Mindset Magic: the REAL reason you can't get back on track

podcast May 29, 2020

One of my clients recently asked me "what do I do when I've fallen off track? how can I get back on track?". In this episode, I'm sharing with you exactly how I coached her through this.

If you're feeling "off track" or lost in ANY area of your life, this is a MUST listen! Because when you implement this simple mindset shift, it will pull you right out of a shame spiral and open you up to sooo many new opportunities, possibilities and breakthroughs.

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Full Episode Transcript:

All right, this is like the fourth time I've tried to record this video, which is actually so funny because it's very fitting for the message I'm about to share, like I recorded it yesterday. And the sound was there was like, This beeping noise in the background is terrible. So I'm like, okay, I cannot be disturbing people with all this beeping. So I'm like, Okay, I'll do it again today. And then I kept getting like phone calls and all this stuff in the middle of recording it. And, you know, as I'm sharing this message about like, there's no such thing as on track. Here. I am feeling like five times in a row two days in a row. I'm falling off track and I can't get back on track, like, get this video created. And so I'm like, Okay, it's time to step away and take a break. Like I'm off track for a reason.


Let me Give it some space. So anyways, I went to break and had some lunch. And I have a feeling that this is going to be the one, there's not an interruption. There's not a technical difficulty. This is the one. So anyways, I think that was meant to happen because of what I'm sharing in this video to really remind me and remind us all about this message. And so basically that message I want to share is that hold on one second. I need to make sure everything is working. Okay, so basically, there is this idea. So last week, let me rewind to last week I was on a coaching call with one of my clients and she was asking me like, what do I do when I have fallen off track? Like how do I get back on track like what do I how do I not let a bad moment like spiral into like, you know, much bigger situation. And so, what I'm going to share with you in this video is what I shared with her and helped coach her through it. And this is a mindset shift that I've also implemented and apply to my life and it has opened up so much for me. So I'm excited for to do the same for you. So moral of the story is that there is no such thing as on track believing that there is only one track that you're supposed to be on literally blocks you from the millions and millions and millions of infinite other possibilities, opportunities and paths that are out there waiting for you. And, you know, going off track is actually a good thing because you have to go off track in order to learn the lessons that you need to get the tools you need to have the experiences you need to have in order to create what it is that you want and like what is going off track is actually a good thing because you needed to go off track in order to be guided to the very thing that it is that you want. And and so in that way isn't going off track. Good thing. And so we can imagine it as there's like, just for an example. There's a path a and a path B. There's infinite paths, but again, just for the example path and path B, so you're on path a, and you get off track. And you're like, ah, beating yourself up, like how do I get back on track? Like I fell off the wagon like, what the fuck even is the wagon anyways? I don't know, I never want to hear that phrase again. But that's a whole other topic. So anyways, you're off the wagon, you're off the track, and you're like, Oh my gosh, like, how do I get back on like, What am I supposed to do? And you're obsessed with? Okay, how do I get back on track and you're there's so much resistance and so much like frustration and like, beating yourself up. Meanwhile, path B is over here. And you know, let's say like 10 steps ahead is literally the solution and answer that you've been looking for waiting for you on path B, and it's over there. 10 steps ahead, like hey, like I'm here waiting for you. And you're like path a like I must get back on path a and you're completely Like blinding yourself and blocking yourself off from that solution that's literally waiting for you. Right up ahead, it's around the corner and obsessing over getting back on track is preventing you from just going right around the corner to the answer in the solution that you're being guided to. So get excited when you get caught off track like it is a good thing it is guiding you to the lessons that you need to learn the experiences you need to have, it's guiding you to the very thing that it is that you're looking for. And so, a lot of times too, when we believe that there is just one track, we're like strangling the universe with one thing, one way that we believe things are supposed to be which blocks off all the other ways. And when we do this when we believe there's only one path a lot of times what we end up doing is we end up recreating our past because if there's only one pass and like it's, you know, probably the same as our past and we end up just recreating our past, but here's the thing. You are the creator of your path, you're the creator of your track you get to create in your life whatever it is that you want. So if you don't like the way that you know things are looking then check in with yourself ask yourself what is it that I want? What where is this quote off track guiding me? What is something better that might be already on its way because every time that we have an off track moment obstacle, a challenge, like it's happening for us, it's guiding us to the lessons we need to experience in order to get to where we truly want to be. And you know, there is just, I just want you to let go of the idea that there is a such thing as being on track, there is not, you have always been on the right path for you. You are on the right path for you. You always will be on the right path for you. You are on the perfect path for you at all times. So trust that and let go and as soon as you're able to let go of obsessing Getting back on the path, that's when the answers will unfold. That's where the magic happens and magic happens when you fall quote off track so get excited when you do because it's actually a good thing okay and there's there's literally no such thing as on track there are infinite, infinite infinite number of paths and tracks that you can take into your life and you get to choose you get to create the path The path is yours to create. So stand back in your power and create your damn path. Like what is it that you want to create and create that now stop, you know, worrying about having to get back on path a like everyone else is doing and do it the way everyone else is doing it now like, what path Do you want to create? what feels good for you while it feels right for you? And trust that and let that guide you and when you fall quote off track instead of beating yourself up can you get excited? Because you know, it's a good thing can you ask yourself like Why? what's what's the lesson in this? What is this something better? This is guiding to like, what's right around the corner waiting for me and know and trust that those answers that you've been seeking. Everything that you've asked for is already on its way to you. And it will come much faster when you let go of worrying about getting on track.

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