Dissolve Your Limits and Naturally Attract More Abundance

Does it drive you NUTS when someone is FaceTiming out loud in public? This girl next to me at the coffee shop has been doing it for the last hour.

I'll come back to why I'm telling you this in a minute.

But first, let me share this story with you…

Last Thursday afternoon, Trevor asked if I wanted to go to yoga with him at 7:30 that night. My initial reaction was “No, you ask me this every week and the answer is still no.”

I’d convinced myself 7:30 wasn’t a “good” workout time for me because I’m more tired at night and it’s around dinner time so I’d probably be too hungry or too full in class.

I had a long list of excuses and every time he asked and I “had to” say no, I felt guilty and anxious. But this week, I felt a nudge to go, to push the edges of what my mind thought was right for me. 

I signed up. Trevor was SO surprised and excited.

But instead of getting a confirmation, I got notified I was put on the waitlist. This could have been my easy way out. I could have just decided not to go anyway. 

But I knew I was meant to expand this edge. I decided to play my no plan B manifestation game and show up anyway. When I got there, I walked in and told the instructor my name. She smiled and said “Awesome, you’re all checked in.”  She didn’t even mention the waitlist. 

I share this story for two reasons:

  1. It’s another fun example of my No Plan B Manifestation Game working like magic! You can read the full blog post and learn how to play here.
  2. It’s SO important to push our “edges” of what we think is good and bad, what we think is right and wrong, what we think we’re capable of, what we think is possible, etc.

Our rigid edges keep us in a box. It gives us limitations to what we are capable of.

The more comfortable we have to be, the fewer risks we are willing to take, the fewer opportunities we put ourselves in front of, the fewer people we meet, the fewer new things we will try.

Go Beyond the Edges of Your Comfort Zone

When we’re willing to go beyond the edges of our comfort zone, our opportunity and possibility zones expand. Our capacity to receive and hold more good feelings and good feeling things expands. The experiences that make us uncomfortable bring our self-imposed limitations to the surface. 

Allow Yourself to Feel the Discomfort 

The more we lean into, allow and FEEL the discomfort, the more clouds we dissolve, and the more of the sun of who you are starts shining in. Take each day as it comes and trust that you can and you will handle whatever it is life may bring.

When this happens, our good feelings and good feelings expand naturally. Doors open. Unexpected opportunities arise. Abundance shows up in the most magical ways. One day, you will look back and know exactly why things had to happen. Things fall into place at the exact moment they are meant to.

Your inner being is always perfectly designing experiences for you to dissolve the limitations and open more and more into your natural abundance and joy.

A Few Ways I’ve Been Expanding My Edges Lately

  • The 7:30 PM yoga class & a 7 PM client call. I rarely work or work out in the evening.
  • Going to the movies with Trevor for the first time EVER in our 7 years of being together. I had so much resistance to sitting still in a dark room for 3 hours.
  • Working with my first male client.
  • Going an entire month without Instagram. My Instagram got disabled a month ago. I could have easily started a new account already but instead, I’ve been intentionally surrendering to what this is here to teach me.
  • Exploring other interests/opportunities. I had an edge around only doing things that were “on brand” or “made sense” for my business. I’ve been getting back into cooking and exploring interior design opportunities purely for the sake of fun.
  • Exploring sexual edges with myself and with Trevor

Every time you feel discomfort come up, you have the chance to dissolve more of your edges and expand more into the truth of who you are.

Going back to the coffee shop story, the girl next to me at the coffee shop is FaceTiming out loud (like really loud). My mind wants to be SO annoyed and tell her to put headphones on or get up and leave. My chest feels tight and I’m so uncomfortable. But instead of running, I’m going to see what happens if I just allow the discomfort to be here and breathe through it.

I dare you to live on the edge. This is literally how you bust loose from the limits of the mind and expand into your true infinite nature. 

Want to go deeper?

If you’re ready to dissolve your limits and expand beyond the edges of what your mind thinks is possible, you can explore the ways you can work with me here.

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