my instagram got disabled and I'm not worried about it

podcast Oct 26, 2021

My instagram account got disabled and I'm not worried about it at all. In this episode, I'm breaking down how I'm so at peace with it and how I'm moving forward and creating magic regardless.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin.

Hello, and welcome back to the magnetically you podcast, I am actually so excited to tell you about something that happened. So my Instagram got disabled, it is currently disabled, I open the app, I think it was like last Thursday, October 14. And it just, I couldn't log in there was like error messages and I had to do the thing where you're like select all the images that have attractor and prove that you're not a robot and they said thanks for providing your information, we'll get back to you in 24 hours. Nobody gets back to me. But anyways, that's besides the point. So I'm going to share today like how I know this is happening for me and the magic that's been unfolding as this is going on, and how I'm navigating and how I'm actually using it to my advantage and allowing it to be in my favor and really see and know and experience that it is happening for me and I'm really really excited to share it all. Um, but before we get started I want to let you know I'm doing a free masterclass this Thursday, October 28, at 10:30am Eastern, it'll be recorded. So if you can't make that time, I would still sign up so you'll get the replay. But it's called I want it I got it. And it's how to never wonder where the fuck the money in the clients are ever again. So I don't know about you. But that was a thought that used to be on repeat in my head along with a bunch of other thoughts like, Where are they? What are they coming and why isn't it working? Why is it working for everybody else? And what is wrong with me and what am I doing wrong? And as soon as I was able to shift that pattern and become the version of me who decides what she wants and gets what she wants? Everything shifted. I went from four months with no clients last year to very very quickly filling my coaching program this year and signing more clients and creating more money than I ever had. And this masterclass is really where I'm sharing it all and it's even when shit hits the fan in your personal life so if you've been listening to the podcast you know I recently shared my story about being sexually abused so I was kind of like having that come up and feeling called to share that story and share it with my family so I had that going on right so it's creating what you want even when shit hits the fan in your personal life even when your Instagram account gets disabled which is what we're going to be talking about today so it's just no no coincidence that this whole Instagram thing is coming up like right as I've like planned this masterclass all about becoming the no matter what version of you the version of you who decides what she wants and she gets what she wants because she's not available for anything fucking less. It's like Ariana Grande a like I see it I like I want to got it like that is the vibe of this masterclass. And it is an energy that really can shift everything in your life and in your business. So I'm going to be breaking down the whole mindset, the whole energy, all of the different pieces that kind of like flow into allowing you to become that person who literally gets what she wants, because she decides she does and she's not willing to settle for anything less. So to sign up for that go to magnetically slash I want it I got it. There's no spaceship spaces or dashes or anything like that. And the link should be in the show notes as well. So absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Sign up for that if you are an online coach or an online entrepreneur, and you are fucking done wondering where are the clients in where are the money and where's the money and when is it coming and you're ready to become the person who creates what she wants no matter what, even when it doesn't look like it's happening even when your Instagram goes out. Even when she's hitting the brand in your personal life even when you're in a funk even when whatever the fuck out because you're no matter what type of woman Can I get an amen? So a woman actually so go sign up. I will See you there it is going to be amazing. And I just know especially with this whole Instagram thing, like what I'm integrating and embodying threw out this kind of like journey and experience like is what I'm teaching in the master class, like on the next level, and it's no coincidence, I'm going through it. So what I'm going to be bringing into that master class that Thursday is just going to be so next level, and I'm so excited to share it with you. Okay, so anyways, back to the whole Instagram thing, but all honestly Ty has to get there. And that's really, you know, the whole idea of the master cause and even what I'm going to be sharing today is like, becoming that kind of person who can keep going even when bla bla bla bla is happening, right? Like becoming the type of person whose power and ability to create and receive a source from within and isn't dependent on fucking anything outside of you, not even Instagram. So my Instagram goes down last week. And at first I was kind of just like, oh, whatever, like, it's not a big deal. It is what it is like, there's like, I'm gonna do what I can do about it, then there's nothing else I can do. So whatever, like it is what it is no big deal. And I was secretly kind of relieved. Because it's like, well, when there's no access to Instagram, you can't post you can't show up on stories, you can't do those things that we sometimes should ourselves into doing. So yeah, I'm really taking it as an opportunity to like take a break and just receive all this space. And that isn't being channeled into Instagram. So at first I you know, felt really, really at peace with it good about it, I'm like, it'll come back, it'll not come back. I don't really care. Like it is what it is. And I'm not going to like worry about it or let this get me down. But last night, I got an email saying that my appeal was denied. And I kind of want to do a little bit of spiral. This morning I had this like emotional like coating coming up in my body. And by emotional coding, I just mean there's like when you have emotions tied to stories, and it feels like this like weight that wants to like control you and make you react and like feel and do certain things. So I was like noticing this coming up. I'm like, okay, just like old energy and old program like coming up, but it was like, it was just really intense, heavy energy. And my mind started like one, like future tripping, like, Oh my gosh, like, should I create a new account? When should I create a new account? But how am I gonna know when to create a new account? Because how do I know? Am I going to get it back? Am I not? When is it coming back? What if it takes two months? What if it takes a week? Do I wait two months? Do I wait a week? How do I know? What do I do like going into the freaking future dripping. And I just started like observing and I'm like, okay, I can see my brain and my body wanting to like make this into a bigger thing than it is. And I know it's not so I'm just gonna feel this and allow it. And so I did a beanbag release. If you don't know what a beanbag is, it's basically just old stuck energy in the body that is tied to programs and stories. And so when we have beanbags, it causes us to like react from old patterns, old programming, old experiences, and old wounds, which tends to lead us to acting in the same way as acting out the same patterns and recreating the same old shit. And it's like when we can release this emotional coding break that linkage between that emotional weight and your body. And the story in your mind, this story in your mind, no longer has that tug to it, that pole to it, that weight to it. And then it no longer controls who you're being and how you're showing up. So then you're able to step into a new way of being and new possibilities and new results. So anyways, I was doing this. And this is something I do with my clients and in pretty much all of our sessions, but especially in the inner voice Sessions is we do a lot of this, releasing like what's safe and ready to come up and come out, it comes up and we feel through it, breathe through it, and allow it to like run its course and release and then receive the guidance that's kind of like comes through in that space that's no longer occupied by the old weights and the old stories like kind of like dragging you down or bringing you back into old ways and old patterns of being so I noticed this beanbag coming up in my test this morning. So I went on a walk and I just was allowing it to be there breathing into it feeling into it, bringing my pure awareness and consciousness into it and just allowing myself to feel it. And I really didn't want to feel it at first. I'm like, Oh, this feels terrible. Like I should just like ignore it and tell myself everything's gonna be fine. It's like no, I know that sweeping it under the rug always comes. It always piles up, right? Like it doesn't just disappear when it goes into the rug. So like, Okay, I'm going to allow the robot to lift up and I'm going to feel this Look at it allow it just let it be there um so it's breathing breathing breathing allowing allowing line and I ended up recording a voice memo with my inner voice just kind of like having a conversation back and forth with my mind asking the questions and then allowing myself to hear my inner voice respond and it just allowed my mind to settle the I was able to release the emotional coding the stories had no longer had any like weight or stress attached to them and I just felt like 100% neutral and calm and at peace with it again, that's really like the main way that I'm kind of like moving through this is to allow and feel the emotions and to allow my inner voice to guide me and just staying open to if and when my inner voice tells me to start a new account for now it's I don't feel called to do that i i have a feeling my accounts coming back but I'm not worried about it either way because my inner voice isn't worried about it either either way and I was able to get my mind in alignment with that belief and knowing by releasing the emotional coating with that was attached to the other stories that my mind was trying to make up so yeah just enjoying the time off of social media and seeing it as a gift and just moving forward in the ways I feel called to and not giving this my attention or focus not going into this like Limbo waiting energy like I'm not going to sit around waiting for my accounts to come back waiting for those waiting waiting waiting and just like allowing myself to feel paralyzed because I'm like oh, what do I do I guess I just have to wait for this to come back Fuck that. Like I'm the leader I'm the creator of my life and this one channel of creating and receiving has like no bearing on what I get to great like there's millions of ways to create what I want so this is you know really what we're going to be going into more in the master classes like this ability to process the emotions like this to come back to neutral and then to receive the inspired actions and to keep moving even when your Instagram goes out even when this happens even when you have fears even when you have doubts even when your body is wanting to go into that like I'm frozen and can't do anything because you're like in that waiting energy and it's just like no no no, like I'm just not available for that so I'm really really really excited to share more in the master class about all of that anyways, I wanted to share like so that's kind of like how I've been navigating this and there wasn't much to navigate I'll be honest, I felt completely fine in a piece of it. Which is so beautiful because yeah, I'll share that one of the lessons why it's not a problem but like I just like have the knowing that like it's not a problem it's not a problem it doesn't mean anything that I don't have Instagram and that I might not ever see the content that I've spent four years creating ever again like to be able to have the knowing that like it's okay no matter what I'm okay no matter what I'm good no matter what it's just really beautiful thing there wasn't much navigate until this morning because I was really neutral about it. And then what came up this morning I processed it I released it, I received even more lessons and guidance from my inner voice and then I'm moving with those lessons and guidance and it's like boom done onto the fucking next right like this can't stop me, this can't drag me down. Like I'm creating what I desire no matter what. And I know that. So what I have kind of learned from this experience so far is that like, it's just such a beautiful reminder that like we're not dependent on things coming from one channel, we're not dependent on our abundance coming from one channel, we're not dependent on our clients coming from one channel, we're not dependent on opportunities coming from one channel from joy coming from one channel from the place to create coming from one channel like there's a million infinite ways to create impact, create money to create in general to create clients to share your message like to ever think that this would have an impact on what I get to have would be absolutely fucking ridiculous. Like when we can like zoom out, like our minds get so fixated on like, the one way things have to be or if this way got shut down, then it's not going to come in. It's like, Who's telling that story? Who was making it up that rule who said it has to be that way. So there's millions of ways that abundance opportunities, clients, people, experiences, things, whatever can flow to you. And we are not dependent on one channel or one way. There are infinite ways. And I've been really just keeping myself open to this idea and really feeling into that energy of like, I'm open into other ways I'm open to other channels I'm still open to receive this has no bearing on who I am and what I get to create this has no bearing on my ability to receive and to create continue creating money continue creating clients in my business and allowing that in like this This doesn't get to stop me this isn't gets to dictate what I have like I'm totally open to other opportunities I'm totally open to other possibilities I'm totally open to working out better than I ever could have expected. So I've really been holding this energy and just knowing that like yeah, there's a million other ways like this is not a problem like I'm totally open and within a couple days I got this email asking if I wanted to be a squad leader for the inner voice facilitator training so this is it a training I did back in March and it was like my favorite thing ever and it's like a huge foundation of the work I do with my clients now is this inner voice work and like as you guys know like I'm literally living and breathing this like everyday like I just was beanbag releasing and talking to my inner voice this morning and that's really what I learned in that inner voice facilitator training is just like super super super deepening my ability to release emotional coding and to listen to my inner voice and like the results that have unfolded in my life are just so much greater than my mind ever could have predicted. So anyways I did I got certified in that in March I've been doing it with my clients I use it in my own life and in my own business every single day like it's it's just the best but I afterwards there were so we were in these we had one large group call every week and then there were these small group breakouts every week and I wanted to be a small group leader after going through it myself and loving it and I I did this group in college called the young leaders conference I like led this whole conference where all these high school students would come and we would go like have them go into these small groups and like mentor them and basically coach them which is so cool that I was like into coaching before I even knew about coaching and it was just my favorite thing ever so when I thought oh my gosh I could be one of the squad leaders one of these group leaders for inner voice like I'm going to reach out and see if they'll let me do that so I emailed them several months ago when the training ended saying like I love to be a squad leader for the next round like let me know if you know that's an option and they said you know unfortunately we already have all the people selected and I was like damn that quick like if it just ended

so I was I was disappointed because I really wanted to do it but I

was just like okay whatever and I completely let it go that was months ago and I got an email yesterday as I've just been holding this like open energy to possibility which actually is an entire module and highly paid and sold out it's just so so good and that's actually for sale available like on demand like you can get all the recordings for a special price so $777 live but you can get all the recordings of that program for four for four so if you want that go to magnetically you comm slash work with me it is freaking incredible it's all about selling out your one on one coaching program in a way that feels really really good to you. But anyways, I got this email yesterday saying like hey we've had a bunch of people sign up for IVF t like at the last minute like do you want to be a squad leader we started today

like absolutely Fuck yes like it was an instant yes no questions asked a hell fucking yes from my inner voice from my soul from all all parts of me just an absolute yes and I was so excited and then I keep reading the email and I find out find out that I'm going to get paid for it as well. So I originally when I reached out asking him to I had no idea it was a paid role I just wanted to do it for free because I was I love this shit and I'm so passionate about it I want to be immersed in it and I want to like help people and I want to be a part of it and I just love leading groups in that way and I love the community and I just wanted to be all over it and then it's like now I get to do this thing I was literally so excited about doing for free that I now I get to get paid for it like what can we talk about an unexpected opportunity and being open to possibilities right like I was just open to unexpected opportunities and new opportunities and things coming to me in other ways other than Instagram and then it's like of course this opportunity came in and then even better. Like this You literally can't make this shit up. It's like every time I hold this energy of like I am open to all possibilities I'm open and willing to being guided I'm open and willing to work out better than I ever could have expected. It always fucking does. And it literally it collapses time. it collapses time and it's like magic happen. been so fast it's it's it's insane and a cool thing a cool story actually one of my clients I was coaching her on this like open energy of possibility recently and she was playing with it in regards to money and she just set this intention after our coaching call like I'm just open to receiving money I'm open to allowing myself to want money and I'm I'm just gonna see what happens as I allow myself to want money and open myself to the possibilities and which is really holding that like loose open playful I'm open to whatever happens energy and will literally the next day she got a raise the totally out of the blue ray is our work but it's not out of the blue because it's in direct response to her energy to this energy of possibility so it's like this shit you can't make up so anyways today I get another email from them we literally started last night like I said yes and within a couple hours I was on the first call and I have my group and we're already setting up meetings and I'm so excited and just really excited to be like immersing myself even deeper in the inner voice community and the voice world because I know it's going to like take what I'm doing with my clients like to the next level and it's just already amazing and like my clients are freaking crushing it right now like bringing this inner voice into my coaching has been so incredibly powerful like in my own life in my own business now I'm like seeing it like create quantum leaps for my clients as well and it's yeah it's absolutely mind blowing but I get another email today I feel like I'm like tried to tell this part of this right like 20 times I keep getting sidetracked because it's all so exciting. But anyways, I got this other email from the team the you know, the people who run the inner voice facilitator training it's just Lively's team saying hey just randomly decided to increase the payment by $222 so like basically like you're getting a race like just randomly like I would have I would have already intended on doing this for free months ago and then the opportunity fell into my lap and I'm getting paid for it and then I got a raise the next day it's like how do you explain this except you can't write and it's it comes down to that open energy of possibility and yeah, there's a few other things to really kind of like help you connect with this like really magnetic energy that I'm going to be teaching in the master class so yeah, yeah, and so excited. So the next kind of like lesson that's been coming up is just knowing that like this is not a problem it is not a problem that my Instagram is disabled it's not a problem that I may or may not get it back it's not a problem that I may or may not have access to all of my content from the last four years granted I did have my assistant start backing up content like six months ago so that's beautiful and I'm grateful that I just like randomly one day felt intuitively guided to ask her to do that so yeah, that's cool. But just it's not a problem it's not a problem and I know that like I have that knowing now that like it genuinely isn't a problem it doesn't get to decide what I get to have I don't have to make a big thing of it like it's literally not a problem and it's funny because a few years ago I just if something like this would have happened I just would have felt so completely doomed and like helpless and now I've just built such a fucking rock solid unshakable growth it's not perfect it's not rock solid but like compared to what it was like in a rock solid unshakable mindset and business that isn't dependent on anything outside of me like I source my power from within and whenever I can feel myself like giving power to things outside of me it's like I'm able to recognize it and bring it back with them because I am the creator I get to decide what I want and I get to have it i want to i got it

it's like that's the fucking vibe the vibe is not like oh my god why is this happening to me like all my business is gonna just go to the chip because I don't have an Instagram accounts like how many fucking businesses don't have Instagram accounts that are wildly successful, like how many other ways are there to create money to create abundance to share content to help people to impact the world? Like it's fucking ridiculous to ever think that I'm dependent on Instagram, you know? So and I know it's not a problem and I have a fun story about one of my clients kind of like helping me so this is it's I didn't know this until my client reflected it back to me. But she told me she said like, she recently had like two back to back highest months in her business ever, like double what she was making before. And she said I was like what allowed you like she had she was just signing clients left and right like think she like signed like I have clients within like a couple weeks and like doubled her income her highest month ever and then that the next month it's already like almost up to that whatever the highest was if that makes sense anyways I feel like I'm making it confusing but anyways she doubled her income and it's like the staying that way and she like signed all these clients and I asked her like what made that possible? And she said well, like something that you really helped me embody and see was that like not having signed a client in a while like wasn't a problem. She's like, I just knew like it What I didn't make it a problem. I didn't make me anything about me I didn't make it a problem and I just focused on doing what felt good for me and then it's like all these fucking clients and money and abundance started like pouring in and she had barely been showing up on Instagram which like another fucking sign that like, you don't have to be on Instagram 24 seven to have a successful business. She's someone who really doesn't post much doesn't share a ton on social media. And yet she's signing clients left and right and doubling her income, right? So it's like that, knowing that like whatever's going on outside of you like it's not a problem unless you latch on to it as a problem and believe it's a problem and spend all your time worrying about the problem and trying to solving the problem like if there's not a problem there's nothing to solve and if there's nothing to solve there's nothing to fucking worry about. Right? So I'm going to share with you what my inner voice told me about all of this so I asked my inner voice this morning like what do I need to know about all this Instagram stuff? And my inner voice is funny I'm still my mind is still making sense of this my inner voice said it's like if a kid's toy they're like playing at the playground and their toy gets stepped on and like crushed and they're like oh my god you stepped on my toy like what the fuck? They're all upset right? It's like they could just get another toy like that's not the only fucking toy in the world this is how my mind at least is like translating so I just I thought that was kind of funny it's like a whole like it's literally it's just a toy it's just a game and my inner voice said to like zoom out my focus there's so many other ways so many other channels and like the focus on Instagram was just like having my focus on a particular a particular reality so it was a collapsing if you know anything about quantum physics is like collapsing the wavefunction into this like similar looking reality over and over and over and it's just like by zooming out my focus because like sure I could obsess and channel all of it to Instagram right now but it's like what the fuck good with that to me nothing because it's like by zooming my focus out and allowing myself to open to other channels and other opportunities and other ways of creating it's like this is actually putting my focus from this one particular collapse the wave function into back into the quantum field of infinite possibilities and it's like no fucking coincidence that I'm having these other possibilities these other opportunities, and actually multiple people reaching out about my coaching all coming through, even with this thing that I've been working on for years being out of the picture right now. And so yeah, my inner voice was just like you're creating a new reality that doesn't require you to be on Instagram all the time and where there's so many more potentials so yeah, it just got me really excited. I just feel like it's such a gift and such an opportunity for me to just really reset the way I use Instagram reset my business reset everything and like really, yeah be creating things in the way I want to create them because you guys know that is what I'm all about. And my boy said it's it's all a game and this is just a new level where you have like you where you get to learn like new parts of the game. And the clients of money didn't go anywhere. They didn't die. Instagram did not kill them. Instagram did not go inside of my bank account and take any of my money. Like they didn't go anywhere. None of that happened. It's all still here. It's all still available. It's all still mine. It has no dependency on whether or not I have Instagram, my ability to receive is not dependent on whether or not I have an Instagram account.

And so yeah, I'm just excited. Like, I feel like things are already really unfolding in my favor. And my inner voice said you just keep watching them rearrange in my favor. And so yeah, I'm just excited for how it's gonna unfold. And I know that like nothing can take away my abundance, not even my Instagram being down. And yeah, that's the whole vibe. Like nothing can take away your abundance unless you allow it to, unless you decide ahead of time that it can. And it's like we're the ones writing the script. We're either the ones creating the story. So it's like what's the scripts that you want to write? What's the story you want to write? It's like, oh man, my Instagram went away, and it took all of my business with it, or it's like, my Instagram went away, and it can fucking stop me. And I'm creating exactly what I want, regardless of what the hell is going on outside of me like that's, that's really the vibe. And that's the energy I'm going to be teaching you in the master class, which is going to be so good. So yeah, definitely go sign up. If I haven't already said it enough. In this episode, I'm so excited, it's going to be on zoom. So there'll be an opportunity for coaching and questions, which is going to be really, really fun. And then the replay is going to be put inside the magnetical you community Facebook group, but to register and get the zoom link and all of that just go to magnetically slash I want it I got it, and that link should be in the show notes as well. And the last thing that my inner voice shared with me was that this is like removing an entire program from my brain like it's giving me an opportunity to, it's like the old program this like poked the old program to the surface. It's like a beanbag is when there's like a thorn in your arm. If someone bumps up against that you feel the thorn you're like, oh, you're just bumped up against my thorn and makes you wanna like react or like, punch them or scream at them or yell at them maybe, right? But if you take out the thorn, and someone brushes up against your armpits, they just brushed by and you're not fazed by it. So it's like that's what this feels like. It's like it poked some old programs and some old thorns. And it's bringing them to the surface so that I can release them. So instead of seeing this as like, Oh, this means all these old programs and beliefs and thoughts coming up, let's just replay them all out. Hell no, it means they're going out the door piece out. Like this is just removing an entire Old program from my brain. And I'm like really excited to allow that process to unfold. So yeah, it's October 19. As I'm recording this so we'll see it's been almost a week with no Instagram so I'm sure there'll be more lessons to come more stories to come. Definitely. Yeah, I'm sure I'll have more to share on the master class. Thursday, but stay tuned. And maybe maybe by the time you're listening to this, my Instagram will be back and you can send me a message and say hi, and send me some love. Welcome back if you feel called to. But anyways, yeah, I just wanted to like share this to show you and remind you that like nothing can take away your abundance, nothing outside of you gets to dictate who you are and what you get to have. Nothing can stop you unless you allow it to. And having that emotional intelligence that emotional resilience is what keeps the door and opens the door to growing into your next level and creating new possibilities and new opportunities. So I hope this episode served you I will see you on Thursday. If you're coming to the masterclass thank you so much for listening to the magnetically your podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here and I will see you in the next episode.

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