I was listening to a




from Natalia Benson, who I keep mentioning she's great. I was listening To her podcasts, one of them about astrology. And she recommended this book called star power.




I was like, wow, that really sounds familiar. And I had been, I had been thinking about, okay, I want to find a book. But I don't want to just pick one out, like, I want it to be recommended to me, so I know it's legit. So anyways, she recommended this book, and I am like, that sounds so familiar. Sorry, Google it. And I look at the cover and I'm like, Oh, my God, I literally have that book already. And the crazy thing is, is like probably like six months ago, I was on a walk and I was walking by one of those books share things and I just felt called to look inside of it that day. And I saw this book on astrology called star power. And it was it was pretty pink cover. And I had never learned astrology before. But something in me was like, I'm supposed to take this astrology book. So I took the astrology book. And of course later I went back and donated books. Don't be thinking, don't reach out to me. I'm not that But anyways, so I took the astrology book and brought it home and just like put it on my bookshelf and kind of never really thought about it again until it was recommended now so it's kind of like the universe led me to it when it was available to me and waiting for me in the book shelf, the book share thing, and then gave me a reminder now and it's like the perfect time for me to read it. So I'm really excited to dive more into that. So stay tuned for more on astrology. I have a feeling I'm gonna start sharing a lot more about what I learned. Okay, so anyways, I'm done. I'm done rambling. Let's get into today's episode. So I'm really really pumped for this one because I feel like there's so much information about out there about manifestation and the law of attraction that just gets so twisted and makes it a process that feels like it doesn't feel good and like if it doesn't feel good then like what's the whole point anyways? So these are a manifestation myths. stuff you should avoid at all costs. These are eight things that I have heard on the internet and social media and you know, just various places, saying like, you have to do this in order to manifest. Well, it's bullshit. It's not true. And so I'm going to walk you through each of these so that you can let these myths go because these myths are probably some of the very things that are standing in your way of manifesting the things that you want. So yeah, we're just gonna go ahead and dive in. Okay, so the first one is this idea that you know, you need to act as if you know acting as if speeds up manifesting but acting as if doesn't work. And I used to believe in this made sense to me as Oh, act as if, you know, act as if you already have the dream house or whatever, just act as if, but then I realized that acting as if doesn't work, because acting in and of itself, implies that you're not there yet and it and that itself thing you don't already have within you, right? Like if, if it wasn't already within you, then you would have to act like that. But what I believe is that it is already within you, there's no acting necessary. And so instead of acting as if I like to say aligning with the future you so this implies that that version of you already exists and is already within you and is available to you now. And all you have to do is step into it, you have everything you need within you to step into that version of you, rather than telling yourself I need to act as if is that very act of telling yourself I need to act as if implies that it's something that's not already within you, which gets in the way of you being able to step into that because you don't believe that you are that you already are. You already have everything you need. Okay, so the second one is that you can't manifest until you quote fix your belief system or work through this limiting belief or work through that or go through this course or go through, you know, sit down and like write out an action plan for how you're going to overcome this like limiting belief that you have. That in and of itself is limiting. Okay. So whatever you believe is required to manifest is what will be required of you. So if you believe you have to, quote work on all of your beliefs, then you probably do. But what if you believe that there was nothing else you needed to think or do in order to manifest what you want? Like what if it was already on its way to you? And so,


one of my friends


was telling me the other day she was getting really stressed out because she was like, she had this goal for the month of May for how much money she wanted to make this month in her business. And she was like, I really need to believe it's already done. Like, I really just need to go like I have to get on this client call and I don't want to get on this client call is like I need to go stand in front of a mirror and Repeat this affirmation. 100 times that it's already done. And I'm like,


okay, I asked, you're like, what if


you don't have to stand in front of the mirror and say 100 times in order for it to already be done? What if it is already done? What if there's literally nothing else you need to think or do or say or worry about or plan or take action on in order for it to manifest? What if it literally is already done? And so I think this is a big one for a lot of people because we get so caught up in like, okay, like, I I believe, like, say you're trying to like manifest money, but you have this belief that like, you have to work hard and sacrifice in order to make money and then you tell yourself, Well, I can't make money until I get rid of that belief and fix that belief. That's not fucking true. That is so limiting. You can manifest anything and everything you want and within your current belief system, and that doesn't mean like, oh, let's just like accept our current belief system and never really learn and grow. The learning and growth can happen for the purpose of learning and growth and stepping into the best version of yourself not because you're not, quote, good enough or fixed enough. Now in order to manifest what you want, you are, again, you already have everything you need. within you, it's already done. It's already on its way to you. So there's nothing that you need to, you know, fixate on or tell yourself, you know, I have to work through this in order for this manifestation to happen. It's not true. Okay. So the third myth is that you have to know exactly what you want with crystal clarity in order to manifest it. So I don't know about you, but like when I tell myself like, Oh, I have to get crystal fucking clear on what I want. That stresses me out. I'm like, Oh my gosh, like, I don't know all the exact details like, Oh, god, I'm not going to manifest a like this is bad. Okay, so clearly, like that just brings your vibe down. It's not serving you, and the universe knows


what you want,


and knows exactly what you want and has been keeping tabs on everything throughout your life that lifts your energy. Like, you know, you don't have to write down like I want, you know, a dream house with a pool and this and this and this, like, that's not a bad thing like, do what makes you feel good. If that makes you feel good, then great. But if it's not feeling good to force yourself to get crystal clear on exactly what it is like you don't need to know everything down to the last tiny detail of what you want. The universe knows where you want, like say for example, like you're out on a walk, and you see this beautiful, beautiful home and you think to yourself, like Wow, that is so beautiful. I'd love to live in something like that one day, the universe picked up on that energy the universe picked up on that desire, your subconscious mind picked up on that desire. So even if your conscious mind doesn't, you know Quote, know exactly what you want. It doesn't matter because your subconscious mind does. It's literally picked up everything throughout your life. So it it already knows. So trust that and yeah, just stop worrying about having to know exactly


what that is. Okay.


Okay, so the fourth myth is that you need to focus only on positive thoughts. So here's the thing, clinging to positive thoughts just pushes them away like How many times have you chose to anything positive, anything positive and then like, all of your positive thoughts like disappear. That's because clinging to them and obsessing over them pushes them away. And running from negative thoughts. Really just brings them closer, like how many times have you told yourself like, Oh, I can't think about that negative thing and then all you're thinking about is that negative thing right? So, life is literally full of polarities and dualities. There's


happy and sad there's,


you feel safe and you feel fearful. There's night and there's day. There's light and there's dark like so many things. Really everything in our life is a polarity and the polarities of life are what allow us to have the experience of life. If there was no experience of sadness, there would be no experience of happiness and if there was no experience of happiness, there would be no experience of sadness, like these polarities are necessary in order for us to have a human experience and when we can honor and accept both sides of these polarities and dualities, then we that's when we can let go the resistance that's in the way of our manifestation. So whenever you find yourself focusing on something, you know, quote,




you know, I saw thing I learned from the Sedona Method was like to ask yourself this question, could I let go of wanting X to happen? So say you're


you're worried that


you were you're not going to be able to like pay your rent this month or something like that, or, or you're worried you're going to this project you're working on is going to fail, whatever it is. So could I like go of wanting this project to fail? Could I let go of wanting not paying my rent to happen? And just asking yourself that question, it will probably make you laugh. It's like, Oh, yeah, I could let go of wanting now like, I don't want that. And so it kind of just like frees you and lightens up your energy and that lightening up if your energy is the very thing that allows you to be in this energy of manifesting and creating the life that you really want. So, as much as you let go of wanting that to happen Can you also give yourself permission to like think about that like can you give yourself permission for it to be okay that you were having that thought Can you forgive yourself for having that thought and you know, can you welcome


the how much


you don't want something and the resistance to it can you welcome that can you give yourself permission to have it can you let that be okay? And then at the same time just as easily, can you can you let it go? Can you let go of wanting to change it? Can you let go of wanting to control it and can you let yourself move back and forth between these two energies of allowing the resistance allowing whatever it is you're feeling and then letting it go allowing it letting it go a lot and when you are able to give yourself full permission to be in both of these


polarities of


your emotions. That will allow them to dissolve and allow you to step into a higher state of energy. Um, and you know, a lot of times this comes up with the law of attraction and manifestation like, you know, like if you I remember one of my friends was reading the book The Law of Attraction she was like I can't read it It freaked me out like it would make me so scared because I was like, so paranoid of my negative thoughts were kind of like, make something really bad happen.


Um, but this is not.


That's there's nothing to be scared of. There's nothing to fear like we're humans were meant to have a full spectrum of emotions again, we literally would not have a human experience without those polarities. So it's okay, it's normal. You're allowed to have them it doesn't mean you're going to manifest a terrible life in any way, shape or form and anyone who tells you, it will is like, literally out of their mind. Because I it's just, it doesn't make any sense. But anyways. So there's a lot of times a time buffer with things we want to manifest like things don't always manifest instantly they can if we allow that to happen. But this time buffer gives you the chance to redirect your thoughts and your energy. And so this time buffer is actually a good thing because, you know, if you are like, I used to be so scared,




I used to be really scared staying home alone. And I would be like thinking constantly that someone was gonna like break into my apartment. And then I would like be like, Oh my god, I'm manifesting someone breaking into my apartment if they break and it's gonna be all my fault because I manifested this and I was the one thing about this like, that is not helpful and it's not true. You're not manifesting it just because you were having that thought like you're a human with a full spectrum of thoughts. It's okay. How can you You allow yourself to have that thought, how can you stop making yourself bad for having that thought? How can you stop making the thought itself? Bad? and give yourself a chance


to allow


it? And then also give yourself a chance to redirect your thoughts and energy? What is it that I do want? What is it that I do want to focus on in sci fi and let yourself move there and then give yourself permission to have the other thought and then move back there. And so just really giving yourself permission to have a full experience and experience of the spectrum of emotions and feelings. It doesn't mean that you're not going to manifest what you want. If you have negative thoughts or feelings. Those feelings are not bad. They're not negative, inherently they're there. They actually serve you because they show you when you're focusing on something that you don't want that you're believing a lie about yourself and it gives you the opportunity for that self awareness to reflect and give yourself permission to allow that and then shift into a thought or a feeling that will serve you more in that situation. Okay? So the fifth myth is that action is the most important step. I hear all the time. Like, you know, manifestation is nothing without action. Like you have to take action. You can't just like sit on your couch and like, poof, the Ferrari appears in your garage like, Okay, I'm not saying that. But action is literally the very last step in the process. And really, there's it's you kind of in say, there's steps because manifestation is not linear. It's not like you do this and then you do this and then you do this. It's a it's, it's always all happening in the now, if that makes hopefully that makes sense. And so it's really it's, I don't even know the words to put to it except the fact that it's not linear. Okay. So action is the last step in process. As if we're thinking about it linearly, because our brains like to do that they like to be able to understand it in that way. So just for example, purposes, let's buy into that illusion that there is, you know, a series of steps because that's how our brains perceive time. That's how our brains perceive the world. But time really is just an illusion. But that's a whole other episodes. Us. Action is the last step, we'll just go with that. And by that point, the thing you're manifesting is already done. The action is just the final piece piece, bringing what already exists into your current physical reality. So you don't need a step by step plan. You don't need to be like, Okay, I'm going to manifest a car step wanting you to do this. Step two, do this. Step three, do this. Okay, step four, I'm going to take this action, like, you don't need to do that. If you're inspired to have a plan. If it feels good. This doesn't mean that planning is bad. Just focus on what feels good for you. And if you know telling yourself that I have to do this and this and this and that's like, done. doesn't feel good for you then like, it probably isn't serving you and you're always being guided,


and the next step


will unfold. So trust that and know that the action is really just that final, final step and bringing what already is what already exists into your awareness. Okay? So that you can experience it and the, like physical reality. Okay, Myth number six is that if you didn't get what you wanted in the timeframe that you wanted it, then you know, it's not gonna manifest and you did something wrong. Again, this is a good thing, because, number one, it means that something is better is on its way. The universe is always delivering to us what's for our highest good. So if you didn't, you know, get what you wanted in the timeframe you wanted it, then know that something better is already on its way to you. And you know that The universe might just be catching up to your massive exponential like growth, like maybe you have really shifted your beliefs and stepped into that next level version of you yet you're not seeing it in your reality. It's okay. Sometimes the universe is just catching up to your massive growth and everything that we want already exists. So you know everything. I truly believe that everything happens in divine timing and divine timing doesn't mean you don't deserve it. Now, you're not meant to have it now. It already exists now and it will just come into your awareness when you're truly ready at the time when it is for your highest good when it will serve you best so instead of, you know, like blaming divine timing and go Well, like I didn't get that because divine timing like, too bad. Like that doesn't really serve us either that can like cause us to give away our power. So how can we instead ask ourselves like, Where am I being called to grow? Where am I being called to? uplevel? What is the choice being asked to me right now and see what comes up when you ask yourself that and move, move with that guidance and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly as it should be? Because it always is. There's always something better on its way, but things are not looking the way you wanted them want them to in this moment, okay. Myth number seven is that, you know, I'll be happy when I get there. I'll be happy when my business hits a million dollars, I'll be happy when I am driving that car, I'll be happy when I'm living in that particular house. I'll be happy when I have when I can afford to shop at Whole Foods or whatever it is. So those feelings that you think those things will bring you are available to you right now. So our circumstances and things in our life Don't create happiness, our thoughts and our feelings do so instead of focusing all your attention on like, I need to get that house or I need to get that car I need to make all that money in my business. Focus your attention more on how you want to feel




and let yourself be guided to in gravitate towards what gives you those feelings because stepping into those feelings, creates the experiences in your reality that match those feelings, not the other way around, which is what most people think happens. Okay? Myth number eight is that manifesting is always going to feel easy and like rainbows and butterflies, and you shouldn't have any fear or discomfort or you're totally doing it wrong. You're just not high five. And so, growth happens in the unknown. If we were in the unknown, we wouldn't be growing because we already know it. So that's why growth happens in the unknown. The unknown is scary. We as humans, we like certainty. So being in that unknown it can bring up a lot of fear and discomfort and that feeling of uncertainty which can be unsettling but the good news is that a lot of times these are actually symptoms of up leveling and releasing what's no longer serve you. So a lot of times if you're feeling that discomfort and fear and uncertainty good that means you're growing and evolving and up leveling and changing and releasing what's no longer serving you. So let that be okay. Like what have you embraced the fear and discomfort?


What if it


meant you were changing and growing What if by feeling the fear and discomfort literally meant that the fear and discomfort was coming to the surface and that you were releasing it and letting it go? What if it was already on its way out? What if peace and common clarity was already on its way in? And you know, a lot of times like I'm not saying you know, everything has to be uncovered. Trouble manifesting a lot of times can feel so light and easy and in the flow like and that's amazing. And this doesn't mean that it always has to feel fearful and discomfort. But a lot of times, you know, there's this discomfort and staying stuck where we are there's a discomfort in stagnation. And there's a there can be, it doesn't have to be right. It doesn't always have to be a discomfort in growth, but there's a discomfort in growth. So would you rather be in the discomfort of growth or in the discomfort of stagnation, I'm always going to choose the discomfort of growth, like hands down, like it's not even a choice to me like of course, I would choose the discomfort of growth over the discomfort of stagnation. So when you're feeling that discomfort, you can get excited, because you know, you've made that choice for growth and you're stepping into that growth and you can still manifest even when you're not feeling perfect. Even when you're feeling discomfort even when you're feeling a little bit of fear. That doesn't mean Like oh my god, you're not gonna Manifest ANYTHING LIKE that's fucking bullshit I'm sorry, I, I could go on and on about all of this like, manifestation is not scary you nothing you think or do or say is that bad like none of it is good or bad. All of it is part of your human experience all of the thoughts and feelings and experiences and actions you've took up into your life till this point were the ones that you were meant to take. So trust that




know that it's informing your thoughts and feelings and decisions now in a way that's allowing you to choose to step into an even better direction all those experiences you've had in the past. I gave you so much knowledge and experience about what what works for you what feels good for you. So know that you can still manifest even if you aren't feeling you know, quote, perfect, like Transformation does not always feel perfect so trust it even when you're not feeling you know your best you're feeling a little scared or in discomfort like it doesn't mean it's bad okay? It doesn't mean you're not manifesting everything's fine. So I think the moral of the story relates to things like have fun. Let go of all the rules that go while you're supposed to do like what they told you you have to do every single morning in order to manifest what you want let go of thinking that you have to say an affirmation 100 times in the mirror like literally you just have fun if it's fun for you to if you feel good standing in the mirror and sing an affirmation 100 times great like it's just a tool, but it's not a prerequisite to there's no prerequisites to manifest what you want. You already have everything within you that you need. So just have fun focus on having fun in the second thing is focus on feeling good Above all,


Feeling good?


creates an attracts more of what feels good. And this doesn't mean that Oh shit, what if I feel bad then it's bad? No, it's just like, Don't feeling good, feels good, right? Like, don't you want to feel that way. So focus on feeling good and let that be your guiding intention instead, instead of worrying about like, Oh, I need to, you know, manifest this or I'm doing it wrong or, you know, I'm not going to be happy until I get this or I need to take the right action or I need to focus only on positive thoughts or I need to know exactly what I want. Like, let that shit go and just ask yourself like, what would feel good for me right now to think what would feel good for me to do and just like, let yourself be guided and gravitated to what feels good because when you let yourself be guided by what feels good, you're literally just going to feel more good, right? Like isn't that the whole point of manifesting is to feel good. So let that be your guiding intention. And I hope this episode helps you I would love to hear what you think of these I know some of these may ruffle some feathers because they're different than what a lot of people are saying. But these are my truths that speak to me this doesn't mean these have to be your truths, right like we I again, we all have everything we need with ns in order to succeed and to feel our best and to manifest the life of our dreams. So this is these are the myths for me that have thought in letting go with them have really opened up my energy and allowed me to create so much more in my life, but this doesn't have to be your truth. So take what feels good for you. Ditch what doesn't and just trust yourself that you you know, what you need, your intuition knows and everything that you desire is literally already on its way to you. So yeah, thank you for listening. I'd love to hear what you think if you want to send me a message on Instagram at magnetically you, I would love to hear from you what you think of these. And yeah, I hope you guys have a super magical amazing day today and I'll talk to


you on the next episode.

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