how i made $13k in sales in 1 week without instagram

podcast Nov 29, 2021

My Instagram got disabled October 14th, 2021 and it certainly has not stopped me or my business ;)


In this episode, I'm breaking down the mindset, energetics and actions that allowed me to create $13,000 in sales in 1 week WITHOUT Instagram.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ The magical unexpected opportunities that I attracted after my Instagram got disabled
✧ Why NOTHING outside of you gets to dictate who you are and what you get to have
✧ How to open your energy to receive from other channels
✧ How to stay in your power as a creator instead of falling into victim mentality
✧ Intentional thoughts that will help you attract your desires no matter what's happening outside of you
The actions I took outside of Instagram to keep my business going


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetically you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cirrhotic. I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here, it did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Real quick before we get into the episode, because I actually recorded this episode before I was back on Instagram, and I would like to update you. I'm back. And I'm so excited. I made a new account. It's Madison dot Arnhold AR N H O LT that'll be my name once we're married, but I figured I didn't want to change it again in a few months. So Madison Darren Hall is my new account. Come say hi, come follow me coming out. I would love to see you there. And I'm just so excited about this new account this new vision, this New Energy, these new intentions I have going into Instagram and I'll probably record I may record another episode soon on just what the journey was like not having Instagram for a month. And yeah, it was just such an incredible experience. And part of that experience is what I'm going to share in this episode about how I made $13,000 in sales in one week without Instagram. And it was amazing. So I will let you dive into the episode now. But yeah, please come hang out. Say hi on Instagram. screenshot is tagged me all the things I'm officially back. Hi, and welcome back to the fact that it's the you podcast, I am sharing a really fun episode. Today it really expansive, want to really help you remember that there are infinite possibilities, and you are the creator and you are dependent on any fucking thing outside of you in order to create what you desire. So I'm gonna be sharing how I made $13,000 in sales in one week without Instagram. So I my Instagram went down October 14, it's now November 12, when I'm recording this, but you're probably listening a couple of weeks after that when the episode comes out. But anyway, so it's been about a month since my Instagram went down. And when it first went out, I was like, partly relieved, because I was like, oh, there's nothing I can't wonder what I should write on Instagram today because I can't. So there's that. But there was also like, Oh, this is gonna be really interesting, because a lot of my clients and opportunities like come through Instagram. So what happens when it's all erased my 1000s of followers that I spent four years calling in gotten my four years of writing of content, my heart and soul gone. So like who who am I? When all that's gone? What is my business? When all of that's gone? Like can I really do this when all of that's just gone in the blink of an eye. And so I got really strong. And I just declared like, this is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I am going to, like soak in this break off of social media, and I'm going to make this the best time in my business. And yeah, it's it's been really, really awesome, actually. So without Instagram, in one week, I signed new clients had so many unexpected opportunities come through, I signed my highest paying client ever. I called in a new client to work on something that I've never worked with a client on before. And it was just it's been really, really expansive and exciting. And I've had amazing podcast guests agree to come on the show, like two that I'm really excited about is Sheila Campbell and kemin ami. They're both experts in healing in terms of sexuality and, and embracing sacred sexuality and making it like a really beautiful, amazing practice and creating healing through that. So I'm really excited about those guys and yeah, more to come. But just, I mean, just so many amazing new opportunities and continuing opportunities. And it here's what I attribute it to that's really what I'm going to be sharing in this episode because after all that happened, I was like, Okay, who was I being what was he thinking what was I doing in order to be the person who could create $13,000 in sales in a week without Instagram? So that's really what I'm going to be breaking down for you today. And this is what I do as like a bonus to the episode. This is what I do whenever i i call it a success. evaluation. I don't know if I love those words. But whenever I've really stepped into a new level of power, whenever I've manifested a new level in my business or new things and have things to celebrate creating, I do a success evaluation, I just look back and reflect who was a being? What was he thinking, what was he doing in order to create this, so that I can show myself that I am the creator, I know how to do this. And I can do it again. And even more and even better. And that's really the whole point of this. And so I'm going to be breaking down what I wrote down for myself and my success evaluation with you. So the energy, I'm going to start with the energy that I was in the thoughts, the intentional thoughts I was playing with, and then the actions that I took. So I'm like, breaking, breaking it all down for you. So the energy that I held when my Instagram went out was that I am open to expected and unexpected opportunities. I am open to this work, you know, better than I ever could have expected, I'm open to this being the best thing that ever happened to me, I'm open to this being my best month on business. And I had all these amazing new opportunities come in, I signed my highest paying client ever I had a new client come in who is a man, he's my first male client ever. And he found me randomly on Google by searching how to find a soulmate, which is not typically the angle, and primary focus of my coaching. But it just felt it felt so aligned. And it's been so amazing working with him, I've enjoyed it so much. And we've both gotten so much out of it. It's been incredible. And I just felt like wow, like I asked the universe for my inner voice for unexpected opportunities. And like, here it is. And I also had been really feeling this itch to like, I don't know, just do things outside the box, expand myself, like really tap into like new and different like things and interest. And then it's like I had that perfect opportunity come in as I was setting those intentions. And being open to those unexpected opportunities, I had a totally random opportunity to get paid to write journal prompts come through something that's never happened to my business. I had months before, after the inner voice facilitator training ended when I went through it in March, I was like, I want to be a small group leader. This is incredible. Like, I would love to help the next round of people going through this and be one of the group leaders. And I asked and they said that, you know, it was full, they weren't taking anyone else. And I was so I was like upset. I'm like, oh, man, but then I let it go whatever. months later. While this is all going down with Instagram, while I am, you know, really holding my power and remembering that like I am the creator, I am not dependent. My business is not dependent on Instagram, just holding that power of being open to opportunities coming through in other ways. people reach out and they were like, Hey, we had so many people last minute sign up like do you want to be a small group leader, it starts today, and you're going to get paid. So not only was it something I wanted to do for free, because it's just something I love so much. But now I'm getting paid for it. And I fucking love it. And it just worked out so divinely. It's just it's It's wild. Like what happens when you're truly open, open to working out better than expected. I'm open to all possibilities. Open, open, I'm open I'm open, I'm and I actually teach an entire module on this energy. I call it the energy of receiving. So this is a piece of it, this openness to possibility. And it works like fuckin magic to create what you desire in your life. So that's inside highly paid and sold out. And that program is all about calling in and attracting a full practice of one on one clients that you love in a way that feels really, really good to you. So if you want to join that, it's it was 777 We did a live round, but now you can get access to all the recordings for only $444. So it is it's amazing. It's how I filled my entire coaching program in just a few months and skyrocketed my business from $1,000 months to 11,000. So go to magnetic So if you want to check that out, but back to what I was saying. So being open to unexpected opportunities. I also this one it wasn't monetary, but it's still such a fun one that I want to share. I used to go to this coffee shop in Dallas when we lived there called a window seat. And they had opened you know, a few months before we moved maybe a year before we moved and I went all the time I went like twice a week. I would take pictures in there. I would take pictures of my coffee tag them on Instagram it was this husband and wife they were so cute. They own this place and they opened it and I they remembered my order and they remember my name and I fucking love this place and that was the best best best coffee and it was so good and they were just so kind and the whole idea of it is it's called window see and basically it looks like every little booth with a table looks like an airplane like windows. See there's like a little window with like a picture of the sky. It's really really cool and like really, really good coffee. They reached out to me and asked if I wanted to receive free coffee and if I would like, share it on my social media, I was like, absolute fuckin Lulea I will I've already shared it so many times without getting an exchange for free coffee just because I loved it so much. They're such good people. It's such a coffee like I could go on and on. So anyways, they just sent me some coffee and like the sweetest handwritten note and I was gonna share it on social media but I have no Instagram right now. So I'm sharing it here and it works out actually perfectly because it falls so in line with what I'm talking about in this episode, so I'll link them up in the show notes window. See if you're ever in Dallas, definitely go there. And I'll also include the links if they have links I think it's all online of how you can buy their coffee beans and make some of the coffee at home because it is so freakin good. So I was just like, Of course of course all this magic came through as I was being open to it and remembering that I'm not dependent on Instagram like nothing outside of me gets to tell me who the fuck I am and what I get to have. So that was the first energy piece is being open. The second was to keep keep going even when keep going even though my Instagram got disabled keep going. Even though I was going through a lot of like shit in my personal life. Keep going even when blah blah, blah, right? Like keep going even when should hitting the fan in your personal life. Even when it looks like it's not working. Even when something you spent four years building it's just gone in the blink of an eye even when insert whatever you're going through, fill in the blank, so that I actually done a whole masterclass on that I'm not going to go super deep into that if you want to check out the masterclass it's called the I want it I got it masterclass. And it's in the magnetically you community Facebook group. So we'll also link that in the show notes, you can join the Facebook group and if you go to the guides section, you'll see all the free master classes there and then go to the I want to I got it master classes so so but I got such amazing feedback from that one. And yeah, it's just really really moving and powerful and will really help activate you into into your power into motion into really your your like magnetic energy. So as the second energetic piece, the third energetic piece that I was releasing beanbags in real time. So I'm actually I just recorded another episode right before this called the magic process that unlocks your I'm trying to remember what it was called to unlock your wisdom, abundance and power. And that podcast is all about releasing beanbags. So go check that one out. If it hasn't been released yet. It'll probably be one of the next like, probably next week, or the next one after that. So look for that episode. And actually now as I'm saying this all released that one before this one, so it'll be there. If you go back to last week's episode or the week before you'll see it, the magic process episode all about releasing beanbags. Basically, it's about whenever triggers come up whenever old unprocessed energy comes up. It's going in and releasing in real time. I was also not hiding or being in limbo energy. So Limbo energy is like you're waiting for your Instagram to come back before you'll take action, you're waiting on a client to pay you before investing in yourself, you're waiting for perfect crystal clarity before you will make your offer right? Like that's all limbo, that's all waiting energy. And when you're in that energy is like things around, you seem to stay in limbo. So it's about recognizing that and then shifting into leading energy. I am the creator, I get to decide what I have. I don't wait for anything or anyone outside of me in order to create what I desire. And this doesn't mean you have to get like it doesn't mean take action per se. Oftentimes, when you shift into leaving energy, it results in inspired action. But really, it's first a shift in energy from recognizing you're in that Limbo hiding energy and then shifting into leading and showing up in the ways that you know you feel called to show up in and then the last energetic piece was that I didn't let myself go into feeling like a victim like I took back my power to to shift things and to call in and create new opportunities and I got excited I got actually really excited for the break from Instagram but to also like show myself have the opportunity to show myself that my business and my success and my abundance are not dependent on an app like fuck, that was actually the most beautiful opportunities that That's the energetic piece, the thoughts, the conscious, intentional thoughts that I was really playing with and tapping into, as all of this was coming to fruition. So I'm an in demand coach, I'm open to unexpected and unexpected, unexpected opportunities. I'm open to it working out better than I could have expected. I am the creator, I get to want what I want and I get to have it Nothing can stop me. And that's This one's really the vibe of the I wanna I got it masterclass is just remembering that, like, I believe that, like, you know, sometimes we are like, Oh, it's divine timing, oh, like, the universe has a plan for me. And it's like, I believe that we are God, we are universe, we are source. So we are the creators. And it doesn't mean we have to get out there and like force and push things. But it means like it is in our power, it's always in our power to shift things. And something that I heard Amanda, Francis say, and that I kind of like, was really intentionally tapping into during this time was that everything is circumstantial. Everything that doesn't work, for me can be temporary, nothing, and no one can hold me back. And I am more powerful than anything. And you are. And so remembering that the calling of your heart, the desires of your heart are more important than anything else. Everything else can just float away and be experienced as temporary. And I was really tapping into I'm supported no matter what consistent, money is always available clients and new opportunities are always available, even if my Instagram has disappeared. Okay, so those were the thoughts and beliefs that I was playing around with. And I said playing with because I don't think that we it's like, we need to believe these things perfectly, or else, nothing's gonna work, I think it's more of just like a playful energy and openness, right, like an opening to the sights opening to these beliefs that are going to serve you. And then the actions that I took was, ultimately really just to keep going keep following my inspired actions, even though my Instagram was down. And that was the place where I did take a lot of my actions for my business. So I was showing up in my Facebook group, I did that master class, the I wanted to get a master class, I was writing emails to my email list, I still am doing all this, by the way, and really honing in on my podcast, and then showing up intentionally with that. And, you know, turning the stories and my life and the content from my life, like basically turning my shit into lessons for myself, and then teaching that to others turning the ship into gold. So it's like, you can ask yourself, like, if you are a coach or a business owner, and you have kind of been feeling like stagnant with your content or not sure what to say, you can ask yourself, like, what am I going through? And what are the lessons that I need to learn and then you receive those lessons and then you and then you How can I take what I'm going through and turn it into a lesson for other people. That's really what it is. And then the other thing is, like I kind of already said before, this was with the interview, but it's also kind of an action is doing the beanbag releasing in real time and keeping up with my practices, my rituals like meditation, hypnosis, tapping, like, really allowing myself to honor my energy to release the energy that wasn't serving me so that I could really hear my intuition and stay in alignment with that. So I was doing ritual queen, like four times a week and still am I use it all the time. I love it. So, so much. If you're not in ritual queen, you can get a free seven day trial, magnetically you're calm slash ritual queen. It's basically a library of meditation, hypnosis, tapping, visualization, and it is so so so good. So that's really it. Basically, like long story short, I did not play victim. I showed up in the ways I felt called to show up and it kept going, I kept going, I kept myself open to possibility, even though my Instagram is sound like that. If I had to put it into one sentence, there you go. And then the other thing to mention is that I did have an email list already. And I did have a podcast already with, you know, hundreds of people listening every single week. So I think it's important to note those things, because, obviously, you know, we can't just ignore that, like that did support me. And, you know, those are things that I've also platforms. I've also been building up for years. So I think it's just an important reminder that, you know, where, where do you want to have your business? How do you want to be able to reach your people? Is it important to you to have a podcast where you can disseminate a message whenever you'd like an email, this same kind of thing, right? Like, I'm not saying you need these things or should have these things. It's just, I think, a powerful opportunity to reflect and think about the ways that you really Want to be connecting with your people. So that is all by time you're listening to this, my new Instagram will probably be launched, I'm going to be starting a new Instagram, which I'm really excited about. So I'll be announcing that on the podcast and my email list, if you're not on my email list, you can go to magnetically And just find the, I think at the bottom, there's a form to join a free meditation. Actually, let me see, I'm gonna see if I can find the link for you. So I can just tell you, Okay, go to, if you go to magnetically, you can sign up for a free meditation challenge, which is really, really good, by the way, and that'll get you on the email list. Or, to make it easy as well, you can email me at hello at magnetically and ask to be added. So you're in the loop on all the things so I will be back. And I'm excited. And that's all I'll say for now. There's some other exciting stuff in the works, but I'm gonna leave it under wraps for now. But that's all for now. That's all for today. And I just share this to remind you, whether it's Instagram or something else going on in your life or feeling frustrated, because you feel like it's not working, it's like that shit outside of you does not get to decide who you are. And what you get to have, you are the creator, you are fucking powerful and magnetic, you get to want what you want, and you get to have it and you are powerful enough to shift the way things are now you're powerful enough to create regardless of whatever the fuck is going on outside of you. And I also when I you know the ways that I that you can work with me right now, if you want to, if you want to work on this, if you want to become the kind of person whose power is sourced from within and not dependent, your business isn't dependent on Instagram, or whatever the fuck else and you want to, you want to be the kind of person who would however, whatever how you decide it gets to work for you, because you're being the person who shows up in the knowing that it's going to work, who believes it's going to work, who has that energy of, I'm open to it working, it's going to work. So if you want to work with me, this is something that I specialize in helping my clients do, you know, really creating more money more clients in your business in the way that you want to create them. So if you want to work on this with me, you can reach out over email, or you can book a free console on my website at magnetic And then the other thing is that I have a new offer, I announced it in the magic process episode that I was talking about before. But in case you haven't heard that episode, yeah, I'll share it here as well, I have a new offer that I'm so freakin excited about. It's two months with six inner voice sessions and unlimited Voxer support and it is going to be amazing. It's like if you really, really want to hone in on the inner voice. But you don't feel aligned with doing this six month full on private coaching package that also includes the coaching sessions, and then a voice and access to everything else. And you want to just start with inner voice and Voxer This is such a great way to do that. And it's two months. So this is perfect timing to start it and suddenly go into 2022 being the bad bitch that you really are. So if you're interested in that, you can also send me an email or Buffer console on the magnetic page. But that is all I know, I shared so much with you guys. But I'm just so excited. There's so many amazing things happening and amazing ways to work with me right now. And if you're feeling intuitively called to it, I would be so so honored to support you in your journey and wrapping up this year. On a fucking high vibe no and starting out 2022 Just feeling your best being your best and opening up to incredible opportunities and possibilities. So thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, it would mean so much to me. If you would go leave me a review. I would be so so grateful. But that is all. Thank you for being here and I'll see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served do I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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