the REAL reasons you haven't manifested your freedom life yet - with Rachael Hunt

podcast Jun 02, 2020

This week on the podcast, I interview my badass mastermind coach, Rachael Hunt. Her story is seriously so inspiring and relatable... she breaks down the REAL reasons you haven't manifested your freedom life yet and the steps you can start taking today to build the life of your dreams.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ How to master your mindset so you can become a powerful creator
✧ Exactly what Rachael had to learn and go through in order to create her freedom life
✧  Why it's a GOOD thing to pivot and evolve in your business
✧  What it means to have a "freedom life" and how to create yours
✧  The ONE book that set Rachael's freedom life into motion
✧  How gratitude dramatically expanded Rachael's quality of life
✧  The REAL reasons why you haven't manifested your freedom life and how to overcome them
✧  Rachael's exact spiritual & manifesting rituals
✧  Steps you can take today to achieve your freedom life


Guest Bio:

Rachael is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Mindset & Success Coach. She helps her clients get crystal clear on their purpose, develop strategies and systems that work, and get recognized as an influencer in their domain to attract ideal clients, get paid more, and achieve their Freedom Life.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi, Rachel, welcome to the show. How are you?


Thanks, am I'm great today actually, I'm actually having a really good day. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to chat.


Yeah, me too. I'm having a really good day too. So we must be meant to chat today.


So Rachel is my mastermind coach and I found her on Instagram Why should say she found me on Instagram and it's a crazy story that I have to tell because every day I have this everyday in my start today journal, it's like Rachel Hollis is like daily journal. Like write down 10 goals that you as if you've already achieved them, and one of them that I wrote down every day was I am in and I wrote this certain person's mastermind I'm in a certain person's mastermind. I'm with my best friends and I wrote that every day for a month and at a certain points like that certain person's mastered Mine wasn't aligning with me anymore. So, one day I changed the affirmation to instead of saying that specific person's mastermind, I said I'm in an amazing mastermind with my best friends. And I just like wanted to, like, remove the like control I had over the universe and like let the universe guide me to the mastermind that was right for me about it, rather than me trying to control it. And the very next day, Rachel messaged me and was like


you just said something like, I don't know why I'm messaging you but I felt like I was supposed to and tell you about my mastermind like and I


was don't normally do that either. Anytime you would like commented, or I had commented on a photo and then you commented on my comment and it was just like the something about the way you commented like, this girl seems like you know, kind of like this like good vibe and like the right fit, I think No, it was a serendipitous meeting,


though. Yeah. And I was like, Well, I guess I'm meant to join this mastermind. So I did. And I'm so happy you


did. Yeah.


And so okay Rachel, for those of you who don't know her, she's a certified master NLP practitioner, mindset and success coach and she helps her clients get crystal clear on their purpose develop strategies and systems that work and get recognized as an influencer in their domain to attract ideal clients get paid more and achieve their freedom life. So, thank you so much for being here. Rachel, I'm so excited to talk to you. We've definitely been vibing on good wavelengths for a while. So this is gonna be good. Um, so do you want to start by just telling us more about what you do and kind of your journey that led you to


all of this really your freedom live my freedom


life? Okay, well, I like love our story of meeting I might still go Nothing


like that happened. Anyways best. So my journey to where I'm at today so like you mentioned I am a yeah I call myself business or like a mindset and success coach or mindset and business coach more or less the same I help the women I work with master their mindset because my belief and my experience is that when we can master our mindset and you know, strengthen that and you know, and when I say control like control in a in a non controlling way like when we can overcome blocks and challenges that have stood in our way of success and abundance. We become these really powerful creators and I think we're all powerful creators at the core, but there are blocks there are limiting beliefs there are these negative stories and emotions that have been conditioned and programmed within us. And and I meet women kind of at that stage where they feel like they've done XYZ. And they just don't understand why things aren't working out for them the way they want. They're just not understanding why that success hasn't hasn't happened for them or why they're still confused why they haven't found that clarity. And I understand them on a deep level, because that was me, that was me for a really, really long time. And it wasn't until I started diving into my own mindset, you know, kind of stripping away the business strategy and the tools and the systems and really just like working on myself and doing that deep inner work, that I actually started to find this really beautiful momentum and sort of finding the success that I always yearned for. And so then I realized that Yes, okay, the practical side of things of the business, you know, specifically is important. That is really important because you know, it's going to keep you organized, it's going to keep things moving. But we first must look at our mindset, we first must, you know, evaluate and assess where we're at, you know, what we're consciously stating we want and how it's being contradicted at a subconscious level, aka what our Programming is resisting and what our program is preventing for us. So that's kind of my biggest passion with with my business. My business is called freedom school. Because I believe that at the core we all desire more freedom. So that could be freedom to spend more time with your family or your loved ones. It could be freedom financially, it could be freedom to travel, which is a big thing for me, you know, freedom to work anytime, anywhere to like call the shots to live on your own terms. So freedom is always this like underlying, I guess denominators underlying value that every obviously like 90 to 95% of the women I've talked to desire, that's what they're striving for. So my journey I'll back it up just a little bit. It's got a lot of turns and twists. But I, you know, was going down a very traditional route. I graduated university or college for the Americans and I You know, set out to work a nine to five like I just didn't know any other way I wanted to find like the, you know, the, the, the job in the big city right the dream job in the big city so I come from a very small town and grew up on a farm. So I come from very, very humble beginnings and so when I went to school, I had a, you know, bigger in a bigger city. I like I was cracked wide open like I always knew that I had like bigger dreams and then most people but you know, getting a taste of like city life really spoke to me. So you have moved to Toronto, which is where I live, which is in Canada. And yeah, I just like I fell in love with like the fast pace in the big city light. But the one thing that I struggled with was finding happiness in my jobs. I thought that maybe it was like the companies I was working at or the rules I was in, but I bounced around for a few years and just nothing was nothing nothing felt right like I don't know if anyone listening can resonate with that, but I just like felt like I kept just hitting this brick wall and my friends were loving their jobs and we're getting paid really well and I just like wasn't and I, you know, felt really frustrated, felt really defeated and I was just in a pretty like low spot. At the same time. My last the last corporate job I had. I also started experiencing some health issues. So I was navigating a really stressful job, a job I hated. And I was also navigating health problems and I was going to a specialist and everyone was like, you're fine, you're young, you're just anxious and this is normal. And I'm like, No, there's something more going on. And so I was my own detective and lo and behold, yeah, there was more going on and I was diagnosed, basically self diagnosed initially as celiac but then went through and worked with a naturopath to like kind of get to the root of it which was gluten so now I knew what was wrong with me physically and you know what my you know, that was also causing and I know you're you're into health, you have a health background.


My emotional mental health was being impacted by gluten. You know, I was having a lot more anxiety I was having mood swings I was having, like, like, I wasn't just experiencing digestive issues, it was a lot of neurological, and a lot of like emotional mental problems. So when I found out I was allergic to gluten and had to cut it out, I also had this like crazy inner power come through. And I was like, fuck this job, like, I don't need this job. I don't want to work another day for someone who is just an absolute tyrant. And really, that was the situation I was in. So I quit that job with no backup plan. But with a newfound discovery that I'm gluten free, and really just this desire to find a better quality of life. And so I took four months off at this time and happened to be summer. So how perfect. And I read a lot of books and the one book that stood out to me, I don't know if you've read it. It's called the four hour workweek. by Tim Ferriss, I think a lot of people have read it. But if not, it's a it was a really transformative transformative book for me because it set the wheels in motion for my first business, which was a blog about living gluten free. I called it gluten freedom. And it was basically like my little passion project, it was something that brought me so much joy. And I was, you know, creating it with the intention of, you know, serving myself, but to serve others who are also gluten free, who are also trying to navigate dining out and traveling and cooking. And it really gained quite a lot of attention. It gained a lot of momentum. And this was kind of around the time that Instagram was just starting to the algorithm was not what it is now and you can grow a lot quicker. And so that was where a lot of my momentum came from. in the online space was this gluten free platform. And I had such big dreams. I'm a big dreamer if you can't tell like I'm always dreaming big things. So I had like this big vision Like, I'm going to be sent around the world I'm going to travel and I'm going to be this gluten free travel blogger and I did travel a lot and I did you know, get Yeah, I do a lot of international like coverage and yeah, like it established me as an influencer. It established me as a person of influence or someone who is influential. And it made me feel really a really good but it felt good because I was helping others in a really meaningful way. And so while I was kind of building this platform, I started serving part time because serving you know, paid good money you could make a lot of money making tips, and also gave me this freedom, this flexibility to work on my blog. Like, kind of when you know, whenever I wasn't working so daytime, I could visit restaurants during the day. I could take photos in daylight versus you know, having to do it all in the evening. So it like fit my lifestyle at that time. But then I started, I don't know kind of going down this Negative path, if you will, of, I guess you could call it like self sabotage because I was getting wrapped up in this toxic lifestyle of the serving life, which is a lot of late nights, a lot of drinking a lot of partying. And I was putting my passion project on the back burner, and I wasn't prioritizing it. And so one side of me is like, what are you doing, like, you know, having these big dreams and wanting to make something so like, you know, powerful and impactful from it. And then the other side was being dominated by my ego, which wanted attention, which wanted to be part of the cool kids wanted to, you know, fit in. And so I was at this, like, Crossroads this, like, you know, I'm having this like inner struggle in our power struggle, and I kept putting it out there. And this was when I started getting pretty spiritual and like, a little more Woo. But I remember like, at this point in my life, this was probably four years ago now, like putting up this energy that I I didn't want to serve anymore. I didn't want to be at this restaurant. I didn't want this, but I wasn't taking action, right? Like I wasn't doing the damn thing I was, you know, still showing up for my shifts working five, six days a week. And what did the universe do while the universe got me gave me what I needed but not necessarily what I wanted and that was a huge I call it my cosmic pitch lab because it was like, you know, the wake up call I needed to be like, Okay girl, like you're saying that you don't want this but yet you're not doing anything about it. So and it was a big wake up call and it really sucked like it really like did a number on me. And, but that's what sparked my spiritual journey. And that's what got me into meditation and


actually even reading about like, manifestation so like the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks, I started reading that series of books. I don't know I just started, I guess, realizing that I was a cause for a lot of these situations in my life. You know, I had just gone through a breakup I had just been fired. From a job, I felt like my life was kind of spiraling out of control. And I yeah, like I turned to spirituality I turned to really like I turned inward. And I started like, facing some hard truths like facing like, you're kind of being a shitty person rage. Like you're kind of just, you know, like, give yourself a shake, like what do you want out of life. And that was a really, really powerful turning point for me where I started to pick up the pieces, I started to get shipped back together. In this time, I had this crazy cool opportunity in my rock bottom moment to move to Panama, which I did. I moved there for three months and that was really healing for so many ways. Because a I was in a tropical paradise and I was in the sun and in the sand and, you know, kind of removed away from this toxic life and lifestyle i'd built and I kind of started to build those pieces back up and yeah, it set me up for a For Success that I'm now you know, still still kind of relishing in still kind of experiencing. So I moved back to Toronto. And things just started to fall back to place. Like I think the biggest thing during that period that I adopted and that I picked up was gratitude. I read this another book, I'm a big reader, a book called manifest your destiny by Wayne Dyer. And this is an old book, like this is a book that my mom had on our bookshelf that I think was like an original copy from like, the 90s. It was old, it was like kind of falling apart. But I brought that book with me to Panama, and I remember reading it being like, Whoa, I am so ungrateful. Like, wow, like, I'm so selfish. I'm so grateful. I had a lot of these like, kind of like a hard truth, like in your face moments, but I needed them. And so I picked up I adopted this gratitude practice and I brought it back with me to Toronto. And I remember not knowing what the heck was going to happen for me there. I remember not knowing what my next steps were, but I remember Staying really grateful. And things just started to fall into place. And I ended up getting a job at digital marketing agency. I had a bit of a background in digital marketing. And so working at this agency came at like the perfect time, because I was working in a really boutique environment and I was working closely with the female co founder, and I really looked up to her and she's a good friend of mine now, and I feel like it really it allowed me to develop really important really crucial business skills, you know, not just like something you would learn in a course or a program like actual business building skills and we got along really, really well and I learned a lot but then I felt like I learned you know enough or I learned as much as I was going to learn from them. And all the while I was learning I was implementing in my gluten free blog business. I had successfully converted it from just a blog to this like, you know, well paid directory, I basically was instead of like, going over Viewing restaurants for free, I was getting them to pay me to feature them. So it was kind of cool because I got got, you know, to travel and go to eat at some really amazing restaurants. But, yeah, it it was able to I was able to do that with spirituality right with tapping in and with this crazy coincidental experience this serendipitous synchronistic experience where I, you know, worked with this digital marketing agency and got to learn a lot of skills, a lot of tangible skills that supported me in building the business. So when I quit that job and left that job, I had already been diving a little bit more into lifestyle with my brand, weaving more of my wellness aspect into it.


And, and I don't know, like when I left, I just found my passion, fell into business. My passion fell into helping other women. Turn what I now say turning your passion into profit, but I really wanted to empower others. Like, guys, like I did this, and I didn't come from, you know, money I didn't come from like, I didn't get handed a silver platter. And believe me if you heard my story, which I just shared, like, you know, I didn't have, I didn't have it all like, you know, it wasn't all linear it was, you know, a lot of ups and downs and highs and lows. So it really excited me that I could, you know, make this happen for myself and I wanted to support others. And then I, you know, dove into mindset more because as an entrepreneur, a lot of your blocks come to the surface and I had a lot of blocks. And so I'm like, how can I get rid of these? How can I work through them? That's how I found NLP. And then I just continue to, I don't know, the audience I had built from the gluten free blog really helped me in getting a footing in the in the coaching when I pivoted more to that, because there was a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, a lot of wellness entrepreneurs and nutritionist natural power mindset coaches, energy healers, energy workers, who were, you know, interested in this business and mindset coaching. So I can like even retelling the story. I'm like, wow, I talked a lot. I'm sorry if I bored you, but I just like, I wanted to paint a picture because it's been so nonlinear. And it's been so random. But it all led me to here and it in it, you know, couldn't have happened independently, like everything. I had to go through all of those things to get to where I'm at, to feel like I. Yeah, I don't not to say that. Like, I had to go through them to be worthy or deserving of this. But I believe I had to go on my own journey and experience all those things so that I could better support and work with the women that I network with, or communicate with, if it's, you know, through Instagram or Facebook or whatever. Yeah, so this is my baby. Now. This is my calling. This is what I truly believe my purpose is and all of those chapters leading up to this. We're just putting me on this path and putting me on this direction.


That's so amazing. I love your story. There's so many things that I really so much to. And it's definitely not boring at all. It's so helpful to hear. And I like, so much of the time on like social media and stuff. We're seeing all these entrepreneurs, like I built my seven figure business in one year. And it's like, they they're just like sharing the high level. Yeah, they didn't. But maybe they didn't share that they were doing a different iteration of their business for the five years leading up to that and like, there's so much that we aren't seeing, it's so easy to compare ourselves to those people. So you being able to like share your authentic journey I think is so helpful for me and so helpful for everyone listening and so much of what you said really resonated with me and I know it's really gonna resonate with everyone listening, especially the idea of like, getting to the point where you had to strip away the business strategy. Like focus on you, I feel like that spent so much of my journey the last few months like I was so caught up in learning the strategy like I was like, serial online course taker and I wanted to learn all the things and implement all the things and get everything right. When, when you're trying to get everything right. It's like, almost like everything starts going wrong. And I feel like I had that extreme experience where I had to really like basically like, unlearn a lot of what I had been told about what I should do and like, check back in with myself and be like, wait, what's my intuition telling me what feels good for me? What do I want? And it sounds like you kind of had that same experience.


Yeah, and I think that like, I love that you touched on that, like, I see so much on Instagram, like, yeah, like, you know, what you just said about like, you know, bragging about numbers. And you know what, I think it's inspiring. I love I do love hearing those stories, but I I also think it's really important to understand the length of that journey or Yeah, so maybe you made seven figures and X number of months or whatever, but it doesn't always paint the full picture. And so, yeah, I think like hearing someone's full story, that's what I love about podcasting. That's what I love about. I love I've always loved hearing people's stories. It's like, understanding what what they had to go through to get there because I could, you know, I often say like, I've been in business for seven years, but I've been coaching for a little over two years. So you know, what, what numbers Am I pulling from or like, what results Am I pulling out from right? I want people to understand that, like, I have been doing, you know, online business for seven years, but it's looked very different. And there's been pivots and redirections. And I think pivoting and redirecting, which I know that you're in the process of doing is, is is okay. And in fact, it's encouraged because who we are You know, for me seven years ago and who I am today are different people like I don't even know if I'd recognize seven years ago rage but but you know, but it's gotten me here. And, and because of those differences in those shifts and growth and transformations, our businesses should look different, you know, what we're doing should look different. Yeah, yeah. So I love that you brought that up because that's another point I wanted to I want to share with with you and with the audience.


Yeah, I feel like we have to like give ourselves permission to change and evolve like we're not supposed to stay the same forever. That's like defeating the whole purpose of doing this. Yeah. And our work is so yeah, I love that. With the freedom life can you tell us more about I know you talk all about like living your freedom life, and your podcast is called the freedom life like what what does that mean to you like having the freedom life? Yeah, so


I guess through like my, like, intro story, you guys probably picked up on the fact that freedom has been this like, common theme in everything and when I created gluten freedom, you know, like, I didn't know that freedom would be this, like a theme that would carry with me through to now and it has and it's cool to see that but you know, freedom has always meant something similar to me it's meant you know, living life on my own terms you know, and I and you know, having the freedom having the flexibility to call the shots you know, to earn abundantly to you know, work where and how I want to work, work from anytime, you know, work anytime, any anywhere. So creating my own schedule. I'm a Sagittarius as well I don't know if you follow astrology, but we're like the free spirit of astrology. Like freedom. Something that we all strive for so my freedom life will look different from yours. But the pursuit of freedom the pursuit of that freedom life is really the you know what, what your purpose what your why is like, what are you seeking? What are you seeking freedom in, you know, when when I was working nine to five, I was seeking freedom from the confines of a nine to five desk job like I was, you know, seeking freedom to build something on my own. When I was diagnosed celiac, I was seeking freedom from my diet from the confines of Oh, you can't eat out and you can't travel and you can't do it. So I was like, Fuck that. I call the shots even if I can't eat gluten or even if I can't eat whatever I call the shots and I'm going to prove and I'm going to demonstrate that you can still eat out eat amazing food because they'll travel to incredible you know foreign international places and and not be a hint, not have your diet be a hindrance. And then now you know, freedom then meant you know spiritual freedom and And and freedom of self expression freedom of have yeah and now I think it's like freedom abundantly you know freedom like self worth confidence abundance prosperity like those are you know my key messaging and my key teachings now but in every chapter of my life every phase of like my my most recent journey has been led by freedom of some sort and so freedom you know your freedom live I you know we've we've talked about that in in the mastermind and how you know we all have this freedom life What does that look like how do we map it out not just with business and finances but home life Relationships travel love life health, spirituality, personal development like looking at all these areas and defining like, what what do you want for all of those in your in your best life and your best version? What what are those areas look like for you?


Yeah, I love that and I feel like freedom for me has been like a guiding thing my whole life I don't know if it's like a universal thing or if it's just like the certain types of people that are like so gravitated towards freedom like I feel like it's always been a guiding like a path in my life to and it's funny how when you I didn't even make this connection until now when you brought up how at one stage you know, you're focusing on the gluten freedom and then you're focusing on freedom and others realize and I'm like, oh, wow, like I kind of had a similar experience with food for me. My journey into all this really started with food and getting food freedom. And then once I got freedom and peace of mind, in that area of my life, I was like, holy shit, this is a superpower. I can do this in all areas of my life. And yeah, I think that we both kind of experience the journey that way, which is amazing. So what do you feel like holds us back from manifesting our freedom like life? For people listening who are like, Yeah, well, that sounds great if I could just live on my own terms, but like, I gotta go to work and pay the bills and like, do this and like, so what do you think is like holding us back? I mean, obviously this, like what else holds us? Yeah.


I mean, I think there's a couple things I think there's I mean, you kind of set it like some, some people and and perhaps some of the listeners like they're they're completely contented like they're happy working the jobs they had, like not everybody who works a traditional job or you know, does who isn't an entrepreneur doesn't doesn't desire to be an entrepreneur. There's a lot of people out there who are totally satisfied with that. So you know, freedom could maybe even be like freedom. Yeah, like you said food freedom or it could be maybe just freedom to like work from home a few days a week or like whatever it all it looks different for everyone. So when it comes to blocks, you know or come so what holds us back I've kind of broken it down into A couple different things. So I actually had a podcast that was so good today that is very aligned with this. So first things first is your limiting beliefs like those are given. But it's, it's, to me how I look at limiting beliefs is, they're, they're there to serve as a lesson. Like they're there to teach us something, right? So, you know, our limiting beliefs are just that they're there. They're like illusions, you know, we've often pick them up from conditioning or programming from parents, from peers from like media, societal norms or expectations. And sometimes it can be generational, sometimes it can be past life, if you believe in past lives, which I happen to. And so we pick them up and, and the thing is, is that we've picked them up and we've accepted them. We've we've chosen to believe them, and that's a key word we've chosen, and every element and aspect of our life, we have a choice. It can be a conscious choice, it can be an unconscious choice. Oftentimes, we're making unconscious decisions based on our programming, because that's where our programs live. That's where our beliefs lives. That's where our values live. And we adopt them based on Yeah, a lot of times it is our parents. And, and because of that, because we've accepted it, we never, I don't want to say we'd never a lot of times or a lot of people, and I don't think that that's necessarily your eye because I think we're both very self aware. But until you become self aware, until you assess those beliefs and question, wait a minute, like, what the heck, why do I have this belief? Or like, why is this coming up? Or why is this pattern presenting itself? Right? Because that's how it how it usually manifests as these patterns or cycles. You know, maybe it's with relationships, maybe it's with money, like your financial situation, you know, like romantic relationships. So being becoming aware of cycles and patterns and becoming aware of situations in your life that you're not happy with, but you just don't Can't seem to break free of them and can't just seem to seem to just like always be stuck in them. So assess those limiting beliefs get real with yourself because I mentioned in my my story how like, I had to face some hard truths. I had to face some, like really brutal, shitty things about myself. And I knew at the end of the day that like, I'm a good person, but I was allowing conditioning, I was allowing ego, I was allowing patterns and cycles to read my show. And so like you did Madison, I had to like unlearn, I had to undo a lot of this. And, you know, So step number one, what's holding you back is your limiting beliefs. So get real with yourself become aware of what those beliefs are, and write them down, write them down, so you can see them in front of you. Because when you could see them even earlier today, I'm doing a lot of


I'm working with a lot of women right now on money mindset. And so because I'm taking them through a lot of these, like through a protocol or program, if you will, I decided to dive deeper into mine as well. And so I'm doing a lot of like self worth and confidence work. And so I journaled, boatload this morning. And it felt really good because I've done a lot of this work. But it was interesting because I still recognize some things coming up, I still recognize that Ooh, I wasn't really aware of it in that way before and now I am so writing it down helps you to reflect and become aware of like, oh, okay, that's coming up, all right. And then you're able to, to understand the work that needs to be done or maybe not like a clear path, but you understand what needs to be unblocked and what needs to be healed. And, and you have an opportunity, like I said, going back to choice, you have a choice to rewrite those beliefs. You have a choice to to believe otherwise. So I like to get my clients and I share this actually, even with my audience as well, like write down your limiting beliefs, and then write down you know, evidence to the contrary, like, why, you know, like, at least even if it's just one thing, one thing that contradicts that, that That's silly limiting belief, and then writing that new belief. So you kind of go from limitation to, you know, evidence. So, you know, hope or or, you know, shifting that positivity meter and then, you know, empowering and yeah, empowering yourself to rewrite it all together. And then you can take that new belief and created, you know, turn it into a mantra or affirmation that you recite over and over. So that's one thing. And then the other thing is that often, and this might be like, you know, kind of ruffle feathers, but often what stands in our way is that we're actually low key benefiting from our current situation, you know that I call it the secondary gain, like you're actually kind of you're you're getting some sort of like something you're getting something out of staying where you're at. So let me give an example when it comes to money. For example, You want more money, usually you're making $10,000 or more salary, but you just can't seem to get there, you just can't seem to find the job that's gonna pay that much, or you just can't seem to get that promotion or you just can't seem to break through the threshold in your business, you're always just capped out whatever it is, okay? What could be happening is you've got a secondary gain at play, because you're kind of like, You're, you're kind of you're resisting, making more money underneath the surface, because making more money means that you'll have to pay more taxes, or making more money means that you're gonna have to grow a team and having a team kind of scares you. Or, you know, you might have more responsibility. And all of these things are kind of like, oh, like, I don't know if I want that, right. So you can kind of see how there's, you know, a secondary gain up play that's keeping you where you're at, again, you're probably not very conscious consciously aware of it, but subconsciously, that could be what's occurring in a romantic relationship. It could be If you've been single for a really long time and you know you want to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend you want to find a partner but you know like it just never works out for you have one failed relationship after the other well what could be happening low key under the surface is that you kind of love when you go home for the holidays and you get all this attention from like your aunts and uncles. When they ask you about like your dating life, right? You kind of just love the attention that you get from you know, them kind of pitting you like you kind of see how like the secondary gain can be at play in different ways. So that's another big thing that often holds people back and I learned this when I was in training to become NLP certified and it's often you know, if if I'm working with someone and like, I've tried all these things, I've done everything and I'm like, okay, so if they say they've done everything and you know, I believe them because I you know, believe everyone's truthful, then there's something else going on and it typically is coming from this secondary gain is typically coming from them. Getting some sort of gratification


that keeps them where they're at. Does that make sense?


100% I've totally experienced that and learned that lesson many times in my life too like for me, how have that showed up a lot of times was I had this habit of like overworking and like almost like just working myself into like burnout and exhaustion and like, I would work so much that'd be like so anxious all the time. And I always felt like I had to be productive like 24 seven, I like couldn't relax. And my second gain from that was avoiding the emotions I would have to feel once I stopped and slowed down. So it was my brain thought it was actually serving me more, to just stay busy, busy, busy, because then I didn't have to feel those emotions and sometimes, like, moving past that second gain, our brains perceive it as more painful than staying where we're at. But when our conscious brains we know nothing. is scarier than staying stagnant at least for you and I who are like big dreamers so I totally get that and what would you recommend for someone who is maybe experiencing something like this like would you say like journal on like, how am I benefiting from my current situation and what are the consequences of not going after my dreams? Like what would you recommend?


Yeah, I think like basically that like, talk about


or sorry, not talk about write about write out like how you're benefiting you know, if it's a scenario and I can totally resonate with like, the the busines syndrome, right? I'm too busy. I think, often what's happening when people are too busy and I'm saying that in quotes, I know you can't see me but in quotes, like too busy, it's Yeah, they're avoiding, it's avoidance. And, and so yeah, becoming aware of how like ask yourself, okay, so if it's in the area of romance, if it's in the area of work if it's in the area, Have of like money like whatever area seems to feel really like sticky whatever you know area you feel like you're just in this like continuous pattern in cycle you can't break free of Ask yourself and again a lot of like these techniques or a lot of these exercises that that are the most powerful are really about like you getting real with yourself like you really just facing things that you don't want to face. But yeah, get real with yourself. Like, okay, how am I benefiting from this? And then on the flip, you know, it's okay, I have it benefiting from where I'm at reading that down. And then on the flip side, you know, what are the consequences of you staying where you're at, because the consequences in order for you to move out of your current situation. It's important that the consequences outweigh your current situation. It's really, really important. So if your consequences you know, like I'm going to come back to like the The money thing so your secondary gain is you don't want to have more responsibility and you don't want to you know have to pay more taxes and don't want to grow team blah blah blah okay so then the consequences if you stay there you know staying in you know, your income threshold and staying in your in your job or whatever it is, is that you don't progress is that you wake up five years from now exactly where you're at is that you remain unfulfilled and unhappy that you like dim your light like all of these to me I'm like, even though they're not like like physical manifestations to me like even just seeing those words I'm like, Oh my god, like stain unfulfilled stain unhappy? Like, that's enough motivation for me to work my way out of my current situation and overcome that secondary game. If that, if that's helpful.


Yeah. 100%. So, was that the last one you wanted to share about what's holding us back so anything else? coming up for you that you want to share about what yeah


back. I mean I have


one more which I shared in my latest episodes online giving away everything but I ingredients episode. What was the last one? Oh my god, I literally just recorded it yesterday. Justice cake pipeline. Oh yeah. So one of the things that holds us back or keeps us stuck or keeps us exactly yeah where we are is that we're making decisions and we're living our life. Like Yeah, we're making decisions are taking action based on our current reality rather than taking actions and making decisions from where we want to go. And that gets a little like woo and into like the quantum world which I won't like go into. I won't really go into but what I will go into is that, you know, you have to think of your your life path As where you're at today is not is not the same as where you can be in a month or two months or three months or four months, right? Like we have this incredible opportunity and this ability to shift into a completely new reality into a completely new version or a completely new life or lifestyle. By simply choosing to make choices that align with that. When you make choices from where you're at from your current reality, you're always going to stay there like so I'll give an example of my of my journey. So I didn't start investing in myself in a big way until probably the last year okay. And right before I invested my first five figures in a in a coach, I months prior to that I was always putting off like I knew investing was you know, important and I knew that it would help me yada yada yada but I was Taking action. I wasn't even making big, like investing decisions in my business. Because I was operating from where I was that I was operating from, well, I don't have that kind of money right now. Oh, like, I don't want to dip into my savings or like, oh, like whatever I was thinking of. Okay, well, I'm thinking really from a lack minded mentality, because I had this belief that, you know, okay, so if I invest $10,000, that I'm going to be 10,000 you know, out $10,000 rather than thinking with this $10,000 I'm going to learn how to double triple quadruple that investment. Right? I wasn't thinking abundantly and I had this this flip of the switch to towards the end of summer last year that that I kind of had this moment where I'm like, Oh, my God, like I I'm continuously making decisions based on where I'm at. However, I know that when I invest in I know that, you know, I take this leap, that my business is going to benefit from this that my financial situation is going to benefit from this That I'm going to benefit from this right? Like, I had to think from the position of where I want to go, which was to have a thriving business was, which was to make multiple, five figures monthly to make six figures in my business. Like, that's what I desired. And I knew I believed that it was possible for me, but I was like putting a kink in the hose by deciding to only operate and only make decisions from my current reality, you know, for my current situation of maybe I was making like five to seven k a month, right? I had to start making decisions from that from that reality. Now, I'm not saying like, go and just like, be reckless and irresponsible. That's not what I'm saying at all. But it's about you know, there has to be this like belief that you know, that something bigger and better is out there. And then making a decision that's aligned with that, you know, had I not made that decision to work with that coach or had I not made that decision to even invest in you know, the platform I used to host my, my programs like I was always going to stay in this this place where I you wasn't happy with my website, I wasn't happy with my membership site, I wasn't proud or excited about it in and when I took the leap and I invested, you know, a couple hundred dollars a month, which in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot but it felt like a lot at that time. I, I increased my confidence increased my, my my belief in you know, my business and how, how good it looked and you know, and then same with the, with the coach, you know, I learned things that I felt I was missing in my business. And by learning those missing puzzle pieces, I was then able to, you know, turn that investment around and three exit in two months. So it's like, you know, I had to start making decisions from that higher version of me that that higher self instead of always operating from where I was at.


Yeah, have you ever read anything by Joe dispenza


I haven't read his books but I like watch a lot of his his on like I GTV videos. And watch a lot of his like YouTube videos so like I'm from totally familiar with like, his work and what he does and I feel like I'm very aligned with a lot of like what he says and because I also know he's big on like hypnosis as well, I think we do it differently but yeah, like I so I think I'm like super aligned but what in particular about his work?


So I was just gonna say his books are amazing. And a lot of this sounds like what he teaches in his books, he has one called breaking the habit of being yourself, which is basically literally just what we were talking about. And then Oh,




And it's like this idea that like, we go through life, like doing what we've always done, almost like on autopilot and doing what we've always done will lead us to what we've always had and the results we've always gotten. It's like our mind and our thoughts and our beliefs become this like record of the past and this like replay of the past and through meditation and hypnosis and reprogramming your mind which I know that you teach as well. We are able to train our brains to become a roadmap for our future rather than this like record and repeat of our past. And we have to look at like, What are those? What are the thoughts and the beliefs and the actions that that future version of you that has what you want? What What did she do now in order to get herself there? And like, how can we operate from that place? So, yeah, it's really awesome. It really resonated with me all the things you were saying, because I feel like I've had to, like,


unravel so many


mindsets around like my current reality and so many iterations of my life and I feel like the second you can shift not the second obviously, but like, instantly, when you like shift into focusing your energy and intention on where you want to go rather than where you are. It's like things really do start lining up and opening up Cuz it's like our brains are now open to the possibility like we can see the answers, we can see the solutions coming to us. Whereas if we're operating from our current reality, we're going to be filtering, deleting and distorting out anything that doesn't align with our current belief system, which will keep us in that current reality.


Totally. Yeah. Because our, like, our conscious mind, and you said it, like deletes distorts, and, and, like, I think it's like, what it can handle is like, what we are what we take in, it's like, billions of like, what is it it's like, we're taking in so much but we filter we delete and we distort and therefore only like, 126 out of those millions or billions of, of like information that we're like, you know, exposed to that like, we only accept what is is in alignment with our program. So even even and this was a big thing for me. And I just want to mention this is like for the longest time, I felt like I was reading all these books and even to do with like, manifestation law of attraction. I was like reading, reading, reading, I just like felt like what the apps? Like, why is this not working for me like I didn't get it. And what so many of them failed to explain or describe is that our beliefs are our everything. And often our beliefs are in direct contradiction with what we're trying to manifest or what we're trying to call in, or the life that we want to live or all of this and so if we don't become aware of that, and set it to reprogram, which is Yeah, like I do a lot of this work and I, you know, respect people like Joe dispenza and there's, you know, quite a few other like, thought leaders in this space, but like, that's how I came to become so fascinated with it because I'm like, this is it. This is why, you know, you can't just read I know I credited like love law of attraction books by Abraham Hicks Because I, I really fell into manifestation because of them. But I wasn't having the manifestation success that I expected and it came down to my belief system it came down but to my program and that's why when I found like hypnotherapy and you know, studying the subconscious mind and realizing like oh, like we we can master our minds so that we can reprogram our beliefs and our values and align them with what we're calling in. But first we must be aware of of, you know, what's standing in our way. So, I love that you brought that up because it is like that's Yeah, that's totally been my biggest


my biggest experience of growth and something that I want to leave with everyone today.


Same same being able to like going to go through the experience of I didn't even know what I was doing at the time with, like finding food freedom and finding peace of mind on food chain, literally overhauling my entire belief system around food like it No idea what I was doing at the time, but it works and it felt amazing. And then now I feel like after the fact I like had the words to it of like, Oh, I literally like, reprogram to my brain. And it was so cool discovering that. So yeah, I love that you've had a similar kind of journey. So I have a couple more questions for you one that I'm really personally interested in. So what are your spiritual rituals? Like, I know you're super woo like me, and you're always talking about your rituals. I know you've gotten me hooked on this one abundance ritual that you gave to me like, do you do the same thing every day? Or do you like switch it off? What's your like, spiritual rituals and routines like,


Yeah, I love this topic. And I love this conversation. So I actually switch it up quite often. So like for us Yeah, like I


so right now my morning ritual looks different than what it did like last month in the month before, and so the What I was doing for a really long time and what I shared with you is a goddess devotion and a goddess devotion around abundance and prosperity. Are you doing locksmith or Quan Yin? I can't remember. Lakshmi Lakshmi. Okay, so she is the goddess of abundance and prosperity. And I was working with her for a really long time and I was working with




doing her goddess devotions or doing her daily devotions for actually like a lot of last summer. And that's really when I started to like shift more into coaching and really like get really clear on like, who I was working with and what my like mission was, and all of this, I was also going through becoming a certified master NLP practitioner. So I was like, working on the subconscious mind, but I was also you know, trying to call in more abundance and I love working with different goddesses so there's locked me who is the abundance and prosperity I also love working Kuan Yin, who is the goddess of love and compassion, who also I think by default brings in more abundance because love and money are on the same frequency and then there's yeah there's some other ones so I like working with them because I think it's it's really just kind of like calling in like a little guardian angel or a spirit guide to support you and to work you know with and through you




it you know, in a way that like we can't do alone so I love like bringing in the like those feminine those like Goddess energies because a their feminine. But yeah, it just I think also it It supports my belief system as well, right? Because what we believe we achieve so if I believe that I'm attracting more abundance, because I'm working with a particular goddess, by default, I will because you know, it's coming from my belief system. So and I just I love that. Yeah, and so it just like I don't know, I loved working and I will always go back to them but yeah It just like I think it raised my vibration for the day the songs that associate or like the mantra songs that associate the that goddess yeah I don't know they just like put you in a vibe they raise your frequency they really truly do. And I credit like a lot of the abundance I attracted in different you know different months and different you know, launches to them like honestly because I just feel like I held the faith and I called on their you know, energy. So that's one element and then I after that would do either some like free writing and I like to to focus on like an intention for the day and and focus on like, what's my vibe like what am I feeling today because I know that when I feel a certain way I can attract what I want. It doesn't come from attracting what I want and then I you know and then I'll feel a certain way you know comes from feeling first being That vibrational match. And then, you know, then you're able to attract, you know, you become a manifesting magnet as I say, obviously, this goes hand in hand with working through limiting beliefs and things that are holding you back. But I do believe that you know, when we focus on raising our, our emotional energy and how we choose to show up every day, it supports us in attracting the opportunities and the money and the the people that we're meant to, to connect with, right. And then free writing and then just like meditation, mindfulness. So nowadays, I'm actually not I'm not working with a goddess right now. But what I've done is I've created a freedom life script, which is essentially just like a guided visualization that I recorded for myself that maps up my freedom life, which I shared with you, I think a couple weeks ago, and I'm loving that and I swear to god I'm seeing like little pieces of




come to life, you know, even just how I'm showing up in relationships. How I'm you know, I already manifested when I pair dream pair of shoes, which is I know materialistic, but I like material things. And yeah, so yeah, so I'm just like noticing that like,


yeah, I'm really loving it because it's just like


a like


amplified or expanded version of my freedom life as if it's already happening. And so that's kind of like how I'm starting my day now. And I'm working and doing a lot of inner work these days. I think we talked about it before we press record, just, you know, we're all social distancing. We're all you know, spending a lot more time not socializing with others and spending more time with ourselves and I don't know about you guys, but there's definitely been triggers that are coming And there's definitely been, you know, I call it like new level new devil as well where, you know, okay, like we're going through a new phase A new journey. So, you know, with each each up level, we're going to experience new new fears, new doubts, new limitations. So I'm going through that right now. And I'm and I'm working a lot with my self worth and my confidence and really just owning, you know, just owning it and just like feeling so good and just


positive like brainwashing myself every day. So


that's kind of like where my vibe is right now is just really trying to do this like


a lot of like positive


self esteem, self worth work, because again, I believe that when we raise our competence, and we raise our self worth, those are like, those are the core those are the foundations to having everything we want in our life. They absolutely are.


I 100% agree. So And yeah, I love what you said about how like you're really focused on like getting into this high vibrational energy because that's what allows you to become magnetic to the things that you want and I like I've seen that be so true in my life like so much of the time I want to like push and struggle and like work my ass off. And then as soon as I like let go and like experience either like journal myself to having this like energetic shift or do a hypnosis or meditation or get coaching like whatever it is, that allows me to have that energetic shift. It is so crazy, but it's almost like every time something like magical happens like the thing you've been wishing for and praying for and hoping for like as soon as you have that energetic shift it like pops up and it's like oh my gosh, like I was like going through all of that struggle, when all I had to do was like surrender and trust and it's so hard to do that but it works but in that in like


that's my like that's always my biggest markets that energetic Shift and and then letting go like, you know, releasing the control because in all the launches I've done or all of the Yeah, like my greatest success I kid you not comes from when I'm like trying the least. You know and I like forcing it and I you know, and it's interesting because I always do so well in my business when I travel. Like, I don't know what it is, well I do know what it is because my energy is is just, you know, out of me and it's feeling so good, but I've been tuning into that lately because unfortunately I cannot travel


to the places I want to travel. And so I'm really tuning into that energy


with having to be on a plane going somewhere warm going somewhere tropical going somewhere magical finding it in my every day and that is powerful when we can find that within ourselves. Are every day in, in the day to day that That to me is like, that's really powerful. And it's part of the work I'm doing right now. Because Yeah, like, I want to be able to access that and I can access that I'm choosing to access that


every single day.


Yes, it's it's self created. And it's a choice like you said, so yeah, love God. So, this is the final question that I asked all my guests. I know, it's gonna really resonate with you. So what does it mean to you to be magnetically? You


know, I love this question. I think being magnetically you is just standing in your own damn power. You know, just being so confident and


in love with yourself and what you do, like, you know, I think that Yeah, a lot of it comes down to just


self self worth self love.


That to me makes you magnetic. That that's the energy that I strive for and I think a lot of us probably strive for, because it's what makes you literally a magnet. It's what makes, you know, people just attracted and drawn to you. And I think it's so yeah, I think it's really just standing into your power owning, owning owning your worth and just like knowing that you're amazing Just knowing just believing it feeling it and knowing that you're amazing where you're at we're




I love the last for you Adam at the end wherever you're at.


This has been amazing. Thank you so much before we go, where can people find you?


Yeah, I think probably the most common place would be over on Instagram at freedom rage is my handle two H's at the end my last name is hunt and freedom range was one rage was already taken. And then you guys can check


out had freedom


That's my website, if you're curious about that freedom life, and then I've got a podcast that's available on iTunes and Spotify, that freedom life podcast. And I've got a Facebook group so you can join the freedom tribe as well. I'm sure that you'll link those all in the show notes, because that was a lot of things. But yeah, thank you so much, girl. I'm so happy to chat with you and love what you're doing. And also just like love witnessing your journey. I think it's so incredible. You're standing into your power and becoming so magnetic with what you're up to.


Thank you so much. And thank you so much for being here. We're definitely gonna link up all that in the show notes. And yeah, definitely you guys go listen to the episode, she mentioned that she released today about those three things holding us back from manifesting our freedom life because I'm sure you go much deeper in that episode. And I want everyone to listen again and hear those things again. And really, yeah, look at ourselves, honestly, and take that good hard luck. So thank you so much for being here. And I'll be talking to you soon. Yeah.


Bye Love. Have a great day. Bye Bye guys.

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