Dissolve Your Limits and Naturally Attract More Abundance

Does it drive you NUTS when someone is FaceTiming out loud in public? This girl next to me at the coffee shop has been doing it for the last hour.

I'll come back to why I'm telling you this in a minute.

But first, let me share this story with you…

Last Thursday afternoon, Trevor asked if I wanted to go to yoga with him at 7:30 that night. My initial reaction was “No, you ask me this every week and the answer is still no.”

I’d convinced myself 7:30 wasn’t a “good” workout time for me because I’m more tired at night and it’s around dinner time so I’d probably be too hungry or too full in class.

I had a long list of excuses and every time he asked and I “had to” say no, I felt guilty and anxious. But this week, I felt a nudge to go, to push the edges of what my mind thought was right for me. 

I signed up. Trevor was SO surprised and excited.

But instead of getting a confirmation, I got notified I was put on...

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