The No Plan B Manifestation Game That Works Like Magic

This weekend, my sister (who was in town visiting), Trevor (my fiancé) and I decided we wanted to go out to dinner.

For months, I’d been wanting to try this really popular, highly rated Mediterranean restaurant but could never get in because they book out months in advance.

Our hearts were set on going to this place so we decided we’d just show up and see if we could get a walk in table.

The hostess said they were fully committed for the evening and the only way we could get a table was is if we waited to see if someone didn’t show up or canceled last minute.

We put our name on the wait list and went to grab a drink.

We didn’t make a plan b.

We enjoyed our cocktails, had a fun conversation with the bartender and manifested free shots.

We kept playfully affirming “they’re going to text us that our table is ready right when we finish our drinks.”

The bartender thought we were crazy/hilarious and was like “good luck with that”.

But we never waivered.

After we finished our drinks, we started walking back to the restaurant with full faith it would work out even though we hadn’t heard anything from the restaurant in over an hour.

As we were walking, we kept saying “we’re going to walk in and the hostess is going to say - I was about to text you, your table is ready” and then we’re going to be like “of course, we already knew that”.

We walk in and I KID YOU NOT, she said “I was about to text you, your table is ready”.

Of course it was ;)

We got seated immediately and it was one of my favorite dining out experiences ever. The food, wine and music were next level. And it was even juicier knowing we manifested the table exactly as we intended.

It was seriously so much fun to experience it unfolding.

So I decided to turn it into a game for you that you can play with to manifest you desires ;)

I’m calling it the no plan b manifestation game.

Here’s how to play the no plan B manifestation game:

1. Decide what you want to manifest

Choose something that feels fun that you don’t have a lot of resistance to.

Here’s a list of “small” things to manifest to give you some ideas:

  1. parking spot

  2. table at a restaurant

  3. free or discounted drink or meal

  4. money

  5. a compliment

  6. cup of coffee

  7. unexpected discount

2. Imagine and play with exactly how you want the experience to go

What will it look like? How will you feel? What will you say when it happens? What will you do when it happens? What will you wear (if you’re going somewhere)?

3. Don’t make a plan b

I learned this from my friend Emma, who is seriously a master of the law of attraction. We wanted to go to the rooftop pool at my apartment one day but I wasn’t supposed to bring guests - there was always a lifeguard at the gate checking for proof that you lived here.

I started worrying about the “what ifs” and making back up plans. "What if she asks if you live here? What if she says no? What should we say? What should we do?”.

Emma just kept walking and said “no plan B”. I LOVED this and immediately got on board with assuming it would work out perfectly. And of course, we got right into the pool with absolutely no problems!

This step in and of itself could be an entire game that dramatically changes your life. Think about how much time and energy you’d get back if you stopped making plan B’s for things that don’t actually matter that you could easily figure out in the moment if you need to. What might this open your energy and time up for? This is the whole point of this step because what you focus on expands - so focus on what you desire.

4. Trust it’s going to work out even better than expected and HOLD the intention (with playful openness) until it does

Decide it’s already done. Go about and ENJOY your day knowing it is. This is what Richard Dotts calls the “It Is Done” technique and it works like magic!! if you want to learn more about it, I highly recommend his book, It Is Done.

Allow yourself to be playfully open to it working out better than expected. Allow yourself to get excited about what’s coming. Allow yourself to be open to the magic unfolding.

5. Appreciate and enjoy what you create!!

Appreciate how freaking amazing of a creator you are to have created whatever experience ended up unfolding. If you manifested what you wanted, celebrate it. If it didn't turn out how you expected, celebrate how beautifully the unexpected experience served you, what it taught you and the opportunity it gave you to surrender and trust that your inner being has a bigger plan for you.


The keys to this game are to:

  • Have fun - it’s JUST a game!
  • Decide it’s already done and go about your day with the knowing/excitement that it is
  • Be open to it working out better than expected

What if it doesn’t work?

Keep playing and stay open to the idea that something better is already in progress. What if it’s not over yet? What if what you want is literally already on its way and is about to happen? What if this is actually leading you to something better?


What are you going to manifest? Tell me in the comments!

Now go play! And please reach back out to let me know what happens…I can’t wait to hear ;)


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