4 Powerful Ways to Receive More Miracles and Abundance

podcast Dec 18, 2021

My intentions and desires have been manifesting SO fast recently. I've been in this juicy energy where I'm feeling so in flow and things around me seem to be flowing and unfolding in the most magical ways. I want to share this energy with you because it not only feels so good and is such a portal for receiving miracles and abundance!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ 4 powerful ways to receive more miracles and abundance
✧ How you can tap into this feel-good, magnetic, everything-is-working-out-for-me energy
✧ A fun ritual to open your energy to the possibility
✧ Following your hell yes even when it makes no sense
✧ The difference between limbo and leading energy
✧ Why waiting for things to happen isn't the vibe
✧ A super-easy way to notice and call in more miracles, magic, and abundance 



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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host Madison's or Diag, I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin.

Hi, and welcome back to the Magnolia podcast. This is going to be a good episode, I have been on my high flying disc, as Abraham Hicks would say, the last few few days and just in this energy where my desires, my intentions are manifesting so fast, I'm feeling so good, it feels like this, like, I don't know, like small rock that started falling down a mountain, I created this like positive avalanche of more good feelings, more abundance, more magic, more opportunities, more fun, more miracles. And it's just been really, really fun. So I want to share what this energy is with you. Because it's the same energy that I'm going to be sharing with you today that really, I've recognized as such a powerful energy and such like a pattern of energy that always opens up more miracles, more magic, more abundance for me. And it's like, it's that energy, where things around you just seem to work in your favor everyone around you, like you go to the grocery store. And they're so nice. They're asking you carry your bags, they're making amazing conversation, that you're having the best service at the restaurants, opportunities are coming, money is coming clients are coming, you find this amazing new coffee shop that you have walked by 1000 times but didn't notice until this time you find money on the ground, you see signs like things just like fall into place perfectly, you feel in flow, like things are just flowing and working, and vibing. And it's just like this energy of like, it just keeps getting better. And it's all working and it's all flowing. And it's all good. I'm exactly where I meant to be. And it's just keeps getting better and better and better. So that's really the energy I want to share with you today because it feels so good. And it's so fun. And it's like this energy compounds, it's so the more you allow yourself to go into it, the more you notice that how things are working out for you, the more things work out for you. And so I'm going to share for easy, powerful ways to attract more miracles and more abundance and just feel into this really, really feel good energy where you're in flow and feeling really magnetic and experiencing yourself as really magnetic and things around you just like following and working without you're pushing or efforting. So the first one is an abundance rampage. So the point of this, at least for me, and the energy that I recognize that super, super helpful for me and being in my most magnetic super attractor, as Gabby Bernstein would say state is this open energy of possibility. I'm open to all possibilities. I'm willing to see things differently. Show me a sign universe, inner voice, I'm willing, I'm open and willing to be guided. It's like this open, willing, present energy. I'm open to possibilities. So the other day, which was kind of the start of this energy really taking off you could say is I was on my way home from Annapolis. And it's an hour long drive, and I was really tired. And I was you know, thinking about how I didn't want to cook dinner anymore. Because that morning, I had told Trevor I'd make us pizza and I was like oh, I don't want to because pizza and I was you know thinking like, oh, well you know, Trevor had a cold so he's not going to want to go out to eat so I probably shouldn't even ask him if he wants to go and I guess I'll just have to make as pizza and I noticed myself doing that and then being like no, I should I should call him and I should I should see and I should convince him to go and I should make it happen that I was like noticed myself wanting to like push and force and like make it a thing that it didn't need to be a thing. Because I'm driving it was like I'm driving home. It's gonna work itself out if I don't want to cook pizza. I will not make pizza. We'll figure it out. So I have let it go. I decided I really want Thai food Thai food would be really good. I there was this there's this place with this like, amazing purple cocktail. That's so good. That I was thinking would be so good. And I was like okay, well, when I get home, it'll work itself out. It's all good. So I let go of thinking about dinner. I let go of needing to figure it out or know what we were gonna do and just trusted that it would all work out when I got home. And so on the car ride home, I wasn't feeling great, I was exhausted, I had to be transparent. Ben on Instagram took scrolling and checking. And I caught myself doing that. And then I felt I just felt so exhausted. And I just felt like Grumpy. Like, it doesn't feel good to scroll a bunch unconsciously on social media. So I was just feeling that and recognizing that, and allowing myself to feel that and not and let go of making myself wrong for doing that. And I decided to do this little abundance rampage and slash prayer. You can call it whatever you want out loud on my drive home to just help me shift my energy helped me let go of that energy I was clinging on to that came up through the like, unconsciously like scrolling and probably avoiding something that was underneath the surface. So I'm driving. This is like the gist of what I said. And if you want to, you can kind of receive this now as a little meditation for yourself. If you're not driving, if you're somewhere safe, and just allow yourself to feel these words, go into these words with me receive these results yourself to feel this energy while you're doing this, like why not actually do it in real time. So here it goes. It was basically like universe God inner voice helped me let go of making myself wrong for being in a mad bad mood helped me let go of how I felt today, up until now, I give myself permission to let go and feel better. Now. I hand it all over to you now in our voice. I'm open and willing to feel better. I'm open and willing to be guided, I'm open and willing to see things differently. I'm open to all possibilities. I'm open to miracles, I'm open to magic, show me signs that I'm on the right path, show me signs that all as well. And I just kept going on and on. Like that, until I started feeling myself feel better actually allowing myself to feel better allowing myself to let go of those feelings that I had been clinging on to. And so I started feeling so much lighter, so much more present. And I felt that like openness, that that sense of, of possibility, that sense of like I'm present and all as well. And I kept yawning and yawning, which is like a sign of releasing old stuck energy. It's actually something that happens a lot in my inner voice sessions with my coach and the inner voice sessions with my clients. Like it's a huge sign of, like energy releasing, so we can like feel really, really good to let that out through a yawn, which is kind of funny. And so I do this little abundance rampage. And I'm feeling that feeling of openness to possibility that I know, always precedes more magic coming, more good feelings coming. And so I pull into our apartment. And Trevor calls me he goes, Hey, do you want to get Thai food tonight? And he, you know, wanted to go to the place where they have the purple cocktail. And I was like, Of course I do. And it just it was just so fun. And it felt like it just felt so fun to have such fast external evidence of my internal shift. And it's like it's for me this energy it's like this energy collapses time like I manifest so freaking fast when I allow myself to lean into this energy and these four things that I'm sharing with you today and it's like manifestations like this happen for me all the time and it keeps getting better and it keeps happening even faster and I'm especially in the flow of these manifestations and energies and so that's the first thing is this abundance rampage this prayer with the intention like whatever you need to say to open yourself to possibility to allow yourself permission to allow and good feeling to allow yourself to believe in a miracle to allow yourself to be open to a miracle opens magic open to things working out for you. So just it's like creating an openness so that's the first one is in abundance rampage The second way is to follow your hell yes now desires so you can ask yourself what say hell yes right now and it's your brain might want to should you into doing what makes sense? And follow your hell yes anyway so let your brain do its thing let it want to make logical sense of everything and do the thing you're supposed to do or think do the thing you think you should do to get the you know specific outcome you think it's going to give you notice that allow that and choose to follow your hell yes. Anyways, even if it doesn't make sense even if it doesn't seem like it's going to add up to get you what you want or get you where you want or if it doesn't just make an it doesn't make any sense at all. To follow your hell yes. Now desires like what like what right now? feels like a hell yes. Right. So no future tripping no past tripping. Like right now what right now in this moment feels like hell yes. And allow yourself to follow that. So I have a little story about this one as well. So yesterday, I was on my way it was it yesterday or two days ago, whenever it was the other day, I was on my way to Georgetown to find a coffee shop to work at and go shopping. And I didn't know what I wanted to work on yet. But I knew I wanted coffee. And I also knew I wanted to go shopping because we're going to loom this Friday. So by time you're listening to this, we probably have already gone maybe you've seen it on Instagram. But anyways, so I knew I wanted to go shopping and look for sunglasses for to loom because all recently my sunglasses broke and you know, different things. I have a pair that are too big for my head. So I wanted to find sunglasses, and I noticed myself questioning what I should do, like, should I go shopping first? Or should I work first and I noticed my brain trying to convince me well, you should definitely work before you go shopping. Like if you go shopping, then you're just like not you might not be motivated anymore. And it's better to like, do the work before you go do the fun thing, right? Like I noticed my brain having a story. And I didn't even know. And then I was like so I was noticing my brain telling me I should work I should go do things for my business. But I didn't know what I wanted to do. There was nothing I felt inspired to do and nothing I felt called to do. And so I decided okay, what is my hell yes, right now. What is my noun desire? Well, the noun desire was for coffee. So I let that be a good enough worthy enough desire. It didn't need to be I have a desire to make a five day perfect masterclass for my business. It's like, I let my getting coffee be good enough. So I knew I wanted coffee, I let that be good enough. So I decided I'm going to go for coffee and see where that leads. So I let go of the need to have it all figured out to have this perfect plan to do the right things to do the things that I thought were going to get me the things that I wanted, I just let go of it all I decided what is the thing I want to actually do get coffee, so I went to get coffee. And as I was on my way to get coffee, I was looking for parking. And I was Voxer in one of my friends telling her yeah, like going to a coffee shop today, maybe shopping a little bit and I'm manifesting finding the perfect sunglasses because I have this pair that are too big and my other ones are broken. So I'm manifesting the perfect new ones. And I just felt really open to me finding them in the perfect, easy, unfolding way in that day. So a few seconds later, I drive by a store that had sunglasses hanging in the window. And I was like ooh, something is telling me to go in there and check it out. So I parked when in the store. Mind you. Funny thing is it's something was telling me go to coffee. But then I go to coffee. And it's I find the service sunglasses. Isn't it funny how it wasn't go find a sunglasses store to find sunglasses? It was go get coffee to get sunglasses? Does that make sense? So it's like, we have this idea of which actions are the right actions to get us to what we want. And it's like I didn't know that deciding to get coffee was going to be the thing to get me to my sunglasses, but I trusted that coffee as the hell yes now thing so I'm going to let that be the hell yes now thing and go enjoy that and then see where that where it leads. So we're led was my sunglasses. So I go into this store, I immediately find my perfect sunglasses. It was like minutes after I told my friend about this. They fit my head perfectly and I had thought to myself okay, how much feels in alignment for me to spend on these sunglasses? And I was like, I think 100 would feel good. And they were $99 So of course and I just felt so good in them. I love them. Usually sunglasses are way too big for my head these fit my head perfectly. And then I found these really amazing pair of like black velvet flare jeans that I was like, like my like Heart Skips to be interesting for him because I was so excited about them. And then I'm continuing to I flowed with my hell yes, desire and then I continued to just continue flowing with the experience. I got my sunglasses, I got my jeans, I started talking to the store owner and she loved my interview that she said was witchy and good energy and she asked for my business information again, had I been looking for the right thing to do for my business. I never would have thought it was go into this store and buy sunglasses right so it's like we get to trust that our hell yes, desires are always wrecked and always leading us where we're meant to and what we desire or something better. So then I go to get my coffee. And I find this really cute coffee shop that I probably walked by so many times. Andre never noticed until that day and it was perfect. It was amazing. I walk in, and that the my coffee with steamed oat milk was ready in like two seconds. I'm like, wow, that was fast. And the guy goes, Yeah, I was already making oat milk when you came in. And so it was worked out perfectly. I was like, wow, of course, he was already making my own milk before I even knew I was going in there. And then I'm at this coffee shop, just had this great manifestation of my sunglasses, I'm on my high flying disc, things are unfolding all around me, I'm feeling so inspired, so excited. And then it's like, boom, I have my content, I have my inspired action for my business. So I write an email about it, send out that email. And, you know, it's just like, it's like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, things just kept unfolding. It's like I received a, you know, $1,300 payment in my business, I had people reaching out to work with me, I had a bunch of people joining my membership, ritual queen I was getting, this was all in the matter of like a day or two, from kind of like all this unfolding, I was getting messages saying that ritual queen was, you know, people's favorite membership ever. And that might, I got several messages saying people love my podcast. And like, that doesn't happen all the time. And it's like, there were so many coming in. And I was getting messages from people saying they want to work with me. And it was just like, wow, it was almost like, oh my gosh, there's so much good. I don't even know how to keep up with all that. And there's so much I want to tell everyone about all this goodness, like I thought I was just so much good was happening. There's like, so much good synergy, it's so much good more and more and more more and more that was like it was almost as sensitive, couldn't keep up with it, which is really interesting. And makes me think about the book, The Big Leap where like, we all have these, like, the theory in the book is that we have this threshold or what he calls upper limit of the amount of love, abundance, happiness, joy that we are like, able to allow ourselves to receive. And when we get near that we like almost like take ourselves back down. So I noticed myself almost like Yeah, it's like feeling like I was in this avalanche of goodness. And so instead of like, really like going into the tendency of like, ooh, back off, like, this is too good to be true. It's all gonna end like what if I don't stay in this energy forever, I just said Thank you universe more, please, thank you universe more, please, I love this. This is so fun, and just let myself enjoy being in it without worrying about when it was going to end. So anyways, all these amazing things are happening. I'm like, I get I go into this. This is also in the last few days, I go into this wine store, meet this woman. I don't know why I went in this mindset was like 12 o'clock in the afternoon I didn't need or like necessarily want wine. But something told me to go into this wine store. And I headed off with that the owner of that storm like everything with hitting it off with store owners, probably because I just love business and entrepreneurs. And she wanted my information. And we talked about doing an event together and it's just like, when you follow your hell yes desires. It's just like, our opens a possibility. It's just like magic unfolds. There's so much magic all around. There's so many opportunities all around, there's so much all around. And that it's that brings me to the next well the last thing I'll save it for last because it's the most tangible one that I that you can implement today. So I kind of want to end on that one. So I'm going to leave it to there. But well, what I was gonna say is it brings me to, it's intentionally recognizing all of these things as miracles. Um, the fact that Trevor wanted to go to Thai food on the night that I wanted to go to Thai food when I told her I would make pizza when he was sick and I never thought he would have gone and it all worked out perfectly. I was literally I literally felt like this is a miracle. This is amazing. I created this, of course I am the creator. And it's like, I let that be a miracle. It's it's so often we I was talking about this to one of my clients today it's like so often we withhold our good feelings until we believe we're we're worthy of them are deserving of them. Or until we believe that our external circumstances are good enough or big enough to warrant allowing ourselves to feel good and it's like what if we can allow ourselves to see all as miracles to claim it all as miracles to claim it all as holy book I am magnetic I am like the world's greatest creator like what if we get to claim at all as that and see it all as miracles and then that compounds and creates more and more and more so I'm going to share a ritual you can do to help you like tap into that compounding energy so first thing was the abundance rampage second way is following your health yes now desires not what your brain is trying to convince you makes sense while your hell yes anyways. So the third thing is is not waiting, not sitting around in that limbo, what I call Limbo energy. There's, I go deep with all of my clients on this. And also, there's a whole module on and highly paid and sold out. Because like, this is so powerful. It's like when we're in that when we're like waiting on something outside of us to happen waiting for something to happen in order to allow ourselves to feel good, waiting for the client to pay before we invest in ourselves waiting to allow ourselves to have a we desire until, I don't know, XYZ outside of us happens or someone validates us and convinces us that we're good enough. So it's this energy of like, waiting, right? Like, I could have gone into this limbo energy when I, I didn't know what I wanted to do. In my business, right? I thought that I wanted to go to a coffee shop and work but there was nothing I knew that I wanted to work on. So it would have been easy to go into the limbo energy and be like, well, well, I also just have to wait for the inspiration to come. It's like, No, I don't wait, I lead. I am the leader. I am the creator. So you don't have to sit around waiting for something to happen. Like you don't have to sit around waiting for something exciting to happen for something for a miracle for something to manifest for something to tell you that now's the time. Like there's always a now nudge there's always a now knowing there's always a hell yes. Now thing. And so it's like you don't just sit around waiting for something to happen. Like, it's like I move in the ways I know how I do the things I feel led to do I follow the nudges that are available now. I live my life now. And it's this energy of like, I lead in the universe responds. So it's like, I'm not waiting for a response. I'm not waiting for more clarity than I have. Now. I'm not waiting for more knowledge than I have. Now. I'm not waiting for a different external circumstance that I have now. It's like, what I want I expected I look out for it. So you're not waiting, like Oh, I'm like waiting to like that feeling of like, Oh, I'm waiting design my next client. Like I hope they just like pop out of the sky. Like hopefully they come. That's like waiting Limbo energy. Leading energy is like, what do I feel led to do now? And what do I know to do now? And it's like, I do those things I, I do the things I feel out to do. I follow the now and I just I live my life, I move I do the things and then it's like, and it's like I just I just do the things I know to do and feel loved to do. And then I don't question if those were the right things or not. And then I move on, and I do the next thing. And while I'm doing that, I expect miracles, I expect magic, I expect what I want, I noticed the small miracles, I noticed the big ones I noticing, shifting and rearranging and my favorite and give moment and those things that I make it like I choose to see oh, it's it's working. Its magic. I am so magnetic. And I celebrate those things. And I honor those things. And I acknowledge those things. And then I go on knowing I'm more inspired actions and more magic are coming. So notice when you go into that Limbo energy and ask yourself, like what would it feel like to lead right now? What's the now knowing what's the now nudge? What's the now pull? And trust that that's correct. That's enough. That's the quote, right thing to do. So it's also, you know, it's like, we get to decide. It's like a lot. Oftentimes we wait, because we're waiting on the our external circumstances, or we're waiting until we have this like perfect inspired action. And it's like, who decided, it's like, who are we to judge which actions create what we want or not create? Oh, well, what if we just decide that whatever I feel called to do now is the thing to do now. And I do it now. And it's fun now. And I trust that that's the correct thing. And it's all working, and it's all unfolding, and it's all adding up and it's all working in my favor. And it's all getting better and better and better and better.

So that's the third thing is to notice, notice that sense of needing to wait for things outside of you and allow yourself to lead to do the things you know, to do to do the things you feel like to do, and to believe and to trust and to know that it's all enough. It's all working. It's all adding up in your favor. Okie dokie on to the fourth thing, the fourth way. So this one is really, really fun. And it's something that you can implement right now. And this is actually such a beautiful time to do it at the end of the year. So this episode, you're probably listening to a mentally December so my challenge for you would be for the rest of the month or if you're listening to this, you know later. Give yourself a week or two weeks however long it feels good for you to commit to this practice and start an abundance tracker, a miracle tracker, whatever the hell you want to call it in your phone or wherever it is somewhere that you can easily add to without it being like an annoying No hassle. So you start this abundance tracker. And all of these small miracles, big miracles, wins, aha, epiphanies, Moments of Awareness, moments of feeling good, you you note them all, you honor them all, you celebrate them all. Because it's like, the more we allow ourselves to see and recognize the abundance, the opportunities, the magic, the miracles that are all around us, the more we see, the more we see, the more we acknowledge, the more we see, the more we are open, the more we see. And it's like, so it's so fun. Like you'll you will notice when you start doing this, do it for like I would say like a week or two is just a fun way to start. And this is something that I don't do it 24/7 Every day all the time, because it can become a chore. So what I'll do is I'll do it for a week or two, and then I won't do it. And then I'll do it for a week or two, and then I won't do it. And I always notice when I do do it, I do this abundance tracker, it's like, was the abundance always there. And I'm just noticing so much more of it, or because I'm noticing so much more, but there's so much more of it, right? I think it's some of both. And so it's so so so, so, so powerful to attract more miracles, more abundance, more magic into your life. And it's fun, and it feels good to claim your miracles to see things as close to recognize things as miracle. So I'm going to pull mine up and like just let you know some things that I put on it to kind of like, I don't know, Spark here, spark your ideas and help you to help you see and recognize those things for yourself. Because oftentimes our brain wants to dismiss things as Oh, that's that was a coincidence. Like, that wasn't anything and it's like this is like making claims do that every that it's all a miracle. So some random things I had someone reach out wanting to work with me. Two people joined ritual queen, Someone clicked the link in my bio from my Instagram post. The you know, these are from like, I'm going back a few weeks. So these are like just some random ones. I'm like pulling out to share with you the middle seat on the airplane was opened next to me, my coat from a ritzy I was $50 off the nail salon person that I went to was way better than the one I had previously been going to. And it took half as half as long. I caught free parking one day, I thought 15% of these Instagram presets that I bought, I had Kim Manami come on the podcast, I you know, there's just so many things, I'm like, Oh, this list is like so long, I'm not going to share all of them. But it's just, it's it's anything, it's fun things it's even, you know, like I would put all those things, all the you know, different stories I shared with you today, it's like all all of that would have been, you know, could be on the abundance tracker. So let's play with that. Have fun with that, like, let yourself notice the miracles, the abundance magic that are already all around you. And notice how much more and more and more and more and more you create and see and attract by recognizing what's recognizing them and celebrating them and honoring them. So I hope this episode was helpful. It was really really fun for me to record and it's just, it's such a fun, it's such a fun energy to be in. So that is all hope you have an amazing rest of your day. And if you if you listen to this and you are like this is how I want to live this is the the magnetic energy that I want to live in that I want to embody and you're ready to quantum leap from your current reality to the one where you feel you you are this magnetic version of you the most true authentic version of you who that is inherently magnetic where things are just working out for you. Your desires are manifesting faster and with more ease than ever before. My private coaching is open. So if that's speaking to you if it's a hell bugging yes for you right now, to work with me. Reach out and let's get the magic started. So you can reach out to me over Instagram at Madison dot Arnhold AR N H O LT or you can email me at hello at magnetically you.com And I also believe there's a link in the show notes if for some reason you want to talk more about it. You can book a free consult call with me or we can chat it out and make sure that it's the right fit for you. But thank you so much. If you enjoyed this episode, I would absolutely love if you would screenshot it, share it on Instagram, tag me share the share the magic spread the magic spread the miracles and I will absolutely be that off my budget Stryker if you do that, as well

as if you feel called to in your heart to leave a review today that would mean the world to me. So you can do that on iTunes. But that is all for today. I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetical your podcast if this episode serve, do I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you? Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would have been the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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