overcome burnout & get into alignment using your breath - with Dennise Paccione

podcast May 25, 2020

I was hooked on breathwork from the very first time I did it...and today's special guest is actually the facilitator who led my first breathwork session ever, Dennise Paccione. Breathwork is a SUPER powerful healing tool for your mind, body and soul.

I related SO much to Dennise's story and I think you will too. She shares all about her journey of being a type A achiever - someone who was always trying to get to the next milestone and no matter what she achieved, it never felt like enough. She was burnt out and exhausted from seeking deeper meaning in her life through achievement. When she found breathwork, everything shifted for her!

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ What breathwork is and how it can help you overcome burnout and get into alignment
✧  The powerful benefits of breathwork
✧  How breathwork allows you to bypass the mind and gives the body the opportunity to release emotional blocks or stuck emotions
✧  How Dennise let go of "never feeling good enough" and stepped into her purpose and power
✧  Why behaviors are just information for you to explore
✧  My WEIRD AF (but AMAZING) 1st experience with breathwork
✧  Dennise will lead you through a transformative breathwork session at the end of this episode - you are going to feel so good after!

Watch the video below for a demo of the breathwork session we did in this episode!

Guest Bio:

Dennise is a breathwork facilitator and stress management coach that focuses on helping high performance women reduce stress and overwhelm using breath. She firmly believes in the transformational capabilities of breathwork through her own personal struggle with burn out and disconnection. After trying so many modalities and therapies to bring her life back into alignment breathwork was a game changer and she is out to share it with the world.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi, Denise, welcome to the show. How are you?


Hi, thank you so much for having me. I'm doing really well. I'm doing great. How are you?


I'm good. I'm so excited to have you here because well, I guess I'll just tell our listeners how I found you and why I Think You're So Amazing. I wanted to have you on the show. So Denise did a free breathwork session for me. A few weeks ago, I had this crazy wild experience that I'll probably share at some point in this episode, and it was so powerful. And so healing and restorative for me and I had been hearing about breathwork for a while I had been catching my eye but I didn't know what it was. And then when I saw Denise during this recession, I was like, ooh, I've got to like jump on that and see what this breathwork is all about. And it was way more transformational than I ever would have imagined. And so I was like, Okay, we've got to have Denise on because we need to learn All about this and I want to share this amazing experience with all of you. And at the end of this episode, Denise is going to do a little mini breathwork session for all of us and it's going to be so amazing. So get excited for that. But in case you don't know Denise, she is a breathwork facilitator and stress management coach that focuses on helping high achieving women reduce stress and overwhelm using breath. She firmly believes in the transformational capabilities of breathwork their own personal struggle and burnout, her own personal struggle with burnout and disconnection after trying so many modalities and therapies to bring her life back into alignment. breathwork was a game changer and she is out to share it with the world. So it's so awesome to have you here. Denise so do you want to tell us kind of a little bit more about what you do and kind of your journey to becoming a breathwork facilitator. So you call yourself breathwork facilitator?


Yeah, no, okay. Yeah, no, I thank you for that amazing introduction. I'm so grateful to Be here and so excited to actually share breathwork with your community and the world. I am like I probably many of your listeners and I think like you as well you know was and have been, you know that typical type A achiever woman for for many many years and I you know I found myself through many aspects of my career in my life always trying to get to the next milestone because something always kind of felt like it was missing. So, you know, whether that was I, you know, achieved a certain award or hit a certain sales target or you know, took the next step in my career or maybe the next step in in a relationship. I never felt like it was enough for it was full, you know, or you know, the next diet losing 10 pounds Are you know, achieving that that athletic accomplishment and I just always felt like something thing was missing. And here I was achieving, achieving, achieving, consuming, consuming, consuming and never ever feeling like it was enough never feeling like it was a full, I was full. So I'm after many years of struggling and you know, trying a number of different types of yoga trying, you know, meditation, trying therapy huge doing a number of different methods, I found breathwork and it was just such a life change a life changing experience for me. You know,


I really found


that, during during all of those challenges.


I was always struggling or battling with my mind.


And even during something like meditation, I would really find that I would end up getting caught up in my thoughts like, Am I doing this right? This isn't working, you know, or even, you know, during a workout or things like that those, those thoughts and things were really still very much over powering my mind. And I think that was a big part of what led to the burnout. And, you know, was was just that really overactive mind. And what I've been able to find with breathwork is really that ability to bypass that mind and connect fully to my body. And after having a few experience with breathwork, and really understanding and feeling and feeling what what that means. It totally shifted and changed things for me. And now I'm able to approach many of those things that I was challenging with, like medicine or having challenges with like meditation, you know, or just mindful movement in in a very in a very different way.


That's amazing. I love your story, and I relate to it so much. I feel like you were Just able to put words so perfectly to what so many of us have experienced or are experiencing like that. You know, it's like no, you're a high achiever, but no matter what you achieve, It's never good enough. You always go to the next and the next and the next and it's never enough and it's like, at a certain point, it's like well, what the heck is this gonna be enough? Will it ever be enough and like well, what the hell do I do if it's not ever going to be enough in that like realization once you like realize that you've been like waiting for that next enough thing? And then it never feels like enough it's like such a scary realization. So like, how did you navigate that realization for yourself? Did you like stumble upon breathwork? Were you seeking out healing specifically to for things that could help you with those like overactive thoughts and things like that?


Yeah. So I think I think it's, like a couple of things were major, major factors in my journey. You know, I think I've always been a seeker there there's something intuitive about my nature that was always searching for deeper fulfillment on a spiritual level. And I it was something that for many years I wasn't comfortable acknowledging and you know, being somebody that was very dedicated to their career not that very like type A academic or career driven mindset. I really felt like there I had a hard time accepting that there there was a need and a space and wellness was associated with with with spirit. So I think that I was always kind of searching and dabbling but not really ready to fully delve into it. In addition to that, there was a very Big like life, challenging life experience that that happened to me. Where, for a number of years, I mean, I'm in my mid 30s. Now, but for a number of years, I'd say from my mid 20s, to my early 30s, I was very, very focused on my career and material gain, and felt like if I had achieved, you know, a certain financial position in life that I would feel safe. And what happened was such a co owner of that business, leveraged against our funds and our incoming money, which resulted in a major, major financial loss for me about two years ago, where we literally lost all of the money that I had spent six years of making and that was the The biggest gift and demoted most difficult thing that I have have ever gone through. But what I learned was that having having or thinking I had that money never made me feel any more safe, you know, the ability to feel safe or not feel safe is is my responsibility and something that has to come from within and putting all of this external value on, on you know, or sorry, putting all this value on external safety is is not safe in and of itself.


And in addition to that, it really made me reevaluate


what I was what I was giving my time and attention and energy to in my life because money is just energy and we can make money back but there are a number of things that I can't get through back from that time, and you know, that has to do with relationships and opportunities and, and just the energy that I put my things towards. So that was a huge game changer for me. And when I started to really reevaluate my life, I started to really prioritize my relationship with myself and with others, but primarily with myself because I feel like that is the foundation of everything else. And I really, really started to focus on that idea of safety and and why I had externalized that need and, you know, in order to really kind of get some of those answers I really had it had to deeply connect with myself in ways that I hadn't before. So that's kind of what took me down this took me down this path.


Yeah, like looking for those answers of like, what, what is my life if this security doesn't come from the hard work and the money that I had. And then last, which, you know, it's like you said you didn't have any more safety when you had it. It's like then where does it come from? Well, I guess it must be self created. So let me go on this journey to self created with that kind of what happened?


Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, that was a great way to sum it up.


Yes. Well, what if, like crazy experience. So at the time when you were going through that major financial, like loss experienced a couple years ago, like it sounds like now you have this perspective on it of like, wow, that was such a beautiful gift at the time. What was that experience like for you?


Yeah. I mean, it is a gift and it isn't


merely on his eyes.


It was, it was a big loss. So I mean, there's definitely still parts of me that, you know, can and I think that's the ego in the mind. That can still be like, Wow, my life would be different, I'd be able to do this or I'd be able to, you know, shift and pivot in this way if I had access to those resources, but


I'm sorry. Can you repeat the question?


Yeah. So it's like what what was the experience like for you at that time? And like I get to, from how did you go, I guess from that experience to now being able to see it as a gift and like, obviously, there's still parts of you that are like, oh, like, that sucks. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah. So I think it was definitely really challenging. And a bumpy road. It wasn't like a smooth transition where obviously when it was happening, I was like, Oh, I'm just gonna sit here with my heart open and let everything get ripped out and the ground rip rip from underneath and, and I'm just, you know, going to feel all of the things I think it was a process of sometimes destroying myself in the process by not being by being overwhelmed. With the feelings that were coming up and then having to have the awareness around maybe what I was doing and actually how I was hurting myself more and then having to pick myself up off the floor and and and nurture myself and saying okay, well next time like you know or or now you know we have to we have to we have to feel the feelings otherwise you know you're kind of you added gasoline into the fire so, you know, there were a number of times where I you know, I'd use food to numb out or you know, I've used wine to numb out or I had over exercised or just, you know, decided to pour myself into my work just because the feeling of the lack of control and just the devastation and and and you know, the the grief of loss felt overwhelming, but with each time that you know, you you choose to not It It is your behaviors are giving you information on, on that, that there's something there for you to explore more. So, you know, during the process, it you know, is like a zigzag. It wasn't like a straight, straight line to feeling. I was able to open a little bit more and my breathwork journey and using that as as a way to develop a deeper relationship with myself isn't something that happened overnight. it you know, it took a lot of time. And it definitely wasn't linear. I, you know, had a lot of resistance in the beginning to doing long meditative sessions just because I think there were so many things going on for me that it felt overwhelming to my system to breathe for an extended period of time. And I approach that from that typical type a perspective of Well just gonna hammer through, you know, like so I can say that I've achieved this and I did this but what I learned was that it was much better and effective for my system to just do five or six minutes and meet myself where I was at and be open to that rather than to, you know, take that really masculine energy and hammer my way through. So it was a long it was a long process to being able to open up to everything that I was feeling, but you know, there there are, we're in our a number of gifts and what happened and I think one is, you know, reevaluating what and how you're using your time and your energy. And, you know, I think, as we age, we realize how valuable the resource that actually is, and how important that will be a number of years from now. But, you know, also also in addition to that, it's just it's also given me this opportunity




really look at my behaviors and become aware around them in a way that I maybe wouldn't have been able to do so, if so efficiently because it was such a triggering experience for me that it allowed for such a huge amount of transformational growth.


Yeah, that's amazing. And I love what you said about how like our behaviors, our information, because I think a lot of times we like to use our behaviors or thoughts or habits as like evidence of why we're not good enough and horrible as ways to beat ourselves up. But like, what if these behaviors are even like symptoms from our body? I know you and I both struggled with food issues in the past. Like what if all of You know, the those experiences is just feedback and data and it's not good or bad. It's just oh, this is what's my body's trying to tell me? What are these behaviors trying to tell me? And how can I use that to learn more about myself? And it sounds like that's exactly what you did. And it became so transformational for you


100% like you, you're fully hitting the nail on the head there.


And I had that exact same voice that existed within me, that was always kind of like shaming and critical, like, you know, for what I was doing. And, you know, I got to the point where I was like, well, this has not worked


for a number of years now.


whatever time you have to, you know, what is it the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and hoping for a different result. Well, I was living in that hamster wheel for so long. Gosh, me too.


So I mean, at one time, you know At some point, I was just like, you know, what if we just,


as you said didn't put this label as negative or positive on these behaviors and just kind of looked at them as objectively to be like,




so, you know, it's information that I'm possibly out of alignment or that I'm under stress, or I'm not this, you know, and and, you know, how would I talk to my friend or, you know, how would I talk to a small child, and


I was very resistant to doing that in the beginning. But, but but, you know, I was like, Listen, I'm going to try it out. And just like everyone said, it worked. Yeah,




Yeah, I had the same experience to spending so long doing the shame, same shit over and over, like, over overworking, like trying to be productive. 24 seven, like Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, always trying to go to the next thing and it's like, okay, at a certain point like Madison. Hello. You know, this You've been doing this for a very long time, and it hasn't worked. Like, wake up, you know. And I think in some ways, like, we go through that for a reason so that we can have that those wake up moments. So let's get into more about breath work. So I'm so excited to talk more about it. So what what is it for someone who's never done it before? What is it?


Yeah, so breathwork is a very ancient modality. I mean, there's a number of yoga practices that that use it, essentially, just to really break it down. So simply is that breathwork is a form of conscious controlled breathing for a specific timeframe. So, during a session or an exercise, you just use the breath in an intentional way. And the purpose of using it like that is to induce an altered state of consciousness or shift your energy and energy Increase your well being. So, there are so many different practices for breathwork. And so it can be used as an integrative practice. And what that means is just, you know, you integrate it obviously into your daily life and just could be a few minutes, it could be 30 seconds. You know, it can just be shifting your breath. And then there can be meditative sessions, which, you know, can range from 10 minutes to a number of hours when you're doing something a little bit more intensive, like holotropic breathwork. So, the purpose behind breathwork is really to increase that mind body connection and emotional awareness.


That's amazing. So, okay, when you say like breathwork can induce an altered state of consciousness. What does that mean and what does that open up for us?


Yeah, so the longer more meditative sessions and using more of an intensive breath patterns I can definitely shift our states of consciousness. So what that does, like it's, it's very similar to being in a really deep meditative state. It really gives gives us access to our intuition. So oftentimes, when you're in a deep breathwork session, you'll have you know, just really intuitive wisdom drop into you, whether it's like something you know, you're personally working on, or maybe it's like something to do with a project or you have something you need to say to somebody. So there's those, there's access to those insights, it's almost like you Get your mind out of the way and your body is able to communicate with you on this like very deep and intuitive, intuitive way. So I think that really gives us access to our higher self, our higher self and and to that source or, you know, universal knowledge, if you're someone that believes in that type of thing. In addition to that, I think what Have the most beautiful gifts of breathwork. And part of the the idea behind bypassing the mind is, is really giving your body the opportunity to release emotional blocks or emotions that are stuck in past trauma. I think you know, as a society, we are so taught to act and behave a certain way. And, you know, we push all of our emotions down. And I believe that those emotions are still in existence somewhere in our body, like we really need to feel to heal. And so even if it was something that happened a number of years ago, that's energy that's still stuck in your body. So allowing those experiences to be felt to come up and to integrate


gives us Access to like our true energetic power and just opens us up.


Yeah, I definitely experienced that in the breathwork session I did with you. I know we talked about this afterwards, I was like Denise, like, What's wrong with me? Like, what did I What have I done because I had a crazy like, wild experience where the beginning I was like, feeling that energy, like literally moving through my body and it was making my entire body like shake. Like I literally felt like I was like having an exorcism. Like, am I doing my song? Like, I'm literally turning into like a demon like what's happening? And you had told us before the session, like it's normal to have those thoughts of like, what is this? Am I doing? Right? So I was like, okay, it's fine. I'm gonna like let myself have these thoughts. I'm gonna let this be weird. And I'm just gonna trust that something is good is coming from this. And by the end of the session, I literally felt like I was on another planet of like relaxation like I truly felt like I had moved so much stagnant energy out of my body. And I yeah, I really believe that's exactly what was happening. And in the moment, it was very uncomfortable because it felt like anxiety. However, it was just that experience of feeling that emotion and having that emotion move through and out of my body and it was so,


so powerful. That's so beautiful. I love that so much. I one of my mentors actually says to me that the way that you go into breathwork is is the way that you you do a lot of things through life. So you know, the resistance that comes up because everybody has a different voices and things like that, that they that they experience gives you just so much intuitive knowledge about how you maybe


approach other challenges in life, just generally speaking, and I just thought that was a really, really cool analogy.


Yeah. 100% I think for me in that experience, it's this thing I've always done or have I'm drastically improving on is this, like, always trying to get things right, as if there is a right way to do things? And I think, yeah, it's like, it's kind of cool. Because it's like that experience also brought that belief to life, like always trying to get things, right. It's like, well, what if I just focus on feeling? Right, feel good. So I think that's so, so powerful. So how often do you do breath work? Or would you recommend it to someone? Like if they're like, Ooh, I'm interested in trying this, like, do they need Can they do it on their own? Do they need to find someone to lead them through a session? I know you're gonna lead us through one today. So that's a perfect place to start. Yeah, can you tell us more of the logistical details? We're the type of people like me who are like, how often do I do this?


facts like, tell me more.


Yeah, so every, you know, that's a hard question to answer because everybody's, everybody's system is so different in terms of what is best for them and what they need. And, and I think we are very similar in a number of ways. And I was always like, you know, give me the schedule. Let me put this in. I'm going to breathe like this. And I'm going to follow all these instructions. And what I've learned about this journey is that you know, there are times when, for me, it's like, super useful to be doing a lot of longer, more intensive meditative sessions. And then there's times when I really just like need to back off and what's right for me is just actually doing, you know, a few minutes of integrative sessions throughout the day. So there isn't really that that set


response I think


my advice is for people starting out is that To to try something somewhat gentle, not too long of a session, to allow yourself to feel into it and to be open and enjoyable with the experience. And this is only from my own experiences. I think sometimes when we try to take on too much too soon, and we overwhelm the system, then there's that possibility of like almost building up resistance, and then it's almost more difficult to go deeper into the practice as you move forward. So, what I really would say is that, trust your intuition, what like what feels right, like after you've tried breathwork and had an experience, like trust yourself, like what feels right for you? Do you feel like you need to do these deeper? Like these deep deep dives into your subconscious and into your emotional body and into your body? Or are you you know, is there a A lot going on in your life right now and taking on something like that feels, you know, overwhelming then maybe doing something that's like a few minutes a day or you know, is, is is more effective. But I do think that breath work, at least for me is is something that I do do every day. It's just not the same type of breath work every single day.


Yeah, it's just about like, what you need that day. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, that's awesome. So do you ever set an into a specific intention around a session you're doing like, Okay, I know that I have this issue going on in my life right now. I want to like release on that. Do you ever set a specific intention? Are you just going into it openly of like being like, Alright, universe, like release whatever needs to be released?


Yeah, I think both. Both are great. And there are definitely a lot of facilitators always go into sessions, either giving intentions to there too. To the breeders, or, you know, asking the breeders to come to the session with intention. And I think there's a lot of value in that, obviously going in there and just breeding that with that idea. There's, you know, there's that ability to focus and allow the breath to lead you to some of those places. So I think there's a lot of value in that and it's something that I integrate into my personal practice and also, you know, bring bring, ask my breathers to bring or I'll bring to a breathwork practice. But I do think there's such a gift sometimes and just breathing in connecting and allowing that sense of open awareness to be part of the process because I think sometimes there may be things going on that our body and our breath wants to bring our awareness to that we are very disconnected from. So I personally love that have open intention of reading. And a lot of times when I just breathe in the morning, it is like very gentle and with open awareness of, hey, if there's anything like I need to know, you know, I'm here like I'm connected, let me know, kind of thing.


Yeah, I like that. I think that would like work well for me because I feel like I would be the type of person to have the tendency to get obsessed with trying to get it right and obsessive. Okay, this is this is my intention. I got to release this if it's not released by the end of this and like, should I've done something wrong? And like, that's obviously not helpful. So yeah, it just goes back to the idea of like, Listen to your intuition. Like what feels good for you. There's no right or wrong way to have this experience. 100% if you're breathing, you're doing it right. And


and I think everything that you just said just resonates with me on such a deep level. And I think that's part of the reason why I love the open intention is because if you are someone who is that really identifies with that achiever mindset, I think you can get really tightly wound about the intention. And then I've had I went through a number of weeks when I wasn't like getting what I wanted from the sessions, and I was trying to control them. And I think there is an element with breathwork of surrender and acceptance. And I think sometimes if we're holding on too tightly for answers in trying to control when we're going to get them where we're trying to, you know, it doesn't work, I guess is what I'm ultimately trying to say. It can backfire.


Yeah, it's like we're like strangling the universe with like, our expectation for how it's supposed to go. And then the universe is like, Hey, I'm like trying to help you and you're just like, strangling me and like, not letting me do my thing.


Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. You know, you're interfering with that the universal flow. Yeah,


totally. All right. Well, we're gonna get into the breathwork session soon. But we've before Before we do that, is there anything else that you wanted to share that on your heart that you didn't get to share today? Or


anything that we should know about what to expect with this little session?


Yeah. So I think it's one thing and I think one of the easiest ways just for people to relate to breathwork that I'd love to share because when it was shared with me, I really resonated was breath is such a clear indicator of emotional state, and is the first thing that changes when you know we're stressed, angry, scared, relaxed, excited, joyful in love, like when we're literally experiencing any emotional state. So the easiest example of something like that is you know, if you think of a kid and they're having a temper tantrum in the middle of a store, and and their baby when they're in that temper tantrum, they're literally hyperventilating. So their breath pattern is so You know indicative of their distress and as that child calms down you'll notice obviously their their breathing calms down. So what I'm what I'd like to invite people to think about is that just like your breath indicates your emotional state to your mind and body. We can shift change and control our emotional state by by shifting, controlling and changing our breath. We are literally going to reverse engineer here so you know when we are feeling that need to avoid or an urge let's say to binge on food, let's say or you know, there's a really over overwhelming emotion to come up and you know, there's that need to there's that thing to you know, you have a certain urge to scroll on social media. You your your body is really looking for state change, and just changing your breath can provide you with that state change. So in terms of what you need to know, before we start the exercise is, is a few things is, is one. As long as you're breathing, you, you are not doing it wrong. You know, be be very compassionate and mindful of maybe some of those voices that may come up in your head and and just allow them to be there and accept them as much as you can with with loving kindness. I really was trying to think about what what I felt like was, you know, the best exercise for us to do together here on the podcast. And I just wanted to give people an exercise that is simplistic and something that they can literally do anywhere and will only take a few minutes of their time. So This will definitely be different than the breath pattern that we would use in the meditative session and the type of experience and altered state of consciousness and that you know, those big emotional shifts that you may get from an from a meditative session, but it really will


allow you to shift your state if you are really present and open to the exercise. So


what we're going to do is we're going to do a couple different breaths. So we're going to use a breath called the blow breath in in connection to another breath called conscious connect and breathing. And we're going to do a set two times through.




the way that the blow breath works is that the breath is fully through the mouth. You're essentially going to be just focusing on the Exhale, and when you're focusing on that exhale, you're really going to be thinking about snapping your belly or your belly button into your spinal into your spinal cord or into your back. And then just like and then just like, the inhale will happen naturally. So it sounds something like this. So just really focusing on that exhale through the mouth. The inhale happens automatically snapping your belly in quickly to exhale and I'll and again allowing that now that the inhale to happen naturally.


So it does the our breath come out of our, or do we breathe in through our mouth or nose, through our nose,


everything, everything for the blow breath will stay through your mouth. So the inhale that happens naturally after you exhale will is also through your mouth.


Okay, so we like focus first on that exhale like that question. Like fast breath out with our belly button going to spine and then the inhale just happens naturally because we've lost our God. Exactly. Okay. Yeah.


Anyway, there's a very similar breath to this and a lot of yoga yoga practices. So if you're familiar with that Breath of Fire, it's very, very similar to that. And then once we've completed 50, blow breaths, we're going to do 10, continuous conscious breaths. And those essentially will work like a wave almost like think of like a wave and in the ocean, so they, smoothly you'll inhale through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth, but never pausing between that inhale and the exhale. So sounds like this


and try and When you're inhaling to breathe deep into your belly, allowing your diaphragm to expand, so, on those inhales, really, really thinking about breathing in deep to your belly and allowing that breath to expand all the way up your chest and then just allowing on those exhales for,


for yourself to just


let it go. So we're going to do 10 of those breaths. At the end of that we will breathe in and hold our breath.


And holding your breath


allows us to ride almost like this, this wave of, of chaos, a little bit in our body. And so I just want people to be as present as possible in that moment. See if you can drop your shoulders and be in that slight state of discomfort, just for a moment, not until it's painful for you to hold your breath but just a little bit past your your your comfort level. And so we'll do that set of breathing two times. So Madison, do you want to practice with me so that you can see if there's any questions that come


up? But yeah, I'm so pumped. I'm ready for my state change. And I feel so prepared. Thank you for breaking it all down.


Yeah, no, my pleasure. So did you want to try the the blow breath out?


Yes. Okay. So it's the focus on the exhale and then just like let it come in. Okay.




Exactly. Yeah.


Yeah, you have it. Yeah. Really focusing


in like sit sit up as straight as possible. And sorry, I should have said that. Like, everybody just kind of, you know, make sure you're not driving and, you know, sit in a chair or on your couch somewhere where, you know, you can have your spine erect and, you know, you have the ability to breathe deep. So with the blow breath again, what you're going to do is just snap your belly in. Like Yeah,




Like that. When your belly snaps in, are you exhaling?


Yes, exactly like God snap in is what's essentially pushing the air out.




Exactly, exactly. So interesting.


Do the 10 conscious, connected breaths. So just to review, in through the nose, and then out through the mouth fully connecting each breath, taking no pauses from one breath to the


other. I think I've got them and I want to hear Okay.


All right, so let's get started. So


we are just going to get seated and close our eyes just so that we can bring our attention a little Internal right now.


I'm going to mute myself so that we just hear your sound we can follow along with us. Cool.


Yeah, that's cool. Okay.


So we're just going to start by closing our eyes and bringing our intention just internally into ourselves. Just taking a moment to check in on how we're feeling right now. You know,


just really being honest with yourself about where you're at.


And then


taking a moment to just feel grounded.


Feel the support of the chair or the couch or the floor beneath you.


Just really feeling into that support


And then just to start our breathing, we're just going to take three deep breaths together. So however it's comfortable for you just to breathe in.


And then release.


Breathe in again, a little more deeply this time.


And then one final third breath on your own breathing in, deep into your belly


and then letting it out.


So we're gonna start with the blow breath 50 time starting now.


And then moving over to the connected conscious breath So, in through the nose and out through the mouth connecting each breath


allowing yourself to fully release on the air Exhale


and then on your next inhale, breathe in and hold.


Just allowing yourself to really settle in and relax on that hold.


seeing if you can drop your shoulders and really feel into your body


and just holding your breath until you get your own comfortable edge


and then allowing yourself to relax and breathe out.


And then just taking a second here


and we're going to do that one more time. So on the inhale starting with the blow breath again.


Now the 10 connected conscious breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Breathing in as fully as you can,


releasing on those exhales


now on your breath in hold.


So again, just using this hole to connect with your body, seeing if you can relax and settle


Can you find calm in what maybe feels like?




And again, just riding that level of discomfort to where it feels comfortable for you and really being honest with yourself about where that point is.


And then when you get to that edge, just allowing yourself to release


just keeping your eyes closed here.


I'm just checking in


How do you feel? How did that quick breathing exercise


Shift you energetically


and then that's that's it, just kind of coming back into the space and opening your eyes back up.


I loved that that was amazing. I feel so like it was like before I started like almost like felt like someone was like grabbing my brain and like squeezing it and then like now it feels like that's like just a release to my like head feels so much lighter and clearer and freer and like even my like, I don't even know how to like put this in words my eyes feel like very like, relaxed. Yeah, since


Yeah, that's so good.


Yeah, so I mean, that's something people can invite into their day anytime like you know, if you're in your car, waiting Pick up your kids at school or your between meetings, like,


you know, you can even shorten this and do 10 breaths and you know, three, you know, conscious connected breath. It really is just such a good way to energize your mind, clear your mind. And just quickly shift your,


your energetic state. And, you know,


I one other thing I just really want your community to know is that


even if you just want to take 10 deep breaths, the what that does for your nervous system, it just in terms of resetting it reducing stress and anxiety and providing you with mental clarity should not be underestimated. So, just deep breathing is also


good enough,


but I'm so glad that you had that. That experience and love that exercise. It makes me Yeah, thank you so much. I'm sure everyone listening is going to love it too. It's so powerful, just how even a few minutes can like complete really change your energy and your state and like, being honest, I had a very, like, rough start to my day like just like a bunch of little, you know, little things going on. I was like, Oh, this is gonna be a stressful day. And it's like, well, no, it's not because I know I have this session with Denise and yet my state is so shifted, I feel like ready to do a thing saying alignment. So what what do you recommend for those of us who went through this breathing exercise today? Like, do we need to drink more water today? Do we need to rush? Should we journal on this? Do we leave it alone? Like what do you recommend?


Yeah, so I mean, if there was anything that came up for you during that exercise, I think there's so much value in taking the time to, you know, reflect on that more deeply and and write that down. And you know, and if you're someone that wants to dive deeper into breathwork, even using those conscious connected breaths that we did there and we just did 10 of them, you can just literally set a timer and do that for You know, 510 15 minutes and just be open to what comes up? Yes, always drink lots of water. I think that's always, you know, such a good suggestion. But you know, we have moved some energy even though it's it was very short and subtle, but I think just, you know, hydrating yourself just really helps facilitate and kind of keeping that lightness and moving some things through so of course do that but ultimately drinking additional water when you do a longer meditative session is something I would highly, highly recommend.


Okay, amazing. So, two final questions for you. The first is that I asked all of my guests What does it mean to you to be magnetically you


magnetically mean?


Hmm. That's a good question.


Yeah, I think for me, being magnetically me is just really happy. having the courage to


step into myself fully and allow myself to be seen for who I truly am. I think that for me, it really is magnetically me and I guess what I love about that is just that idea of really wanting to trust and surrendering to if I am fully authentic and aligned with who I am and I'm open to sharing that, you know, those people that are meant to, you know, be in my in my life and, you know, I'm meant to interact with will, magnetically and organically come and yeah, I think that's it.


about so much. Okay, and last but not least, where can we find out more about you?


Yeah, so I think the best place to find out about me right now is on my Instagram You can find me at my my Instagram handle is pretty simple. It's Denise pacioli Denise with two ends pass uni is pa cc IO n e. You can find me there. You shoot me a DM. That's the best place.


Awesome. Thank you so much for doing this. And yeah, you guys, I want to hear what you guys thought about this breathwork session. So send us a message letting us know you think share this episode tag both of us. We want to hear from you. And thank you so much Denise for this during this episode with me and for the amazing, incredible work you're doing in


world. Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to be here Madison. Thank you

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