how to meditate like a boss & calm the F down

podcast May 18, 2020

When we read on effective ways to relieve anxiety and stress, meditation is highly likely to be on the list. And it's all for good reasons. 

But did you notice that something weird happens when you try meditating? Not only do you stress on what is making you anxious. You also become overwhelmed with the process of meditation itself. 

I've made meditation an important daily habit of mine and it was a powerful experience. It is a useful tool to keep you grounded and feeling calm in the middle of the pressure the whole world is in right now. I'm going to share how you could have a better relationship with meditating so it serves its purpose.

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Five reasons that may be causing you to struggle in meditating and how to overcome them
✧  How to make meditation a regular part of your every day life.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi, welcome back to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cernik and shits about to get real today. So


today's episode is


all about how to meditate like a boss and calm the F


down. So,


with everything that's been going on in the world right now, I know a lot of us have been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety and worry and wonder over what the future is going to hold. And for me like my meditation and journaling, like rituals and practices are like what the things like getting me through this time and it's really weird because I feel more grounded and centered and calm than ever before. And it's something I was talking to my life About a few weeks ago when I was like dawn like you know me a year ago if Corona would have like came into my world I would have been probably more like two years from now would have came into my life and our lives at that time, I probably would have been a massive wreck and having like panic attacks every day and just going down a terrible spiral of anxiety and and like looking back at that version of myself, which I'm just like, amazed at how far my meditation practice has brought me in terms of my energy and my anxiety levels like I have no fear about the Coronavirus for myself and for other people like obviously like, I don't want anyone to get in I know people are hurting and I know people are suffering but I just have this complete trust and faith that But what's happening right now was what's meant to happen. And it's really just like, an energetic shift across the entire planet and I'm feeling that shift within myself and seeing that shift within so many people and I just have so much trust that this the heavy energy around all of this and all of this sickness and sadness, like all of that is lifting soon, like I just feel that unbeliev that so deeply in my heart that I feel so grounded and like, honestly, like really, really good these last few weeks and a lot of thought of you know, as because I've been choosing to see the beauty in this situation, not just for myself, but for other people and the opportunities that we have to like learn and grow through this and like the changes it's creating in the world and it's waking people up and I could just go on


and on Whoa,


how there's so much to


be grateful for even right now. And always, and I've just really been able to step into that and stay in that energy through really what I attribute to meditating and journaling, like, those are the two things that every single week and day like, keep me sane, really. Um, so I wanted to talk about that today because it's been like so, so powerful for me to be in this experience, yet still feel okay and note trust and know that everything is going to be okay and to feel calm and to feel happy. So, I want to help you feel the same way, too. So I'm going to be I'm going to start by talking about five reasons why you're maybe struggling To meditate and how to overcome those. And then I'm going to talk about how,


like, you can make


meditation like a regular part of your day of your life of who you are so that you really can step into this energy of like calm and peace and, and clarity and just trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it's meant to. Okay, so the first reason why it might be hard for you to meditate, and I've been through all of these that I'm talking through, so I have direct experience that I can share with you all. So the first one is, you can't sit still, I used to have this exact same story. I have been really working on the last couple years like unraveling the idea that like productivity is the thing that defines my sense of work.


Like I used to


think that was like the number one like correlation like the more productive I am the more like worthy I feel the better I feel the more accomplished I am like the better of a person I am and I would just like work work work productive


productive productive 24


seven like all the time busy busy busy and then when I would like try to sit down or relax it would be like this flood of anxiety and like someone's basically like tapping on my shoulder like you can't sit still like get up get up get up like this is terrible like sitting still is bad like you need to do Oh, you could go do the dishes or like, Oh, wait, you can actually go like make your bed or like, Oh, wait, you could go like, do that one like stupid thing that doesn't even matter that needs that you like think needs to get done for your business. And my mind was just always running a million miles a minute and I literally felt like it was impossible for me to sit still and when I did sit still I hated it, it felt terrible. And it's funny because all of these five things I'm going to mention are


all basic, I don't want to


say cured, because that's not the word I'm looking for. But all


can be healed through meditation. And it's funny that like, these are the reasons we use to not meditate. However, meditating is the very thing that heals all of these things. Hopefully, I'm making sense here. So with this idea that you can't sit still, number one, it's not true. You can. We're all humans and we all have that ability to do that. And


it's big. The reason we feel


like we can't do that is because there's a discomfort in sitting still we have chosen to make it mean something about us and we don't want to face that discomfort. So for me sitting still meant that I wasn't productive. I wasn't getting things done. I wasn't being like a good little hard work or And also to like, sitting still was uncomfortable for me because all of the feelings that I Evaded from being productive 24 seven would rush in, when I would sit still so there was it felt like there was such a barrier to me in order being able a barrier to me to be able to do that. I'm losing my words. Anyways, so what really can help with this is one stop telling yourself the story that you can't sit still. You can that's it's just not true. And give yourself permission to be uncomfortable like what if the discomfort that you feel when you try to sit still is a good thing? What if it's not bad? What if you don't have to get rid of it? What if you don't have to get up and like do something in order to mitigate it? Like what if it's okay, what if you can allow it and what if you can really just give that feeling of it? can't sit still permission? And what if you can stop judging yourself for not being able to sit still and stop telling yourself like, I can't sit still and I should sit still like that idea of like I should be able to sit still is not helpful. So how can you change that thinking and change the story in a way that's going to serve you? More like what if you start asking yourself questions like what if I can sit still? What if it's a good thing, that I feel discomfort when I sit still? What if that means that all the discomfort and things that are rising to the surface What if it means that they're releasing, so just give your give yourself permission to lean into that discomfort and like I was saying before, like meditating as much as we resist meditating because we quote, can't sit still. Meditation is the very thing that will allow us to be the type of person who can sit still.


It's crazy because I used it literally I


couldn't sit still for more than like 30 seconds without feeling like I was like about to like jump out of my skin. And it sounds like it sounds so dramatic and extreme when I say now, but I truly felt that way. And the past and now, I wouldn't say it feels perfect or easy or that I'm just like this like, super like relaxer who can sit still all the time, however, like I can sit still. And I can, you know, I've done meditations that are like up to an hour and I'm not telling anyone who need to meditate for an hour. But I mean, if you would have told me a few years ago that I would have been able to sit still with my thoughts and with myself for an hour I would have said yeah, you're crazy. So that's the first struggle I wanted to talk about. The second thing that is holding you back from meditating like a boss and being able to calm the F down is feeling like you don't have time and that you're overwhelmed like again, meditation is literally like The the very thing you need in order to create more time, it's like that famous quote where it's like, if you don't have five minutes to meditate, then you need to meditate for an hour or something, something along those lines because meditation in and of itself, create sets base and gives you that, like takes away that feeling of overwhelm and produces the sensation of feeling like you have more than enough time. Because time is really just an illusion. It's not real. It's just a construct we have created in order to help us understand the world and


the only thing that


really, truly exists is now like the future isn't real and the past isn't real because when you were in the past it was it wasn't the past it was actually now in the now you're in the now and when the Future comes, it's not going to be the future. It's going to be the now.


So hopefully I'm making sense. So


now is really all that exists. And time really is an illusion. And overwhelm is an illusion. It's the perception that you're running out of time. It's because you're having thoughts like, there's not enough time I have too much to get done. Like overwhelm is not created by our circumstances. It's created by our thoughts when you're having those thoughts like, Oh my gosh, there's too much to do, I'll never get done. There's not enough time And trust me, I've been there I get it. Sometimes it's really hard to not have those thoughts. However, those thoughts are the very thing creating the feeling of overwhelm. It's not your circumstances. It's not quote, how many things you need to get done. It's those thoughts that are perpetuating that story that I don't have time I'm overwhelmed. And meditation for one like allows you to open up that space within your energy in order to create that perception. There being more time because it's literally just a perception. So when we're perceiving and thinking and believing that there's never enough time to get everything done then not so we're going to experience but when we meditate and create that space and open up that energy, then we are opening up our perception to seeing and feeling and experiencing more




Especially because when we're overwhelmed, like our thoughts are moving so fast that that honestly like feels like it's taking up so much time to think those thoughts and feel overwhelmed and like Worry, worry and all those things. And it's like when we can step out of that and create that space, we really can get out of that overwhelm and get into alignment and get into flow. So with this one, what really helped me is I mean, meditating, again, is the thing that I can really help you overcome all these barriers, but instead of telling yourself Like I'm overwhelmed, I don't have time I'll never get everything done. Like what if you start telling yourself, there's more than enough time to get everything done. I am the creator of time. And I can always create more time if needed. And see how that feels. See how that changes things. And


yeah, okay, so that's that's that one. The


third reason why you're struggling to meditate is this idea that you can't stop your thoughts. So when I first started meditating, I used to believe that meditating is sitting down, you close your eyes, you get in the zone, and your thoughts disappear. Poof, like magic and you're just like one with the world, which is great. And I've experienced that in different meditations and hypnosis sees the best word in my life, however, That's not the point of meditation, the point of meditation is not to get rid of your thoughts. So when you say like, oh, like I, I don't like meditating or I can't meditate because I can't stop my thoughts. It's not true. Thoughts are not a good or bad thing when you're meditating like the point of meditation is not to get rid of your thoughts. It's to become acquainted with your thoughts to become the observer of your thoughts to separate yourself from believing that you are your thoughts and believing all of your thoughts as true to being taking a zoom out and just being able to observe your thoughts and question them and like look at them and be like, hmm, oh, I just noticed I had the thought like, I'll never get this done. I'll never have enough time. Is that true? It just gives you that space to be able to become aware of your thoughts and let go of the judgment around your thoughts and just become the observer of them become more like a scientist like whom like, look at that thought. That's interesting. Like, what's that thought leading? Me too in my life and what if I chose a different thoughts? So I think that what can really help here is like letting go of the idea that your thoughts need to stop. They don't. We're humans, we have thoughts. It's normal, it's natural.


And what if,


like having all these thoughts


and not being able to turn off your brain during meditation? Didn't mean that it wasn't working, what if it is working? And it is, and that's the whole point. Okay, so the fourth reason why you may be struggling to


meditate is that


you don't know how to do it right. And it feels like the whole time you're doing it like oh, like I can't turn off my thoughts. Am I doing it right? Like do shy sit this way? Should I lay down? Where should my hands be? Is it okay? If my eyes are open? Can I walk in my eyes because like, what do I like what's the right way to do this? There is no right way believing there's a right or wrong way to meditate. is the very thing keeping you from being able to make meditation a consistent,


impactful part of


your life. And so, you know, letting go of that idea that there's a right way to do it. There's not there's no right way. There's no way that it's supposed to look, it's supposed to whatever you experienced during meditation is exactly what you were meant to experience and feel and do. So trust your intuition. If you're breathing, you're meditating. So just trust that and know that like, whatever you feel called to, quote, do or think about or the way you feel called to set like whatever that is. It's exactly what you were meant to do, and you're not doing it wrong. And even if it feels like it, maybe isn't quite working. It is and so that's the fifth thing of what holds us back from being able to become the type of person who just like, is a meditator like yet something I do on the rug, it makes me feel good. Like I just do it rather than having all these stories about why we can't. So this last one is this idea that, you know, oh, I don't like meditation or I can't do meditation or I'm just not going to do it. Like, it doesn't work for me like, sorry, moving on, like, too bad. You know, it just doesn't. It doesn't work for me like it, maybe it works for you. But like, you know, maybe it works for all of the people in the scientific studies where it's showing all these crazy benefits. But no, that couldn't possibly work for me. And that's not true. It can work for you. And it probably already is in has if you've tried meditation. So a lot of times we have this idea that from like, in order for meditation to quote work, you have to feel perfectly calm afterwards or instantaneously. But you might not experience That instant feeling of calm or feel really good afterwards. But meditating is still changing your brain, regardless of whether you feel like it's quote working or not, like so many studies have shown that and just like even a few weeks of meditation, like they, these people experience like decreased anxiety, more feelings of calm. And the coolest part is that like meditation physically changes the brain, like there are changes that you can see in brain scans of people before and after meditating, even changes that you can see after one time meditating like Joe dispenza, he wrote this amazing, amazing book called You are the placebo. I highly, highly recommend it. But he talks about how like it's so many of his live events, they would scan people's brains like before and after meditation and there would be changes just for meditating one time, even if they weren't feeling the feeling like a quote worked. And it changes the areas in the brain that are associated with memory empathy, like sense of your yourself and stress regulation. And so even if you feel like it's not working it is and your brain is changing, so just trust that and know that, regardless of whether you feel like it's working or not, it is, um,




you know, the thing too with meditation is it's not like the calming benefit is not like something that's a linear process. Like you might, it's not like oh, okay, I meditated today. Therefore, like all day today, I'm super chill and like high vibe. You might meditate today and like, next week, randomly on Wednesday, you're like feeling the effects of it. Or like maybe you're experiencing, feeling calm at times that are really independent of when you're meditating or how long you've been meditating. Like it's not linear. It's not like You meditate, and then you get this you meditate for three days. And then this happens, you meditate for five days. And then this happens, you meditate for a month and that happens. Like that's not how it works. Your brain is always changing and benefiting, whether you feel like it is or not. And the benefits can show up in times where you're not actively meditating or you haven't just meditated. So just trust that yes, it is working. Okay, so, a few things I want to go through a few things that you can do to help you overcome these limiting stories that are preventing you from being able to meditate regularly because I know for me like I I knew I knew all the benefits, right? Like I had read so many books about meditation. I had heard from so many people that it changed their life and I wanted that for myself, too. Yeah, I couldn't sit still I felt overwhelmed. I couldn't stop my thoughts. I didn't nobody's doing You're right. And I was like, meditation doesn't work for me, right? Like I've been there. And these are some of the steps that I took to become a regular meditator and make it part of my life and really, like, activate and amplify the benefits of it in all areas of my life. So the first thing I did was I knew that I needed to make a shift on an identity level because our identity who we believe we are, informs and guides our thoughts and our beliefs and our thoughts, our beliefs guide our actions and our behaviors and our actions, our behaviors guide our outcomes and experiences in life. So if we really want to change our outcome and experience in life, we need to go to that deepest level of transformation, which is your identity. And so I knew I needed to change the story. Like I was like, Oh, I, I'm, you know, I'm the type of person who can't sit still. I'm restless. I can't relax like that. I was who I believed that I was. And that belief in myself was perpetuating that story and I experience in my life. And so how I shifted this one really small thing that really worked for me is I started writing down every single day and telling myself every single day. I'm the type of person who meditates every day. I'm so person who meditates every day. I'm second person who meditates every day. That's who I wanted to be. And that's who I wanted to believe I was so I decided to choose to believe that I was already that person. And the interesting thing is, it's like you know, a lot of I don't know if I'm sure many of you if you identify with me, then you probably identify with, like perfectionist personality type. And, you know, I think part of why I struggled so much to meditate in the past was that I believed I had to do it every day and if I missed it out was bad or something was you know, I was going to fall apart or I was going to lose So on my streak are the benefits were going to fall away or I wasn't going to stick to a like all these things like I thought I had to do it like every day, or not at all, like there just was no in between. For me it was like that black and white mindset and now I'm actually remembering my boyfriend and I went to Europe a few years ago and I had been meditating every day, I had gotten to like 30 days




that I thought time I was like pushing and like forcing it I was like, I'm gonna meditate every single day like I'm doing it and it was like almost like this like force push thing like that. Like check off my to do list every day and it like, really didn't like feel good. However, I thought that's the way I was supposed to do things because that's how I always did things that like pushing and struggling and forcing it and like, grind and hustle your ass off to make things work and like I didn't realize I like that's the very thing that pushes what you want away in that getting into flow and alignment. trusting your intuition works much more. But that's a whole other topic. So anyways, we were in Europe and I was on like day 30 and in Europe obviously we're like going and like living the on Europe lifestyle like going to cafes and going out to lunch and like being tourists for 12 hours a day and it I just like didn't even like it was much harder to


meditate every day and so I fell


you can say off the wagon but that's


a whole other topic because I don't believe there's essentially no record an episode on this. Like there's no such thing as off track. There's no such thing as off the wagon. It doesn't exist Like that's like believing that there's only one road to like drive from New York to California and there's only one road you can take. And that road has like, you know, the worst traffic ever and you're completely ignoring Like all the other roads that you could take that, like, don't have any traffic at all and like are way easier and the path that you're meant to take. So anyways, that's going on so many tangents here. But I'm very passionate about this because it meditating really has been something that's deeply, deeply impacted my life. So many ways were in Europe, I, like, lose my streak of I was only 34 days and I lost my streak and I was just like, fuck it, I'm,


I'm off. I'm done. Like,


I missed a day It's over. It's done. You know, maybe one day I'll get back to it. And so when I that's, that's just a whole separate service. Anyways, like later, down the road, I realized that I wanted to adopt the identity of the person who meditates every day. And when I started telling myself I'm the type of person who meditates every day it was not. I am the type of person who has to meditate every day. I have to meditate everyday like that was not the story. That was the previous story that wasn't serving me. This This new story was I'm the type of person who meditates every day. That doesn't mean I have to meditate every day. It doesn't mean I do meditate every day. It just means I believe I'm the kind of person who would do that. And I'm opening myself up to that. But if I don't meditate for a day, like, it doesn't mean I'm not that type of person. I am, because I believe that and I am and just because I, you know, there's a day where I don't meditate doesn't mean I'm not that type of person. So giving yourself permission to identify with that identity in an imperfect way. Like, um, Sam, Laura brown talks a lot about this on her podcasts, that perfectionism project about how like, you know, a lot of our clients really wanted to become more consistent. And they believed in order to be consistent that they had to do the thing they were trying to be consistent every single day perfectly. And that was stopping them from being able to identify as a consistent person which is the very thing that would make them consistent, right? So what she like would help them through is that instead of, you know, changing your definition of what consistency means if, if you if you're setting a definition for consistency that is unbeatable. That's self sabotage. So why not set a definition of what consistency means that you can identify with because when you identify with it, that's when you will create it and be able to do it. And so for me when I say I'm the type of person who meditates every day, it doesn't mean I'm saying, I have to meditate every day because I know for me that doesn't serve me I don't do well with rules. I don't do well with things I quote, have to do. Like it just doesn't feel good for me. It doesn't work for me. It feels like a force and a push and a struggle. And I don't like it. But when I give myself their permission to be that kind of person, like oh, I'm that kind of person. Like, yeah, I am and like, just because I didn't meditate yesterday. Like that doesn't mean I'm not that type of person. like letting myself identify With that, regardless of whether it was perfectly everyday, so I just wanted to make that very long side note about how it doesn't mean you have to meditate every day doesn't mean you do. It just means you're giving yourself permission to identify as that type of person, if that's the type of person you want to be, if you're like, I don't want to be that type of person, great, no problem, you can be whoever you want to be. Okay, so number seven. Number two, in order to really start making meditation, a regular practice and just infusing it into your life is to let go of how it's quote like supposed to look or feel like Like I was saying before it looks and feels exactly how it's supposed to for you in that moment. So whatever you were feeling while meditating, whatever you were thinking while meditating, whatever you were doing while meditating, was exactly what you were meant to be doing in that meditation. So trust that and let whatever experience you have be okay.


You know, make it


make it what feels good for you like there's no like I was saying there's no right or wrong way to meditate, you get to do it in a way that feels good for you. There's no way it's supposed to look, there's no way it's supposed to feel like whatever it is that you do is the right way. So trust that and let go of trying to fit yourself into this mold of what it's supposed to be. Because that very act of trying to fit into the mold. what it's supposed to be is preventing you from unlocking what the experiences you're meant to have are. Okay, step number three is to change your story from you know, I should meditate or I have to meditate. I used to tell myself all the time when I wanted to become a regular meditator like I Oh, I should meditate today like I should do it like that very thought. Made me not want to do it. It felt like Heavy it felt like like this is just another thing on my list I do and I have to take 10 whole minutes out of my very busy day to do this and like oh poor me. So change that story, let go of the idea that you should or you have to you don't. You don't have to ever meditate again in your life if you don't want to. It's a choice. So stop telling yourself that you should or you have to you don't. If you want to then what if you start changing your surgery to like, instead of focusing on you like you should What if you focus on like, I literally can't wait to feel so freakin good after meditating. I can't wait to know that I've spent 10 minutes changing my brain. I can't wait to inevitably experience the changes that happen because I'm rewiring my brain like can you focus on what you're doing for yourself and make it an act of self care and make it a choice. Instead of saying like I have to meditate change that to I Get to meditate, I am choosing to meditate, right? It's a choice. You don't have to do anything. And by telling yourself that story that you have to, you're blocking yourself from being able to have that experience for yourself. Step number four is to do a I mean, and this is just what works for me. So like, obviously do what works for you. I'm just like sharing my experiences that have really helped me. So what really helps me was like doing a series doing like series and structured program, rather than like one off meditations from Google. I used to do that on Google, like, oh, anxiety, meditation, or like, meditation to let go of control. And I was like, googling all these different


meditations. And,


you know, it's not that they're bad. Like there's nothing wrong with you know, googling free resources, right? like dancing, it's awesome. It's great that that those resources exists out there, and they really can be helpful. And I've definitely been, you know, impacted by one off meditations here and there. But what I've really noticed that works for me is having a some sort of like series or a structured program, I used to use headspace on and they would do like, you know, a 10 day program for anxiety and each of the meditations would be focused on like, expanding your meditation practice in the lens of like, releasing anxiety and you know, it would be very each day would have a specific purpose it would be you would be really focused on this, you know, 10 day journey rather than like one thing here and one thing there like when you do a real like meditation journey over a few days, like you're able to go deeper into that specific journey, if that makes sense. And so I used to use headspace and that like really shifted my practice for me Because, I don't know, there was just something about like one off meditations like it just didn't feel like I didn't want to do the same one every day. But it felt so scattered to do different ones by different people every day. And it just was like, too.


Too much unstructured, too much lack of


structure for me personally.


And so when I


decided to I decided to pay for headspace for I think I did it for like a year or two and I would use their different like programs and packages and it was really, it really helped me like get into the practice. I don't use headspace anymore because now I like use my own meditations and like series and other programs from people who I


love and


trust. So that's that's the fourth thing is if one off meditations haven't been working for For you, then maybe look into some sort of like series or a structured program and try that out and see like how that vibes with you and also to another thing is like, you know what, what was interesting for me if I would like Google meditations on the internet sometime I'd find a random person, I would take the time to do it. And then I'd be like, man, like, I don't I didn't like that one. I didn't vibe with that person. Like, it's kind of like annoying because it was already like, you know, quote, hard enough for me to get myself to meditate. And then once I did it, like, I didn't even like five with the person or it wasn't like, what I was expecting. So go look for meditations from someone whose energy that you vibe with, and if you vibe with mine, that brings me to step five. So I want you guys to think about meditation from this lens. Like starting now, because a lot of times, like, you know, like, have you ever told yourself like, Oh, you know, I'll meditate. I'm gonna, you know, meditate consistently, eventually, like August to it




And you know, chances are if you're


like I was, you know, you're like, Oh, this week I'm gonna start meditating every single day. I'm gonna do it and then like two days later, you know, you're like, I'm not today. I'll do it later. But here's the truth later. Never comes like eventually never come. So how much longer are you willing to wait for something that's never actually coming right. And, you know, I love


Love, love this quote from


I'm gonna mess up his name with David Cameron. Candy. I don't know if that's how you say But anyways, he says everything happens now. You remember your past now. You dream your future now you learn from your past, now, you work toward your future now, you will get your future now you will live in your future. Now you are always here now, you cannot be anywhere else. There's nothing you can do in any other moment except now. And I think that is so powerful because it just goes back to the idea I was saying before that like time is not real. It's an illusion, the only thing that exists now is now and the time is now do meditate, the time is now for change the time is now to become the person you want to be. The time is now to heal the time is now to grow the time is now to take back control of your physical, mental health and happiness. And trust me when you make this commitment to yourself, your future self. Well, thank you. And so the reason I bring this up is that so this idea that eventually is never coming right. So now is the time so start now take the next step. Now you Don't have to, you don't have to be like, Okay, I'm gonna meditate every single day for the rest of my life like that's so intimidating like, can you start? Is there somewhere else you can start now I have a free meditation on my website that you can go download at magnetically you calm it's friend center, you can't miss it at the top. You can download that, try that out. I'm also doing a five day anxiety detox, where I'm going to be guiding you through a structured program and series where you're going to get five days of guided meditations that are really designed to release fear and anxiety and rebounds your energy so that you can become the most high vibe Zen person that you know. And if you feel anxious and can't seem to turn off the constant mental chatter in your brain or if you experience any of those challenges to meditating that I was describing earlier in this episode like this meditation challenge is for you. So imagine if like instead of like this is what I used to do so whenever I would feel anxious and overwhelmed and stressed at you know about things not working or things not going my way it would just spiraling it's so much worse. But now I'm able to handle those situations with like calm and clarity and in peace and quickly move on to like feeling good again. And so imagine if you were able to do that instead of spiraling you're able to quickly turn that around.


And the you know, feeling


high vibe is great. Like that's the whole point of why I'm doing this like I want you guys to feel good. But on top of that, like feeling good is the very thing that causes and creates massive breakthroughs in your life and is the very thing that attracts more things to make you feel good. It attracts more inspiration more solutions in your life, you align with the answers that you've been looking for. It brings more abundance into your life every day. So if you are ready to to step out of anxiety and step into this place of like Zen and high vibe and feeling good and really commit to a meditation practice and get into it, you can go to magnetically you calm slash anxiety detox to sign up. And like I said, it's going to be the five days of meditations and each day we're going to be focusing on a


different I don't even


know the word to use a different topic. Yeah, that's the word I'm trying to use. We're going to be focusing on a different topic. So the first day is going to be all about freeing yourself from anxiety and fear and really quickly shifting out of this a low vibe state into a high vibe one and really being able to welcome and allow your anxiety and then also quickly release it go release in It goes so quick, like allow it and and give it permission to come and then let it go. And it's that like experience of moving through that polarity of the, you know, the resistance to your anxiety and then the desire to let it go, like being able to move gently back and forth between the two is what allows it to release. So that's what that first one's all about. The second one's all about letting go of control. And just really getting into this place of surrendering and allowing peace and clarity to unfold naturally in your life allow answers to come to you rather than having to push and control and struggle your way to them. Day Three is all about trusting the universe. So this is really getting into the energy in the belief that like the answers you've been seeking are already on their way to you and they will be revealed in divine timing and this meditation will really help you step into that and trust that and release everything it is that you want to the universe and let go of worrying about if when or how it's going to happen. Because you, you can trust that it is it's already happening and it's already on its way to you. day four is connect about connecting with your intuition. So that this is really so that you can tap into your inner power so that you can align with creative solutions and have those answers come to you because I truly believe that we all have everything within us that we need. All the answers that we need are within us. And, you know, a lot of times like all the fear and anxiety and you know, thoughts like that, that we're having kind of blocked us from accessing that. But we can tap into that much more quickly through meditation. And when we do you align yourself with those solutions and answers rather than being stuck in your problems and in your fear. And then the last day is all about activating your manifesting powers by feeling good. So when you feel good, you attract. Like I was saying more inspiration, more creativity, more solutions and more. Abundance into your life. And yeah, so those are the five days, it's going to be so amazing. And I know for me something like committing to a month or like, I'm going to meditate every day of this year, like it's too big and I feel like five days is such an amazing place to start. So if you're ready to take your meditation practice to the next level, or even have one at all like this is for you, and you're going to leave these five days feeling so good and so uplifted and so calm, and so ready to step into more happiness and peace and abundance in your life. And I'm super, super pumped for you. And the last thing I'm gonna say about this because I know I've been going on and on, but I'm really, really passionate about it because it's I mean, it's only $11 which means that like each meditation every day of the series, is literally $2. So it's a no brainer.




yeah, that's all. That's all I have to say about it because it's so beyond worth the $11. And the reason why it's $11 is like, I want as many women as possible to get access to this right now. Like, I know, I really needed this program. This is partly a creation for myself to like, I'm going to be doing this with you guys. And I literally cannot wait. I recorded all of the meditations yesterday and they're so amazing and I cannot wait to do them


with you guys. Um,


and then Okay, the last thing I wanted to let you know is that when you join, you're also going to be getting a special bonus. So I started using these journal prompts that have completely like, changed and up leveled my life. So I've like literally been journaling for years and researching and testing and trying like a zillion different journalists. And


I found that


there's these specific seven ones that really, really, really work for me that can shift my energy every time I use them in a matter of minutes. So these are the exact journal prompts that I use every single morning to let go of whatever is not serving me and get my energy back into alignment and just set myself up for having a good successful happy day. And it's it's really, really cool. Like the other day I was just like not feeling good. I was in like a negative funk when I woke up and I did the journal prompts, and immediately afterwards, I was like, Oh my gosh, like I feel so good. And it was only like, eight minutes later. So I'm really really excited for you guys to get these. So when you join them, five anxiety detox, you're also going to get these seven journal prompts and they're amazing. It's it's not just like a morning journal. It's really about getting into the energy and feeling that you need to be in in order to manifest whatever it is that you desire because the you know subtle energetic and mindset shifts that you make every single day doing these journal prompts to create massive, massive transformation in your life. And really that same idea goes for your meditation practice, like every day of the program we're going to be building on on to the last day and every day it's going to be adding up to create this like really big change in your energy and in your mindset and in your life. And so I'm really, really excited for you so if you want to join that I would love to have you do it with me It's gonna be so powerful and so much fun. So just go to magnetical you calm so excited detox


to sign up. And


yeah, I'll see you there. Oh, I meant to say there's a Facebook group where you're going to get access to and be in this group of all the high vibe women who have already signed up and are going to sign up and really just get that accountability and support that maybe you have been missing in your meditation practice. So I will see you in the group when you join. I'm so excited to meet you.




yeah, I will talk to you guys next week.

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