THIS is why you're not hitting your next income goal (and how to shift it)

podcast Oct 18, 2021

I'm SO pumped for you to dive into today's episode. This is going to be a GAME-CHANGER. We're going to be chatting all about why you're not hitting your next income goal and how to shift it.


If you've been feeling stuck where you are like it's just not working no matter what you do, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode ;)


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ THE sneakiest, self-sabotage pattern that holds most people back from their next income level
✧  How to know if you're in this pattern
✧  The 4 things you need to shift out of it 
✧  The difference between self-sabotage-y surrender and true surrender
✧  Why blaming divine timing and "it must not be meant to be" is keeping you stuck in inaction
✧  The mindset and energy behind hitting your next income goal



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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the mind medical unit podcast. I'm your host, Madison cernik. I am an intuition and energy coach here to help you live your best freakin life. So with that being said, I think we can. If you're listening to this, you're probably someone who has really big goals, really big dreams, and you're ready to your next level, specifically in the income department, but something is holding you back. And I have a feeling I know what that might be. Because I've been through it myself. And whenever I notice like that I'm really kind of like have the handbrake on getting to my next level of income or that third, it feels like I'm stuck or plateauing or, like, why isn't it working? Where's the money? Where's the client? It's like the patterns where I felt like that. And my business. Looking back, it's so clear how I reacted and went into hiding, essentially. So last year, I went, I think it was like, I don't know, several, several months without signing a client. This was in 20. It's 2021. So this was in 2020. And I just felt like, you know, I think it at one point I got down to having one client and I just felt like oh my god, like, this is my last client. And if I lose her if she doesn't continue, or when she ends, if no one else ends up then like, I'm not even going to have any clients. And I'm not even a real coach. Like what kind of coach doesn't have any clients? And oh my gosh, and just so much. Yeah, just like shame and disappointment and discouragement. And I let that release. spiral right and let my made my current reality mean that it wasn't working, right. I just kept telling the story over and over and over that it's not working. And something must be wrong with me. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to fix? What do we need to do? Right? What do I need to change? Am I not? Am I doing enough? I must not be doing enough relative would be working? I must not be doing the right things relative I would be working like why can I get this right? What am I doing wrong? Why isn't it working? It's not working? Oh my god, right like that. So I was really in that story. And I believed it.

And so I felt really disappointed and discouraged. And guess what I let this emotions tied to this story. I let them dictate who i what i thought i got to have. So I let my current reality Tell me, I looked at my current reality. I made it all mean it's not working. Or I let that lead to me feeling disappointed and discouraged. I believed all these stories, I believe to these emotions, I let them take me over, I believed the thoughts. And I reacted to the emotions by hiding. And this is probably what I would guess if you're feeling stuck, plateaued. Like you really want to create more money in your business, you really want to get to that next income goal, whether it's 5k months, 10k months, 20k months and beyond, like whatever it is, but you feel like stuck, and you just don't know like, why it's not happening feels like something is wrong and feels like it's not working. This is why because you're hiding, you're not showing up fully. And the reason you're hiding and you're not showing up fully is because you're disappointed and discouraged because of these stories that you're believing about yourself because of these emotions that you're letting dictate your actions. And oftentimes lack of action, right? Like when we believe nothing's working. Nothing I do matters. So why bother anyways? It's like, why would we take any inspired actions? And why would we even receive inspired actions, we're just going to dismiss them anyways. We're not even going to be able to pick up on them because we don't even believe they're going to work anyway. So why would we even pay attention to them, we're going to completely dismiss them and miss them, or we're not going to allow ourselves to take them Because why bother? If it nudge if nothing works anyways, and we're just doomed anyways. And, you know, we don't know what the right thing to do we don't know how to do it anyways. Alright, do you see how this, you know, when you look at the pattern like this, it's so clear, it's so clear like, oh no shit, no shit, this is what's holding me back. And I bring this up because I know I went through this a lot last year and it you know, still sometimes come up comes up a couple months ago, this year it came up and I found myself in this pattern and I had to look at it and be like, Oh, look, I'm doing that hiding thing again, I'm doing that thing where I tell the story. It's not working. I'm doing that thing where I left feeling disappointed and discouraged, caused me to retreat and hide and like fucking sit back and hope that things just magically fix themselves. And not that anything is broken. But I'm going to get to this in a minute the difference between true surrender, and the like giving up hiding surrender, but so before we get to that, get honest with yourself, and ask yourself, like, you really want to get to that next income level, but like something is holding you back, get honest with yourself, like, what's the truth of what's holding you back? And are you hiding? Like, get super honest with yourself? Are you hiding? Are you not showing up fully? Are you holding yourself back from taking action? Because you don't believe it's gonna work anyways? Are you holding yourself back from showing up fully, authentically and unapologetically? Because underneath it all, you don't believe it's gonna work? Anyways, right?

So I last year when I was like, really in this pattern in this story, I was so stuck in inaction. But I didn't I couldn't even see it, I couldn't even see it when I was in it. And that's why I'm sharing this because I want you to see it. Because once you see it, then you aren't it. And therefore you're free. Because one of my friends, inner voices said that before. Once you see it, then you aren't it and therefore you're free. Once you see self sabotage, it's no longer self sabotage. It's a choice. So with the awareness, you literally open yourself up to make the choice to move away from self sabotaging into thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are actually going to support you and hitting your next income level. So I was just really, really stuck in inaction. And I was like, I didn't even know it. I couldn't see it. I was so like, yeah, self sabotage is called self sabotage. Because no one consciously self sabotage. It's like we're doing it unconsciously, right? From unconscious and subconscious patterns, and emotional coding, which the emotional coding is a big part of him. We can talk more about that in a minute. But I was just like, I couldn't even see that I wasn't that I was not showing up fully. And I was just, you know, like, oh, like, I'm just surrendering and like, you know, oh, it's just divine timing, like blaming surrendering and blaming divine timing, like, how does that recipe when I say that are you like, ooh, shit, like, I've been doing that too, right? So this, if you've been struggling to reach your next income, goal, or your next income level, it's probably because you're hiding and not showing up fully. And you may be in this pattern, because I've experienced this I've coached so many of my clients through this as well. And it's like such a sin Niki, for form of self sabotage. And once you bring awareness to it, it's like, boom, it can shift everything. So that is why I'm sharing this with you today is to bring the awareness to it, get honest with yourself, because once you have that awareness, it's like, that's the, the starting point to clearing this pattern. So what do I mean by hiding? So hiding is you're not showing up fully, and you you know, you know, if you're hiding, like, get real, get real with yourself. It's like that feeling of like, Well, why bother? Why bother showing up if it's not gonna work anyways? Like, nothing I do matters anyways, like nothing. I do work. Like it's not about working. So of course, if nothing's gonna work, then why the fuck would you do anything that you feel called to do? Like, what's the point? Right? And that brings up another point that like, it's like, why is it worth taking courageous action regardless of the outcome, right? Like, it's not just, we don't just do things to get when You're doing to get then you'll only do when you believe you're going to get and if you don't believe you're going to get you're not going to do and if you're not going to get Oh literally making myself laugh so hard but like that's, I hope that made sense to you because that just hit hit home and making sense of this for me. Hiding is disguising not taking action as surrender. Oh, I'm just I'm just surrendering like letting the universe take it away. It's like, okay, there's a difference between hiding surrender and true surrender. So here's how to know the difference. Hiding surrender, it feels like giving up It feels like helpless. It feels like avoiding responsibility. And true surrender is the you know, it's like letting go of the mental and emotional reactions and preferences of the mind. So it's like asking yourself like, what would I be doing if I wasn't influenced by the mental and emotional reactions of my mind? So the mind can have its mental and emotional reactions the mind can have its fears and emotions. Like let's see what happens if I try anyways. That's true surrender. True surrender does not mean doing nothing. Sometimes it does if that's where the true surrender leads. But you know, like, you know, like, are you hiding surrendering are true surrendering. There's a big difference. Hiding surrendering feels like helpless like oh, like Poor me, I

guess it there's nothing I do is I've just sit back and fucking hope things go my way. Versus true surrender is, it doesn't feel like that. If feels like an openness to possibility, like I'm open to this working out better than I could have expected. I'm open to it unfolding in ways that I can't predict or control. I'm open to all possibilities. It's an open, it's an openness to possibility. Whereas like the hiding just feels like Well, fuck, it's not up to me anyway. So I guess I just have to fucking surrender like, No, that is not true surrender. So if you're listening to this, and you're like, Oh, shit, this is what I have been doing. I have been hiding. I have not been showing up fully. I have been telling this story that it's not working. I've been making my current reality mean that it's never going to happen. And if it had art, if it hasn't happened yet, then what? Wouldn't it have already happened? Yeah. Oh my god, I'm not doing enough. Like, if you are like, Oh, shit, this is me. This is what I've been doing. Good. Good, good, good. Because guess what, you've already started putting it into this just by listening to this just by bringing awareness to it. Just by having that honesty and self awareness with yourself of being able to like look at it, like, oh, okay, I see myself. In this pattern, I see myself hiding, it doesn't mean you're wrong. It doesn't mean you're bad. It doesn't mean you're need to shame yourself, right? Like, we can look at this. From an observer standpoint, like, Okay, cool. Like, I can see how my brain was trying to protect me like, great. And now I have the awareness I'm going to choose differently. So moving process starts with that awareness. And oftentimes that awareness is enough to break this pattern to shift is to let it go. So decide, decide that the awareness is enough, and that you're done hiding, that you're ready to show up fully. And then the third thing is to move with the thoughts and emotions instead of waiting to feel perfectly, stop waiting to take action until it feels like the most perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect inspired action. The reason it doesn't feel that inspired is because you're hiding and you're telling yourself all these stories, and then the cycle continues to see how like insane this, this pattern can get and how how easy it is easy it can be to really spiral downward. But guess what, it's just as easily to spiral out, up and out, up and out of this out. And this is how you do it. So you become aware, you decide you're done. I'm fucking done hiding, and I am ready to show up fully. And you can show up fully and be fully, fully surrendered. Like I am going to do my part and let go of the rest. I can show up fully and I can fully surrender. So moving with the thoughts and emotions instead of waiting to feel perfectly. You don't have to wait for the fear to go away to take action. You don't have to wait for the story that it's not working to go away to take action. You don't have to wait for the disappointment and discouragement, to take action, the disappointment, the discouragement, that story none of it actually means fucking anything about who you are and what you get to have. You are the creator. You're not a victim to these stories. You're not a victim to these emotions. You're not a victim to the way things are You're the Creator, you're calling the shots, you're making the decisions, you have the power to lead and shift the energy, the reality, your thoughts, and your emotions. So put yourself back in your power now and decide that these these thoughts, these stories, these emotions do not get to dictate and control you any longer, that you're leading the energy, you're leading your reality, you get to lead and the universe will absolutely fucking respond. So don't wait. Don't wait and be in that like Limbo, energy. Waiting for your reality to change before you believe it's actually shifting, waiting to feel perfect before taking action, stop waiting, start creating. So you can act even, you can show up even when you're disappointed, you can show up even when you're discouraged. So oftentimes, it's like, oh, let's do like this notion of not being in alignment, because I'm just not feeling like great about it. It's like, no, it's because you're in this pattern. And this is how you get yourself out, right? Like you can move with these fears and emotions and thoughts and stories. And you don't need to wait to feel perfect. So keep going, keep going, drop the hiding bullshit,

now that you're aware of it, you can choose to drop it decide to show up fully, and then do the things, take the actions, take the actions, you know, you know, in your heart of hearts, what to do, what to do next, to follow your intuition. Follow your desires, follow what feels like the next aligned thing to do, even if those thoughts that say it's not gonna work want to come with you, even if the emotion of discouragement and disappointment wants to come with you those emotions and those thoughts are not saying stop, they're just coming up to come out. So instead of obeying them, and be like, Oh, this means stop, I must get there just must not do anything, because it's not going to work anyways, it doesn't mean that it's literally old shit coming up to come out. So let it come up, feel it, let it go out and move with it. Because when you move with it, and you feel through it, that's when it no longer has a hold on you and a grip on you. And that's it goes back to the emotional coding piece I was talking about before is when you can break the linkage between these stories in your mind, and these emotions in your body. Right? The the linkage between the thoughts, and the stories and the emotions. That's what I mean by the emotional coding. So when you can detach and unravel that emotional coding, it no longer has a weight on you and no longer has a pull on you. It's like someone like tied a rope to you and was like dragging you along, that's when it can feel like tug of war. And that side of the tug of war is winning. But instead, when you can like actually feel and process the emotions and move with them, you cut that rope so that it's no longer dragging you. And it those that emotional coating gets to dissolve. And this is actually a huge part of what I work on my clients with, especially in our inner voice Sessions is releasing and transforming this emotional coding because this emotional coding is the programming that is driving us to recreate and perpetuate the way things were. Because we're constantly responding and reacting to what is and what was in our old programs or old thoughts, or old stories or old emotion. So then guess what, we keep creating those same old shit. But when we can actually go in and rewire this emotional coding, we're on the we're essentially on the path of openness. We're open to receiving inspired ideas, we're open to acting on them. So some beliefs to that you can borrow.

You can borrow from you start to play with them, right? Like, here's the thing is you don't have to have these beliefs perfectly, or else you can't get to your next income level. That's not what I'm saying. It's just like these beliefs can be supportive, and helping you shift and break this cycle. So allowing yourself to entertain these beliefs entertain the idea that everything I do matters. Everything I do is adding up. It's all adding up. It's all working. Everything matters. Everything I share is valuable. Every time I show up, I make an impact. Every time I show up, I help people. Every time I show up, it's adding up and getting me closer to what I want. I am the creator. I get to want what I want and I get to have it. It's the the disbelieving that we get to have it the lack of decision right like when you don't make the decision when you haven't decided that you get to have it. That's when we go into this In this spiral in this pattern than discouragement that it's not working, but when you decide, I get to vomit I want I get to fucking have it. You remember? Oh yeah, I'm the creator, I'm not the victim to these stories. I'm not the victim to these emotions and not the victim to the way things fucking are. I am the creator, and play, like you're so play. So play with the possibilities, I'm open to all possibilities. I'm open and willing to be guided, I'm open and willing to see things differently. I'm open and willing to things working out better than I ever could have expected. And layers of going a little rampage of like, what if? What if I make $5,000 today? What if I made $10,000? Today? What if I signed my next client today? What if, instead, what you want to happen, happens today, just let yourself Play, play with the possibilities, let yourself crack open that door of possibilities instead of completely believing that it's shut off and then reacting to that by hiding, it's time to stop hiding. And you know, if you're doing this, it's time to start showing up fully. So if this resonated with you, let me know I would love to hear from you on Instagram, if you want to send me a message or if you want to screenshot this episode. And yeah, share what it starts within you, I would love to hear from you. And if you know that, you're ready to go to your next income level, and you're fucking done hiding. You're done being a victim to your circumstances, you're done. wallowing, and disappointment and discouragement and you are so fucking ready to get to your next level in a way that feels really good for you by following your intuition following your desires, being yourself and having a lot of fucking fun. If you know that's what you're ready for. This is exactly what I help my clients do and specialize in and I'm an expert in helping my clients do so I do have private coaching spaces open at the time of recording this, this will come out a few weeks after I'm recording it. So who knows how many spaces what there will be as of then reach out to me, send me a DM, if that's something you're interested in. And if you know, if you know you that I'm the coach for you, and you know that you are done getting in your own way and ready or ready to claim your divine right to your next level because it is your divine right. If you desire it, it is meant for you and it is possible for you and I would love to fucking help you make that your reality. So send me a DM on Instagram, if this is speaking to you. Or you can go to magnetically slash coaching and find more details and book a free call with me there if you wanted to chat more about it. So whatever, whatever method feels good for you. But I hope you have a freaking amazing rest of your day. And I really hope that you take this, take this episode to heart and let this like light a fire under your ass to really drop all the ways that you've been getting in your own way and show up fully for yourself and for your people and for your life. Because when you're showing up fully for yourself in your people in your life, it feels really fucking good. And guess what? The results come as an inevitable byproduct and side effect of you. Literally just like living your best life because showing up fully is living your best life. It's because it feels so good. You're acting in true alignment with who you are, you're not holding yourself back, you're not dimming yourself, you're showing up fully and authentically expressed. And when you're doing that you are freaking magnetic, you're always magnetic. But it's like this emotional coding, we can allow to get in our way of allowing in what we're so magnetic to. And it's like when we can shift those patterns. It's like it opens up so much. And when I really learned how to release that emotional coding and have brought awareness to this pattern last year when I was really doing this, it's like, within a few months, I filled my coaching practice and scaled my business from like one to $2,000 months to then hitting my first $11,000 month this year. So this shit works. And again, things can shift for you a lot faster than your mind wants you to believe. And it's all working. It's all adding up so I will leave it there. Have an amazing rest of your day and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If This episode served you I ask that you share with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart for being here and I will see you in the next episode.

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