surrendering to the flow of life

podcast Aug 31, 2021

⁠This episode is a magical story of what happens when you surrender to the flow of life.

I started our hike yesterday with a lot of resistance: "It’s hot. There’s too many bugs. I didn’t eat enough food for a 7 mile hike. My body is tired."

I kept going though. I surrendered to what this experience wanted to bring me through.

I brought my awareness into my body, focused on exhaling and let my legs take over.

With every step, more mental chatter melted away.

By time we got to the top, it was gone. I was in total flow. Total relaxation. Total surrender.

The uphill wasn’t actually a battle like my mind thought. It was my portal to the depth of peace and freedom within me.

I had to go within.

And in the space left behind the mental chatter, was complete peace, presence and clarity.

Sometimes the uphill part is the greatest portal to this deep peace and presence.

This episode is all about trusting where the flow is guiding you because it's ALWAYS guiding you to more abundance, peace, ease and joy if you allow it to.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ The intense journey I've been on the last few months that required me to surrender deeper than I ever have  
✧ What it really means to surrender to the flow of life and the magic that unfolds when you do  
✧ What happened when I surrendered to the flow of life for an entire day  
✧ Why there is never a need to fight/battle life  
✧ How to loosen your grip on how things "should" be  
✧ How to do your own surrender experiment  


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Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the magnetically you podcast. I'm your host Madison Surdyke, I'm a mindset energy coach, here to help you feel your freakin best and manifest a life full of magic miracles and abundance. I know that whatever led you here did not happen by coincidence. So I am so excited and grateful to have you here. So let's let the magic begin. Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you podcast, this episode is going to be all about surrendering to the flow of life. And I'm really happy to be sitting in my new office right now overlooking the water and such by but that wasn't the point. I'm just happy to be here recording this episode, it feels like it's been a while since I've sat down to record a solo episode specifically for the podcast, a lot of episodes. If you're you've been listening, our Instagram lives that I put on the podcast and interviews with other people and episodes that I've recorded a while ago. But this one is going to be one I record kind of in real time and through be live in the next couple of weeks. Today's August 23. So I think this episode will be early September. But anyways, I am happy to be recording this and just sharing something that's been really coming up for me lately and that I feel like I've just continued to deepen and deepen and deepen on another level, which is surrender. And it's a different type of surrender, I think than most people talk about, I think there's a lot of talk in the manifestation world that you have to surrender, and you have to detach in order to manifest. And that's not true surrender. Because if you're surrendering in order to get something, then are you actually even surrendering. And it's like we don't have to surrender to manifest we can receive, no matter what we get, we get to surrender because it feels good. And because we desire to surrender, and because we desire to feel in flow, we desire to feel with ease. And that we get to have that just because we get to have that it's not a requirement in order to receive. So those are my thoughts on that. And this is kind of fun, because I didn't plan this intentionally. But somehow it unfolded this way. Thank you surrendering to the flow of life. It unfolded this way where the last several episodes have really all been about surrender without me intentionally doing like, it's this surrender series. So it kind of all started, combination of these surrender events started when I recorded a podcast episode with Liz Roberta, she has the spiritual success podcast, and we actually republished it, it should be two episodes ago. So Episode 92, we re published it on my podcast. So I would definitely recommend going back and listening to Episode 92. It's gonna be a great like, compliment this episode. But I channeled some really powerful messages about surrender in that episode. And it just started like opening, opening the door to me, expanding my surrender and deepening in my surrender. And they unfolded where I also started reading the book, the surrender experiment, which I highly, highly, highly recommend. Basically, this episode is my own little mini version, a day in the life of a surrender experiment, if you will. And the book the surrender experiment is about Michael singers whole life and how he surrender to the flow of life and how that like unfolded for him. And I'm going to share how the how it unfolded for me yesterday, like really, really tapping into this energy and how like the day was just so incredibly perfect. I never could have like planned or predicted or like control that to be that way myself. And like that's really the power of surrendering to the flow of life is like when we truly allow ourselves to do that it things will always unfold better than we could have ever expected. Like in nature, nature is always flowing and moving towards abundance, joy, health, peace, strength, joy, growth, expansion, abundance, always. And we're part of that flow. We are that flow. It's just when we think we're not we think we're separate from it. We start to like swim upstream and like battle and like fight life and in return. That's what we experienced when all along. We're just part of this like effortless flow that literally can't help but move towards abundance and growth and expansion like that is where the flow of life is moving. And if we allow ourselves to move with it, that's where we will move. It is inevitable. We can't not. So while I sort of recorded that episode, probably, I don't know. Maybe like two months ago. Maybe Longer who knows. And then I read the book that surrender experiment and I actually ended up going through like a really really, really major like funk in my energy and in my business in probably like, I don't know like june july yeah june july ish timeframe. And I was just feeling like really out of flow and really uninspired really unmotivated. Everything felt like a force and a push and a struggle. It just felt like it like what thing things didn't feel like they were working how I wanted them to. I was like, I felt like I was spiraling back into an old way of being old way of thinking and old way of doing things. It felt so stuck, it felt so stagnant. There was like no content and inspiration coming from me. And I was feeling just so down and uninspired and unmotivated. So like low, just low energy, low vibe, defeated, discouraged, just like all of this, like really, really, really heavy emotions. And I resisted them for a while at first, which is I think, why I was literally battling them, I was battling the flow of life fighting the flow of life. So of course, I perpetuated that fight in that battle, because through the fighting and the battling energy, we create something to be fought against when there's never anything to be fought against in the first place if we surrender to the flow of life, so through that kind of experience, it forced me to surrender over and over and over and over again, release and release it release, release, more sec energy released more emotion release, more emotions, allow, allow, allow, release, release, release accepted, that sounds like that was just the energy I was being called to on such like, intense level to the point where it felt like it like got to where like, okay, like literally the only options for me to just like, let the fight go, surrender, everything's all fine, my mind got really chattery and I let it I let it be that chatter, and that noise, Rock me and shake me until I surrender to the flow of life. And here we are, where I actually Yeah, I've just noticed, like, through all of that, releasing and releasing and releasing of heavy emotion after every emotion of emotion, and surrendering, surrendering, surrendering more and more and more loving, loving, and letting go like, go, like, that's literally what it felt like for two months. On the other side of it, it's like, it's not even, like, it's like, enjoy and perfect emotions is just like such solid, grounded, clear, clean energy, that and I just feel like things that I know what like, used to, like affect me like, Oh, this would happen and then that would like bother me or upset me for a few days or whatever. I'm just like noticing that like different things happening my life just like don't have like emotional weight to them anymore. Like all have thoughts about money come up, that used to like, carry so much emotional way interest, like oh my god, like, ah, and like now it's like I the thoughts are sometimes still there. But it's like, there's so much like neutrality and just trust in peace of like, literally, I trust the flow of life. So there's not a thing to be worried about. And there's nothing to there's nothing to buy or control or to force or to push like it's literally all flowing exactly as it's meant to always and when we allow that we get to feel in flow. And he is when we fight against it, it feels like we're swimming upstream. That's like the choice we get presented with. And it's not to say that we're meant to feel in flow and he's in perfect all the time. There's so much beauty in the contrast, the contrast shows you the contrast is the portal to deeper layers of surrender, because in that contrast, you're you either go more into the fighting or you're forced to go deeper into the letting go of old stories, old patterns, old beliefs, the false identities of who you thought you were and like I feel like I'm like, I feel this really really powerful energy like welling up in me like I like burn literally feel like I like burned down the old me my old false identities, my old attachments to what I thought I had to have in order to be good enough and, and this and that. And all these things I feel like I've just like burned down all the old rules, all the old stories, all the old ways of being and like I'm like rising from the motherfucking ashes. That's literally how it feels. And it's a good reminder that like life ebbs and flows like a river like we're not meant to be in rapids all the time. We're not meant to be still all the time. We're not meant to flow at 50 miles per hour, the river doesn't work 50 miles per hour for the entirety of forever, like we're not meant to move and flow. So linearly and the ebbs and flows are part of the process and when we let go of fighting the ebbs, then it all gets to be part of the flow because it all is it just it only doesn't feel like it is when we're forcing, forcing and pushing against what is so the best way that I can tell you what it really means to surrender to the flow of life is to kind of like, share that experience with you about what kind of like led me on this journey of going deeper into into surrender and trust and just like letting go of like attachments and needs for things to be a certain way letting go of the mental preferences of my mind and truly like leaning into what is so I'm going to tell you the story about yesterday. And I feel like it's just like the culmination of like these those really intense few months of releasing and it's no coincidence that there were two full moons in Aquarius in the last like month and I and yesterday was the second one which was August 22. And I feel like that was just like like it was all now it's so clear looking back that it's like all that like releasing and and heavy energy was like literally all like building up and creating the contrast and the portal for this door to what culminated yesterday and what I believe is this like deeper portal into like myself and my my trust and my just like ease and flow in the flow of life, basically. So yeah, and I'm also an Aquarius, so it was like really intense. And I think it was some really, really intense energy for everyone like full moons are a time of like releasing and Aquarius is all about like innovation moving forward, forward thinking like buck the old outdated ways of doing things like it's time to like step into the motherfucking new way, the New Earth, the new path, and like it was the full those full moons were just like really, really shouting us like, Oh, you think you're trying to do shit the way you used to. It's time to burn that shit to the ground. It's time for innovation change, letting go stepping into the new moving forward in the most like, like independent kind of way, like your way that's like really the energy of Aquarius. So it's all building up to yesterday, and it's all always building up. All the moments are always building up and flowing and and adding up and creating our experience of life. So yesterday morning, Trevor, he had been talking about it all weekend, like let's go hiking Sunday. Let's go hiking Sunday. And I kept feeling like stress like oh man, he's like putting me on schedule. Like I don't want to be committed to everyone hiding because what if I don't feel like on like, Sunday because that's how I roll with my energy. And so Sunday comes around. He's like, okay, I can hear hey, can can hike me Huygens so excited and felt like, like, it's like, so hot, like, I don't know, like, why can't we just wait two weeks and go when it's like cooler outside, I feel like it's just gonna be like, so hot. And I was kind of just like resisting and resisting and resisting it, she clearly really wanted to go. And I also realized that like something I've been like working on in my relationship to surrendering to the flow of life in my relationships, surrendering and leaning more into my feminine energy in my relationship to create more space for Trevor to be in his divine masculine and, and power and leadership and initiative. And so here I am wanting him to lead and initiate and plan things. But here he is doing it, and I'm meddling all in it and controlling it and resisting it and not allowing it to happen. Like what I want to happen. It's happening before my eyes, and I'm trying to stop it from happening. Like I'm fighting against the flow of life, what am I doing? So I realized that and I was like, Whoa, you know what, actually, let's go hiking, the flow of life is guiding me to hiking you feel called to hiking, it feels against the flow to not go so I may as well surrender to the flow, and go and see what happens. And see what happens when I surrender to the flow of life. Also, like surrender to Trevor leading, I had this like, feeling of like, I need to like, basically, like, Tie my hands behind my back, stop battling my hands and everything and controlling everything and trying to plan everything and resist everything. Like literally just like put my hands on my back and see where the flow of life wants to take me when I'm not so actively, like, meddling it and manipulating it. Like what would happen if I just put my hands behind my back and I'm not constantly manipulating and controlling what is happening in my reality. So it's really playing into this energy. And my our friends were in town and they were about to leave as we were about to go hiking and my friend was like, You should go like maybe you'll move you're gonna hike and then you're gonna find like a badass crystal store afterwards and you're gonna have so much fun and I'm like, okay, yes, like I literally love hiking, I feel amazing. My mind has a very strong preference of not hiking in when it's, quote too hot. And I noticed it's just a reaction and a mental preference of my mind. Like I can surrender to the flow of life and allow that to go and like whatever the temperature is like and gonna be fine. So yeah, so we go hiking. And it was so cueing, so amazing. And actually, I had told Trevor, like, I really want to, I only want to hike like four miles, like, let's not do any more than four miles because like anything more than four miles in the 80s 90s, it's like, way too hot. And he's like, Okay, and then so we're on the way. And I'm like, Oh, so like, What? What's like the hike we're doing? And he was like, Oh, it's like 6.7 miles. I was like, What? I said, for like, why are we doing seven miles? Like, what? Oh, my God, I was all stressed out. And I'm like, I didn't, I didn't eat enough food for this. I didn't prepare for seven miles, like, Oh, my gosh, I thought we were going to the hike those 30 minutes away, an hour, drive an hour, 20 minutes away. And we're doing like a three hour hike. And all I had was avocado toast and an egg, I'm going to follow, I'm going to be hungry. And I'm going to be not just going on in my mental spin. And I noticed that I was like, Nope, I'm surrendering to the flow of life. today. I'm letting go. If we're going if we're going to a seven mile hike where I notice of my hike, it's all good. And like if we need to turn around after two miles, we will turn around. It's all good. There's nothing to be fought against in this moment. So I surrender again, I let go again, and we go and on the hike, we got to the fork in the road where you could, you actually could choose to do a four mile hike, or you could choose to go on the seven mile hike and I read the sign and my intuition. Like I just felt this like flow pulling me to the longer one like there was something that was going to be there for me and that experience of doing the one my mind was so resisting. So we did the longer one. And here's, here's what I wrote on the hike about what happened as soon as we like started on this uphill journey of this like longer hike. So I wrote and all I had literally like five Instagram posts poured through me while we were hiking. It was insane. But anyways, I'm gonna read you what I wrote, I started our hike today with a lot of resistance. It's hot, there's too many bugs. I didn't eat enough food for a seven mile hike, my body is tired, I kept going now I surrender to what this experience wanted to bring through me and bring me through, I brought my awareness into my body and let my legs take over. But every step I actually held in let go a little deeper. I was literally breathing like that. Kind of like I do with my clients and inner voice sessions to kind of like let go of the mental chatter and go into the body and into the inner voice. I was literally doing that on my hike. And with every step more mental chatter melted away. And by the time we got to the top, it was gone. I was in total flow, total relaxation, total surrender. And the upheld wasn't actually a battle like my mind thought it was it was actually my portal to the depth of pre peace and freedom within me. I had to go within and in the space left behind the mental chatter was complete peace, presence and clarity and space for my inner voice to come through with every step with every exhale there was more surrender more letting go more going into my body and more going into my intuition. And then it's no surprise that this this poured through me and like a bunch of other words and ideas. And this podcast idea came through me just like literally like words and words important like pouring through me so fast that I could hardly like write them down fast enough. And my inner voice said, You know, sometimes the uphill part is the greatest portal to this deep peace and presence. And after we finished the uphill part like I literally had no thoughts no stress, no battling energy, no forcing energy, no resistance, no anything. But just like my mind about some clean, so clear, my body felt so clean, so clear. I just felt like I was like floating and like literally this open portal for like peace and joy and ideas and clarity and inspiration to be like moving through me so quickly. And it was like such an insanely magical feeling. And that's a lot of times the feeling that I was in my inner voice. That's the feeling I get when I go into inner voice sessions with my coach was really cool to experience it through hiking and not having it like be through an inner voice session. It was just like a being able to tap into that in a different setting was like really cool. And the other thing that came through me as we're hiking up is this, I'm going to read it to you as well. We can take the familiar path, knowing where it leads, we can recreate what's been or we can allow a new path to unfold before allowing our intuitive impulses to guide us. We don't know where this path will lead. But we know it will be different and we can trust those impulses. When they say go this way. Most people take the known path. That's where they keep getting the same old results. But the path that we feel drawn to create the one that makes us feel alive with every step is a path that will lead us to magical places that our minds couldn't have predicted. I'm not here for predictable. I'm here for the magic that makes absolutely no sense to the mind and all sense in the world. To my soul. We think the unfamiliar trail will leave us lost and confused but it's actually where true clarity is found. It's actually where the real you must come out to play. It's where the real you must rise. It's where infinite possibilities exist when there's no defined path, you're forced to find the answers within. So there you have it. That's a lot of channeled through me on the site. Also, it's too too too as I'm recording this. Okay, so yeah, I'm on the hike. All this is pouring through me, we're getting to the top I feel like the most peace, clarity, freedom, joy, relaxation, surrender, all at the same time, like more than I have it what it feels like ever was so incredible. And so we start hiking down. And I'm just like writing this flow like holy shit. This is like this feels so good, just like surrendering to the flow of life. And it was really cool because at the beginning of the hike, I there were bugs swarming everywhere I was like hot and sweaty, like wiping my slow like fanning where these bugs, do bugs. And the more I just like exhaled in the go, exhale, it goes, just keep going until it go follow the flow, be with the flow, stop fighting the flow. By time, you know, a while had passed. By time, however much time had passed, I had no awareness over the bugs, I had no awareness of how hot I was, I had no, I shouldn't even say awareness and no attention, there was no attention given to the bugs, they didn't even notice anymore, and no attention given to how hot it was, it wasn't even noticing that in the market, the place my attention was with was within me. And that's like pure presence. And when that attention is purely inside of you, it doesn't matter what's going on in the outside is you're in that place within you that's always there that it's so at peace and solid and grounded. And that's what true surrender is. So on this, I thought this was like, of course, she's like such a sign of my alignment. And like the science of your alignment will present themselves so quickly when you're present to them. And so I'm like in this, like, feeling all the energy, I look at my phone, and it's 123. And I was kind of thinking in my head like, Oh, yeah, we probably have like about an hour left. And that was like, Oh my gosh, what if we ended the hike at 222 that would just be like the icing on the cake of this whole vibe. And I am not fucking kidding. We get to the bottom of the hike. I look at my phone to start looking at places to go to lunch. And it is to do to like, I'm kind of like dying as I say this because I'm like the zone. This is like so magical that I'm like this The thing that my mind is like this doesn't even sound believable. But lo and behold, this is what this is the true story. So then we're walking around looking for a lunch spot, kind of just like flowing meandering, seeing what's around, and I bump into what do you fucking know, a crystal store and this tiny little town that I never would have suspected a Christmas or I bumped into this grocery store. I found these three amazing crystals. I've been wanting crystals. My friend had mentioned it that morning. Oh, maybe you're gonna raise your crystal sword. I was like, Oh, hell yeah, that'd be great. And then I did. Do you go to the crystal store? am I writing high? I'm like, Oh my god, I just manifested these crystals, of course. And I got discounts on them, of course. And so I find this lunch place on Yelp that had like five star reviews and emphasis like vegan place that looks so delicious. I'm not vegan, but I like seeking food. So we just a little side note, we go to that place. And they said it was an hour and a half. Wait. And I was like, Okay, well, it's like three o'clock, and we haven't really eaten today. So that's not gonna work for us. I was kind of disappointed because the reviews were so good. And obviously, if the weight was so long, it was really good. I was like, You know why? Like, I kind of got excited because that was like, Oh my gosh, well, if that's not happening, then it must not be meant to be and there's something better that's going to happen. I'm excited for what that better thing is, I don't know what it is. I'm not gonna try to control it. But I'm surrendered to and it'll work out. So we started we just decided like, let's just head back to the DC area where we live. It was like an hour and 20 minute drive. I'm like, Oh, we have snacks. Like we'll be fine. We'll just eat when we get home or eat in the city. It'll be easier to find somewhere to eat. 20 minutes go by and I'm like, I'm sure my hunger has really escalated, getting like anxious about making a plan to eat because I'm like getting so hungry. I'm like, Oh my god, like, what are we going to do? I like need food. I don't know if I can wait an hour but like, I'm too hungry to like research and figure this out. And I was like, okay, like, it's all good. I was asking her I'm like, Well, what are we going to do? What are we going to eat? I need to know, he was like, it's gonna be fine. We'll figure it out. Like we have so many options. And it was like, wait, okay, yes, there's always so many options. And we always we always get to choose the options for what we want are always available. So it's like, okay, yeah, it'll be fine. We'll either eat at home or go somewhere we don't need to know right now we'll know when we know when we know. That's a classic intuition. Like your intuition will always tell you what you need to know in the now and if you don't know in the now that you're you don't need to know. Now you'll know when you know when you know your intuition will give you the knowing when you need to know it and if you don't know then you don't need to know and you can be okay we can be okay with not knowing. So we're driving along and If I let go again, I surrendered again, I decided I'm going with the flow of life again, all day of going, deciding this over and over and over again to go into this surrender of the flow of life. Literally within five minutes, we passed this cute little market on the side of the road. I'm like, oh, Trevor, let's go in there. He's like, really, I'm like, Yes, something is telling me we need to get in there. Now pull into that parking lot. He's like, okay, like, whatever. So we go in, like the cutest little market, they have, like honey fresh from their farm. All of the food that they cook is fresh from their farm. They have homemade bread that they make every single day. It's like this amazing, like organic, fresh, local, like curated, cool ass spot. And there's like, not much else around. Well, actually, there was wineries everywhere, which it was really just fun and beautiful to see. Oh, and I forgot the part. So before we got to this lunch spot, Trevor was on the map. And there was two different paths. You could take one path had tools, and the other path didn't and it was five minutes slower to go on the no tools path in Traverse, like oh, let's just go no tools. It's only five more minutes. Like why pay the tolls? And I was like, No, I think we need to go on the toll road like I don't know why I'm like, it's only five minutes. It's not like that actually matters, but something is telling me to go on the Tollway. So had we not gone follow that flow of life that intuitive and that intuitive impulse then we wouldn't have never even even would have never passed this lunch place. So anyways, we go and it's fucking amazing. It's the best sandwich we've ever eaten in our entire life. It was fucking insane on this, like homemade Kaiser roll bread that was like a fusion between fluffy bread and a bagel. And it was like the most unreal unbelievable thing I ever ate. And I was like thriving and I got fresh money from their farm that I'm going to be putting in my watch every day. I'm so excited about it. So this energy is gonna come with me. And he was just like so incredible. We had the most like fulfilling three alive peaceful relaxed like abundant magical day of all because of I mean what at least I feel like all because of I surrender to the flow of life and just let life take me Let the flow take me. And it's like when you surrender to the flow of life, life flows around you to get that energy within you literally mirrors all around you. And Amanda Francis actually wrote an Instagram post recently, and it kind of like speaks to this whole idea. So I'm going to read it to you her name on Instagram is EXO Amanda Francis, in case you would like to check her out. She's pretty awesome. Because she wrote treat life how you want life to treat you? Do you resist life? Dance with life flow with life force life, love life? Do you trust life? Trust yourself with life? Do you show up with love for your life, I had a therapist say to me once Listen, you've had a hard life. Nothing came easy to you. It makes sense that you don't trust life. What she said was fair, and it was validating in the moment. And it wasn't a way of being that I had to begin to. It wasn't a way of being that I had to begin to slowly shed because I really really really needed a life that worked with me then for a career path education, friendships, relationships, it was like I had been fighting my whole life. And I was tired. I brought a lot of fight to life and life continue to supply me with things to fight against force, threat, struggle, worry, feel like underdog achieved just a little repeat. Of course, I was tired. And while some of that fighting taught me how to emotionally survive. It wasn't the way I want it to be my whole life. I'm going to say this a little differently. The energy you bring to your life intentions, you come at life with the way you conduct yourself with yourself, the way to treat people, the way to treat life in yourself. It all matters. It's all swarming, circling, ebbing, flowing and creating your world I had to start to like like work with life flow with life flow with myself, trust myself, stop fighting others stop fighting myself. I had to think things were really working for me, or at least could begin to work out for me. I had to take control of my life, but not from a clawing my way out of a sense of struggle. But from a building myself up sense of power. It was an entirely different way of responding to life and life has given me an entirely different way of responding to me. And sometimes I'm still forceful, controlling, stubborn, etc. Some of these qualities are wonderfully supportive to me and some of them I'd like to melt into more ease flow and trust grace and freedom as I go. I just want to flow a little more as I go. Do you believe life is responding to you, boo. So good. Oh, good. So the moral of the story is if you fight life, if you battle if you fight if you bring if you bring struggle, your be met with struggle, life will fight you back. It's like if you look in the mirror, and you imagine printing you like punch yourself in the mirror, you will see your reflection punching you back like life is a mirror like that. It's it's always responding to our energy and our energy is always responding to it and it's like this ever flowing it all matters bouncing of Energy Because ultimately, it's actually all the same energy and it's are we flowing with it? Or are we pushing against it? The only reason we think we have to push against it is because we think that's what's required because that's what we're conditioned. But like, what if we get to this is something that came through my inner voice today, I didn't know it's been shared this, but now it all makes sense. I get to just play in a while I get to just enjoy and flow, I get to be free, I am free to enjoy it all. I'm free to choose among the infinite options, I choose ease and joy. I allow my life to be easy. How I don't do anything that feels hard. Why? Because it's not required. Why else would we choose hard for any other reason than that we think it's required for things to be easy, you have to choose ease, it's an allowing. So we get to loosen our grip on what things are supposed to look like loosen our grip on fighting against what is and how it's supposed to look and let go, the flow of life will always propel us in the right direction and towards more ease more abundance, more flow more magic, if we allow it to if we trust it to if we trust ourselves enough to trust the flow. And it happens a lot easier when we're in that trust. When we loosen our grip when we let go of the minds preferences of how we think things should be the mind is saying how things should be based on its limited past experiences. I don't want my life to be based on my limited past experiences I want my life to be based on fucking unreal, unpredictable, doesn't make any sense unbelievable like magic. And that's not found in the making sense of things. It's not found in the controlling of things. It's not found in there doing things how they've always been, it's not found in the voting against what is it's found in the flowing with trusting that flow, because that flow will take us places more magical than our mind could have ever predicted. So it's like we're water in a river be the water in the river. We think that we're like stuck rocks, but we're not we're actually the water and what's in the way is the way we can swim with the current and not against it. What if where the current is taking you is always better than you could have imagined. What if there's never a need to fight against it, and there's really not. So surrender is a moment to moment practice of noticing where the flow of life and your intuition is nudging you and gently leaning into that over the not so subtle mental and emotional reactions and preferences of the mind. So we get to trust that settle moment to moment, pull over the mental chatter, how I was saying, like, you'll know when you know when you know, every moment there's a poll, there's a knowing when you can know that that mental chatter doesn't get to dictate who you are and what you get to have, you're able to listen to those polls and the flow of life. Again, it's always moving towards more abundance, peace, joy and perfection. So when we believe that we get to trust it, we get to flow it and we get to experience that, why not lean into the flow and trust the flow like we are the flow anything else just feels like fighting? Like why would we do that? What if we get to just try this and see what happens. So I want to give you a way to kind of like put this you know into practice because here we are in this you know, breathing reality. So choose one day soon, it could be today could be next week, whatever you want to do choose one day where it's you're going to see it as your you can call it your surrender experiment where you're going to fully surrender to where the flow of life wants to take you and see what happens. Give yourself a full day like today for the entirety of the day, I'm surrendering to the flow of life and just try it for a day and see what happens. And I think you'll find that it will be fucking magical, because it always is, it's always better, always better. It's always more magical than mine could have expected. And so this has been Yeah, just an energy that's been coming up over and over and in my life and in my business. And the deeper I go into it, the more experiences I have a freedom trust flow, abundance, money coming into my life clients coming into my life. And this actually is going to be a module inside my program highly paid and sold out. Because it's such a foundation of allowing clients into your business allowing money into your business. And it's like I say allowing with intention, because we don't have to force you to get and push and struggle. Like when we surrender to the flow of life like that gets to be part of it. And it gets to just come as part of the flow and of the ease. Like when you become the person who surrenders to the flow of life you become the person who it gets to be easy for her it gets to be flowing for who the clients and the money just come because it's who you are, because that's the natural direction of the fucking flow. So I'm really excited and if this like spoke to you this way of like creating an allowing in your life and you want to bring more of that into your business, I would highly recommend getting yourself inside highly paid and sold out. It is a live program and we did start as of August 23. We just did the second module today. And I think by time this goes live for September, we will have done the four of the like, probably seven live trainings. But that doesn't mean you can't still join, you can hop in and join the rest of the live calls and watch all the recordings and still get all of the value and the magic and the goodness. And you'll be able to watch everything on your own time as well, which is always nice. So if that's speaking to you, you can go to magnetically you slash H-P-S-O in all capital letters. Or you can DM me on Instagram at magnetically q but thank you so much for listening to this episode, if it spoke to you, it would mean so much to me, if you would share it with someone who you think this message could impact. And if you really want to give me some love, then it would mean so much to me, if you would share a review on iTunes, if it would just take a couple minutes for you to do that. And just share how this episode of this podcast impacts you. That means the world to me so I can share this with more people and allow more people to come back to the truth in the remembering within that it doesn't have to be as hard as the mind thinks it does. And we don't have to fight in battle and push the part and we get to allow and let go and slow and have ease and joy and like live life from place. And from this energy because we get to love our life. I read this Instagram post from one of my friends yesterday. And she's like, if you don't love your life, like what the fuck are you doing? Like actually, and it's true. Like I love the truth in that it's like we're always choosing, we always have options. So that is all thank you so much for listening. I am so grateful to have you here and so grateful. If you're going to go leave a review or share this with someone or tag me on Instagram that means so much to me and makes my day every single time. So thank you so much. And I hope this episode has served you and allow you to remember and come back to that truth that was always there within you and always is within you and guiding you and leading you to lead a life that is truly better than you could have ever imagined. So thank you and I will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the magnetically you podcast. If this episode served you I ask that you share it with someone who could make a difference for or share it on social media and tag me at magnetically you. Make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss any of the magic. And it would mean the world to me if you would leave a review on iTunes. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being here. And I will see you in the next episode. Transcribed by

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