Highly Paid & Sold Out

The Mindset & Energetics of Selling Out Your 1:1 Coaching

“The highly paid sold out coach is already within YOU. And when you love who you are and what you do, you are un-freaking-stoppable.” – Madison Surdyke


I’ll never forget the affirmation I wrote in my journal December 22, 2020: “I’m a highly paid, sold out coach with overflowing demand.” I instantly knew this was who I was going to become. Six months later, this is now my reality.

In February, I quit my corporate job. In the last 6 months I’ve gone from making $1k a month to $11k. I filled my private coaching program and had 20 people join my energy healing membership, Ritual Queen, the first week I launched it.

I didn’t DO anything extraordinarily different. I didn’t implement any new strategies. I actually didn’t really even have a strategy.

So, what shifted? 

I threw out all the shit I thought I had to do that I actually hated doing or felt icky doing. I decided that I get to want what I want – and I get to have it, MY way.

If getting clients has felt like pushing a giant boulder up a mountain, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve just been trying to squeeze yourself into a box of who you have to be and how you have to do things that is WAY too fucking small for you.


If you know your next level is selling out your 1:1 coaching program, the journey there is about matching who you are with those next level results. It’s about becoming the next level YOU.

The highly paid sold out coach is already within you.

When you align your identity, thoughts, beliefs and actions with that version of you, the results become an inevitable byproduct of who you are.

In my world, you get to do it YOUR way and it gets to work like fucking magic because you decide it does.

My business truly feels like I'm just being me, living my best life and the money and clients I desire are a natural byproduct.

People ask me how I make it look so easy…

I became the person who let it be easy, believed it could be easy, showed up with ease and allowed myself to believe that everything I want comes to me from just being me and following my intuition.

It gets to work like this for you too.

You don'thave to contort yourself and what you do to fit what others are saying is the path to success.

This is NOT a “step-by-step-do-everything-I-say-and-you’re-going-to-be-a-millionaire-overnight” program. 

It’s about who you are. 

YOU are the strategy. YOU are the formula. YOU are the magic.

Highly Paid and Sold Out is for you if you’re ready to sell out your 1:1 coaching program in a way that feels good to YOU.

I’m beyond excited to share EVERYTHING with you that has allowed my business to skyrocket in the last few months. 

When everything started shifting for Katie


Highly Paid and Sold Out is for the coach who: 

✧ is ready to feel like what she’s doing is actually working

✧ is ready to have consistent demand

✧ is self-aware of her outdated stories and is ready to move forward and lead herself into a reality where clients come easily

✧ knows in her heart the power of her intuition is greater than any salesy bro marketing strategy and she’s ready to fully trust that

It's not for the coach who: 

✧ wants to be told exactly what to do

✧ wants her coaching biz to just be a side hustle

✧ is waiting for her next client before investing in herself

Your intuition is your GPS and your mind is the driver that turns the car left or right

You are inherently magnetic to your soulmate clients and the ONLY reason you aren’t sold out yet is because you’ve been ignoring the GPS.

You’ve been allowing your thoughts and emotions to dictate who you are, what you get to have and how you show up

When you learn how to lead with your intuition and embody what I'm teaching in this program…

✧ You create a consistent flow of clients signing SO much faster because you’re actually following the GPS’s guidance and fastest route instead of letting the mind drive you in circles and taking a bunch of turns you didn’t have to take

✧ You FEEL more personal power than ever before

✧ You have a constant source of inspired action that extremely POTENT

✧ You actually get to LOVE the journey because the process becomes you doing whatever the fuck YOU feel called to do

The details…

✧ This program is going to be different from any program you’ve ever taken. This isn’t an online course designed to cram your brain with more information. The way I teach is based in ENERGY because shifting your energy is what shifts your reality (and allows you to actually enjoy the process). 

✧ HPSO includes recorded modules where I’m teaching AND special energetic activations and rituals designed to help you actually embody and implement what you learn in real time!

   ✧ The recordings are from a live round of the program. The investment to join live was $777 but you're getting access to all of the materials on-demand for $444.

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