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Corporate Meditation Classes

The go-to workplace solution to transform stress into calm so you and your team can feel better, work smarter and innovate to create a bigger impact.

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Make A Real Impact On Your Team’s Wellbeing & Results


This experience gives you and your team a dedicated time and space to release stress and recharge, things that sometimes take a back seat when deadlines and projects are moving really fast, but can make the biggest difference in clarity, creativity and performance.

You can expect an engaging, professional teacher who shows up with presence and warmth, making it easy for you to relax and make a real impact on your team’s wellness and company culture.

"We recently had the pleasure of hiring Madison for a mindfulness session at our conference #ALI2022 and it was truly an exceptional experience. At ALI we wanted to have a mindfulness session because we believe in mindfulness has the ability to increase focus and overall improve the well-being of our attendees. With their fast-paced and ever-demanding lifestyle, it is important to remind our attendees to step back and care about their mental health.

Madison was able to create a customised mindfulness session that was tailored to the specific needs and goals of our attendees, which was truly remarkable.

The feedback we received from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees stating that they had never experienced a mindfulness session as good as the one led by Madison.

If you're a company considering hiring Madison for your event or team, We would highly recommend it! Madison's ability to create a personalised and impactful mindfulness session is sure to leave a lasting impression on your attendees or team." - Agile-Lean International

How It Works


Each session is tailored to your specific company’s goals and can be virtual or on-site.

Guided Meditations


Meditation classes for teams to release stress and bring presence, calm and clarity back into the workplace.

A typical 30 minute session includes:

 Introductions & overview of session (~5 minutes)

 Reset & Relieve Stress Meditation (~20 minutes)

 Reflection/questions (~5 minutes)

I recommend weekly or monthly recurring sessions or a package of at least 4-8 sessions for the greatest results.



Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop 


Workshops to learn the skills and tools of mindfulness AND experience them first hand.

A typical 50 min session includes:

 Introductions & overview of session (~5 minutes)

 What is mindfulness & benefits (~5 minutes)

 Practical daily practices to become more mindful (~10 minutes)

Reset & Relieve Stress Meditation (~20 minutes)

 Reflection/questions (~10 minutes)


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Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace


 Employee wellness and stress management

 Reduce stress and anxiety

 Reduce reactivity and act with more clarity and insight

 Improve engagement, productivity and focus

 Increase employee retention

 Boost inspiration, ideas and creative solutions

 Increased teamwork and synergy

 More effective, intuitive decision making

 Improve mental health

 Feel calm, grounded and present

"Madison was amazing for our corporate meditation! She was thoughtful in engaging the group on what we wanted to accomplish through the session. The mediation was calming, relaxing, and a wonderful way to recharge during the work day. Thank you, Madison!! :)" - Newton X

“Madison made this a chill, relaxing 30 minutes for my team. Everyone enjoyed the time to unplug.” - Facebook

“Great session!” - LinkedIn

"Everything was beyond my expectations, Madison went out of her way to make sure the experience matched what our expectations were.” - Continuum Clinical

"Madison led our team through a powerful visualization and meditation. Everyone enjoyed it." - Fortis Trading

"I was significantly more relaxed/calm by the end of it. She guided a great meditation. Best way to spend a 30-min. break while at work! :)" - Michelle

About Your Meditation Guide

Madison Arnholt is a Certified Life & Success Coach and Meditation Facilitator with 10+ years of meditation experience. 

Meditation deeply changed her life and she's passionate about sharing it with others.

She's guided more than 300+ individuals and teams such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Accenture to bring more calm, clarity and joy into their day to day lives and work.

She comes from a corporate background herself as an actuary then global marketing consultant at Mercer, where she led their global marketing campaign for the World Economic Forum and learned first hand why meditation has become the go-to solution for stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Madison’s Certifications:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Life & Success Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Inner Voice Facilitator

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