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Intuitive life coaching and resources to live with more inner peace, joy and alignment.


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We all have a deeper part of us filled with wisdom & personal guidance that allows us to access an entirely new realm of peace, freedom and possibility.

This space is here to help you access this part of you so you can live with more inner peace, joy and alignment in your everyday life.

3 Essentials: How It Works


What we're aware of no longer has power over us. As you grow in awareness, the patterns that limit your peace & joy begin to fall away.

Emotional Release

Experience the incredible lightness, freedom and clarity on the other side of releasing stuck emotions/energy.

Follow Your Intuition

Learn how to shift your awareness inward to receive answers and guidance from your intuition (inner guidance system).

I've found, for myself and my clients, that practicing these 3 essentials one now moment at a time creates the most rapid, deep, lasting transformation. A whole new way of experiencing the world an incredible sense of peace, freedom and clarity arises.

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Inner Voice Sessions

Travel beyond the mind into a deep state of awareness where you can release emotional weight/stuck energy and access intuitive guidance.


Intuitive Life Coaching

Awaken a new sense of peace, clarity and alignment. Bi-weekly sessions utilizing a blend of life coaching, inner voice-ing, emotional release and meditation.


But First, Alignment

An online course to create more alignment, flow and joy in your everyday life. 6 modules and 20+ hours of content for you to dive into right away.


But First, Exhale Meditation App

Spiritual guided meditations for inner peace, emotional balance and intuitive clarity. Start a free 14 day trial today.


Corporate Meditation Classes

Transform stress into calm so you and your team can feel better, work smarter and create a bigger impact.


Private Meditation Sessions

Quiet the mind, feel stress/tension melt away and slip peacefully into a deep state of relaxation.


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What Clients Are Saying

Working with Madison is like a long, beautiful inhale after not being able to breathe.

Julie Bouche

Working with Madison has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Talia Startsman

I'm 180 degrees different than I was when I first talked to Madison; I'm living my best life.

Susan Wallace

Ever since our inner voice session, it’s crazy, I just feel so much lighter, so different. So much of that negative energy and emotion is gone.

Heidi Frye

I've done many Inner Voice one on one private sessions and group work over the past few years, but I have to say that working with Madison in But First, Alignment has been the best!

Fawn Boyd Vigil

 Joining Madison's training was one of the best decisions ever! I can attest that once you decide to work with her, prepare to be delighted and grateful beyond your wildest dreams!

Monika Jamrozek Burra

The But First, Exhale Meditation App


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Meet Madison

Hi! I’m Madison Arnholt, Intuitive Life Coach and Meditation Guide. 10 years ago, I was suffering deeply from unhealed trauma, an eating disorder, severe anxiety, chronic back pain and insomnia. 

Everything changed when I discovered the life-changing power of meditation, releasing trapped energy/emotions and following my intuition. It's hard to put into words how deeply these practices have transformed my life and it’s truly a joy and gift to share them with you. If it feels aligned, I’m excited to be part of your journey.

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