When you don't feel inspired or motivated

podcast Feb 12, 2022

If you've been feeling uninspired and unmotivated, this episode is for you!


One of the BIGGEST things I see holding coaches back is waiting to feel inspired or motivated before showing up. It's keeping you stuck and it's actually perpetuating you feeling this way.


Listen to this episode for a better way to navigate it. No more sitting in front of your computer for hours hoping inspiration will hit you, then beating yourself up for not doing anything.


In this episode, I dive into:

✧The sneaky pattern that's keeping you stuck in a cycle of feeling unmotivated and uninspired
✧The problem with waiting to show up until you feel inspired or motivated
✧How to break this cycle and become the entrepreneur who can create results no matter what mood you're in


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host Madison's or Diag, I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome to the magnetically your podcast. I'm your host Madison, and I am really looking forward to sharing this episode with you. So this is for you if you have been feeling uninspired and unmotivated in your business, and you just feel like blah, and like you really want to like, take all these inspired actions, but like the inspiration ain't flowing and like nothing's flowing. And you're like, staring at your computer like trying to come up, like, what should I do? What should I do? And like, there's literally nothing's flowing, or you're just like, oh, well, I'm just so like, unmotivated and uninspired. So I'm just going to watch the OSI for six hours. I love that show, by the way. So first, there's a lot of reasons why you can feel unmotivated and uninspired. And I think a big one of those a lot of us fall into in entrepreneurship is we get so carried away with doing things, how they're supposed to be done, how this successful coach told us, we have to do this. And we have to do this. And we do this. And then we ended up doing like, all these things, because we think we're supposed to be doing them. And then we're doing a bunch of show we hate doing and we're like hustling and burning out. And we feel uninspired and motivated. Right. So that's, that's one pattern. And then the other pattern that I see, that's really common with my clients is, wherever the feeling of uninspired, unmotivated came from, whether it came from not or whatever, you don't need to know the root causes. And honestly, that's a whole other conversation in and of itself, because I think there's so much talk about get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs, and yada, yada, yada. And it's like, honestly, you don't need to do that. If there's like an intuitive, like guidance to like, go into it and explore it great. But oftentimes, it just keeps us like, spinning out and, like confused. So you don't need to know why you're feeling this way, like the root cause. But here's, here's what happens, about, like, why this gets perpetuated, and how you can kind of like, break this cycle of like staying in this lack of inspiration and lack of motivation. So we tend to, then again, this is a pattern that I've seen with my clients, they're like, I don't know what to do, what should I do? What should I say nothing is coming. I'm like, cut off from my inspiration. And then you feel like, Oh, well, because I'm unmotivated. Because I'm uninspired because I'm feeling like blah, and like, low vibe in my body. That means like, nothing I say, is going to be helpful anyways, it's not there, my audience is not going to resonate with it. Like, I need you to just wait until I like feel better, because then it will be good enough. And no wonder, we feel uninspired and unmotivated. It's a lot of fucking pressure to feel like you have to be feeling perfectly inspired and perfectly motivated and perfectly high vibe in order to be showing up. And there's so much talk in the, you know, like coaching industry and spirituality and manifestation industries, where it's like, beware, like, don't do anything. When you don't feel high vibe, you will scare people away, you are repelling everybody, you will scare away the clients and the opportunities and the money. And I'm kind of just like, What the fuck? Like, no, this is bullshit, you are not only worthy, and have value and capable when you feel inspired. And when you feel motivated. It's like literally rejecting yourself as a human rejecting half of who you are like emotions that we label as negative, are they really negative? Doesn't really matter. But the ones we label as negative, it's like, it's part of the human experience. So if we decide that we're only we can only create anything of value and only take effective action when we feel inspired. And when we feel perfectly motivated. We're like literally like just limiting ourselves so much and putting so much pressure on ourselves. And it's like, what if all parts of you get to work for you like what if you can and feel uninspired and still write something that's actually quite inspired? Or what if you can feel unmotivated, and still feel quite motivated in doing something, right. Like it's, it's a dance between between all of it. And so we wait, we think, like, oh, like, it's just like, when I'm in this like, uninspired, unmotivated state, like nothing like, no good content is gonna come through no good actions are going to come through like I have to just wait, wait for the inspiration to strike wait for the motivation to strike me. And then we shame ourselves for not doing more. And then we feel worse. And the cycle continues. So if this sounds familiar, let me know because this is definitely something I've experienced. And I know so many of my clients have where we like get in this pattern where we're waiting, waiting to feel perfectly inspired, waiting to feel perfectly motivated. And like, Guess what, that is literally the least motivating and inspiring thing you could do for yourself? Like, do you see how it just perpetuates that? So how do we break this cycle? The first thing is, we've got to have some self awareness, we have to be able to recognize this pattern of waiting to take action or waiting to make decisions or waiting to show up for your business until you feel 100% inspired and motivated. And instead choose to trust yourself to show up and create results, no matter what mood you're in. So what when you're in it, it's not easy, it is so uncomfortable. Because we are so conditioned to think that when we feel off in our body, when we feel uninspired, when we feel motivated, and means like, don't do anything, you're going to repel everything, and you're going to scare everything away, and your bad vibes are going to like cause you to like unmanifest everything. And so it feels like our body is saying like, don't do anything, you'll fuck it all up. And it's just not true. So when you're in it, it can feel so compelling to believe, and take tips from this, like old patterning that tells you that you aren't of value when you aren't feeling perfect. And it's just not true. And recognizing this requires a lot of self awareness and a lot of self trust. So that's the first piece is that self awareness, recognizing this pattern in your business and in your life where you're in this waiting mode, which is what I call limbo, energy. And Limbo energy is when you're waiting. And really, you're waiting on things outside of you to shift instead of leading instead of being and remembering that you are the creator of your life of your reality of your business. And so we have to recognize that belief system, right, that underlying belief system that our actions and our actions and decisions are only valuable when we feel good when we feel inspired when we feel motivated. It's not true. And we have to stop waiting, we have to stop going into this limbo energy of just like, all right, inspiration, like I really want you to strike me like please, I hope I feel inspired. I hope you feel inspired. I hope I feel inspired. Like please universe, send me an inspired idea. You are the creator. Not the sit and wait and hope that like something just like happens, like you're waiting for something to happen to you. You're waiting on your external reality to guide you instead of guiding yourself and guiding your reality. So it's about that this is something I go deepen with all of my clients is this, you know, Limbo versus leaving? And where is it showing up in your life in your business? And how is it actually keeping you stuck? And how is actually keeping you unmotivated and uninspired. And you'll notice that when you make this shift, the inspiration and motivation like starts to build they start to compound you start to create, like momentum because you created it, instead of waiting for it to be created. Does that make sense? So we have to remember that inspiration and motivation are not requirements to take action or to create results. So you don't have to wait. This doesn't mean always take a bunch of action when you're not inspired or not motivated. It just means that you don't have to wait. There is an option. There is a reality where you can create the results that you want and you can show up and create value, no matter how you feel. So you can trust yourself to create value even when you don't feel inspired and motivated. You can create results even when you don't feel inspired and motivated. I think, for some reason, like our brains really want us to believe that like, say you're gonna write an Instagram, you want to write an Instagram post really like, oh, it's not just like, flowing out of me effortlessly. Like, I guess I need to like, wait until like the perfect inspiration strikes, because if I read it now, then it's not going to be, like, good enough, and people are gonna, like pick up on these like bad vibes. And it's just like, whoa, like we make we build up this reality where we're like, so we're our, our ability to create is so dependent on our emotional states, which guess what, then keeps us more on this emotional roller coaster more inspired and more motivated. So it's really about learning to trust yourself, even when you feel uninspired and unmotivated. And not allowing those yourself like getting out of that waiting Limbo mode and starting to lead. And as you really embody this and master this, you can create a reality where you always trust yourself, right? You always trust yourself to create value, your actions are always effective, not just when you feel perfectly aligned, like how limiting is it if you believe that you can only do and do things when you feel inspired and motivated. It's like that is so limiting and restrictive. And of course, yes, we want to feel inspired, we want to feel motivated, it's so much more fun. And we get to have that. And we don't feel that we don't have to wait for it. So instead of waiting for inspiration and motivation, you get to become the creator of it. And you take back your power as the creator of your results. Because you decide that you're no longer reliant on good vibes and perfectly feeling inspired and perfectly feeling motivated in order to create opportunities in your business. And this isn't about like, just push through it just force through it even when you're like not feeling good. That's like, oh, like, I just got to do it because I have to like that's the only way right. It's about allowing yourself to lead from the place of I am the creator of my reality. I get to create what I desire. No matter how I feel. My mood does not get to dictate my results, I can create clients and money and opportunities any day in any way anytime, anyplace in any fucking mood. So that is the moral of the story for today's episode. If this resonated with you, I would so appreciate if you would leave me a review on iTunes, I would absolutely love to read that and hear your feedback. And that helps me reach more amazing people like you on the podcast. And I'm also just getting so excited kind of as like a behind the scenes update on my business on another note, I've been really diving into taking my coaching program to the next level and just bringing in so much intentionality into it and I'm just getting like so excited to bring it to you and for the women who are going to go through it because it is just going to be so next level and so beyond transformative so that's kind of what I've been working on behind the scenes and I am super super excited. So you'll be seeing more information about that coming. But yeah, that's everything for this episode. I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and allow yourself to reclaim your power the you are the creator of your inspiration. You are the creator of your motivation. You do not have to wait. You do not have to wait you do not wait you did not do it. Okay, that is all thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode serve do I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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