Listen To My Latest Podcast:

NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 1: How To Become Magnetic To Everything You Desire #MagneticallyYou

Listen To My Latest Podcast:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 1: How To Become Magnetic To Everything You Desire #MagneticallyYou

Listen To My Latest Podcast:

NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 32: 9 signs your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening #MagneticallyYou

Listen To My Latest Podcast:NOW LIVE! Podcast Episode 32: 9 signs your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening

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Magnetically YOU is a podcast for freedom-obsessed women who know they’re meant for more and are READY to step into the most magnetic, aligned, confident version of themselves so they can accomplish their biggest dreams.

Host, Madison Surdyke, brings you the mindset tools, spiritual practices and actionable strategies that you need in order to overcome your fears, escape the all or nothing mindset, let go of self-doubt and break free from perfectionism.

You’re in the right place if you want to: manifest a life that makes you jump out of bed excited AF every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to EVERYTHING you desire.

This is a MUST listen for the woman who’s DONE playing small and ready to share her magic with the world.

If that’s you, hit subscribe & listen now.

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What My Listeners Are Saying

by Beachlover1995

Madison is AMAZING!!!! Her energy is contagious and inspires me to fully believe that my dream life is possible for me. Her teachings are profound and create life changing shifts. I truly feel like a magnet to all my desires by applying Madison's teachings. This podcast is truly a must listen!!!!!!

by mbenedict

This podcast is amazing!!! Madison is such a positive energy and her advice has helped me in so many aspects of my life, especially manifesting my dreams. Thank you madison for spreading your wisdom with us all!

Obsessed already!      
by tennisgirl111

This is my favorite podcast ever! Madison radiates such good energy and I leave every episode feeling high vibe and inspired. The way she thinks and talks about personal development is so unique and her simple strategies really work!! This podcast is helping me step into the best version of myself!!

by talia_marie92

I absolutely love this podcast! Madison shares so much uplifting energy, wisdom, and helpful tools. These episodes help me stay grounded, learn about myself, and feel empowered to take steps to become a better version of myself. I'm excited for more episodes! 10/10 recommend.

Breath of Fresh Air       
by Nikki Rowley

Love this podcast, especially the meditations! I've downloaded the meditation to listen on repeat. Madison has a very calming voice and her advice and tips are spot on. Such a light in this world!

Inspiring and achievable!       
by caroljosey93

Madison's story is so relatable and inspiring. We've all thought about "what if" but never acted upon our wildest dreams because of our own insecurities. Madison speaks about her own challenges, accomplishments, and how she turned "what if" into "I will" and "I did."

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