Private Meditation Sessions

This powerful guided meditation session will help you quiet the mind, feel stress/tension melt away and slip peacefully into a deep state of relaxation.


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Does taking time to focus on relaxation and self-care often take a back seat?

Do you feel overwhelmed and have a hard time turning off the mental chatter and stress?

Do you feel like you need to reset so you can come back to your life and work feeling more present, clear and relaxed?

Clients say they leave feeling so much more more relaxed, present, and grounded.

“Everything was beyond my expectations.”

“I was significantly more relaxed/calm by the end of it.”

Madison has led guided meditations for 300+ individuals and teams including Facebook/Meta, LinkedIn and Agile Lean International.

Each session include:

  • Introductions & a brief overview of the session
  • Guided Healing Energy Meditation (~20 minutes)
  • Space for reflection/questions 

For corporate meditation classes, click here.

For private groups or events like a bachelorette party, email [email protected].




I loved the guided meditation! I was so incredibly relaxed afterwards. I enjoy Madison's guided meditations so much that I book them a couple of times a month! She has a lovely, calming voice and does a wonderful job personalizing the meditations to whatever you're going through. I always look forward to them and leave feeling amazing.



Really great experience! Overall the experience was definitely personalized and thoughtful, and would 10/10 do it again!



This was such a great, valuable experience! I would definitely do it again and recommend to anyone who is considering.”.



This meditation experience with Madison was truly wonderful! She made it easy to focus on my breath and drop down from my brain into my body. Highly recommend doing this to connect with yourself and gain a sense of peace and contentment.



Madison was very inviting and allowed me to set the intentions for our meditation. She did an excellent job getting me relax and really focus on clearing my mind. During the session, she lead me down a deep road with the Universe and it felt amazing. I shed tears it felt so real! Meditating with another person is powerful. I was more connected to myself after we finished. I would definitely sign up to meditate with her again. It would be fun to try different intentions!



Thank you Madison for such a great experience. This was a perfect reset for my day, and a great opportunity to connect with beautiful people around the world. I will definitely schedule again soon!


Madison's Energy Balancing Guided Meditation was such a relaxing experience. Madison has a very calming voice and I felt I could let go and relax into the meditation with ease. I really enjoyed the visualization she included in the meditation and felt I could connect with the visualisation to clear and release tension in my body. It was the perfect start to my week and I felt relaxed for the next couple of days.



Madison was amazing! I needed to recollect myself and my thoughts; she created the best environment and guided me to exactly where I needed to be. I feel so much better and will likely feel this good for a few more days.



Had a pleasant experience being on a guided meditation with Madison! I felt a lot lighter after our session. It’s value for $ & I recommend giving it a shot if you want to experience a quality guided meditation!



Madison was really accommodating and asked thoughtful questions to better customize the mediation experience. Her voice is also really well suited for meditation guidance. Very calming.

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I had the pleasure of a guided meditation with Madison early on a Monday morning. Given I’d woken up at 3a with my mind running sprint pace anticipating the week ahead, the mediation was well timed. Madison took me through a body scan, visualization and deep breathing that, much to my surprise, released my angst and my worried/fast paced thoughts. They were superseded with slower, positive and calm thoughts that I’ve carried with me through the day. Wonderful experience!



Madison helped me to develop a passion for meditation. Her classe was truly fantastic. I would strongly recommend joining this amazing wellbeing platform. I feel wonderful. That has definitely opened a new chapter in my life. I’m definitely coming back!!!



Madison was amazing! I used her during my work lunch during a stressful week. I told her my goals of the session and she was able to customize the experience to me. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed so I was able to get the most out of it. Would definitely book again!



Madison is incredibly talented. She made me feel super safe and the meditation was both powerful and soothing. I left feeling super grounded, relaxed and more in my body!



Madison is a gracious guide to this journey. She exudes calmness and is quite friendly. Will likely do this again.



What an amazing guided meditation! I felt open and calm after the experience. I highly recommend booking Madison!



Madison was a great guide to relaxation and quiet time during the busy work day. Looking forward to more.



If your intuition feels called to book a session or package, I'm excited to work with you.

Choose the option below that feels most aligning for you.


Single 1:1 Session $88
4 1:1 Session Package $333