Manifest what you want faster by loving what is

podcast Sep 20, 2021

Often times, we're afraid to love what is because it feels like that means we'll stay stuck there. But the exact opposite is true. When you can truly allow and love what is, what you want unfolds SO much faster.


In this episode, I'm sharing the crazy story of how we manifested moving somewhere with more nature and our dream apartment. We didn't expect how it unfolded AT ALL but it was so much better than we could have ever planned or predicted.


This story will remind you that things are ALWAYS working out in your favor and that in the meantime, it's safe to love what is. The more you love what is, the more you'll love what's coming.




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Full Episode Transcript:

 Hello, and welcome to the magnetical you podcast. I'm your host, Madison cert, I am a mindset energy coach here to help you feel your freaking best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and Happy Thursday or Friday Eve, I should say I think it's Thursday. I'm like, I don't even know what day it is. But I hope you're having an amazing day. I'm having a really good day. And I was going to record this as a podcast episode. But then I wanted to come on here and talk about this live. So I'm going to talk about manifesting what you want faster by loving what is so this is so huge when you can love what is things seem to unfold a lot faster. Because when you're loving, what is you're not fighting like is when we're fighting. What is it like we're trying to swim up a river upstream. Or it's like the river is like rushing and trying to take us this way. And we're like holding clinging on to a rock like no. So it's like allowing ourselves to go with the flow of the river, the flow of our life's guiding us the flow of where we are right now. Rather than fighting it so hard and feeling like we're swimming upstream. It's really just like a letting go. And allowing things to unfold and choosing to love them love things as they are. So I want to tell this through kind of like explain this concept through the story of how we ended up moving from Dallas and manifesting a bunch of travel and then moving somewhere, we had no idea we'd end up moving but it all, it all worked out better than expected. And that's really the whole point of this is one it's all working out always better than we could have expected and to by loving what is in the process of better coming. We allow it to unfold faster. We collapse time faster. So in September last year, so yeah, Trevor and I got engaged a year ago yesterday. So from yesterday, a year ago, so September 8 2020, we got engaged, and we were in the car, on our way from Moab to Salt Lake to kind of like leave our engagement trip and to fly out of the airport back to Dallas, where we lived at the time. And we were, of course naturally started talking about life and our plans for the future. And what we wanted and you know, like Do we want kids to do we want a house and like all the typical things that you associate with marriage. So we just started talking about all the topics and where we want to live and all the things and I had been telling Trevor for probably over a year, like I brought you to leave Dallas, like let's get the fuck out of Dallas. There's no nature here. We need to get the hell out of here. Like this is not this is not working for me. And so he wanted to live in more nature too. But he felt like he's like I'm not ready to go yet. Like there's more for me to experience in my career here. Like, it's not time. It's not time. It's not time like he he wanted more nature but at the same time he knew it wasn't the Alliance time. And I was putting so much pressure on like, gotta go now. Gotta go now. Gotta go now. gotta leave Dallas now. Got to go live where we want now. Like, this isn't good enough now and you need better now. spiting what was right. And so we had this conversation on the car ride and I was again going on like, what are we gonna leave Dallas, can we leave here? Please, please, please. Like, we need to leave what we we need to leave? Like, why would we not like I don't understand, like, why would we live somewhere we don't want to live like it doesn't make any sense to me just like really getting frustrated and putting a lot of pressure on him. And he was like, Alright, listen here. All this pressure you're putting on me is really not making me feel good. And it's really not helping the situation. So since like, I really don't want to move right now. Can we agree that like right now, like right now is not the moment that we're moving? If it was we've know, right? Like we'll know when we know when we know it will be clear, it will unfold it will happen as it's meant to. So since that time hasn't come yet. Can we stop putting pressure around it? Can we let go of needing to make it happen? Can we let go of trying to figure out when can we just trust in the process? He was like can you trust me? Can you trust in the process? Can you stop pressuring me? Can we just let it unfold? And so I was like, okay, okay. Hi, Tim. So he was asking me Can we just allow it to unfold? I was like, Okay, I am no longer gonna pressure you about we have
to leave Dallas and we have to move somewhere with more nature because why would we live anywhere without nature, because that's our favorite thing in the world, like so much pressure swimming upstream, about this whole thing. And so, in that car ride, we made a pact because we were both like, Okay, this is not working for us, for me to be putting so much pressure on, we have to leave Dallas and for him to feel like, oh, like, You're making me feel so bad because like, I'm not ready to leave yet. But like, You're making me feel like you're gonna resent me for not leaving. And it just wasn't good vibe. So we were like, what are we What do we do? So we came to this agreement, and we decided, Okay, we will know when it's time to go, it will be clear, it will unfold as it's meant to it will, it will be aligned, we don't need to worry about it now. So for now, we're going to love Dallas, because we were always talking about like, constantly, at least like once a week, like oh, like there's no need. You're here like, man, I just like talking shit about where we lived, instead of appreciating what we had there. So we decided we made a pact, in that car ride, leaving our engagement trip a year ago, we're going to love Dallas, we're not going to talk shit about Dallas anymore, like those conversations are done. We're not even going to talk about moving and when we're moving and where we want to go. And what's wrong with Dallas. Like we're only going to talk about how much we love Dallas, and we're going to love it. And we are going to live every day like there is nowhere else but Dallas, we would rather be. And so we did. And of course over the next few months, things unfolded and was better than we could have ever expected. So I'm going to look at my notes to make sure I'm covering all the pieces of the story that I wanted to say. Yeah, so in that car ride, I actually wrote a note in my phone that I pulled up yesterday. And it said, after this conversation was had said I am a teammate in love with my life as it is open to change things that need to be changed. But at the same time, I know happiness can only be found in the president, where I am today. committed to making all decisions together based on what's best for the team. Not I want versus you want. And so these are the commitments with with each other with ourselves with mice that I made with myself the agreements I made with the universe that we're a team now. It's not I want versus you want. We're a team now. So we're going to make decisions based on the team. And I'm going to be open to changing things and allowing things to unfold. But not at the expense of me loving and enjoying now like it's not like, oh, I'll be happier when we have more nature. Like, yeah, we love nature. And that's our favorite thing ever. But it's like, if I'm disallowing my happiness now until I get to nature, then that's my own issue. It has nothing to do with where we live. It has everything to do with me allowing myself to feel what I want to feel. Now, we don't have to wait for the thing outside of us in order to give ourselves permission to love right now. Because here's the thing, it's like, we're not giving ourselves permission to love what is because somehow we think that'll keep us stuck there. But actually, it's the fastest thing that propels us into what we're meant to next, when we loosen our grip on trying to fix it and change it and get rid of it. So
in December, my inner I had my first inner voice session, and my inner voice told me that I would quit my corporate job in February and that we would move in February and I'm like, Okay, yeah, whatever. Whatever you say, I'm like, What is this inner voice stuff? Like, I don't know about this, right? And lo and behold, I quit my corporate job. February 5 things aligned. My business had been growing. I had been growing so deeply in my self belief that I was like, Yes, I'm ready. And it aligned so perfectly with the timing of Trevor getting a offered for a promotion to move to DC. And the thing was how it all unfolded long story short, is that Oh, hi, Jess. It Oh, I love it. I love that. It's like we're all we're all friends here. Okay. Anyway, as well as listening to my inner voice. Yeah, said I would quit my corporate job February that we move in February. So we got Trevor got an offer for a promotion. And do you see we're both like, do you see like politics and big city? Like, busy everywhere, and like politics and politics, and power trips? And like, No, I don't, I don't want to live there like the North like, Oh, I'm not going to the north, right. So we both were just like, lots not well, we would have picked but I was like, but I had I knew I'm like my inner voice. It also told me like when the DC thing came up, it's like trust the process. Like it will be expensive for you if you move there and it doesn't really matter where you go because your happiness doesn't depend on where you live and it will actually be really expensive for you guys if you go there. So I trusted that and I was like, okay, like I don't really want to go there. But I am going to be completely open to it and see what can happen. So things ended up working out even better to where Trevor was able to leave Dallas, but his company didn't need him to move to the DC area until several months later. So we decided both, and it all perfectly aligned with the time that our lease ended. Like, how, how do you make this stuff up? Right? Like it all worked out better than expected, it always does. So, we, I'm like, losing my train of thought. I feel like that's always a good thing, though. Cuz I'm like, well, it's the best thing ever, when you lose your train of thought, and you just have an empty mind, right? It's the best. So anyways, we traveled for a few months, and things worked out our lease ended, we put all our stuff in storage, we packed up our suitcases, and we just decided to travel with like, No idea of exactly when we were going to need to move to DC because of COVID, Trevor was able to work from home. So there was no need to get to the city right away, because it's not like he was going to have to go in the office. So we got to travel. So it was the first part that unfolded really beautifully. And we went to Arizona and Miami, all these amazing places. And actually to rewind a little bit in January. Before we before we had both agreed to like for him to accept this promotion. We went to DC in January to like check it out. We're like, let's just like feel out the vibe. Let's see if we like it. And so we both hate the cold. So we go and it's like, it's snowing. There's a snowstorm, it's fucking freezing. And I'm just like, whatever, like, it's gonna work out my friend. My best friend, Jacqueline lives in Philly. So they were able to come hang out with us. And I like up until that time, I hadn't gotten to see her in person a lot. So it's really fun to get to see them. So I was like, I was kind of excited to see like, all my best friends like love North Carolina, New York, Philly, like, all my best friends were like, really close. So I'm like, at least I have thought like, that's gonna be great. So it's cold, and it's wintery. And I'm just like, whatever. Like, if this is where we're meant to be. This is where we're meant to be. Trevor was like, fuck this, like he grew up in Illinois. So he's like, I am not going back to winter like, no, so he was just like, totally resistant to I thought he was gonna want to turn down the job, because of how much he was like, no, no. And we had like, looked at all these apartments and neighborhoods, and we are just like, Ooh, this is like, none of this is our vibe. None of this is what we want. Like, should we really move here? Like, is this in alignment? I don't know. Right? So there's a lot of resistance, a lot of like, uncertainty and a lot of like, like, do we even want that? So we go traveling, we ended up I don't remember when it was that we decided, like we decided I think it was in February when we decided like, okay, like, we'll go there will. And if we hate it, we'll find a way out. Like it's fine. If we hate it, we'll we can leave, nothing's permanent.
And I just felt really open to my inner voice that told me to like, trust it like you, if you guys are meant to go to DC, it's going to unfold how it's meant to it's going to be really expensive for you guys. So I was like, okay, it's gonna be expensive, like, we're just gonna go for a few months. And then we'll like, we'll just go do what we're supposed to do there. And then what like, get out and go where we actually want to go. So we traveled for a few months. And then again, in May, we went came back to DC to look apartments and stuff so that we could, you know, sign a lease. And we were wrapped wanting to wrap up our traveling and living out of suitcases and all that good stuff. So we came back to DC. Again, we looked at all these neighborhoods, all these apartments like 20. By this point, we had looked at like 25 places. I'm just like, I don't like any of these. And like there's also like, it's like it's not at all what I want. And it's more than we wanted to spend. So it's like I don't even want this. I wouldn't even want it for free. And then I had to pay like way more than we wanted to pay. This is not the vibe. So we were just like, so discouraged. It was the day we were supposed to be flying home, or flying back to wherever we were at the time. I think it was Miami. And we were just like, oh like oh my god, where are we going to live? We don't like any of this. I'm just like, baby, and we just kept feeling Oh my god, maybe we're not meant to come here. Like why is this just not working out? We don't want it it's not working now. It snowed last time we didn't like anything that we don't like anything this time. No departments are available better but we don't like this neighborhood. And so we got a call from this town home. We are supposed to tour and they told us the townhome is no longer available. Someone already took it and this was our last day This was our last place Where's with Scott I'm just like, Well fuck. However, then we had a couple hours before we had to fly out to do whatever so gets on the computer and he starts researching and he finds this apartment and on the Virginia side of things, and it was he was like, oh, what about this apartment? I was like, Oh, well, yeah, I already looked at that one. But like they, the three bedrooms just said three bedrooms becoming available soon. Like, when? When, when is that? Like, are they building them? Like, when are they becoming available because we wanted to have space so I could have an office. So he's like on the website, and he happens to just hit refresh. And he scrolls down.
There's like the best story ever. He scrolls down. And it goes from saying, coming soon to available July 31. We're wild like what the fuck? The second he had refresh. He was on the website. When it went on the market. Like the second that his apartment went on the market. He was on the website, all because we were there at the right time. The Right Place the other sorry, this filter keeps messing up. The other tour like canceled, right like it just all like, we never could have predicted it that way. Right? So we're like, oh, my god. This seems like it's meant to be like, let's go that we couldn't get ahold of them. They didn't have any appointments available on the web. So we were like, let's just get in the car and get there right when they open and hope that they allow us to door. So I have this feeling that we need to like Hurry up. So Trevor's like in the shower. We're like getting ready about to go try to get into this apartment. I'm like, Trevor, hurry up, hurry. We need to go. Because we need to get there right when they open or else we're not going to get in. And he was like, Okay, okay, so we go we get there and she was like, literally, I don't know what the hell is happening. But you guys are the like, we just put this apartment on the market. 20 minutes ago, we were like, yeah, we know. We were on the website. She was like, Oh my gosh, she's like okay, I five minutes to give you a tour. You can't see the three bedroom but you can see a two bedroom it's similar. We have five minutes because our their tours are starting for the day, like literally five minutes. So trusting that intuition of like, gotta hurry up shower, get out of the shower, literally was a game changer. So we toured the two bedroom. It's great. Has the pool, a rooftop pool view, our three bedroom would have used if the water it's fucking huge. It's literally 1600 square feet. Our last apartment was 1100 square feet. two bedrooms is one three bedrooms, 1600 square feet. So for apartments like huge and the price we got it for was like literally like unheard of unheard of, in this area for this amount of space and the walk views of the water and the rooftop pool and like all the amenities we wanted the gym like all of the things really safe neighborhood, walkable neighborhood, like all the things. So we sign we applied for the apartment. And we got it. And so that was in May. So we weren't going to move until July 31. So we were still traveling. We were in Miami and then we went to my parents house and a week before we were supposed to move. Trevor was like maybe we maybe we don't go like he was so resistant. I'm like, What? I'm like, Why are you so resistant to moving here like our lease starts in a week. Like you want to pull the plug now like what the fuck and I was like, ready, I was ready to have a home I was ready to be granted and I was done with the Nomad life for them.
And I was like Virgo going I'm sorry, but we're going we're meant to go. If we hate it, we'll leave if we hate it, we can fucking leave in a month, we can cancel it or we can leave in a month like nothing's permanent. No one's gonna force us to stay there but ourselves like, We're going I feel like we're meant to go we're going we're literally moving in a week. So he was like trying to pull the blog literally a week before we came here. Like maybe we just keep traveling like I don't know, like this like, like that. We're going going going just trust to trust the trust the process. So we come we walk. I walk in the apartment. Trevor was like parking the car something to like look at it for the first time because we hadn't seen it and like my jaw literally dropped. Because it is so big. So stunning. There's like it's a corner unit. So there's like views of the water all around. There's views of the water, like right out of my office right now. It's like, literally insane and so big. I have my own office. It's like the best thing ever. It's walkable to restaurants, bars. We can. There's hikes like 10 minutes away. 30 minutes away it really epic hikes like an hour and a half two hours away. And like our favorite things ever are like hiking and adventuring and there's like endless opportunities to hike and adventure and yeah, we had no fucking clue that we were going to move to Virginia, or the DC area. We didn't want to. We resisted it but we followed what life was unfolding and guiding us to anyways, we fucking love it. We love it so much with We thought, okay, we'll just like, go for a year or two, and then we'll, we'll get out. We'll just go on a little adventure. And then we're going to go where we really want to go. Now we're both kind of like, oh, like, I can actually see myself like staying here and wanting to buy a house here. And like, yeah, it just has everything, literally everything we wanted, nature, water views, a bathtub, and extra room for my office, like lots of windows, lots of natural light, lots of space, safety, good location, close to hiking, adventure, and close to grocery shops, like everything we wanted. It has and like so much more. It's literally way better than we ever could have expected. Like, we never would have chosen. Our minds never would have chosen Virginia home like I actually was born in Virginia, which is really funny. It's like, full circle and my Saturn return. And I'm also like, back in a place close to where I was born, which I find quite interesting. But that's, that's a whole topic for another time. So we love it. It's like, Oh my god, it's so amazing. And I'm trying to see what else I want to say about this story from my notes to make sure I didn't miss anything. Yeah, so it's just not what we expected at all. We like love it. It's so much better than we could have predicted. And Trevor said, this weekend, we had like, the most fun day we drove up to Shenandoah and went hiking and like went swimming in these watering holes. And it was just like, like everything we wanted, like all like we wanted so badly like, Oh my God want to be so awesome when we can like, just get in the car and like go for a hike on the weekend. Now we have that I like yeah, I feel like I could cry feels so good. I feel so good. It's like we got all that we wanted and more. And like, we want like the universe heard us loud and fucking clear that we want nature. We want this, we want that we want that. And it delivered in a way better than our minds like even knew to think about or imagine. And it's like, it's, it's always working out that way. And so Trevor said this weekend, like we're finally living our dream life. And I'm like, I know, isn't it funny?
How a year ago, we're all stressed out Look, where are we going? What are we gonna do? Just what are we gonna have nature? What are we gonna have it. And then we let go, we decided to love where we were, we decided to love the fuck out of Dallas and live every day like it was the best day ever. And then, of course, that allowed things to speed up at least I believe that by loving what was and letting go of the resistance, letting go of the rush out. It allowed things to as they were meant to to unfold faster. And I was listening to the perfectionism project. I think that's what it's called podcast with Sam, Laura brown one time and she said at the end of a yoga class, one of her yoga instructors said this. And it is like, the most powerful way to sum up what this live is about. So the yoga instructor said, in Shavasana, at the end of yoga, you just lay down in complete stillness, you just lay there, which some people, you know, have a hard time with laying still I used to. And so the yoga instructor said, if you feel like you need to get up and leave, then you should stay. But if you feel like you could stay, then you're ready to leave. Like what Yes, like that is so profound. Oh my gosh, I keep changing this filter. Every time my phone light goes dark. For some reason, I got to figure out how to keep it on all the time. Anyways, if you're ready, if you feel like you're ready to leave, if you feel like you could stay, then you're ready to leave. If you feel like you need to leave, then you need to stay. And that's exactly how it unfolded with Dallas. It's like we weren't ready to leave when we felt like we needed to leave. We weren't ready. But as soon as we felt like we could stay. We were ready to live. It's funny how that works out. It's no surprise that the exact same kind of unfolding happened with my corporate job as well. It's like the few months leading up to me quitting my corporate job I was really focused on like, there's no more complaining about this, there's no more bitching about this, if I'm not willing or ready to quit yet, then I'm going to choose to love it. I'm going to love it. I'm going to love it. I'm going to love I loved every day, I looked every single day for reasons to love it. And as soon as I felt like I could stay, I got to that place where I had made peace with it, accept it and loved it instead of hated my way out. I loved my way out and happened a lot faster and a lot smoother and a lot easier and quicker. So the moral of the story is that one, things are always working out in your favor, that will always work out better than you could have expected. Number two, your current reality is already in the process of shifting into something better. It's already unfolding. It's already shifting into something better it always is, the better it gets, the better it gets. So while it's shifting into something better. Who do you want to be now? How do you want to feel about your life now? What do you want to do now? Do you want to hate your way to better or love your way to better it's your choice if it Always is getting better than why not love the now better. And then we get to have the next better in the next better and the next better, and only gets to get better. And we get to love what is in the meantime. So that is all. Thank you so much for being here and listening to this. If you're watching live, feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or any anything you want to share in the comments. If you're watching the replay, same thing, let me know in the comments how you're feeling about this. And yeah, if you've had any similar experiences where once you decided to accept and love what is it's like what you wanted and unfolded a lot faster, and in a lot better ways than you could have expected. And it's really about like, surrendering to the flow of life, right? Like there's, there's this flow this stream that's always guiding us to wherever meant to be and it's when we fight that stream, that it feels like we're stuck that it feels like struggle that it feels like force that it feels like push. But if we can let go and allow those poles that guidance, the flow to take us they will always lead us where we're meant to be and better so much better than our minds could have even imagined. So I want to share the current ways to work with me right now in case that is something that you're interested in. So the first thing is I have private coaching spots available. This is for you. If you're a woman who wants to create a life of freedom and live from a place of your desires and your intuition really create the life that you love. And you know, you're meant to have using your intuition using your desires, like fuck the rules, fuck the conditioning, fuck out, things are supposed to be like you get to create a reality better than your mind ever fucking thought possible. So if that speaks to you, I have a few spaces open right now. So if you're interested in the private coaching with me, send me a DM. The second thing is I have a brand new offer,
which I'm so excited. Oh my gosh. I like Gary Winstead that excited about it. So this idea came to me the other day, and I just shared about it yesterday for the first time on my story. So I'm going to be offering a VIP days in person with me. So if you want to come to Virginia and hang out, we can do the nature things, the fun things, and it will be a whole day of healing transformation, coaching, integration, we'll be doing an inner voice session together, we'll be doing mindset coaching, we'll be doing subconscious, NLP techniques and tools together like a full day of deep deep transformation and is like gonna be so fun. And so transformational. So I'm opening up two spots for the month of September. And we can kind of like work it out together, when when like, we can pick a date together is what I'm trying to say. So if that speaks to you, also send me a DM. And then the last thing I'm also really excited about. So I'm changing things with ritual Queen, a little bit ritual queen is my membership. It's like an on demand library of energy healing rituals, so like meditation visualizations of gnosis, that kind of thing, just like a library of them. And I've been kind of like adding one a month or adding new rituals here and there sometimes doing them live sometimes during the pre recorded and what I've decided I'm going to do is every other Wednesday, probably starting next week, or the following week, I'm going to start leading live rituals for the members in ritual queen. So every other Wednesday, we'll meet live as a group do the ritual together in the live energy, and then the recording will go into the platform. So it's only $11.11 a month or 111 for the year. So it's like an insane, insane, insane price for what you're getting. And now you're also going to be getting the live rituals. So if that speaks to you, you can do a free seven day trial and magnetically slash virtual Queen and you'll automatically get access to all their tools and all the things so that is all I hope you have an amazing rest of the day. DM me if you have any questions or are interested in any of these offers, and I will talk to you guys soon. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me magnetically you make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode.

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